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He#39;s got a lot of compartments in his mind.他的思维十分多面化He was intense and thoughtful and I liked that about him.他既热情又睿智 我很欣赏这一点At college, Jobs met Daniel Kottke.大学时 乔布斯认识了Daniel KottkeJobs quickly dropped out of his course不久后 他就退了学and lost no time tuning in.并迅速地步入了人生的下一个阶段We both got copies of this new book, Be Here Now.我们都买了一本新书 叫《此时此地》It was written by Ram Dass and all about his trip to India,它由Ram Dass所著 讲述了作者去到印度searching for a holy man who could explain what psychedelics do.寻找一位可以解释迷幻剂奥妙之处的圣人的故事It was fascinating for me and for Steve also我和史蒂夫对此都很着迷and so that was the basis of our friendship.我们的友谊就是由此开始的Jobs became a hippy,乔布斯变成了一个嬉皮士pursuing paths to personal liberation.寻求着自我解放之路He and Kottke took their own trip to India,他和Kottke开始了属于他们自己的印度迷幻药之旅and LSD, as this extraordinary tape reveals.正如他在这盘难得的磁带里所说The time we grew up was a magical time.我成长的时代是一个神奇的时代It was also a very spiritual time in my life.它对我的精神世界影响颇深Definitely taking LSD was one of the most important things in my life.用迷幻药绝对是我这辈子做过最重要的事情之一Not the most important but right up there.不是最重要的 但也差不多了He spent long periods at a commune on a farm in Oregon.他经常去俄勒冈州的一个农场公社长住We spent a whole week harvesting apples and, while we were at it,我们曾花了一整周的时间摘苹果we decided we would just fast on apples and see how that worked并且除了苹果什么也不吃 看看会怎样and, um...结果发现it makes you every light-headed, cos it`s just like sugar.这样只会让你头晕目眩 就跟糖吃多了一样Jobs was inspired by the counter culture乔布斯受到反主流文化的启发to believe society was there to be reshaped.相信这个社会面临着改变As near as I can tell,据我所知Steve Jobs always had that ambition to change the world.史蒂夫·乔布斯一直有改变世界的野心And he expected to do that by empowering, um...everybody.而他的方式 就是要赋予每个人改变自己的能力But Jobs didn#39;t share all the views of his counter culture buddies.不过 乔布斯也不是一个彻底的反主流文化份子Many hippies saw computers as tools of oppression,很多嬉皮士都把电脑看作一种压迫剥削工具produced by big businesses它们被大公司制造出来to extend the sway of other big businesses.为的是实现其他大公司的狼子野心Jobs, though, had grown up experimenting with electronics at home.然而 乔布斯从小就在家与电子器件为友 /201307/250013

The sheer skill, the effort and expense involved in making bronze vessels like these make them immediately objects of the highest value and status, fit therefore for the most solemn ceremonies.在这一过程中所花费的技术、时间与费用,使得它们价值昂贵,地位崇高,可用于最庄严肃穆的场合。Here#39;s Dame Jessica Rawson, renowned expert on Chinese bronze:中国古青铜器的知名专家杰西卡罗森爵士。;The first dynasties of China, the Shang and the Zhou, made large numbers of fine bronze containers for food, for alcohol, for water, and used these in a big ceremony, sometimes once a week, maybe once every ten days.中国最早的两个王朝—商朝与周朝,都制作了大量盛放食物和酒水的青铜容器,用于七天一次或十天一次的大型祭祀活动。The belief is that if food, wine or alcohol is properly prepared, it will be received by the dead and nourish them, and those dead, the ancestors, will look after their descendants in return for this nourishment.他们相信,如果这些食物酒水准备得当,逝去的祖先便能享用,并会因此保佑子孙后代衣食丰足。The bronze vessels which we see today were prized possessions for use in life.当然,我们所看到的这些青铜器,是极奢华的日常生活用品,They were not made primarily for burial, but when a major figure of the elite died, it was believed that he would carry on offering ceremonies of food and wine to his ancestors in the afterlife, indeed, entertain them at banquets.;并非主要为葬礼准备,但如果某个重要人物去世,人们相信他在死后还是会继续用食物供奉祖先,更确切地说,是以盛宴来取悦他们。Our bowl would have been one of a set of vessels of different sizes, rather like a set of saucepans in a smart modern kitchen.它可能是一套不同尺寸的青铜器中的一件,如同现代智能厨房中的一套大小不一的深平底锅。although we don#39;t know how many companions it might once have had.虽然我们并不了解一套中所包含的确切数量,Each vessel had a clearly defined role in the preparing and serving of food at the regular banquets that were organised for the dead.但在为逝者准备食物的过程中,每一件青铜器必定都有不同的用途, 用来存放不同的物品。 Article/201408/323365

Our planet may be home我们的星球上to 30 million different kinds of animals and plants.可能有三千万种不同的动植物Each individual locked in its own life-long fight for survival.每个个体都在进行着 长达一生的生存奋斗Everywhere you look, on land or in the ocean, there are extraordinary不论是海中还是陆上examples of the lengths living things go to to stay alive.都有生物为了存活 各出奇招This is the coast of Florida.这是佛罗里达的海岸线Here, strange scars on the sea bed此地海床上的奇异烙印hint at one animal#39;s remarkable strategy.隐隐透露出一种动物 让人啧啧称奇的生存策略These are bottlenose dolphins,这些是瓶鼻海豚one of the most intelligent animals on Earth.它们是世上最聪明的动物之一Their prey is very elusive, fast-swimming fish.它们的猎物是在海中 动作迅速,行踪飘忽的游鱼But the dolphins have invented a completely new way of hunting.但海豚发明了 一种崭新的狩猎方式By beating its tail down hard, this dolphin stirs up the shallow silt.这只海豚猛力拍击尾部 搅起浅海的淤沙And by swimming in a tight circle它绕着圆圈游泳it creates a ring of mushrooming mud around a shoal of fish.用一圈扬起的滚滚尘沙 绕住鱼群 Article/201307/247464


  There was now a car in every driveway,maybe 2 cars in every driveway.如今 每家的车道上都有一辆车 有时甚至还有两辆One for mom, one for dad,and maybe one for the oldest child.妈妈一辆 爸爸一辆 甚至可能给长子给留了一辆车We have this ideal of American life as the two parents, two children,我们认为理想的美国生活就是父母和两个孩子brand new gleaming American cars with fins the size of Pennsylvania coming off the rear of it.开着闪闪发亮的新车 想去哪里就去哪里 将宾夕法尼亚远远抛在身后Once Americans get into their cars, there is no going back.美国人一旦开上了汽车 便再也不想回头The Interstate Highways take them where they#39;ve never been before,州际高速把他们带到以前从来也去不了的地方meaning some places get left behind.不过这也意味着有些地方被遗弃了No one really thought about how it would fundamentally change these communities没人真正想过它将怎样从根本上改变这些社区because on Route 66, they would always say ;We didn#39;t have to travel, the world come to us.;原本住在66公路沿线的人常说,我们不用走出去 人们自然会来And overnight when the ribbon cut on the Interstate highway system,然而一夜之间 州际高速建成they were bypassing the town.绕过了这个镇And many towns died.许多城镇衰败了You know, they call it death by interstate.他们称之为州际高速之祸The interstates bypass the towns,州际高速绕过了这些城镇but they lead somewhere else to America#39;s next invention-- the suburbs.然而他们却给其他地方带来了美国的下一项发明:郊区America has always used technology to overcome the challenges of its vast open spaces.美国人总是用科技来攻克它广袤幅员所带来的挑战Carving out the environment,开拓荒野building houses for its people, shaping its future.为人们建造住房 改变未来Technology has built America.科技造就了美国Every major development in the history of America美国历史上每一项重大的发展technology has been the center of it.科技总是扮演着核心角色1607.50 million trees.1607,5000万棵树Nine million square miles of wilderness.900万平方英里荒原60 million bisons.6000万头美洲野牛This is what the first settlers were faced with.这就是第一批移民所面对的景象 /201303/229356。

  个人、公司或品牌可以有效管理自身名誉的时代已经过去了(如果曾经有过这个时代的话)。线上聊天和倾向性会无止无休、天马行空地围绕着你,而且完全不由你控制。提姆amp;#8231;拉伯瑞克提供了三种接受、甚至设计这种“失控”的绝妙方法,同时你可以用它作为重新建立价值观的驱动力。 Article/201310/259282

  视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》Down here there are animals, too, that seek out the sunlight.在这下面也有些动物 是喜光的The forest#39;s largest predator.森林中最大的掠食者A female rock python.一条雌岩蟒Her body is five metres long,她的身体长达5米weighs 100 kilos and has 4,000 muscles重达100公斤 有着4000块肌肉that she uses to crush the life out of her victims.用来碾碎她的猎物But right now, her need is not for food. It#39;s for warmth.但是现在 她需要的不是食物而是温暖She finds a rare patch她发现了一小块地where a shaft of sunlight strikes the ground只见一缕阳光撒到地面上and she begins to bask.她开始晒日光浴了She#39;s cold-blooded,蛇是冷血动物so this is the only way she can raise the temperature of her body.所以这是她提高体温的唯一方法But now she#39;s becoming very warm indeed,可是现在 她的身体已经非常暖和了more than ten degrees hotter than usual.甚至比平常高出十几度At 40 degrees centigrade, she#39;s in danger of killing herself.如果体温达到40度 就有死亡的危险Just in time, she moves off.于是她及时离开 Article/201402/277359So there were competing visions for the company?你们对公司的发展有不同的看法?Oh clearly … well... not so much competing visions for the company. Because I don#39;t think John had a vision for the company.是,也不是,因为John根本没有自己的看法。Well, I guess I#39;m asking was what was your vision at that time, lost out in sentence?我是想问的是,你当时的愿景是什么?It wasn#39;t an issue of vision, it was an issue of execution. 这不是愿景的问题,而是执行的问题In a sense that my belief was that Apple needed much stronger leadership to sort of unite these various factions that we created with divisions. 我认为苹果应该有一位强势的领袖,团结各个部门That Macintosh was the future of Apple, that we needed to ram back expenses dramatically in the Apple II area…Macintosh才是苹果的未来,应该削减Apple II的项目开that we needed to be spending very heavily in the Macintosh area, err... things like that. 加大对Macintosh投资的力度John#39;s vision was that he should remain the CEO of the company, and anything that would help him do that would be acceptable.John的愿景是不惜一切代价保住他的CEO位置So you know I think that… you know Apple is in a state of paralysis in the early part of 1985, 1985年苹果处在一种瘫痪的状态and I wasn#39;t at that time capable... of running the company as a whole. You know I was 30 years old. 我那时才30岁,觉得自己没有能力打理苹果And I don#39;t think I had enough experiences to run a 2 billion dollar company. 我担心自己无法管理20亿资产的公司Unfortunately John didn#39;t either. 可惜John也没这个能力And so anyway… I … I was told on certain terms that there#39;s no job for me, it#39;s really tragic.总之他们说没有适合我的职位了,太悲剧了 /201307/247880The owner of our four clay cows would have been laid in an oval pit. He would have been placed in a crouched position, lying on a mat of rushes, facing the setting sun. And around him were his grave goods - items of value for his journey into the afterlife, five and a half thousand years ago; among them his four clay cows. Cow models like this one are quite common, so we can be fairly sure that cows must have played a significant part in Egyptian daily life - such an important part, in fact, that they couldn#39;t be left behind when the owner passed through death and on into the afterlife. How did this humble beast become so important to human beings? Martin Jones, Professor of Archaeological Science at Cambridge University, is an expert in the archaeology of food:我们这些小陶牛的墓主被长眠着一座椭圆型的土坑里。他被放置成为蜷缩的姿势,躺在一张蒲草垫上,面向落日的方向。他身边环绕着他的随葬品,都是一些在他踏上来生旅程上可以用到的物品,而这些掩埋在五千五百年岁月尘埃中的物品,就包括他的四只小陶牛。类似的陶牛模型在那时的埃及相当普遍,所以我们可以肯定牛在当时人类日常生活发挥了相当重要的作用。作用性大到,即使主人的死亡也不能使他与他的牛群分开,要一同带往来生。那么这种不起眼的牲畜是如何变得对人类如此重要的呢?剑桥大学的考古学教授马丁·琼斯是食物考古专家:If we think of the human diet in two steps - one is with early modern humans, there is an enormous adventurous diversification. We were eating everything - seeds, fish, mammoths, birds - anything that moves we are finding a way to eat it. And then there is a second episode, which starts around ten thousand years ago, where we seem to home in on a small number of target species, particularly grass seeds what we call cereals, underground tubers, and a small number of animals.#39; “如果我们把人类饮食分成两个阶段,第一阶段便是早期现代人种,当时人类的饮食范围真是一种庞大而冒险的多样化。几乎什么东西都吃——种子、鱼、猛犸象、鸟类等等。只要那东西会动,我们就会想方设法抓来吃。然后第二阶段,大概开始于一万年前左右, 我们开始把注意力集中在种类相对较少的食物品种上,最多的是草籽,或者我们所说的谷物,地下块茎,还有就是极少数的动物。 Article/201404/289592

  You don’t change lanes in bed, so you shouldn’t sleep while you’re driving. Here’s how to stay alert.睡觉的时候不可能改变车道,所以驾车的时候不要睡觉。以下是保持清醒的方法。You Will Need你需要Cup of coffee一杯咖啡Some chewing gum一些口香糖Audio book (optional)有声读物(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Pull over amp; drink coffee1.停车喝咖啡At the first sign of drowsiness, pull over immediately and drink a cup of coffee.一旦出现困倦的迹象,立即停车,喝杯咖啡提神。Step 2 Wait for caffeine to kick in2.等待咖啡因发挥作用Don’t get right back on the road; caffeine boosts a driver’s reaction times, but it takes 30 minutes to kick in. Instead,park someplace safe, lock your doors, and take a quick half-hour nap.不要立即上路。咖啡因可以刺激司机的反应时间,但是需要30分钟才能发挥作用。相反,把车停在比较安全的地方,锁上车门,小睡半个小时。Step 3 Roll down windows3.摇下车窗When you do get going again, roll down your windows. If it’s cold outside, all the better -- it’s harder to nod off when you’re uncomfortable. And don’t crank the heat --the warm air can lull you to sleep.重新上路的时候,摇下车窗,如果外面天气寒冷就更好了——身体不适的时候更难打盹。不要开暖气,温暖的空气会让你昏昏欲睡。Stay three car lengths behind the car ahead of you; this will give you some room for error if you do happen to doze off for a second.与前方的车保持三辆车长的距离,如果你凑巧有一秒钟的恍惚,可以给你纠正错误的空间。Step 4 Sit up straight amp; move eyes4.坐直,运动眼睛While you drive, sit up straight and keep your eyes moving. Hunching forward decreases the amount of oxygen that can fit in the lungs, and staring at a fixed distance slows down brain activity.驾驶的时候,身体坐直,保持眼睛运动。身体前倾会减少进入肺部的氧气,眼睛紧盯着一个固定的位置看会减缓大脑活动。Step 5 Chew gum5.嚼口香糖Choose spearmint or peppermint gum -- its minty scent stimulates the vagus nerve, providing a jolt to the nervous system.选择荷兰薄荷或薄荷味口香糖,清新的味道可以刺激迷走神经,为神经系统提供动力。Step 6 Play games with yourself6.和自己玩游戏Play road games -- with yourself! I Spy, which forces you to notice your surroundings, and the License Plate Game, which makes you focus on small letters and numbers, boost mental functioning and reduce eye fatigue.和自己玩道路游戏,玩间谍游戏,注意观察周围的环境,或者车牌游戏,让你集中注意力观察较小的数字和字幕,促进神经运转,减缓眼睛疲劳。Step 7 Sing along7.唱歌Sing along to your favorite CDs. It switches up your breathing patterns, boosts circulation, floods oxygen to the brain, and-- if you like the song -- increases feel-good endorphins.跟着你最喜欢的CD轻轻歌唱。这样可以改变呼吸模式,刺激血液循环,大脑的血氧水平,如果你喜欢这首歌的话,还可以增加让你感觉比较好的内啡肽。If you’re not a fan of your own voice, listen to audio books instead. A study found they make drivers more alert than just listening to music.如果你不那么欣赏自己的声音,听一些有声读物。一项研究发现,有声读物比单纯地听音乐更能让司机保持清醒。Step 8 Walk Around8.走动一下If all else fails, find a safe spot to get out of the car and walk around. Moving your body revs up circulation and brain activity, which shakes off fatigue. Who knows? You may aly be where you’re going.如果以上方法都不奏效,找一个安全的地方,走出汽车,到处走一下。运动身体可以促进血液循环和大脑活动,减缓疲劳。谁知道呢?或许很快就可以到达目的地。Thirty-seven percent of drivers admit falling asleep at least once behind the wheel.37%的司机承认曾经在驾车的时候睡着。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/275931But perhaps the most ambitious task for this shoot但也许此次摄影最艰难的任务is the filming with black rhinoceros.就是拍摄黑犀牛They have a reputation for being aggressive and with poor eyesight,他们出了名的好斗 而且视力差they#39;re likely to charge objects or people they don#39;t recognise.他们很可能向不认识的物体或人冲去But the plight of the rhino is such an important story但捕捉那些犀牛的境况是如此重要that we want to get as close to them as possible.所以我们想尽可能近一点拍摄We also want to meet the people who are working to protect them.我们也想见见那些致力于保护他们的人So our team have come to assess所以我们的摄制组评估了the viability of filming up close with a rhino called Elvis近距离拍摄一只叫艾维斯的犀牛的可行性who#39;s been reared by humans.他曾经被人类饲养过He should be safer than a wild rhino,他应该要比野生犀牛安全一些but there#39;s still a risk he could be unpredictable with strangers.但他在陌生人面前也可能变的难以捉摸Wildlife ranger, Tonga Kaseyo野生动物管理员唐加·卡希奥has brought up Elvis by hand亲手养大艾维斯and knows that tickling him gently with a stick keeps him calm.他知道轻轻地用棍子给他挠痒能使他镇静But if anything were to go seriously wrong,但如果一有不对劲there would be little he could do against a one-tonne Elvis.对于一吨重的艾维斯他也束手无策And this fact hasn#39;t escaped cameraman Mike Fox.而摄影师麦克·福克斯一直记着这件事 Article/201408/323430

  Why are Toyota#39;s profits soaringToyota announced a full year net profit of .7 billion, three times as much as last year. CNN#39;s Diana Magnay has more.日本汽车业巨头丰田集团发布2013财年(2012年4月1日至2013年3月31日)财报,财年实现销售额220641亿日元,同比增长18.7%;营业利润13208亿日元,同比增长271.4%;净利润9621亿日元,同比增长239.3%。。上季度营业利润同比增长111%,是大众汽车集团的2.2倍。美国市场表现良好以及日元大幅贬值导致出口增加是丰田业绩大增的重要原因。Four year net profit of US.7 billion for the world’s largest automaker, that’s 3 times as much as Toyota made for the same period last year. And several factors contributing to that, one of which is of course the weak Yen, which has been a huge boon for all Japanese exporters making their products less expensive overseas and also every dollar earned converts back to more Yen in profits back home. But that contributed just .5 billion to those numbers. Other factors which helped with a massive cost cutting exercise, and of course an increase in sales, almost 9 million cars sold for the last fiscal year. The company is citing modest recovery in the US, of course, which is its largest external car market, and improving demand from emerging economies here in Asia. It’s a bit of a difficult 4 years for Toyota, starting really with the 2008 financial crisis, then of course the great Japan earthquake 2 years ago, destructing production lines and a series of product recalls which affected Toyota’s image and its bottom line, so the president had a message really that despite these stellar results, what he was aiming for was sustainable growth beyond immediate business shocks or currency fluctuation, a sustainable growth that would lead to true competiveness, true competitiveness for Toyota going forward. Diana Magnay, CNN, Tokyo. /201305/239490


  Football superstar David Beckham began a seven day visit to China on Monday. As the Ambassador of Chinese Football, Beckham kicked off his second mission to promote the sport.Beckham, who always seems to be in a suit when he#39;s in China, was welcomed by officials from the Soong Ching Ling Charity Foundation. At the event, he donated his football shirts to a children#39;s charity to support Chinese youth soccer.北京时间6月17日下午3点,中国青少年足球发展及中超联赛推广大使戴维#8226;贝克汉姆第二次中国行的起点—“贝克汉姆中国青少年足球发展暨中超联赛推广大使慈善捐献启动仪式”在北京宋庆龄故居举行,捐球衣 Article/201306/245475


  本集将选取生活在中国境内截然不同的地理环境(如海洋,草原,山林,盆地,湖泊)中的具有代表性的个人、家庭和群落为故事主角,以及由于自然环境的巨大差异(如干旱,潮湿,酷热,严寒)所带来的截然不同的饮食习惯和生活方式为故事背景,展现大自然是以怎样不同的方式赋予中国人食物,我们又是如何与自然和谐相处,从而了解在世代相传的传统生活方式中,通过各种不同的途径获取食物的故事。美食中英对照烤松茸:roasted matsutake油焖春笋:braised bamboo shoot莲藕排骨汤:lotus root and rib soup 酸辣藕丁:hot and sour lotus root炸藕夹:deep-fried lotus root sandwich 鱼头泡饼:b soaked in fish head soup香煎马鲛鱼:decocted mackerel酸菜鱼:boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili Article/201307/246223

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