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英语口语王 第3部分:第29章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/50310“沉迷于”在英语口语里能怎么说?偏差口语:be indulged in地道口语:be obsessed with【影视实例】素材来源:另类童话色《灵指神探》 剧情简介:小Ned起死回生天赋的另一个限制条款在睡前母亲吻安之时残酷到来:他只能触碰死者一次,否则对方又将死去。失去各自父母的Chuck和Ned很快就分开成长,失去联络…… 【台词片段】Narrator: At their respective parents’ funerals, dizzy with grief, curiosity and hormones, young Ned and a girl named Chuck had their first and only kiss. After his mother’s death, Ned avoided social attachments, fearing what he’d do if someone else he loved died. And he became obsessed with pies. It’s 19 years, 34 weeks, 1 day and 59 minutes later, heretofore known as “Now.” Young Ned has become The Pie Maker. And this is where he makes his pies: the peaches never brown, the dead fruit in his hands becomesripe with everlasting flavor … as long as he only touches it once.【台词翻译】旁白:在他们各自深爱父母的葬礼上,悲伤、好奇加之荷尔蒙冲昏了头脑,小Ned和这个叫做Chuck的女孩儿初吻了,这也是他们俩唯一一次接吻。在母亲死后,Ned害怕自己的能力会让其他深爱的人死去,从此不敢与人深交。而他就此沉迷于做水果派。19年34周1天59分之后,也就是所谓的"现在",小Ned成为了一个专做水果派的糕点师。在他做派的店子里,桃子永远不会黄锈,腐烂的水果经他之手重又变得鲜熟欲滴,美味芬芳--只要他只碰一次。 【口语讲解】be obsessed with上周也说了一个和“着迷”有关的词组,be under someone's spell,和这个be obsessed with有啥区别咧?应该说,be under someone's spell更多的是倾向于被某个人迷住,有感情上的吸引,指爱上什么人;而be obsessed with则侧重于沉迷于某个事物,更大的是表达兴趣爱好方面的迷恋,表示爱上做什么事。 /07/78338新东方口语词汇一招鲜 3 新东方口语词汇一招鲜文本下载 /200709/17984

看外国老师如何纠正中国人学英文时不正确的思维方式和错误表达。 /165021

元宵节最不能错过的当然就是各式的花灯了。这回花灯可真不少,而且好多花灯外面还写了字,那是什么呢? Listen Read Learn Laura: Wow, there are so many lanterns to appreciate. Now, I can see why it's called the Lantern Festival. It deserves its name.Shirley: Yeah. People always enjoy the lighted lanterns and the gala performances.Laura: What are they doing over there? People keep on gathering there.Shirley: Did you notice the characters on the lanterns?Laura: Sure. But you know that I can't any Chinese characters. What do they say?Shirley: They are puzzles. It's a tradition to solve the puzzles on the lanterns during the Lantern Festival.Laura: Very interesting. But I'm afraid we'd better do something else. Hey, look! There is a huge lantern there. Let's get close to it.Shirley: It's really eye-catching. It's the biggest dragon lantern I've ever seen in all my life.Laura: Really? Then I'm really lucky. Oh, it's spewing fireworks from its huge mouth.Shirley: Very impressive. It's made of glass which makes it even brighter.Laura: There are many Chinese characters on its body, too. What are they about? Puzzles?Shirley: Let me have a look. Oh, no. They are Chinese poems which describe this happy scene.Laura: The design is wonderful. I wonder how the designer comes up with all these great ideas.Shirley: Wanna take a picture with the dragon lantern?Laura: That's exactly what I'm thinking. I'd show them to my parents later.Shirley: Hey, let's go buy some small lanterns as souvenirs for them.Laura: Oh, good idea. They'll love it.听看学罗拉:哇,这里有好多灯笼可以观赏啊。现在,我知道它为什么被称为“灯笼节”了。真是名副其实啊。雪莉:是啊。人们都很喜欢这些点亮的灯笼和欢庆的表演。罗拉:那里在做什么啊?聚集了好多人啊。雪莉:你注意到灯笼上的字了吗?罗拉:当然了。但是你知道我不认识汉字的。写的是什么啊?雪莉:它们是字谜。元宵节猜灯笼上的字谜是一个传统。罗拉:好有趣。但是我们还是做点别的吧。嗨,你看!那里有一只超大的灯笼。我们走近看看吧。雪莉:它真是引人注目啊。这是我这辈子见过的最大的龙灯。罗拉:真的吗?那我可真是幸运啊。哦,它的大嘴还在喷火呢。雪莉:真是激动人心啊。它是用玻璃做的,所以看起来更亮了。罗拉:它的身上也写了很多汉字哦。是关于什么的呢?字谜吗?雪莉:让我看看。哦,不是,是一些描写这一欢乐场景的中国诗歌。罗拉:这设计太棒了。我想知道设计者是怎么想到这么棒的主意的。雪莉:想和这龙灯来张合影吗?罗拉:我正是这么想的呢。我要把它给我父母看。雪莉:嗨,我们去买点小灯笼给他们当作纪念品吧。罗拉:哦,好主意。他们一定会喜欢的。 /200807/432821. The house is really A-1.  (误译)那间房子的门牌确实是A-1号。  (正译)那间房子确实是一流的。  2.He bought a baker's dozen of biscuits。  (误译)他买了面包师做的12块饼干。  (正译)他买了13块饼干。  3.A bull of Bashan woke the sleeping child with his noise。  (误译)贝兴的一头公牛弄醒了那个酣睡的孩子。  (正译)一个大嗓门的人把那个酣睡的孩子吵醒了。  4.He was a cat in the pan。  (误译)他是盘子中的一只猫。  (正译)他是个叛徒。  5.A cat may look at a king。  (误译)一只猫都可以看到国王。  (正译)小人物也该有同等权利。  6.Even a hair of dog didn't make him feel better。  (误译)即使一根毛也不会使他觉得好些。  (正译)即使是再喝解宿醉的一杯酒,也不会使他觉得好些。  7.Is he a Jonah?  (误译)他就是叫约拿吗?  (正译)他是带来厄运的人吗?  8.Jim is fond of a leap in the dark。  (误译)吉姆喜欢在黑暗处跳跃。  (正译)吉姆喜欢冒险行事。 /12/91107美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson131-140暂无文本 /200711/20621

You look great today.你今天看上去很棒。 /201104/1315811.Cool! 酷! Cool! 是目前极其流行的超酷一字句,主要活跃于青少年之间,表示对某事的极度 赞同、赞美或羡慕。A:What do you think about my new clothes?你觉得我的新衣怎么样?B:Cool!帅呆了! /201012/120828What's the matter? You look sad. 你怎么了?看着这么伤心.What's wrong/Is anything wrong? 出什么事了?

英语口语王 第1部分:第3章Section two:Ending a conversation.结束谈话A:Oh,it's getting late. I've got to run.It was nice talking to you,karren.哦,很晚了,我得走了,很高兴跟你谈话,凯瑞。B:Thanks,Tim.Nice meeting you,too.谢谢你,Tim.我也很高兴认识你。A:I guess we'll see just around.我想我们应该会再碰面吧。B:Ye,I hope so.well.Take it easy.是啊,希望如此。呃。。那你就保重啦。A:You too.你也是。详细解说:1.Oh,it's getting late.哦,很晚了。关联用语:1.Actually.I have another appointment.我还有其它的事。2.I've got to run.我得走了。同义词句:I'd better go.我得走了。I'd better be on my way.我得走了。I've got to get going.我得走了。3.It was nice talking to you ,karren.很高兴跟你谈话,凯瑞。间接用语:Good to have met you.很高兴认识你。Nice meeting you.很高兴认识你。4.Take it easy.保重。关联用语:Take care.保重。see you later.改天见。Bye.再见。So long.再见。Stay in touch.保持联络。Keep in touch.保持联络。Let's meet at some time.改天再出来聊吧。Black and White黑色和白色All colors are special, but there are something about black and white.所有颜色都是特殊的,但关于黑色和白色则有些东西。And I am talking about the combination here that has real power.而我谈论的是这个组合有真正的力量。Black and white make people focus, they say that most people dream in black and white, I wonder why that is.黑和白让人们关注,他们说,大多数人会做黑白梦,我不知道为什么会是那样。My theory is that the details of the dream, for example, what color someones socks are, while those details are not as important as the meaning of the dream, but I am no expert.我的理论是,梦的细节,比如,某人的袜子是什么颜色,而那些细节不重要,重要的是梦的意义,但我不是专家。But back to ;black and white;, do you like black and white photography?但回到;黑和白;,你喜欢黑白照片吗?I started to get into black and white photography when I was in the eighth grade.当我在8年级时,我开始进入黑白摄影的世界。I would spend hours in the darkroom developing pictures that I shot, so I fell in love with black and white before high school.我会花时间在暗房洗我拍的照片,所以在高中前我爱上了黑色和白色组成的这个世界。I can go on and on about white or black by themselves, but the combination of the two, whether in newspapers, films, or ed States police cars, well, it seems like the individual colors become more powerful when used together.我可以一直钻研白色或黑色,但这两种颜色结合,无论是报纸、电影、还是美国警车,嗯,这好像是一个个体的颜色结合在一起使用时变得更加强大。I guess that is the truth of all colors.我想这就是所有颜色的真相。Colors have their own meanings when they are alone, but put them together and their meanings might change completely.颜色在单独时有自己的意思,但把它们组合在一起,其含义可能完全改变。Talk about it:谈论下面话题:What comes to your mind when you hear black or white or the powerful combination ;black and white;?当你听到黑色或白色或强而有力的组合;黑和白;,脑中会浮现什么?What are some things that are black and white?什么东西是黑色和白色的?Do you know any idioms that use the word ;black and white;?你知道任何使用;黑色和白色的;成语吗?What do you think of black and white photographs?你怎么看黑白照片?Do you prefer them or color photographs?你喜欢它们还是色照片?Have you ever watched a black and white movie or TV program?你有没有看过黑白电影或电视节目?Some people are said to be color-blind, what do you think this means?据说有些人是色盲,你知道这意味着什么吗?How would it affect you if you suddenly lost the ability to see colors?如果你突然看不见颜色,会怎么样?What are some color combinations that you like?你喜欢哪些颜色搭配? /201203/173533再教育和就业 Reeducation and Employment在中国,人才市场和再教育确实变得越来越流行。随着发展的深入,以及对提高生活水平的技术需求,这就变得必需了。Listen Read Learn During the course of our lives, we must make many choices that we may come to regret. This is especially true when choosing a career. Jobs that sound exciting or rewarding become dull or not worth it as we live our daily existence. This is where reeducation can help. Occupational schools have been set up to train people in jobs that they may be better suited for. People can adapt their interests and talents through selected courses. They can learn cooking skills, which are always in great demand. Gardening is an option for those who enjoy the outdoors or have a green thumb. If a person is interested in motors or cars, they can get training as a mechanic. Even more, the learning of a foreign language would allow them the opening of a dream life. The job qualification certificates they earn can also be used too enhance their resumes, so that they are trained in a variety of skills. Eventually, this could get them increase in wages or even a job globally. Job fairs and reeducation centers are indeed becoming more and more popular in China. This is needed as development expands and skills are needed to advance the new standard of living.听看学Top在我们一生之中,我们都会做出许多自己后来可能会后悔的选择。在选择职业时更是如此。听起来令人激动或报酬丰厚的工作,在我们日复一日的生活中变得枯燥或毫无意义。再教育对此能有所帮助。职业学校已经被建立起来,以便培训人们从事他们可能更适合的工作。人们可以依据自己的兴趣和特长来选课。他们可以学习需求量一直很大的厨艺。那些喜欢户外活动或园艺的人可以选择园艺;如果有人对托车或汽车感兴趣,他们就可以接受技工培训;而学习一门外语甚至可以帮助他们打开生活梦想之门。他们获得的职业资格书也可以用来增加他们简历的分量,以显示他们接受过一系列的技能培训。最终,这可以帮助他们提高工资待遇或在世界范围内谋得一份工作。在中国,人才市场和再教育确实变得越来越流行。随着发展的深入,以及对提高生活水平的技术需求,这就变得必需了。Grammar 语法小结 构词法——前缀在英语学习中掌握一些英语构词法,对单词的记忆和理解有很大的帮助。下面列举一些常用的词缀。1.表示否定意义的前缀dis-, 例如:dishonest 不诚实、dislike 不喜欢im- , 例如:impossible 不可能、impractical 不切实际的un-, 例如:unable 不能、unemployment 失业mis, 例如:mistake 错误、misunderstand 误解un-, 例如:uncover 揭露、 unlike 不同的2. auto-表示“自己,独立,自动”, 例如:automobile汽车、 autobiography自传3. re-表示“再一次,重新”, 例如:rewrite 重写、 repeat 重复4. out- 表示“在上面,在外部,在外”, 例如:outline 轮廓、outside 外面5. extra- 表示“超越,额外”, 例如:extraordinary 卓越的6. de- 表示“在下,向下”, 例如:descend 下降、degrade 降低7. super- 表示“超过”, 例如:superhero 超级英雄、 supernature 超自然界8. over- 表示“在上面,在外部,向上”, 例如:overhead 在头顶上、 overeat 吃得过饱家庭总动员 Do it together找出下面句子中的语法错误并改正。 1. I will wait for you out side.2. Over eating will do harm to your body.3. She likes shopping on the line.4. Who is the super hero in the movie?5. She has a big over draft to pay off.1. out side —— outside2. Over eating —— Overeating3. on the line ——online4. super hero —— superhero5. over draft —— overdraft /200807/43863

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