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The next morning Martha said that the children could not go out. #39; You can stay in and be good,#39; she said. 第二天早上马莎说孩子们不可以出去。;你们可以呆在家里,乖乖的。;她说。 #39; There#39;s something that we all want,#39; said Robert. #39; Can I just go out for half an hour to get it?#39; And Martha,who was really very kind,said that he could. ;有个东西我们都想要。;罗伯特说,;我能出去半个小时把它取来吗?;马莎的确是非常好心的,就答应了他。 Of course, they all wanted the day#39;s wish. So Robert hur-ried to the sand-pit. 当然他们都希望实现那一天的愿望。所以罗伯特急忙向沙坑跑去。 The Psammead was waiting for him, but when Robert tried to think of a really good wish, he couldn#39;t, and the others were not there to help him. 赛米德在等着他,但是罗伯特想要想出一个真正好的愿望时却想不出来了,而其他孩子又不在那儿不能帮他。 #39; Hurry up,#39;the Psammead said. #39; I can#39;t wait all day. #39; ;快点,;赛米德说,;我可不能等一整天。; #39; Oh dear,#39;Robert said. #39; I wish that we didn#39;t have to come here to get our wish; Oh, don#39;t!#39; ;天啊,;罗伯特说,;但愿我们不用跑到这儿来实现我们的愿望;;噢,不!; But it was too late. The Psammead was aly making it-self big. 但是已经晚了。赛米德已经把自己变大了。 #39;There!#39; it said. #39; That wasn#39;t easy, but I#39;ve done it. You don#39;t need to come here to have your wish. #39; ;好啦!;它说,;那可不容易呀,可我办好了。你们用不着来这儿实现愿望了。; Robert thanked the Psammead and then hurried back to tell the other children. #39; We must wish for something really good tomorrow,#39;he said. 罗伯特谢过赛米德后急忙回去告诉别的孩子。;明天,我们得有个真正妙的愿望,;他说。 The next morning they thought and thought,but they couldn#39;t think of a really good wish,so they decided to go to the gravel-pit. Suddenly they saw a baker#39;s boy,who was coming along the road with his basket of b, and they decided to play a game with him. 第二天早上,他们想呀想呀,可也想不出一个真正的好愿望,所以他们决定到砾石坑去。突然他们看见面包师的儿子,他正拿着一篮子面包走过来,于是他们决定和他开个玩笑。 #39; Stop!#39; cried Cyril. ;站住!;西里尔喊。 #39; Your money or your life!#39;shouted Robert. ;拿钱或拿命来!;罗伯特喊。 And they stood on each side of the baker#39;s boy. 他们分别站在面包师的儿子的两侧。 The baker#39;s boy,who was tall and large, was not very interested and he pushed them both away. 面包师的儿子又高又大,对此不感兴趣,把他俩都推开了。 Article/201203/175719。

有声名著之黑骏马 Chapter5黑骏马Black.Beauty英文原著下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200809/50190。

I’m totally hopeless with money. I’ve never really understood things like investments. I should be more interested in investments because I know I’ll get more money. I find everything very confusing. I never know what to invest in. Some of my friends invest in stocks and shares. I never did this. I’m happy because I didn’t lose money in the financial crash. I think it would be interesting to invest in things like wine. I saw a TV programme once. Wine goes up and up and up in price. You really can make a lot of money. I think investing in property nowadays is risky. I also know a lot of people who now owe lots of money on the house they bought because the prices crashed. Perhaps it’s better to keep my money under the bed. Article/201105/136655。

Morrow Road 03茂林路 03  The look on her face was priceless as she shook her head in objection and headed for her vehicle. "No way, Jennifer. Get me to the van!" I laughed, and followed her to the van but stopped just as I opened the door...because I saw someone. At the spot where the bridge used to be, I saw a woman with blonde hair, in a dirty white nightgown.   Her arms were outstretched, and she was sobbing and screaming. She looked at me from across the road and I heard her ask me to stay. Then I noticed that the ends of her hair had been wet and were frozen. I stood still momentarily, while I listened to her as she began to inform me of what happened.  According to what I saw and felt, this woman was home and went outside looking for her two children in the middle of winter. When she found them, they were frozen in the pond, and she spent the evening trying to get them out--although they were aly dead. I could then see that the little girl looked like her mother, blonde hair, freckles and blue eyes, and the little boy had his father's dark hair, but he too, had freckles.  当她摇头反对,开始向马车走去的时候,脸上漏出了可爱至极的表情,嘴里还嘟囔着:“没门,詹妮弗,让我上车!”我笑了,只好跟着她来到车前,但就在开门的瞬间我停了下来,因为我看到有人,一个金发女人,穿着脏兮兮的白色睡衣,就站在那座桥的旧址处。  她伸着胳膊站在那里,哭泣着,尖叫着,她在马路对面看着我,我听到她要求我留下来,这时,我注意到她的发梢全是湿的,而且都已经结冰了,于是,我立刻静静的站了下来,听她向我讲述那些曾经发生的事情。  据我的感受,我判断,那是在一个严冬之日,这个女人是开始在家里,后来到外面寻找她的那两个孩子,当她找到孩子时,发现他们已经在池塘里冻僵了,尽管此时他们都已经死去了,这位母亲还是花了整整一晚上将他们弄了出来。此外,我能够看到那个小女孩看上去像她妈妈,金发碧眼,脸上长着小雀斑;而小男孩则有着他父亲的那头黑发,不过,他也长着雀斑。 Article/200812/57893。

A woman is standing at a bus stop at noon. A van pulls up. A young man hops out of the van, grabs the woman’s purse, gets back into the van, and it drives off.An elderly man is standing on the sidewalk in front of his home at 10:30 p.m. He is admiring the full moon. A car pulls up right in front of him and stops. Two men get out. One man punches the old man in the mouth. The other man takes the man’s wallet out of his pants. They get back into their car and drive off.A woman puts her laptop and purse into her car in her driveway at 3:15 p.m. She starts the car, and then remembers that she forgot to turn off the TV. She goes back into her house, turns off the TV, and comes back to her car. Her purse and her laptop are gone.The department of transportation built an elevated freeway on top of the 110 freeway in Los Angeles. The new freeway is supported by more than 100 thick concrete columns. Since the freeway was built, each column has been tagged with graffiti and repainted at least ten times.Late one night, someone managed to raise a heavy metal shopping cart to the top of a flagpole outside a supermarket. The next morning, a 56-year-old supermarket worker hooked up the US flag and started to raise it by pulling on the rope. A second later, the cart crashed down on her. She was permanently paralyzed. When released from the hospital, she told a TV reporter that she forgave the culprit. “Please don’t do this again,” she said. “You might kill someone, and that would be terrible.” A police spokesman admitted that they might not ever find the “prankster.” Article/201104/132970。

Germany'closes chapter'on Nazi past 德国欲给纳粹历史划上句号2.3m people may have survived Nazi slave camps 纳粹集中营可能有230万人幸存了下来 A fund to compensate people forced into slave labour by the Nazi regime during the Second World War has been formally set up at a ceremony in Berlin. "More than 50 years after the end of World War II, we are making a long-awaited humanitarian gesture to all former Nazi forced labourers," said German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. The DM10bn (bn) fund, financed equally by the German government and industry, will provide compensation for hundreds of thousands of Jews, eastern Europeans and former prisoners of war. 为了给二战期间被纳粹逼迫苦役的人进行赔偿,柏林正式建立了一个基金会并举行仪式庆贺。德国总理施罗德说,“二战结束50多年后,我们向所有前纳粹苦役做出了期待已久的、人道的表示”。由德国政府和工业界出资建立的100亿马克(50亿美元)的基金会,将对成千上万的犹太人、东欧人和前战犯提供赔偿。 Article/200803/31345。

Devil's Point 03It continued to get louder and closer. It was moving fast like a squirrel, but it was as loud as a bear. It sounded like it was going all the way around the point. Not only that but it was moving faster and getting closer with each circle of our campsite.   My uncle grabbed his gun because we didn't know what else to do. I shined the light exactly where we heard the sound, and we couldn't see anything. All we could see was leaves flying into the air and bushes moving like something was moving rapidly through them. We tried not to panic, but we knew by now that this was something not at all earthly. My uncle took aim on the area about 20 feet away from us where I was now shining the light, and fired. The noise and movement stopped instantly. We felt a little relaxed. But we were in shock at the same time. We talked about what it could have been, and if there was any possibility it could have been an animal. We both agreed it could not have been.   After about a half hour more it started again. It started at the very bottom and continued to progress up the slopes until it was very near us. This time we tried to hold and not fire as long as we could. It came about 10 feet away from us and my uncle fired once more. Once again all became silent. I would continue detailing each encounter that night, but you get the idea.   声音变得越来越大,越来越近。它像松鼠一样快速的移动但那声音却像是熊发出的似的。听起来整个岬角周围都有声音。不仅如此,声音还越来越近,正一点一点靠近我们的帐篷。  叔叔紧抓着他的,因为我们不知道除此之外还能做什么。我把电筒照向声音发出的地方,什么都没看到。只能看到树叶在空中飞舞,矮树丛沙沙作响像有人在里面走动似的。我们已经意识到这不是寻常之物,所以努力保持镇定。我拿着电筒,叔叔瞄准20英尺外的地方开了火。那声音和动作立刻就停了。我们松了一口气,但同时又感到很惊讶。我俩讨论那究竟是什么东西,有没有可能是只动物,最后一致认为不可能是动物。  半个多小时后,那声音又响起来。声音从斜坡底慢慢向上,逐渐靠近我们。这次我们一直端着,直到那声音离我们大概10英尺的时候才开。声音又一次停了。我还可以继续详细描述那晚每次听到声音时的情形,但我想你们已经了解了。 Article/200901/60317。

Mike caught up to us as we walked in the doors, laughing, with ice melting the spikes in his hair. He and Jessica were talking animatedly about the snow fight as we got in line to buy food. I glanced toward that table in the corner out of habit. And then I froze where I stood. There were five people at the table.  迈克在我们进门时哈哈大笑地追上了我们,融冰在将他的发穗上慢慢化开。我们排队买饭的时候,他和杰西卡在绘声绘色地谈论打雪仗的情形。我习惯性地瞥了角落里的那张桌子一眼,然后就僵在那儿了。桌上坐着5个人。  Jessica pulled on my arm. 杰西卡拽了一下我的胳膊。  ;Hello? Bella? What do you want?;  ;喂?贝拉?你要点儿什么?;   I looked down; my ears were hot. I had no reason to feel self-conscious, I reminded myself. I hadn#39;t done anything wrong.  我垂下头望着地上;双耳滚烫。我没有理由感到不好意思,我提醒自己。我没做错什么。  ;What#39;s with Bella?; Mike asked Jessica.  ;贝拉怎么啦?;迈克问杰西卡。  ;Nothing,; I answered. ;I#39;ll just get a soda today.; I caught up to the end of the line.  ;没事儿,;我回答,;今天我就要一杯苏打水。;我追上了队尾。  ;Aren#39;t you hungry?; Jessica asked.  ;你不饿?;杰西卡问。  ;Actually, I feel a little sick,; I said, my eyes still on the floor.  ;实际上,我有点儿不舒,;我说,双眼依然望着地上。  I waited for them to get their food, and then followed them to a table, my eyes on my feet.  我等候他们买好饭,然后跟着他们去了一张桌子,两眼看着自己的双脚。  I sipped my soda slowly, my stomach churning. Twice Mike asked, with unnecessary concern, how I was feeling.  我不紧不慢地啜饮自己的苏打水,胃里直翻腾。迈克问了两遍,瞎操心,问我感觉如何。  I told him it was nothing, but I was wondering if I should play it up and escape to the nurse#39;s office for the next hour.我告诉他没事儿,可我心里在想,下节课我是不是应该装不舒,逃到护士办公室去。  Ridiculous. I shouldn#39;t have to run away.  可笑。我又没做亏心事,凭什么非得逃跑啊?  I decided to permit myself one glance at the Cullen family#39;s table. If he was glaring at me, I would skip Biology, like the coward I was.  我决定让自己再瞥爱德华他们几个坐的那张桌子一眼。要是他在瞪我的话,我就逃掉生物课了,就像从前一样,再当一回胆小鬼。  I kept my head down and glanced up under my lashes. None of them were looking this way. I lifted my head a little.  我没抬起头来,而是从睫毛下面往上瞥了一眼。他们谁都没望着这个方向。我稍微抬了抬头。  They were laughing. Edward, Jasper, and Emmett all had their hair entirely saturated with melting snow. Alice and Rosalie were leaning away as Emmett shook his dripping hair toward them. They were enjoying the snowy day, just like everyone else — only they looked more like a scene from a movie than the rest of us.  他们在哈哈大笑。爱德华、贾斯帕和埃美特的头发全都让融雪彻底浸透了。爱丽丝和罗莎莉正歪向一侧,因为埃美特冲她俩在使劲儿甩着滴水的头发。他们在尽情享受雪天的乐趣,就像所有其他人一样——只是他们比我们其余的人更像是某部电影里的一个镜头。  But, aside from the laughter and playfulness, there was something different, and I couldn#39;t quite pinpoint what that difference was. I examined Edward the most carefully. His skin was less pale, I decided — flushed from the snow fight maybe — the circles under his eyes much less noticeable. But there was something more. I pondered, staring, trying to isolate the change.  不过,除了笑声和顽皮之外,还是有一些不一样的地方,是什么地方不一样,我说不太准确。我对爱德华的观察最为仔细。他的皮肤没那么苍白了,我判定——或许是打雪仗打红了的——他眼睛下面的眼圈远没有前几天那样明显了。但还不止这些。我一边盯着瞧,一边回想,试图找出是哪里有了变化。  ;Bella, what are you staring at?; Jessica intruded, her eyes following my stare.  ;贝拉,你在盯着瞧什么呀?;杰西卡扰乱了我的思路,她顺着我的目光看了过去。  At that precise moment, his eyes flashed over to meet mine.  就在那一刻,他的目光闪过来和我的碰了个正着。  I dropped my head, letting my hair fall to conceal my face. I was sure, though, in the instant our eyes met, that he didn#39;t look harsh or unfriendly as he had the last time I#39;d seen him. He looked merely curious again, unsatisfied in some way.  我低下了头,让头发垂下来遮住了我的脸。虽然我们的目光只有那么一霎那的交汇,然而,我可以有把握地说,他的目光不像上次我看到他时那么锐利和不友好了。他显得只是又很好奇了,还有些不满。  ;Edward Cullen is staring at you,; Jessica giggled in my ear.  ;爱德华·卡伦在盯着你看呢,;杰西卡在我耳边咯咯地笑着说道。  ;He doesn#39;t look angry, does he?; I couldn#39;t help asking.  ;他看上去没有生气,对吧?;我禁不住问道。  ;No,; she said, sounding confused by my question. ;Should he be?; ;I don#39;t think he likes me,; I confided. I still felt queasy. I put my head down on my arm.  ;对,;她说,听上去好像让我给问糊涂了,;他应该生气吗?;;我认为他不喜欢我,;我吐露了自己的想法。我还是感觉要吐。我把头放到了胳膊上。  ;The Cullens don#39;t like anybody… well, they don#39;t notice anybody enough to like them. But he#39;s still staring at you.;;卡伦他们几个谁都不喜欢……唔,他们对谁都不多瞅几眼,怎么会喜欢呢?不过他还在盯着你瞧呢。;  ;Stop looking at him,; I hissed.  ;别看他了,;我嘘声说道。  She snickered, but she looked away. I raised my head enough to make sure that she did, contemplating violence if she resisted.  她发出了窃笑,但还是把目光移开了。我抬起头看了看她,以确认她没有继续在看爱德华,思量着要是她拒不从,我就使用暴力。  Mike interrupted us then — he was planning an epic battle of the blizzard in the parking lot after school and wanted us to join. Jessica agreed enthusiastically. The way she looked at Mike left little doubt that she would be up for anything he suggested. I kept silent. I would have to hide in the gym until the parking lot cleared.  这时,迈克打断了我们——他正在筹划放学后在停车场搞一次超大规模的雪仗,并且想要我们参加。杰西卡热烈响应,她看迈克的那副样子,叫人看了丝毫不会怀疑,迈克让她干什么她都会乖乖地去干。我保持沉默。我恐怕得躲在体育馆里,等停车场没人了再出来。 Article/201204/178141。

Charlie gave me an awkward, onearmed hug when I stumbled my way off the plane.我晃晃悠悠地下了飞机以后,查理笨拙地用单手拥抱了我一下。;It#39;s good to see you, Bells,; he said, smiling as he automatically caught and steadied me. ;You haven#39;t changed much. How#39;s Reneacute;e?;;见到你很高兴,贝尔,;他不假思索地伸手稳住了我,笑着说,;你变化不大嘛。蕾妮好吗?;;Mom#39;s fine. It#39;s good to see you, too, Dad.; I wasn#39;t allowed to call him Charlie to his face.;妈妈还好。见到你我也很高兴,爸爸。;他们不让我当着他的面直呼其名,叫他查理。 I had only a few bags. Most of my Arizona clothes were too permeable for Washington. My mom and I had pooled our resources to supplement my winter wardrobe, but it was still scanty. It all fit easily into the trunk of the cruiser.我只有几个袋子。我在亚利桑那州穿的衣,对于华盛顿州来说大都太不挡雨了。我和妈妈已经把我们的钱凑起来,给我新添了冬天穿的衣了,但还是没多少。巡逻车的后备箱轻轻松松就全装下了。;I found a good car for you, really cheap,; he announced when we were strapped in.;我弄到了一辆适合你开的好车,真的很便宜,;我们系好安全带后,他说。;What kind of car?; I was suspicious of the way he said ;good car for you; as opposed to just ;good car.;;什么样的车?;他放着简简单单的;好车;不说,偏说;适合你开的好车;,这让我起了疑心。;Well, it#39;s a truck actually, a Chevy.;;噢,实际上是一辆卡车,一辆雪佛兰。;;Where did you find it?;;在哪儿弄的?;;Do you remember Billy Black down at La Push?; La Push is the tiny Indian reservation on the coast.;你记不记得住在拉普什 的比利;布莱克?;拉普什是太平洋岸边的一个很小的印第安人保留区。;No.;;不记得了。;;He used to go fishing with us during the summer,; Charlie prompted.;以前夏天他常常跟我们一块儿去钓鱼,;查理提示道。That would explain why I didn#39;t remember him. I do a good job of blocking painful, unnecessary things from my memory.难怪我不记得了。不让痛苦、多余的东西进入我的记忆,是我的拿手好戏。;He#39;s in a wheelchair now,; Charlie continued when I didn#39;t respond, ;so he can#39;t drive anymore, and he offered to sell me his truck cheap.;;现在他坐轮椅了,;见我没反应,查理继续说道,;所以开不了车了,他主动提出来要便宜卖给我。;;What year is it?; I could see from his change of expression that this was the question he was hoping I wouldn#39;t ask.;哪年的车?;从他脸上表情的变化,我看得出这是个他不希望我问的问题。 Article/201202/172536。

PART ONE - LIFE AT GATESHEADCHAPTER ONEThe FightWe couldn't go outside at all on that cold, [-----1-----] afternoon.The rain was pouring down, and the wind was blowing hard.I didn't care, I was happy to stay indoors.Trying to take long walks in the winter was terrible! It was supposed to be healthy for our bodies, but I hated coming home in the dark with my feet and hands as cold as ice. And I was always unhappy because Bessie, one of the [-----2-----], was always scolding me. I had always known that I was different from my cousins, John, Eliza, and Georgiana Reed. They were prettier and taller than I, and everyone loved them.These three children were not very nice to other people or to each other. Usually they spent their time [-----3-----] and crying with each other. However, today they were with their mother in the sitting room, sitting quietly and talking in front of the warm fire. I wanted to join them but Mrs. Reed, my aunt,said I could not. She was angry with me because Bessie had told her I was being [-----4-----] Vocabulary Focusit was suposed to……:应该干……,例如:You were supposed to arrive warlier(你应该早点来)troublesome:adj.带来麻烦的,-some为后缀表示引起……的,又如:fearsome(引起恐慌的),quarrelsome(爱争吵的)。填空 :1.rainy2.servants3.fighting,4.troublesomeArticle/200903/64691。