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277. 许多无名小国成了洗钱的天堂。 [误] Many small nabeless countries have become the heaven of money-washing. [正] Many small nameless countries have become the heaven of money-laundering.注:launder 的原意是“洗涤衣”,但后来被引申为“洗黑钱”,即把来路不正的钱弄得貌似合法。 /200811/57031E: I just received a phone call for an interview next week.A: Congratulations! This is your first interview ever.E: thank you, but I'm nervous.I don't know what to do.Could you tell me what should I do before an interview?A: sure, you should prepare so that you can give proper response when you're being interviewed.E: yeah, besides my personal introduction, what else should I prepare?A: you should collect as much informatin about the company and the position you're applying for as you can. It is important to show that you've done some research into the company. The interviewers will notice your enthusiasm for the vacancy.E: then what should I do when I'm being interviewed?A: smile at the interviewers and look them in their eyes while trying to persuade them to select you. Try to act natural, let your personality, attitudes and interpersonal skills shine through the interview.E: are there any other things I should pay attention to?A: yeah,wear formal clothes to your interview and do be punctual. That'll leave your interviewers with a good first impression. /201002/96217

今天我们要讲的习惯词语都包括这样一个词,button。大家也许已经知道button是纽扣,但是button也可以作动词,意思你也一定猜得到,就是扣上纽扣。我们今天要讲的第一个习惯用语是:button your lip。Button your lip意思难道是用纽扣扣上嘴唇吗?当然不是。像许多习惯用语一样,这是比喻的说法。让我们通过一个例子来体会它的含义,说话的人是在跟同事议论办公室里发生的事。例句-1:Our boss plans to promote Bob, who is neither responsible nor capable. But youd better button your lip and not say a word against it, because Bob is nobody but the bosss brother-in-law.他说:老板打算提升Bob这个既不负责责任又不能干的人,然而你最好还是闭口不提反对意见,因为Bob是老板的内弟。所以 button your lip 意思就是闭口不谈。我们要学的第二个以button为主的习惯用语是: on the button。 On the button可能来自拳击赛,button是下巴尖的俗称,在拳击赛中如果你一拳正打在对手的下巴尖上,就是on the button,这是正中要害、击败对手的一着。Button这个词也可以解释按钮,要让一个设备发挥某种功能你得准确地按在某一个按钮上,也就是on the button。但是on the button已经被应用在日常生活中的许多方面。让我们从下面这个例子来体会on the button所表达的意思。这是一个人在赞扬如今的天气预报。例句-2:With all its new technology weather forecasting is certainly more accurate than it used to be. For example the last five days its been right on the button predicting high temperatures and evening showers! 由于有了种种新技术,如今的天气预报确实比过去准确。例如,这五天来它预告高温和傍晚下雨,百发百中。所以on the button意思就是百发百中,切中要害。我们再来学一个词的习惯用法:buttonhole.Buttonhole 原来的意思是钮扣眼,但是buttonhole也可以作动词,也许有人以为buttonhole作动词一定是把纽扣扣在眼儿里。这个想法没错,但我们要讲的buttonhole却另有其它的意思。如果你要拉住一个人听你说话,一个牢靠的窍门可能是把你的手指扣住他上衣钮孔,这样他不就跑不了了吗?这可能就是动词buttonhole引伸意义的来源。好,让我们来听一个例子,体会一下其中buttonhole是什么意思。这段话讲Dick渡假归来兴奋不已,碰到谁都会喋喋不休地大谈自己旅途上的所见所闻。好,让我们来听Dick一个同事在怎么议论他。例句-3:Keep away from Dick this morning! Hes back from vacation and trying to buttonhole everybody to tell them about what he did. Hell bore you for half an hour if you give him half a chance. 今天上午可得避着点儿Dick。他刚渡假回来,逢人就大谈自己的经历,你只要给他半点机会,他就会滔滔不绝地跟你说上半个钟点。 /201202/169859

NO-BOOK英语口语提高版 Lesson59-60文本:Lesson 5 Horse1.I'm as strong as a horse.2.He eats like a horse.3.She wants to lock the barn door after the horse was stolen.4.You put the cart before the horse.5.I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.6.It's a horse of a different color.7.Hold your horses!I'm almost y.8.I got it straight from the horse's mouth.Lesson 6 Head1.There's no need to bite my head off.2.Let's put our heads together.3.You have your head in the clouds.4.Two heads are better than one.5.Don't put your head into the lion's mouth.6.I talked my head off to convince her.7.Ken is a big headache for all his teachers.8.You should have your head examined. /201003/98205Never mind.没什么,别在意。 /201012/121166大扫除 House Cleaning丹尼尔在和妈妈、阿美一起收拾房间,丹尼尔觉得只有自己的活儿又脏又累,看看他们在谈论些什么吧。Listen Read Learn May: Mama, shall I put all of the old things in the box?Mom: Not all things are useful. It's up to you. If you think it isn't of much use, you may throw them out.May: OK, but it seems it's not easy for me. Many of them remind me of my childhood. I feel myself unable to throw them away.Daniel: Come on. Go ahead, little girl. Be off with the old, on with the new.Mom: Do as you like. Keep something that has memory for you and something decorates out new house.(a short while)Daniel: Oh, my God. It's unfair, Mom. May's job is just to tidy up the bookcase but I must clean up all the dirty things. We haven't used them for so long time. They are so dirty.Mom: Yes, you are a superman, so we arrange something that is just suitable for a man like you.Daniel: There are so many things to do! It's a pity that I can't be in two places at once.May: Never mind. You may want to do it faster or we will not be able to finish the moving in two days. But if we had a maid to clean the windows, it would be much better.Daniel: A maid? And clean the glass of a high building? Isn't the Spiderman?May: Spiderman works on the glass outside, and we just have to clean them from the inside. That's OK. And I told you I had called this room with the balcony.Daniel: Oh, come on. Nobody was there to see you call it!May: Ur, Mom, what should I do about the old newspaper? Nobody ever them. And some of them were older than Daniel.Daniel: Really? I'll have a look.Mom: You may sell them for some money, and share the money equally between you two. That would be your income for today.Daniel: Oh, Mom, it's mean of you to allow us with little money.听看学阿美:妈妈,这些旧东西都放到这盒子里吗?妈妈:有些东西已经没用了。你决定吧,如果觉得没多大用,就扔了吧。阿美:好吧,但是对我来说好像很难。好多东西都让我回想起我的童年,我舍不得扔它们。丹尼尔:好了,扔吧,小女孩儿。旧的不去,新的不来。妈妈:想怎么做就怎么做,留下些让你回忆的和可以装饰我们新家的东西。(过了一小会儿)丹尼尔:噢,我的天哪。妈妈,这不公平。阿美的活儿只是整理书柜,但是我得清理所有这些脏东西。我们很久都没用这些东西了,真是太脏了。妈妈:是啊,你是超人,所以我们安排你做些适合你这样的男子汉做的事情。丹尼尔:那事情也太多了吧!真可惜我不会分身。阿美:不要紧。你快点做,要不我们在两天内就搬不完了。但是如果有个钟点工来擦玻璃就好多了。丹尼尔:钟点工?擦高楼的玻璃?那不是蜘蛛侠吗?阿美:蜘蛛侠擦的是外面的玻璃,我们只要擦里面的玻璃就行了。好了,我告诉过你我占了这个有阳台的房间了。丹尼尔:噢,算了吧,没人看见你占了那个房间。阿美:呃,妈妈,我们怎么处理这些旧报纸呢?没人再读了,有些比丹尼尔的年纪还大。丹尼尔:真的?我看看。妈妈:你们可以把它们卖钱,然后你们俩平分。那是你们今天的劳动所得。丹尼尔:噢,妈妈,就给那么点儿钱啊,你太吝啬了。Recitation 经典背诵May: Not all things are useful but many of them remind me of my childhood. I feel that I'm unable to throw them out. I will keep something that has the memory for me and something to decorate our new house. Tidying up the room is hard work. If we have a maid to help, it will be much better.生词小结ecorate vt. 装饰suitable adj. 适合的equally adv. 平等地Functional structure 功能性句型扩展表示选择的句型请朗读一下句型,家长和孩子交替进行。How many…, …(数量)? …多少个,……还是……?How…go there, …(交通工具)or…(交通工具)?……怎么到那里,坐……还是……?Are you going to…(地方)or…(地方)? 你们要去哪里,……还是……?Are you a(n)…(职业)or…(职业)? 你是……还是……?Is she…(国籍)or…(国籍)? 她是……还是……?Which one do you like, the…one or the …one? 你喜欢哪一个,……还是……?Which is for me, the…one or the …one? 哪个是给我的,……还是……?What do you like best, …or…? 你最喜欢哪个,……还是……?…prefer …to … ……比起……更喜欢……?…prefer to do…rather than do… ……宁愿……而不愿……Shall I give you…, or …, or …? 我要给你……, ……还是……? /200806/41156

丹尼尔找到了挂号处,却不知道要挂哪一科的号。说了自己的一大堆症状,又头疼,又喉咙痛,来看看医生说该挂哪一科吧! Listen Read LearnDaniel: Is this the registration office?Doctor 2: Yes, it is. Which department for?Daniel: I don't know exactly.Doctor 2: What's your problem then?Daniel: I've got a sore throat, a runny nose, and a headache.Doctor 2: OK, I will register you with medical department.Daniel: Medical department? Are you sure?Doctor 2: Yes. Just go there!Daniel: Where is it?Doctor 2: It's on the second floor. Have you got your records?Daniel: Yes. Here you are.Doctor 2: OK, here is your registration card.Daniel: Thank you. 听看学丹尼尔:这儿是挂号处吗?医生2:是啊,你要看哪一科?丹尼尔:我其实也不知道。医生2:你哪儿不舒?丹尼尔:我喉咙痛,流鼻涕,头疼。医生2:好的,我帮你挂内科。丹尼尔:内科?你确定吗?医生2:是的。你去就可以了。丹尼尔:它在哪儿呢?医生2:在二楼。你带了你的病历了吗?丹尼尔:带了。这就是。医生2:好的,这是你的就诊单。丹尼尔:谢谢。 经典背诵 RecitationDaniel: I don't like the registration office. Because the doctors always ask you which department it's for. I always wonder how I should know that. They are the doctors, not me. And also I don't like to show them my records. Can there be a simper way in the future? 生词小结exactly adv. 精确地throat n. 喉咙nose n. 鼻子running nose 流鼻涕不止ear   n. 耳朵headache   n. 头疼 单词扩展 Vocabulary Builder 医院各个部门的词汇 基础词汇dental department 牙科registration office 挂号处waiting room 候诊室clinic 诊疗所emergency room 急诊室X-ray department 放射科ward 病房 提高词汇medical department 内科surgical department 外科general surgery 普通外科orthopedics department 骨科,整形外科consulting room 诊室neurology department 神经科 家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方随机大声读出上面的词汇的英文和中文,另一方用该词汇填入下面的句子,大声朗读并表演出来,并用中文给出一个理由。I will go to the ( ).[例]家长读 dental department 牙科孩子读 I will go to the dental department. 因为我牙疼得厉害! /200805/39359你听说要出iPhone了吗?听说了我听说6月份推出.你打算买一个吗?我想买.它集手机,相机,掌上电脑和mp3播放器功能于一体.如果有足够的钱,我也会买,不过我连买个苹果shuffle播放器的钱都没有.shuffle有多大?第一代shuffle大概是一包口香糖那么大,第二代产品只有第一代的一半大.能存多少G的音乐?我想大概容量是1到2个G左右.我记不清了.要多少钱?不太贵.我想大概是100美元.你说的没错,这东西还真不赖.你有苹果MP3播放器吗?刚推出的时候别人送了我一个作为生日礼物,但是后来电池坏了之后我就没再买过新的了.你为什么不再买块电池,那样不就能继续用了吗?这也是iPod的一个毛病.虽然它的电池寿命高于普通电池,但是只要电池坏了,你的iPod播放器也就完蛋了. /201001/94022日本地震灾区核电站多个机组出现险情引起我国民众对于核辐射问题的关注。卫生部中国疾控中心15日发布核辐射事故防护知识要点,并称市民应避免恐慌,按照政府的指示行动,在可能有放射性污染存在的情况下待在室内,且不要盲目用抗辐射药物。请看《中国日报》的报道:While the affected areas in Japan brace for more aftershocks, the country is also being afflicted by another earthquake-engendered crisis - nuclear radiation. A meltdown was feared at its Fukushima nuclear plant after it was rocked by the quake.日本强震受灾地区不仅面临更多余震,而且还面临着另一个震后危机——核辐射。人们担心福岛核电站在地震后会发生严重核泄漏事故。文中的nuclear radiation就是指“核辐射”,分为natural radiation“天然辐射”(比如宇宙射线和体内放射性物质)和man-made radiation“人工辐射”(放射性药物、核事故等)。少量的辐射不会危及人类的健康,过量的放射性射线照射对人体会产生伤害,导致radiation sickness (辐射病,辐射中毒),使人致病、致死。核辐射主要是α、β、γ三种射线:α射线是氦核,只要用一张纸就能挡住,但吸入体内危害大;β射线是电子,皮肤沾上后烧伤明显。这两种射线由于穿透力小,影响距离比较近,只要辐射源不进入体内,影响不会太大;γ射线的穿透力很强,是一种波长很短的电磁波。γ辐射和X射线相似,能穿透人体和建筑物,危害距离远。发生核与辐射事故后的首要任务是限制radiation exposure(辐射暴露)的发生,做好radiation protection(辐射防护)。平时生活中也需要避免radioactive pollution/radioactive contamination(放射性污染)。我们平时在医院进行的x-radiation(X光检查)不会对人体造成过量辐射。有些病人还需进行radiation therapy(放射疗法,放疗)来治愈疾病。 /201103/128686

资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句He loves to boss people around. 他很爱指使人。喷倒老美Tom所在的团队,有个平级的同事,老爱让人干这干那的非工作上的小活,都是一个组的,大家也不好意思拒绝。朋友悄悄对Tom说:“He loves to boss people around.”, Tom听完一头雾水,心想:“老板也没在附近啊。”想聊就聊Tom: Oh,no! I’ve been assigned to work with Jerry for our group project.汤姆:啊呀,不!我被分配跟杰瑞一起做团队的活。Bill:Oh! I heard that he loves to boss people around.比尔:不会吧。我听说他很爱指使人。知识点津在这个句子中,boss 是动词,意为“指挥,对……发号施令”,boss around就是“被差来差去”的意思,这种滋味可不好受。如果再碰到这种情况,你要对他说:Don’t try to boss me around. 别企图把我呼来喝去的。 /201011/119113我们上次讲了两个以fight为关键词的习惯用语:fight tooth and nail意思是全力拼搏;fight to the bitter end,解释坚持斗争到底。我们今天再讲两个。第一个是: you cant fight city hall。City hall意思是市政府。在这个习惯用语里city hall就代表地方官僚机构,或者泛指层次较低的行政机构。这个习惯用语的发源地显然是美国,因为在美国市政府办公的地方称为city hall。接下来我们要听个例子。它说的是Mark注意到他上个月电费比通常高了很多。他发现帐单有错,于是到有关机构去更正。我们一起来听听有什么结果。例句-1:Mark spent a whole morning trying to straighten out the fifty dollar mistake. But after four hours he finally got fed up and simply paid it. I guess you cant fight city hall.这段话说:Mark 化了整个上午试图更正五十美元的电费帐目错误,但是经过整整四小时的努力还没有眉目。他实在不耐烦了,最后决定不如干脆付款算了。这大概说明老百姓是斗不过官府的。You cant fight city hall这个习惯用语的含意是老百姓斗不过官老爷,就象胳膊扭不过大腿一样。Mark的亲身经历就是个好例子。然而也并不尽然,比方说Lucy向市政府争取在她居住的街区增设指挥交通的红绿灯。她的斗争却取得了成功。我们来听听是怎么回事。例句-2:Lucy tried to get a traffic light put in at this intersection after so many accidents. People laughed and said you cant fight city hall, but she kept asking the council to do it and finally got her light.他说:在这个十字路口发生多次事故之后,Lucy力争在这里安设交通红绿灯。别人都笑她说,老百姓和官老爷打交道是不会成功的。但是她却毫不气馁地不断要求有关部门,最后终于如愿以偿。这儿的you cant fight city hall意思仍然是平民百姓和官僚打交道似乎取胜无望。******我们再来学一个习惯用语: spoiling for a fight。Spoiling for通常的意思是急切盼望,所以spoiling for a fight必然是很想打架的意思。我们来听两个例子吧。第一个例子说的是一家公司的经理败在竞争对方的手下,没争取到一个大项目的合约。他怒气未消地回到办公室,于是他的副手在告戒同事们说话小心,因为老板的脾气正是一触即发。我们来听听他对部下的忠告:例句-3:Be careful! The boss is still mad about losing the contract. I can tell you hes spoiling for a fight, so dont say anything that will give him an excuse to start yelling at everybody in sight.他说:当心啊! 老板丢了合约怒气未消。告诉你们吧,他正一心想找人吵架呢! 你们千万别吭声;一说错话他可不就能借题发挥,对眼皮底下所有的人大吼大叫了吗?从这个例子可见spoiling for a fight是说怒气冲冲一心找碴吵架的样子。我们再听个例子。这次说的是参议员Blank在选举中仅以几票之差输给政敌,感到忿忿不平,于是千方百计搜罗对方在选举中的纰漏,准备大闹一场。例句-4:Senator Blank came back from the election spoiling for a fight. He thinks the other party used unfair tactics trying to beat him so he cant wait to make trouble for them.他说:Blank参议员参选回来就磨拳擦掌急于争斗一番。他认为对立党派企图以不公正的手段击败他,所以他一心想闹得他们鸡犬不宁。这里的spoiling for a fight意思当然也是一心斗一场。 /201203/174322英语口语王 第4部分:第13章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/50883

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