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哈尔滨同康医院妇科专家大夫哈尔滨省二院治疗妇科怎么样讷河市人民医院妇科人流 A full stop is used at the end of an idea or thought, and is an important rule in proper grammar.句号用在一个意思或想法的结束处,这在语法中是一个重要的原则。But text messages are changing the rules, as a new study finds digital messages ending with one aren#39;t sincere.但是短信的使用正在改变这些规则。最新研究表明,带句号的短信显得不真诚。The results suggest skipping punctuation altogether, as it indicates you are answering spontaneously and heartfelt.该研究认为,发信息时应该略去所有的标点符号,因为这样才显得你的回复自然、走心。Binghamton University#39;s Harpur College observed 126 students, who a series of messages displayed as texts on a screen or handwritten notes on loose-leaf paper, which were similar to notes students passed around before texting was available.美国宾厄姆顿大学哈波学院对126名学生进行了试验,让他们阅读显示在屏幕上的短信或者写在活页上的便签(类似短信出现前,学生们传信息时常用的那种)。In the 16 experimental exchanges, the sender#39;s message contained a statement followed by an invitation phrased as a question such as, #39;Dave gave me his extra ticket. Wanna come?#39;在这16组试验中,发送者发出去的短信含一个陈述句及一个问句邀请,比如,“戴夫把多出的一张票给我了,你去吗?”The receiver then gave a one-word response like #39;Okay#39;, #39;Sure#39;, #39;Yeah#39; or #39;Yup#39;.收信者给出一个词的回复,比如“好啊”、“当然可以”、“嗯”或者“好哒”。Half of the participants#39; responses were with a full stop and the other half did not use it.受试者中有一半人的回复以句号结尾,另一半则没有。Based on the responses, text messages that ended with a full stop were rated less sincere than text messages that did not end with a period.根据反馈,以句号结尾的短信被认为不如不带句号的真诚。The students who the notes on the paper reported that full stop or not, they felt the message was sincere.而阅读便签的受试者则认为,不管有没有句号,内容都是一样的真诚。These results suggest that punctuation can misconstrue or influence the meaning of text messages.该结果表明,标点可以使短信的意思被曲解或受到影响。The study concludes, #39;not so much that the period is used to convey a lack of sincerity in text messages, but that punctuation is one of the cues used by senders, and understood by receivers, to convey pragmatic and social information.#39;研究总结道,“与其说句号使短信显得缺乏真诚,不如说标点是发送者使用、接受者所理解的线索之一,这种线索透露出实用的交流信息。”#39;Texting is lacking many of the social cues used in actual face-to-face conversations,#39; said Celia Klin, associate professor of psychology and associate dean at Binghamton University#39;s Harpur College.“短信中少了许多面对面交流才有的交流线索,”宾厄姆顿大学哈波学院副院长、心理学副教授西莉亚·科林如是说。#39;When speaking, people easily convey social and emotional information with eye gaze, facial expressions, tone of voice, pauses, and so on.#39;“面对面讲话时,借助眼神、面部表情、语调、停顿等线索,人们能很容易传达出交流信息和情绪信息。”#39;People obviously can#39;t use these mechanisms when they are texting.#39;“很明显,发短信时没有这些媒介。”#39;Thus, it makes sense that texters rely on what they have available to them -- emoticons, deliberate misspellings that mimic speech sounds and, according to our data, punctuation.#39;“因此,发送方就需要依靠现有的东西——#39;表情符号#39;、#39;借用错别字拟声#39;以及我们刚刚通过数据指出的#39;标点符号#39;。”Recently, Klin#39;s team conducted a follow-up study and found that text response with an exclamation mark is interpreted as more sincere.最近,科林的团队还进行了一个补充研究。研究发现,带有感叹号的回复被认为更真诚。#39;That#39;s not surprising, but it broadens our claim,#39; said Klin.科林说:“这一点并不奇怪,而且还进一步扩充了我们的研究成果。”#39;Punctuation is used and understood by texters to convey emotions and other social and pragmatic information.#39;“发信息者用标点符号来表达感情和其他实用社交信息。”#39;Given that people are wonderfully adept at communicating complex and nuanced information in conversations, it#39;s not surprising that as texting evolves, people are finding ways to convey the same types of information in their texts.#39;“鉴于人们非常擅于在聊天中传达复杂和微妙的信息,所以不难预测,随着短信的发展,人们将会找到能在短信中传达以上信息的手段。” /201512/415273哈尔滨医院哪些无痛人流便宜些

黑龙江八院概况The Ten States are Wu,the Southern Tang,the Former Shu,the Later Shu, Wuyue,Chu,Min,the Southern Han,the Later Liang and the Northern Han.十国指吴国、南唐、前蜀、后蜀、吴越、楚、闽、南汉、后梁和北汉。With the Nortern Han in the North and the other states were all in the Southern part of China.除北汉在北方外,其余各国在中国南部。The development of the states in the South contributed a lot to the progress of South China.各国在中国南方的发展对南方的开发起到了重大作用。These states were established about the time when the Later Liang was founded.The founders of these states formerly had all been garrison commanders during the later period of the Tang Dynasty.南方的十国建立于后梁晚期,创建者都是晚唐时期的节度使。The State of Wu and the Later Tang : The State of Wu was founded by Yang Xingmi, who was a garrison commander in Huainan. He won his fame and power when suppressing the uprising of the peasants and fighting with other warlords.吴国和南唐:吴的开创者杨行密,在镇压农民起义和军阀混战中被唐朝提升为淮南节度使。In 902,,he was granted as King of Wu by the Emperor Zhaozhong of the Tang with Yangzhou as capital.公元902年,唐昭宗封他为吴王,建都扬州。After that Yangpu was made to be Emperor of Wu by Xu Wen, his chancellor, with the State title Wu.到杨溥在位时,丞相徐温等立杨溥为天子,国号吴。However, at this moment, Yang’s family owned no real power in the court and Xu Wen’s son,Xu Zhigao dethrone Yangpu , became the emperor and set up the Tang with Jinling as capital. Then he changed his name to Li Bian later, known as the Southern Tang, which was destroyed by the Northern Song when the last emperor Li Yu was in the reign.但此时,杨氏大权早已旁落。公元937年,徐温的养子徐知诰废杨溥自立,国号唐,建都金陵,改姓名为李,史称“南唐”。到后主李煜时,南唐为北宋所灭。The State of Former and Later Shu:The State of Former Shu was founded by Wang Jian who was a garrison commander in Bizhou (now Daojiang, Sichuan) of Tang. From 894, he occupied Xichuan, Dongchuan and Hanzhong in succession and announced to be the emperor in Chengdu with the name of Shu.前、后蜀:唐壁州(四川导江)刺史王建,从公元894年开始,先后兼并西川、东川和汉中之地。This was the Former Shu in history.后梁建立,他在成都称帝,国号蜀,史称“前蜀”。When Wang Yan, son of Wang Jian came to the throne, people suffered from his exorbitant taxes and severe punishment.其子王衍继位,以奢侈荒淫、刻剥百姓著称。In 925, Zhuang-zong of the Later Tang sent troops to destroy Shu and transferred Meng Zhixiang to be the associated garrison in commander.925年,后唐庄宗派兵灭前蜀,用孟知祥(李克用侄女婿)为剑南西川节度副大使。In 926, Meng Zhixiang entered Chengdu ,reformed the political system and lighted the taxes. He also seized Dongchuan from the Former Shu.公元926年,孟知祥入成都,整顿吏治,减少苛税,攻占东川。In 934, Meng Zhixiang proclaimed to be emperor of Shu, with Chengdu as capital, which was recorded as the Later Shu in history.公元934年,他在成都称帝,国号蜀,史称“后蜀”。After Meng Zhixiang died, his son, Mengchang, the new emperor took Fengzhou and extended his territory as wide as that of the Former Shu.当年孟知祥死,子孟昶继位,又攻取凤州,疆域与前蜀相同。However, he committed the same ill-ruling as Wang Yan exploited and suppressed his officials and citizens ferociously.但孟昶和王衍一样,残酷剥削压榨高官、百姓,奢侈成性。And in 965, the Later Shu was ended by the Northern Song.965年为北宋所灭。The State of Wuyue:The State of Wuyue was established by Qian Liu who was the garrison commander of Zhenhai in 893.吴越:吴越的创建者钱镠,在公元893年被唐昭宗任命为镇海节度使。He won his position in charge of Zhen-hai and Zhendong while fighting with warlord Dong Chang in Yuezhou.不久, 因讨越州军阀董昌有功,升任镇海、镇东两军节度使。In 907, Qian Liu was granted as the King of Wuyue with Hangzhou as capital.公元907年,后梁封他为吴越王,建都于杭州,拥有两浙之地。His kingdom embraced Zhejiang, and there were scarcely wars agitated in this period which retained the time for economic and agricultural development.这一地区战争很少,生产发达,经济繁荣。Their regime lasted five generations to Qian Chu and was finally ruined by the Northern Song Dynasty.钱氏政权五传至钱镠,于978年降于北宋。The State of Chu:The State of Chu was founded by Ma Yin.楚:唐末,马殷割据湖南。In 907, he was acknowledged as King of Chu by the Later Liang and Tanzhou (Changsha, Hunan now) was the capital. There was a chaos among his sons in the court for the posiDynasty.公元907年,后梁封他为楚王,都于潭州(长沙)。公元927年,马殷死,诸子争立,政局混乱,公元963年为北宋所灭。The State of Min:The State of Min was set up by Wang Shenzhi who followed his elder brother Wang Chao to Fuzhou (Fujian province now). In 897, Wang Shenzhi succeeded his brothers position as the garrison commander and was later granted as King of Min taking charging of Quanzhou and Tingzhou. Other successors of the Min were all tyrannies therefore caused constant confusion within the state and received downfall from the Southern Tang.闽:公元893年,王审知随其兄王潮据福州(今福建),公元897年,继王潮为威武军节度使。公元909年,后梁封他为闽王,据有泉、汀等地。王审知死后,继位的都是暴君,内乱不休,公元945年被南唐攻灭。The State of Southern Han : In 905, Liu Yin was a garrison commander of Jinghai in the Tang Dynasty.南汉:公元905年,刘隐为唐静海军节度使。In 907, he was granted as King of Dapeng and his brother, Liu Ying after succeed him, extended his territory and proclaimed to be emperor of Yue in 917 with Guangzhou as capital. In the following year, he renamed his regime Han, which was the Southern Han in Chinese history.公元907年,后梁封他为大彭郡王。隐弟刘葵继位后,扩大了势力范围,于公元917年称帝,国号越,建都广州,次年改国号为汉,史称“南汉”。The rulers of the Southern Han were extravagant and cruel therefore caused an intense class contradictory. In 971, the Southern Han was also taken over by the Northern Song.南汉君主都极其奢侈,统治十分残暴,境内阶级矛盾非常尖锐,公元971年为北宋所灭。The State of Later Liang : In 907, Gao Jixing, was a garrison commander in Jingnan during the period of the Later Liang.后梁:公元907年,后梁任命高季兴为荆南节度使。In 924, he was granted King Nanping with Jiangling as cspital, owning only Jingzhou, which was the smallest state.924年,后唐庄宗封他为南平王,都于江陵,仅有荆州一地,是十国中最弱小的一国。In 963,it was taken over by the Northern Song.公元963年亡于北宋。The State of Northern Han : The State of Northern Han by Liu Chong appeared somewhat later than the others, it was established towards the end of the Later Tang, during the period of the Later Jin, and the Later Zhou.北汉:北汉为后汉高祖之弟刘崇所建,是建国最晚的一个,成立后唐末期、后晋和后周之间。In 951, located in the east of the Yellow River, Liu Chong declared to be emperor with Taiyuan as capital and still took Han as its name. It was the Northern Han in Chinese history.公元951年,刘崇据河东之地,在太原称帝,仍以汉为国号,史称“北汉”。The Northern Han was based on weak economy on which its people suffered from the heavy taxes for military expenditure and payment to Qidan in the north. To earn a living was terribly hard in the Northern Han and there were acute social struggles within.北汉“土瘠民贫,内供军国,外奉契丹,赋繁役重,民不聊生”,社会矛盾十分尖锐。In 979 the Northern Song took over it.公元979年被北宋所灭。Along with the improvement of handicrafts, the economy of the south was booming.随着手工业的发展,南方的商业也相当活跃。Hangzhou, the capital of Wuyue, grew into a prosperous metropolis in the southeaster of China enjoying the faming of the richest and thriftiest city that could be compared to the heaven.吴越都城杭州,已成为东南繁荣 的大都市富兼华夷”,“百事繁庶”,有“地上天宫”之称。Chengdu was also well-developed and famous for its silks, herb medicine and jewels concerning the amount of goods exchange.成都市场也相当繁荣,有蚕市、药市、珠宝市,市场交易量很大。Besides, there were many trades by sea.valley after the periods of growth in the five Dynasties.此外,当时的海上贸易也相当活跃。According to the demographic toll at the dawn of the Northern Song that there were 2. 3 million people was added to the Song’s original 1 milliom after removing all the small states in the south.经过五代时期的发展,全国的经济重心已从黄河流域逐渐转移到长江流域。据北宋初年统计,北方人口只有100多万户,后来陆续平定南方诸国,又得230多万户。This indicated that the population of the south was double that of the north which meant the progressive surplus of the north in economy and a gradually prominent position in imperial China.可见南方人口已经超过北方二倍。这说明南方经济的发展日益超过北方, 越来越在全国占据重要的地位。 /201602/421849双城区中医院官方网 You might not realise it, but sending even a short email has an impact on the environment. Scientists estimate that an email adds about four grams (0.14 ounces) of carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere.你可能没有意识到,即使是发送一封小小的邮件也会对环境产生影响。科学家估计,发送一封邮件相当于向大气中排放约4克的二氧化碳。That means that hitting #39;send#39; on 65 mails is equal to driving an average-sized car a 0.6 miles (1km).这意味着,发送65封邮件所产生的二氧化碳相当于一辆普通大小的汽车行驶1公里产生的二氧化碳。This is according to a McAfee study the #39;Carbon Footprint of Spam#39;, which also found each time you copy someone else, another six grams of CO2 is added. A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide.据迈克菲(一款杀毒软件)“垃圾邮件的碳足迹”研究发现,每次转发邮件同样也会增加6克的二氧化碳。碳足迹是人类活动直接或间接地向大气中排放温室气体的总量,通常也用同等数量的二氧化碳的吨数来表示。The average person sends and receives 125 emails every day. When sending emails, greenhouse gases are produced in running the computer, server and routers, and when when the equipment was manufactured. Receiving a spam message, even if you do not open it, has an environmental impact of 0.3 gCO2.每人平均每天收发125封邮件。发送邮件时,电脑、务器、路由器的运行会产生温室气体,同时制造这些设备时也会产生二氧化碳。收到一条垃圾信息,即使你没有打开,大气中也会增加0.3克二氧化碳。The global carbon footprint from spam annually is equivalent to the greenhouse gases pumped out by 3.1 million passenger cars using two billion gallons of gasoline in a year.每年全球垃圾邮件的碳排放量相当于310万辆客车每年消耗20亿加仑的汽油所排出的二氧化碳。Sending emails is just one activity on a long list of seemingly harmless everyday actions contribute to emissions of CO2. For example, typing in a non-essential Google inquiry on an energy-efficient laptop leaves a footprint of 0.2 gCO2e. On an old desktop computer, it is 4.5 gCO2e. Sending a text message isn#39;t a less harmful method of communication either, as it comes at a cost of about 0.014 gCO2e.发送邮件只是人类日常生活中看似无害却会排放二氧化碳的众多行为中的一项。例如,用节能笔记本在谷歌上搜索一般的问题会产生0.2克的二氧化碳,而用老式电脑则会产生4.5克二氧化碳。发送短信同样会对环境产生影响,因为会产生约0.014克二氧化碳。 /201512/414021平房区妇幼保健医院诊疗中心怎么样

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