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2019年06月16日 12:50:20 | 作者:365大夫 | 来源:新华社
Japanese citizens oppose lift on collective self-defense ban日本选民反对安倍解除行使集体自卫权禁令Polls held by Japans Kyodo News agency show that more than 40 percent of Japanese citizens oppose Prime Minister Shinzo Abes cabinet.由日本共同社开展的民意调查显示超过40%的日本公民反对首相安倍晋三的内阁。This comes after the Japanese cabinet rubber-stamped a resolution on Tuesday that will allow the country to exercise the right of collective self-defense by reinterpreting the pacifist Constitution.此前日本内阁周二曾批准一项决议,将允许国家通过重新解读和平宪法行使集体自卫权。Polls conducted by major Japanese newspapers also showed that more than half of those polled opposed Prime Minister Abes attempt to lift the ban on collective self-defense.日本主流报纸进行的这项民意调查还显示超过一半的受访者反对安倍首相试图解除行使集体自卫权的禁令。According to a survey conducted from June 27th to the 29th by Japan s Nikkei News, 54 percent of respondents say ;No; to reinterpretation of Japans anti-war constitution, and only 29 percent of respondents support the move.据日本经济新闻6月27日至29日的一项调查称,54%的受访者对重新诠释日本的反战宪法持否定态度,只有29%的被调查者持这一举动。Kyodo News Agency reported that after cabinet approval, the government still needs to prepare the legal framework by revising and creating relevant laws to implement the policy change.据日本共同社报道称,如果内阁批准,政府仍然需要通过修订和创建相关法律框架等程序才能使得政策得以实施。201407/309310But there was further humiliation to come. The indomitable Candace sent ambassadors to negotiate the terms of a peace settlement. The case ended up before Augustus himself, who granted the ambassadors pretty much everything they asked for. He had secured the Pax Romana, but at a considerable price. It was the action of a shrewd, calculating political operator, who then used the official Roman propaganda machine to airbrush this setback out of the picture.但这场羞辱仍未结束。强硬的坎迪斯派使者去协商和平条款。最后奥古斯都亲自处理此事,几乎答应了使者的所有要求。他以极高的代价维护了罗马的和平。作为精明的政治领导者,他随后让强大的帝国宣传机器把这段故事抹掉了。Augustuss career became the imperial blueprint of how to achieve and retain power. And a key part of retaining power was the management of his image. Heres Susan Walker again:奥古斯都的一生成了统治者如何获取并保有权力的范本。经营自身形象是巩固权力的关键。苏珊沃尔克这样描述:;He always looked exactly as he did on the day that he became Augustus, and he presented himself very modestly. He often showed himself wearing the Roman toga, and drew it over his head to show his piety. And sometimes he was shown as a general leading his troops into battle, even though he never actually personally did so. And this was a very enduring image; we have surviving even today over 250 images of Augustus, which come from all over the Roman Empire, and they are pretty much the same-the variations are really not very significant. So the portrait was very, very recognisable, and very enduring.;除了展示自己成为“奥古斯都”那日的形象之外,他其余的形象都颇为谦逊。他经常以穿着罗马宽松外袍的形象示人,用袍子罩住头部以示虔诚。有时他的形象是一个即将带领队伍投入战斗的将领,但事实上他从未亲征过。我们拥有来自罗马帝国的超过250种奥古斯都雕像。面部形象大致相同,辨识度极高,且历久弥新。201412/347064This amazing knot may save your life, probably your pride, and certainly piles of your time. If you have kids you know how many times each day you have to tie their shoes. With this knot youll tie them once and be done. This knot is easy to tie and can be untied as easily as any other.这种不可思议的打结方法或许可以拯救你的生命,可以挽救你的自尊心,当然也可以节约许多时间。如果你有孩子的话,你就知道每天要给他们系多少次鞋带。如果采用这种打结法,一次就搞定了。这种打结法非常简单,和其他方法一样容易。Step 1: Normal Knot1.普通打结I am going to show you how to tie your shoes with a knot that is guaranteed to never slip.我将向你展示如何打结可以保鞋带不会滑脱。Start as you normally would with an overhand knot.像平时一样打一个单结。Step 2: Extra Loop2.多绕一圈Then when you get to this point, instead of going around once, go around twice before pulling the second loop through.到了这一步,不要只绕一圈,而是绕两圈,再把鞋带穿过。This one little extra step makes all the difference and I guarantee the knot is not going to slip.多绕一圈可以起到非常重要的作用,我保鞋带再也不会滑动。Still when you want to take off your shoes, this knot is as easy to untie as any other.当你想脱掉鞋子的时候,鞋带仍然非常容易解开。Thanks for watching How To Tie An Amazing No-Slip Shoe Knot.感谢收看“如何打结防止鞋带滑动”视频节目。视频听力由。201401/272468

;Redskin; row The US Patent Office cancelled the patents for a Washington based American football team, saying their name is offensive.Jesse Witten as a lawyer involved in the case challenging the Redskin trademark, he joins the staff from CNN in Washington. I mean how much of a significant victory is this given theres aly been so much pressure for this team to finally change its name?Theres been a ton of pressure pour out, and this latest development is an exciting development that weve worked on for many years, and this is gonna add to the momentum and to the public outcry and increasing public awareness that the team name of the Washington NFL football team really is a relic from a different era and it really does need to change.You know, they say that theyre appealing the decision. Do you think it will offer a lot of material damage to their team? I mean they can still go ahead and you know, make all the trademark merchandise that they want to.They announced today theyre going to appeal it, only clarify with the ruling today was.Today the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board which is a component of the US Patent and Trademark Office canceled the trademark registrations of the team doesnt mean that they have no more protectable interest that would require further litigation between the team and people who try to sell merchandise that uses the team name and logo,but what it does mean is that some of the benefits of having a federal government trademark registration wouldnt be there, in other words it will be more difficult for the team to protect its mark and theres a possibility that future litigation of courts might rule thats not protectable.OK. But the fact remains in their appealing, it means their trademark stands in the meantime. The owner of the team says no way, we are never changing this name. As you said theres aly been so much pressure from the US President on down. Are you confident that youre going to get anywhere with this in the coming months or years?I dont know what will happen in the coming months and years, theres been an unbelievable movement as you point out pull out President Obama more than half of the members of the senate. Native Americans from all over the country, many different tribes and national organizations including the National Congress of American Indians are really speaking out, in some small way our trademark litigation is contributing to a much bigger effort. I dont know what will happen, I think that (as) you ask about the team owner, you know hes a supper fan, he grew up and fended the team, he has attachments to the team, but Im hopeful that he like so many others will eventually reflect on this, and realize that this is just no longer a term that we should use anymore.Yeah, as you say, this will continue to go on, unless the fans themself decide that its time to change the name, it may take a lot more from your side of thinks.Thanks so much of your times, appreciate you explaining this ruling to us.Thank you. /201406/308305

But if we are to ever truly understand language,但若我们想要真正地认识语言then it is deep inside our heads就要深入人类大脑之中where some of the greatest mysteries lie.那里隐藏着一些最深的奥秘The more we uncover, the more we realise随着发现的增多 我们越来越清楚how delicate and fragile these processes can be.这些过程有多么的精细而微妙In 2006 Steve Steere was in an accident2006年史蒂夫·斯蒂尔遭遇了场意外that would change his life for ever.这改变了他的一生Steve was always a very active person.史蒂夫过去一直是个活跃的人He had done two sponsored rides,那时 他已经完成了两次赞助骑行One to Mexico and one to Ecuador,一次是去墨西哥 一次是去厄瓜多尔which he thoroughly enjoyed他很享受其中的乐趣and he was training for the third ride, which was to go to Peru.他正在为去秘鲁的第三次骑行进行训练when he had an accident,却发生了事故he was found unconscious and he was taken to hospital,他失去了意识 并被送往医院where they diagnosed him with a fractured shoulder.医生诊断是一侧肩膀骨折Initially, Steves injuries seemed relatively minor.一开始 史蒂夫的伤势看似较轻201411/344633

British Airways Suspends Flights Over Ebola BA stops flying to parts of Africa worst hit by ebola amid fears a Welsh person may have come into contact with the virus.At Lagos airport Nigerian health workers are stepping up efforts to stop ebola entering the country, eight people who last week treated the countrys first case are now suspected of having the disease themselves, the possible sp of the virus by passengers has prompted British Airways to suspend flights to Sierra Leone and Liberia until the end of the month because what it calls the deteriorating public health situation.At the moment we dont think its worth screening people at airports, we have a system in place aly, so that those who come for example to the UK airports who are unwell, and you let people know that they are unwell, we have a system to investigate that and detect virus in them including ebola as soon as possible.An American nurse infected by the virus while treating patients in Liberia has been flown back to the US for treatment, Nancy W has been given an experimental antibody drug called Z and is responding to the relief of her family.I cant imagine it but its amazing to think that my mom might not be only able to help those who she was trying to help there in the country, but by her suffering in this and by her just going through it, she maybe able to help countless more through being able to understand whats going on in her body and develop a cure resources to help those who are suffering right now.Her colleague doctor Ken B is aly in quarantine in Atlanta, he walked off the ambulance reportedly well enough to stand within an hour of being given the drug.It could well be a game changer, this Z drug has been in development for a number of years, and it has never really been tested on humans until now, they had to have somebody who was otherwise probably going to die, and for all we know it looks like the drug may have saved doctor Bs life.But its unlikely that enough of the drug can be made to hold the current ebola outbreak, medical charities working in the region say more resources are needed to help trace and quarantine anybody who has been in contact with known victims, its a challenge with poor borders and a mobile population, but they say its the only way of slowing the sp of the virus.Thomas M, Sky News. /201408/320005

Its not at all clear why the smaller and much less technically sophisticated Zhou were able to defeat the powerful and well organised Shang state.技术相对落后、实力也较弱小的周如何打败了强大而有组织的商,至今仍是未解之谜。They seem to have had a striking ability to absorb and to shape allies into a coherent attacking force;他们似乎有种特别的能力,能吸收整合异族,让他们与自己并肩作战,but above all, they were buoyed up by their faith in themselves as a chosen people.但最重要的是,他们被一种信念所鼓舞,相信自己是奉上天的旨意而战斗。In first capturing, and then ruling, the Shang kingdom, they saw themselves-as so many conquering forces do - as enacting the will of the gods.与许多征者一样,他们推翻并接管商朝时认为自己是替天行道。So they fought with the confidence born of knowing that they were to be the rightful inheritors of the land.因此在战斗中,他们坚信自己才是天下的合法统治者。But-and this was new-they articulated this belief in the form of one controlling concept, which was to become a central idea in Chinese political history.而且,他们明确地将其用思想控制的形式表达了出来一这在世界上尚属首创—并使之成为中国政治史的核心。The Zhou are the first to formalise the idea of the Mandate of Heaven:周朝是第一个明确提出“天命”的王朝。the Chinese notion that heaven blesses and sustains the authority of a just ruler.中国人认为上天会庇佑正义的统治者。An impious and incompetent ruler would displease the gods, who would withdraw their mandate from him.对上天不敬或昏庸无能的统治者则会触怒神明,使其收回天命。So on this view, it followed that the defeated Shang must have lost the Mandate of Heaven, which had passed to the virtuous, victorious Zhou.因此,战败的商朝必定是失去了上天的庇佑,神明转而庇佑德行高尚的周。From this time on, the Mandate of Heaven became a permanent feature of Chinese political life, underpinning the authority of rulers or justifying their removal, as Wang Tao, archaeologist at the University of London tells us:从此,天命成为中国政治的永恒主题,为君王的统治提供依据,或成为改朝换代的理由。伦敦大学考古学家王涛士这样描述:;That transformed the Zhou, because that allowed them to rule other people.天命改变了周朝,给予他们统治他人的权力。If you kill the king or senior member of the family, its the biggest crime you could make.弑君或杀害尊长是当时最严重的罪行。但任何反抗权威的行为都可以用天命来解释。So to turn the crime against authority or against a ruler into some justifiable action, you had to have an excuse, and that excuse is the Mandate of Heaven.它内在的图腾含义相当于西方的民主概念。在中国,如果你触犯了神灵,或违背了民心,就会有凶兆预警—雷电、暴雨或地震。201408/324235

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