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阿图什治疗痤疮多少钱石河子市祛痣多少钱HONG KONG — The wide new boulevards that cut across parts of Weifang in eastern China are largely free of traffic, a quiet reminder of the coastal city’s big ambitions.香港——这条簇新的大马路径直穿过中国东部城市潍坊,基本上没什么车,无声地彰显着这个沿海城市的雄心壮志。“It’s empty here, and I always come here to dry my wheat,” said a 77-year-old farmer surnamed Zhang who, along with his wife and son, was sping grain on a sidewalk in one of the city’s newer districts on a recent summer day.“这里很空,我一直到这儿晒麦子,”77岁的农民张某说。最近的一个夏日,他和妻子、儿子在该市新区的人行道上铺散麦粒。Weifang is quickly outgrowing its rural roots, and officials see a wave of urbanization reshaping the local economy for years to come. Across the city, plans are underway for billions of dollars of major public projects, including new highways, high-speed rail lines, water treatment plants, schools and health care facilities.潍坊正在迅速改变它的农村性质,官员们认为城镇化浪潮将在未来几年改变当地经济。全市各地正在开展价值数十亿美元的大型公共项目,比如新公路、高速铁路、自来水处理厂、学校及卫生设施。There is just one hitch: Weifang can’t pay for all the projects.他们只有一个难题:潍坊无力承担所有项目的费用。In the past, city officials would have turned to low-cost loans from state-owned banks, as the national government encouraged local spending to spur economic growth. But the Chinese leadership, worried about the country’s ballooning debt problem, is backing away from that strategy.过去,市政府官员会通过国有获得低成本贷款,因为中央政府鼓励地方政府加大开刺激经济增长。但中国领导层担心不断膨胀的债务问题,正在撤销这一策略。Like hundreds of cities across China, Weifang is now wooing deep-pocketed private investors, both local and overseas, to help foot the bill for public infrastructure and services. Behind the spot where Mr. Zhang dries his wheat, a gleaming new hospital dominates the skyline, built in part with outside capital.与全国数以百计的城市一样,潍坊正在努力吸引本地及海外财力雄厚的私人投资者,帮助政府付建造公共基础设施和开展务项目的费用。在张某的晒谷场后面耸立着一栋崭新的医院大楼,修建这栋参天大楼的资金部分来自外部。“If the project suits the public-private partnership model, we will try to fund it that way,” said Liu Xitian, the deputy director of Weifang’s finance bureau. “The next step will be to improve public services. We will release lots of projects in that area.”“适合搞PPP(public-private partnership model,公共私营合作模式——编者注)的我们就会通过PPP这种方式来融资,”潍坊市财政局副局长刘锡田说。“下一步就是提升公共务,[展开]提升性的务项目,下一步会有很多项目推出。”The push reflects the precarious financial state of many cities and towns.这种行动反映了很多城镇不稳定的财务状况。Although the country escaped the worst of the global financial crisis six years ago, it did so on the back of a borrowing binge by local governments, which spent heavily on new but often unprofitable infrastructure projects. Now, many local governments are mired in debt.虽然中国在六年前避开了最为严重的全球金融危机,但当时是靠地方政府大量借贷,用于修建全新但通常无利可图的基础设施。如今,很多地方政府深陷债务泥潭。In Weifang, a city known for seafood processing and an annual kite-flying festival, rapid urbanization over the last decade has saddled the local government with debts totaling 88.4 billion renminbi, or .2 billion, as of June 2013, the most recent data available.在潍坊这个以海鲜加工和一年一度的风筝节而闻名的城市,过去十年快速的城镇化进程给当地政府带来了大量债务,截至2013年6月,潍坊政府的总债务为884亿元人民币,这是可以获得的最新数据。Since 2007, China’s overall local government debt has risen at an annual rate of 27 percent. It now totals almost trillion, according to estimates from the consulting firm McKinsey amp; Company.自2007年以来,中国地方政府总债务的年增长率达到了27%。根据咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey amp; Company)的估计,地方政府债务总额目前接近三万亿美元(约合18.6万亿元人民币)。Companies, too, have gorged on cheap credit in recent years. Altogether, China’s total debt stands at 282 percent of its gross domestic product — a high level that raises the risk of a financial crisis should borrowers prove unable to repay and a wave of defaults ensue.公司近些年来也获得大量低息贷款。中国的总债务是国内生产总值的282%,如此高的债务水平,一旦借款人最终无法偿还贷款,可能引发金融危机和违约浪潮。It has created a conundrum for the country. China’s leaders want to wean the country from this debt-fueled growth model. But they also need to continue stimulating the economy, particularly at a time when growth is slowing.这给中国带来了一个难题。中国领导人希望中国摆脱这种依赖债务推动经济增长的模式。但他们还需要继续刺激经济发展,特别是在增长放缓的时期。Part of Beijing’s solution has been to help local governments lower their borrowing costs through refinancing. Local government-controlled companies that are struggling to pay bonds are being encouraged to exchange them for new loans at lower interest rates from state-run banks. China’s Ministry of Finance recently expanded this local government debt refinancing program to 3 trillion renminbi, or nearly 0 billion, up from 1 trillion renminbi just a few months ago.北京的部分解决方案是通过再次融资帮助地方政府降低借贷成本。由地方政府控制的难以偿还债券的公司被鼓励以债券作为交换条件,获得国有提供的利率较低的新贷款。中国财政部最近将地方政府债务再融资计划的规模增加至三万亿元人民币,而几个月前这一计划的规模只有一万亿元人民币。China has also begun a national campaign to encourage private investment in local infrastructure projects.中国还开始在全国鼓励私人投资地方基础设施项目。In May, the nation’s top economic planning agency released a list of more than 1,000 projects worth 2 trillion renminbi that local governments across the country are seeking to finance with outside investment. Analysts estimate that is on top of roughly 1,500 other projects worth 3 trillion renminbi that had been previously announced by the local authorities.今年5月,中国最高经济规划机构公布了一份包含1000多个项目的清单,这些项目总共价值两万亿美元人民币,全国各地的地方政府寻求获得外部投资来开展这些项目。此外分析人士估计,地方政府此前共公布了大约1500个项目,价值三万亿元人民币。A decade ago, the MTR Corporation, the Hong Kong subway operator, was an investor in Beijing’s fourth metro line. Beijing had won the right to host the 2008 Summer Olympics and was expanding its transport network at a blinding pace.十年前,香港地铁运营商港铁公司(MTR Corporation)是北京地铁4号线的投资方之一。当时北京赢得了2008年夏季奥运会的举办权,需要对交通网络进行大规模扩张。By the time it opened in 2009, passenger flows on the new line were much higher and revenue much lower than either party had forecast. This prompted huge subsidy payments from the Beijing government to the MTR, which did not sit well with local officials.4号线在2009年投入运行的时候,其客流量之大,营收之低,远出乎任何一方的预期。北京市政府需要为港铁公司提供巨额补贴,该市官员对此难以接受。So city officials simply rewrote the contract. The new terms reduced subsidy payments to the MTR, and were on balance more favorable to the city government. MTR, as the minority shareholder, had little room to object.因此北京市官员直接改写了合同。新的条款减少了对港铁公司的补贴,更加有利于北京市政府。作为少数股东,港铁公司几乎没有反对之力。Ren Yuhang, general manager of the finance department at Beijing Infrastructure Investment, the city government company charged with financing subway investment, compared such deals to a marriage.北京市基础设施投资公司是负责融资修建地铁的市政府公司,其财政部门总经理任宇航把这样的交易比作婚姻。“It takes a lot of negotiation and compromise,” he said.“这需要大量谈判和妥协,”他说。Xie Hua, a deputy manager at the MTR in charge of business development in China, said local officials often failed to appreciate the long duration of rail partnerships, which can extend to 30 years. Also, some local officials tend to focus too narrowly on just getting money.港铁公司负责中国业务发展的副经理谢华说,当地官员常常不能体会长期铁路合作关系的价值,这种关系可以持续30年之久。此外,一些地方官员往往把目光过于狭隘地集中在赚钱上。Foreign investors bring expertise and they want a say in how a project is run, but local officials often reply that their “biggest problem right now is funding,” Mr. Xie said. “The two sides have mismatched solutions.”境外投资者带来了专业知识,也希望对项目运营拥有一定的话语权。不过,地方官员对此的回答往往是,他们“眼下最大的问题就是融资,”谢华说。“所以双方的解决方式并不对等。”Such experiences, say analysts, could limit the appetite of foreign investors.分析人士称,类似的经历或许会抑制境外投资者的胃口。“The initial wave of all these projects definitely is going to be more suited to the local players,” said Stephen Ip, a partner and the head of government and infrastructure business at KPMG China, based in Shanghai. Foreign investors “can’t really make the leap of faith at the moment.”“第一批这样的项目肯定是更适合当地的参与者,”驻上海的毕马威中国(KPMG China)政府机构和基建行业主管合伙人叶伟成(Stephen Ip)表示。境外投资者“目前并不能放手一搏”。In Weifang, the local government has a list of nearly 70 projects it hopes to finance through the private-partnership model, for a total investment of 124 billion renminbi — about a quarter of the city’s economic output.在潍坊,地方政府列出了一个包含近70个项目的清单,希望通过公私合作模式帮它们筹集1240亿元人民币的总投资。这一金额大约相当于该市经济产出的四分之一。Officials hope the money will help the city cope with rapid transformation. Farmland is giving way to new roads, rail lines and other large-scale infrastructure projects. A huge industrial park on the outskirts of town is busy with construction activity, but it is also dotted with symbols of previous booms that have fizzled.官员希望,这笔钱能够帮助潍坊应对快速的变化。农田正让位于新的道路和铁路线等大规模基础设施建设项目。郊区有一座大型工业园,建设工作开展得如火如荼。不过,这里也不时可以看到之前的几轮开发热潮消退后留下的痕迹。Part of the idea behind bringing in private investment is to help offset a slowdown in other parts of the local economy, including real estate. Evidence of the property market slump can be seen in half-finished projects in the same industrial park, like Jinhe Aristocratic Family, a luxury housing development.引入私人投资的部分想法是要帮忙缓解地方经济中其他一些领域的放缓,包括房地产业。在这座工业园里,就能通过停工的项目看到楼市滑坡的据,比如豪华公寓开发项目“顺德·金和世家”。The six-tower complex was supposed to be completed this year, but the developer ran out of money. Dormant construction cranes tower over the site. Wild grass has since overtaken much of the freshly cleared earth.这片由六栋高楼组成的住宅区本应今年完工,却遭遇了开发商资金枯竭的问题。工地上的起重机处于闲置状态。不久前清理的土地上,不少地方长了野草。“If you are interested, I would suggest you purchase after the construction restarts,” said a lone security guard living at the Jinhe site, declining to give his name.“如果想买,要我说最好等到重新开工以后,”工地上唯一的那名保安说。他不愿透露自己的姓名。The falling property market has cut deeply into local coffers. In Weifang, land sales, which account for a major share of the city’s income, plunged 40 percent last year, according to figures from Deutsche Bank.楼市下滑对地方财政影响巨大。在潍坊,卖地的进账占到全市财政收入的一大块。然而,根据德意志(Deutsche Bank)提供的数据,该市去年的卖地收入大降40%。Weifang officials had some early success in attracting private capital.在吸引私人资金方面,潍坊官员取得了一些初步成就。The new hospital, built with funding from Sunshine Insurance, a company based in Beijing, aims to be the biggest medical facility in Shandong Province. The insurer, which this year spent 0 million to buy the Baccarat Hotel in New York, has local connections. The company’s chairman, Zhang Weigong, is a native of Weifang.那家新医院的建设资金来自阳光保险集团,意图成为山东省内规模最大的医疗机构。阳光保险的总部位于北京,今年耗资2.3亿美元收购了纽约的巴卡拉酒店(Baccarat Hotel)。公司与潍坊有一定的联系——董事长张维功就来自这里。One of the biggest projects in Weifang is the local section of a new high-speed rail line connecting the major cities of Jinan and Qingdao. It is the country’s first high-speed rail project to secure private financing.潍坊规模最大的项目之一是一段高铁线路。这条高铁将把两大城市济南和青岛联接起来,是中国首个得到私人融资的高铁项目。But the definition of private is a bit stretched, in some cases.不过,在部分情况下,“私人”的概念有些扩大了。The Weifang government is responsible for 4 billion renminbi of the 26 billion renminbi budget for the 147-kilometer, or 90-mile, portion that will run through the city. The main outside investor is the Postal Savings Bank of China, a sprawling, state-owned bank. Temasek Holdings, the Singapore state investment firm, has also agreed to participate in funding at the provincial level, according to local officials.这条铁路线的潍坊段长147千米,预算260亿元人民币,而市政府将提供40亿元。主要的外部投资者是庞大的国有企业中国邮政储蓄。根据地方官员的说法,新加坡的国有投资公司淡马锡控股(Temasek Holdings)也同意参与该项目的省级融资。Even if the enthusiasm of private investors fails to keep pace, the force of urbanization seems unlikely to slow.就算私人投资者的热情滞后,城镇化的力量也似乎不可阻挡。In the sleepy village of Beiying on the outskirts of Weifang, a farmer who gave his surname as Pei is worried that the rail project will force him out of his home.在潍坊郊外宁静的北营村,一名裴姓农民担心,高铁项目会让他失去家里的房子。“I was born in this village and have worked as a farmer my whole life,” said Mr. Pei, 50, who grows fruits and vegetables a few hundred yards from where construction on the rail line will start soon. “What else can I do if I don’t farm?”“我生在村里,在这里当了一辈子农民,”50岁的老裴说。他种植蔬果的地方离马上就要开工的高铁工地只有几百米。“不种地我还能干什么去?” /201508/391411和田市注射丰唇一针多少钱 哈密丰胸医院哪家好

北屯割双眼皮多少钱An Indiana groom was fatally struck by a car Saturday after he pulled over to help a stranded motorist hours after his wedding.据美国福克斯新闻网站12月15日报道,美国印第安纳州一名男子在婚礼结束后的返程中停车帮助被一位困在雪地里的司机,却不幸被三辆车撞上,当场遇难。The Chicago Sun Times reports 49-year-old William Knight was driving with his bride Nikki to a hotel after their 5:00 p.m. ceremony when he spotted a vehicle in a ditch.据《芝加哥太阳时报》报道,现年49岁的威廉?奈特和新娘尼基在14日下午5点的婚礼仪式结束后驱车前往一家旅馆。大约晚上11时45分左右,他们看到一辆车被困在了雪地里。Nikki Knight told the paper Sunday her husband told her “we#39;ve got to stop, it#39;s late and they need help.” She says she stayed inside the car while her husband went out to the other vehicle.尼基说,威廉跟她说“我们必须停车,夜深了,他们需要帮助”。在她的印象里,当了12年兵的丈夫非常乐于助人。Knight said she then heard a thud, and went outside to investigate. William Knight and the driver of the other car, 42-year-old Linda Darlington, did not have pulses. The Chicago Sun Times reports authorities say it appears Knight and Darlington were first struck by one car and then hit two more times by two vehicles behind the first. His widow says Knight served as a U.S. Army Ranger for about 12 years, and would always put himself on the line to help others. ;I went from a being a newlywed to a widow in less than 48 hours—the highest high to the lowest low,; Nikki Knight said. ;It#39;s a blur.;威廉?奈特下车后,尼基在车上等着他。忽然间,尼基听到“砰”的一声巨响,她赶忙下车一探究竟,却震惊地发现丈夫和被困车辆的司机、42岁的琳达?达林顿已经没有了脉搏。“我在48小时内从新娘变成了寡妇,从快乐的巅峰坠入了痛苦的深渊,”尼基悲痛地说。Police said all drivers involved in the crash remained at the scene. No charges had been filed as of Sunday afternoon.当地官方称,威廉?奈特和达林顿似乎先是被一辆车撞倒,接着又被该车后面的两辆车撞上。目前所有涉案司机都在现场,截至当地时间15日下午,尚无人受到控告。 /201312/269258石河子大学医学院第二附属医院激光点痣多少钱 A developer in China has built an entire 57-storey building in just 19 days.一家中国开发商在19天的时间里建造了一座57层的大厦。And as this time-lapse shows, the Mini Sky City building was put up brick by brick at a rate ofthr ee full storeys a day in Changsha, thecapital of Hunan Province in south-central China.从延时视频中可以看出这座大厦一点一点的建造过程,每天建造三层,位于湖南长沙。The building has 800 apartments and enough office space for 4,000 people. It was originally planned to be built up to aheight of 220 storeys, but it was cut down because of concern it was too close to a nearby airport.这座大厦有800个公寓,以及能容纳4000人的办公空间。原先的计划是建造220层,但是由于附近有个机场,所以被取消。The prefab construction, which has 19 atriums which are each 10 metres tall, is also environmentally friendly, claims the developer, as large sections were put together at another location and taken to the building site to be stacked on top of each other.总共有19个中庭,每个10米高。开发商说,这座大厦还是环境友好型的,因为每个模块都是在另一个地方事先组装好的,然后运到现场一个一个的堆放上去。This significantly reduced the number of trips needed to transport the raw materials, they said.这大大减少了运输原材料的时间。In all, 15,000 fewer truck journeys were made, greatly reducing dust and fuel pollution.总之,省去了15000趟的卡车运输,大大降低了粉尘和燃料污染。The building was also constructed with China#39;s pollution problem in mind,using quadruple-thick glass and tight #39;99.9 per cent sealed#39; construction.在建造这座大厦时还考虑到了中国的污染问题,所以使用的是四倍厚的玻璃和99.9%密封的紧密建筑结构。The company behind the construction, Broad SustainableBuilding, previously built a 30-storey building in Changshain just 15 days.这家远大可建科技有限公司之前在长沙还以15天建成了一座30层高的建筑。Broad claims that its technology is #39;themost profound innovation in human history#39;.远大称该公司的技术是;人类历史上意义最深远的创新;。While the rapid construction is eco-conscious, some online users have raised concern over safety.虽然这种快速的建筑过程很生态环保,但是一些网友对其安全性产生疑虑。 /201503/365500北屯哪家绣眉好

克拉玛依市去抬头纹多少钱There is no shortage of critics who confidently attribute China’s rise to the forceful intervention of the state in the economy. But the ranks of policy makers and commentators decrying Beijing’s brand of state capitalism are wrong – and, worse, they risk provoking short-sighted and counterproductive responses.坚信中国崛起缘于国家强势干预经济的批评人士为数不少,由政策制定者和员们组成的这些批评者强烈谴责北京奉行的国家资本主义。但他们的观点是错误的,而更糟的是,他们可能引发短视和毫无建设性的回应。The reality is that China’s rapid economic ascent is the result of the expanding role of the market and the rise of private businesses. Private companies now account for more than two-thirds of output, up from nothing when reform began in 1978, in an economy that has expanded 25 times in real terms. They account for almost all employment growth in the same period. Private companies are also increasingly the leading contributors to export growth.现实情况是,中国经济快速崛起是市场角色不断扩大和私营企业壮大的结果。在一个实际规模扩大了25倍的经济体中,私营企业贡献的产出比例,从1978年中国开始改革时的零,升至如今的逾三分之二。同期几乎所有的就业增长均来自私营企业。私营企业还日益成为出口增长的主要贡献因素。State companies’ shrinking role has been particularly rapid in manufacturing, which opened up to competition from private businesses in the 1980s. State enterprises’ share of output in the sector is now only a fifth, compared with four-fifths in 1978. Conventional wisdom says state industrial companies have enjoyed a resurgence since the onset of the global financial crisis. In fact, the growth in output of private businesses since 2008 has averaged 18 per cent, twice the pace of expansion of state businesses.中国国有企业的角色,在制造业收缩得尤其快——中国的制造业在上世纪80年代向私营企业放开了竞争。国企在制造业所占产出份额现在只有五分之一,而在1978年则有五分之四。人们普遍认为,自全球金融危机爆发以来,中国国有工业企业如今已经复兴。实际上,自2008年以来私营企业产出年均增长18%,是国企扩张速度的两倍。Underlying the relatively poor performance of state industrial companies is low productivity. Most investment is financed with retained earnings – so private industrial businesses, with a return on assets more than twice that of state companies, can expand more rapidly. This is reinforced by the increasingly commercial behaviour of mostly state-owned banks: in recent years they have lent almost twice as much to private as to state companies.国有工业企业相对疲弱表现的深层根源在于生产率低下。大多数投资资金来自留存利润,因此资产回报率是国企两倍多的私营工业企业能够更为迅速地扩张。大多数国有的行为日益商业化,让私企更加如鱼得水:在最近几年里,它们向私企发放的贷款几乎是发放给国企的两倍。China’s industrial policy is perhaps exemplified best by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, created in 2003 to oversee the largest state-owned non-financial enterprises. Critics say it favours state companies in an attempt to create national champions that are larger, more powerful and more profitable. But this has failed: the return on assets of Sasac’s companies has plummeted since 2007, and is now below half their cost of capital.创建于2003年、监督各大国有非金融企业的中国国有资产监督管理委员会(SASAC)或许是中国工业政策的最佳体现。批评人士称,国资委青睐大型国企,力图创建更大、更强、更加盈利丰厚的国家冠军企业。但这种努力失败了:自2007年以来国资委监督企业的资产回报率大幅下降,现在还不到其资本成本的一半。The disparity between state and private companies is evident even in the steel industry, identified by Sasac as one industry in which Beijing was to maintain relatively strong control. This seemed an easy task in the mid-2000s, when state companies produced half of all steel output and their efficiency matched that of private companies. But when the annual growth in output fell to an average of just 9 per cent after 2006, compared with its average pace of more than 20 per cent earlier in the decade, state companies’ returns fell sharply. By 2012 they were in the red, and their share of production had fallen below a third. In contrast, the return on assets of private steel companies rose after 2006, reaching a peak of over 10 per cent in 2011 before declining slightly. With private steel companies investing more than twice as much as their state counterparts, their rising output share will continue.即便在被国资委确认为北京要保持相对强有力控制的钢铁行业,也体现出国企和私企之间的差距。在2005年,这似乎是一个轻松的任务:当时全国一半的钢铁由国企生产,它们的效率与私企相当。但是在2006年以后的几年里,年均产出增长率降至9%(该十年的头几年平均增长率超过20%),国企回报率大幅下降。到2012年,它们出现了亏损,产量份额下降至三分之一以下。相比之下,私营钢铁企业的资产回报率在2006年之后出现上升,在2011年达到逾10%的峰值后略有下降。由于私营钢企的投资是国企的两倍,它们的产量份额仍会继续上升。The exception to the rise of private business is in finance, telecoms and other high-tech business services, as well as in upstream oil and gas. In manufacturing, private companies now account for seven times more investment than state ones. But in services the share of state companies’ investment exceeds that of private companies and has declined only very slightly in recent years. Yet the productivity differential favours private service providers by a margin of two to one over state enterprises, suggesting a substantial misallocation of capital.私营企业兴起的例外是在金融、电信、其他高科技商业务行业,以及油气行业的上游领域。在制造业,私企现在的投资份额是国企的7倍。但在务业,国企投资份额超过私企,近几年只是略有下降。然而,私营务提供商的生产率比国企高出一倍,这表明资本配置严重不当。The footprint of state companies is shrinking but, because they earn far less than their cost of capital, they remain a drag on growth. If China enacts economic reforms announced last year – particularly eliminating all but natural monopolies such as power distribution – and making the market the decisive factor in the allocation of resources, private businesses will displace state enterprises in services. That would allow China to sustain a relatively high rate of growth and thus to continue its role as a leading driver of global growth. Those who make policies and predictions based on a fundamental misunderstanding of China’s ascent are likely to miss out.中国国企的地盘正在缩小,但因为它们的利润远低于资本成本,它们依然拖累了增长。如果中国实施去年宣布的经济改革(尤其是打破除电网等自然垄断业务以外的一切垄断),让市场成为资源配置的决定性因素,私企将取代国企在务业的角色。这将让中国保持相对高速的经济增长,从而继续其作为全球增长主要驱动因素的角色。那些对中国崛起有着根本性误解并据此制定政策和作出预测的人很可能错失机遇。The writer is a fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and#8201;author of ‘Markets over Mao: The Rise of Private Business in China’注:本文作者是彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute)研究员,著有《市场高于毛泽东:中国私营企业的崛起》(Markets over Mao, the Rise of Private Business in China)一书。 /201409/328354 乌鲁木齐紧肤去皱价格新疆绣眉哪家好



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