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新疆哪里可以激光点痣新疆医科大学附属肿瘤医院绣眉手术多少钱There you go.Right there is the river, down in the valley.好了 那有条河 一直流到山谷里And thats what I want to get to, down there.我要下到那去This is looking pretty sheer down this bit.这段路看上去非常陡峭But I reckon well use the rope and get down to that ledge halfway.不过我觉得可以用绳子 下到半截的悬崖那里This cliff is too high for my rope to reach all the way.这个峭壁太高了我的绳子不够长But I can use a climbing technique called multi-rappelling.不过我可以用一点攀岩技巧 就是多重绳索下降法I need to make sure my rope is retrievable and that Ive got good anchor points on the way down.我得保我可以把绳子收回来 并且在下去的路上找到好的固定点Really, I want to th this up high.我要把绳子穿过这个树杈Its gonna just make it easier to retrieve.这样更容易回收Gonna be a direct line of sight to it rather than going over a lip.下降时 别让绳子离开你的视线 不要让绳子卡在悬崖上The Caucasus mountains were formed when the Arabian and European tectonic plates collided millions of years ago.高加索山脉是几亿年前 印度洋板块和亚欧板块 碰撞后形成的Nice and steady there.The region is subjected to powerful earthquakes下边地势平坦 这一地区饱受强震之苦and this means the rock faces can be highly unstable.也就是说 该地区表层岩石很不稳定The whole mountain is literally just crumbling apart.整座山轰然劈开Theres a birds nest.Theres an egg in it as well.鸟巢恰巧在那 巢中恰有一颗蛋If you want to survive out here,you must think like a scavenger and never pass up any potential food source.倘若想在这样恶劣的环境中求生 就得把自己变成拾荒者 只要是能吃的 来者不拒Just smell! That egg is rotted!Thats a vulture egg.闻闻吧 鸡蛋腐臭了 这是一枚秃鹰的蛋This is just truly...putrid.Have a look at the color inside here.这绝对是...腐烂了 看看里边的颜色201704/504758哈密市做双眼皮多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466619Im gonna give you a great recipe. Were gonna make the most amazing hollandaise sauce,我们今天要做荷兰酱,绝对美味至极。but its gonna be easy and Im gonna show you how you can keep it without splitting it.制作方法很简单,我会教你如何保蛋黄不分离。Okay, it starts with two very good eggs and were gonna remove just the yolks okay.好的,第一步磕两个鸡蛋,只要蛋黄部分。Now the egg whites you can use for a lovely meringue.蛋清可以制作美味的低糖马林。So the egg yolks go to a heat-proof glass bowl, then here Ive got a pan about an inch of water,之后我们将蛋黄放入一个隔热的玻璃碗中,旁边放一个平底锅,加入一英寸水。and I put the bowl on top and I do not want the water to touch the eggs,之后将碗放入平底锅上,不要让水触碰到鸡蛋,because it will overheat and youll get scrambled eggs and we dont want that.否则会变成炒鸡蛋。Add a little swig of lemon juice or white wine vinegar, just a little tablespoon.之后放一点柠檬水和白醋,一勺量即可。And whisk that up to make it fluffy and pale. It just takes a couple of minutes.搅拌它让它变蓬松变白,几分钟即可。Then I wanna use some butter. I want to put a pack of butter in here guys,之后拿些黄油,放一些在这里,because Im gonna make enough hollandaise for about six people.因为这个荷兰酱要供六个人食用。Im gonna put it on a heat and were just gonna melt it okay. So as you whisk the egg yolks,将黄油放在炉灶上融化,在搅拌蛋黄的同时,is gonna start to double inside, youre sort of par-cooking the eggs蛋黄开始变双层了,现在只做蛋黄备用,and now the eggs are kind of y to hold and emulsify fat.鸡蛋开始凝固了,开始乳化脂肪。In this case,were using the melted butter,slowly adding the butter.那么好了,之后使用已经融化的奶酪,慢慢倒入蛋黄中。If you dont whisk constantly, youll have too much fat and it will split.一定要不停搅拌,否则脂肪太多就会分离。You can see its thickening up nicely. As youre doing it,have a little taste. Yum.开始凝固了,我来尝一口,美味。Im gonna add a little bit of salt,a little pepper,just get a good old-fashioned thermos flask之后加入盐,一点胡椒,然后用一个老式热水瓶,Right, and preheat it and then pour that away and this is the best place to put a fantastic hollandaise sauce.先用热水加热,再倒掉水,拿热水瓶放美味的荷兰酱再适合不过了。Get your sauce and just pour in. Its gonna stay warm for two hours and its the best tip that you could get.之后将酱放在里面,热水瓶能保温2小时,这个主意真是太棒了。Oh, look Ive just gone over the rim and in kitchens,哦,弄到外面来了,we use thermos flasks to keep these fantastic sauces like bearnaise, hollandaise that are held together by egg and heat and fat.一般我们会用热水瓶装一些蛋黄酱或是荷兰酱,装一些有鸡蛋脂肪的东西。The thing about these sources is its so delicate, so silky.这种酱口感细腻,丝滑柔顺。Its so good with things like asparagus,new potatoes, you know steamed fish even grilled chicken.再配上芦笋,新鲜的土豆,蒸鱼甚至烤鸡肉。Amazing!So there you go guys, classic hollandaise sauce made with love and care.简直太棒了!这是道用心制作的经典荷兰酱。Theres so many things you can do with even the eggs benedict.就算是班尼迪克蛋你都能给它做出花样。And if you want to see a recipe for that, just click the link up there but there go,如果你想了解制作方法,请点击上面的链接,thermos flask, brilliant tip. Happys days.还有就是暖水瓶,这主意绝了! 生活愉快! 201707/516690五家渠市隆下巴多少钱

昆玉市激光祛痘印多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457824乌鲁木齐市瑞兰美白针多少钱 This region has a large population of grizzlies这个地区灰熊数目很多who are considered by some experts to be the most aggressive species of bear.有些专家认为 灰熊是最具攻击性的熊类之一Well, at least we get some protection from bears up here.至少在这儿上面 我可以远离熊 保护自己Doesnt feel very stable, though.就是感觉不太牢固Its dry up here in the attic but its far from cozy阁楼上很干燥 但却一点也不暖和And this willow is great for sleeping on.Its really good and springy.睡在柳木上感觉非常好 非常有弹性Its like natures mattress.像是天然的床垫Reaching up on their hind legs,a grizzly could get me from here.如果灰熊直立起来 还是可以从下面就抓到我What I need is an early warning system.我需要一个防熊预警系统Im gonna use paracord to make a trip wire我准备用降落伞线作个绊索which will run right across the doors and windows.You know that will do.设置在所有门和窗户前面 这种装置很有效Ive tied an old pitchfork to the wire and put a section of stovepipe on the ground.把旧的干草耙系在线索上 然后将一段烟囱放在地上This is just gonna act as like like a trip wire,这样摆放后 就形成一个绊索了so if anything comes in through the windows or the doors, and trigger this当有东西从窗户或门进来时 碰到机关And knock all of that tin,and then well know all about it.就会打翻这个烟囱 我们就知道有东西进来了See, the weathers definitely worsening outside, anyway,which means its even more likely看 外面的天气明显越来越糟了 就是说 动物们更有可能that animals are gonna be seeking a bit of refuge in here.到这儿来躲避风雨201608/460319吐鲁番光子嫩肤价格

新疆中医学院附属医院口腔科TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/470045 To push back the Viking onslaught,to repair some of the terrible damage theyd done,想要抵御住维京海盗的猛攻 在他们留下的废墟之中重建家园would need more than just a competent tribal warrior chief.仅有一个骁勇善战的部落首领是远不够的It would need someone with a vision,a vision not just of victory, but of government;他还须具有深谋远略 不仅着眼于胜利 更要善于管理someone who could harness Anglo-Saxon energy and determination to Roman military discipline.一个能将盎格鲁-撒克逊部落力量与决心 转变成罗马式军纪的领袖It was going to need, in fact, a local Charlemagne,with the intelligence and imagination of a truly Roman ruler.实际就是需要一位查理曼大帝式的首领 一位极具天赋与想象力的真正罗马统治者He, of course, was Alfred.Our cherished image of Alfred is of the hero on the run,up against steep odds, muddling through,这便是阿尔弗雷德大王 我们对阿尔弗雷德大王的印象 或许是落难英雄 或是绝处逢生 吉人天相taking it on the chin when scolded for burning the cakes.甚至是因烤糊蛋糕而受责骂的临时工But the story which really tells you all you need to know about Alfred而真正应该讲述的 你不可不知的阿尔弗雷德isnt set in the swamps of Somerset but on the Palatine Hill of Rome并非萨默塞特泥沼中的他 而是在罗马帕拉蒂尼山巅的他and is more startling and illuminating and it happens to be true.这个他更加光辉耀眼 也更为真实As a small boy,Alfreds father, King Aethelwulf, sent him on a special mission to Rome to see Pope Leo IV,阿尔弗雷德小时候 他的父亲埃特尔伍尔夫国王 交付他一项特殊任务 去罗马拜见教皇圣良四世probably to ask the Popes help in the struggle against the Vikings.大概是在与维京海盗的鏖战中 请求教皇的援In a ceremony, the Pope dressed the little fellow in the imperial purple of a Roman consul一次典礼上 教皇让这小伙子穿上了 罗马执政官所穿的紫袍and wound a sword belt around his waist,turning little Alfred into a true Roman Christian warrior.并扎上佩剑腰带 让小阿尔弗雷德成为了一名真正的基督教罗马战士 /201607/454733石河子冷冻点痣多少钱新疆整形医学美容医院口腔美容中心



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