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抚顺市新宾县人民医院地址抚顺矿务局西露天矿职工医院不孕不育医院抚顺顺城区人民医院内科怎么样 The Queen has landed a starring role in the latest issue of Vanity Fair - by appearing as its cover girl for the second time.女王纵身一跃成为了最新一期《名利场》的明星——第二次成为。Her Majesty appears on the front of the magazine#39;s summer edition which hits UK newsstands on Friday, in a colourful image shot by acclaimed fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz.女王陛下出现在将于本周五在英国上架的此杂志夏季版本封面,而这色斑斓的照片,出自著名时尚摄影师安妮·莱柏维兹之手。In the relaxed portrait, the monarch sits by a camellia bush in the grounds of Windsor Castle surrounded by her four beloved dogs Willow, Vulcan, Candy and Holly.在这一放松的肖像中,女王坐在温莎城堡的山茶花丛中,被四只心爱的Willow, Vulcan, Candy 还有Holly簇拥着。It is just one of a series of photographs that was shot by contributing photographer Leibovitz to mark the Queen#39;s 90th birthday in April.这只是特约摄影师莱柏维兹在四月份为了纪念女王90岁生日所拍一系列照片中的一张。The photographer told Vanity Fair: #39;The most moving, important thing about this shoot is that these were all her ideas.#39;摄影师告诉《名利场》说:“最重要而且最感动的事情就是这些照片所有的创意都来自于女王陛下。”The late Princess Diana appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1997 - just two months before her death.戴安娜王妃也曾经出现在《名利场》封面的时间是1997年,就在她去世前的两个月。 /201606/448575A sharp increase in cases of consular protection and assistance last year shows a strong need for Chinese people and businesses abroad to enhance their awareness of self-protection, according to experts.专家日前表示,去年领事保护与协助案件数量的激增显示出,海外中国公民和企业急需加强自我保护意识。Such cases taken up last year by Chinese embassies and consulates as well as the Foreign Ministry#39;s Center for Consular Assistance and Protection reached nearly 87,000.外交部在一份报告中表示,去年我国驻外使领馆和外交部领保中心受理的领保和协助案件数量达到近8.7万件。They involved about 96,000 Chinese citizens and 1,928 deaths, the ministry said in a report, adding that the security situation for Chinese abroad is still ;complicated and severe;.外交部在报告中指出,这些案件涉及中国公民约9.6万人,共造成1928人死亡。该部补充说道,海外华人的安全形势仍然是“复杂和严峻的”。The figures show a significant increase from 2014, when about 60,000 cases were reported, involving some 73,000 Chinese.根据数字显示,在2014的情况下,大约有60000的病例报告,涉及约73000名中国人。Asia contributed to more than half of the cases last year, with nearly 37% of all the cases reported from Thailand, the Republic of Korea, Japan and Singapore.2015年发生在亚洲地区的领保和协助案件占全年案件总数的一半以上,其中泰国、韩国、日本和新加坡四国的案件数量占全年案件总数的近37%。The largest proportion of cases involved those in which people were barred from entry or exit, followed by cases concerning security, and business and labor disputes.领保和协助案件的最主要类型依次是出入境受阻、社会治安、经济和劳务纠纷。Chinese mainland residents last year made a record 128 million visits abroad, the Foreign Ministry said.外交部表示,中国大陆居民在去年创下了1亿2800万人次出国的记录。Ren Yuanzhe, associate professor in the Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management at China Foreign Affairs University, said the increase in consular protection and assistance cases is a natural reflection of the rapid growth in Chinese going abroad and their stronger need for improved and diversified consular services.外交学院外交与外事管理系副教授任远喆表示,领事保护与协助案件数量的激增,是我国出国留学人员人数快速增长的自然反映,他们对改善的、多样化得领事务的需求也越来越强烈。;It shows that Chinese citizens are more aware of protecting their rights abroad and are more aware of turning to consular services for help,; Ren said.任远喆说道:“这表明,中国公民更能意识到要保护他们的权利,并更加清楚地知道要求助于领事务。” /201605/444070新宾满族县宫颈糜烂哪家医院好的

抚顺市石油三厂职工医院看男科好吗抚顺市妇幼保健院治疗阳痿哪家医院最好 清原县第二医院医院

抚顺石油一厂职工医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱Struggling to Get to the Gym? This Kind of Therapy Could Help挣扎着要不要去健身房?这种疗法可能有效Maybe you#39;ve tried everything, including bribing yourself (If you go to the gym, you can come home and watch The Bachelorette!) and guilting yourself (You spent so much on that membership-you have to go). But you just can#39;t seem to get into a regular fitness routine.也许你已经试过一切招数,包括贿赂自己(如果去健身房的话,回家来就可以看《钻石单身汉》!)或者让你自己内疚(买健身房的会员卡花了好多钱--必须得去)。但似乎你就是无法进入到常规的健身程序中去。One of the newest buzzwords in self-improvement is ACT, a type of therapy designed to help you develop your ;emotional agility.; And that is key to achieving your goals, says Steven Hayes, PhD, a psychology professor at the University of Nevada, Reno: ;Emotional agility affects how well you do in business, if you succeed in sports, and whether you stick to your diet and exercise regimen,; he says.有关自我提升的最新流行词中,其中之一就是ACT,这是一种旨在帮助你发展 ;情感灵活性;的一种治疗。这是你实现目标的关键,士史蒂芬·海耶斯说道,他是位于里诺市内华达大学的心理教授,;如果你在体育方面成功的话,不管你有没有坚持你的饮食和锻炼计划,情感灵活性会影响你做事好坏。;他说道。ACT (short for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) involves a combination of mindfulness techniques and behavior change strategies that help you focus on what#39;s important to you, and alter your behavior to support those values.ACT(接受与承诺治疗的缩写)是心智技巧和行为改变策略的结合,能帮助你专注于重要的事情,改变你的行为以持这些价值。Preliminary research suggests it might be worth a try if you#39;re struggling to fit in more workouts. A small study published last year in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that people who were asked to follow a walking program and were also counseled in ACT were nearly five times more likely to meet the activity goals than those who didn#39;t receive counseling.初步研究表明如果你正在挣扎着要找时间做更多锻炼时,这种方法值得一试。去年《英国健康心理学杂志》上发表的一项小规模研究表明:相比没有接受咨询的人,那些被要求进行步行运动同时也进行ACT咨询的人实现活动目标的几率约是他们的5倍。You might identify beliefs and thoughts like, ;I don#39;t have energy for this,; or ;I#39;m not confident with my body.; Then, you#39;d combat those thoughts with a hearty dose of self-compassion and self-kindness.也许你的信念和想法是这样的,;我没有精力做这些事;或者;我对我的身体不自信;。那么,你内心必须充满自我同情和自我友善,来与这些想法作斗争。Final step: find your motivation. Goals are great-like running a marathon, or fitting into those jeans you#39;ve been hanging on to since college. But ACT pushes you to go deeper, and identify higher-level motivations, like wanting to be a positive role model for your kids, or wanting to dance the night away with your boyfriend.最后一步:找到自己的动机。目标是远大的--比如:跑马拉松或者穿上自从大学时代起就挂起来的牛仔裤。但是ACT能帮助你更加努力,帮助你识别更高程度的动机,比如:为自己孩子树立积极的楷模形象或者与男朋友劲舞到天明。译文属 /201606/449986 5.Eating Too Much Fruit Makes You Fat5.别吃太多水果,不然你还是会胖We all grew up hearing that fruit is good for you, so it#39;s perplexing to find that apples, strawberries and the like are now at the center of a diet-fad controversy. On the one hand, people point out that fruits are full of important nutrients such as antioxidants and fiber, which are not only important to digestive health but also help you to feel fuller and less inclined to pig out on snack food.从小到大,我们都听说水果对人有益,所以当得知苹果,草莓等水果成为饮食风尚讨论的焦点时,令我们大是费解。一方面,人们指出水果中富含抗氧化剂和纤维素等各种重要的营养成分,这不仅对我们消化系统的运作极为有利,还有助于产生饱腹感,使我们减少食用垃圾食品的欲望。But fruit also seems to have a growing list of detractors, who are publishing articles and posting comments all over the Internet claiming that fructose, or fruit sugar, is just as bad for you as the processed kind, and will cause you to pack on the pounds. Both sides are wrong, according to a 2014 study by University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers. After analyzing data on seven scientific trials involving 1,200 subjects, they concluded that increasing consumption of fruit has a ;near-zero effect; on weight loss. But here#39;s the good news: It doesn#39;t increase your weight either – unless you misunderstand the U.S.Department of Agriculture recommendation to eat more fruit. If you add it on top of your normal diet (rather than substituting a fruit for a cookie) you just might gain more weight.但是越来越多的人对水果产生不满,他们在网上发布文章或,称果糖或水果糖这样加工过的食物同样对人体不利,会导致体重反弹。根据2014年伯明翰·阿拉巴马大学研究者的研究,这两种观点都不对。在分析了7个包含近1200个项目的科学实验数据之后,他们得出的结论是:水果的过量摄入会对减肥产生“近零效应”。还有个好消息——它也不会增加你的体重。除非你疯狂的吃水果,误解了美国农业部门的好心。如果你在日常的饮食上还吃进去了大量的水果(尽管不是用饼干代替水果),只能不幸的告诉你,你还是会变胖。4.Eating Full-fat Makes You Fat4.再继续吃全脂食品,你可就会越来越胖了If you#39;re a fan of indie cinema, you probably remember that scene from the 2004 coming-of-age hit ;Napoleon Dynamite,; in which the awkward protagonist tries to make conversation with a girl he likes: ;I see you#39;re drinking 1 percent. Is that #39;cause you think you#39;re fat? #39;Cause you#39;re not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to;.如果你是独立电影爱好者,恐怕你不会忘了2004年出品的那部电影——《大人物拿破仑》吧,其中有一幕是:笨拙的男主角试图搭讪他喜欢的女孩,他说到,“我看见你只喝一点点汽水,是因为你觉得自己很胖吗?如果你想喝的话,就喝掉整瓶汽水吧,因为你根本就不胖。”That movie scene is funny, in part, because it reminds us of the popular belief that when you eat or drink foods rich in fats, your waistline and butt will expand as a consequence. But as an article on the Harvard School of Public Health#39;s website explains, studies show that the proportion of fat in a person#39;s diet doesn#39;t really have much effect upon weight. In fact, over the past 30 years, while the percentage of calories from fat in the typical American diet has gone down, obesity rates have skyrocketed. Again, it mostly comes down to calories. Many low-fat diets are full of carbohydrates (like white rice and b) which can cause weight gain. That said, the type of fat does matter #8722; try to consume more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and less saturated fats. Saturated fats are found in products like butter, cheese and red meat.电影的这一幕真是有趣,它让我们想起那条深入人心的建议——吃进肚里脂肪满满的食物,或是喝下肚高比重脂肪的饮品,不堪入目的后果便是,你的腰围跟臀围会变得臃肿不已。但是,一篇发布在哈佛大学公共卫生学院网站上的文章写到,研究指出,人们日常饮食的脂肪比例对体重并没有太大的影响。事实上,在过去的30年里,美国传统饮食中脂肪的热量比例已经有所下降,可肥胖率还是高升不降。在此再重申一次,导致肥胖的根本原因是热量。很多低脂肪饮食富含碳水化物(如白米和面包),会使人体增重。也就是说,不是所有的脂肪都会使我们变胖,选择摄入脂肪的种类很重要。因此,要尽量摄取单一不饱和脂肪、多元不饱和脂肪,同时要少量摄入饱和脂肪。黄油、芝士、和红肉等都是富含饱和脂肪的食品。3.Kids Are Chunkier Now Due to Fewer P.E. Classes3.越来越少的体育课导致现在的小孩子都变得“虎背熊腰”According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of children between the ages of 6 and 11 who are dangerously overweight has more than doubled between 1980 and 2012, and the obesity rate has quadrupled among adolescents. Those extra pounds, the CDC says, are putting kids at risk for an array of adult health problems, ranging from heart disease and diabetes to cancer.根据疾病控制和预防中心的报告, 6岁至12岁年龄段间的超重儿童在1980年到2012年期间翻了一番,青少年的肥胖率也翻了两番。疾病防治中心说,儿童肥胖,是成年疾病的温床,会埋下心脏病、糖尿病和癌症的祸根。That alarming trend has led a lot of adults to complain that kids these days would be slim and fit if they just had physical education (P.E.) in school. The problem, they think, is that many schools have been de-emphasizing it because of budget cuts and the need to spend more time on academics. But studies have found that increasing the number of days in which kids have gym doesn#39;t seem to have any consistent effect upon body-mass index or the prevalence of obesity. It#39;s difficult in a school class to achieve the amount of activity and calorie expenditure needed to make a difference.面对着这令人震惊的趋势,很多家长抱怨说,如果孩子们在学校多参与体育锻炼,身材将会苗条健康许多。他们认为缺少体育锻炼的原因是:很多学校为了消减预算,希望学生们集中精力学习,因而忽视了学生们的体育锻炼。 如今越来越多的孩子参与体育锻炼,但研究发现,这对体重或肥胖症并没有什么明显的作用。要让校方做出一定改变的举措,确保孩子们在学校有适度的运动量以消耗脂肪,是一件很困难的事。2.Realistic Weight Loss Goals Are Better2.实际些的减肥目标可能会效果更好We#39;ve heard diet doctors and fitness gurus preach this to us over and over. And it makes sense on the surface. Isn#39;t it better to be realistic, and set goals that we can be reasonably sure of accomplishing, such as being able to fit into those mom jeans that we bought recently, rather than vowing to lose 50 pounds (23 kilograms) in a few months?关于“合理制定减肥计划”这一说法,我们从饮食医师和塑形专家们那里听过太多遍了,听上去貌似确实很有道理。制定一个实际些的目标难道不是更好吗?制定一个我们能确保完成的目标,比如说穿上近期买的牛仔裤能够刚好合身,会比立誓在短短几个月减去五十磅(即二十三公斤)好很多吧。The problem, though, is that according a summary of research findings in the New England Journal of Medicine, ambitious goals for weight loss actually are more likely to result in a greater number of lost pounds. And while intervening and convincing people to have supposedly more realistic goals does result in more moderate weight-loss expectations, it doesn#39;t necessarily improve the chances of accomplishing them. In two studies where the weight loss goals were changed to make them more realistic, no greater weight loss outcome was recorded. So go ahead, imagine that Jillian Michaels is screaming in your ear to do more burpees and aim for dropping major pounds.话虽如此,但据《新英格兰医学杂志》研究发现,事实上,有更高的减肥目标的人更有可能减掉更多体重。虽然那些有说力的人会干涉你,希望你制定一个更现实的目标,尽管这确实会形成更温和适度的减肥期望,可并不见得你能更成功的减肥。有两项研究都表明,把减肥目标改得更现实之后,所记录的减肥结果并没有多么令人欣喜若狂。放手去吧!想象吉利安·迈克尔斯在你耳边尖叫着,再多做几次举重!我们的目标是甩掉赘肉!1.Birth Control Pills Make You Fatter1.口避药会使人变胖This is one that many women undoubtedly fear. ;The pill,; after all, does cause users to retain more fluid, which can make them feel that their breasts, thighs and hips are expanding. But as the scientific journal Nature reported in 2006, researchers who surveyed data from 44 studies on the subject concluded that there#39;s no evidence that using contraceptives causes an increase in weight.无庸置疑,很多女性对这一点都甚是担忧。毕竟用避药会导致体液潴留,在用者体内存留多余水分,会使女性感觉她们的胸部、大腿和臀部都在发胀变肥。但据科学杂志《自然》在2006年发表报告称,科研人员通过在此项目上44份研究报告显示的调研数据得出结论:没有据明用避药会导致体重增加。The studies also found that contraceptives had little effect on boosting appetite #8722; a common explanation for the extra pounds. When the pill was introduced in the 1960s, it had very high levels of estrogen, which does increase appetite and fluid retention. The current version of the oral contraceptive has much lower levels. That doesn#39;t mean that women don#39;t sometimes gain weight after starting on the pill. But as David Grimes, one of the researchers, explained to Nature, the reason is most people of both sexes gain weight as they age #8722; about 1 pound (2 kilograms) per year. But that#39;s not a reality that any of us like to face, so we tend to look for other explanations.但该研究也发现,用避药的确会对增加食欲起到少许作用——这是对体重增加最普遍的一个解释。当避药于二十世纪六十年代被引进时,它就含有高浓度的雌性激素,这会造成用者食欲增加和体液潴留。可这并不意味着女性用完避药后体重不会增加。从事该项研究的科研人员之一,戴维格里姆斯向《自然》杂志解释到:大多数男女体重会随着年龄的增加而增加——每年约一磅(即两公斤),但不是所有人都能接受这一事实,所以我们都希望找到其他能解释体重增加的理由。审校:省略珺 编辑:烟囱 来源:前十网 /201603/434495抚顺市中医院正规吗怎么样东洲区人民医院外科



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