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2020年01月24日 00:10:03 | 作者:家庭医生乐园 | 来源:新华社
China not only has the worlds largest population, but also the best appetite for instant noodles. The country remained the worlds top instant noodles consumer last year, according to Osaka-based World Ramen Association in Japan.中国不仅拥有世界上最多的人口,而且是方便面第一消费大国。总部位于大阪的世界拉面协会称,中国去年依然是最大的方便面消费国。44-billion packets of instant noodles were eaten by people in China in 2012. Indonesia and Japan followed with over 14 billion packets and 5.4 billion. Another way of looking at the numbers in the number one consumer China—thats close to 1,400 packets put away every single second. Among people living fast-paced city-life, the speedy meal has cemented its popularity. And being cheap, easy to carry and cook, its convenience also makes it a top choice to bring on long-distance travel, especially during the spring festival.2012年,中国 “吃掉”440亿块,印尼140亿块,日本54亿块。在方便面第一消费国—中国,每秒钟有将近1400 人在吃方便面。 随着城市生活节奏的加快,快餐站稳了脚跟。方便面廉价、便于携带和食用,成为长途旅行,特别春节假期旅游时的首选食品。It is also the choice hand out to relieve hunger under post-disaster conditions. As the pictures show, it was a staple for victims and rescuers after the Lushan quake during the past week.地震后,灾民也是靠分发的方便面来缓解饥饿。就如图片上看到的,芦山地震后的一周里,方便面成为地震受害者和救援人员的主要食物。201305/237928And theyre y with the bell just about to ring.比赛就要开始了 选手们做好了准备And there we are. And they got to the ring...他们出场了 现在他们向拳击台走去And Joe Louis is in the center of the ring,Max going around.乔·路易斯占据了拳台中心 马克斯在四周游走Joe Louis with two straight lefts to the chin.to the jaw.乔·路易斯两记左路直拳打中对方下巴 直击下颚And, again, a right to the body.A left hook,and Louis hooks a left to Maxs head quickly.好 一记右拳打中身左勾拳 路易斯向马克斯的头部使出了快速左勾拳And shoots over a high right to Maxs head.接着又一记右高拳打在马克斯头上Louis, a left to Maxs jaw, a right to his head.Max shoots a hard right.路易斯左拳击中马克斯下颚 右路直击头部 马克斯从右路使出一记重拳Schmeling is stunned by the ferocity of Louis attack.施梅林对路易斯的汹汹来势感到错愕Hes landed more blows in this one round than he landed in his five rounds with the other fights.他这一回合打出的有效拳,比他在上次对战时五个回合加在一起的还要多... Schmelings going down.And Schmeling is down!The count is four.施梅林快招架不住了,施梅林倒下了,现在数到了四And Louis, right and left to the head,left to the jaw, a right to the head.路易斯左右两拳直击对方头部 左拳击中下颚 右拳击中头部And the German is watching carefully.And Schmeling is down.Schmeling is down.德国人此刻非常谨慎,施梅林倒下了,施梅林倒下了The count at five...现在是五Five, six, seven, eight.The fight is over...五 六 七 八 比赛结束The second-shortest heavyweight title fight in history is over in only 124 seconds.重量级拳击史上耗时第二短的比赛 仅用124秒就宣告结束Max Schmeling is beaten in one round!马克斯·施梅林在第一回合即被击败The first time in a world heavyweight championship...这是世界重量级拳王争霸赛的头一遭Im sure enough champion now.我终于得了冠军 /201302/224487

A cooling or tingling sensation is a sign that your skin-care product is really working.清凉的感觉说明产品起效?Fact: This common myth couldn't be further from the truth. That familiar tingling sensation is actually just your skin’s response to irritation, resulting in inflammation and other problems. Products that produce that sensation can actually damage your skin's healing process, making scarring worse, causing collagen and elastin to break down, and increasing the growth of bacteria that cause pimples. Ingredients such as menthol, peppermint, camphor, and mint are counter-irritants. Counter-irritants are used to induce local inflammation in an effort to reduce inflammation in deeper or adjacent tissues. In other words, they substitute one kind of inflammation for another, which is never good for skin. Irritation or inflammation, no matter what causes it or how it happens, impairs the skin's immune and healing response. And although your skin may not show it or doesn't react in an irritated fashion, if you apply irritants to your skin the damage is still taking place and is ongoing, so it adds up over time. Gentle is a key aspect of any skin care routine for any skin type. Inflammation and irritation is universally bad for skin.201105/136262

This VideoJug film is designed to teach you how you can gain a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise. Obtain a healthy body and mind by listening closely to a personal trainers advice.VideoJug这段视频教给你怎样通过恰当的饮食和锻炼来获得健康体重的目的。请认真倾听这位个人教练的建议,帮助你获得健康的身体和思想。If youre looking to gain a healthy weight, the first thing that you need to do is assess where you are. I would recommend going to the doctor or health professional to gauge where you are in terms of your weight. Are you overweight? Are you okay?Are you underweight? If youre underweight, you really shouldnt worry about training.如果你想获得健康的体重,第一步就是评估目前的状况。我建议到医生或者健康专家那里测量一下自己的体重。你有没有超重?身体如何?你的体重是不是过轻?如果体重过轻,那么你不必忧虑体育锻炼。The main thing is to eat well and have some good habits and go to a nutritionist to get some help. If youre overweight or a little bit fat and you want to gain more weight, its probably muscle that youre looking for than the natural fat. So Id recommend some training that means go to the gym, ideally do some weight lifting.主要就是保合理的饮食,养成良好的习惯,到营养师那里寻求帮助。如果你超重,或者有一点脂肪,你想要增肥,你实际上需要的可能是肌肉,而不是脂肪。这样的话,我建议进行一些体育锻炼,去健身馆最好,最理想的就是进行一些负重锻炼。Do some barbells, dumbbells, and push yourself. You can do this three to four time a week. Like 40-45 minutes.可以举杠铃,哑铃,或者俯卧撑。每周三至四次,每次40-45分钟。Youll see a difference and youll gain healthy muscle weight naturally. So to recap, if youre underweight, look at your nutrition and get some help. If youre overweight, theres the gym and do some resistance training.不久之后你会看到身体发生变化,你会自然地获得健康的肌肉。复述一下,如果你体重过轻,关注一下自己的营养状况,寻求营养师的帮助。如果体重过重,去健身馆,做一些耐力锻炼。If youre varying weight though, again, talk to a doctor or nutritionist first before you actually go into training.再次强调一下,如果你的体重偏离正常状况,进行锻炼之前先向医生或营养师咨询。Thanks for watching How To Gain Healthy Weight感谢收看“怎样获得健康的体重”视频节目。201210/203719

You are a nerd, but it doesnt mean you have to stay that way forever. We want you to be cool, you want to be cool...heres how to be cool.你是个呆子,但是这并不意味着你永远都是这样。我们希望你能酷一点,你也希望能够酷一点。以下是我们的一点建议。Step 1: Get Some Skills1.掌握一些技巧Take something you like and get really good at it. Video games dont count. They isolate you. Write. Surf. Snowboard.Anything. Being good at something makes you interesting - it gives you something to talk about and builds your confidence.培养一些兴趣爱好,并且要擅长。视频游戏不算数,因为这会让你和外界隔离。书法,冲浪,滑雪,任何事情都可以。某个方面的特长会让很有趣,也让你有和别人谈论的话题,并增强自信心。Following the fads is a dead end. Choose your own adventure and stick with it.追逐风尚是行不通的,选择自己的爱好,并且坚持下去。Step 2: Dont Advertise2.不要做广告Everybody has a MySpace page, but you dont need to load it up with revealing photos of yourself. Dont overpost. Over-advertising yourself - or your iPhone or your sports car - is not cool.每个人都有自己的个人主页,但是你不需要上传炫耀自己的照片。不要过度宣传。大肆宣扬你自己,或者你的手机,或者你的跑车,都不能扮酷。Step 3: Get A Gimmick3.耍一点花招Quote Shakespeare. Do a card trick, or appreciate art. This will become your guaranteed ice breaker in any awkward social situation.引用莎士比亚的话。玩牌,或者欣赏艺术。在任何难堪的社交场合,这些都可以成功地帮你打破局面。Step 4: Dont Be The Last To Leave4.不要最后一个离开You have better things to do than just hang around your friends house.你还有更好的事情去做,而不是一直逗留在你朋友的房间。Step 5: Dont Do Everything Youre Told5.不要跟随别人的指令Really. Even by us.是的,即使是我们说的。Thanks for watching How To Be Cool.感谢收看“怎样扮酷”视频节目。201211/209260

One of the most important tropical habitats对幼鱼而言最重要的热带栖息地之一for young fish is mangrove swamps.红树林沼地In the last 40 years,在过去四十年间eighty percent of Chinas mangroves have been destroyed.中国百分之八十的红树林被破坏殆尽But at the Dongzhaigang Mangrove Reserve in Hainan,然而地处海南的a remarkable conservation initiative东寨港红树林自然保护区is bringing young Chinese volunteers together正将年轻的中国志愿者聚集到一起to plant mangrove saplings in the glutinous mud.在粘稠的泥浆中种植红树苗For many of these city-born students,对这些城市孩子而言such unglamorous work demonstrates their commitment如此枯燥的工作明了他们to their countrys environment.对祖国环境事业所肩负的责任Like other heavily populated countries,正如其他人口众多的国家一样China today is faced with a challenge.中国面对着一个重大挑战How best to protect nature in an increasingly crowded space?如何在不断缩减拥挤的环境下保护自然 /201210/203340

This talks about how to treat or heal cracked heels.这段视频讲述的是怎样治疗干裂的脚后跟。Hello Im Charles Goldman, a qualified Chiropodist/Podiatrist. I run “The Foot Pad” chiropody and physical therapy clinic in Coven, Central London. Today Im going to talk to you about various foot problems and their treatment.大家好,我是Charles Goldman,是一名获得职业资格的脚病医生。我在伦敦中部的卡文经营了一家脚病治疗诊所。今天我向大家讲述一下各种各样的脚部问题和治疗方法。Hi! In this were going to talk about the treatment of cracked heels. Some people suffer quite badly from cracked heels and if left unattended, they can split bleed and cause secondary infections on the foot. The best treatment for this is to moisturize, obviously this counteracts the drying effect.大家好,在这段视频中,我们一起来讨论一下脚后跟干裂的治疗方法。一些人遭受着脚后跟干裂的痛苦,如果不注意保养的话,裂痕会扩大甚至出血,造成脚部感染。最好的治疗方法就是保湿,很明显,这样可以抵消干燥效应。Some people are more prone to dry cracked feet. People who are overweight, athletes, etc. and the thing to do is to use a very good dry cracked heel foot cream.部分人群更容易脚部干裂,例如超重人群,运动员等等。这些人要做的就是使用非常好的脚后跟干裂润肤霜。There are several on the market. Ordinary creams and body lotions are not rich enough. Foot creams are generally better but also not good enough for basely cracked heels.市面上有几种脚部润肤霜出售。普通的润肤霜不够保湿。脚部润肤霜一般来说更好一些,但是对于顽固的脚后跟干裂也还不是很好。I recommend a cracked heel foot cream with 25 percent urea. There are several on the market. A couple of them are these, this one is “CCS foot cream” and “Dermatonics heel balm”, both have 25 percent urea.我推荐使用含有25%的尿素的脚后跟干裂润肤霜。市面上有几种产品,可以根据情况购买。These are very effective in treating the cracked heels. You apply them daily, once or twice for two weeks at it generally solves the problem. After that maintenance with ordinary foot cream is sufficient.这些产品用于治疗脚后跟干裂效果非常显著。每天使用一两次,坚持两周的时间就可以解决脚后跟干裂的问题。随后,普通的脚部保养就足够了。Urea is a natural moisturizer and is very important to use one of these creams. This is how I recommend you treat cracked heels. If you still have any doubts please see a chiropodist or podiatrist.尿素是天然的保湿剂,使用这样的保湿霜非常重要。以上就是我关于治疗脚后跟干裂的建议。如果仍然有任何疑问,可以咨询脚病医生。Thanks for watching How To Heal Cracked Heels.感谢收看“怎样治疗脚后跟干裂”视频节目。 /201301/219387

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