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divagate ——— 跑题(不及物动词)英文释义 (Intransitive verb) To wander or stray from the main topic while discussing something.例句 The elderly professors lectures often divagated into odd topics unrelated to his primary subject.这位老教授讲课时经常跑偏到与他的主科不相关的奇怪话题上。 /201607/453209

Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 9 ..As they died they slowly sank, settling in layers on the seafloor. Through time they formed these cliffs in an ocean that was up to 300 meters deeper than we see it today. Just imagine how London might have looked back then. All this flooding was triggered by rising seafloors and a warming climate, causing the ice caps to melt, a cataclysm that resulted in much of the continent's disappearing.But it wasn't these rising seas that spelt the end for the dinosaurs, it was an event that happened thirty million years later and half a world away.A giant meteorite crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. The destructive power equaled five billion Hiroshima bombs. Shock waves swept across the Atlantic.All across Europe, life struggled to hold on. The extinction of the dinosaurs created opportunities for new forms of life, evidence of which can be found here on the Baltic coast of Poland. These fishermen are after a catch that could change their lives. They are not after fish or crabs but something far more precious washed up from the seabed.One lucky dip could net a small fortune and open a window back more than fifteen million years into Europe's past.This is amber. It doesn't look much until it's polished. Then it can reveal all kinds of treasures.words and expressionscataclysm: (n.) A violent and sudden change in the earth's crust. 灾变地壳的剧烈而突然的改变Baltic: (adj.) Of or relating to the Baltic Sea, the Baltic States, or a Baltic-speaking people. 波罗的海的amber: (n.) A hard, translucent, yellow, orange, or brownish-yellow fossil resin, used for making jewelry and other ornamental objects. 琥珀200809/47577

文本:Some are remains of the last ice-age, and alpine glaciers are quickly disappearing. There is hard strong evidence that Europe's rising temperatures are melting away Austria's gold-berg glacier. Records here date back to the 19th century, and document drastic changes in the landscape, and as recently as 1979, this valley was filled by the glacier, solid ice 300 feet thick. Now bare rock and a small river are evidence of the glacier’s retreat. Scientist Wolfgang Schoener studies the changes here. He pounded this pole 18 feet into the glacier one month ago, now a third of it is exposed. He's brought his young son to see what he describes as the tangible effects of global warming.If you are speaking about aspects of climate change, it’s very hard to show something where you can see it. The glaciers are the most important possibility to show it that something it happens.The melting of polar ice shelves has scientist worrying about rising sea levels. But as Europe's glaciers vanish, the primary concern is the flow of / rivers throughout the continent. Glaciers hold precipitation in the winter and slowly release it during the hot dry summer. Shrinking glaciers could exaggerate seasonal flooding and droughts. And icy lakes sit at the foot of / gold-berg glacier, it’s the source for a small river that eventually ends up as part of the Danube. Schoener’s team collects data to calculate how much of the glacier/ is flowing downstream. Millions of gallons a day during the summer and this is a small glacier. Higher up the mountain where not long ago the ice was 30 feet thick. Runoff has carved a cavernous tunnel. This tunnel has since collapsed and a new one has formed nearby.So the glaciers are loosing miles from one year to the next, then they will be, er, will go smaller and smaller. For this glacier, I think it could happen that this lower part will completely disappear.As long as gold-berg glacier survives, Schoener and his team will continue to gather data, hoping for insight into what rising temperatures might mean for Europe and the rest of the world. 200810/51922

Scripts:Hong Kong Securities broker Au Shing Tai is extremely busy these days. Au helps investors choose shares of all sorts of companies. But what are they buying?They are buying shares in Hong Kong, with those company having business in China.Buying China related shares here isn't new. For years foreign investors looking to ride on the coattails of China's economic growth buy Hong Kong listed shares of mainland companies like the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. But a recent decision by Chinese authorities to allow its citizens to buy Hong Kong stocks for the first time is fueling the Hang Seng indices' biggest boom ever.Though it's truly unbelievable. We foot at a tremendous rally that has allowed the Hong Kong market to outperform most of the other Indices around the world. Since August 20th when Chinese authorities first unveiled the plan to allow its people to trade Hong Kong stocks the Hang Seng has risen by roughly 35% surpassing twenty-eight thousand for the first time last week. Individual investors haven't even started trading yet but the talk is enough to feed speculation.The Chinese new-joined investor is sitting on trillions of US dollars worth of savings. Some of them have been aly put into their local stock market but the companies that are listed in Hong Kong, are not the same ones that are listed in China and they are much cheaper here's. Much cheaper because people on the mainland could only buy shares there and not in Hong Kong. Banks and brokerages in China started taking advantage of the steep discount last year after authorities there decided to allow certain finacial institutions to invest outside the mainland. With the economy booming, China hopes easing the controls on investment will help ease upward pressure on Chinese markets, a run-up many are calling a bubble. Yet despite the growing ties between Hong Kong's and China's market, Au Shing Tai isn't too worried. That money will push the market even higher and most probably over 30,000 and just keep on, keep moving up and up everyday. History dictates that no market continually goes up. But these are marksts that are shrugging off bad news and still setting the record... Notes:run-up: a often sudden increase200807/43913

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