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广东省惠州治疗早泄哪家医院最好惠州治疗淋病哪个医院最好Abandoned vehicles may not shout holiday charm, but a resort in northern China is attracting customers with its unique, cartoon-filled bus hotels.报废车辆可能不能带来假日的魅力但在中国北方一个度假胜地,一些独特的、充满卡通图案的汽车旅馆正吸引着游客前来Owners of one park in the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, have converted more than 30 old buses into mini-hotels featuring private kitchens, bathrooms and colorful interior and exterior designs.山西太原一个公园的园长将30多辆废旧公交车改装为迷你酒店车内个人厨具、浴室齐备,还有多的室内设计和外观设计Each bus hotel has its own theme, mainly popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and Doraemon. Cartoon murals adorn the exteriors, while bright bedsps, novelty dishware and big stuffed animals help bring the insides to life.每个公交车都有其独特的主题,大多数是受欢迎的卡通形象,比如米老鼠,凯蒂猫和哆啦A梦车外装饰着卡通壁画,而颜色鲜亮的床罩,别致的餐具和毛绒玩具,使得室内无比温馨Guolin Han, president of the park, explained why he decided the buses were the way to go. ;These abandoned buses are cheap to buy and it great reuse of waste,;公园园长韩国林解释了为什么他决定把这些公交车装扮成这样“这些废旧的公交车价格便宜,这是很好的废物利用”He said they spent more than ,000 to transm each bus.他还表示,公园共花费了9000多美元改造这些公交车The resort charges customers a night to stay in the mini-hotels and is targeting couples and families. Since opening in May business has been steady, especially on weekends.该度假胜地的这些迷你酒店每晚收费3美元,以吸引青年情侣和家庭前来自五月对外开放以来,该度假村生意一直不错,周末生意尤其的好The park owners have lofty goals. They plan to convert 0 vehicles by July 1. And it not just abandoned buses. Theyre adding tractors, trucks and even planes to the mix.该公园园长有一个远大的目标他计划在7月1日前改装完成0辆交通工具,这些并不局限于废弃公交车,还可以将拖拉机、卡车甚至飞机加入其中 501惠州看前列腺 A schoolgirl in China has had pencil ends removed from her arm.中国一位女学生的手臂中已经拔出来了根铅笔芯The -year-old had deliberately pricked herself with pencils so that she could stay awake while doing homework in the wee hours.这位岁的女生是故意用铅笔刺自己的,这样她就能够在做作业的这点时间里保持清醒She was taken to the hospital by her family on September after they discovered holes on her swollen left arm, reported Guizhou Business Daily.据《贵州商报报道,她在被家人发现浮肿的左臂上有小孔之后,于9月日被送往了医院According to the report, the teenage girl, known as Xiao Xue, is a middle school student in the city of Guiyang, south-west China Guizhou province.据该报道称,这位十几岁的小女孩名为小雪,是中国西南部贵州省贵阳市的一名中学生Doctors from Guihang 300 Hospital carried out the surgery on September 19, removing a total of pencil ends, the longest of which is four centimetres (1.5 inches).贵航300医院的医生于9月19日给她做了手术,拔出了总计根铅笔芯,最长的竟有厘米(1.5英尺)长After the operation, Xiao Xue family told the doctor that the girl had deliberately pricked herself so that the pain could keep her awake in the middle of the night.手术后,小雪的家人告诉医生,小女孩是故意刺自己的,这样疼痛就能够使她在半夜保持清醒They said that Xiao Xue had to stay up until am every day in order to finish the large amount of homework she was given, especially her mathematics homework.他们说道,为了完成布置的大量的家庭作业,尤其是数学作业,小雪不得不每天熬夜到凌晨点The family also said Xiao Xue studied in a high-pressure environment and rarely communicated with the outside world.家人还表示,小雪在高压环境下学习,且很少与外部世界进行沟通Doctors said the pencil ends had been embedded in her arm about a week, leading to inflammation.医生表示,铅笔芯已经在她的手臂里约一周了,导致了炎症 9597An -year-old schoolgirl has survived after one of her classmates threw a ninja star into her head by accident, according to media.据媒体日前报道,在被同学扔出的忍者飞镖意外打穿头骨之后,一名岁的女孩竟然幸存了下来A blade was said to be stuck in the pupil head by two centimetres (0.8 inches) as she was taken to the hospital in eastern China.该女孩随即被送往中国东部的某家医院,据说当时刀刃插入女孩的颅骨有厘米(0.8英寸)深Surgeons removed the sharp object after operating on the girl an hour.在一个小时的手术之后,外科医生将该锐器从女孩的头上取下The incident took place at a school in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on June 7, according to the provincial television broadcaster.据浙江广播电台报道称,此次事故发生在6月7日的杭州某所学校里The girl, nicknamed Wenwen, was said to be working on her school assignment when she was hit by the metal ninja star.据说当时这个女孩雯雯正在做作业,但是却被突如其来的忍者飞镖打中了头部The object is said to have flown into the classroom through the window and hit the sixth-grade pupil. The sharp object struck her head from the left side and became lodged in her skull.据悉,这个飞镖是从窗户飞进教室的,不幸击中了这位6年级女生锐器击打在了她头的左边,并陷进了头骨It reported that a classmate of Wenwen was playing with the ninja star, which has been described as a toy by Chinese media. The classmate threw the toy into the classroom by accident.据报道,当时雯雯的一个同学在玩这个忍者飞镖--而中国媒体将这件锐器称之为“玩具”这位同学是在无意间将这个“玩具”扔进了教室Dr Shen Zhipeng, a neurosurgeon, told a reporter: The ninja star is made of metal and it certainly does not look like a children toy.神经外科医生沈志鹏告诉记者:“这个飞镖是由金属制成,很显然不是孩子的玩具”Dr Shen did a computerised tomography (CT) scan Wenwen. The scan confirmed that the blade had been stuck in Wenwen skull about two centimetres.沈医生给雯雯做了一个CT扫描,结果实飞镖的刀刃雯雯的头骨大约厘米深We provided two suggestions to the parents. One was surgical debridement, which is to pull out the ninja star directly; and the other was craniotomy, which is to open the skull and carry out a thorough inspection, said Dr Shen.沈医生说道:“我们向病患的父母提出了两条建议其一是清创手术,就是直接把锐器拔出来其次就是开颅手术,打开头骨彻底检查” 5539惠州治疗性病哪里最好

惠州治疗龟头炎要多少钱惠州友好医院包皮过长能做吗 Excuse me. Are you Mr. Baker from Willshire Fashion?对不起,您是从威尔谢公司来的贝克先生吧?Yes, I am.是的,我是Yes, I am Joe Baker.是的,我是乔·贝克Yes, I am. You must be Mr. Zhang Wei.是的,你一定要张伟先生吧Did you have a good trip?How was your flight?Was it comtable?您旅途很顺利吧?Yes, it was very pleasant.旅途非常愉快Yes, it was enjoyable, thanks.是的,很愉快,谢谢On the whole, not too bad. It was very pleasant!总的来说还不错旅途非常愉快!It was quite good. But it was awfully long.这趟班机很顺利,就是时间太长了I just feel a little tired.我只是觉得有点累We were delayed taking off, and we encountered a lot of bad weather.我们延误了起飞,我们遭遇了很多恶劣天气It was a bit turbulent.飞行中有轻微的乱气流Let me help you with your luggage.我来帮您拿行李吧Thank you.谢谢你Thank you very much.非常感谢No thanks. I can manage it.不用了,我能行 1883惠州友好医院有切包皮吗

惠州人民医院做包茎多少钱Conversation A: Let me have a look at this pair of jeans.B: OK. It the latest fashion, very popular.A: Let me have a try. (Tries that pair of jeans on) It a bit too long. Will it shrink after being washed?B: Im afraid not. It has been prewashed, but we can shorten it you.A: You have an alteration service?B: Yes, madam. It free. Let me take a look at it. We should take off about an inch.A: Thanks a lot. Can I have the navy blue one? By the way, will the color fade?B: No, it wont. It color fast. It takes about an hour. You can shop around and come back later to get it.A: Thanks. Do I have to pay now?B: Yes, please. Here your change and a coupon to join our raffle.A:让我看看那条牛仔裤B:好的,这条牛仔裤是最新款式,非常流行A:让我试试(试穿了那条牛仔裤)太长了,洗后会不会缩水?B:不会的,这是水洗牛仔裤,但我们可以替你改短A:你们有修改务吗?B:有,而且是免费的我看看,大概要改短一寸吧A:谢谢你,我想要海军蓝另外,回退色吗?B:不会的,这是不退色的,修改大约需要1小时,您可以先到别处逛逛,回来再取A:谢谢你,现在付款吗?B:是的,这是找您的零钱以及参加抽奖的优待券 196 Russian chess champion Yuri Yeliseyev, , has died after falling from the balcony of a Moscow apartment block when his parkour practice went wrong.现年岁的俄罗斯国际象棋冠军尤里·埃利塞夫在练习跑酷时出现差错,从莫斯科公寓的阳台上掉了下去The chess grandmaster fell from the th floor of the apartment last Saturday and died bee an ambulance arrived.这位国际象棋大师是在上周六从层的公寓阳台上坠落的,救护车没到就已经身亡A fan of parkour, a sport involving climbing up and leaping from walls, buildings and roofs, Yeliseyev was seen perming stunts over the summer by a neighbour, the Life channel reported.据《生活频道报道,尤里·埃利塞夫是跑酷迷,这项运动包括攀爬墙面、建筑和屋顶,然后再跳下来,夏天时,一名邻居就曾看到埃利塞夫在表演绝技Fellow grandmaster Daniil Dubov said on social media that Yeliseyev had been trying to climb from a window to a nearby balcony when he slipped.他的伙伴、国际象棋大师丹尼尔·杜波夫在社交媒体上表示,当耶利塞耶夫滑落时,他一直试图从窗口爬到附近的阳台His flatmate, Shamil Arslanov told Ren TV that ;Yuri loved extreme things; and had climbed between the window and the balcony in the past.他的舍友沙米尔告诉Ren TV,埃利塞夫热爱“极限事物”,过去就曾在窗户和阳台间攀爬Yeliseyev became a grandmaster in and clinched this year Moscow Open. He is ranked th by the World Chess Federation.年,埃利塞夫被授予“象棋大师”称号,并且打入今年的莫斯科公开赛在世界象棋联盟中排名第位 87河源妇幼保健人民中医院男科挂号惠阳区人民男科医院男科专家



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