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A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,来告诉大家今天都要学什么?A: 没问题! 今天,我们要跟着Helen去瞧瞧心理医生管不管用,经历一次特别的面试,还要告诉你怎么说紧跟潮流!B: Are you talking about therapists?A: Yep! I feel like therapists and anti-depression drugs are very common in America. In China, no one would admit they are depressed since its a sign of weakness!B: I think Americans are generally more open with this issue. And yes, anti-depression drugs are pretty common here.A: 好! 等会再让你给大家介绍! 现在,咱们先赶快来进入第一个单元,Learn a Word!Learn A Word - 1573 foolproof今天我们要学的词是 foolproof. Foolproof is spelled f-o-o-l-p-r-o-o-f, foolproof。 Foolproof的意思是“简单有效的”“不会出错的”。Social networks whose target audience is kids, acknowledge that there may be no foolproof way to block online predators. 那些以儿童为主要消费者的社交网站承认,能完全阻止网络人身侵害的方法也许并不存在。As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney once proposed a foolproof death penalty law that guaranteed only the guilty could be executed. 美国共和党总统候选人米特?罗姆尼在当麻州州长时曾提起一项死刑法,据说可以万无一失地确保只有真正犯罪的人才被处决。好的,今天我们学习的词是 foolproof, foolproof, foolproof...A: Speaking of foolproof, Mike,你不是把手机摔了之后一直要买新手机吗? Did you get a new one? Is it foolproof? I mean, you need something at your level of tech savvy.B: Hahaha, oh youre just a riot arent you? Ill have you know I always have my finger on the pulse of new technology. But seriously, everywhere I go, people are talking about the new iPhone 5. I really dont see the appeal, its only slightly thinner and longer than the iPhone 4s!A: Yep. And I heard iPhone 5 has a battery life problems. When you start to download a lot of data, the battery drains out super fast.B: Hey! Seems like we both have our fingers on the pulse of the newest apple products! !A: 那当然! 你刚才提到了一个很好的词儿 have ones finger on the pulse, 咱们来听听这个习惯用语的用法吧!Words and Idioms 984美国习惯用语第 984讲。我是杨琳。M:我是Steve Baragona.最近我们给园艺社社长举办了一个庆功会!她在一次地区园艺大赛上获得了杰出成就奖。其实这也不奇怪,她经常参加全国各地的园艺大会和比赛,而且一直紧跟园艺界最新走向。她对园艺的这种热情执着,我们可以用一个词来形容,那就是:M: Have ones finger on the pulse. Finger is spelled f-i-n-g-e-r, and pulse; p-u-l-s-e. Have ones finger on the pulse.大家都知道,finger是手指的意思,pulse 脉搏,have ones finger on the pulse, 手指放在脉搏上,意思就是紧跟最新动态。上面例子里,When it comes to gardening, our club president seems to HAVE HER FINGER ON THE PULSE. 我们园艺社社长对园艺的走向简直是了如指掌。在美国,Superbowl 超级杯一向都是全民关注的重点。而中场表演嘉宾也备受瞩目。今年的表演者是Madonna 麦当娜,让我们来听听下面这位记者的介绍:M: ;Madonna has sold more than 300 million records worldwide. Shes also recognized as the top-selling female rock artist of the 20th century. How did she become so immensely popular? She continuously reinvented her music and image based on what the public was looking for. Especially during the 1980s and 90s, Madonna always HAD HER FINGER ON THE PUILSE. ;这段话是说:麦当娜光碟的全球销量已经超过3亿张。她被公认是20世纪销量最好的女性摇滚歌手。她是怎么变得如此深受欢迎的呢? 原因是,她不断根据市场需求,变换曲风和形象,特别是八、九十年代,麦当娜对潮流走势一直了如指掌。]做明星确实得紧跟时尚潮流。不过爱美之心人皆有之,女孩子都喜欢去逛商店,或者看装展,了解最新潮流动向。I keep my finger on the pulse of fashion through window shopping or watching fashion shows. 好的,让我们再来听听刚才那段话:M: ;Madonna has sold more than 300 million records worldwide. Shes also recognized as the top-selling female rock artist of the 20th century. How did she become so immensely popular? She continuously reinvented her music and image based on what the public was looking for. Especially during the 1980s and 80s, Madonna always HAD HER FINGER ON THE PUILSE. ;说起潮流,不光是时装界,各行各业的人都得了解自己行业的潮流走向,才能成功。下面的例子中,一名公司职员就谈到了如何更好地了解顾客群,以务顾客。让我们来听听他是怎么说的:M: ;Its clear to me why our company is falling behind our competitors. We need to understand our younger customers. Theyre much more familiar with communications, media and digital technologies. If we want to be successful, we have to show that we HAVE OUR FINGER ON THE FULSE of modern life. ;[这段话是说:目前很清楚,我们公司为什么会在与竞争对手的较量中落后。我们需要更好地了解年轻顾客群。他们更熟悉通讯,媒体和电子技术。如果我们想成功,我们就得做到紧跟现代生活的变迁。]他说得确实很对。像前一段时间柯达公司破产,就是因为如今很少有人需要冲洗相片了,让他们失去了顾客群。Companies need fresh ideas in order to keep their fingers on the pulse of the market. 公司不断需要有新观念,紧跟市场潮流。好的,让我们再来听听刚才那段话:M: ;Its clear to me why our company is falling behind our competitors. We need to understand our younger customers. Theyre much more familiar with communications, media and digital technologies. If we want to be successful, we have to show that we HAVE OUR FINGER ON THE FULSE of modern life. ;今天我们学习的习惯用语是have ones finger on the pulse, 意思是紧跟最新动态。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是Steve Baragona。A: 让我也来造个句: I have my finger on the pulse of whatever is happening in the office. And I can tell Mike that you are stressed out!B: What? How can you tell!!! I have so many things to do! I need to get up at 5 every day to come to work, I need to go to the gym to keep this awesome body of mine fit, I need to shop for food, do laundry, find health insurance....Im worn out!!!A: You know what? You should talk to me, after all the girl talk sessions Ive had with my friends, Im basically a professional therapist. Maybe I can give you a discount...B: Yeah, as if I would ever do that!A: 哈哈哈,好了好了,今天Helen就听医生的话去看了看心理医生,咱们一起跟着她去看看!Health: Advanced今天我们为您播出“美语三级跳”节目“医药”单元的高级课程。Professor: Helen hasnt been feeling well lately, and in the last episode the doctor told her that the cause might be mental stress. So today she is going to talk to a therapist.哎,如果Helen有心事,可以找朋友、男友或者家人聊聊啊,何必非找心理治疗师呢,多贵啊!Helen: Thank you for seeing me, doctor. Ive been having a lot of mental stress which I think may be affecting my physical health.Therapist: Of course. Can you tell me a little bit about what has been upsetting you?Helen: Well, I had a dog named Herman. He died a couple months ago and Ive been feeling really down ever since .Therapist: I see. Were you and Herman close?Helen: We were the best of friends (sobbing). Whenever things werent going well for me, I used to share all my problems with him. He was a great listener.怪不得Helen情绪如此低落,原来她的Herman对她这么重要,不仅是宠物,还是她最好的朋友呢。Professor: Thats right, Winnie. Why does Helen say Herman was so great to talk to?Helen说她有心事都跟说,因为Herman总是很认真地听她倾诉。Therapist: Have there been problems in your life recently that youve needed to talk about with someone?Helen: Yeah, so many problems. Ive been really stressed out at work ever since my boss gave me a huge new project, and Ive been going through a rocky period with my boyfriend.Therapist: Does your stress level interfere with your work or home life?Helen: Yeah, when Im under a lot of pressure its difficult for me to fall asleep, which makes me tired and unproductive at work the next day.Therapist: Well, being under a lot of mental pressure like that can have an effect on the body.Professor: So Winnie, what has been causing Helen so much stress lately?她的老板交给她a big new project,一份规模很大的新项目,而且她和男友关系好像有问题,Professor Bowman, 她说正和男友go through a rocky period,这大概不是什么好事儿吧?Professor: Winnie, you can call something ;rocky; if it is difficult, or not going smoothly. In this case, Helen is saying her relationship with her boyfriend has been experiencing trouble lately.我明白了,rocky就是困难重重的意思,我想到一个词, b-u-m-p-y, bumpy,意思一样吗?Professor: Yes, theyre the same.唉,可怜的Helen, 有这么多烦心事。不知道心理治疗师有什么好建议。Therapist: There are some things you can do to relieve your stress. First, you need someone to talk to about your feelings so that they dont get bottled up inside.Helen: Hmm .... I guess youre right. Do you think I should get another dog?Therapist: No, its much better if you pay 0 per hour to talk to me once per week.Helen: Oh .... but what if spending all that money causes me to worry about my bank account?Therapist: Dont worry, if you start feeling even more stressed because of your finances, you can come in twice per week for more therapy.Professor: Winnie, do you understand what the therapist means when he tells Helen not to bottle up her emotions inside?Bottle是瓶子的意思,所以我想医生是让Helen不要把情绪都憋在心里。Professor: Thats right.Professor, 我觉得这个心理治疗师帮不了Helen, 他一小时收200块钱,Helen 说这么大的花销会让自己有更大压力,可治疗师似乎盼的就是这个,这样Helen就需要看更多次医生,他就可以赚更多钱了!Helen: I dont know, doctor. I think I really just need to blow off some steam every once in a while. Im not sure I need all this therapy.Therapist: In my professional opinion, Helen, you may be very ill. We need to discuss an integrated treatment plan, with therapy sessions and anti-depression medications.Helen: Anti-depression medications? Now Im sure I dont want all that.Therapist: But Helen, this may be the only way to make you happy again.Helen: Actually, now I know what will make me happy. A trip to the pet store!Helen很聪明,治疗师让她多看病,还让她吃抗抑郁药,可Helen没上当! 她说,她只需要blow off some steam every once in a while - 时不时给自己减减压,就可以了!Professor: Yes. I guess Helen, like everyone else, just needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes.A: 原来,Helen最近压力很大,小死了,工作繁忙,而且going through a rocky period with her boyfriend, 跟男友的关系也不好。心理咨询师跟她说不能 bottle up her emotions, 积攒不良情绪,而且要她制定integrated treatment plan,综合治疗方案,而且还得take anti-depression medications, 吃抗抑郁的药物。这个心理医生怎么听起来像骗人的啊?B: That treatment plan sounds a little drastic to me. I think Helen just need a shoulder to cry on.A: Yeah, I dont take stress very well. 我记得有一次面试的时候,面试官问我受压能力怎么样,我本来就紧张,他一问我就更紧张了!B: Well, I dont blame you. Not a lot of people have the ability to handle stress as well as me. Thats why Im the top dog! (A: ugh...) kidding kidding. Honestly though, nothing makes me more stressed than a Job interview, especially if its an interview for a job that I really want!A: 对呀! 在今天在Business Etiquette里, David就在接受他梦寐以求的求职面试,咱们一起来听听看!礼节美语 - Job Interview - Part IDavid Tang 到 PLAYERS 杂志社求职面试,考官是杂志社经理 Fred Dixon。F: Hello Mr. Tang. Take a seat.D: Thanks Mr. Dixon. Call me David, please.F: Ok, David...call me Fred. How are you this morning?D: Very well, thanks. Actually, Im quite excited.F: Oh?D: Ive been a big fan of PLAYERS Magazine for many years now. I love what you do here. I love the witty writing, the clever features and even the layout.David 多年来一直是 Players 杂志的忠实读者,很欣赏杂志的 witty writing, clever features and even the layout. 风趣的文风,巧妙的特写,甚至是版面设计。F: Nice of you to say. Weve been working hard to try to keep the magazine as current and relevant as possible. So...Ive looked over your resume. Youre bilingual, right?D: Yes. Actually, technically Chinese is my mother tongue...my parents immigrated to Canada when I was seven years old. Later on I went to school in the States and Europe as well.F: Well, being bilingual is always a plus. We are thinking about expanding our operations and ━ of course -- China is a huge market. Anyway...lets see here...can you tell me why you think youd be a good fit for our organization?David 是双语 bilingual,中文是母语 mother tongue. Fred 承认, bilingual is always a plus. 双语当然更好。plus 在这儿是优势的意思。Fred 问 David 为什么觉得自己适合杂志社的工作。a good fit for the organization。David 说自己年轻、思维敏锐、精力充沛,and Im always looking for that next big thing. 随时准备迎接新的时尚和潮流。F: Thats good. Ok...heres a question that might seem kind of off the wall. If you were a car...what kind of car would you be and why.D: Hmmm...interesting question. Id say Id be one of those Japanese sports cars. Not too big...not too flashy on the outside, but lots of power under the hood. Youre asking this to get a sense of my personality, right?F: Yeah, thats the idea. So youre saying you are reliable and quietly powerful...is that it?D: Yeah...thats a good way of putting it.Fred 问 David 假如是一辆车的话,会是什么车?这个问题确实有些 ;off the wall,; 出人意料,不同寻常。David 说愿意是一辆日本跑车 sports car,不以大小和外表取人,但是马力十足 lots of power under the hood. Fred 理解为 David 是一个可靠而且 quietly powerful 不声不响、但干劲十足的人,David 回答说,Thats a good way of putting it. 这话说不错。to put it 是表达的意思。面试还有哪些问题,我们下次继续听。A: David has a talent for two languages, 双语人才,而且自己年轻,有冲劲, always looking for that next big thing. 随时准备迎接新的时尚和潮流。So Mike, what do you think is the most important thing when it comes to your dream job?B: Well as you know, my dream job is to do nothing and still get paid.A: AHH?B: Hahaha, ok ok. Lets be serious. I think for a good job you need to have a high level of satisfaction, freedom to implement your own methods, and meshing well with your team is extremely important because your work environment plays a major role as well.A: Oh,You must be so thankful for your current job then!B: And why is that?A: Duh! Because you are working with me! (Mike tries to say something but Lin interrupts) 好了! 我们言归正传,接着去听听David的面试过程吧!礼节美语 - Job Interview - Part IIDavid Tang 到 PLAYERS 杂志社求职面试,考官是杂志社经理 Fred Dixon。F: Ok...what do you think are your biggest weaknesses?D: Hmm...Id say that my biggest weakness is a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes I get too close to the project and need to step back to get the whole picture.F: All right. How would you say you react under pressure?D: Ive had to make a lot of major adjustments in my life such as moving to a new country, learning a new language and making new friends. Id say it was all quite stressful but I faced each challenge as it came and step-by-step things got better. For me I think the key is not to let things pile up but instead to face each problem as it comes and attack it head-on.David 说自己最大的缺点是有点 perfectionist 万事追求完美。有时过份投入,get too close to something, 需要退一步纵观全局 to step back to get the whole picture. David 承受压力的能力也不差,他觉得关键是不能让问题积累起来,not to let things pile up 而是遇到一个解决一个,attack it head-on 迎头痛击。F: Ok. So what would you say is the one thing thats most important to you in your job?D: Id say having good direction from my supervisors but also a high degree of freedom to implement creative ideas. I need guidance, but I dont want my creativity to be stifled.F: Can you tell me why you left your last job?D: Well, I needed a challenge. I felt like I was in a comfort zone and I needed to shake things up in my life. I enjoyed my time at my last job, but I feel like Im y for the major leagues.David 说,他想换工作是因为感觉自己是在一个各方面都驾轻就熟的地方 I was in a comfort zone, 需要变化 to shake things up. 他觉得 Im y for the major leagues. 应该更上一层楼了。Major League 是职业棒球大联盟,代表棒球最高水平,高于 minor league 小联盟。F: I noticed that you have recommendation letters from each of your previous supervisors. Their comments are all quite positive.D: Im honored that they value my work. Ive found that I generally get along well with co-workers. Im just not really into drama and Im pretty easy-going.F: Well...thanks for coming in today, David. We will be reviewing your info and youll get a callback within a week.D: Great! And thanks for your time, Fred. Ill be looking forward to your call.David以前的上司都给他写了很好的推荐信。他说自己 not into drama 不喜欢惹事生非,pretty easy-going 很好相处。Fred 听上去对David很满意,说一周内给他回音。B: Ok, Ill admit that you are easy-going, but apart from that...A: At least Im not a drama queen like certain people I know... Michael Scott Bond.B: I see, so what do you call all that time you spend gossiping among that little gang of yours? /201412/349187今天要讲的习惯用语都有这样一个关键词:cat。谁都知道cat是猫。我们要学的第一个习惯用语存在于英语和好几种其它的语言里。它是: cats paw。 Paw这个词的意思是脚爪, 猫或者都有爪子,cats paw从字面上解释当然是猫爪,但是作为习惯用语一定另有他意。刚才说过cats paw是好几种不同语言共有的习惯用语,原因也许是它出自一个在世界各地脍炙人口的寓言故事,说的是一只聪明的猴子,骗猫去为它从火里取出烤栗子或者烤肉来,结果可想而知: 猴子美餐一顿, 可怜的猫爪子却被烫满了水泡。猫是被猴子愚弄利用的工具,猫爪也成了为他人火中取栗的牺牲品。我们听个例子,进一步体会cats paw是什么意思吧。这是跟朋友说的一段知心话,规劝朋友要提防惯会甜言蜜语的Scott,因为Scott老是能鼓动别人为他个人谋私利:例句-1:Better stay away from that guy Scott. Youll do the hard work, hell make the money, and youll end up looking stupid and lose whatever you put in. I tell you, dont end up as a cats paw for him.他给朋友的忠告是:最好疏远Scott那家伙,因为你会辛辛苦苦地出力,而他却从中渔利,到头来你当了傻瓜还得赔上自己投入的一切,所以他再次正告朋友:别受Scott愚弄,充当为他火中取栗的牺牲品。他说: dont end up as a cats paw for him, 显然是说别被他利用成为为他谋利的牺牲品。 Cats paw这个习惯用语的意思就是被人利用去火中取栗的牺牲品。******再学个和猫有关的习惯用语: cats meow。 你听了meow这个词的发音一定会联想到猫叫。是的, meow确实是象声词,相当于中文的‘喵’。猫咪什么时候会发出类似于meow的叫声呢?是心满意足的时候,或者希望引人注意的时候。也许从中文的角度来说更容易推测cats meow这个习惯用语的意思。在中文里meow有时也用巧妙的‘妙’字来表示。这样说来cats meow仿佛在说:妙,妙。那么cats meow不就是在赞赏什么杰出的人或物吗?好,我们再听个例子来体会cats meow这个习惯用语的含义吧。说话的人 买下了一辆旧的老式赛车,然后整旧如新,于是他得意得不知如何形容他心爱的车才好了。例句-2:Man, this is the best car Ive owned, old or new. It looks fantastic now. When I put my foot down on the gas, it takes off like a scared rabbit. And if I wanted, it could pass any other sports car on the road. You know, its the real cats meow!他说:在我历来有过的新车旧车里,这辆是最棒的一辆!现在这辆车不仅外观出色,而且我一踩下油门,车子立刻象受惊的兔子那样奔跑如飞。要是我愿意的话,这辆车能比路上所有的赛车都跑得快。你知道, 它真是妙不可言!这段话里的cats meow显然是用来形容那辆赛车有多出色的。******今天要学的最后一个习惯用语意思类似于cats meow,它是: cats pajamas。大家也许已经知道pajamas是睡衣,通常指成套的宽松的睡衣睡裤。 Cats pajamas和cats meow一样,也可以用来表示令人赞叹的人或物, 然而这两个习惯用语都可以带有批评挖苦的口气, 用来讽刺过于骄傲自满,自以为自己比谁都强的那种人。我们来听个例子,这段话是在回顾他的Susan和Eric这小伙子的短暂恋爱。Eric似乎是姑娘们心目中的理想情人,因为他长得帅, 功课又好,而且还是运动健将。所以当Eric来约Susan出去的时候, Susan当然喜出望外欣然赴约。我们听听Susan后来又对Eric这小伙子产生什么看法的:例句-3:Thats right! Susan couldnt wait to go out with Eric. But after a couple of dates, she stopped. He thought he was the cats pajamas, and all he did was talk about himself and what hed done. This simply bored her, and she decided he was just a waste of time.他说:对啊,Susan当初简直是急不可待地要跟Eric出去约会,但是赴了几次约,她却再也不要跟Eric出去了。因为Eric认为自己实在太伟大了;他一味地谈论自己,以及自己的成就作为。这可真让Susan腻味,她觉得跟Eric交往简直在浪费时间。这段话说Eric自以为是伟大绝顶的人才, 但是他的目空一切却是致命伤,到头来连女朋友都吹了。所以这段话里说:He thought he was the cats pajamas, 是在挖苦他目空一切、自以为是。 /201409/327990

9. I wish you were never a part of my life.真希望你没有走进我的生活。还能这样说:I wish I had never met you.I regret meeting you a bit.应用:part from 离开,同……分手;part with 离开,放弃,出让;part-time 业余时间;play the part of (在戏中)扮演,充当10. Im happy to have known you.能认识你我非常幸福。还能这样说:Im happy to be a part of your life.Im glad Ive gotten to known you.谚语:We know not what is good until we have lost.有时不爱惜,失后徒叹息。11. I cant help failing in love with you.我无法不爱你。还能这样说:I cant stop myself from loving you.I cant persuade myself to forget you.谚语:Love lives in cottage as well as in courts.爱情不分贫贱与富贵。12. Did you confess your love for the girl?你有没有向那个女孩表白?还能这样说:Did you bare your heart to her?Did you speak out your love for her?谚语:Love cant be forced.爱不能强求。13. Had he never confessed his affection to you?他从来没向你表白过他的爱吗?还能这样说:Hadnt he asserted his love to you?He had never owned his love to you, hadnt he?谚语:A fault confessed is half redressed.浪子回头金不换。14. May I hold your hand?我可以牵你的手吗?还能这样说:Can I give you my hand?Hand with me or give me up, which one do you choose?谚语:A cold hand and a warm heart.手冷心肠热。15. I want to talk to you.我有话和你说。还能这样说:Can we talk?Id like to talk with you.应用:fall into talk 攀谈,搭讪;idle talk 闲扯;make a talk 造成口实;make talk 没话找话说;闲聊,空谈;man-to-man talk 开诚布公的谈话16. I choose to confess my love to her on Valentines Day.我选择在情人节向她表白。还能这样说:On Valentines Day, I will bare my heart to her.On Valentines Day, I plan to speak out my affection to her.应用:be crossed in love 失恋;out of love (with) 不喜欢,觉得讨厌;Platonic love 精神上的恋爱;男女间的纯洁友谊 /201211/210543自讨苦吃---let sleeping dogs lie.Hello, everyone! 欢迎来到小强英语!生活中有时候我们会劝别人不要自找麻烦,自讨苦吃,这在英语当中怎么表达呢?——let sleeping dogs lie.让正在睡觉的躺着。在睡觉,就不要去打扰它,以免它暴躁地咬你一口哦!If you ask someone to let sleeping dogs lie, you are telling him/ her to avoid doing sth. in order not to cause trouble.我们来看一下例句:Theres absolutely no point pursuing this issue. We should just let sleeping dogs lie.在这个问题上深究没有意义,我们就不要自找麻烦了。Better let sleeping dogs lie. The boss likes Peter very much, and you are just like fish in the big pond.最好别自讨苦吃。老板非常喜欢彼得,而你只是个默默无闻的小人物。做人总要学会察言观色,不要做些吃力不讨好的事情,以免招惹麻烦,自讨苦吃。聪明的人总会;let sleeping dogs lie;,等待恰当的时机到来。好了,本期的节目到此结束,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请关注新浪微@小强英语!本栏目由原创,。 /201409/325370Todd: So, Mark, I see you have beautiful pictures of your child up here. I didnt know you had a baby!托德:马克,我看到了你孩子的漂亮照片。我都不知道你已经有孩子了!Mark: Yeah, baby Roy is about 1 year and 4 months old now.马克:是啊,我儿子叫罗伊,现在有1岁4个月了。Todd: Oh wow, thats exciting!托德:哇,太令人激动了!Mark: Yeah I mean everyone said there would be lots of changes in your life, but its probably changed my wifes life more than mine. But I still enjoy giving him his bath and helping put him to bed and playing with him in the mornings and at the weekend.马克:是啊,所有人都说有孩子之后会给你的生活带来很多改变,不过现在的情况更像是,相较于我来说孩子的到来更多地改变了我妻子的生活。我喜欢给他洗澡,把他放到床上,每天早上和周末时跟他一起玩耍。Todd: Oh, thats great. So, whats it like being a father?托德:真好。成为父亲是什么感觉?Mark: A lot of fun. As I said, I think my wife has a harder job looking after him during the day. The father can have the good jobs in the evening and the early morning and at the weekend.马克:有很多乐趣。就如我所说,我妻子一整天都要照顾孩子,我觉得她更辛苦。父亲可以在晚上、清晨和周末时陪伴孩子。Todd: So is your child speaking yet?托德:你的孩子现在会说话了吗?Mark: Not quite, but he understands English and Japanese. So if we tell him off in either language he runs away and starts crying. Hes just started walking.马克:还不太会,不过他可以听懂英语和日语。所以不管我用任何一种语言批评他,他都会哭着跑开。他刚刚学会走路。Todd: Ok, oh thats got to be tough.托德:好,那会很难的。Mark: Its getting tougher. We just have to childproof the house more.马克:是越来越难。我们必须在家中设立儿童防护装置。Todd: So how do you childproof the house?托德:你怎么保护孩子的安全?Mark: Make sure that all breakables are above the level where he can reach, thats the most important thing.马克:要确保所有易碎品放在他够不到的地方,这是最重要的事情。Todd: Now, when you have a child, like, first of all how much does the baby sleep?托德:现在你有了孩子,你的孩子睡多长时间的觉?Mark: Well hes a good sleeper. Hes basically always slept from about 9 in the morning, 9 in the evening until 6.30 or 7 in the morning. Hes waking up a little bit earlier now because its lighter earlier.马克:他睡得很好。他每天上午9点睡觉,抱歉,是晚上九点睡觉,第二天早上6点半或7点醒来。他现在睡醒的时间要比之前早,越来越早。Todd: Oh, wow, so what does your child like to do? Do you play special games with your …, with Roy?托德:哦,哇,你们家孩子喜欢做什么?你会和你的儿子罗伊玩特别的游戏吗?Mark: Hes into dancing at the moment. He really likes the beat of the B world music so he looks forward to the B news at the hour. He likes going to the sandpit and playing with the other children from the neighbourhood.马克:现在他喜欢跳舞。他喜欢B播放的音乐,所以他会期待B的整点新闻。他喜欢去沙坑和周围的孩子们一起玩耍。Todd: Well, you have a lovely child.托德:你的孩子真可爱。Mark: Thank you.马克:谢谢你。 译文属 /201411/342699

经典句型:Which airport terminal should I take? 请问我该去哪个航站褛呢?A:Which airport terminal should I take?甲:请问我该去哪个航站褛呢?B:Which Airline?乙:哪家航空公司的?A:China Southern Airline.甲:中国南方航空公司。B:Oh. You should go to No.2 terminal.Thank you,乙:你应该去2号航站楼。谢谢。经典句型:Could you tell me where I can get my luggage? 请问我在哪儿取行李?A:Excuse me.甲:打扰了。B:May I help you? 乙:有什么需要帮助的?A:Could you tell me where I can get my luggage?甲:请问我在哪儿取行李?句型讲解:airport terminal是“航站楼”的意思。在较大的国际机场,不同航空公司的航班?可能需要在不同的航站楼办理手续登机。如果你不清楚该去哪一个航站楼,可以向工作人员询问Which airport terminal should I take? /201405/3002361. What are you ing?你在读什么呢?还能这样说:What book are you ing?Which kind of book are you ing?应用: on 继续读; sth. out 读出; aloud 朗读; as 把……错误地当做; up 攻读2. I am ing Jane Eyre.我在读《简·爱》。还能这样说:I am ing a book which is entitled Jane Eyre.Im ing a storybook called Jane Eyre.3. Serena was engrossed in her book.赛利正在专心致志地看书。还能这样说:Serena was burying herself in books.Serena was absorbed in ing.应用:be engrossed in sth. 全神贯注于某事;热心于;an engrossing story 引人入胜的故事4. Im fond of ing.我喜欢读书。还能这样说:I have a strong love of ing.I am zealous in ing.谚语:Too fond of the right to pursue the expedient.过分喜欢权力就会不择手段。 /201309/257224Feifei: Hi Rob. Nice to see you here in the park with this lovely dog.菲菲:嗨,罗布。很高兴在公园里到你和你可爱的小。(Dog barks)(的叫声)Rob: Hi Feifei. Yes, this is Fido. As they say, dog is a mans best friend and... he is my best friend. Im taking him for a walk. But we have to get back home soon.罗布:嗨,菲菲。是啊,这是菲多。俗话说,是人类最好的朋友……它是我最好的朋友。我在带它散步。不过我们马上就得回家了。Feifei: Why Rob? I was going to ask if you wanted a coffee...菲菲:为什么呀,罗布?我刚要问你要不要去喝杯咖啡……Rob: Thank you, Feifei, but I cant. I love walking Fido and sometimes I forget to look at my watch. I keep coming home late for dinner and the family is annoyed because the food gets cold. Im in the doghouse at the moment.罗布:谢谢你,菲菲,不过我去不了。我喜欢带菲多散步,不过有时我会忘记时间。我回家的时候总是会误了吃饭的时间,家里人都很生气,因为饭菜已经凉了。我当时备受冷落。Feifei: You are in the doghouse?! Thats terrible, Rob! How can you say your dog is your best friend if you kick him out of his own house?菲菲:你在窝里?那太糟糕了,罗布!你把你的赶出它的家,你怎么能说它是你最好的朋友呢?(Dog barks)(叫声)Rob: No, no, its not that...罗布:不,不是,不是那个意思……Feifei: Now this poor dog will be left out in the cold, in the rain... Poor Fido! If you are in the doghouse, where does this lovely dog sleep?菲菲:这只可怜的小会被丢在冰冷的雨中……可怜的菲多!如果你在窝里,那这只可爱的小睡在哪里呢?Rob: Well, Fido sleeps where he always does: in the doghouse. But in English, we can say someone is in the doghouse if theyve annoyed another person.罗布:菲多就在它一直睡觉的地方睡啊,在窝里。不过在英语中,如果我们说某个人in the doghouse,意思是他们惹恼了其他人。Feifei: So your family is annoyed with you because you were inconsiderate to them.菲菲:所以你的家人对你很生气,因为你没有替他们考虑。Rob: Thats right. In the doghouse is the expression youll learn in todays The English We Speak. Lets hear some examples.罗布:没错。In the doghouse是今天地道英语节目要讲的表达方式。我们来听些例子。President Bill Clinton said he was ;in the doghouse; after the revelations about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. His wife even considered leaving him.比尔·克林顿总统说,他和莫妮卡·莱温斯基的婚外情曝光后,他备受冷落。他的妻子甚至考虑过离开他。My mother is furious with me. I forgot to do my homework again so Im in the doghouse.我妈妈对我大发雷霆。我又忘记做作业了,所以我受到了冷遇。Feifei: So if you go home on time for dinner, you wont be in the doghouse anymore.菲菲:如果你准时回家吃晚餐,你就不会再被冷落了。Rob: Thats what I hope.罗布:这就是我希望的。(Cat meows)(猫叫声)(Dog barks)(叫声)Feifei: Then maybe youd better hold onto the lead and control Fido.菲菲:也许你最好抓紧绳子,控制好菲多。Rob: Come on Fido! Quiet. Calm down, boy. Ignore that cat.罗布:菲多,安静!安静,放松下来,好孩子。别理那只猫。(Dog growls)(的咆哮声)Feifei: Oh, come on, Fido, quiet or youll be in the doghouse.菲菲:哦,冷静,菲多,安静,不然你会被冷落的。(Dog barks)(叫声)Rob: Come on, Fido! Come on, boy! Who is a good boy? Come on! Get out of here, you cheeky cat!罗布:好了,菲多!安静,好孩子!谁是乖孩子?冷静!离开这里,你这只冒失的猫!Rob: Bye.罗布:再见。Feifei: Bye.菲菲:再见。Cat: Meow.:喵。 译文属 /201408/320548

9. Train was late because of the heavy snow.火车因为大雪而晚点。还能这样说:The heavy snow caused the train being late.The heavy snow led to the train arriving late.谚语:A light purse is a heavy curse.为人无钱处处难。10. The late train brought lots of trouble to the passengers.火车晚点给乘客带来了很多麻烦。还能这样说:It was troublesome for passengers that the train is late.The train being late caused much trouble for the passengers.应用:Ill trouble you to 劳驾你,请你……;make trouble 闹事,捣乱11. The bus was half an hour late because of the accident.公交车因为交通事故晚了半个小时。还能这样说:The accident delayed the bus for half an hour.The bus arrived half an hour late for the accident.12. The late train ruined my business activities.晚点的火车毁了我的商务活动。还能这样说:The overdue train spoiled my business activities.My business activities were cancelled because the train was behind time. /201408/323678

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