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Behind the hellish Ebola epidemic ravaging West Africa lies an agent that fittingly embodies the mad contradictions of a nightmare. It is alive yet dead, simple yet complex, mindless yet prophetic, seemingly able to anticipate our every move.在埃拉疫情侵袭西非的背后有一个恰好能体现一场噩梦矛盾之处的载体。它活着但已经死了,简单而又复杂,盲目而又具先知性,似乎能够预见我们的每一个举动。For scientists who study the evolution and behavior of viruses, the Ebola pathogen is performing true to its vast, ancient and staggeringly diverse kind. By all evidence, researchers say, viruses have been parasitizing living cells since the first cells arose on earth nearly four billion years ago.对于研究病毒演变及行为的科学家来说,埃拉病原体的本质与数量庞大、历史悠久、形态各异的各种病毒并无不同。研究人员称,所有的据都显示,自大约40亿年前地球上出现第一批细胞开始,病毒就一直寄生在活细胞当中。Some researchers go so far as to suggest that viruses predate their hosts. That they essentially invented cells as a reliable and renewable resource they could then exploit for the sake of making new viral particles.一些研究人员甚至表示,病毒先于宿主出现。它们基本上创造了细胞,并将其当做可靠的、可延续的资源,日后可以用来产生新病毒。It was the primordial viral ;collective,; said Luis P. Villarreal, director of the Center for Virus Research at the University of California, Irvine, ;that originated the capacity for life to be self-sustaining.;加州大学欧文分校(University of California, Irvine)病毒研究中心(Center for Virus Research)主任路易斯·维拉里尔(Luis P. Villarreal)说,“生命的自我维持能力源于”原始的病毒“团体”。;Viruses are not just these threatening or annoying parasitic agents,; he added. ;They#39;re the creative front of biology, where things get figured out, and they always have been.;“病毒不仅仅是危险的、令人讨厌的寄生体,”他还说。“它们还处于生物学的创新前沿,为问题的解决做着贡献,它们也一直都是这样的。”Researchers are deeply impressed by the depth and bth of the viral universe, or virome. Viruses have managed to infiltrate the cells of every life form known to science. They infect animals, plants, bacteria, slime mold, even larger viruses. They replicate in their host cells so prodigiously and stream out into their surroundings so continuously that if you collected all the viral flotsam afloat in the world#39;s oceans, the combined tonnage would outweigh that of all the blue whales.病毒世界的深度与广度给研究人员留下了深刻的印象。病毒已成功侵入科学界已知的每一种生命形式的细胞中。它们会感染动物、植物、细菌、粘液菌,甚至是较大的病毒。它们在宿主细胞中大量复制,不断涌入周围环境。如果将全球海洋里漂浮的所有病毒性物质收集起来,总重会超过所有蓝鲸的重量。Not that viruses want to float freely. As so-called obligate parasites entirely dependent on host cells to replicate their tiny genomes and fabricate their protein packages newborn viruses, or virions, must find their way to fresh hosts or they will quickly fall apart, especially when exposed to sun, air or salt.病毒并非想要四处漂泊。由于所谓的专性寄生物完全依赖宿主细胞复制它们极小的基因组及合成蛋白,因此新产生的病毒或病毒粒子必须找到新宿主,否则它们就会迅速崩溃,特别是暴露在太阳、空气或盐中的时候。;Drying out is a death knell for viral particles,; said Lynn W. Enquist, a virologist at Princeton.普林斯顿大学(Princeton University)病毒学家林恩·W·恩奎斯特(Lynn W. Enquist)说,“对于病毒粒子来说,干燥的环境意味着死亡。”How long shed virions can persist if kept moist and unbuffeted — for example, in soil or in body excretions like blood or vomit — is not always clear but may be up to a week or two. That is why the sheets and clothing of Ebola patients must be treated as hazardous waste and surfaces hosed down with bleach.目前并不是十分清楚,如果保持潮湿且不受打击,例如在土壤或血液、呕吐物等人体排出的物质中,分离的病毒粒子能够维持多长时间,但可能最多是一两周。因此,埃拉患者的床单和衣必须被当作危险废物处理,表面都得用漂白剂冲洗。Viruses are masters at making their way from host to host and cell to cell, using every possible channel. Whenever biologists discover a new way that body cells communicate with one another, sure enough, there#39;s a virus aly tapping into exactly that circuit in its search for new meat.病毒善于通过一切可能的途径,从一个宿主进入另一个宿主,从一个细胞进入另一个细胞。每当生物学家发现身体细胞交换信息的新方式后,果然就已经有病毒在利用这个通道,寻找新目标。Reporting recently in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Karla Kirkegaard, a professor of microbiology and genetics at Stanford University School of Medicine, and her colleagues described a kind of ;unconventional secretion; pathway based on so-called autophagy, or self-eating, in which cells digest small parts of themselves and release the pieces into their surroundings as signaling molecules targeted at other cells — telling them, for example, that it#39;s time for a new round of tissue growth.最近,斯坦福大学医学院(Stanford University School of Medicine)微生物学及基因学教授卡拉·柯克加德(Karla Kirkegaard)和同事在《国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)发表文章描述了一种基于所谓的自噬的“非传统分泌”途径,即细胞消化一部分自身细胞质,然后将它们释放到周围的环境中,充当针对其他细胞的信号分子,比如,告诉它们,现在是进行新一轮组织生长的时候了。The researchers determined that the poliovirus can exploit the autophagy conduit to cunning effect. Whereas it was long believed that new polio particles could exit their natal cell only by bursting it open and then seeking new cells to infect, the researchers found that the virions could piggyback to freedom along the autophagy pathway.研究人员断定,小儿麻痹症病毒能够非常巧妙地利用这条自噬途径来达成目的。从前,人们一直以为,新的小儿麻痹症病毒粒子脱离产生这些病毒的细胞的唯一方式就是冲破细胞,寻找并感染新细胞,而研究人员发现病毒粒子能够在自噬的过程中搭便车,从而获得自由。In that way, the virus could expand its infectious empire without destroying perfectly good viral factories en route. The researchers suspect that other so-called naked or nonenveloped viruses (like the cold virus and the enteroviruses that have lately plagued children in this country and Asia) could likewise sp through unconventional secretion pathways.如此一来,病毒可以在不破坏完美的病毒工厂的情况下扩大传染范围。研究人员推测,其他所谓的裸病毒或无包膜病毒(比如最近困扰美国及亚洲儿童的感冒病毒和肠道病毒)同样能够通过非传统分泌途径传播。For their part, viruses like Ebola have figured out how to slip in and out of cells without kicking up a fuss by cloaking themselves in a layer of greasy lipids stolen from the host cell membrane, rather as you might foist a pill down a pet#39;s throat by smearing it in butter.埃拉等病毒已经知道如何在从宿主细胞的细胞膜中盗取的一层脂质的掩护下悄悄进入、脱离细胞,就像你用抹上黄油的药片去喂食宠物一样。According to Eric O. Freed, the head of the virus-cell interaction section at the National Cancer Institute, several recent technological breakthroughs have revolutionized the study of viruses.美国国家癌症研究所(National Cancer Institute)病毒与细胞互动部门的主管埃里克·O·弗里德(Eric O. Freed)表示,最近几项技术突破使病毒研究发生了巨大变革。Advances in electron microscopy and super-resolved fluorescence microscopy — the subject of this year#39;s Nobel Prize in Chemistry — allow scientists to track the movement of viral particles in and between cells, and to explore the fine atomic structure of a virus embraced by an antibody, or a virus clasped onto the protein lock of a cell.电子显微镜和超高分辨率荧光显微镜的发展使得科学家能够追踪病毒粒子在细胞内及细胞间的活动,了解被抗体包围的病毒或细胞蛋白结合位上的病毒的精细原子结构。今年的诺贝尔化学奖就颁发给了对超高分辨率荧光显微镜发展做出贡献的科学家。Through ultrafast gene sequencing and targeted gene silencing techniques, researchers have identified genes critical to viral infection and drug resistance. ;We#39;ve discovered viruses we didn#39;t even know existed,; Dr. Freed said. And that could prove important to detecting the emergence of a new lethal strain.研究人员已经通过快速基因测序及靶基因沉默技术,确定了对病毒感染及抗药性至关重要的基因。弗里德士说,“我们发现了之前不知道的病毒。”事实可能会明,这对新的致命病毒的探测非常重要。Viruses are also notable for what they lack. They have no ribosomes, the cellular components that fabricate the proteins that do all the work of keeping cells alive.病毒还有一个显著特点,它们缺少一些东西。它们没有核糖体——合成蛋白的细胞器,而蛋白是维持细胞存活的物质。Instead, viruses carry instructions for co-opting the ribosomes of their host, and repurposing them to the job of churning out capsid and other viral proteins. Other host components are enlisted to help copy the instructions for building new viruses, in the form of DNA or RNA, and to install those concise nucleic texts in the newly constructed capsids.但病毒会携带利用其宿主核糖体的指令,改变它们的用途,使它们合成大量衣壳及其他病毒蛋白。宿主细胞的其他部分则被用于帮助复制发展新病毒的指令——其形式表现为DNA或RNA,并将这些简单的核素安置在新合成的衣壳中。;Viruses are almost miraculously devious,; Dr. Freed said. ;They#39;re just bundles of protein and nucleic acid, and they#39;re able to get into cells and run the show.;“病毒极其狡诈,”弗里德士说。“虽然它们只不过是一堆蛋白和核酸,它们却能侵入细胞,控制细胞。”;On the one hand, they#39;re quite simple,; Dr. Enquist said. ;On the other hand, they may be the most highly evolved form of genetic information on the planet.;“一方面,它们非常简单,;恩奎斯特士说。“另一方面,它们可能是地球上进化程度最高的遗传信息形式。;Viruses also work tirelessly to evade the immune system that seeks to destroy them. One of the deadliest features of the Ebola virus is its capacity to cripple the body#39;s first line of defense against a new pathogen, by blocking the release of interferon.病毒还坚持不懈地躲避着试图摧毁它们的免疫系统。埃拉病毒能够阻碍干扰素的释放,突破人体防御新病菌的第一道防线,这也是该病毒最致命的特征之一。;That gives the virus a big advantage to grow and sp,; said Christopher F. Basler, a professor of microbiology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.西奈山医学院(Mount Sinai School of Medicine)微生物学教授克里斯托弗·F·巴斯勒(Christopher F. Basler)说,“这给了这种病毒巨大的优势,有助于它的增长和传播。”At the same time, said Aftab Ansari of Emory University School of Medicine, the virus disables the body#39;s coagulation system, leading to uncontrolled bleeding. By the time the body can rally its second line of defense, the adaptive immune system, it is often too late.埃默里大学医学院的(Emory University School of Medicine)的阿夫塔卜·安萨里(Aftab Ansari)表示,与此同时,病毒破坏了人体凝血系统,导致人体不可控制地出血。等到人体筑起第二道防线——适应性免疫系统时,通常为时已晚。Yet the real lethality of Ebola, Dr. Ansari said, stems from a case of mistaken location, a zoonotic jump from wild animal to human being. The normal host for Ebola virus is the fruit bat, in which the virus replicates at a moderate pace without killing or noticeably sickening the bat.但安萨里士表示,埃拉病毒真正的杀伤力源于错放了位置,从野生动物跨物种感染了人类。埃拉病毒的宿主通常是果蝠,病毒在不使果蝠死亡或明显患病的情况下稳步复制。;A perfect parasite is able to replicate and not kill its host,; Dr. Ansari said. ;The Ebola virus is the perfect parasite for a bat.;“完美的寄生生物能够复制,且不杀死宿主,”安萨里说。“埃拉病毒是蝙蝠身上的完美寄生物。” /201410/338773。

The immense processing power of Google#39;s global computing network and the brainpower of its secretive Google X research labs remain largely hidden from a curious world. But this week we were given a glimpse of what the company#39;s great minds, human and electronic, are thinking about: cats.谷歌全球计算网络的强大信息处理能力以及神秘的Google X实验室中的技术天才很少为外界所知。但上周我们有幸一睹该公司的强大头脑(不管是人脑还是电脑)在想什么:猫。 Google scientists built the world#39;s biggest electronic simulation of a brain, running on 16,000 computer processors, and discovered what it would learn when exposed to 10m clips randomly selected from YouTube s. Unprompted, the computer brain taught itself to identify the feline face.谷歌科学家们用1.6万块电脑处理器构建了全球最大的电子模拟神经网络,并通过向其展示自YouTube上随机选取的1000万段视频,考察其能够学到什么。结果显示,在无外界指令的自发条件下,该人工神经网络自主学会了识别猫的面孔。That might seem a trivial accomplishment, demonstrating little more than the obsession of cat owners with posting s of their pets. But in fact Google has made a significant advance in artificial intelligence, a research field that has promised much but delivered little to computer users.也许这看起来只是琐碎的成就,除了表明猫主人们热衷于上传宠物视频之外,说明不了更多问题。但实际上该成果表明谷歌在人工智能领域已取得重大进展。对电脑用户而言,人工智能研究一直前景广阔,但迄今成果寥寥。In their presentation at a machine learning conference in Edinburgh, the Google researchers demonstrated the company#39;s ambitions in AI as well as the strength of its computing resources.在爱丁堡一个关于机器学习的会议上,谷歌研究人员所作的演示表明该公司在人工智能领域雄心勃勃,并有极其强大的计算资源作为撑。Standard machine learning and image recognition techniques depend on initial ;training; of the computer with thousands of labelled pictures, so it starts off with an electronic idea of what, say, a cat#39;s face looks like. Labelling, however, requires a lot of human labour and, as the Google researchers say, ;there is comparatively little labelled data out there;.标准的机器学习以及图像识别技术依靠数以千计带标签的图片,对电脑进行初始;训练;,使电脑从一开始就对猫脸长什么样有一个概念。但是给图片加标签需要耗费大量人力,并且正如谷歌研究人员所说,;带标签的数据相对有限。;Google needs to master what it calls ;self-taught learning; or ;deep learning;, if it is to extend its search capabilities to recognise images among the vast volume of unstructured and unlabelled data. That would enable someone who, for example, owned an unidentified portrait painted by an unknown artist to submit a photograph of it to a future Google – and stand a reasonable chance of having both the scene and the painter identified through comparison with billions of images across the internet.为将搜索能力拓展至面向海量非结构化及无标签数据的图像识别领域,谷歌需要掌握其所谓的;自学;或;深度学习;技术。借助此类技术,未来如果某人有一幅出自不知名画家的描绘不知何处风景的画作,他可将此画的照片上传谷歌,经谷歌将其与互联网上数十亿计的图像进行比对后,此人有相当好的机会获知风景所在地与画家身份。The study presented this week is a step towards developing such technology. The researchers used Google data centres to set up an artificial neural network with 1bn connections and then exposed this ;newborn brain; to YouTube clips for a week, without labelling data of any sort.谷歌上周展示的研究成果,就是向开发此类技术迈出的一步。研究人员借助谷歌数据中心,构建具有10亿个连接的人工神经网络,并用一周时间让这个;新生大脑;接触YouTube视频片段,而未以任何方式贴标签。 /201207/189110。

China#39;s Huawei Technologies Co. said its smartphone shipments rose 62% in the first half of this year, helped by strong demand in overseas markets such as Latin America and the Middle East for new handsets that work on faster-speed networks.华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co., 简称:华为)称,上半年公司智能手机发货量增长62%,得益于拉美和中东等海外市场的强劲需求。这些市场对能够在更快网络上运行的新智能手机需求旺盛。The first-half results make Huawei one of the fastest-growing players in the global smartphone market. Earlier this month, market leader Samsung Electronics Co. said it expected a decline in operating profit in the second quarter due to sluggish smartphone sales.上半年的良好表现也使得华为成为全球智能手机市场上增长最快的公司之一。本月早些时候该领域领头羊三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)表示,受智能手机销售低迷拖累,预计第二季度营业利润将出现下滑。Huawei shipped 34.27 million smartphones world-wide in the six months through June, the company said Tuesday. Growth accelerated in the second quarter, when it shipped 20.56 million smartphones, the company said.华为周二宣布,今年前六个月公司向全球市场的智能手机发货量达到3,427万部,其中第二季度增速加快,发货量为2,056万部。While China#39;s smartphone market--the largest for Huawei#39;s handset business--is showing signs of slower growth, Huawei is expanding rapidly in emerging markets abroad. The company said its smartphone shipments in the Middle East and Africa increased more than sixfold from a year earlier, while shipments in Latin America rose nearly fourfold. In Europe and the Asian-Pacific region, excluding China, shipments more than doubled, it said.虽然华为手持设备的第一大市场中国智能手机市场增速放慢,但该公司在其他新兴市场正迅速扩张。华为称其中东和非洲智能手机销量同比增长超过五倍,而拉美增长近三倍。该公司还表示,在欧洲和不包括中国的亚太地区,智能手机销量增长超过一倍。To make its name more recognized by consumers abroad, Huawei has been spending more on international marketing, mainly through sponsorship deals with professional soccer teams in Europe, such as the U.K.#39;s Arsenal Football Club and Italy#39;s AC Milan.为提高其品牌在海外消费者中的知名度,华为一直在扩大国际营销出,主要是通过与欧洲的职业足球队签订赞助协议,比如英国的阿森纳足球俱乐部和意大利的AC米兰足球俱乐部。Huawei said it is also trying to sell more mid- to high-end smartphones, rather than selling the cheapest phones on the market. In May, Huawei launched its new flagship smartphone, the Ascend P7, which comes with a 5-inch screen and a camera feature designed specifically for taking group self-portraits. On Tuesday, Huawei said it has sold nearly two million units of the Ascend P7 so far.华为表示,该公司也在试图销售更多的中高端智能手机,而不是销售市场上最便宜的手机。今年5月,华为推出了新款旗舰智能手机Ascend P7,这款手机配有5英寸屏幕和专为集体自拍设计的照相功能。华为周二表示,该公司目前为止已经销售了近200万部Ascend P7。Shenzhen-based Huawei, whose main business is selling telecommunications equipment to carriers, is trying to sell more handsets to challenge the dominance of Samsung and Apple Inc. Even though Huawei was the world#39;s third-largest smartphone vendor in the first quarter, according to research firm IDC, its market share of 5% was still far behind those of Samsung and Apple. In China, the world#39;s largest smartphone market, Huawei faces tough competition not only from Samsung and Apple but from other Chinese handset vendors such as Lenovo Group Ltd. and Xiaomi Inc.总部位于深圳的华为主要业务是向运营商销售电信设备。目前该公司正试图销售更多的手机以挑战三星和苹果(Apple Inc.)的主导地位。研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)的数据显示,今年第一季度华为是全球第三大智能手机销售商,但其5%的市场份额仍远不及三星和苹果。在全球最大的智能手机市场中国,华为不仅面临来自三星和苹果的激烈竞争,还面临来自联想集团(Lenovo Group)和小米(Xiaomi Inc.)等中国手机销售商的竞争。Earlier this month, Richard Yu, the head of Huawei#39;s consumer business group, said in an internal memo that revenue for his group, which mainly sells smartphones, rose 30% in the first half of this year. In the memo, viewed by The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Yu also said that his group by midyear had aly achieved more than half of its 2014 profit target. Huawei has said previously that its smartphone business is profitable, but it hasn#39;t disclosed specific figures.本月早些时候,华为消费者业务集团负责人余承东(Richard Yu)在一份内部备忘录中说,今年上半年该集团收入增长30%。该集团主要销售智能手机。余承东在备忘录中还说,他所在的集团年中前已完成2014年利润目标的一半以上。《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)看过这份备忘录。华为此前说,其智能手机业务是盈利的,但一直没有披露具体数字。 /201407/316192。

The photo had everything. Lights. Action. That sparkle of spontaneity. And subjects who really know how to smile for a camera.这张照片什么都齐了。灯光、动作、那种无比自然的感觉,以及镜头感上佳、深谙微笑之道的拍摄对象。But the moment that turned into the world#39;s most-retweeted post -- 3.1 million and counting -- wasn#39;t 100% spontaneous. Rather, it was the fortuitous product of a carefully planned multimillion-dollar business arrangement that served the mutual interests of a Korean smartphone manufacturer, a social media powerhouse, a U.S. television network with a temporary global reach of 43 million viewers, and the biggest stars in Hollywood, for whom TV face-time is money.但这张在Twitter上全球转发次数最多(截稿时已转发310万次,而且这个数字仍然在不断上涨)的照片所记录的那一瞬间却并非100%自然。相反,它是一桩精心策划的数百万美元交易的意外产物,符合韩国智能手机制造商三星(Samsung)、社交媒体巨头Twitter、暂时在全球拥有4300万用户的美国电视网络商美国广播公司(A),以及身价极高、轻易不在电视上露面的好莱坞一线明星的共同利益。Among the deal#39;s moving parts:这桩交易的内容包括:#8226; Samsung paid A roughly million for 5 minutes worth of prime-time ads plus unspecified consideration for product placement throughout the broadcast, according to the Wall Street Journal.#8226; 《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)透露,三星向美国广播公司付了大约1800万美元,购买了5分钟黄金时段广告,三星还获准在直播活动中植入广告,但具体费用未知。#8226; According to Ad Age, Samsung also sponsored 10 tweets featuring celebrity ;selfies; taken from the green room and sent via the Academy of Motion Picture Arts amp; Sciences.#8226; 广告分析机构Ad Age表示,三星还赞助了10条Twitter自拍信息。它们无一不是大牌明星在奥斯卡典礼休息间的照片,均发自美国电影艺术与科学学院(Academy of Motion Picture Arts amp; Sciences,奥斯卡奖举办机构)。#8226; Twitter was paid to promote the selfies through its Twitter Amplify program, which gives preferential treatment to tweets posted by paying clients. (Full disclosure: According toTwitter, Time Inc., which publishes this blog, is one of those clients.)#8226; Twitter通过其Amplify计划有偿推广这类信息,根据这个计划,付费用户会得到特殊的展现机会。【根据Twitter官方客的信息,本文的母公司时代集团(Time Inc)也是Amplify计划的客户之一。】And that spontaneous moment? SlashGear#39;s Chris Burns transcribed the opening dialogue between host Ellen DeGeneres and best-actress nominee Meryl Streep:至于说那个感觉特自然的瞬间?摄影网站SlashGear的克里斯#8226;伯恩斯记录下了主持人艾伦#8226;德杰尼勒斯与获得最佳女演员提名的梅丽尔#8226;斯特里普之间开场的一段对话:DeGeneres: Meryl, here#39;s my idea, ok, so you were nominated -- it#39;s a record-breaking 18 times, right? So I thought we would try to break another record right now with the most re-tweets of a photo. So right now I#39;m going to take a picture of us, and we#39;ll see if we can break the record for the most retweets -德杰尼勒斯:梅丽尔,我有一个想法。你第18次获得了(最佳女演员)提名,打破了历史最高记录,对吧?所以我想我们来试着打破另一项记录——Twitter转发次数最多的照片这项记录。现在我俩一起来拍张照,看看能不能打破Twitter转发次数最多的记录 -Streep: Get her in -- *points to Julia Roberts*斯特里普:把她也拍进来——*指向朱莉娅#8226;罗伯茨*What followed, for what it#39;s worth, made Twitter history. ;It was a great plug for the Samsung brand,; WPP branding expert Allen Adamson told the Journal. ;Ellen#39;s selfie is going to be more impactful than their commercials. You can#39;t buy that magic of going viral.;Twitter的一项历史记录就此诞生。WPP品牌专家艾伦#8226;亚当森向《华尔街日报》表示:“这是对三星品牌的一次大力宣传,艾伦的自拍照将比三星的广告更具影响力。病毒性传播可是花钱都买不到的。Lest anyone be left with the impression that the photo was less than spontaneous, Samsung ponied up another million and issued the following statement:为了避免有人怀疑这张照片背后另有隐情,三星另外掏出300万美元,发表了下面这则声明:;While we were a sponsor of the Oscars and had an integration with A, we were delighted to see Ellen organically incorporate the device into the selfie moment that had everyone talking. A great surprise for everyone, she captured something that nobody expected. In honor of this epic moment and of course, the incredible response of nearly 3 million re tweets, we wanted to make a donation to Ellen#39;s charities of choice: St Jude#39;s and the Humane Society [of the ed States]. Samsung will donate 1.5 million dollars to each charity.;“虽然我们是奥斯卡的赞助商,而且与美国广播公司有合作关系,但我们高兴地看到艾伦很自然的将三星设备用到人们热议的那张自拍照那一瞬间。它给所有人带来了一个巨大的惊喜,没人想到艾伦会捕捉到那样一个瞬间。为了庆祝这一史诗般的时刻,也为了庆祝Twitter上近300万的惊人转发次数,我们希望向艾伦选择的慈善机构——St Jude#39;s以及(美国)人道协会捐款。三星将向这两家慈善机构分别捐赠150万美元。”IRONIC FOOTNOTE -- AND GRATUITOUS APPLE (AAPL) ANGLE: The millions Samsung paid A goes into the coffers of the Walt Disney Co. (DIS), whose largest shareholder is Laurene Powell Jobs. Steve Jobs#39; widow is one of richest women in the world -- No. 73 on this week#39;s list of billionaires -- on the strength of the Disney shares she inhered from Samsung#39;s arch enemy in the smartphone wars.讽刺的注脚——多余的苹果角度:三星向美国广播公司付的数百万美元进入了沃尔特#8226;迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)的金库,而迪士尼的最大股东是劳伦娜#8226;鲍威尔#8226;乔布斯。史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯的遗孀是全球最富有的女性之一——在本周的亿万富翁排行榜上名列第73位,而帮她登上榜单的迪士尼股票则是她从三星在智能手机大战中的死敌(史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯)那里继承来的遗产。 /201403/280857。

From a patent Apple filed in 2011.苹果2011年申请的一项专利。Led by Peter Burrows, a veteran tech reporter with more than two decades under his belt, Bloomberg has taken a second crack at the Apple (AAPL) iWatch story that the New York Times and Wall Street Journal broke three weeks ago.彼得巴罗斯是一位有着二十多年从业经验的资深科技记者。在他带领下,彭公司(Bloomberg)在三周前的《纽约时报》(New York Times)和《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)对苹果公司(Apple)iWatch所做报道的基础上,再次对此进行了深入挖掘。Bloomberg#39;s contribution that first week was a report, sourced by two people ;familiar with the company#39;s plans,; that Apple had 100 product designers working on a wristwatch-like device that could perform some of the tasks now handled by the iPhone and iPad.根据两位“熟悉苹果公司计划”的知情人士透露的线索,彭在第一周发表了一篇报道。报道称,苹果调用了100位产品设计师,正在开发一款腕表式的设备,能执行一些目前由iPhone和iPad完成的任务。Monday#39;s piece offers an analysis of the smart watch business that makes it look considerably more attractive than the prevailing view on the Internet -- which is that nobody wears a watch anymore except as a fashion statement.星期一的这篇报道分析了智能手表行业。互联网上有一种普遍观点:现在没人戴手表了,除非是把它当成一种时尚表达。相比之下,这篇文章的看法非常独特。Among the points the Bloomberg story makes:彭这篇报道的主要观点如下:Watches are a big business. The global watch industry will generate billion in sales in 2013.手表是个大产业。2013年全球手表业销售额将达600亿美元。Watches are a profitable business. Gross margins on watches are about 60%, right in Apple#39;s comfort zone.手表业利润丰厚。手表的毛利率大概是60%,对苹果来说正中下怀。Watches are a more attractive business than TVs. The margin on watches is about four times bigger than for televisions.手表产业比电视产业更有吸引力。手表的利润率大概是电视的四倍。Apple is interested in watches. The company has taken out 79 patents with the word ;wrist; in them, including one for a device with a flexible screen that#39;s powered by kinetic energy.苹果对手表很感兴趣。苹果公司已取得79项含有“手腕”这个词的专利,包括一款带有折叠屏、动能驱动的设备。Jony Ive is particularly interested. Apple#39;s chief designer owns many high-end models and in the mid-2000s had a team visit Nike and bring home boxes of one of their sports watches.乔纳森艾夫尤其感兴趣。身为苹果的首席设计师,他拥有众多高端手表。2000年中,他率队造访了耐克公司(Nike),带回来耐克的一款运动手表,数量多达好几箱。The timing is right. A 2003 Microsoft-Fossil smart phone partnership fizzled, but customers are more accustomed today to using mobile apps in their everyday lives.恰逢良机。2003年,微软(Microsoft)和时尚品牌Fossil在智能手机上的合作流产了。但时至今日,用户比以往更习惯在生活中使用手机应用。Among the features under consideration, according to one of Bloomberg#39;s sources, is making phone calls, seeing the identity of incoming callers, checking map coordinates, counting steps (with a built-in pedometer) and monitoring health-related data, such as heart rates.据彭社的一位知情人士透露,苹果这款手表正在开发的性能包括:打电话、查看来电人身份、查看地图坐标、计算步数(用内置步数器)、以及监控心率等健康信息。Assuming a 10% market share of a billion market with a 60% gross margin, Bloomberg estimates that Apple could see revenues of up to .6 billion with a successful smart watch. Morgan Stanley#39;s Katy Huberty did a similar exercise and came up with incremental revenue to Apple of to billion a year, assuming 20% of Apple#39;s existing customers bought one every two years. See her spsheet below.如果苹果能在这个总额高达600亿美元的大市场中获得10%的份额,而且毛利率达到60%,彭预测,苹果能够在这款智能手表身上拿到的营收将高达36亿美元。而根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)的凯蒂休伯蒂做了类似预估,同时提出,苹果每年因此获得的增量营收为100亿到150亿美元,这个预测假定苹果现有客户中,20%的人每两年会买一个。请看她的图解。 /201303/228661。

Apple plans to build a new ;spaceship; headquarters in Cupertino, California.苹果公司计划在加州库比蒂诺市建立一个新的“宇宙飞船”总部。As part of the process to gain formal approval, the company commissioned a big economic impact study. The study tosses out all sorts of facts and figures about why Apple is good for Cupertino and the surrounding areas.作为获得正式批准过程的一部分,公司委托了一份重大经济影响研究。这项研究将摆出关于苹果为什么有利于库比蒂诺和周边地区的各种事实和数据。One fun little figure from the report is how much the average corporate Apple employee makes.报告中的一个有趣数据是苹果公司员工的平均薪水是多少。Apple says it had 2,112 employees living in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale. It paid those employees 2 million. Therefore, on average, a corporate Apple employee is making 4,053. (Its retail employees are paid less.)苹果公司表示该公司拥有2112名员工住在圣克拉拉和森尼维耳市。公司付了这些员工2.62亿美元。因此,平均来说,苹果公司的一名员工薪水是124053美元。(其零售员工薪资更少。)That#39;s good money, but it#39;s chump change compared to, say, Goldman Sachs. Just last month, Bloomberg Businessweek noted that Goldman paid its employees 5,594 on average for the first three months of the year.那是一笔可观收入,但相比高盛,这是小钱。就在上个月,《彭商业周刊》指出高盛在一年的前三个月给雇员平均发放了135594美元。Also, remember we#39;re talking about the average Apple employee. There are some outliers. CEO Tim Cook, for instance, got .2 million in compensation last year.还有,记得我们谈论苹果员工的平均值。有一些异常值。例如首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克去年的薪酬有420万美元。 /201306/242812。