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5.You Can#39;t Eat Melons in the US5.美国:不许吃西瓜!Our global dining taboo list has found its way back to the Americas. You#39;re probably thinking, I have American etiquette down packed, what else can you teach me? We bet you didn#39;t know that you could be arrested for eating a watermelon in Beech Grove, Indiana. The wacky law applies to Beech Grove#39;s parks. It was established after a bunch of watermelon pierced park trash bags, making a terrible mess. So when you#39;re in Indiana, you best be sure to mind your melons.好吧,看来美国也难逃这份全球风俗禁忌榜单了。大家或许会纳闷,从小就是听着各种规矩礼仪长大的,还有什么禁忌不知道?小编敢打赌你肯定不知道在印第安纳州Beech Grove市吃西瓜会被拘留吧。以前有段时间,公园的垃圾袋常常会被西瓜皮刺破,影响公园环境,于是政府就颁布了一项新奇的法律,规定在该州所有公园内都不允许吃西瓜。所以,如果到了印第安纳州,吃瓜果的时候最好小心些,别被逮住。We#39;re not finished with the U.S. of A. just yet. If you thought park-eating watermelon offenses were crazy, then don#39;t ever visit Gainesville, Georgia. To this day, it is illegal to eat fried chicken with anything but your hands. Passed in 1961, these crazy outdated taboos normally go overlooked. One lucky 91-year old#39;s friends thought it would be funny to have her arrested for eating her birthday meal with utensils. (Oh look, a heart attack- just what I always wanted!) Everyone had a good laugh and the charges were dropped.别急着惊讶,你不知道的美国禁忌可还多着呢。大家要是觉得印第安纳州的“禁瓜法律”已经把自己雷到了,那估计去了乔治亚州的盖恩斯维尔,你会被雷得外焦里嫩。直到今天,那里还明文规定,吃炸鸡只可用手拿着吃,如果借助任何餐具那都是犯法的。这项法律于1961年通过,不过因为年代久远,大家现在一般都无视它。有位91岁高龄的老朋友曾经打趣儿说,要是过寿的时候因为用餐具吃饭而被逮捕,那可就悲催了。(天呐,快看,心脏病发作了——正如我所愿!)4.Be Careful What The Baby Eats4.注意孩子的饮食!Jamaicans believe children should not be given chicken before they can talk or else the baby will never speak. They even believe that infants who drink milk from the bottle will grow up to be drunks. Intriguing superstitions can be found all across the Pacific. In Nigeria, children are not allowed to eat eggs out of fear that it will cause them to steal when they get older. Silly as it may sound to us, if this is what has been passed down from generation to generation, would you rather go with the flow or risk raising a sticky-fingered mute? Some even say that pregnant women should stay away from eggs for the same reason. Sweet food, snails, puffer meat, and kola-nuts are also added to an expectant Nigerian#39;s list of foods to avoid. The reasons behind this taboo vary from causing the baby to drool all over itself to having scaly skin.牙买加人一直笃信,如果在儿童会说话之前给他们吃鸡肉,会导致儿童失声。更甚者是,他们认为如果给婴儿直接用瓶子喝牛奶,那么这个孩子长大后肯定是个酒鬼。太平洋彼岸有趣的迷信可多着呢。在尼日利亚,大人不允许小孩吃鸡蛋,他们担心如果小时候吃鸡蛋,长大后会变成小偷。在我们听来,这些似乎很荒谬,可是转念一想,这些迷信都是一代一代传下来的,你敢冒着你孩子未来可能变成一个爱小偷小摸的哑巴的危险去挑战“权威”吗?!还有些人认为最好在怀期间就让妇远离鸡蛋,不怕一万,就怕万一啊。还有,尼日利亚人觉得甜食、蜗牛、河豚、可乐果等,妇也不宜食用。造成这些禁忌的理由也是多种多样,什么可能会导致婴儿以后容易流口水啊,或者生的孩子是鳞状皮肤之类。3.Eat With the Right, Wipe with the Left3.右手吃饭饭左手擦屁屁This taboo is respected in many different nations. African, Caribbean, and even Muslim countries all believe that only the right hand should be used for eating. For certain hygienic reasons, these customs teach that each of our hands serves its own purpose. The left is solely for wiping. We touched on it earlier but the eat with the right, wipe with the left taboo deserves further explanation. If overlooked, you pose great risk of offending others. Not only should you dine with your right hand, it is the only one to be used in greetings. When arriving for a meal, never offer the left for a shake. If you catch the right one on the wrong day, you might fall victim to a swift right hook.很多国家都有这个说法。不管是非洲、加勒比海、甚至还有一些穆斯林国家,他们都认为人应该用右手吃饭。出于某种卫生原因的考虑,这个习俗告诉大家每只手都应该各司其职。左手只能负责擦擦屁股啊、提提鞋之类的“脏活”。这一点我们之前谈到过,不过“右手吃饭饭,左手擦屁屁”这个禁忌,小编还得多给大家解释解释。因为如果忽视了这个习俗,你可能会冒犯到别人。不仅我们吃饭的时候要用右手,见面握手也要用右手。赴约用餐跟人打招呼时,千万不要伸左手跟对方握手。如果哪天你悲催地去握你对面的右手,那你就等着挨一记右钩拳吧。Some will give you a pass on holding a cup with your left hand, but never ever wipe your mouth with it. To be on the safe side, keep it under the table. Put it between your legs or even sit on it. Do whatever you need to do to keep from being offensive.有时候,人们可能不会介意你左手拿着水杯,但是一定不要左手持水杯喝水。为了保险起见,尽量把左手放在桌子下边,夹在腿中间,或者干脆压在腿下边。总之,要时刻留心自己的举止,别让别人觉得你很无礼。2.A Polite Goodbye2.礼貌的告别方式Hopefully you never get too thirsty in Kazakhstan. If you happen to order a cup of tea, don#39;t look as it as half empty. See the miniature portion of your steaming drink as a nice, warm, half-full hug. Never ask the server to pour you some more. In Kazakhstan, a full cup of tea is the most polite way we#39;ve ever heard of telling someone they#39;ve overstayed their welcome. The people of Kazakhstan drink tea about 6 times per day. Now we can understand why they use it as a form of communication. (And why they only give you half a cup!) Formally a nomadic society, the people of the Republic still carry deep superstitious beliefs. Tea is only consumed warm, they believe cold drinks will make you sick. Aside from telling you to get out, the half full cups of tea also show how much the guests wants to be able to serve you during your visit. The passing of an empty cup for a refill is a courteous act hosts love to participate in. Other taboos are a lot more common. Things like picking your nose… just don#39;t do it. Anywhere.但愿在哈萨克斯坦旅游的时候,大家别渴着自己。如果你点了一杯茶,端上来以后却发现只有半杯的量,请息怒。你就把这半杯热腾腾的“迷你茶”当作当地人友好而热情的“迷你抱抱”吧。千万别让务生给你续杯。因为在哈萨克斯坦,如果对方给你倒了满满一杯茶,就意味着他在礼貌地暗示你待的时间太久了。哈萨克斯坦人平均每人每天要喝六次茶,现在大家知道为什么他们以喝茶作为交流方式了吧。(既然喝茶是为了交流,为毛就只倒半杯呢!)哈萨克斯坦共和国算是一个典型的游牧民族,所以仍存有根深蒂固的迷信思想。当地人认为喝冷饮会使人生病,所以只喝热茶。此外,主人给你倒的茶的量也能表示出他们有多欢迎你。客人喝完茶后,主人一般都主动添茶,以示热情友好。哈萨克斯坦还有很多在其他国家也常见的禁忌,就比如说不要挖鼻孔……记住,不管在哪儿,都别挖~1.Don#39;t Eat With Your Hands1.不可直接用手吃东西Some customs tell you which hands to use but if you#39;re traveling to Chile you better grab your utensils. Chileans never eat anything by hand. Even the smallest French fry must be stabbed with a fork. Pizza, chicken nuggets, and whatever else you can think of, the people of Chile don#39;t believe in finger food at all. Usually, dinner is not served until 8pm or later. Even if you#39;re ravished with hunger, keep those hands out of your mouth. Licking your fingers or utensils is considered vulgar. Avoiding the temptation is obviously why they eat everything with utensils. Standard European manners are taken to the max to avoid being disrespectful. In Chile, you need to know which utensils are the correct ones to use for your meal. If we ever visit, we#39;ll need to write a few notes on the palm of our hands. To us, salad fork or dinner fork… they all work the same.有些习俗可能会规定什么场合用哪只手,但是如果到了智利,大家最好时刻备好餐具。因为智利人从来不直接用手吃东西,即使是小小的薯条,也必须用叉子叉着吃。不管是披萨还是炸鸡,还有任何你能想到的可以直接用手吃的东西,智利人都要用餐具吃。一般情况下,直到八点或者更晚才会吃晚餐。就算你已经饿到肚子咕噜咕噜叫,也别妄想进食口粮。当地人觉得舔手指或者舔餐具是很粗俗的行为。很明显,他们吃任何东西都要用餐具的原因是避免让别人产生想吃的欲望。为了尽量不冒犯到别人,智利人真是把标准化的欧洲礼仪发挥到了极致。在智利吃饭的时候,你需要搞清楚吃哪个菜要用哪种餐具。要是哪天大家去智利,估计还得提前在手上写个小抄啥的。毕竟对我们而言,吃沙拉用的叉子和吃正餐用的叉子没什么两样,不都是叉子么。翻译:毛志遥 来源:前十网 /201509/400752If you#39;re a sucker for sneakers and have a wardrobe full of different designs, this new invention could save you money and space.如果你是运动鞋的爱好者,还有不同设计图案的运动鞋,那么这款最新的设计可以为你节省开和空间。The #39;ShiftWear#39; range has flexible colour e-ink displays so wearers can change the pattern and colour of their shoe at the touch of a button.ShiftWear运动鞋的图案显示区域装有柔性色电子墨水显示屏,如此一来,用户穿着时只需点一下按钮,便可轻松变换鞋子的图案和颜色。They are designed to work with a dedicated app offering a #39;wardrobe#39; of design options and the footwear will even be able to display animations.此款运动鞋是专为持图案变换的应用程序设计的,而且,此款运动鞋还可以显示动画。Designer David Coelho, based in New York, is raising money on Indiegogo to make the shoes a reality.美国纽约的设计师大卫·柯埃略,正在Indiegogo(众筹平台)上为这种运动鞋的批量生产进行众筹。The campaign claims the ShiftWear shoes are #39;the most adaptable shoes you#39;ll ever own, customised straight from your smartphone.#39;众筹活动声称,ShiftWear运动鞋是最百变的运动鞋,用户使用智能手机就可随意变换图案。Available as high, medium and low tops, the shoes will include e-ink panels, using a similar technology to that seen in Amazon#39;s Kindle e-er, but in colour.这种运动鞋有高、中、低不同鞋帮高度,鞋面会嵌入电子水墨显示屏,在亚马逊Kindle电子阅读器中也可以看到相似的技术应用,只是颜色不同。Users will be able to use an accompanying app to choose designs for the shoes that will be displayed on the flexible screens.用户可以在匹配的app上自行选择图案,这些图案会显示在运动鞋的显示屏上。#39;In addition to static designs and images, ShiftWear shoes can also display animations,#39; the start-up added.‘除了静态图案,ShiftWear运动鞋还能显示动画’,创业者说。#39;However, if your design is static, the sneaker will consume no power and your design will stay that way till you change it.#39;‘如果是静态图案,那么运动鞋就不会损耗电量,直到用户更改,鞋面图案才会变化。’The trainers will have up to 30 days battery life if displaying a static image.此款运动鞋如果一直显示静态图案,其电量最多可以维持30天。While the start-up claims the technology to make the shoes has existed for years, it said it can#39;t release its trade secrets about how the trainers will function.然而创业者称,尽管使用这种技术制作运动鞋已经很多年了,也不会公布ShiftWear运动鞋特殊功能这一商业机密。Earlier this year, another firm called iShuh Technologies raised money on Indiegogo for #39;Voltarii#39; heels similarly incorporating e-er panels.今年早些时候,iShuh科技公司在Indiegogo上为Voltarii高跟鞋筹资,同样应用了电子阅读器显示屏。The Lithuanian start-up explained the shoes would have a Bluetooth receiver inside to connect the displays to a smartphone app.立陶宛创业者表明,此款运动鞋应安装一个蓝牙接收器,将显示器与智能手机上的app连接起来。From the app, designs such as polka dots could be selected and #39;sent#39; to the displays on the shoes.通过app,可以选择圆点花纹这种图案,然后将其“发送”到运动鞋的显示屏上。It is likely the ShiftWear trainers will work in a similar way.ShiftWear运动鞋可能应用类似的方法。There are four versions of the trainers, which are available to pre-order from Indiegogo from 0 (£100) to ,000 (£666), depending on the size of the e-paper panels.它有四种款式,可以在Indiegogo上预订,售价150美元(100英镑)~1000美元(666英镑)不等,价格随鞋面电子显示屏大小变化。Many companies are developing flexible screens and colour e-ink screens, and the company#39;s price-point may be seen to be a little ambitious.许多公司都在开发柔性显示屏和色电子墨水屏,但给出的价位似乎不够雄心壮志。The cheapest design is the ShiftWear L1 Classic, which is described as #39;badass sneakers that let you display custom designs, right from your phone or tablet in seconds.#39;ShiftWear L1经典款价格最低,它被称为‘坏蛋’运动鞋,能展示用户定制设计,用户手机或平板电脑的图案数秒内即可展示在运动鞋上。All the trainers will be waterproof and machine washable.所有的ShiftWear运动鞋都是防水、可机洗的。The start-up continued: #39;The colours and designs can be viewed with direct sunlight just as you would see designs on normal sneakers.#39;创业者还说道:‘阳光直射下可以看到鞋面的颜色和图案,就像看到普通运动鞋上的图案一样。The shoes#39; soles will be coated with Kevlar Fibres, to resist the normal wear and tear of traditional sneakers and #39;the flexible electronics in the shoes charge with every step you take - or wirelessly.#39;为防止出现传统运动鞋的日常磨损,设计师在运动鞋底部加入了一层凯夫拉纤维,‘鞋面的柔性色电子墨水显示屏通过用户步行的每一步,对运动鞋进行充电,也可以说是无线充电。’An iOS, Android and Windows app is planned, which will allow users to change the designs of their trainers at the touch of a button.一款兼容iOS、安卓和微软系统的app正在计划当中,有了它,用户只需轻点按钮,便能更改运动鞋上的图案。It will also have a marketplace with the #39;freshest designs#39; from artists which could be bought to show up on sneakers in seconds.它还会有一个市场,在这里有艺术家们‘最新的设计’,这些设计图案可以购买,并在数秒内展示在用户的鞋面上。#39;You can create your own designs and share them with friends or sell them,#39; the company said.‘你可以创造专属于你的图案,与朋友分享或售卖它们’,公司人员说道。#39;It#39;s a design software, marketplace and social network all in one.#39;‘它是一款融合软件、市场和社交网络于一体的设计软件。’ /201512/413916

Robin Li Yanhong, CEO of China#39;s search engine giant Baidu Inc, issued a public apology at a meeting on Sunday about a scandal involving the company#39;s disease-related online forums, domestic news portal yicai.com reported.据国内新闻门户网站第一财经报道,中国的搜索引擎巨头百度的首席执行官李彦宏在星期日的一次会议上,就公司旗下所有疾病类相关贴吧的丑闻做出了公开道歉。;Last week was a special time for Baidu … we will reflect deeply in a bid to turn this crisis into an opportunity,; Li was ed as saying in the report.该报道援引李彦宏的话:“上周对百度来说是一个特殊的时期……我们也会非常深刻的反省,并努力把这场危机转变成一次机遇。”Baidu was recently mired in a scandal involving its hemophilia forum, which had been sold to a private hospital that promoted itself in the forum and allegedly banned the forum#39;s original operators from posting, media reports said.据媒体报道,百度最近因其血友病贴吧被卖个一家私人医院打广告而陷入了丑闻,此外,该贴吧还涉嫌禁止原吧务发表帖子。The disclosure triggered public outrage, because the forum was a platform where users could discuss information on medical services.这一消息的披露引发了公众愤怒,因为该贴吧本是用户讨论医疗务信息的一大平台。In response to the uproar, the company said Tuesday that it would end such business collaboration in its disease-related online forums.为应对骚动,该公司星期二表示,将在其疾病相关的的贴吧结束这样的商业合作。Baidu then replaced the operator of the hemophilia forum with Hemophilia Home of China (HHC), an NGO dedicated to helping hemophilia patients, making HHC the first NGO to run a disease-related forum, the company said.百度表示,公司随后将血友病贴吧的吧务换成了中国血友之家(HHC),一个致力于帮助血友病患者的非政府组织。HHC也成为了运营疾病相关论坛的第一个非政府组织。Because Baidu Tieba exists as a public service and plays a vital role in public communication, the operator should not be any third-party commercial institution that aims to seek profits, said Lu Zhenwang, CEO of Shanghai Wanqing Commerce Consulting Co.上海晚晴商务咨询有限公司CEO鲁振旺表示,百度贴吧作为一种公共务,在公共交流中起到重要的作用,管理者不应该是任何追求利润的第三方商业机构。 /201601/422941

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