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鼋怎么样好养吗金钱龟饲养方法技术技巧挺胸龟怎么样好养吗 Denmark is once again distinguishing itself in the race against food waste—this time, with a supermarket hawking items once destined for the trash bin.在防止食物浪费方面,丹麦再一次走在了各国前列——这次,它的一家超市开始销售原本该扔进垃圾箱的东西。Those items might include treats for a holiday that happened last week, a ripped box of cornflakes, plain white rice mislabeled as basmati, or anything nearing its expiration date. In other words, perfectly edible items that are nonetheless considered unfit for sale by the retailers and manufacturers who donate them.比如,上周刚过的一个节日剩下了一些点心,外包装破损了的玉米片,标签错贴成印度香米的普通大米,以及任何临期食品。换句话说,其他商店和生厂商将自己认为不适合对外销售的东西捐给它出售,而这些东西完全可以放心食用。WeFood is not the first grocer in Europe to sell surplus food. But unlike so-called ;social supermarkets;—stores which serve almost exclusively low-income people—WeFood#39;s offerings are very intentionally aimed at the general public.“我们食铺”并不是欧洲第一家出售这种食品的超市。但与只针对低收入人群的所谓“福利超市”不同,“我们食铺”面向广大的普通消费者。The store#39;s goods are priced 30 to 50 percent lower than those in regular supermarkets, according to WeFood. The store has aly been a huge success. People have lined up before the store#39;s opening every morning since its launch on Monday.“我们食铺”称,其店里的商品价格比普通超市便宜三至五成。自2月22日开业以来,该超市顾客盈门。每天上午还没开门,店门前就已经排起了长队。But is this food safe to eat? Well, the ;sell by; date you see on many products actually refers to its freshness - not whether or not it#39;s going to do you any harm. In many cases, food that#39;s beyond this date won#39;t be as fresh as it once was but is still perfectly edible. Of course you should still be careful to avoid eating food that#39;s gone off, but you might find you don#39;t have to throw away as much as you think you do.这里销售的食品真的可以放心食用吗?事实上,许多食品包装上标注的“最好在某月某日前食用”,指的是它最新鲜的状态能维持多久,而不是说,过了那个日期,它就对人体有害了。许多情况下,过了这个日期,食品虽然没那么新鲜了,但仍然可以放心食用。当然,你还是要注意,千万别吃变质的东西,只是有些不该扔的最好不要扔。Denmark throws away about 700,000 tons of food every year, according to several estimates. In fact, food waste is a major problem for the whole world.据相关估算,丹麦每年大概扔掉约70万吨食物。事实上,食物浪费是个世界性大问题。Some 795 million people are undernourished globally, according to the World Food Program. Yet about a third of all food produced in the world—some 1.3 billion tons—is wasted each year, according to the ed Nations. The cost of global food wastage is about trillion a year.世界粮食计划署的统计显示,全球约有7.95亿人仍然处于吃不饱的状态。联合国的数据显示,世界上每年产出的食物中,约有三分之一(即13亿吨)被浪费掉了,相当于每年在这方面浪费一万亿美元。All of the store#39;s proceeds will go to DanChurchAid#39;s work in developing nations like South Sudan and Bangladesh.“我们食铺”的所有销售收入都将捐给“丹麦教会援助社”,用于资助南苏丹和孟加拉国等发展中国家。 /201603/428938风顺堂区佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养

沅陵县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养Peng Liyuan, the wife of Chinese president Xi Jinping, looked stunning in a midnight blue gown at lavish white-tie dinner held in Buckingham Palace hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip.在由女王和菲利普亲王举行的盛大国宴上,彭丽媛,中国国家主席习近平夫人,身穿深蓝色拖地长裙惊艳全场。52-year-old Peng Liyuan, who is on a state visit of the UK with her husband, wore a sophisticated blue tailored gown with mid-length sleeves and high collar set off with a white belt and clutch, and a pearl and diamond brooch and drop earrings.52岁的彭丽媛女士正在陪同丈夫在英进行国事访问,她身穿一套复杂剪裁的深蓝色长裙中袖高领晚礼,配白色腰带、手包、珍珠钻石胸针和耳坠。It was the former soprano#39;s third glamorous outfit of the day. In the Houses of Parliament this afternoon she wore an elegant grey tailored coat with a dove grey silk pussy bow blouse. This morning, wearing a simple white dress suit, Peng looked relaxed and elegant as she was greeted by the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.这是这位前女高音歌唱家的第三套富有魅力的装。下午于议会大厦时,她身穿一套优雅的深灰印花长衣外套,浅灰色丝巾系成蝴蝶结的样子随意搭在肩上。今天早上与女王、菲利普亲王、查尔斯王储及康沃尔公爵夫人卡米拉会面时,则身穿一套白色分体裙装,看起来非常放松和优雅,Cabinet members including David Cameron and Theresa May were also on hand to welcome the couple.内阁成员卡梅伦和特蕾莎也在欢迎现场。Following a meeting this morning with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at the exclusive Mandarin Oriental hotel in Knightsbridge, the couple were met at the Horse Guards Parade by a host of UK dignitaries.在早上与查尔斯王储和夫人卡米拉在骑士桥文华东方大酒店举行的会议后,习近平夫妇抵达骑兵检阅场皇家检阅台,会见了英国政要。As she strode alongside Camilla en route to the welcome ceremony, the pair appeared to chat casually, signalling a warmer friendship could develop between the two countries over the coming days.彭丽媛女士走在卡米拉旁边,在前往欢迎仪式的途中,与习主席随意交谈着,像是预示着在之后的几天中英两国关系将会更进一步。Teaming her tailored suit with a pair of black patent heels, the glamorous 52-year-old seemed to be revelling in the company of the royals at the start of the couple#39;s short stay on UK soil.过膝裙配上黑色高跟鞋,彭丽媛显得十分高雅,看起来非常享受在英国的短期访问。Although it#39;s unclear the designer behind the outfit, Ms Peng is said to be a big fan of Chinese couturier Ma Ke, who she#39;s worn frequently since 2003.尽管还不清楚谁设计了这些衣,但是彭丽媛一直都是中国设计师马可的粉丝,从2003年就一直穿她设计的衣。Camilla and Ms Peng continued to chat as they travelled in a royal car together. Camilla, propped up by a white cushion appeared to be gesticulating at the first lady to get her point across.卡米拉与彭丽媛共同乘坐皇家车并继续谈话,卡米拉靠着白色垫子,讲话时做着手势,将自己的观点传达给第一夫人。Arriving at the Horse Guards Parade, the Chinese first lady enjoyed a warm reception from legions of fans who had gathered to greet the presidential couple.抵达骑兵检阅场皇家检阅台时,中国第一夫人受到了众多粉丝欢迎,他们都聚集在这里等着习近平夫妇的到来。 /201510/406295加查县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养 项城市拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养

台东市拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养BEIJING — During the upheaval of China’s Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, when many of the country’s Western-trained scientists were shunned and persecuted, the government had an urgent scientific problem that needed attention.北京——在1960年代文化大革命动乱期间,中国很多受过西方教育的科学家都遭到了冷落和迫害,而政府面临着一个紧迫的科学问题需要解决。North Vietnam, an important ally that was in the middle of war with the ed States, had asked for a way to reduce the deaths of its soldiers from malaria, which had become resistant to the drug chloroquine. Malaria was also killing large numbers of people in southern China.中国的重要盟友北越当时正在与美国作战,因为疟疾逐渐对氯喹药物有了抗药性,他们希望中国帮助减少北越士兵的疟疾死亡率。而且当时疟疾也在中国南方肆虐,夺去了很多人的生命。Mao Zedong set up a secret military project, Project 523 — named after its starting date, May 23, 1967 — to find a solution. But China’s top expert in the field of malaria research, like legions of other Chinese in this time of high political turmoil, had been labeled a “rightist” and shunted aside.为了寻找解决方案,毛泽东成立了一个秘密军事项目,称为523项目,这个名字来自于它的启动日期1967年5月23日。但是,就像动乱期间的其他很多中国人一样,疟疾研究领域的顶级专家也已经作为“右派”靠边站了。After making little headway on the problem, the government turned to the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, and to a little-known scientist, Tu Youyou, who had studied both Western and Chinese medicine — and who found the solution in traditional Chinese healing.项目没有取得什么进展,于是政府找到了北京的中国中医研究院以及一位名不见经传的科学家屠呦呦。结果,对西医和中医均有过研究的屠呦呦从中国传统医学中找到了解决方案。Dr. Tu, 84, on Monday became the first citizen of the People’s Republic of China to win a Nobel Prize in the sciences, for discovering artemisinin, a drug that is now part of standard antimalarial regimens. She shared the Nobel for medicine or physiology with two scientists who also developed antiparasitic drugs.本周一,现年84岁的屠呦呦成为第一位获得诺贝尔奖科学奖项的中国公民。她发现的青蒿素现在已经是标准的抗疟治疗方案的一部分。屠呦呦与其他两名研制抗寄生虫药的科学家一起,分享了今年的诺贝尔生理学或医学奖。Dr. Tu, through the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica at the Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences where she works, issued a statement about the value of artemisinin and traditional Chinese medicine.屠呦呦通过她所在的中国中医科学院中药研究所,发表了一份关于青蒿素与传统中医药价值的获奖感言。“Artemisinin is a gift for the world’s people from traditional Chinese medicine,” the statement said.“青蒿素是传统中医药送给世界人民的礼物,”声明说。Four Chinese scientists born in mainland China have been awarded the Nobel in physics, but only after making their careers in the West. The Chinese government has long wanted a Nobel in the sciences for the sake of prestige and as a confirmation of the quality of its education system.之前已经有四名出生在中国大陆的华裔科学家获得过诺贝尔物理学奖,但都是他们在西方开创事业之后。中国政府一直希望本土有人获得诺贝尔科学奖,认为这可以提升其声誉,是对其教育体系质量的认可。The Chinese government and state-run news media celebrated Dr. Tu’s prize as an acknowledgment of the rising strength of Chinese science as well as a vindication of the value of traditional Chinese medicine. But some scientists and commentators also said that until now, China’s scientific establishment had treated Dr. Tu somewhat dismissively.中国政府和官方新闻媒体庆祝屠呦呦获得了诺贝尔奖,认为这体现了中国科研实力的提升,也明了中国传统医学的价值。但是一些科学家和人士也表示,迄今为止,中国科研体制对屠呦呦的态度一直很冷淡。Prime Minister Li Keqiang said that Dr. Tu’s Nobel “was an expression of the prosperity and progress of Chinese science, and of the huge contribution that Chinese traditional medicine and pharmacy has made to the health of humankind.”李克强总理说,屠呦呦获得诺贝尔奖“是中国科技繁荣进步的体现,是中医药对人类健康事业作出巨大贡献的体现”。But Dr. Tu had been denied a place as an academician in China’s highest honorary body for scientists, apparently because of her lack of foreign training and a doctoral degree, other commentators noted.不过也有人士指出,屠呦呦之所以未能成为中国科学家最高荣誉机构的院士,显然是因为她缺乏外国教育背景,也没有士学位。“I think that Tu Youyou’s prize should lead to deeper reflection about China’s scientific efforts,” Wang Yuanfeng, a professor in Beijing said in an online commentary. “There are many problems in the institutions and mechanisms of scientific work in China.”“我觉得借由屠呦呦的获奖,还应该对中国的科技工作做更深的思考!”北京的教授王元丰在网上说。“中国科技工作的体制和机制还存在不少问题。”At the start of her research for Project 523, Dr. Tu, then 39, was sent to Hainan Island, in the southernmost region of China, to see how the disease was affecting the population. Her husband had been purged during the Cultural Revolution, and she put her 4-year-old daughter into a nursery. Her visit to Hainan was the start of a decade of work, she told New Scientist in an interview in 2011.在参与523项目之初,当时39岁的屠呦呦被派到中国最南端的海南岛,亲眼看到了这种疾病给当地居民带来的痛苦。她的丈夫在文革期间遭到迫害,她把4岁的女儿送到了托儿所。在2011年接受《新科学家》(New Scientist)采访时,她说那次海南之行是历时10年的工作的开始。She visited traditional medical practitioners across China, and from those conversations, compiled a notebook, “A Collection of Single Practical Prescriptions for Anti-Malaria.” Among 2,000 traditional Chinese recipes, she said, one compound was found to be effective: sweet wormwood, or Artemisia annua, which was used for “intermittent fevers,” a hallmark of malaria.她走访了中国各地的传统医药从业者,并整理了谈话记录,编写了《抗疟单验方集》。她说,在2000多个药方中,他们发现有一味药在抑制疟疾的标志症状“间歇热”时很有效,那就是青蒿。In the interview, Dr. Tu told New Scientist that she re a particular recipe, written more than 1,600 years ago in a text titled “Emergency Prescriptions Kept Up One’s Sleeve.” The directions were to soak one bunch of wormwood in water and then drink the juice.屠呦呦接受《新科学家》采访时说,她重读了1600多年前的医药典籍《肘后备急方》提到的特殊处方。书中提到将青蒿浸泡在水中,然后喝下青蒿汁。But Dr. Tu said she realized that her method of preparation — boiling the wormwood — probably damaged the active ingredient. So she made another preparation using an ether-based solvent, which boils at 35 degrees Celsius, or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. When tested on mice and monkeys, she said, it proved 100 percent effective.但屠呦呦说,她认识到自己的制取方法——煮青蒿——可能破坏了有效成分。因此,她利用以乙醚为基础的溶剂进行制取,这种溶剂的沸点为35摄氏度或95华氏度。她表示,对小鼠和猴子的试验显示100%有效。After the successful animal tests, Dr. Tu volunteered to be the first human subject, along with two colleagues. Satisfied that she had suffered no ill effects, she conducted clinical trials with patients.动物试验取得成功后,屠呦呦和两名同事自愿成为第一批接受人体试验的人员。药物没有出现副作用,屠呦呦对此感到很满意,开始对病人进行临床试验。“We had just cured drug-resistant malaria,” Dr. Tu told New Scientist. “We were very excited.”“我们治愈了抗药性疟疾,”屠呦呦告诉《新科学家》。“我们非常激动。”Ten years after Mao founded Project 523, her work was published, though anonymously.在毛泽东设立523项目10年之后,屠呦呦的成果得以发表,尽管是以匿名的形式。Western aid agencies did not take advantage of artemisinin for decades, even after its effectiveness was established. Older drugs were cheaper, but resistance to them was growing and some experts said the delay endangered lives.西方援助机构数十年来没有使用青蒿素,即便在其有效性得到确认后也没有使用。老药比较便宜,但对它们的抗药性越来越强,一些专家认为,这种拖延危及生命。The Nobel is not the first recognition for Dr. Tu’s work. In 2011, when she won the 0,000 Lasker Award for clinical medical research, which named her the discoverer of artemisinin, some Chinese and Western malaria experts protested.诺贝尔奖并非屠呦呦的工作得到的第一个认可。2011年,屠呦呦获得拉斯克奖临床医学研究奖(Lasker Award),被授予25万美元奖金以表彰她发现青蒿素,当时一些中国及西方的疟疾专家提出了抗议。Dr. Nicholas J. White, a prominent malaria researcher at Oxford, said that others involved in the research equally deserved the honor. He suggested that the clinical trial leader, Dr. Li Guoqiao, and a chemist, Li Ying, had contributed just as much. A malaria researcher from Hong Kong, Dr. Keith Arnold, agreed.牛津大学著名的疟疾研究员尼古拉斯·J·怀特(Nicholas J. White)士说,其他参与研究的人员同样应该获奖。他表示,临床试验负责人李国桥、化学家李英做出了同样多的贡献。香港的疟疾研究员基思·阿诺德(Keith Arnold)士同意这一观点。But Dr. Tu said in an interview that she had done the decisive work. As the leader of a small team within the large Project 523, she was the first to isolate the active ingredient, and the one who had thought of using ether to extract it rather than the boiling method, she said.但屠呦呦接受采访时说,她做了决定性的工作。她表示,作为规模庞大的523项目中一个小团队的负责人,她最先分离了有效成分,并想到通过乙醚提取青蒿素取代煎煮法。The Lasker citation had noted that the research under Project 523 was collaborative. In 1978, she was singled out to accept an award from the Chinese government to Project 523.拉斯克奖的颁奖辞指出,523项目的研究工作是通过合作完成的。1978年,屠呦呦被选中接受中国政府授予523项目的奖。 /201510/402411 Yuan Dynasty元朝Social Economy and Culture社会经济与文化As in other periods of alien dynastic rule of China, a rich cultural diversity developed during the Yuan dynasty.正如中国其他时期的不同年代一样,丰富的文化多样性在元朝得以发展。The major cultural achievements were the development of drama and the novel and the increased use of the written vernacular.文化上的主要成就在于戏剧和小说的发展以及对于本地文字书写的增多。Given the unified rule of central Asia, trades between East and West flourished.统治了整个中亚之后,东西方的贸易交往得到了振兴。The Mongols’ extensive West Asian and European contacts produced a fair amount of cultural exchange.蒙古国与西亚和欧洲的广泛联系创造了一定的文化交流。Western musical instruments were introduced to enrich the Chinese performing arts.西方的乐器传入中国,丰富了国内的表演艺术。From this period dates the conversion to Islam, by Muslims of Central Asia, of growing numbers of Chinese in the northwest and southwest.从这个时代开始,由于中亚的穆斯林,越来越多的西北和西南部的中国人转而信奉伊斯兰教。Nestorianism and Roman Catholicism also enjoyed a period of toleration.景教和天主教同样得到了一段时间的默许。Lamaism (Tibetan Buddhism) flourished, although native Taoism endured Mongol persecutions.尽管传统道教受到了蒙古人的迫害,喇嘛教(藏传佛教)却繁荣发展。Confucian governmental practices and examinations based on the Classics, which had fallen into disuse in north China during the period of disunity, were reinstated by the Mongols in the hope of maintaining order over Han society.为了保持对于汉人的统治,在分裂时期被北方弃用的儒家政策和以儒家经典为基础的科举制在元朝时期得到了恢复。Advances were realized in the fields of travel literature, cartography, and geography, and scientific education.旅游文学、制图学、地理学和科学教育领域取得了进步。Certain key Chinese innovations, such as printing techniques, porcelain production, playing cards, and medical literature, were introduced in Europe, while the production of thin glass and cloisonne became popular in China.当薄玻璃制造和法蓝瓷工艺在中国兴起时,一些核心的中国发明例如印刷术、瓷器制造、纸牌以及医药文学传至欧洲。The first records of travel by Westerners date from this time.西方人的第一部游记追溯到这个时期。The most famous traveler of the period was the Venetian Marco Polo, whose account of his trip to “Cambaluc” the Great Khan’s capital (now Beijing),and of life there astounded the people of Europe.这个时代最著名的旅者是人马可波罗,他对于自己到元朝都城“堪巴禄克”(今北京)的旅行以及那里人们的生活震惊了欧洲人。The Mongols undertook extensive public works. Road and water communications were reorganized and improved.蒙古人还广泛进行公共工程的建设。To provide against possible famines, granaries were ordered built throughout the empire.道路和水陆交通得到了整顿和改进。The city of Beijing was rebuilt with new palace grounds that included artificial lakes, hills and mountains, and parks.为了对抗可能发生的饥荒,国家的每个地方都建立了粮仓。During the Yuan period, Beijing became the terminus of the Grand Canal, which was completely renovated.北京城被重建,新建了包括人工湖、假山和花园在内的皇家建筑。These commercially oriented improvements encouraged overland as well as maritime commerce throughout Asia and facilitated the first direct Chinese contacts with Europe.元朝时期,经历了全面翻修,北京成为了大运河的终点。Chinese and Mongol travelers to the West were able to provide assistance in such areas as hydraulic engineering, while bringing back to the Middle Kingdom new scientific discoveries and architectural innovations.这些贸易导向型的发展不仅鼓励了陆路贸易还激励了贯穿亚洲的海上贸易,并促进了中国与欧洲的首次直接联系。Contacts with the West also brought the introduction to China of a major new food crop—sorghum—along with other foreign food products and methods of preparation.中原和蒙古前往西方的旅者可以再水利工程方面提供帮助,同时为朝廷带回新的科技发现与建筑创造。与西方的联系还为中国带来了一种新的主要粮食作物——高粱以及其他一些国外的食物和制作工艺。 /201512/412227吉隆县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养饼干龟品种介绍种类区别



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