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Hi,everybody.Our country is home to some of the most beautiful God-given landscapes in the world.Were blessed with natural treasures-from the Grand Tetons to the Grand Canyon; from lush forests and vast deserts to lakes and rivers teeming with wildlife.And its our responsibility to protect these treasures for future generations,just as previous generations protected them for us.大家好!我们的国家是上帝赐予人类最美丽的家园之一。这里风景优美物产丰饶,有大蒂顿山、大峡谷;有茂密的森林无垠的沙漠也有大江和湖泊,野生动物种类繁多。我们有责任为子孙后代保护好这些珍贵的资源,如同我们的前辈们为我们所做的一样。Since taking office,Ive set aside more than 260 million acres of public lands and waters-more than any President in history.Last month,we announced that 11 states had come together with ranchers,and industry groups to protect a threatened species-the sage grouse-without jeopardizing local economies.Two weeks ago,we announced that were creating one new marine sanctuary on the Potomac River in Maryland,and another along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin-part of unprecedented efforts to restore the Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes.We also joined a coalition of countries cracking down on illegal fishing that threatens jobs and food security around the globe. And Im going to keep protecting the places that make America special,and the livelihoods of those who depend on them.自我主政以来,我已经保留出2.6亿英亩的公共用地和水域,这一面积比历史上任何一位总统的都多。上个月,11个州的牧场主、工业企业一起宣布共同保护濒危物种——艾草松鸡,这样的行动并没有对当地经济造成影响。两周前,我们宣布在马里兰的波托马克河,威斯康辛州的密歇根湖沿线建立新的水域自然保护区,以前所未有的力度保护切萨皮克湾和大湖区的生态。我们还与其它国家一起共同打击全球各地的非法等威胁生态和食品安全的行为。我将继续保护我们的家园,因为正是这些地方让美国与众不同,而这也是很多人赖以生存的地方。Well also keep doing what we can to prevent the worst effects of climate change before its too late.Over the past six years,weve led by example,generating more clean energy and lowering our carbon emissions.Our businesses have stepped up in a big way,including just this past week.Some of our biggest companies made new commitments to act on climate-not just because its good for the planet,but because its good for their bottom line.我们还将继续尽一切努力抢在事情变得不可收拾之前阻止气候进一步变暖。过去的六年里,我们做出了表率,生产了更多的清洁能源,减少了碳排放。我们的企业也紧跟时代潮流,最近的一个星期,一些大型企业也做出了应对气候变化的新承诺,这不仅仅是因为这么做对地球好,更因为这对企业发展有好处。This is how America is leading on the environment.And because America is leading by example,150 countries,representing over 85% of global emissions,have now laid out plans to reduce their levels of the harmful carbon pollution that warms our planet.And it gives us great momentum going into Paris this December,where the world needs to come together and build on these individual commitments with an ambitious,long-term agreement to protect this Earth for our kids.这就是美国在引领世界在保护环境上所做的工作。因为美国的示范作用,排放量占全球总量85%的150多个国家都纷纷制定了各自减少有害碳排放污染物的计划。这也让我们在12月份参加巴黎会议时有更大的动力,全世界都需要团结起来,在各国做出承诺的基础上,制定出更加宏伟、长期的协议,为我们的子孙后代计,保护好我们的地球。Now Congress has to do its job.This month,even as Republicans in Congress barely managed to keep our government open,they shut down something called the Land and Water Conservation Fund.For more than half a century,this fund has protected more than 5 million acres of land-from playgrounds to parks to priceless landscapes-all without costing taxpayers a dime.Nearly every single county in America has benefited from this program.It has bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate.Republicans in Congress should reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund without delay.现在,国会也要做好自己的工作。这个月,国会的共和党人差点让政府关门,此外,他们还封停了“陆地和水域保护基金”。半个多世纪以来,这个基金会保护了500多万英亩的土地,有运动场、公园,还有很多无价的土地,所有这些工作没有花纳税人一分钱。美国几乎每一个郡县都从这个项目中受益过。这个项目有参众两院两党的共同持。国会的共和党人应该对这一项目重新授权,马上为“陆地和水域保护基金”提供全面资金持,不要拖延。After all,as Pope Francis reminds us so eloquently,this planet is a gift from God-and our common home.We should leave it to our kids in better shape than we found it.请记住,方济各教皇曾意味深长的说过:“这个星球是上帝给人类的礼物,是我们共同的家园。我们应该保护好她,把更好的她转交给我们的后代。”Thanks,and have a great weekend.谢谢大家!祝周末愉快! 201510/406192

Thousands of people are posting s like this,mostly teenage girls, reaching out in this way.有成千上万的人们上传这样的视频,他们中大部分都是十几岁的女孩,用这种方式来接触外界。But whats leading them to do this?然而是什么导致他们这样做的呢?Well, todays teenagers are rarely alone.今天的青少年很少独处。Theyre under pressure to be online and available at all times,talking, messaging, liking, commenting, sharing, posting a it never ends.他们被迫上网并随时保持在线,聊天、发信息、点赞、、分享、上传—无休无止。Never before have we been so connected,so continuously, so instantaneously, so young. 我们之前从来没有如此被紧密地联系,而且是如此地无休无止、如此快速,如此年轻。And as one mom told me, its like theres a party in their bedroom every night.正如一位妈妈跟我说的,似乎每天晚上他们的卧室里都有聚会。Theres simply no privacy.简直毫无隐私。And the social pressures that go along with that are relentless.而由此伴随而来的社会压力也是残酷的。This always-on environment is training our kids to value themselves based on the number of likes they get and the types of comments that they receive.这种永远在线的环境将我们的孩子训练成要靠通过他们获得的点赞数量和收到的来肯定自己的价值。Theres no separation between online and offline life.没有线上和线下之分,Whats real or what isnt is really hard to tell the difference between.很难区分什么是真实的什么不是真实的,And its also really hard to tell the difference between whats authentic and whats digitally manipulated.也很难区分现实和虚拟世界。Whats a highlight in someones life versus whats normal in the context of everyday.也分不清日常生活和精时光。And where are they looking to for inspiration?那他们又从哪里去获得灵感呢?Well, you can see the kinds of images that are covering the newsfeeds of girls today.你可以看看那些今天出现在各种新闻中女孩的形象。Size zero models still dominate our catwalks.零号尺寸模特仍然统治着T形台。Airbrushing is now routine.修饰照片现在也很常见。And trends like thinspiration, thighgap,bikinibridge and proana.现在的趋势是励瘦、大腿间距、比基尼桥和安娜运动。For those who dont know, proana means pro-anorexia.要跟那些不明白这些的人提一下,安娜运动的意思是持厌食。These trends are teamed with the stereotyping and flagrant objectification of women in todays popular culture.这些趋势与今天的流行文化中对女性的刻板印象和公然物化结合在一起。It is not hard to see what girls are benchmarking themselves against.从中不难看出女孩子们是怎样定位自己的。But boys are not immune to this either.但是男孩子们对此也不能幸免。Aspiring to the chiseled jaw lines and ripped six packs of superhero-like sports stars and playboy music artists.他们渴望拥有轮廓分明的下巴线条和像英雄般的体育明星以及音乐艺术家所拥有的六块腹肌。201507/385848

And they had traveled from near, they had traveled from far,because they wanted to make their voices heard. 有些住在附近,有些远道而来,但他们都想表达自己的声音And I asked one of the voters, I said, Whom are you going to vote for?我问一个选民:你打算投谁的票?And he said, Im sorry, I cant tell you.他说:不好意思不能告诉你。He said that his vote was in his heart.他说他心中有打算。And I understood, this was their election,and they werent going to let anyone take it away from them. 我非常理解,这是他们的选举,他们不会让任何人夺走这个权利。Now the first round of the voting didnt bring forth a clear winner,so nobody had achieved the absolute majority,so voting went into a second round three weeks later. 第一轮选举没有诞生一个明晰的获选人,还没有人完全占上风,所以3周后进行第二轮选举。The candidates were back on the road; they were campaigning.候选人重新开始竞选活动。The rhetoric of the candidates, of course, changed.他们收起了文绉绉的措辞。The heat was on.气氛变得激烈。And then the cliche came to haunt us.然后就出现了意料之中的状况。There were claims of intimidation at the polling stations,of ballot boxes being stolen.投票站收到举报,声称投票箱被窃取。Inflated results started coming in and the mob was starting to get out of control.随之而来一系列的麻烦人群开始失去控制。We witnessed the eruption of violence in the streets.我们目睹了大街上大量的暴力事件。People were being beaten brutally.很多人惨遭毒打。The army started firing their guns. People were scrambling.军队开始开火。人群混乱不堪。It was complete chaos.完全一片混乱。And my heart sank,because I thought, here we are again. 我的心渐渐往下沉,因为我想,再一次。Here is another proof that the African is not capable of governing himself.非洲再一次明我们非洲人没有能力自治。And not only that, I am documenting it documenting my own cultural shortcomings.不仅如此,我正在记录,记录着我自己的文化的短处。So when the echo of the gunshots had lingered,it was soon drowned by the chanting of the mob,and I didnt believe what I was hearing.然而当声逐渐散去,人群开始呼喊,我无法相信我所听到的。They were chanting, We want peace.他们在呼喊我们渴望和平。We want peace.我们渴望和平。201508/391460

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