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襄樊中医院看妇科怎么样襄樊市妇幼保健中医院看妇科多少钱襄阳皮肤病医院挂号 Religious discrimination种族歧视Dress codes着装要求Can a Muslim woman be denied a job because of her headscarf?穆斯林妇女就该因为头巾而遭遇求职被拒吗?SAMANTHA ELAUF, a young Muslim woman, did well in her interview for a job at a childrens branch of Abercrombie amp; Fitch, a casual-clothing store, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But when the interviewer told a manager about Ms Elaufs black headscarf, she was instructed to lower the applicants “appearance” score and deny her the job. According to the companys “look policy”, employees must align their dress with the “preppy look of the Ivy League” and must not wear “caps” or black clothing. In fact Abercrombie is best-known for the half-naked (but preppy) hunks that adorn its shopping bags.萨曼莎·埃劳夫是一名穆斯林少女,曾在Abercrombie amp; Fitch休闲装公司(位于奥克拉何马州吐桑市)的童装分公司面试中表现不错。然而,当面试者和经理谈起埃劳夫的黑色头巾时,埃劳夫的“形象分”便大打折扣,而且她的求职也被拒绝了。根据该公司的“外貌政策(look policy)”,雇员着装要求必须符合“常青藤学院派风格”,不能戴“帽子”,不能穿黑色衣。事实上,Aamp;F公司却是因印刷在购物袋上半裸(但具学院风)的大块头而闻名于世。Ms Elauf turned to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which sued the store on her behalf. A federal district court in Oklahoma ruled that in refusing to hire Ms Elauf because of her religious practice, Abercrombie had violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. On appeal, the Tenth Circuit Court held for the company. If Ms Elauf wanted a religious accommodation, the appeals court said, she should have asked for it.埃劳夫向公平就业机会委员会(EEOC)求助,该委员会代表她起诉了Aamp;F。奥克拉荷马州的联邦地区法院裁决,Aamp;F公司因宗教习俗而拒绝雇佣埃劳夫,违反了1964年《民权法案》第七章条例。经过上诉,第十巡回法院适用该公司。如果埃劳夫想要一个宗教住房,上诉法庭表示她应该申请一个的。On February 25th the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case. The chief justice, John Roberts, worried that the EEOCs view would lead an interviewer to grill a bearded applicant with a “Middle Eastern appearance” about possible “religious reasons” for his facial hair while asking no other applicants about grooming. “It seems that your solution causes more problems,” he told the governments lawyer.2月25日,最高法院主张对案件开辩论庭。公平就业机会委员会(EEOC)的观点会促使面试者对有着“中东外貌”、长满胡子的求职者进行“严刑拷问”,内容包括与他的脸部毛发相关的“宗教原因”,相比之下此类美容问题不会问及其他求职者;首席大法官约翰·罗伯茨对此表示担忧。“看起来,你的解决之道招致更多麻烦,”他对政府律师说道。The toughest question for the other side came from Justice Samuel Alito, author of a decision earlier this term protecting the right of a Muslim inmate to grow a beard. Imagine that “a Sikh man wearing a turban”, “a Hasidic man wearing a hat”, “a Muslim woman wearing a hijab” and “a Catholic nun in a habit” come in for an interview. In order to be accommodated, would these individuals have to say, “Im dressed this way for a religious reason”? Abercrombies lawyer admitted that some “religious outfits” are “more obvious than others”. But the significance of Ms Elaufs headscarf, he said, was “ambiguous”.另一派的“烫手山芋”源于塞缪尔·阿里托法官,曾主张维护一名穆斯林囚犯蓄胡子的权利。假想一下:一名锡克教男子戴着头巾,抑或哈希德派人戴帽子,抑或一名穆斯林妇女戴着希贾布(头巾),又或修行的天主教修女,走进来面试。这些人为了适应大环境可能会说“我穿成这样是处于宗教信仰”吗?Aamp;F公司的律师承认,“一些宗教饰”比“其他人的更加明显招摇”。但是他补充道,埃劳夫头巾的意义是“不明确的”。Putting the onus on employers without “actual knowledge” of applicants religious scruples would be “unadministrable”, the stores lawyer argued, and would lead to stereotyping. The governments lawyer disagreed: the interviewer just needed to explain the “look policy”, and ask applicants if they had trouble complying with it. Most of the justices seemed to sympathise with Ms Elauf. A decision is expected by the end of June.律师继续说道,雇主对求职者的“宗教顾忌”“不知情”却要一切承担罪责,这么做是“处理不当”的,而且还会引发陈腔滥调。政府律师反驳道:固执只需要解释“外貌政策(look policy)”,并且询问求职者是否有困难遵守条例。大部分法官似乎同情埃劳夫,将于六月底做出决议。译者:黄柳译文属译生译世 /201503/362240Russia has named Slade mere Putin man of the year for the 15th year in a row.15th year in a row.俄国已经连续15年将瓦德米尔·普京选为年度人物了 连续15年哦Putin got 143 million votes and the guy,he was up against got killed in a mysterious voting accident.普京得到了1亿4千3百万票 他的竞选对手 死于船只神秘事故You think Putin was nervous last night,pacing in front of the phone?你觉得普京昨晚会紧张吗 在电话前不停踱步And the guy who got killed in the boating accident,the boat was in a warehouse.死于船只事故那家伙 那艘船还在仓库里呢But no investigation.Not one.但无人展开调查 完全没有This is a kind of cool news.A ;walking dead; Spinoff is going to be set right here in Los Angeles.这挺酷的 《行尸走肉》的衍生剧 将把故事背景设置在洛杉矶The Zombies are expected to do the two things in L.A refuse to do,walk and eat meat.僵尸将做洛杉矶人民不肯做的两件事 走路和吃肉Jeb bush making a lot of news.Jeb bush put up a facebook post about possibly running for president,and it was full of typos.杰布·布什最近总上新闻 杰布·布什在脸书上发表了帖子 关于将来可能参加总统竞选 但通篇错字After ing it,George W.Bush asked what typos?It looks fine.读过之后 小布什问 什么错字 没问题啊The porn industry has been in court arguing that making porn actors were condoms,Violates their first amendment rights.色情产业在法庭上抗辩 逼迫色情明星戴套 有违他们的第一修正案权利Porn is protected by the pursuit of life,liberty and the pursuit of safe happiness.他们还称 受追求生命 自由 和追求虚假幸福的权利所保护201610/471640湖北襄阳人民医院治疗阴道炎多少钱

襄樊铁路医院挂号网The vote was held on 10th April 1938 and both Austrians and Germans were asked if they agreed with the unification of the two countries and with Adolf Hitler.投票定在1938年4月10日,奥地利人和德国人都被问及是否赞成两国统一以及持希特勒包括数十万奥地利人。Several hundred thousand Austrians,mostly Jews and the Nazispolitical opponents,were denied the right to vote.大部分犹太人以及纳粹政治对手被否决投票权投票纸上。And for those who did vote, there was a hint on the ballot paper of what their choice should be,with the space for ;Yes; much bigger than the space for ;No;.对民众的选择有点暗示,填;持;的空框比;不持;的要大得多。More than 99% of Austrians voted for Hitler.超99%的奥地利人投票持希特勒。Hitler emerged from his Austrian adventure stronger than he had ever been.成功侵占奥地利令希特勒的野心比以往更强烈。And now he wanted to take over Czechoslovakia.现在他意图侵占捷克斯洛伐克。General Ludwig Beck wrote a warning memo and it in May 1938 to the head of the army.碧路维将军写一份警告书在1938年5月向军队首领宣读。 译文属201601/422581襄州医院治疗肛周囊肿多少钱 Russia and the rouble俄罗斯和卢布As ye sow, so shall ye reap自己种下的恶果,自己承受The collapse in the rouble is caused by Vladimir Putins belligerence, greed and paranoia由于弗拉基米尔普京的挑衅、贪婪以及偏执,导致卢布崩溃VLADIMIR PUTIN has successfully suppressed dissent, squeezed out opposition and clamped down on the media, but he has not been able to control global financial markets. In recent days the rouble has collapsed; it has lost almost 40% of its value over three weeks. This is the biggest crisis of Mr Putins reign—and it is entirely his fault.弗拉基米尔普京成功压制了异议,挤出了反对者,严厉打击了媒体,但是他还是没能控制国际金融市场。近期卢布崩盘,过去三周,卢布价值暴跌40%。这是普京当政期间遭遇的最大的危机—而且这完全就是普京的错。Mr Putin will no doubt blame all the usual suspects—Western speculators who bet against his currency, Western imperialists who imposed sanctions on his economy, Western economists who failed to forecast that the oil price (down by half over six months) would fall as far as it has and, of course, Western newspapers that told him that his policies would lead to disaster. But the crisis is the inevitable consequence of Putinism—of aggression abroad and a corrupt-and-control economy at home.毫无疑问,普京将会把责任归咎于所有的嫌疑人身上—下赌注反对卢布的西方投机商,对俄罗斯经济采取制裁的西方帝国主义者,没能预测油价将会下跌到当前水平(过去六个月下跌了一半)的西方经济学家们;当然还有告诉他他的政策将会带来灾难的西方报纸。但是这场危机是普京主义不可避免的结果——国外挑衅加上国内受贿控制经济。Kleptocracy and its consequences腐朽政府及其后果The sanctions were imposed by the West because of his conduct in the Ukraine, where he has, among many things, seized territory, engineered a war and refused to investigate the shooting down of a civilian airliner. Meanwhile, he has failed to reform Russias economy, leaving it dependent on the energy industry that he has carved up among his friends. Had he chosen to build an economy based on the rule of law and competition rather than patronage and corruption, things would have looked very different.西方采取制裁是因为他在乌克兰的行为,他控制了该领土,密谋策划了一场战争,拒绝调查一架民航飞机被击落的事件。同时,俄罗斯经济改革失败,使得俄罗斯依赖于他从朋友那里瓜分来的能源工业上。如果他选择建立一个基于法制和竞争而不是互利互惠和受贿的经济体系,那么现在就会是另一番景象。In the short term, there is not a great deal that Mr Putin can do to get his country out of the mess that he has made. A huge interest-rate rise this week, following previous large increases, has not worked. Capital controls are not the answer. They can sometimes be effectively employed against short-term speculation, but in this case investors are rightly worried about an economy that is so reliant on one sector. Anyway, in such a lawless place, capital controls would be porous and could trigger runs on the banks which the country could ill afford. Russia still has reserves of 0 billion, but it also has foreign-currency debts of more than 0 billion.短期来看,普京不能让俄罗斯摆脱掉他制造的这个困境。紧接着前期的大幅上涨,本周利率大幅上升,但并没有起作用。资本控制不是解决问题的。资本控制有时在对抗短期投机买卖方面能起到有效作用,但是在这个问题中,投资者有理由担心一个这么依赖于某一方面的经济是否可靠。不管怎样,在这样一个目无法纪的地方,资本控制将会有很多漏洞,而且会引发挤兑,这点国家将很难承担。俄罗斯还有3700亿美元储备金,但是他还有超过6千亿美金的外债。To improve the long-term prospects of an economy that is heading into a deep recession, two bigger changes are needed. The first is that Russia should pull back from eastern Ukraine and seek some accommodation with the government in Kiev and the West that could lead to the lifting of sanctions. The second is a change to the countrys economic model. Mr Putin needs to take advantage of the fall in the value of the currency to diversify away from excess dependence on oil and gas, which make up two-thirds of exports; to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing and high-tech industry; to strengthen the rule of law; and to clean up corruption. To implement all this he should replace his pliant prime minister (and previous president), Dmitry Medvedev, with a credible economist such as Alexei Kudrin, who was a respected finance minister for 11 years. His oligarch chums might not like this, but Russians would be better off.为了提高陷入深度衰退的经济长期繁荣,需要两大方面的改变。第一个是俄罗斯从乌克兰东边撤兵,而且还要寻求和基辅政府以及可以解除制裁的西方国家之间的调解。第二个方面是改变国家的经济模式。普京需要利用货币价值的下跌,脱离对油和天然气的过度依赖,进行多元化发展,提高制造业和高科技产业的竞争力,加强法律,清理腐败。要实现上面这些,他要替换掉他容易摆布的首相(他也是前总统),德米特里梅德韦杰夫,换成可靠的经济学家如受尊敬的财政部长亚力克西库德林,他已任该职11年。他的寡头政治家朋友们可能不喜欢这个,但是俄罗斯人可能会更富裕。Sadly, none of this is likely to happen. Mr Putin will probably double down, railing against Western iniquity, stifling all dissent at home, destabilising Ukraine still more and interfering further in other neighbouring countries. And he will pursue a course of growing autarky, severing as many of Russias economic and financial links to the West as he can.遗憾的是,两者都不可能发生。普京可能会进行双重打击,怒斥西方的不公正,压制国内所有异议,使得乌克兰的政局更加动荡,更深入地干预其他邻国。他会追求自给自足,切断尽可能多的俄罗斯和西方的经济金融联系。A brazenly nationalist course will impoverish Russia further, making it impossible for Mr Putin to keep delivering rising living standards. He will gamble that the Russian people are foolish enough to trade prosperity for nationalistic fervour. This newspaper hopes he is wrong.一个厚颜无耻的民族主义进程会让俄罗斯更加贫穷,也会让普京更加不可能提高人民的生活质量。他在赌俄罗斯人民足够愚蠢,愿意用富裕来换取民族主义热情。本报希望他是错误的。译者:王呆呆 译文属译生译世 /201412/351289襄樊市铁路中心医院能做孕检吗?

襄阳市中医医院上环咨询 You know what?Thank you.Thank you.Im feeling wild enough to tell you another one.Here is another one.你知道吗 谢谢 谢谢 我还想再给你们讲一个 听听看这个Where does seaweed go to look for a job?Where does seaweed go to look for a job?海草都去哪里找工作 海草都去哪里找工作The ;kelp wanted; section.Alright, okay, too far.I put it.;海草招聘会; 好吧 扯过头了 不好笑I should stop.Heres something Im excited to start,Its a brand new watching-win contest.我应该见好就收 说一个挺让我激动的事 最新举办了看电视赢奖品比赛This season apart with TCL and Roku be my official TV sponsor.这一季是与TCL合作 罗库是我们的官方电视赞助商They are presenting a Selfie Yourself ,000 Challenge,他们举办了 晒自拍赢万元大奖的挑战活动On next week you can enter to win a fifty-five-inches ;TCL Roku TV; and ,000.下一周你们就可以参与 奖品是55英寸的TCL罗库电视和一万美元奖金All you have to do, is take a selfie with my show playing in the background each day,你要做的就是每天拍一张自拍 照片背景播放我的节目then go to my website submit your selfie and tell me why you should win.然后把你的自拍上传到我的网页 并且告诉我你赢得大奖的理由Watch TV to win money is the American dream.看电视赢奖金就是美国梦啊Alright.Right now,Right now Im bringing out two people who always make me so happy,好了 现在 现在我要为你们请出两个 总能让我超开心的人Here to dance for you Our 4-year-old Heaven and her mom Tianne.来给你们跳段舞 有请我们4岁的海文和她的妈妈蒂安娜 /201601/422056襄阳医院做b超多少钱谷城人民医院处女膜修复手术怎么样



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