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At last week#39;s ;Love and Sex with Robots; conference in London, David Levy, an expert on artificial intelligence, predicted that human-robot marriages would be legal by 2050.上周在伦敦举行的“与机器人的爱与性”大会上,人工智能方面的专家大卫·勒维预测,人类与机器人之间的婚姻将在2050年前合法化。Adrian Cheok, computing professor at City University London, supported the view.伦敦城市大学计算机系教授艾德里安·丘克持该观点。;That might seem outrageous because it#39;s only 34 years away. But 34 years ago people thought homosexual marriage was outrageous,; said Cheok.丘克称:“这可能听起来不可思议,因为距2050年只有34年了。但34年前,人们还觉得同性婚姻不可思议呢。”And though human-robot marriage might not be legal until 2050, Cheok believes humans will be living with robot partners long before then.他认为,尽管人类与机器人或许要到2050年才能合法结婚,但早在那之前他们就能成为生活伴侣。He believes robot-human marriages will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on society.他认为机器人和人类的婚姻将对社会产生极其积极的影响。;People assume that everyone can get married, have sex, fall in love. But actually many don#39;t,; he says. ;A lot of human marriages are very unhappy. Compared to a bad marriage, a robot will be better than a human.;他说:“人们认为每个人都可以结婚、做爱、坠入爱河。但实际上许多人并没有。很多人的婚姻都很不幸福。与糟糕的婚姻相比,一个机器人反而会比一个人类好得多。”Others are less convinced. Oliver Bendel, professor at University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, says he does not believe sex or love robots will have moral standing.不过其他人对此并不信。瑞士应用科学和艺术大学的教授奥利弗·本德尔表示,人类与机器人的性和爱关系将不会获得道德的撑。;Marriage is a form of contract between human beings to regulate mutual rights and obligations including the care and the welfare of children. Perhaps one day robots can have real duties and rights, though I don#39;t really believe it,; he says.他表示:“婚姻是人与人之间的一种合同形式,它被用以管理人与人之间共同的权利和义务,包括对孩子的照顾和福利。也许有一天机器人能够拥有真正的责任和权利,虽然我不相信这会发生。”However, he acknowledges that human-robot marriage could become legal by 2050 simply in response to public pressure.但他同时也承认,在2050年前,人类与机器人的婚姻或许因为社会压力而合法。 /201701/487597

While walking across an open, grassy field, I became excited as my hand swooped toward the ground like an eagle attacking its prey.我走在一片开阔的草地上,就像老鹰捕食一样,我兴奋地将手朝草地里抓去。I picked up half of a bill. I continued to walk around looking for the other half but thought to myself it would be impossible to find it on such a windy day.我捡到了半张5美金,我继续向前寻找另外半张,但是在这样一个大风天,我感觉到应该是找不到了。As I lifted my head, I spotted the other half of the bill tangled in crabgrass.我抬头时发现,另外一半缠在一片杂草中。Somehow, finding two halves of a ripped bill felt better than working for a twenty.捡全一张撕破的5美金比挣到20美金,在某种程度上还要让我开心~ /201705/507941

I guarantee that your mother will be so hot that everyone at the funeral will be saying, #39;Well, I#39;m no necrophiliac, but if I was...#39;.我保你母亲会很性感——以至于每个参加葬礼的人都要说,“好吧,我没有恋尸癖,可如果我是……”。 /201701/487852

You#39;re missing out on important nutrient boosters.你正错过重要的营养促进剂。Much like spring and artesian, mineral water comes from a specific place—in this case, it must come from an underground source that#39;s naturally rich in minerals. Those minerals make this water exceptionally great, too—since the source the water comes from is naturally loaded with minerals, so is the water. Which means drinking some can increase your intake tremendously—as in, one liter per day can cover 20 to 58 percent of your daily calcium requirements and 16 to 41 percent of your magnesium needs.与泉水、自流水一样,矿泉水也产于特定的地方——这种情况下,肯定来源于自然矿物丰富的地底。这些矿物也使水变得有营养——因为水的来源天然富含矿物质,所以水也是如此。这就是说喝些矿泉水可以大量增加你的矿物质摄入量——每天喝一升的矿泉水可为身体提供每日所需钙元素的20%到58%,每日所需镁元素的16%——41%。When choosing a mineral water, though, be on the lookout for labels like ;fortified with minerals; and ;mineral-enriched.; Those are bottles that had the minerals added after the fact—they weren#39;t naturally included. What#39;s it matter, you ask? ;They#39;re usually adding such a tiny amount that it#39;ll affect the taste—so it often tastes better—but it doesn#39;t have an impact on your nutrient intake like natural mineral water does,; says Krieger. To spot the difference, ;look at the nutrition label. If there#39;s a significant amount of minerals included, there will actually be a percentage of calcium and magnesium included on the label. If not, it will likely say zero percent, or not be mentioned on the label at all.;然而,在选择矿泉水时,一定要小心那些含 “矿物质加强”和“矿物质丰富”标签的矿泉水。事实上,这些瓶装矿泉水中的矿物质都是后来添加的——并不是天然的。也许你会问,那又怎么样呢?“通常他们会添加一点点的量,这就会改变矿泉水的味道——往往会使味道更好——但相比天然矿泉水,这些添加矿泉水不会增加你的营养摄入量,”克里格说道。想要找出差别?“可以看看标签。如果这瓶水含有大量的矿物质,那么标签上肯定会标出钙元素和镁元素的比例。如果不含矿物质,那么标签上会写0%,或者提都不提。”You#39;re getting too much sodium.钠含量摄入太多。Like with anything that seems too good to be true, there is a catch to mineral water. Krieger says it tends to be high in sodium (but not all varieties are), so if you#39;re watching your intake, be sure to labels carefully. You shouldn#39;t exceed more than 2400 mg of sodium in a day, so if you grab a glass of mineral water, make sure you#39;re including it in your daily count.就像那些看上去太过美好以至于不真实的东西一样,矿泉水也内有玄机。克里格说矿泉水往往钠含量高(但不是所有的矿泉水都是如此),所以如果你目前正在控制钠摄入量,那一定要确保仔细阅读标签。每天的钠摄入量不应超过2400毫克,所以如果你喝了一瓶矿泉水,那一定不要忘了将矿泉水中的钠含量计入到日常摄入量中。You grab bottles because of their vitamin promotion or energy promises.你会喝瓶装矿泉水,因为可促进维他命和能量。;There#39;s all these drinks that contain antioxidants that have a really enticing name, like #39;focus,#39; #39;calm,#39; or #39;revitalize,#39;; explains Krieger. It might sound like you#39;re getting more for your dollar, but the truth is, you#39;re not. ;It#39;s basically pure marketing. These enhancements aren#39;t anything you can#39;t get at your next meal through natural antioxidants that come in your food.;“所有含有抗氧化剂的饮料都有一个很诱人的名字,比如‘专注’、‘平静’或‘新生’,”克里格解释道。听起来你的钱花得物有所值,但事实却并非如此。“基本上这只是营销手段。所谓的这些促进剂,只要一顿饭(含有天然抗氧化剂的食物)即可获得。”译文属 /201612/484696

A permanent year-round ice hotel is scheduled to open to the public in Sweden.一家永久性的、全年无休的冰冻酒店将于近日在瑞典开业。The resort, known as Icehotel 365, hosts 55 rooms including 20 suites and is made up of 30,000 liters of frozen water from the Torne River.这个名叫Icehotel 365的建筑,共有55个房间,其中20间是套房。它是由取自托尔讷河的3万升水冻成的冰块建造而成的。The hotel uses a solar-powered refrigerating plant used to keep the ice and snow that make up the hotel frozen.该酒店还采用太阳能冷却技术防止冰雪融化,使酒店常年处于冰冻状态。;The nature and environment are not only a huge source for inspiration for Icehotel, but also a necessity to create the hotel year after year,; the hotel#39;s website states.酒店的网站上是这样介绍的:“周围的自然环境不仅为修建Ice Hotel提供了巨大的灵感,还为酒店年复一年的营业提供了必需品。”The hotel is scheduled to be completed in recent days, although guests were permitted to stay in the Art and Deluxe Suites in advance of the official opening.这家酒店预计于近日开业,不过在正式开业前,访客可以在艺术豪华套房参观。;The guests are a part of something historical,; Icehotel CEO Yngve Bergqvist said. ;They inaugurate the first ice hotel in the world that will be open year-round and can experience the finishing touches of the build up close, which is a memory that will last a lifetime.;Icehotel酒店的首席执行官英格维·贝里奎斯特表示:”这些访客可是这一史无前例事件的一部分。他们见了全球首家全年无休冰酒店的开业仪式,还能体验酒店进行到尾声的美化工作,这将是终生难忘的回忆。”Guests at the hotel will have the opportunity to create their own ice sculpture, swim in the Torne River and sauna and observe an ice gallery from over forty artists, designers and architects from nine different countries.客人们在这里有机会自己亲手制作冰雕,在托尔讷河游泳,洗桑拿,还可以参观由来自全球9个国家的共40多名艺术家、设计师和建筑师的作品组成的冰画廊。 /201612/484216

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