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Indians deported from China for sex offense印度人因性侵犯而被从中国驱逐BEIJING: Two Indian visitors who had been detained by the police for molesting an young girl were deported back to India on Thursday. They were in policy custody for eight days after a 17-year old Taiwanese girl complained that she had been molested by them in the elevator of a Beijing hotel on July 7.2名印度游客因猥亵一名年轻女孩而被警方逮捕,并于周四被驱逐回印度。据报道,一名17岁台湾女孩投诉7月7日那天在北京一家酒店的电梯被两名印度游客猥亵。后来两名印度游客被警方拘留了8天。The two men from Haryana, aged 28 and 50, initially denied the accusation but records in the cctv camera proved them wrong. They later admitted what they did, police sources said.两名印度人分别是28岁和50岁,来自哈里亚纳邦。他们最初否认相关指控,然而摄像头记录的视频明他们是撒谎的。警方称, 他们后来承认了自己的罪行。They initially asked for a selfie before trying to get rough with her. Even after the lift came down from the 10th floor and the girl tried to leave, the two men dragged her back to the lift.两人最初是要求和她一起自拍,然后想对她动粗。甚至电梯从10楼下来后,女孩想走出电梯,然而两名印度男子扔把她拽回电梯。The two were kept in a detention camp in the outskirts of the city两名印度人被拘留在郊区的一个拘押营Both work for a Kolkata based tea company. One of them is the father of two children, and the other one has grand children, reports said.据悉,两人都是为总部在加尔各答的茶叶公司工作。据报道,其中一人是两个孩子的父亲,另一人已经有了孙子。 /201607/454804The oft-used advertisement — “If you lived here, you’d be home by now” — usually seen stretched across blocks of new high-rise flats overlooking commuter train lines, carries a cruel irony for the passengers who pass it every day.在可以俯瞰通勤铁路线的新建高层公寓附近,人们经常会看到这种频繁出现的广告:“如果你住在这里,你现在已经到家啦”。对于每天经过这幅广告的乘客而言,它带有一种残忍的讽刺。Many of them would love to live there but cannot afford to. So they live outside the city and travel in each day.很多人愿意住在这里,但买不起。因此,他们住在城市外面,每天通勤。Economically successful cities are growing rapidly and struggling to find housing for their swelling populations. At the same time some have seen an influx of the international rich, although this is said to benefit an area’s economy, according to research published last year by property analysts Ramidus Consulting. The average buyer of a £15m UK home, it said, spent £4m to £5m a year on goods and services in Britain. In total, Ramidus calculated, London’s super-rich added £4bn a year to the capital’s economy.经济成功的城市正快速发展,它们很难为日益增长的人口找到住房。同时,国际富豪涌入其中一些城市——尽管根据房地产分析机构Ramidus Consulting去年公布的研究,这有利于该地区经济。研究称,在英国购置了价值1500万英镑的房子的典型买家,每年在英国的商品和务上花销400万至500万英镑。据Ramidus计算,伦敦超富人群每年为伦敦经济做出总计40亿英镑的贡献。But by flocking to thriving conurbations such as London, incomers risk killing some of the things they may love about an area. By driving up house prices, they push out the diverse mix of locals who give the place its buzzy vibe.但外来者涌入伦敦等蓬勃发展的大都市圈,可能会毁灭这个地区的一些或许为他们喜爱的东西。通过推升房价,他们把那些给这个城市带来热闹氛围的多样化的本地人挤了出去。City dwellers around the world pay 0bn more a year in housing costs than they can afford as rapid urban growth meets a constrained supply, research published last year by consultants McKinsey found.咨询机构麦肯锡(McKinsey)去年公布的研究发现,由于城市的快速发展遇上供应有限的瓶颈,全球城市居民每年付出的住房成本超出他们的承受能力6500亿美元。Some of the world’s leading urban areas face the biggest housing cost problems, with New York, Tokyo and London among the worst affected. Beijing, S#227;o Paulo and Buenos Aires are among those suffering most in lower-income cities.全球一些领先城市地区正面临最严重的住房成本问题,纽约、东京和伦敦受到的影响最为严重。北京、圣保罗和布宜诺斯艾利斯是收入较低城市中受到影响最为严重的几个。Toby Lloyd, head of policy at Shelter, a British housing charity, says that cities need to accommodate people on a wide range of incomes in order to thrive. “If a city can’t provide the homes its nurses, teachers, shop workers and cleaners can afford, eventually it will choke off its own economic success,” he says.英国住房慈善组织Shelter政策主管托比#8226;劳埃德(Toby Lloyd)表示,要想繁荣,城市需要容纳不同收入的人群。他表示:“如果一个城市不能为护士、教师、商店员工和清洁工提供住房,最终这将扼杀其经济成功。”A third of workers in developed economies need some form of housing subsidy, according to Christine Whitehead, a professor of housing economics at the London School of Economics. But many big cities’ policy makers have not kept up with their rising populations. As a result, more people are moving further away from their workplaces and commuting long distances.伦敦政治经济学院(London School of Economics)住房经济学教授克里斯蒂娜#8226;怀特黑德(Christine Whitehead)表示,在发达国家,三分之一的劳动者需要某种形式的住房补贴。但很多大城市的政策制定者没有跟上人口增长的需要。因此,更多的人搬到距离工作地更远的地方住,每天长距离上下班。In London, which is battling rapidly rising house prices, the problem has become acute. House prices increased by 9.4 per cent in the past year, according to official data. KPMG research says a Londoner must earn £77,000 a year in order to be able to buy. Salaries in the city average £34,320.在正应对房价快速上涨的伦敦,这个问题已变得严重起来。根据官方数据,过去一年,伦敦房价上涨9.4%。毕马威(KPMG)研究称,伦敦人必须每年挣7.7万英镑才能买得起房。而伦敦的平均薪资为34320美元。Businesses are worried. The London Chamber of Commerce and fellow lobbyists London First have cited housing affordability as one of their members’ biggest concerns. More than half of employees surveyed by London First say rent or mortgage costs make it difficult for them to live and work in the capital.企业感到担忧。伦敦工商会(London Chamber of Commerce)和另一个游说团体London First指出,它们的会员企业最大的顾虑之一就是房价可承受度。在接受London First调查的员工中,超过一半表示,租金或房贷成本让他们很难在伦敦生活和工作。Baroness Jo Valentine, London First chief executive, says: “London’s chronic housing shortage is making it difficult for many of those with the talents the capital needs to live and work here, and this problem will only get worse unless we start building more homes.” Particularly badly hit are younger workers, aged between 25 and 40.London First首席执行官乔#8226;瓦伦丁女男爵(Baroness Jo Valentine)表示:“伦敦长期的住房短缺让很多伦敦需要的人才很难在这里生活和工作,除非我们开始建设更多住房,否则这个问题只会越来越严重。”较为年轻的员工(年龄介于25岁至40岁之间)受到的影响最大。“For a world-leading city that owes much of its success to the service sector and knowledge-based industries, losing a tranche of its young professionals would be disastrous,” she adds.她补充称:“对于一个其成功很大程度上有赖于务业和知识性行业的世界领先城市而言,部分年轻专业人士的流失将是灾难性的。”High housing costs in cities often sp into areas to which priced-out former city-dwellers move. Their influx pushes up prices in other parts of the country, as workers commute ever longer distances.城市的高房价通常会向外溢出,影响到被高房价逼走的曾经的城市居民搬往的地区。他们的涌入抬高了该国其他地区的房价,劳动者通勤里程越来越长。Savills, a property group, last year found that growing numbers of London employees are becoming “work tourists”, while areas with more London workers have seen house price rises.房地产集团第一太平戴维斯(Savills)去年发现,越来越多的伦敦员工正成为“工作游客”,拥有较多在伦敦工作的上班族的地区出现房价上涨。Perhaps the best-known example of new housing built for those priced out of cities was US housebuilder William Levitt’s post-second world war prefabricated suburbs known as “Levittowns”. He had four of these developments built in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Puerto Rico.为那些被城市高房价逼走的人们建造新房的最知名例子,或许就是美国房屋建筑商威廉#8226;莱维特(William Levitt)在二战后打造的人造郊区,也就是所谓“莱维特镇”(Levittowns)。他在纽约、宾夕法尼亚、新泽西和波多黎各开发了4个这样的项目。The houses were sold to war veterans who wished to move out of pokey city apartments into spacious family housing, which meant a long commute for those wanting to keep their jobs.这些房子销售给那些希望搬出沉闷的城市公寓、住进宽敞的家庭式住房的退伍老兵,这意味着,那些希望继续工作的人要每天长时间通勤。En route to and from the city, Levittown residents probably went past highly-priced new developments, which, like many of today’s workers, they simply could not afford.在往返城市的路上,莱维特镇居民很可能会经过一些价格高昂的新房地产开发项目,与今天很多员工一样,他们根本买不起。 /201609/467904

Fed up with the constant noise made by his upstairs neighbors, a man in China got his revenge by giving them a taste of their own medicine. He bought a device known as a “building shaker” online and left it on for a whole weekend.楼上邻居噪音不断,中国一男子忍无可忍,决定以其人之道还治其人之身。他在网上购买了一台机器,俗称“震楼神器”,开机运行了一整个周末。A resident of Xi’an, China’s Shaanxi province, the man – known only by his surname, Zhao – had complained that his upstairs neighbors’ son was making too much noise jumping around, and robbing him of his much needed rest and relaxation. He first tried reasoning with the family, politely asking them to keep the noise down at certain hours, but his requests fell on deaf ears and the constant banging continued.这位先生,我们只知其姓赵,现居西安(陕西省会),他之前就抱怨过楼上邻居家的儿子一直跳来跳去,噪音很大,连最基本的休息时间都被剥夺了。一开始,赵先生试着去和这家人讲道理,希望他们在某些时间段内可以安静下来,但好像他的这些请求是对牛弹琴,无济于事。After the diplomatic approach failed, Zhao decided that it was time for some serious payback. He went online and paid 400 yuan for a device known as a building shaker. Yes, you can actually buy such a thing legally in China, and a simple search on online retail giant Taobao reveals dozens of different models and brands priced as low as 76 yuan. They are designed to produce strong vibrations, with the stronger versions claiming to reproduce the same effect as someone drilling into the floor. Upstairs neighbors have to shout to hear each other over the loud noise, so sleeping is out of the question, and the constant vibration is annoying as well. Most models even come with timers or connect to your smartphone so you can turn them on while you are away.好言相劝失败以后,赵先生决定反击。他在网上花400元买了一台机器,通称震楼电动机。你没看错,在中国购买这种东西是合法的,只需在淘宝(网络零售平台)上简单一搜,就会出现各种各样、不同型号、不同品牌的震楼电动机,价格最低仅需76元。它们经专门设计,可以产生强震,据说最强机型产生的震感和钻地板的感觉一样。楼上的住户必须要大声喊话,才能盖住噪声让对方听到自己,所以睡觉是根本不可能了,除此之外,机器本身的震动也让人厌烦至极。大多数的型号甚至还有计时器,有的还可以连接手机,这样一来,你出门在外也能启动这些机器。And that’s exactly what Zhao did. He turned on the building shaker at 8 pm, on Friday, just before leaving his apartment for the weekend. For two days straight, his noisy upstairs neighbors had to put up with the drill-like sound and vibration caused by the motorized device, and they were powerless to stop it. They tried calling the property management and the police to complain about the situation, but since the owner of the apartment where the noise was coming from wasn’t at home, all they could do was wait until he got back.赵先生正是这么做的。周五晚上8点,就在他要离开家门过周末的时候,启动了震楼电动机。电动机震了整整两天,楼上的邻居不得不忍受它发出的电钻般的噪音和震动,而且没办法停掉机器。他们试着给物业和警方打电话抱怨这件事,但是所有人能做的只有等待,因为噪音的来源,也就是楼下公寓的业主不在家。Police were waiting for Zhao when he returned home on Sunday afternoon, and asked him to turn off the infernal building shaker, but it’s unclear if he was fined for his revenge scheme. TOMO News reports that Zhao and his neighbors agreed to never bother each other again.周日下午,赵先生回家的时候,警方正好在等着他,要求他关掉吵闹的电动机,但是赵先生为此是否要接受罚款的处罚,尚未可知。据新闻网站TOMO报道,赵先生和他的邻居双方达成一致,同意再也不会互相烦扰。Believe it or not, building shakers are marketed as the perfect way of getting back at noisy neighbors and making their life a living hell. Apparently, they are designed to keep the noise in the user’s apartment to the level of an air conditioning unit, while wreaking havoc upstairs.信不信由你,震楼电动机被标榜是反击恶邻居,让他们生不如死的完美途径。显然,这些电动机经专门设计,在用户家中的音量和空调一样大,但是对于楼上邻居而言,却是一场浩劫。 /201704/505637


  The ed States and European Union have struck a new deal regulating cross-Atlantic data transfers, after a European court struck down a previous agreement in October.美国和欧盟达成一项有关跨大西洋数据传递管理的新协议,此前欧洲法院曾于去年10月否决了一项类似的协议。European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova announced the move Tuesday, saying she expects the deal to take effect in about three months.欧盟司法事务专员星期二宣布了这一举措,并表示她预计这项协议将于3个月内开始生效。Jourova said the deal marks the first time the ed States has given the European Union ;binding assurances; that public officials#39; access to personal information will be subject to clear limits, safeguards and oversight.她说,这项协议标志着美国首次向欧盟提出“有法律约束力的保”,确保政府官员接触私人信息将受到明确的限制和监督。U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker told reporters Tuesday that the deal is ;central to transatlantic commerce; and also signals the closeness of the U.S.-E.U. relationship.美国商务部长普利茨克星期二对记者说,这项协议对“跨大西洋的商业往来至关重要”,同时也展现了美国与欧盟的紧密关系。 /201602/425842。

  The tobacco industry should be dead by now. 烟草行业到现在应该已经死亡。Billions of dollars in lawsuits, public health campaigns, heavy restrictions on advertising, none have succeed in killing it. 数十亿美元的诉讼、公共卫生宣传、严格的广告限制,都没有成功掐灭这个行业。Forty million Americans still smoke — 15 per cent of women and about 20 per cent of men. 美国仍有4000万人吸烟,占女性的15%,占男性的20%左右。Chances are they’ll die a decade before non-smokers but they keep lighting up.他们可能比不吸烟者早死10年,但他们仍在吞云吐雾。Around the world, antismoking campaigns have succeeded in stabilising the rise in the number of smokers. 在全球范围内,禁烟运动成功稳定了吸烟者数量的增加。In China, sales are falling. 在中国,香烟销售额在下滑。In Australia, cigarettes must be sold in drab green packages covered in pictures of tumours, diseased hearts and lungs, and dying smokers. 在澳大利亚,香烟必须以单调的绿色包装销售,包装上有肿瘤、患病心脏和肺以及垂死吸烟者的图片。The brand name can only appear in small font on the front. 品牌名称只能以小字体出现在包装正面。The logic is that unbranded cigarettes are less appealing to the young who might otherwise see them as a statement of fashion or rebellion.其逻辑是,无品牌香烟不那么吸引年轻人,否则他们可能视其为一种时尚或反叛的声明。Yet, for all this, tobacco companies have proved crafty and resilient. 然而,尽管如此,烟草公司已被明足智多谋且灵活善变。This week John Boehner, the Republican former speaker of the House of Representatives, joined the board of Reynolds American, the makers of Camel and Newport. 最近,美国前众议院议长、共和党人约翰#8226;纳(John Boehner)加入雷诺美国(Reynolds American)董事会,该公司是骆驼香烟(Camel)和新港(Newport)香烟的生产商。Mr Boehner is a Camel Ultra-Lights man and his job will be to speak for tobacco in Washington.纳是骆驼超醇香烟(Camel Ultra-Lights)的爱好者,他的工作将是在华盛顿为烟草公司辩护。During the summer, Newport engaged in its first direct-to-consumer marketing campaign in 15 years, promoting its menthol cigarettes at music festivals around the country using the Newport Pleasure Lounge, an air-conditioned trailer for smokers. 今年夏季,新港展开了15年来首次直接面向消费者的营销活动,利用为吸烟者准备的一辆配有空调的拖车Newport Pleasure Lounge,在全国各地的音乐节上促销其薄荷香烟。Menthols, Newport reckons, have new potential among younger consumers who crave flavour. 新港估计,薄荷香烟在渴求风味的较年轻消费者中具有新的潜力。They provide all the hit of a traditional cigarette with a cool blast of mint. 它们提供传统香烟的所有提神效果,同时加上了一种清凉的薄荷浓香。Anyone willing to drink Budweiser’s Lime-A-Rita beer margarita, goes the theory, will be willing to take up menthols. 按照这种理论,任何一个希望饮用百威(Budweiser)青柠丽塔啤酒(Lime-A-Rita)的人都愿意尝试薄荷香烟。Whether these are the deranged ravings of product marketing or truth, only the market will tell.这些是产品营销的疯言疯语还是事实,只有市场能够作出评判。Japan Tobacco recently entered the US market with its inexpensive LD cigarettes. 日本烟草公司(Japan Tobacco)最近进入美国市场,推出了价格不高的乐迪(LD)香烟。In North Carolina, the home of US tobacco, where prices are among the lowest, a pack of LD costs just over half the price of a pack of Marlboro. 在美国烟草的故乡北卡罗来纳州,一包乐迪香烟的售价仅为万宝路(Marlboro)的一半多一点,而该州的香烟价格处于全球最低之列。Japan Tobacco’s logic is that the antismoking movement in the US is waning. 日本烟草公司的逻辑是,美国的禁烟运动正在衰落。There are fewer lawsuits, prices keep rising and the decline in the number of smokers seems to have slowed.诉讼数量减少,价格持续上涨,吸烟者数量的下滑趋势似乎已放缓。It feels as though, after years of hiding in plain sight, the tobacco industry is once again y to strut. 感觉好像是,在经过多年在人们眼皮底下藏身后,烟草行业正准备再次昂首阔步。Yet, for investors, the product has never stopped churning out returns. 然而,对于投资者而言,这种产品从未停止产生利润。A recent report from Credit Suisse covering industries with data going back to 1900 showed that tobacco had performed best, with an annualised return of 14.6 per cent compared with an average of 9.6 per cent. 瑞信(Credit Suisse)最近一份报告囊括了各种行业,数据回溯到1900年。A dollar invested in tobacco companies in 1900 would have grown, with reinvested dividends, to ,255 by the end of 2014. 报告显示,烟草行业表现最佳,年化回报率达到14.6%,而平均水平为9.6%。如果你在1900年投资烟草公司1美元,并将股息用于再投资,到2014年底这笔投资将增值至3.8255万美元。If you had invested the same dollar in shipbuilding and shipping, you would have a measly ,225.如果你用同样的钱投资造船和航运业,你只能拿回区区1225美元。The California Public Employees’ Retirement System sold its tobacco holdings 16 years ago, in the thick of the litigation against tobacco companies, but has said it may reconsider its decision.16年前,加州公务员养老体系(California Public Employees’ Retirement System)出售了其在烟草公司的持股,当时抵制烟草公司的诉讼非常多,但该机构表示,可能会重新考虑其决定。So what’s the secret? At one level, it’s simple. 那么秘诀是什么?从一个层面来说,很简单。Cigarettes are cheap to make and highly addictive, which allows for fat margins. 香烟生产成本廉价,而且很容易让人上瘾,达到丰厚利润率的空间巨大。And customers are loyal to their brands. 消费者忠于品牌。Snag them when they are young and chances are you’ll have them until they give up or die.如果在消费者年轻时就抓住机会,那么他们就很有可能会一直吸这种品牌的香烟,直到他们戒烟或死去。But tobacco companies have also proved remarkably innovative in the face of apparently existential threats. 但事实还明,面对貌似生死存亡的威胁,烟草公司具有惊人的创新能力。Chewing tobacco sales have been creeping up. 嚼烟的销售额一直在缓慢攀升。The market in ecigarettes, which heat tobacco fluid rather than burning cured leaves, is rapidly growing as companies figure out how deliver more nicotine per puff and send it deep into a smoker’s lungs. 电子香烟市场(加热烟草液体,而不是燃烧卷烟)正迅速壮大,烟草公司琢磨出如何增加每口吸入的尼古丁含量并令其深入吸烟者的肺。Sixteen per cent of school pupils aged 17-18 had smoked ecigarettes in the past year, according to US government estimates.根据美国政府的估计,过去一年,在17至18岁的学生中,有16%吸过电子香烟。Cigarette companies have even ridden the organic wave. 烟草公司甚至搭上了有机的浪潮。Reynolds American makes Natural American Spirit cigarettes, which it describes as natural, additive free and made with organic tobacco. 雷诺美国生产了Natural American Spirit香烟,称其为天然、无添加剂而且用有机烟草生产。The packets show a figure of a native American smoking a long pipe.香烟包装上是一张美国原住民抽旱烟的图片。Antismoking campaigners say, call them what you like, the cigarettes are just as bad for you as any other. 禁烟活动人士(你怎么称呼都行)表示,这种香烟和其他香烟一样对人体有害。But the marketing message — that somehow in smoking them you are tapping into some ancient, herbal ritual — goes down especially well with hipsters. 但这种营销信息(吸这种烟会让你重拾一些古老的、草本的仪式)尤其受到潮人的欢迎。A packet of Natural American Spirit is acceptable in environments where Marlboro is not.在万宝路不被接受的某些环境,一包Natural American Spirit可以让人接受。Tobacco companies also benefit from rising incomes in emerging economies. 烟草公司还受益于新兴经济体收入的日益增加。Even if the number of smokers is stagnant or falling in many places, you can keep pushing up the price of cigarettes as wages rise in emerging markets to compensate. 即便很多地区的吸烟者数量不增或下降,随着新兴市场的薪资上涨,你仍可以推高香烟价格作为弥补。If you put aside the health consequences, a pack of 20 remains a cheap thrill.如果你抛开健康后果,一包20的香烟仍然是一种廉价的刺激。For those who have rightly been banging on for years about the iniquity of tobacco companies, it must be maddening. 对于那些多年来正当抨击烟草公司罪恶的人而言,这肯定令人恼火。For every blow they land, the industry feints into new areas of profitability. 每当他们展开抨击时,该行业都会虚晃一,进入新的盈利领域。It seems quite possible that, 100 years from now, it will still be churning out cash at a rate to turn the rest of the Dow Jones green.100年后,该行业仍将实现高额利润,而其利润率将让道琼斯指数(Dow Jones)其他股票艳羡。 /201610/469782

  Donald Trump this month hailed a deal to resume US beef exports to China as an early win from trade talks with Beijing.本月,唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)将一项恢复美国对华牛肉出口的协议誉为对华贸易谈判取得的初步胜利。“China just agreed that the US will be allowed to sell beef, and other major products, into China once again,” the US president tweeted. “This is REAL news!”“中国刚刚答应允许美国再次向中国出售牛肉和其他重要产品,”这位美国总统在Twitter上发帖称:“这是真新闻!”But prime American steak is aly on the at many mainland restaurants despite a ban in place since a 2003 case of mad cow disease: there is a flourishing grey market in secondary imports from Hong Kong, where the curbs did not apply.不过,尽管2003年美国爆发疯牛病后中国出台禁令禁止进口美国牛肉,但优质美国牛排早已出现在中国内地许多餐厅的菜单上:这是因为存在一个繁荣的、从香港二次进口的灰色市场,香港并不适用这项禁令。“That’s a secret,” said a waiter at New York Style Steak amp; Burger in Shanghai when asked how it sourced its meat.“这是个秘密,”上海New York Style Steak amp; Burger的一名侍者在被问及该店牛肉的采购地时说。Cuts destined for China could make up half of US beef exports to Hong Kong, according to Chenjun Pan, an analyst at Rabobank — a figure that would represent more than 0m of meat a year.运往中国内地的牛排,可能占美国对香港牛肉出口的一半,荷兰合作(Rabobank)分析师潘晨军(Chenjun Pan)表示,这相当于每年3.4亿美元的牛排。The official revival of US beef exports to China stands to benefit big producers such as Tyson, which have missed out on a boom in Chinese beef demand. Chinese imports of the meat have soared in recent years, reaching .5bn last year — up 700 per cent on 2012 — as rising incomes boost meat consumption while relatively inefficient domestic producers struggle to keep up with demand.美国正式恢复对华牛肉出口,将有利于泰臣(Tyson)等大型生产商。这些生产商错过了中国牛肉需求的高速增长。近年来,中国肉类进口额大幅增长,去年达25亿美元,较2012年高了700%。中国人的收入增长提振了肉类消费,而国内生产商的生产效率相对较低,难以跟上市场需求。Several Chinese importers told the Financial Times they were keen to start buying premium grain-fed US beef as soon as possible.一些中国进口商告诉英国《金融时报》,他们很乐意尽快开始采购优质的美国谷饲牛肉。Although most of China’s imports are of lower-priced grass-fed beef from Brazil, Uruguay and Australia, US beef has long been perceived as higher quality, and it is this that has fuelled the grey market trade via Hong Kong.虽然中国进口的大部分牛肉是来自巴西、乌拉圭和澳大利亚的价格较低的草饲牛肉,但美国牛肉长期以来一直被认为品质更高,正是这一点推动了经香港进口美国牛肉的灰色市场贸易的发展。Zhou Wenjie, a buyer at an import business based in Jiangsu province, said the prevalence of smuggling would set a ceiling on future prices. US beef is expected to sell for higher prices than those charged for Australian meat, which retails online from about Rmb80 () per kilogramme, but lower than those for Canadian beef, which starts at roughly Rmb120, he estimated.江苏省一家进口企业的采购员周文杰(音译)表示,走私活动大行其道会为未来的价格设定上限。预计,美国牛肉的售价会高于澳大利亚牛肉(网上零售价最低为每公斤80元人民币左右),但低于加拿大牛肉(最低为每公斤120元人民币左右)。The existence of the grey channel “means the mainland has a lot of demand,” Henry Huang, managing director at beef importer JOC Australia, told the Financial Times. “US beef is acceptable in China. I think the price of high-quality grass-fed beef will crash a little bit, because the US has very good advantage in high-quality cuts.”灰色渠道的存在“意味着中国内地的需求很大”,牛肉进口商JOC Australia的董事总经理Henry Huang告诉英国《金融时报》,“美国牛肉在中国受到好评。我认为,优质草饲牛肉的价格会略微下滑,因为美国在优质牛排方面拥有很大优势。”Yu Xuerong, chairman of food importer Shanghai Paradise Garden, said his company would “certainly import US beef”. He said that it was popular before the ban, and that he was in contact with Cargill, the world’s biggest agricultural commodities merchant.食品进口商上海天萃庭健康食品有限公司(Shanghai Paradise Garden)董事长余学荣表示,他的公司“肯定会进口美国牛肉”。他说,禁令出台前美国牛肉很受欢迎,他正在与全球最大的农产品贸易商嘉吉(Cargill)进行接触。China’s opening to the US has been in the works for a long time, with an initial announcement in the final months of the Obama administration. But analysts warn that it may take many more years for a large-scale beef supply chain from the US to China to mature.中国对美国牛肉开放市场已经筹备很长时间了,中方最初宣布开放市场的消息时,奥巴马(Obama)政府离任期结束还剩几个月。不过,分析师警告称,一条从美国到中国的大型牛肉供应链可能还需要好多年才能成熟。In a possible harbinger of what awaits the US, Ireland announced the relaunch of beef exports to China in 2015 only to meet a series of bureaucratic hurdles, and the trade in beef has yet to start flowing.2015年,爱尔兰宣布重启对华牛肉出口,结果遭遇了一系列官僚障碍,牛肉出口至今尚未启动。这预示着美国可能会遭遇的情形。Meanwhile, specifics such as tariffs and standards for producers have yet to be decided.另一方面,关税和生产商标准等具体细节尚未敲定。“We can evaluate the scope of this potential?.?.?.?only after we see the details of the import conditions,” said Joel Haggard of the US Meat Export Federation.“只有在看到进口条件的细节之后,我们才能评估这种潜力有多大,”美国肉类出口协会(US Meat Export Federation)的何嘉德(Joel Haggard)说。 /201706/512274The Arbitral Tribunal, appointed by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, announced on Tuesday that China has no ;historic title; over the South China Sea.由海牙常设仲裁法庭主导的仲裁庭在周二宣布中国并不具备对中国南海的“历史性权利”。Beijing issued two statements immediately after the arbitration ruling was announced.Noting thatChinese activities in the South China Sea date backmore than 2,000 years, one statement pointed out that China is the first to have discovered, named, explored and exploited the South China Sea Islands and surrounding waters.仲裁案的决议公布后,北京立即发出两条声明,强调中国在南海的活动可追述到2000多年前。其中一条声明指出:中国是第一个发现、命名、探索以及开发南海诸岛与周边水域的国家。The Foreign Ministry Wang Yi said in a statement that the ruling ;is null and void and has no binding force;.外交部长王毅指出:此仲裁庭的决议案“是无效并且没有约束力的”。China has always respected international laws and justice and kept toa path of peaceful development, Xi said. Maritime disputes should be resolved though direct negotiations on the basis of respecting historical facts andin line withinternational laws, he added.习近平指出:中国素来尊重国际法与国际正义,并且坚持走和平发展路线。他还指出:海上争端应该经由以尊重历史事实和遵守国际法为前提的直接协商来解决。Premier Li Keqiang, while meeting with Tusk (President of European Council) and Juncker (President of European Commission), called on Europeans to insist on justice andremain neutralon the issue.总理李克强在与欧洲理事会主席图斯克以及欧洲委员会主席容克会晤时,号召欧洲坚守正义立场并在南海问题上保持中立。What Is the Permanent Court of Arbitration这个仲裁庭是什么鬼The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) is an intergovernmental organization located at The Hague in the Netherlands. The PCA is not a court, but rather an organizer of arbitral tribunals to resolve conflicts between member states. It should not be confused with the International Court of Justice, a separate institution.此常设仲裁法庭(PCA)是一个位于荷兰海牙的政府间组织。PCA并不是个法院,而是一个通过设立仲裁庭来解决成员国间争端的组织。This Arbitral Tribunal was conducted by 5 judges. (One from Germany, one from France, one from Netherlands, one from Poland, one from Ghana)此次仲裁案有5为仲裁员,一位来自德国,一位来自法国,一位来自荷兰,一位来自波兰,一位来自加纳。China noted that: the composition of an international court must represent all the major cultures and every major genealogy of law in order to ensure its authority. None of the 5 judges comes from Asia, let alone from China. So this Arbitral Tribunal is not justified.中国指出:国际法院的组成必须代表世界各大文化和主要法系,其目的是确保法庭有权威性;而此次的五位法官没有一位来自亚洲,更没有一位来自中国,因此这次的决议不具备公正性。 /201607/454324

  Theresa May has set out the terms of a new grand bargain with business, where the government invests to boost productivity and cuts corporation tax, in exchange for help tackling the worst excesses of capitalism.英国首相特里萨.梅(Theresa May)已经拟定了与商界的新“全盘交易”的条款,英国政府将投钱提振生产率并削减公司税,以换取企业帮忙应对资本主义那些最丑恶的过分行为。Setting out her business strategy, the UK prime minister proposes in the Financial Times a pact with corporate Britain to work together to defend capitalism, free markets and free trade from populist attacks.在拟定其商业战略的同时,梅在英国《金融时报》上提议与英国商界达成一项协定,共同捍卫资本主义、自由市场和自由贸易,使它们免受民粹主义攻击。She promises to back business with a new industrial strategy that will include an extra £2bn a year by 2020 to support research and development.她承诺以新的产业战略持商界,包括在2020年以前每年额外拨出20亿英镑用于持研发。Mrs May, who on Monday will address the annual conference of the CBI, Britain’s biggest business lobby, says she wants the UK to become the world’s “go-to place for scientists, innovators and tech investors”.周一,梅将在英国最大商业游说团体英国工商业联合会(CBI)的年会上发表讲话。她表示,希望英国成为世界上“科学家、创新者及科技投资者的首选地”。Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, will present his first Autumn Statement mini-budget this week and will announce more investment in road improvements, while Mrs May will tell the CBI that the government will support innovation through the tax system and deliver the “lowest corporation rate in the G20”.英国财政大臣菲利普.哈蒙德(Philip Hammond)本周将呈交其任内的首份《秋季报告》(Autumn Statement,被称为“迷你预算案”),并宣布加大在道路改善方面的投资。同时,梅将告诉英国工商业联合会,政府将通过税收制度持创新,向企业提供“20国集团(G20)中最低的公司税税率”。Corporation tax is aly due to come down to 17 per cent in 2020 — the lowest rate in the G20 — but Mrs May’s allies said Britain could drop the rate to 15 per cent if Donald Trump fulfilled his promise to cut US business tax to that level.英国的公司税税率已定于在2020年时下调至17%,这是G20中最低的。但梅的盟友表示,如果唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)兑现其承诺,将美国的公司税税率降至15%,英国可能会将该税率降至同一水平。Mrs May is also planning to dilute one her most contentious business proposals, that workers should be represented on company boards.梅还计划稀释一项她最受争议的商业提案,该提案要求企业董事会中应有工人代表。The prime minister is looking at alternative models, rather than having an ordinary worker at board meetings. This could include a director instructed to reflect shop floor or consumer opinion.梅正在考虑替代模式,而不是让普通工人参与董事会会议。这可能包括,指示某名董事要反映车间或消费者的意见。However, she is determined to press ahead with a proposal to give shareholders a binding vote on executive pay.不过,她决意推进另一项提案,即在高管薪资问题上,赋予股东们有约束力的投票权。Mrs May’s offering to business has strings attached: she says business must work with her to create “the best corporate governance of any major economy” to stave off attacks on capitalism.梅对商界的优待有附带条件:她表示,商界必须与她配合,以打造“所有主要经济体中最佳的公司治理”,击退对资本主义的攻击。 /201611/479657



  YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK Wyo. (AP) — A tourist from China was fined 00 for walking off a boardwalk at Yellowstone National Park and collecting thermal water apparently for medicinal purposes park officials said Wednesday.黄石国家公园官方本周三声称,一位来自中国的游客被罚款1000美元,因为该游客擅自离开木板路去收集了些热水,而这些热水可能用于医疗研究。A witness reported seeing the man break through the fragile rock crust surrounding the Mammoth Hot Springs area. The witness took photos of the man that were turned over to park rangers officials said.一位目击者报告称该名男子穿过“猛犸象温泉”周边的脆弱的岩石地表。官员称,目击者拍下了照片并交给了公园管理人员。 /201606/450040



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