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青岛疤无痕真的有效吗青岛大学医学院附属医院祛痣European Markets End Week on Sour Note欧洲股市下滑弥漫负面情绪 Persistent fears of a deep economic downturn and deteriorating corporate performance are keeping the markets in Europe in a gloomy mode. 欧洲投资人持续担心经济严重衰退和公司业绩恶化,愁云惨雾笼罩股市。Lead by disappointing November U.S. unemployment figures, the European markets finished up the week on a downward note. Oil and banking shares on Friday were among the biggest losers. 美国11月令人失望的失业数据使得欧洲股市以跌势结束了这个星期。星期五,石油和类股的跌幅最大。The negative mood comes just a day after European central banks slashed interest rates in the hope of stabilizing the markets. 就在这种负面情绪弥漫市场的前一天,欧洲各中央削减利率,希望稳定市场。On Thursday, the Bank of England dropped interest rates a full point down to the two percent level.  星期四,英格兰下调利率一个百分点至2%。It is now up to the commercial banks to pass that on to their customers in the form of lower loan and mortgage rates but not all are enthusiastically willing to do that.  现在需要商业通过降低贷款和房贷利率来把降息的效应传导到它们的客户,但是并非所有商业都诚心愿意那样做。British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he is doing his best to encourage the financial institutions to pass on the cuts. 英国首相布朗说,他正在竭尽全力鼓励金融机构把降息的效应体现出来。"We are talking to banks. Remember the last time and interest rates came down 1.5 percent, we had to talk to the banks before things moved forward," he said. "But things did move forward and we will be talking to the banks again." 布朗说:“我们正在和各对话,还记得上次利息下调1点5个百分点吗?当时我们不得不和对话,才使得信贷市场出现好转。但是这种对话的确生效,所以我们将再次和对话。”Philip Booth from the Institute of Economic Affairs says banks in Britain that have been recapitalized by the government are trying to strike a balance between retaining some of those funds while also loosening up lending to help the economy in general. 经济事务研究所的菲利普.布斯说,接受了政府注资的英国正在试图寻找平衡,在保留部分政府资金的同时,也在放松银根,帮助整体经济。"The banks are desperate not to make the same mistakes again and at the same time they want to try to rebuild their balance sheets so that the banking market, the markets for savings and lending, can get back to normal again," he said. 布斯说:“极力避免重犯相同的错误,同时他们也希望争取重建它们的资产负债表,从而使储蓄和借贷的金融市场能够重新恢复正常。”In the auto sector, carmaker BMW has announced that November sales were down 26 percent compared to a year ago. 在汽车产业,汽车制造商宝马公司宣布,11月份的销售量比去年同期下降了26%。Honda car sales in their key U.S. market meanwhile were down 30 percent last month. And that steep downward trend for the manufacturer has forced it to pull out of the glitzy world of Formula One racing. 与此同时,本田汽车在其关键性市场美国的销售量上个月也下降了30%。销售量的严重下降已经迫使本田公司退出了享誉全球的一级方程式汽车大赛。Unless a buyer for the Honda team is found by the end of this month, its racing operations in northern England will cease with the loss of over 700 jobs. 除非在这个月底找到买主接管本田车队,否则它将终止在北英格兰的赛事,结果将使700多人失业。Honda's Formula One technical manager Ross Brawn concedes it is a difficult time for his staff. 本田一级方程式比赛的技术经理罗斯.布朗承认,对于他的雇员来说,现在是一个艰难的时期。"It is a great shame because this is a team that was coming together well with a plan that we are on schedule with," he said. "We had three-year plan. This year's results were poor but I would not say that was part of the plan but that was understandable what we were trying to achieve next year and the third year." 他说:“这真令人遗憾,因为这是一个按计划及时组建的赛车组。我们制定了三年的规划,今年的结果不好,但我不认为这是我们规划的一部分,这种结果是可以理解的。我们将争取在明年和第三年实现既定目标。”Brawn says his number one priority now is to work to keep the team alive by finding a buyer that would secure as many jobs as he can at the Northamptonshire base. 布朗表示,他目前的首要目标是找到一个买主,使本田车队得以幸存,这将使他能够尽可能多地保留那些在北安普敦郡基地的工作人员。Racing enthusiasts fear that Honda might just be the first of a number of teams that will be forced out of the sport due to the current tough economic times. 赛车迷们担心本田可能只是第一个在当前经济困难时期被迫退出比赛的车队。200812/58066青岛整形医院哪个好 Kyrgyzstan's interim government is trying to cut a deal with the country's defiant president who had fled south after last week's bloodshed in the capital. The continuing standoff has the Central Asian nation concerned about further violence.吉尔吉斯斯坦临时政府正试图与负隅顽抗的该国总统巴基耶夫达成一项协议。巴基耶夫在上星期首都爆发流血事件后逃到南部地区。持续的僵局让人担心这个中亚国家未来还可能发生暴力。Kyrgyzstan's five-day-old provisional government is vowing to use the country's military to launch a special operation to neutralize President Kurmanbek Bakiyev if he does not resign. 吉尔吉斯斯坦成立了五天的临时政府誓言,如果巴基耶夫总统拒绝辞职的话,他们将动用军队展开一次特别行动来消除他的权力。Interim Kyrgyz leader Roza Otunbayeva says her government is willing to negotiate his departure from the country and wants to resolve the standoff without any more harm to innocent civilians. 吉尔吉斯斯坦临时领导人奥通巴耶娃说,她的政府愿意就巴基耶夫的离境问题进行谈判,并希望在不对无辜平民造成更多伤害的情况下解决这一僵局。Otunbayeva says she and her deputies are running the country, but acknowledges there may be some armed elements still supporting the president, who is in a southern village. 奥通巴耶娃说,她和她的副手正在治理这个国家,但是她承认,可能仍有一些武装分子持巴基耶夫总统。他目前在南部的一个村庄里。"We have full control of military forces throughout the country ... and internal security and police," Otunbayeva said. "But some of them yes, they have probably have sympathies [to Bakiyev]. I should tell the truth because those forces have been formed up by Bakiyev's family, his brother and other allies." 奥通巴耶娃说:“我们全面控制了全国各地的军队、内部安全部队和警察。但是他们中有一些人,是的,他们可能同情巴基耶夫。我应该讲出实情,因为那些部队是由巴基耶夫的家人、他的兄弟和其他盟友组织起来的。”Speaking to supporters in the village of Teyit, Mr. Bakiyev, said there is an attempt to divide the country between north and south. He referred to the provisional government as "gangsters." 巴基耶夫在提约特村对持者说,有人试图将吉尔吉斯斯坦分裂成南北两个国家。他将临时政府称为“歹徒”。201004/101334Sniffing Out Mr. Right Birth-control pill masks women's discerning sense of smell.We've all heard people say chemistry a bit hard to define as a key ingredient in the successful relationships. So some scientists did some research on that topic, turns out a woman needs a good sense of smell to find a man who is just right for her. And a common contraceptive may interfere with that process. Mike Lee reports from London.Women of the world, are you smelling Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?Um, I wouldn’t really know. But I do like the way men smell, so they smell good, I kindda get more attracted to. People choose to be chosen, you know, love is love. So eventually you know maybe you can sniff the right man out.Maybe, if your sniffer is working properly and that is exactly the point of the New Liverpool University study, which concludes that birth-control pills can cause you to select the wrong man for you, because your brain sends a false signal that it smells like Mr. Right. (这儿which从句用作非限制性定语从句更好。) I spoke to the lead researcher in Liverpool by telephone and he told me that by nature a woman's sense of smell can attract her, often subconsciously to men whose genes will work well with her genes to produce healthy and strong children, that’s keeping the human species going. He said the study suggest that birth control pills can disrupt that instinctive selective process, an intriguing and provocative thought for the men and women we spoke to in America. I think that’s ridiculous and a little degrading towards women to suggest that they are blindly following their sense of smell rather than their other senses.I do believe that sense of smell can affect to you, might pick to go out on a date with, who your partner might be. But it’s also a lot about, you know, just your personal preference on what type of guy you like. The University’s study does not recommend against birth control pills only that women be aware that their scent may be altered. So the eternal question: what do women want?Clean, yeah, clean,clean will be really good.Maybe like he just came out of the shower, I don't wanna anybody who smells sweaty, like if he just came out of the gym. I like them to wear some sort of clothes, something like kinda of gown should be cared of when my clothes smell like him afterwards, something I like that.Woo, but do men know how to smell for suspicion?I bathe, I… regularly, I brush my teeth. I wear different clothes every day. Those are pretty good ones I think.I am so much like just trying a perfume pursuing to have a clean scent that is well, this guy really just care himself.So, gentlemen just smell like a man whatever that is. And ladies if you are concerned about sniffing out the wrong guy there may now be some truth in the punch line of an old joke between two ladies “Don’t worry darling, all women marry beneath themselves”. Mike Lee, A news. 参考中文翻译:我们常听人说,化学物质不能定义为影响成功的爱情关系的关键要素。一些科学家针对这个话题做了一项研究,结果显示,女性需要良好的嗅觉来找出合适的意中人。但是常用的避药会影响这个过程。以下是来自伦敦的Mike Lee 的报道。你是能顶半边天的女人,你能闻的出哪个男人适合你吗?哦,我不确定。但是我喜欢有些男人的味道,如果闻上去感觉比较好的话,我会更倾心于他。人们在选择,同时也被选择,你知道,爱情是双方面的。所以最终你知道或许你可以闻出你的意中人。或许,如果你的嗅觉机能正常的话,这正是新利物浦大学的一项研究得出的结论:避药会让你选到不适合你的人,因为大脑发出错误的信号,让你误认为那就是你的意中人。我跟利物浦的首席研究员通过电话,他告诉我,从本性上来讲,如果一个男人的基因能够和一个女人的基因有效结合,生出健康强壮的孩子,那么这个女人的嗅觉会下意识的被这个男人吸引,正是这样使得人类不断繁衍。他说,这项研究表明,避药会扰乱这个本能的选择过程,对我们的美国听众来说,这听上去很有趣,也很刺激。我想,如果暗示女性朋友们,她们在盲从她们的嗅觉而不利用其它感觉的话,这很可笑,也有点侮辱女性。我相信嗅觉可以影响你,可以为你选择出约会对象。但是也和你对男人的个人偏好有关。利物浦大学的研究并不是要反对避药,只是提醒女性,她们的嗅觉可能被改变了。所以仍然是那个永恒的问题:女人到底喜欢什么样的呢?干净,对,干净是最好的素质。或许就像他刚洗完澡,我想闻到任何人有汗臭味,比方说刚从健身房出来的时候。但是男人知道怎样使自己闻上去干净一点吗?我每天都洗澡,经常刷牙。我每天穿不同的衣。我想这应该是不错的。我想尝试洒些香水,这会让我有比较干净的味道,可以让人觉得,嗯,不错,这个小伙子很在意自己。绅士闻上去就有男人味。如果女士们担心嗅出错误的男人,那么你可以听一下下面两位女士之间的笑话:“亲爱的,别担心。所有女人都嫁给了配不上她的人。”单词注解:discerning 形容词 有识别力的;眼光敏锐的 ingredient名词 (混合物的)组成部分;(烹调的)原料 (构成)要素,因素contraceptive避药Birth-control pill 避药subconsciously 下意识地200811/56750青岛妇保医院的营业时间

青岛去暗疮Mumbai's Children Cope With Terror Attacks孟买恐怖袭击后学生复课心有余悸  With schools closed during the terror attacks in Mumbai, many of the city's children stayed indoors during the three-day siege, watching tragedy unfold on television. Now that schools have opened, some children are finding it difficult to focus on their studies, but many are glad to be back to the comfort of routines. 孟买遭遇恐怖袭击期间,学校被迫关闭。这座城市的儿童在3天的围困时间里,在家中通过电视了解正在里发生的悲剧。现在学校已经复课,一些孩子感到自己难以集中精神学习,但是许多儿童还是很高兴回到日常的快乐生活。Here at the Bharada New High School, the classrooms are once again alive with the sound of children. There are about 1,500 students at this school. It is across the street from Mumbai's main railway station, where gunmen launched attacks that killed 174 people and wounded more than 230 others in the city's longest-running terror attack.  在巴拉达新高中,学生的声音让教室里再次充满了活力。这所学校有大约1千500名学生,座落在孟买主要火车站的对面。手就是在这座车站发起的这场导致174人死亡、230多人受伤的袭击。这也是发生在这个城市历时最长的一次恐怖袭击。Pooja Kumar, the school's principal, said, "Even the grownups are not feeling very normal. I also come by the [rail] station and, even as I was putting my foot down on the platform, there was some apprehension. A number of our children come that way. They must have also felt the same way I feel." 学校的校长普贾.库马尔说:“就算成年人都觉得有些不大正常。我也是乘火车来的,连我踏上站台的时候,都有些害怕。我们这里有一些孩子也是坐火车来的。他们可能有和我一样的感觉。”"It is like I cannot concentrate on any of my work," said Shweta Singh, a 16-year-old senior at the school. "Now, I am feeling that I want to go home because that is the only safe places for us. God knows what will happen tomorrow." 16岁的什维塔.辛格是学校的毕业年级的学生。她说:“我好像没有办法把精神集中在功课上。我现在就想回家,因为对我们来说,那里是唯一安全的地方。天知道明天又会发生什么事。”Fifteen-year-old Maiz Indorewala says he is finding comfort in the familiar routines of school. He says being back in school helps him cope by keeping him from dwelling on the attacks. He also says going back to school sends a message to those who carried out the attack against the city. 15岁的马伊斯说,他对回到学校的日常生活感觉还是挺惬意的,因为在学校里他可以不去多想袭击的事。他还说,返校也给那些发动袭击的人传达出一个信息。"I was very afraid, with all the violence and bloodshed, that make our minds fearful right now. We have to show them that we are not afraid of them. We show them that we are back at work and at schools and offices," he said. 他说:“我对所有的暴力和血腥都感到非常害怕。那让我们现在都还感到恐惧。但我们要让他们看到我们不怕他们,我们回到工作、学校和办公室里来了。”As with many other principals at the more than 400 schools across the city, Kumar says she has been busier than usual, on the school's intercom, trying to maintain calm and to reassure the children that they are safe. 库马尔说,和这个城市400多所学校中的许多校长一样,她现在比起往常更忙。她试图保持冷静,并且安抚孩子们,告诉他们这里是安全的。"My message to the children - I'm going to make an announcement to the children and ask them not to be afraid. Nothing is going to happen. Just be brave. Whatever has to happen will happen one day. Life has to go on. Children have to study. We have to earn our b. Everyone has to go back to work," Kumar said.  库马尔说:“我准备给孩子们发一个通告,告诉他们不要害怕,没有事,要勇敢。该发生的事早晚都会发生,但生活还得继续。孩子们必须学习。我们也得挣钱养家。每个人都要回到工作中去。”On a chalkboard on the entrance hall of the school, some of the day's news headlines are written out in white chalk, in perfect cursive script. One of them s, "Police question the captured gunman." Another s, "Mumbai back to life," punctuated by a smiley-face sun. 在学校门口的黑版上,用白色粉笔以漂亮的花体字写着当天的重要新闻提要。其中一条写着:“警察审问被捕手。”另一条是:“孟买重现生机,”用一个展现笑脸的太阳作标点符号。200812/57898四方区做颧骨整型多少钱 US Disappointed Over Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Impasse美国对津巴布韦权力分享僵局失望The ed States Monday expressed disappointment over the failure of a southern African regional effort to get the main Zimbabwean parties to agree on power-sharing. Officials say new U.S. sanctions are possible if President Robert Mugabe fails to give the opposition a meaningful share of authority. 非洲南部地区的国家没能使津巴布韦主要政党就权力分享问题达成协议。美国星期一对此表示失望。有关官员说,如果津巴布韦总统穆加贝不给反对党有意义的权力,美国就可能对津巴布韦实施新的制裁。The State Department is calling the latest compromise offer by President Mugabe another example of the long-time leader's attempt to "subvert the will" of the Zimbabwean people. 美国国务院说,穆加贝提出的最新的妥协措施再次说明,这位长期以来统治津巴布韦的领导人企图违背该国人民的意愿。It is making clear its disappointment over the results of the weekend summit on Zimbabwe of leaders of the southern African regional grouping SADC, and raising the prospect of additional U.S. sanctions targeting Mr. Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party. 国务院清楚地表示,美国对南部非洲发展共同体在周末召开的津巴布韦问题首脑会议的结果感到失望。此外,国务院还提出可能对穆加贝及其领导的执政党“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”实施新的制裁。Mr. Mugabe, despite a power sharing deal with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangerai in September, has unilaterally named ZANU-PF loyalists to key ministries of defense, justice and foreign affairs. 虽然穆加贝在今年9月同反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊达成了权力分享协议,但是他单方面把忠于非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线的人任命为国防部长、司法部长和外交部长。In a talk with reporters, State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood expressed agreement with Mr. Tsvangerai that the formula advanced at the SADC summit for the parties to share control of the Home Affairs Ministry, which oversees the country's police force, falls well short of what is required: 南部非洲发展共同体峰会通过了一项解决僵局的办法,那就是津巴布韦各党派共同控制掌管该国警察部队的内政部。美国国务院副发言人伍德在向记者们发表讲话时表示,美国同意茨万吉拉伊的观点,那就是,这个办法远远不能解决津巴布韦的问题。"I think you can understand his [Tsvangerai's] position right now. I mean, this is supposed to be power-sharing, and this example of trying to share the Home Affairs Ministry doesn't reflect the will of what the Zimbabweans voted for," said Wood. "And so we're disappointed. And what we want to see is true substantive power-sharing negotiations so that they can agree on a cabinet, and so that Zimbabweans can feel that they have a future." 他说:“我想,你们现在可以理解茨万吉拉伊的立场。这应当是权力分享,而共同管理内政部并不是津巴布韦人民投票时所希望得到的结果。所以,我们感到失望。我们希望看到的是真正深入的权力分享谈判,这样双方能够在内阁人选上达成协议,而津巴布韦人民也能觉得他们的未来是有指望的。”Wood declined to criticize SADC leaders for the latest negotiating setback, saying they face a difficult task in trying to get Mr. Mugabe to sit down and negotiate seriously with the opposition. 伍德拒绝批评南共体领导人,说他们并不需要为谈判最近出现的倒退负责。他说,这些领导人试图让穆加贝坐下来,认真地同反对党进行谈判,这是一项非常困难的任务。He said the ed States had long been concerned about whether the September agreement could be implemented. 他说,美国长期以来一直关注津巴布韦9月份达成的权力分享协议是否能得到落实。Zimbabwe has been effectively without a government since disputed elections earlier this year in which the opposition Movement for Democratic Change won enough seats to control parliament, and Mr. Tsvangerai dropped out a run-off presidential race because of repression of his supporters.Earlier Monday, a spokesman for British Prime Minister Gordon Brown also expressed disappointment about the SADC summit outcome. 星期一早些时候,英国首相布朗的发言人也对南共体首脑会议的结果表示失望。Spokesman Wood said the ed States will be consulting with international partners about whether to pursue new targeted sanctions against the Harare leadership. He said sanctions are among a number of options to pursue. 美国国务院发言人伍德说,美国将征求国际夥伴的意见,看看是否要对哈拉雷的领导人实施新的制裁。他说,除了制裁之外,还有许多其它可以应用的手段。200811/55773青岛鼻部整形哪家好

青岛怎样飘眉US Jobless Rate Up to 8.9 Percent, Highest in 26 Years美失业率升至26年新高  The U.S. Labor Department reports the unemployment rate in the ed States rose last month to 8.9 percent. It was the highest rate since 1983, but the number of jobs lost was not as large as expected.美国劳工部报告称,上个月美国的失业率升至8.9%。这是1983年以来美国最高的失业率。但是,当月失去的工作职位并不像预期的那么多。The commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Keith Hall, presented the Labor Department report to the Joint Economic Committee.美国劳工部统计局专员基思.霍尔向国会联合经济委员会陈述了劳工部的报告。"This was another bad report. There was a significant deterioration in the labor market again. The job loss is large, it is widesp, it is affecting every industry sector and every demographic group," he said. “这是又一份糟糕的报告。劳工市场明显恶化。失去的工作职位数量之大,范围之广,正影响着每一个工业部门和每一个年龄阶段。”Some 539,000 jobs were lost in April, bringing the total number of unemployed to 13.7 million, up from 13.2 million in March.4月份共失去了大约53万9千个工作机会,使总的失业人口从3月份得1320万人增加到了1370万人。But the number of job losses were the fewest in the past six months, tempered in part by the federal government's hiring of temporary workers to prepare for the U.S. census next year.但这个数据是过去六个月来失业人数单月增加最少的一次。新增失业人数减少的部分原因是由于联邦政府正在雇用临时工为美国明年的人口普查做准备。Commissioner Hall says the slowdown in layoffs could be, as he put it, "a glimmer of hope" that the economy could be improving.霍尔说,失去就业机会的速度放缓,显示出了经济可能正在改善的“一丝希望的曙光”。"That looks like a moderation, but it's only one month," he cautioned.“看起来是在减速,不过只是一个月。”Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat who chaired the hearing, said the Labor Department report underscores the need for continued government assistance.来自明尼苏达州的民主党参议员艾米.克洛布查尔主持了这次听会。她说,劳工部的报告凸显了政府继续提供援助的必要性。"It is a testament to making sure unemployment compensation is available, making sure we are looking out for people who have lost their jobs," she said.“这是个实,明我们必须确保人们都可以得到失业补偿,确保那些失去工作的人们得到照顾。”Republicans used the report to criticize the policies of the Democratic majority in Congress and the Obama administration. 共和党人利用这份报告对国会多数党民主党以及奥巴马政府提出批评。Congressman Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican, said in a statement that the Democrats continue to increase government intervention in the free market, taking away incentives to create jobs.来自维吉尼亚州的共和党议员埃里克.坎托在一份声明中说,民主党持续干预自由市场,打消了人们创造工作机会的动力。05/69308 Its impossible to estimate how many people he deeply influenced directly or indirectly, but its certain that the Steve Jobs ripple effect will continue in some degree forever.无法估计有多少人受他直接或间接的深深影响,但史蒂夫bull;乔布斯的连锁效应会在某种程度直到永远。He didnt invent the computer or the portable music player or the smartphone.他没有发明电脑或便携式音乐播放器或者智能手机。But Steve Jobs sure transformed our thinking from ;Do I really need this?;to ;I cant live without it.;但是史蒂夫bull;乔布斯当然改变了我们的思想,从;我真的需要这个吗?;到;离开它我就活不下去。;His absence will be felt and well all benefit from his legacy.他的离去将会被人永远铭记,我们都将受益于他的遗产。I think the Steve Jobs we lost more than just a friend and innovator.我认为史蒂夫bull;乔布斯的离去让对我们来说不只损失了一位朋友,一位发明家。We lost a person who was the engine, the engine of this revolution, and a person who personified it. He was the face.我们失去的是一个身为;发动机;的人,而这台发动机带来革命,而且他具有独特的人格魅力。他就是标识。500 years from now people will talk about the introduction of personal computers and all that came with them and how it changed the world in every way. And Steve was at the forefront of it.从现在开始500年人们愿意讨论关于个人电脑和它的一切及它是怎样改变世界。史蒂夫则站在最前列。165150青岛临沂整形医院名单青岛交通医院去痣多少钱



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