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济阳县中心医院治疗妇科炎症好吗济南市五院网上预约济南哪个医院做流产 A British man may have fathered 600 children by repeatedly using his own sperm in a fertility clinic he ran, it has emerged.据报道,英国人威斯纳在自己开办的生育诊所中屡次使用自己的精子,他的后代数量可能达600人之多。Bertold Wiesner and his wife Mary Barton founded a fertility clinic in London in the 1940s and helped women conceive 1,500 babies.伯托尔德#8226;威斯纳与妻子玛丽#8226;巴顿20世纪40年代在伦敦开设了一家生育诊所,帮助前来就诊的女性育了1500名后代。It was thought that the clinic used a small number of highly intelligent friends as sperm donors but it has now emerged that around 600 of the babies were conceived using sperm from Mr Wiesner himself.当时人们以为,有少量高智商的夫妇俩人的朋友为该诊所捐精,但现在得知,大约600名后代都是使用威斯纳自己的精子繁育的。Two men conceived at the clinic, Barry Stevens a film-maker from Canada and David Gollancz, a barrister in London, have researched the centre and DNA tests suggest Mr Wiesner, an Austrian biologist, provided two thirds of the donated sperm.加拿大电影制作人巴里#8226;史蒂文斯和律师戴维#8226;戈兰茨都生于这家诊所,两人对这家诊所进行了调查,DNA检测结果显示,诊所的捐献精子中有2/3来自奥地利生物学家威斯纳本人。Such a practice is outlawed now but at the time it was not known that Mr Wiesner was providing the majority of the samples.这种做法在如今当属违法行为,但当时人们并不知道大部分精子都是威斯纳提供的。The same sperm donor should not be used to create so many children because of the risk that two of the offpsring will unwittingly meet and start a family of their own, which could cause serious genetic problems in their children.同一名捐精者不应该有这么多后代,因为两名后代可能会无意间遇到,并且结婚生子,这可能使他们的后代面临严重的基因问题。DNA tests were conducted on 18 people conceived at the clinic between 1943 and 1962. The results showed that two thirds of them were fathered by Mr Wiesner.18名1943年至1962年出生于这家诊所的人做了DNA检测。结果显示其中2/3的人是威斯纳的孩子。Extrapolating this to the rest of the children conceived at the clinic it would suggest around 600 of the children were Mr Wiesner#39;s.按此推论,生于这家诊所的人中大约有600人都是威斯纳的后代。Mr Gollancz told the Sunday Times: ;A conservative estimate is that he would have been making 20 donations a year.戈兰茨告诉《星期日泰晤士报》:“保守估计威斯纳一年捐精达20次。”;Using standard figures for the number of live births which result, including allowances for twins and miscarriages, I estimate that he is responsible for between 300 and 600 children.;“使用婴儿安全出生的标准数据进行计算,其中包括双胞胎和流产的情况,我估计他可能有300到600名后代。”In 1990 the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act set up a regulator of fertility clinics and limits were set on the number of families a sperm or egg donor could provide.1990年,《人类受精与胚胎法案》对生育诊所做出规定,并限制了精子或卵子捐献者最多能为多少个家庭做出捐献。Sperm donors can provide samples for the creation of up to ten families.捐精者最多为10个家庭提供精子。Around 2,000 children are born every year in Britain using donated eggs, sperm or embryos. Information about the donor is kept so the children can apply to find out the identity of their biological father and any half brothers or sisters once they turn 18.英国每年有大约两千名婴儿出生于捐献的精子、卵子或者胚胎。关于捐献者的信息会被保存起来,因此当孩子18岁后,就能申请了解生父、以及他们的兄弟的身份信息。 /201204/177344济南市中心医院等级

山东医科大学附属医院主治医生A New Zealand kayaker made the semi-finals of the men#39;s slalom at the Olympics despite being given a two-second penalty by his mother who is a judge at the games.新西兰一位奥运男子皮划艇激流回旋比赛选手昨天闯进了半决赛,但在比赛中,他因犯规被身为裁判的母亲罚时两秒钟。Mike Dawson touched gate five when going down the 18-gate Olympic course on Sunday, and his mother, Kay Dawson, did not hesitate to penalise her son. It was one of two two-second penalties Dawson received, but he still advanced to Wednesday#39;s semi-finals.上周日参赛时,迈克#8226;道森碰到了第五个障碍门,本届奥运比赛赛场共设有18个障碍门。他的母亲凯伊#8226;道森毫不犹豫地处罚了儿子。迈克#8226;道森被罚时2秒,但他仍然晋级了本周三举行的半决赛。Dawson joked that he was tempted to get his coach to put in a protest ;about that particular judge;.赛后道森开玩笑说,打算让教练去找那位“特殊”裁判抗议。It would have made dinner time at the Dawsons#39; even more awkward. His coach is father Les.这会让道森一家的晚餐更加“尴尬”,因为道森的教练正是他的父亲兰斯。;That would#39;ve had all sorts of ramifications after the Olympics and besides, I like mum#39;s cooking too much!; Dawson said.道森说:“这本来会在奥运会比赛之后把我们家的关系搞复杂。另外,我非常爱吃妈妈做的饭!”Dawson added that Kay#39;s penalty ;definitely dispels any hint of bias and I wouldn#39;t have it any other way;.道森补充说,母亲的判罚“当然消除了人们的任何偏见。我当然要接受处罚。”;Fortunately it was definitely a genuine touch and, of course, she called it right, as I#39;d expect her to,; he said, ;though I#39;ll be trying my hardest to keep mum unoccupied in my semi-final run.;他说:“幸运的是,很显然我碰到了障碍门,当然,我母亲的判罚也很正确,我也希望她这样判罚。我会尽全力在半决赛中不出现失误。”Dawson qualified eighth of the 15 kayakers who made the semi-finals. The 25-year-old Dawson is at his first Olympics, while his mother is at her second after officiating at the 2008 Beijing Games.道森在进入半决赛的15名选手中排名第八。25岁的道森是首次参加奥运会,而他的母亲是继08年北京奥运会后第二次出任奥运会裁判。 /201208/193079济南省省立医院专家预约 济南省中医院在哪

济南市孕前检测哪家医院最好的If you see something that looks like four hula hoops attached together hovering in the sky, don't automatically assume that it's a UFO. It might just be the Aeryon Scout, a new product from Aeryon Labs of Waterloo that is actually a flying camera.The device is composed of four connected foam rings with a rotor inside and a camera attached to its bottom. It flies under control of a remote. Why would they produce such a weird camera? You may ask.The makers of the Aeryon Scout say it was designed for taking pictures of places where it's too difficult, dangerous or time-consuming to go. According to Steffen Lindner, one of the founders of Aeryon, this new product is mainly targeted at the police forces, security companies and surveying and engineering firms.Floating object inventions have received a lot of attention today. Many of these gadgets make great use of the properties of magnets to create this hovering effect, by engaging magnets set upon opposite poles. The effect is rather unique and almost magic-like.The latest gadget to utilise this concept is a picture frame, which appears to suspend in mid air between two ends of what seems to resemble a desk lamp, but does not emit light, only acts as a magnetic force to hover the picture.With three various styles, including an artistic base, original base and a cosmic base--every idea has been designed and produced. Simply position the photo frame, which holds two pictures, between the "lamp" and watch your own pictures descend from mid-air. 如果你看到一个像四个呼啦圈连在一起的东西在天上飞,可别想当然地以为它是UFO。这个东西很可能就是“艾伦侦查器”,滑铁卢艾伦实验室研制出的一款新产品,它其实是一台会飞的照相机。这款照相机的主体是四个连在一起的泡沫状圆环,圆环中间有一个旋转器,底部安装了一个摄像头,可以由遥控器控制飞行。你可能要问,为什么要生产一款这么奇怪的照相机呢?“艾伦侦察器”的研制者们说,设计这款相机的目的是为了在那些耗时耗力也很难到达的危险地带进行拍摄。斯蒂芬·林德纳是艾伦实验室的创始人之一,据他说,这个新产品的主要目标用户是警察、保安公司以及勘测工程公司。如今,各类悬空式产品的发明引起了不少关注。很多这种小玩意儿都是在两个相对的柱状物上装上磁铁,大大地利用磁铁(异性相吸)的特性,产生出悬空效果。这种效果很独特,几乎可以说是“神奇”。利用这种发明的最新产品是一款相框,它看起来就像是悬在一个类似台灯的东西中间,但这个“台灯”不发光,只能产生磁力令相片悬起来。这款相框有三种不同的样式:工艺底座式、创意底座式和大底座式——三种样式的产品都已设计出并投入生产。相框里可以放两张相片,你只需把相框放到“台灯”中间,就可以看到自己的相片悬在半空中了。 /200812/57993 Dentists and researchers have come up with the formula for the perfect smile, from the size and width of each tooth to the curve, colour and shape of the teeth, and the overall width of the smile.  牙医和研究学者已经研究出完美笑容秘诀,从每颗牙齿的大小、宽度到牙齿的曲线、颜色和形状以及张开的嘴宽度都有讲究。 /201007/108785市中区中心医院门诊电话热线市中区妇女医院在哪啊



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