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济南专业治疗宫颈炎的医院济南空军医院门诊在哪里Manet,Olympia,1863马奈名画《奥林匹亚》There#39;s a long tradition of the female nude represented in the most erotic, sensuous way, clothed by mythology or clothed by sheer beauty.有一种裸体女性以最情欲、诉诸美感的方式呈现、透过神话包装或是透过纯粹美感包装的悠久传统。It#39;s a tradition that goes back to the ancient Greeks and Romans in sculptures, for example, of the goddess Venus modestly covering her body after her bath.那是一种回溯到古希腊和罗马雕像的传统,举例来说,女神维纳斯在沐浴后稍微遮住她胴体的雕像。And Manet in this painting that we#39;re looking at here, the Musee d#39;Orsay, is clearly drawing on those traditions but doing something radically modern.马奈在这幅我们正在这观赏的画中,在巴黎奥赛物馆,正明确地利用这些传统,但做一些完全现代的事情。The immediate model for Manet was Titian#39;s Venus of Urbino, except that he#39;s stripping away the academic technique of the representation of space, of the term of the body, but he#39;s also stripping away that veil of mythology.马奈直接的模范是提香的《乌尔比诺的维纳斯》,只是他正除去那空间呈现、体态形式的学术派技巧,但他同样也在除去那神话的面纱。And here in the Musee d#39;Orsay, we can see traditional nudes as Venus painted in a traditional way. Clearly, the image is that Manet#39;s Olympia is speaking, too.这里在奥赛物馆,我们可以看到像维纳斯的传统裸女以传统方式被绘出。显然地,那画面是马奈的《奥林匹亚》也在发声。So by academic art, we#39;re talking about the kind of art that was sanctioned by the official academy that was associated with the government of France.所以就学院艺术来说,我们正在谈论被与法国政府联合的官方研究院所认可的那种艺术。It didn#39;t challenge, particularly. It satisfied.它并没有挑战,具体来说。它反倒满足了。Well, for a couple of reasons. For one, because it had the stamp of the official state. These were the leading artists of the time. They were saying, ;This art is of quality, and so of course, it had a y market value.; But at the same time, it was art that was formulaic, that was expected.嗯,有几个理由。第一,因为它有官方政府的图章。这些是当时主要的艺术家们。他们正在说:“这是有品质的艺术,所以当然,它有现成的市场价值。”但同时,那是制式化的、可以预料到的艺术。Well, there was an idea that there was a definition of great art. And there was no point in looking for what was new or different, because what great art was self-evident. Great art was based on the classical and the Renaissance. And what someone like Manet is doing is challenging those very established ideas, ideas that seemed as natural as the sun coming up in the morning. She#39;s not a Venus. Her name is Olympia, and she looks very much like a real woman in a real apartment in Paris.嗯,有个想法是有一个伟大艺术的定义。且没有理由要找寻什么是新的或与众不同的,因为伟大艺术是不言自明的。伟大艺术是基于古典和文艺复兴。像是马奈这样的人做的是挑战那些非常既定的想法,看似和太阳在早上升起一样自然的想法。她不是个维纳斯般的古典美人。她的名字是奥林匹亚,她看起来非常像一个在巴黎一间真实套房中的真实女人。So wait a minute, so how do you know she looks like a real woman as opposed to a Venus? We don#39;t know what a Venus looks like.所以等一下,你要怎么知道她看起来像个真实的女人,和维纳斯般的古典美人相比?我们不知道维纳斯长什么样子。Her features are not idealized. They#39;re not perfected. When we look at ancient Greek sculpture or Renaissance paintings of a nude, we have a woman who#39;s perfectly beautiful, and you can see her face is asymmetrical and her lips are a little bit too thin. She doesn#39;t have that perfection.她的特征并没有被理想化。它们没有被完美化。当我们看到古希腊雕像或是文艺复兴画作中的裸女,我们有位女性是完美无瑕地美丽,你可以看到她的脸是不对称的,还有她的双唇有点太薄。她并没有那种完美度。In addition, the representations of the academic artist always show Venus or other nudes in a coy way. This woman is looking directly at us. She is sentient, she is thinking, and she#39;s confronting us even as we look at her.此外,学院艺术家的呈现总是以一种腼腆的方式绘出维纳斯或其他裸女。这个女人正直直地看着我们。她带有感情、她正在思考、甚至在我们看着她时,她正面对着我们。And so there was a real problem, I think, for the viewers of this painting. There#39;s no way to look at her and pretend that it was about beauty. One was confronted by her sexuality. There#39;s no way to say, ;I#39;m just looking at the ideal image of Venus of the idea of beauty.; Here the reality of a nude woman is present.所以有个实际的问题,我认为,对于这幅画作的观众。没有办法看着她并假装那是有关美感的。人们面对她的性感。 没有办法说:“我就是在看着带着美感概念的维纳斯的完美画像。”这里一位裸体女性事实是存在的。And it#39;s even coarser than that because this woman was recognized as a courtesan that is as a kind of prostitute.这甚至比那更粗糙,因为这名女性被认为是个名妓,就是的一种。The name, Olympia, was common for prostitutes at that time in Paris.这名字,奥林匹亚,在巴黎那时是很普遍的名字。And what we#39;re seeing here is Olympia#39;s servant handing her flowers that presumably have just come from one of her patrons, one of her customers. We must have, as the customer, walked into the room and startled the cat at the foot of the bed as well as the two figures. And so there is this vulgarity here. It really is doing even more than just stripping away the mythology. It#39;s confronting 19th century Paris with its own corruption.我们在这里看到的是,奥林匹亚的仆人递给她鲜花,那推测是才刚从她的主顾其中之一来的,她的顾客其中之一。我们一定,身为顾客,走进那房间,且吓到在床尾那只猫,还有那两个人物。所以在此有这个粗俗感。它真正在做的甚至不只是剥除那神话。它正使十九世纪的巴黎面对它自己的腐败。When we use the word prostitute, we think of a figure of much lower class. And here we have a woman who#39;s obviously a higher-class prostitute.当我们使用这个词,我们想到是一个在更低阶层的人物。这里我们有位显然是位较高级的女性。The reaction of the press was pretty vicious. The press said she looked like a cadaver, she looked like she was dead. Manet outlined her in black and hardly modeled her flesh.新闻界的反应是非常恶毒的。报道指出她看起来像具尸体,她看起来像死了。马奈用黑色替她上轮廓,且几乎没有将她的肌肉画出立体感。What#39;s interesting is that some of the characters of the remade of this emphasize the shadow on her hands and feet. And some of the press actually spoke of her hands being filthy. And it#39;s interesting that those are the only areas where there#39;s significant modeling.有趣的事是这幅画的仿作中其中一些角色强调她手脚的阴影。有些媒体确实说她的手很污秽。而有趣的是那些是唯一有明显画出立体感的地方。Where one would expect to see modeling on the female nude would be in the abdomen or on the breasts. And here Manet#39;s kept that really flat. And you#39;re right, there are areas that we do see shadow of unexpected. So the press interpreted her hand as drawing attention to her sexuality even though nudes for centuries had shown women with their hand place across their genitals.人们会期望在裸体女性身上看到有立体感的地方是在腹部或是胸部。但这里马奈把那维持得相当平坦。没错,那些是我们确实看到意料之外的阴影之处。所以媒体将她的手解读成吸引注意到她的性感,即便数世纪来裸女画作都将女性以她们的手盖住生殖器上呈现。You mentioned that kind of flatness of her body, and some artists organization said she#39;s a bit of a paper cut-out. But Manet, of course, in so much of his work, really does reject the field articulation of represented space, and confronts the viewer with the complexity of painting on a two-dimensional surface.你提到她身体那种平坦度,有些艺术家团体说她有一点像一张剪纸。但马奈,当然,在他很多作品中,都确实拒绝了与描绘空间的场域连结,并在一个平面的表面上以画作的复杂度面对观众。And the area where you can really see that are, for instance, in the way the toes peek out from under her slipper. There is this awkwardness that reminds us that all of this is an illusion. And then in fact, there is just this two-dimensionality of this canvas.你确实可以看到那个的区域是,举例来说,那脚指头从她的拖鞋探出头的方式。有这种拙劣感提醒我们这所有都是种幻觉。然后事实上,只有这种画布的平面状态。There#39;s a kind of unmasking. Manet#39;s saying, ;I#39;m not gonna pretend that my painting isn#39;t paint. I#39;m not going to present you with this perfect illusion the way that academic artists are doing, where you don#39;t even see a brush stroke.;有一种揭露的感觉。马奈正在说:“我没有要假装我的画作不是画的。我没有要像学术派艺术家做的那样呈现完美的幻觉给你看,在这种作品中你甚至看不到一道笔刷。”So he#39;s insisting on unmasking that illusion. And then he#39;s insisting on unmasking the illusion of our own interests in looking at these images. He#39;s reminding us that our interest here is a sexual one.所以他坚持揭露那种幻觉。然后他坚持揭露我们本身对看着这些图像兴趣的幻觉。他正提醒我们在这的兴趣是带有性欲的一种兴趣。Right. In so many traditional representations of the nude, because the figure is not looking out at us, we can comfortably look at her. But here we#39;re confronted by her gaze and by her thinking, and there is a much more problematic experience here.对的。在许多裸女的传统呈现上,因为人物并没有向外看着我们,我们可以自在地看着她。但这里我们面对她的凝视、面对她的思考,这里有许多麻烦的体验。And that#39;s in the fact that she#39;s a real woman, she#39;s contemporary, and the way she picks her head up, the way she looks out at us, the angularity of her body. It#39;s in all those things. And people at the time, 1865, recognized this.那是因为事实上她是一位真的女性,她是现代的,她抬起头的方式、她向外看着我们的方式、她身体的僵硬感。那在所有那些事情中。而在那时的人们,在1865年,认同这个。So this is a painting that is only partially about the nude. This is a painting about art-making and about the kinds of conventions that exist in art, then making us, the viewer, aware of those conventions even as we look at this painting.所以这是幅只有部分关于裸体的画作。这是幅有关艺术创造、并有关存在在艺术中那种传统的画作,然后让我们--观众,查觉那种传统,甚至当我们在观赏这幅画作时。Manet#39;s saying, ;Let#39;s be honest about the materials. Let#39;s be honest about the subject and our own motives and desires.; And I think that that#39;s a really interesting thing for art to do. The great poet and art critic Charles Baudelaire called on artists to paint the beauty of modern life. And I think Manet is taking up that call.马奈正在说:“让我们对取材诚实。让我们对主体以及我们自己的动机和欲望诚实。”我认为那是给艺术去做的非常有趣的事。伟大的诗人及艺评人Charles Baudelaire呼吁艺术家们画出现代生活的美感。我认为马奈在接纳那呼吁。Manet is inventing what beauty could be for the modern world.马奈正在创造现代世界可以有的那种美感。 Article/201503/363734章丘市妇幼保健院在线咨询 I#39;m Michael Colombo with MAKE Magazine.And I just an article by Heather Murphy in the New York Times,who said that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden recently had some Chinese lawyers visited him.And he requested that they put their cellphones into the refrigerator thinking that it would act as a Faraday Cage that could block any signals so that they wouldn#39;t be surveilled while they were having their dinner.我是Make杂志的Michael Colombo 我刚读到纽约时报作者Heather Murphy的一篇文章,文章中提到NSA监视计划泄露者Edward Snowden,最近和几名中国律师品了乌龙茶。Snowden要求律师们把手机放到冰箱里,他认为冰箱可以起到法拉第笼的效果,它能屏敞任何信号,这样他们在吃饭的时候,就不会被监听了。And I thought about this,and I thought I was gonna try it out,So what I have here are two cellphones,they#39;re both Samsung Androids,and I#39;m going to put one into my refrigerator,right here.And I#39;m going to use the other phone to call it.Here we go.Beep...Do you hear it?我曾经想过这个问题,并觉得自己应该试一试,现在我手里有两部手机,它们都是三星的安卓机,我将把一部手机放到冰箱里,放到这里,用另一部手机给它打电话,来吧(拨号音……)听到了吗?So,I guess that didn#39;t work,did it now?Boy,I hope Snowden#39;s okay.Now,when I the article,another thing that I was a e by a designer in a counter surveillance by the name of Adam Hardy.And he said that a cocktail shaker works really well as Faraday Cage.So I just happen to have a cocktail shaker right here.那么,我猜这个方法不管用,不是吗?乖乖,真希望Snowden没事。当我读这篇文章时,注意到的另外一件事是一家反监视公司的设计师,署名为Adam Hardy的引用,他说,鸡尾酒调酒很适合当做法拉第笼用,正巧我手边,在这里有个鸡尾酒调酒器。So,let#39;s give it a try.We put the phone inside the cocktail shaker.There we go.And now we are going to try calling it.and I not hear any ringing,OH,Wow,what do you know? It went straight to voice mail.Let#39;s just be sure and check the phone here.And,as you can see,there#39;s been no miss calls on my phone.让我们试试看,我们把手机放到鸡尾酒调酒器里。来吧。 现在我们来试试向这部手机打电话。我没听到任何铃声,Oh,我去,你发现了什么?信息直接到语音信箱去了。让我们来确认下,看看手机怎么样了。正如你看到的那样,我手机中没有未接来电。So,if you want to make a Faraday Cage so that the government doesn#39;t surveil you,don#39;t use a refrigerator,use a cocktail shaker.I#39;ll drink to that.I love Science.那么,如果你想做一个法拉第笼来防止政府监视你,别用冰箱,用鸡尾酒调酒杯吧。为它干一杯,爱死科学了。 Article/201504/365633济南子宫肌瘤微创手术要多少钱

济南市第五医院引产需要多少钱TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373013聊城第一人民医院好吗 你对这个世界有多少认识?汉斯·罗斯林带着他著名的全球人口、健康和收入数据表格(还有一根超级长的教学棒),来明你认为知道的那些事实,在统计中有很大概率是错误的。再配上他的观众测验——然后,从汉斯的儿子奥拉那里,学习4种能快速摆脱变无知的方法。 Article/201501/350468济南456医院做血常规检查

山东济南真爱妇科医院是正规吗?Once you come to terms with the idea that the atmosphere is a fluid,一旦你接受了大气是液体的观点you realise it has some extraordinary consequences.你会意识到有一些特殊的推论One of them is that Earth#39;s atmosphere其中之一是地球的大气层is capable of shaping the surface of the planet能够塑造我们的星球表面的形状even cutting through solid rock.甚至可以切割坚硬的岩石I#39;m on my way to a very special place,我正在去一个很特殊的地方a place where you can really see how powerful the atmosphere can be.一个你可以真正地看到大气层有多么地强大的地方Only a few people every day are granted the honour每天只有极少数人很荣幸of walking the three mile path to get there.能走三英里的路到达那里But there#39;s a good reason for that.但是有一个很好的理由让我们去那This rock formation in Arizona亚利桑那州的岩石构造is one of the most precious geological sites on the planet.是星球上最珍贵的地质考察点之一Wow! Look at this.哇!看看It is so beautiful.好漂亮啊It#39;s Like being inside a giant sculpture,好像是在巨大的雕塑里一样a geological piece of art.地质艺术These rocks in Arizona are known as The Wave. And it#39;s easy to see why.这些岩石被称作是波浪,你可以看到为什么这样叫These giant curvaceous shapes look as if they#39;ve been carved out by water.巨大的曲线形状看起来像是被水雕刻过Instead they#39;ve been sculpted by a different fluid motion,然而他们是由一种不同的流体运动the wind.--风塑造的 Article/201509/398373 He wanted them to have a better opportunity,他希望他们有更多的发展and to do something they love doing.能做他们喜爱的事l think Joe did the right thing because none of his kids went to prison.我不认为乔有错 因为他的孩子当中没人入狱None of his kids were out on the street using dope.也没有在外面吸毒l think l Was raised right.我觉得我们教育是正确的l think my father did a brilliant job我想我父亲做对的是to take us from Gary, lndiana,将我们逃离印第安纳州瑞城which is a very poverty-stricken town,非常贫穷的一个城镇and not too many people get out of there and make something of themselves,也没有什么人会想要出去有一番作为and he had a dream, and he stuck with it.他心中有个梦想并从未放弃过它And he knew how to get there and he got us there.他知道实现梦想的途径 并带我们往那里前进lt#39;s okay to have fun sometimes but you have to prepare yourself,人生中作乐是不要紧 但必须要准备好自己because your adulthood is gonna be a lot longer than your childhood.毕竟成年的时光 要比童年来得漫长多了And if you didn#39;t prepare for it,不做好准备you#39;re gonna be on The late Show.将来就等着上深夜访谈节目吧so l think my father prepared his sons for the future, to be men.我认为父亲是为了我们的未来着想 将我们调教成男子汉We were men at a vety young age.我们在很年轻时就被迫长大l remember asking Michael, ;Why do you call him Joseph?;我记得有次问迈克尔 为什么以约瑟夫称呼他? And it was really clear, the way Michael explained it,迈克尔解释得很清楚that they thought of him as Joseph.他们就觉得他是约瑟夫 Article/201508/392021山东济南真爱医院做宫腔粘连手术好吗济南市真爱妇科医院在哪里




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