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我们都知道shit是骂人的话。但是呢,美语里shit还有好些其它用法。除了骂人,还有表扬哦!比如说一个东西超棒,你可以说,#39;it#39;s the shit!#39; 快看节目学习吧! Article/201507/387047

Thomas Cromwell is probably the least sentimental Englishman ever to run the country.托马斯·克伦威尔也许是英国执政者中 最冷酷无情的人He understood with a clarity that Henry could never quite manage他对于局势的清楚认识 是亨利永远难以企及的that it would not be enough for the break with Rome to be proclaimed and then expect everyone to fall into line.他明白 仅仅宣布同罗马教廷决裂 远不足以让各方势力乖乖从He was anticipating a fight, and he was prepared to fight hard.他预见了战争 并做好打硬仗的准备Cromwell knew that sooner or later the Pope would throw his big gun into the battle excommunication. 克伦威尔知道迟早有一天 教皇会派出他的王牌 将英国逐出教会And if the king was to win the war,he#39;d better fight back with something more or less novel in the language of politics, namely patriotism.而国王若想赢得这场战争 则要出奇制胜 以新颖的政治旗号予以反击 即爱国主义The country had to be aroused to a new sense of its sovereignty, its potency.这个国家必须要被激发出 新的主权意识与王权意识Demonise Rome as the foreigner,the alien, the enemy.将罗马妖魔化 视为外邦 异国 仇敌To this engine of chauvinist propaganda,Cromwell added the necessary machinery of coercion.为推广沙文主义 克伦威尔附加了必要的高压政策An oath had to be sworn recognising the royal supremacy,臣民必须宣誓承认王权至尊the legitimacy of the heirs of the king and Queen Anne,and the bastardisation of the Lady Mary.承认国王和安妮皇后的继承人合法 承认玛丽为私生女Insulting the new queen was treason,calling the king a schismatic or a heretic was treason.侮辱新皇后属叛国罪 称国王为宗教分裂者或异端者为叛国罪For the first time in English law,it was a crime just to say things.英国法律中首次 将发表言论列为罪行Cromwell managed to turn england into a frightened,snivelling, jumpy place克伦威尔成功地将英格兰变成了一个恐怖 悲戚 人人自危的国家where denunciation was a sanctimonious duty and countless petty little scores got settled by people who were protesting that they were just doing ;The right thing;.在此 道貌岸然者乐此不疲地揭发他人 而那些无数可怜的含冤而死者 只能在;死者无罪;抗议声中 得以瞑目 /201701/486669

It#39;s probably the biggest, the messiest, and the most trouble of any themed party, but it#39;s usually the most memorable. Plan a Christmas party that makes peace on earth engagingly raucous.这或许是任何主题派对中最盛大,最杂乱,最繁琐的,但是通常也是最值得回忆的。策划一场动人的圣诞派对,在喧嚣中找到安宁。You Will Need你需要Budget预算Creativity创意Invitations请柬Decorations装饰Scented candles香薰蜡烛Food食物Christmas music圣诞音乐Games游戏Gag gifts恶作剧礼物Stories故事Movie camera电影摄像机Dollar store (optional)一元店(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Plan1.计划Plan the kind of Christmas party you want to throw: formal or informal, pals or family, with or without kids. Based on the mix, your budget, and the age of the guests, come up with creative ideas that will keep people interacting while they relax.计划你想要举办的圣诞派对类型:正式的还是非正式的,朋友的还是家人的,有没有孩子。根据类型,预算和宾客的年龄,提出有创意的想法,让人们放松的同时能够互动。STEP 2 Send invitations2.发放请柬Send personalized invitations, announcing the theme and purpose, and list the date and time. Have fun with it and sign each one ;Santa.;发放个性化的请柬,宣布主题和目的,写明日期和时间。充分享受其中的乐趣,每份请柬的落款都加上“圣诞老人”。Save money and trouble by raiding the local dollar store for festive flatware, tablecloths, cups, and plates. Find unusual items and dress up your home on the cheap.到当地的一元店购买节日餐具,桌布,杯子和盘子,既省钱又省时。寻找不同寻常的物品,以最优惠的价钱把家里装饰起来。STEP 3 Decorate3.装饰Decorate the house with bright lights and mistletoe; add old-fashioned popcorn strings. Accompany this with special scented candles that might trigger fond memories.用明亮的灯光和槲寄生装饰房屋;添加一些老式的爆米花串。再加上一些香味特别的香薰蜡烛,更增添愉快的回忆。STEP 4 Prepare food4.准备食物Bake gingerb, shortb, pumpkin pie, and other aromatic and memory-laden foods for your guests. Lay out finger snacks, cheeses, sweetbs, cookies, and cakes for nibbling with egg nog.为宾客烘烤一些姜饼,脆饼,南瓜派和其他芳香的,充满回忆的食品。摆放一些可以用手指拿着吃的零食,奶酪,杂碎,曲奇饼和蛋糕,与蛋酒搭配。STEP 5 Play music5.播放音乐Play Christmas music and hand out song sheets for a sing-along if you want to get real sentimental. If you serve your guests spiced egg nog, you may get a few to go caroling around the neighborhood.播放一些圣诞歌曲,如果你想让气氛更加浓厚,发放歌曲列表,让大家跟着一起唱。如果你为宾客提供了加调料的蛋酒,或许可以让几位宾客到社区里唱圣诞颂歌。STEP 6 Plan games6.计划游戏Stage Christmas games, like Pictionary Carols or Pin the Nose on Rudolph. Have a gag gift exchange to get everyone involved.发起圣诞游戏,比如猜谜颂歌或者给鲁道夫钉鼻子。设置恶作剧礼物交换环节,让每个人参与进来。STEP 7 Tell stories7.讲故事Tell stories by the fireplace if you have one, especially if the guests have a common past to share.如果有壁炉的话,在壁炉旁边讲故事,尤其是如果宾客们有共同的回忆。STEP 8 Film8.拍摄Film the party if no one minds, for posterity and perhaps evidence. This is a sacred time to give thanks for one another and to share memories. And of course, to eat until you explode.如果大家都不介意的话,把整场派对拍摄下来,留给子孙后代或者作为你们快乐的据。这是一个神圣的时刻,应该相互感恩,分享回忆。当然,也要敞开肚皮大吃特吃。It is believed that Saint Nicholas, the inspiration for Santa Claus, was born sometime around 280 C.E. in Patara, near Myra in modern-day Turkey.据信圣诞老人的原型圣尼古拉斯出生于公元前280年左右的帕塔拉,位于现代土耳其的迈拉附近。 Article/201412/349314

英语非常道 第45期:Hello,奥运!Hello,伦敦!奥运百科 期待了四年的伦敦奥运会将于北京时间7月28日正式拉开帷幕 Article/201511/402193

Looking to hook up, or maybe even fall in love? These scientifically proven flirting techniques will increase the odds that your seduction attempts succeed.想要结识对方,甚至已经坠入爱河?下面这些经科学明的调情技巧将增加你的诱惑成功的机会。You Will Need你需要Smile微笑Female friends女性朋友Alcohol酒精Conversational skills对话技巧Open-mindedness开明Perspective洞察力Steps步骤STEP 1 Smile!1.微笑If you#39;re a woman with your eye on a particular guy, smile at him. According to research, a man finds a woman who smiles directly at him significantly more attractive than a woman who looks at him without smiling.如果你是女性,看上了一名特别的男孩,向他微笑。根据一项研究,男性认为直接向他微笑的女性比看着他不笑的女性更有吸引力。Body language like hair-flipping and lip-licking can also be effective.拨弄头发和舔嘴唇等身体语言也有效。STEP 2 Get some groupies2.聚集一些狂热追随者If you#39;re a guy on the make, have a few female friends on hand who are willing to beam adoringly at you now and then. One study found that women are likely to find a man more attractive if they see other women smiling at him.如果你是大有希望的男性,在你周围聚集几个愿意不时向你放电的女性朋友。一项研究发现,女性可能认为有其他女性向他微笑的男性更有吸引力。STEP 3 Buy them a drink3.为他们买一杯饮料Buy the object of your desire a drink. The phenomenon known as ;beer goggles; may be scientifically true: in one experiment, people who had been drinking found faces of the opposite sex 25 percent more attractive than their sober counterparts did, because alcohol stimulates the part of the brain we use to determine facial attractiveness.为你倾心的对象购买一杯酒水。“啤酒护目镜”现象从科学上来讲可能是正确的:在一份实验中,正在饮酒的人认为异性有吸引力的可能性比清醒的人高25%。因为酒精会刺激大脑中决定面部吸引力的部分。STEP 4 Make it about them4.对话围绕对方进行Make the conversation all about them -- ask questions, show interest in their answers, use their name, laugh at their jokes, and flatter them. Psychologists who#39;ve studied flirting say if you can make someone feel good about themselves, they#39;ll feel good about you.对话全部围绕对方进行——问他们问题,对他们的表现出兴趣,用他们的名字,对他们的笑话发笑,奉承他们。研究调情的心理学家表示,如果你能让某人自我感觉良好,他们对你的感觉也会很好。STEP 5 Demonstrate open-mindedness5.表现出开明的精神Let them change your mind about something. According to one researcher, people on a date find a person who agrees with them more attractive than a person who disagrees with them, but they find someone who switches positions to agree with them the most attractive of all.让他们改变你对某事的观点。一位研究人员表示,约会的人发现赞同他们观点的人比不赞同他们观点的人更有吸引力,但是他们发现改变自己的立场,赞同他们的人是最有吸引力的。In a study, men who chatted for just 5 minutes with a pretty woman experienced a temporary boost in their testosterone levels immediately after.一项研究发现,与漂亮女性聊天五分钟之后,男性的睾丸素水平就会立即上升。 Article/201501/357289

Here#39;s your milk这是你的牛奶Wait a minute, Barry等等 BarryThat was my 15-dollar Cabernet我15美元的解百纳and it just turned into a glass of milk就这样变成一杯牛奶了So Dr. Dolhun wants milk for his cookiesDolhun士想用牛奶搭配饼干but all he has is wine但他只有葡萄酒So to go from wine to milk为了从葡萄酒得到牛奶Barry pours the wine into another glassBarry将葡萄酒倒入另一个玻璃杯This glass contains barium chloride这个杯子里装有氯化钡and barium chloride dissolves in water forming barium 2+ and 2Cl-氯化钡会溶解于水,形成Ba2+和2Cl-Now barium 2+ reacts with the carbonate ions in the original solutionBa2+会同原溶液中的碳酸根离子反应to produce barium carbonate生成碳酸钡which is a solid white precipitate这是一种白色固体沉淀And of course the solid white precipitate makes it look like milk正是这种白色固体沉淀让溶液看起来像牛奶but is Dr. Dolhun satisfied with milk?但Dolhun士满足于牛奶吗Let#39;s find out我们看看That was my 15-dollar Cabernet我15美元的解百纳and it just turned into a glass of milk就这样变成一杯牛奶了Oh, sorry about that, I thought you would want milk哦,抱歉,我以为你想要牛奶Barry, it#39;s a bad deal Barry这太不划算了Is this milk organic?这种牛奶是有机的吗Uh, no呃,不是Barry, come on, you have to do something Barry这可不行,你得做点什么OK, how about this? I#39;ll treat you...好,这个怎么样I#39;ll give you some beer. It#39;s on the house我为你提供一些免费啤酒Beer?啤酒吗Yeah, as a little substitute low-paid return for messing up your order对,作为之前过失的一点小小补偿So just take that from me here尝尝这个That is nice这很不错A beer with a frothy top on it一杯起泡的啤酒Very good, Barry很好 BarryEnjoy it慢用Finally, Barry turns the milk into beer最终 Barry将牛奶变成了啤酒To do this, he adds some hydrochloric acid to the mix为了做到这个,他往混合物中加了一些盐酸Now this dissolves the barium carbonate, the solid white precipitate盐酸会溶解碳酸钡这种白色沉淀And this is the reaction反应是这样的So he adds the hydrochloric acid which他加入了盐酸breaks apart the barium carbonate solid分解了碳酸钡沉淀This yields barium, water and carbon dioxide gases released这会生成钡离子,水和二氧化碳作为气体逸出And this H plus in the reaction comes from the hydrochloric acid而这里反应中的H+来自盐酸To get the yellow beer color为了得到黄色啤酒颜色Barry throws in some dye chromate which is yellowBarry还加入了黄色染料铬酸盐and he puts a lump of solid carbon dioxide他还加入了一块固体二氧化碳or dry ice in it to make it bubble也就是干冰,让溶液起泡So did Dr. Dolhun and Barry show us today?回顾一下Dolhun士和Barry今天所演示的内容They took a clear solution with certain chemicals in it他们使用了一种无色透明液体,其中具有特定化学物质that turns color pink when another chemical is added加入另一种化学物质后,颜色变为粉红色then goes milky when another chemical is added之后加入另一种化学物质后,变为牛奶状then goes clear again when another is added and then之后加入另一种化学物质后,变得澄清goes yellow and bubbles when two more chemicals are added之后再加入两种化学物质后,溶液变成黄色并起泡This shows us how chemistry can be used to program a system这让我们了解到,化学能够被用于设计一个系统to take on different observable properties来得到不同的观测性质It#39;s truly magical真的很神奇That#39;s it for me. Hope you enjoyed the magic就到这里,但愿大家喜欢这种神奇的化学 Article/201502/358339

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