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Rescue efforts continue in East Shandong province山东石膏矿坍塌救援仍在继续Rescue efforts continue in Pingyi county in East Shandong province where 4 miners remain trapped underground one month after a gypsum mine collapsed.山东平邑石膏矿垮塌事故救援继续进行,4名矿工已经被困一个月。目前救援工作仍在进行中。Four trapped miners are doing well underground with food, clothes, medicines sent to them on a daily basis.从被发现开始,救援人员一直在给这4名被困人员输送营养液等各类物资,目前井下人员身体状况良好。 译文属201601/424150

And what he did was to give tax privileges to Christian priests, to intervene in Christian disputes, to declare Christianity a legal religion, to give money to Christian churches, to start building Christian churches. So all of those actions together gave a great sort of fillip to Christianity.;他给基督教的神职人员税收优惠,介入基督徒间的争端,宣布基督教合法,拨款给基督教会,修建基督教堂。所有这些行动极大地推动了基督教的发展。And it was this fillip that must have given the owner of our villa the confidence to show us Christ looking out at us, full face, unequivocally a man of power. He wears the rich robes and the stylish hairdo that might well have been sported by the villa owner himself, but this is no local ruler and indeed no local god. The Chi Rho monogram makes it clear that what were being shown is Jesus Christ. And theres a further clue to this mans true nature. On either side of Christs head the artist has put pomegranates. Now, to any educated visitor, this would recall at once the myth of Persephone, carried off to the underworld, rescued by her mother, and brought back to the land of the living as a great allegory of the cycle of the seasons, of death and rebirth, of descent into hell and return to the light. By the inclusion of this simple fruit, the artist links Jesus to the pagan gods whod also been gods of dying and returning; to Orpheus, who went to the underworld in search of Eurydice and returned, and to Bacchus who was similarly associated with resurrection.正是这种鼓励使得别墅主人敢于向我们展示基督图像。图像上的基督正面直视着我们,明白地显示出这是位强有力的人物。他所穿着的昂贵长袍和时髦的发型也许来自别墅主人,但这肯定不是一位当地统治者,也不是本土神祇。戈符号表明了他的基督身份。此外还有另一个线索:艺术家在他头两侧各创作了一个石榴。了解希腊神话的访客必然立刻就能 联想到神话中被带到冥府的珀耳塞福涅,她的母亲解救了她,让她重返人间。但由于她在冥府时吃了几粒石榴籽,因此每年都有一段时间必须在黑暗中度过。她的这个神话是关于四季循环、死亡与重生、落人地府又重返光明世界的寓言故事。艺术家用这一水果将耶稣与异教中同样死 而复生的神祇联系起来,比如曾往地府寻找欧律狄克的俄耳甫斯,以及同样与复活有关的酒神巴克科斯。This Dorset Christ pulls together all the hopes of the ancient world, the deepest of all human hopes: that death is only part of a larger story that will culminate in abundance of life and even greater fruitfulness.多塞特的基督汇聚了古代世界的所有希望,而这也是人类最深切的愿望:死亡不是终结,之后还会有更丰富的生活,更丰饶的收获。201507/384192

Well, youre looking good on it.你的气色也不错Thank you. No, Im really pleased.谢谢 我真的很高兴I have to say thats really, amazingly good news.我得说 这真是个好消息The results have been absolutely fantastic for me,检查结果十分完美but that doesnt mean that但那不意味这intermittent fasting will work for everyone.间歇禁食适用于任何人Its really important that they do more trials on humans,科学家应该进行更多的人体测试to find out if, in the long term, it is safe and effective.从而确定从长远来看 这是否是安全有效的But having experienced intermittent fasting,但体验了间歇禁食后I plan to go on doing it.我计划坚持下去It seems to have undone some of the damage看起来它修复了that I have done to my body down the years.多年来我对身体造成的部分伤害It is very poignant looking at the photographs of myself看看这些照片 我和家人们越来越老and members of my family growing up and growing older,真令人心酸but it doesnt make me want to hold back the hands of time.但我不会因此想让时光倒流I sort of think that we do grow old, we should grow old,我认为我们都会老去 并应当老去and theres very little we can do about it.这一点我们无能为力重点解释:1.find out 发现例句:Jill will find out your secret she never misses a trick!吉尔会发现你的秘密的--她很警觉!2.go on 继续例句:Let us go on to the next item on the agenda.让我们继续讨论议程上的下一个项目。3.seem to 似乎 ..例句:All my troubles seem to come together.我的各种问题似乎同时出现了 201511/412605

Xinjiang hit by first spring snowfall in 50 years新疆遇50年来首场春雪A major snowfall has hit Hami prefecture in Chinas Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.中国新疆维吾尔自治区的哈密市迎来一场主要降雪。This is the first time in 50 years that the prefecture has seen snow in April.这是50年来该地区首次于4月份降雪。It started to fall early Friday morning and lasted to sunrise.这场雪从周五一早开始一直持续到太阳升起。Temperatures fell dramatically from the previous day-time high of 20 degrees Celsius to below zero.而温度从前一天白天的20摄氏度急转直下下降至零下温度。And locals struggled to adapt, with traffic inside the city of Kumul brought to a near stand-still.由于降雪造成哈密市内交通几近瘫痪,当地居民一时难以适应。State highways were also put under traffic control, and flights were delayed or cancelled.这个地区的国道已进入交通管制,而且各大航班纷纷被推迟或取消。But on the bright side, the snow has helped offer some relief from the drought currently hitting Hami prefecture.但利好消息是,这场降雪帮忙缓解了该地区当前正在遭受的旱灾。201504/368575

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