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抚顺市新抚区人民医院医院预约抚顺胜利矿职工医院包皮手术哪家医院最好In the past three years, HPs systems integration and consulting service has shown tremendous growth. It has become a vital ingredient in the formula for our success with our Chinese customers and partners. You see our areas of expertise listed here. The first three are aligned with the software products I just discussed, and Ill talk about the last two when I describe our E-business solutions. So that leaves extended ERP, or enterprise resource planning as the only thing to comment on for this list of services. HP has a depth of expertise in helping customers implement applications like SAP. Weve done more than 70 installations worldwide, and we have the most comprehensive SAP R/3 services and support offering in the industry. Last year we introduced what we call Rapid R/3, which is a fixed-price contract with an accelerated implementation schedule of between four and six months. We completed a dozen such installations last year. By the way, we have the industrys only high-availability offering customized for SAP R/3, and we have closely integrated HP-SAP support processes.在过去三年中,惠普的系统集成和咨询务有了长足的发展。它是我们与中国的客户和商业伙伴成功合作的关键。诸位请看,我们从亊的专门领域列在这里。前三项是我刚谈到的软件产品,我谈及电子业务时再介绍后两项产品。所以,现在我们只介绍ERP——企业资源规划。在帮助客户实现诸如SAP等应用程序方面,惠普具有相当的专门技术。目前,我们在全世界已安装了70多套设备。此外,我们在业界拥有最全面的SAP R/3的务和持体系。去年,我们推出Rapic R/3,这是一种固定价格合同,其实施进度约为四到六个月。去年,我们已完成12项这样的安装。顺便提一句,我们拥有目前业界唯一高可用性定制SAP R/3,而且我们严密地综合了 HP-SAP持程序。In terms of support, I would call your attention to two items listed here. The first is our high-availability support offering, which provides a continuum of support offerings that span needs ranging from a departmental print server to an online reservation system that must be continuously available. Its also worth noting that we are the only supplier that is certified to support Unix, Microsoft, Cisco, Netscape on a worldwide basis.谈到持,我想提醒各位注意这里所列的两项。一项是我们的髙可用性持,它可提供一系列持,从部门打印务器到随时在线预订系统,一应俱全。这里还应注意的是,我们是唯一经明可在全世界范围内为UNIX,Microsoft, Cisco和Netscape提供持的公司。201410/337863抚顺哪家医院治疗早泄效果最好 Close encounter two: Brookline, Massachusetts, 1984.遭遇二: 1984年马萨诸塞的布鲁克林I went to see the movie ;Dune,;我去那里看电影;沙丘;and a girl talked to me. Now, on its face --一个女孩跟我搭讪,从表面上看 --this is impossible on its face, I realize --我意识到,这从表面上看是不可能的 --but it is absolutely true.但它确实是真的.It was opening night, naturally.当时是首场演出.自然地.I went with my friend Tim McGonigal, who sat on my left.我跟我的朋友Tim McGonigal一起去看的,他坐我左边.On my right was the girl in question.我右边是问我问题的女孩儿.She had long, curly black hair, a blue jean jacket.她有长长的,卷曲的头发,蓝色的工.I remember, she had some sort of injury to her ankle,我记得,她的脚有点受伤,an Ace bandage, and she had crutches.有绑带和拐杖.She was very tall, I would say.我认为她很高,I was starting high school at the time. I would say she was a junior,我那时是高年级学员.我觉得她应该是低年级的,but I had never seen her before. She didnt go to my school.但我从来没有见到过他.她也不去我们学校.I didnt know her name, and I never will.我不知道她的名字,知道也白搭.She was sitting with someone who I presume was her mother,她跟一个像她妈妈一样的人一起坐着,and they were talking about the novel, ;Dune.;她们正在讨论小说They were both big fans, mother and daughter --她们都是爱好者,妈妈和女儿 --very unusual.这不常见.They were talking about how their favorite characters她们正在讨论最喜欢的角色were the giant sandworms.是那个巨大的沙虫.And then it got stranger.这时,事情变的更怪了.Thats when she turned to me and said,那时,她转向我并问道,;Are you looking forward to seeing the movie?;;你期待看这部电影吗?;First of all, I was embarrassed刚开始,我很尴尬because I had not the novel ;Dune; at that time.因为我从来没读过小说.I was merely a connoisseur of movies我仅仅一个沙漠行星主演电影的featuring desert planets, as I still am.一个影片鉴赏家,现在也是.But it was also the tone of how she asked the question:但她还是问了很多的问题:apropos of nothing, like she didnt even care about the answer,没什么实质的东西,就像她根本不介意一样,as though she just wanted to talk to me.仿佛她只是想跟我聊天一样.I did not know what to say. I said, ;Yes.;我不知道要说什么.我只说;是的.;I did not even turn my head.我甚至都不转过头来.The movie began.电影开始了.I need not remind you that this was David Lynchs version of ;Dune,;我不需要提醒你那部电影是David Lynch版本,in which all of the characters在所有的角色里,were sexy and deformed at the same time.畸形和性感同时存在.There was a character called the Third-Stage Guild Navigator,有一个字符称为剧场版航海家,which was a kind of giant, floating fetus-creature这是一个巨大的池塘,她育着生命that lived in a giant tank with this orange mist这个巨大的池塘散发着香橙的of psychedelic spice迷幻味道swirling around him,环绕着他,allowing him to bend space and time.让他有能力扭曲时间与空间.He could never leave the tank并永远不能离开这个池塘or interact with the outside world.或者说与外界有任何联系.He had become, in his isolation,他认为,在他的世界,so deformed and so sexy,丑陋与性感是并存的,that he had to talk through a kind of old-timey radio他通过一种老式的电台to the outside world, and could never touch them.向外界传播,但是永远触及不到他们.I mean, I liked him a lot better than the sandworms.我是说,我喜欢他们胜过沙虫.The sandworms were fine, but your favorite character?沙虫固然好,但你认为它是我的菜?Please.不是吧.When the movie ended,当影片结束,everyone seemed very happy每个人洋溢着笑容to get up and get out of the theatre as soon as possible.都匆忙的走出了影院.Except for the girl.除了一个女孩.As I walked out, her pace slowed.当我走过她身边,她放缓步伐.Perhaps it was the crutches,也许她拄着拐杖,but it seemed --假装是这样--it seemed as though she might want to talk to me again.看来她还想和我搭讪.When I say it out loud, it sounds so ridiculous,当我说出来,听起来却很滑稽,but I can only come to the conclusion我只能得出这样的结论that it was what, in the alien abductee community,这是一个外星球社区they call a ;screen memory;:他们称之为;萤幕记忆.;a ridiculous false recollection designed by their brain大脑给他们一个可笑错误的记忆to cover up some trauma -- say, of being kidnapped去掩盖一些创伤--被外星人绑架后and flown off to a sex pyramid.飞往金字塔发生性关系.And so I sure am glad我当然很高兴I did not slow down to talk to her.所以我并没有慢下脚步跟她说话.I sure am glad I never saw her again.我很高兴从那时起我再没见过她.201506/381522抚顺割包皮环切手术价格

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顺城医院不孕不育预约Thank you, council member Chang. Council member Wang, you have a very quick question right?谢谢张议员。王委员,再来一个。Yeah, very quick question. Steve, can you give us estimate timeline on when you plan to submit the plan and when youre gonna do the ground breaking and when we can see the raw building.你能告诉我们大概的工期么?比如什么时候开工?什么时候完工?Yeah, well, I ask that question a lot of our people too.我也常问这个问题。We wanna submit plans fairly quickly.We wanna break ground next year and we wanna move in 2015.我希望越早越好,明年开工,2015年能搬进去。2014?Okay, alright, very good. Thank you so so much and were really honored to have you to be here.我们知道很难请得到您来这里。我认为你的技术令我们每一个人都非常地骄傲,你把Cupertino和苹果放在了一起,令我们真的很自豪。I know its not easy to get you here.我们知道很难请得到您来这里。And I think that your technology is really making everybody proud and youre putting Cupertino in together with Apple.我认为你的技术令我们每一个人都非常地骄傲,你把Cupertino和苹果放在了一起,Now, were really proud of it. 2015?令我们真的很自豪。Well, thanks. Were proud to be in Cupertino too.谢谢,我们也为Cupertino骄傲。Thank you, council member Wang. I think she stole my question to ask you when did you break grounds so she can start collecting those. Next year, sales tax dollars from you.谢谢王委员。我想她关心开工时间,是等着明年征你们的税呢。Exactly, exactly, exactly, but you know, when Chris and I met Mr. Jobs, you know, I found a little bit more about him is that actually hes a hometown boy graduated from Cupertino Middle school where my daughter is going, Homestead High School. So, Mr Jobs is very well familiar with the City of Cuperino. So, were very fortunate that you founded here in Cuperino.算起来,乔总是我老乡,和我女儿是校友。所以他对Cupertino非常熟悉,You started to expand here in Cupertino. Therere many choices across the country and Im sure that many governors and many mayors said please come to us,他把苹果种在这里,让它生根发芽。你本来可以去别的地方种苹果,而且我肯定别的城市也企图诱拐苹果,but you decided to stay here and I think its because Cupertino is such and innovative place, a diverse place, and education-wise that we have such wonderful schools here some other students on how they got awarded in our school that are doing so well.但是你最终决定留下,因为你觉得应该与Cupertino的创新和多 元化不无关系。而且我们有很好的学校,咱们这儿的学生也个个出类拔萃,One thing that I wanna ask you is to keep in mind is giving back to the community and one thing that we would love to do.我只简单提点期望,希望你们回馈社会,为社区做点贡献,我们将感激不尽。Im sure that our staff will talk about is that we dont like going to Valley or Los Gatos for an Apple store. We would love to have an Apple store here Cupertino.Cupertino居然没有苹果专卖店,我和我的同事们不得不去Valley或Los Gatos去买苹果,我们非常希望有苹果专卖店在Cupertino。And I can assure you, I even have, you know, my iPad 2 here, which I love, you know, so cooperate with me, but you know, its a wonderful technology and my 11-year-old girl just loves this iPad2.你敢开,我就敢买,看看我手头的iPad2我的心头肉啊,iPad2是个好 iPad, 我11岁的闺女都爱不释手。Good. Yeah. The problem with putting an Apple store in Cupertino is just isnt the traffic.在Cupertino开苹果店估计行不通,虽然离得近,So Im afraid it might not be successful. If we thought it would be successful, wed love to.但我觉得运营效果不会很理想,如果能成功,我们会不开吗?Well help you make it successful. Again, thank you very much for coming with me.放心,我们会帮助你成功的。Im sure that you guys are very lucky to hear this very historical moment that, you know, you hear about 5 years ago, was it Chris?再一次感谢乔总,在座的各位你们有幸见了这历史性的时刻。5年前乔总宣布买下收了155英亩地,That you made the announcement you bought the 55 acres then you bought another 100 acres from HP.5年后这块地将变成苹果园,激动吖。And Apple is truly the technology of innovation and our city staff and city council looks very forward to working with you and helping you succeed here in our community.论创新技术,苹果确实没得说,我们这帮人很乐意帮你在Cupertino取得成功。Thank you very much.非常感谢。Lets give a big round of applause for Mr. Steve Jobs. Thank you.给乔总来点掌声。感谢。201412/350908 辽宁抚顺人民医院割包皮哪家医院最好抚顺医院网上预约



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