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If you#39;re one of the legions of slim, fit and healthy people whose BMI (Body Mass Index) makes them ‘technically#39; overweight, this story will be music to your ears. A new test is about to launch - called the ABSI.很多人BMI指数(身体质量指数)“超重”,实际上却健康苗条。如果你也是其中的一员的话,那么下面的这个新研究可能会让你觉得很中听。一种新的测试体重的指数诞生了。BMI is calculated by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by your height (in metres) squared. It has been widely criticised for years.BMI指数(身体质量指数)的测量方式是:体重(千克)/身高(厘米)的平方。而近年来,这一指数受到的非议颇多。‘The BMI is flawed because it doesn#39;t take into account where you carry fat or how muscular you are,#39; says Sue Baic, a dietician from Bristol University. ‘A woman with a fat stomach, thick waist and skinny arms and legs could be deemed a healthy weight - yet people who carry fat around their mid-section are more at risk of heart disease, diabetes and even certain cancers.#39;来自布里斯托大学的营养学家Sue Baic表示,“BMI指数是有缺陷的,因为它没有办法说明人体内有多少脂肪或多少肌肉。比方说,一名女性她肚子肥大却四肢纤细,而她的BMI指数有可能显示的就是健康。然而,腰腹部肥胖的人群患心脏病、糖尿病和某些癌症的危险性更大。”To calculate your ABSI you take your waist measurement (in centimetres) and divide that by the square root of your height (in centimetres) multiplied by the square of the cube-root of your BMI.而新推出的ABSI指数是这么计算得出的:腰围(厘米)/[身高(厘米)的平方根乘以BMI的立方根的平方]。‘It#39;s a very complicated formula!#39; says Sue. ‘But an online calculator is in development. I think it#39;s a brilliant measure of how healthy you are and it could end up replacing BMI.#39;营养学家Sue表示,“这是一个很复杂的公式,但是网络计算器发展得很快,可以帮你算出来。这是个天才的计算方式,能够告诉你,你到底有多健康。以后它会代替BMI指数的。” /201208/196182。

A woman walks up to a little old man rocking in a chair on his porch.一位女士走向坐在门廊的椅子上摇动的小老头。;I couldn#39;t help noticing how happy you look,; she says.“我无意中发现,你是多么幸福,”那女士说。;What#39;s your secret for a long, happy life?;“你幸福而长寿的秘密是什么?”;I smoke three packs a day, drink a case of whiskey a week, eat fatty foods and never, ever exercise.;“我每天抽三包烟,每周喝一箱威士忌,吃高脂肪食品,而且从来不曾锻炼。”;Wow, that#39;s amazing,; says the woman.“哦,真神奇,”女士说。;How old are you?;“你高寿?”;Twenty-six.;“二十六。” /201210/202486。

One of our great symbols is the American flag,13 red and white stripes corresponding to the number of original stats on a rectangular piece of color, one corner blue with 50 white stars for 50 states.  美国的象征之一是国旗,长方形布上13道红白相间的条纹表示美国原来的州数,蓝色一角上印着的50颗白星代表50个州。  You see the flag everywhere now, "what so proudly we hail.” It means the World Trade Center happened to all of us. "We're proud to be Americans, "say flags on front porches in small towns across the country. Some homes seem to have been built to fly the flag. This wouldn't be complete without it; just perfect. "We're American too" say the flags inelegant glued to the city apartment windows. The declaration of patriotic intent is everywhere, the simplest as persuasive as the displays where one was considered not enough. Rockefeller Center with 150 beauties is in show business, a stirring sight although it's unlikely that management there loves our country more than the owner of the smallest small business, displaying just one.  现在是四处都能看到国旗,"是什么让我们感到骄傲。"那表示世贸中心事件与每个美国人息息相联。美国各小城镇的前廊悬挂着的国旗体现出"身为美国人的自豪"。有些房子仿佛就是为了挂国旗而建的。没有国旗便不完整;挂上后便完美了。"我们也是美国人"--这是斜贴在这所市内公寓窗外的国旗传达出的信息。处处洋溢着爱国宣言,从小处看最能让人信这一点,比如,有些人认为挂一面国旗还不足够。洛克菲勒中心高高飘起150面美丽的美国国旗,景象令人叹为观止,但这并不说明此处的管理者就比只挂出一面国旗的小商店店主更爱国。  The Annin flag company makes most American flags. They have more business than they can do now. You don't have to go to Annin to buy a flag though. Flag sales are a street corner cottage industry. Furtive operatives set up shops, to them the buck means more than the banner.   安宁国旗公司出产全美大部分的国旗。现在他们的生意是应接不暇。但要买国旗并不非得到安宁公司。街角也有出售国旗的摊子。对于那些偷偷售卖国旗的街贩,钱比国旗更重要。   The color of our flag and the numbers of stars and stripes are ordained, but there is no rule regarding dimension. There are tiny flags on sticks made in China. This grand flag is so big on a building in New York that it had to be continued around the corner. This beauty hangs from the side wall of a fire house. And you wouldn't want a dirty flag so they wash them.  美国国旗的颜色、星星的数目、横条都是规定好了的,但尺寸大小就没有限制。也有中国制造的小签国旗。纽约一栋大楼外的国旗巨大得要转弯接着挂起。消防局的墙上挂着一面国旗。如果不想挂脏国旗就像他们一样拿去清洗吧。 /201109/154502。

Recently, CCTV journalists have approached pedestrians with their cameras, held a microphone to their mouth and asked a simple question: “Are you happy?”近日,中央电视台记者将镜头和麦克风对准了路上的行人,采访的问题很简单:“你幸福吗?”The question has caught many interviewees off guard. Even Mo Yan, who recently won a Nobel Prize, responded by saying: “I don’t know”.这个问题令许多被访者措手不及。甚至就连刚刚获得诺贝尔奖的莫言也回应说:“我不知道。”While the question has become a buzz phrase and the Internet plays host to heated discussions, we ask: What exactly is happiness? And how do you measure it?这一问题已经成为热门语句并引发网络热议。我们不禁要问:“到底什么是幸福?你又怎样衡量幸福呢?”In the 1776 US Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson set in writing the people’s unalienable right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Last year, 235 years on, China’s Premier Wen Jiabao told the nation: “Everything we do is aimed at letting people live more happily.” At last year’s National People’s Congress, officials agreed that increasing happiness would be a top target for the 12th five-year plan.在1776年美国发布的《独立宣言》中,托马斯#8226;杰弗逊写下,人们拥有不可剥夺的“生存权、自由权以及追求幸福的权利”。235年过去了,去年,国家总理温家宝在发表全国讲话时称:“我们做的每件事都是为了让人民过得更幸福。”在去年举行的全国人民代表大会上,各级官员一致同意将增加国民幸福感定为我国“十二五”规划的首要目标。US psychologist Ed Diener, author of Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth, describes happiness as “a combination of life satisfaction and having more positive than negative emotions”, according to US broadcasting network PBS. This may sound straightforward enough, but it still doesn’t explain what determines people’s happiness.据美国PBS电视台报道,《快乐-解锁心灵财富的秘密》一书的作者、美国心理学家埃德#8226;迪纳将幸福描述为“对生活满足且正面情绪占上风”。尽管这听上去足够直白,但还是没有解释出是什么来决定人们的幸福感。Many argue that happiness is elusive and that there is no single source. It also means different things to different people. For some, happiness can be as simple as having enough cash to buy a new bicycle; for others, it’s about socializing or finding the perfect spouse.很多人认为,幸福难以捉摸,幸福源自许多方面。对于不同的人来说,幸福的意义也不同。对一些人而言,幸福很简单,有足够的钱来买辆新自行车就很幸福;对其他人而言,幸福则关乎于社交活动或是找寻最佳配偶。Researchers believe happiness can be separated into two types: daily experiences of hedonic well-being; and evaluative well-being, the way people think about their lives as a whole. The former refers to the quality of living, whereas the latter is about overall happiness, including life goals and achievements. Happiness can cross both dimensions.研究人员认为,幸福可以分成两类:一是日常的享乐主义幸福,二是可评估的幸福,即人们整体思考生活的方式。前者强调生活质量,而后者则注重整体幸福感,包括人生目标和成就。幸福则可以令二者产生交叉。Li Jun, a psychologist and mental therapy practitioner at a Beijing clinic, says: “Happiness can mean both the most basic human satisfaction or the highest level of spiritual pursuit. It’s a simple yet profound topic.”来自北京一家诊所的心理精神理疗师李俊(音译)表示:“幸福的定义既可以是人类最基本的需求得到满足,也可以是精神追求的最高境界。这是一个虽简单,却意义深远的话题。”Chen Shangyuan, 21, a junior English major at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, said his idea of happiness always evolves. “At present it relates to how productive I am in a day,” he said. “It might be linked to job security or leisure time after I graduate.”21岁的陈尚远(音译)现就读于南京航空航天大学,他表示自己对于幸福的理解总是不断进化。他说:“眼下幸福与与我每日的学习效率有关。毕业后,也许会同职业安全感以及休闲时间有关。”Then there is the question of measuring happiness. Does it depend on how many friends we have, or whether we own the latest smartphone? Is it even quantifiable?接下来的问题是:如何衡量幸福?取决于我们身边朋友的多少?是否拥有最新款的智能手机?而幸福真的可以量化吗?Economists are trying to measure happiness in people’s lives. Since 1972, Bhutan’s GDP measurement has been replaced by a Gross National Happiness index. It is calculated according to the peoples’ sense of being well-governed, their relationship with the environment, their satisfaction with economic development, and their sense of national belonging.经济学家们一直试图衡量人们生活的幸福感。从1972年开始,不丹放弃国内生产总值的测算,取而代之的是“国民幸福指数”。这一数值根据人们对政府以及经济发展的满意度、与环境的关系、以及国民归属感。In 2009, US economist Joseph Stiglitz proposed “to shift emphasis from measuring economic production to measuring people’s well-being”. But is well-being more easily measured?2009年,美国经济学家约瑟夫#8226;斯蒂格里兹提议“将测量的重点从经济生产转移到人均幸福感上来。”但是,幸福真会变得更易于测量吗? /201211/206892。

Oh the Lin-Sanity! China Has a New Hardcourt Hero美国《华尔街日报》文章:林书豪-中国新一代NBA英雄Move over Yao Ming, China#39;s newest basketball hero is ; Jeremy Lin?取代姚明的新一代华裔篮球英雄是...... Jeremy Lin(林书豪)?Lin, a former Harvard star who went undrafted out of college, gives up 14 inches and roughly a hundred pounds to Yao, the former No. 1 draft pick and recently retired center of the NBA#39;s Houston Rockets. He#39;s also an American by birth, the California-raised son of Taiwanese immigrants.林书豪是哈佛大学的前篮球明星,毕业后参加NBA选秀,却无人问津。身高14英寸,体重大约100英镑。而姚明在NBA选秀中获得第一名,担当火箭队的中锋,最近退役回国。林在加州出生,父母是台湾移民。But none of that appeared to matter to China#39;s basketball fans after the second-year player exploded for a career-high 25 points in leading the New York Knicks to a victory over the New Jersey Nets on Saturday then went on to top that effort with 28 points in a win over the Utah Jazz on Monday.这些对中国球迷来说都无关紧要,重要的是周六,林带领纽约尼克斯队战胜新泽西篮网队,还获得个人职业生涯中的最高分25分。接着林趁胜追击,周一对阵爵士队,大获全胜,并且个人获得28分。Video clips of Lin#39;s performances have circulated widely on China#39;s popular Twitter-like microblogging service Sina Weibo, where the 23-year-old#39;s Chinese name, Lin Shuhao, ranked among the top 10 most searched terms Monday.林书豪火了!他的比赛视频在中国网民的微上频繁转载,在新浪微上,他的名字在周一是跻身搜索榜的前10名。Images of the 6-foot-3-inch guard outperforming NBA veterans, including All-Star point guard Deron Williams, have garnered him global acclaim, including on Twitter, where the hashtag linsanity has been trending. But he seems to made a particularly big splash with Chinese viewers, some of whom had begun to lose interest in the NBA following Yao#39;s retirement in July last year.很多人认为这个6英尺3英寸的后卫的表现比NBA的许多退役球员好得多,全明星赛中的得分后卫威廉姆斯说他值得获的全世界的称赞。在微中,林书豪这一标签已成为流行。临海对许多中国球迷产生了重大影响,其中一些人已经不再对姚明去年的退役感兴趣了。;Nice. Since Yao Ming retired I haven#39;t watched much of the NBA, but now they have him ; Go Lin Shuhao!; one Sina Weibo user wrote in response to a photo of Mr. Lin posted on the NBA#39;s official Weibo feed.;太好了!自从姚明退役以后我已经不怎么看NBA了,但他们现在有了林书豪。上吧,林书豪!;一名新浪微使用者这样写道。;An American born and bred who has nothing to do with Chinese basketball, but Chinese basketball fans love to watch him,; wrote Chinese basketball commentator Yang Yi . ;It#39;s because he#39;s tapped into a dream: an Asian guard using skill and awareness to compete in the NBA.;;一个在美国土生土长的华人对中国的篮球没什么影响,但中国球迷喜欢看他比赛。;中国篮球解说员杨毅写到,;因为他实现了一个梦想:一名亚洲人作为后卫,凭着自身的技术和知识在NBA打比赛。;Lin is the first Chinese-American player in the NBA, and spent his first season with the Golden State Warriors, who signed the undrafted Harvard graduate in 2010 to fill out their roster. He saw limited minutes with the Warriors, but was cheered in arenas around the country, particularly in cities with large Asian communities, as fans came out in droves to cheer their homegrown star.林是NBA中的第一个华裔球员,第一赛季他签了勇士队。期间比不受球队重视,但在周边地区却很受欢迎,尤其是有较大华人社区的城市,这些华人都成群结队地持自己国家的明星。 /201202/171976。