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抚顺市新抚医院新地址抚顺市清原县看男科怎么样1.惯用口语句子:Im just lucky.我只是幸运而己。Im just a lucky dog.我只是个幸运儿罢了。I was just doing my job.我只是做我的本职工作而已。It was my job.这是我的工作。Really?真的吗?Is it?是吗?I played a small part in the whole thing.我在整个事情中只起了很小的作用。play a…part in...“在…起…作用”Oh, I had very little to do with it.哦,我同这件事没有关系。I didnt take part in this matter.我没有参与这件事。Please dont exaggerate. It cant be that good. Please dont exaggerate. It isnt like what you said at all.别夸张了,根本就没你说得那么好。exaggerate v. 夸大,夸张It was nothing. Anyone could have done it, really.没什么,谁都会这么做的,真的。Its a piece of cake. Anyone can do it perfectly.小意思嘛。谁都会做Thank you for saying so. Thanks a lot for saying like this.谢谢你能这么说。Its very nice of you to say so. Thats very kind/nice/sweet.你这么说真好。I own this to all my friends who helped me so much.这得归功于我的朋友们,他们帮了我很大的忙。owe to“归功于”Its no big deal. No big deal.这不是什么大事。Like its such a big deal.好像什么大不了的事儿似的。Oh, nothing to it, actually.哦,其实没什么。Oh, it was nothing really.哦,这真没什么。Its nothing to speak of.不值得一提。speak of“谈及,说到” /201503/363585抚顺曙光医院皮肤科专家 11.I dont like my room.我不喜欢我的住房。Useful Expressions常用语句1.I have a reservation for a double.我预约了一间双人房。2.Whats the room rate?住房价是多少呢?3.Do you have any better one?你们有比较好一点的吗?4.Ill be staying for three nights.我要住3个晚上。5.Can I check in?我可以进住吗?6.When is the check out time?办理退房时间是几点?7.May I have room service?请给我住房务好吗?8.A single with bath,please?请给一间有浴室的单人房好吗?9.Id rather have a less expensive one.我宁愿要一间比较便宜的。10.I cant find any towels in my room.房间内找不到毛巾。Practical Conversation实用会话A:I have a reservation for a single with a bath.我要预约一间有浴室的单人房。B:Were sorry,but single rooms have been occupied.很抱歉,我们的单人房已被预订满了。A:Whats the room rate?房价是多少呢?B:Its little expensive for me.Do you have any other room?对我来说稍贵些,你们还有别的房间吗?A:Then,how about this room with just a shower?那么,这间房只有淋浴的,怎样呢?A:May I see the room?我可以看一下房间吗?B:Ill take this room.我就要这间。A:Is the rate for a room only?这个价钱只是房费吗?B:No,sir.The tax is included.不,先生,包含税金在内。 /201501/355323抚顺县医院男科医院在那儿

抚顺曙光男科医院评价Conversation 1对话1so its a potentially difficult situation.所以这可能会是个麻烦的情况。Hello, everyone.大家好,各位。Well, hi, Alice.嗨,Alice.Arent you going to introduce me, Paul?Paul,你不帮我介绍一下吗?Oh, of course.噢,当然要。Jane, Id like you to meet Alice. Alice has her own fashion design company here in town, and Jane works for Tamp;D.Jane,来见见Alice, Alice在这里开了一家时装设计公司,Jane则是在Tamp;D工作。Tamp;D, huh? Nice work. Its a pleasure, Jane.Tamp;D吗?好工作。很高兴认识你,Jane.Pleased to meet you too, Alice.Alice,很高兴认识你。We were just discussing the new business regulations, and Jane reckons theyre going to impact small businesses worst.我们刚才在讨论新的商业规定,Jane认为它们对小企业的影响最大。I never talk business after ten oclock, Paul, as you know…我从来不在,0点过后谈生意的。Paul,你知道……Conversation 2对话2Well, I agree.额,我同意。Look, heres Gina-lets ask her about it. Hi, Gina.你看,Gina来了,我们来问问她。悔,Gina。Hello.你好。Gina, have you met Shirley?Gina,见过了Shirley吗?Shirley, meet Gina.Shirley,来认识Gina。Gina has her own IT company, and Shirley here is normally based in Beijing but is enjoying this fabulous party!Gina开了一家IT公司,而Shirley通常是在北京工作,但她现在正在享受这个很棒的宴会!Hello, Gina. Im Shirley.你好,Gina,我是Shirley.Hi, Shirley. Nice to meet you.嗨,Shirley,很高兴认识你。We were just talking about Judy and how she knows so many people.我们刚才在谈Judy,以及她怎么会认识这么多人。Oh, yeah. She knows just about everybody.额,对啊,她几乎每个人都认识。Shes a great networker.她的人面很广。So how did you meet her, Gina?你是怎么认识她的,Gina?Well, I used to date her brother. Then her brother married someone.哦,我和她哥哥交往过,后来她哥哥和别人结婚了…… /201604/435584抚顺做包皮手术费用是多少 我先生准备在家开派对,请朋友来一起看世界杯总决赛。他早早就把客人名单和购物清单都列好了,现在剩下的唯一障碍就是我。今年春节我们在家开派对,结果我整整做了一天的饭,又花了一天的时间打扫卫生。这就是为什么我坚决抵制在家开派对。这也让我想起一个可以跟大家分享的习惯用语,叫:stumbling block. Stumbling block, 意思是障碍物,绊脚石。就象刚才说的,我先生想在家开派对,请朋友一起看世界杯,我是他计划的唯一绊脚石,you are the only stumbling block. 最后他没办法,只好同意,承担所有打扫卫生的工作。在下面这个例子里,一个汽车修配厂的车间主任,开会讨论如何才能绕过限制加班的规定。我们一起听。例句-1:If theres any possibility of working overtime, were going to have to get a change in our contract. As it is, we arent allowed to put in more than 40 hours per week. That rule remains a stumbling block. Lets discuss a strategy for dealing with it at our next union meeting.这个人说:要想有加班的可能性,我们就必需修改合同。按照目前的规定,我们每星期的工作量不得超过四十个小时。这项规定是我们的绊脚石。咱们下次工会开会的时候,可以讨论采取什么样的策略,解决这个问题。我八岁的侄女觉得,只要撒娇就能说她妈,允许她去扎耳朵眼儿。我知道,在这个问题上,我可不会轻易答应,我夫则是更难搬掉的stumbling block,他绝不会同意八岁的女儿带耳环。******在下面的例子中,一个大学生正在考虑要到什么地方去度春假。让我们听听他有些什么选择:例句-2:My friends and I are sick of all the winter weather. Thats why were thinking about heading down to Florida for spring break. But none of us have much money or a car. Those are a couple of stumbling blocks well have to get around. Maybe we can pick up part-time jobs and earn some money and then rent a car!?这个人说:我跟我那些朋友都烦死冬天的天气了,所以想去佛罗里达过春假。可是我们这群人谁都没有钱,也没有车。这是我们必需解决的两大障碍。兴许我们可以去打点零工,赚钱租辆车。这倒是个不赖的主意,不过,除了车,他们还得考虑住宿、吃饭、汽油费、和玩的开销。交通工具固然重要,但是这个学生好象没有考虑到其它这些 stumbling blocks.Stumbling block这个习惯用语早在十六世纪初期就开始出现了。不难想象,如果你在树林里散步,遇到被砍倒的树,不小心,可能会被剩下的一节树桩绊倒,这不就是stumbling block吗? /201507/385953抚顺石油一厂职工医院怎么样

抚顺治疗尖锐湿疣费用是多少retire/hang up ones boots----退役大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。4月7日,运动员刘翔通过一篇看似有些落寞的长微——《我的跑道,我的栏》,正式宣布退役,成为了占据一段时间的热门话题。本期,我们就来聊聊“退役”用英语怎么说。一个常见的说法是retire,相应的名词形式是retirement。比如CNN报道刘翔退役的新闻标题是:Liu Xiang, Chinese Olympic gold medalist hurdler, announces retirement.而纽约时报的新闻标题则是:Liu Xiang, Chinese Olympic Star, Retires.除了retire,我们也可以用一个习语hang up ones boots。To hang up ones boots means to permanently stop playing a sport.永久不再从事某项运动。我们来听下例句:It will be a big thrill for me and Ill hang up my boots after that.这对我而言将会是一次大冒险,之后我会挂靴。好了,这期我们学习了两种表达“退役”的方式,分别是retire和hang up ones boots。你还可以在微和微信上搜索“小强英语”找到其他英语资讯。我们下期再会! /201504/370712 经典句型:The British are always gentle and polite. 英国人总是彬彬有礼的。A:What do you think of the British?甲:你怎么看待英国人?B:The British are always gentle and polite.乙:英国人总是彬彬有礼的。A:And they are also kind and tolerant.甲:他们也很善良并且宽容。经典句型:What is the difference between British English and American English? 英式英语和美式英语有什么区别?A:I found the English language here is somehow different from what I learned.甲:我发现这儿的英语和我学的有些不同。B:It is because what you learned before is American English.乙:因为你以前学的是美式英语。A:What is the difference between British English and American English?甲:英式英语和美式英语有什么区别?B:Quite a lot.Such as spelling,pronunciation,grammer,etc.乙:有很多。比如拼写,发音,语法等等。句型讲解:China town,也叫Chinese Quarter,即唐人街或中国城。 /201504/370774抚顺医院包皮手术多少钱抚顺市抚顺县前列腺炎多少钱



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