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英国:长期减肥成新趋势Many New Year dieting resolutions is now running out of steam in Britain, a survey shows, despite a trend towards longer-term dieting as opposed to celebrity-inspired quick fixes.Weight-loss plans advocated by A-listers -- such as the maple syrup, Atkins or cabbage soup diet -- are becoming less widely followed, with over a third of British dieters now seeing efforts to shed the pounds as an ongoing, permanent lifestyle change rather than an attempt to quickly shed extra pounds.However, the poll of 3,292 British adults by insurer PruHealth also found that the average dieter sticks to a regime for only 78.6 days -- often from January 1 to March 18.Over two thirds of British women (69 percent) planned to embark on a new diet or fitness regime at the start of the year, according to the survey.Katie Roswell, marketing director at PruHealth, said: "It's encouraging to see a common move towards long-term healthy lifestyles, rather than people opting for more short-term fixes, such as unhealthy, fad diet plans."However, it's also clear how important it is to maintain momentum and motivation to stick to a permanent lifestyle change." 跟明星倡导的快速减肥法不同,长期减肥已渐渐成为一种新潮流。尽管如此,一项调查显示,很多英国人的新年减肥决心已开始慢慢动摇。目前,采用明星倡导的快速减肥法(比如:枫浆减肥、阿金饮食法、或白菜汤瘦身)的人越来越少,英国超过三分之一的减肥人士开始将减肥视为一种长期、持续的生活方式的改变,而不是试图快速减掉体重。然而,PruHealth保险公司对英国3292名成年人开展的一项调查发现,从今年1月1日至3月18日,普通减肥者仅有78.6天在坚持减肥。据调查显示,超过三分之二(69%)的英国女性曾立下新年决心,打算开始改善自己的饮食结构或准备开始健身。PruHealth保险公司的营销总监凯蒂#8226;罗斯韦尔说:“如今越来越多的人开始崇尚一种长期的健康生活方式,而不再选择流行饮食计划等不健康的快速减肥法,这是件好事。”“然而,很显然,保持劲头、激励自己坚持长期生活方式的改善也十分重要。” /200803/31590No kissing, please, we're BritishA British train station has erected a no kissing sign to stop lovers going full steam ahead with their over-amorous farewells.A sign depicting a no kissing zone is pictured at Warrington Bank Quay train station in Warrington. The train station has erected a no kissing sign to stop lovers going full steam ahead with their over-amorous farewells.Commuters have been told: if you want to get up to that kind of business, do it in the car park.The sign has gone up at thedrop-off point at Warrington Bank Quay station in the town of Warrington, between Liverpool and Manchester in northwest England.A man in a hat and a woman with a curly-looking hair-do puckering up show people where they must not indulge in full-on lip-locking.A similar sign, this time permitting kissing, has been erected elsewhere in a zone where smooching is considered tolerable."We have not banned kissing in the station," said a spokesman for operators Virgin Rail."But we have put the sign up at the drop-off point because it is not a very big area and it often gets busy with lots of traffic."The sign is a light-hearted way of getting people to move on quickly."If people wish to spend a little more time with their loved ones before they leave, then they should park in the short-stay car park nearby."The busy station links the town with the major cities London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Manchester.The 1945 film "Brief Encounter" immortalized forbidden love on the platform in stiff-upper-lip Britain while railway romance has been encapsulated in a statue at London's revamped St Pancras station, which opened last year.However, one station is trying to rescue love from the tracks.High Wycombe, northwest of London, is having none of it and is actively urging commuters to get frisky."Kissing is welcome here! ... we would never dream of banning kissing," says a poster of a cartoon couple embracing, framed by a pink heart."Railway stations are romantic places," insisted Kirsteen Robertson from Chiltern Railways."They are where fond farewells and emotional reunions take place, where relationships start with a glance and even, in the case of our Marylebone station last November, where one passenger will propose to another over the public address system."So our passengers are more than welcome to share a kiss in our stations." /200902/62751That being kind is more important than being right.善良比真理更重要。 /201109/154083

1. Mexico 墨西哥   20,271,000 travelers   The U.S.'s neighbor to the south remains the most-visited country on American's travel list. Visitation last year increased from the previous year by 4%. According to the Mexico Tourism Board, Cancún, Mexico City, and Los Cabos were the top three destinations visited by Americans last year. The effect of swine flu reports on travel in Mexico in 2009 remains to be seen. 和美国比邻而居的墨西哥是美国人出国旅游的第一选择。去年前往墨西哥旅游的美国人比前年增长4%。墨西哥旅游局的数据显示,坎昆、墨西哥城、卢斯卡沃斯为去年美国人旅游首选三大目的地。不过,今年的猪流感对墨西哥旅游业的影响尚待观察。 /200910/86121

科学家要么像谢耳朵那样EQ低到不可思议,要么尽己所能,把严谨精确的科学精神发挥到恋爱上面,大胆假设小心求,先算能找到多少理想女友,再展开具体战略。所以当旁人还在忙着相亲交友的时候,科学家已经轻轻松松,一个公式搞定人生大事。 The Drake equation is used to estimate the number of highly evolved civilizations that might exist in our galaxy. The equation was developped in 1961 by Dr.Frank Drake at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.德雷克方程式是用来估计系内拥有高度发展文明的星球数量的。1961年,美国国家无线电天文台的弗兰克·德雷克士创造出了这个方程式。The equation is generally specified as:这个方程式写作:N=R*×Ep×Ne×F1×Fi×Fc×L N the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible;我们能够与之沟通的、有高度文明的外星球数量R* the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy系中每年新星球“出生率”Ep the fraction of those stars that have planets能生长植物的星球所占的比率Ne the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets每颗这样的星球上能维持生命的植物的平均数目F1 the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point其中真正能出现生命痕迹的星球比率Fi the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life其中能出现高等生命的星球比率Fc the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space拥有向宇宙中发射可识别信号的能力的文明在以上星球中所占的比率L the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space.那样的高等文明生物发射可识别心信号的时间 /201108/146966

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