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青岛市立医院宫颈糜烂和子宫肌瘤一起费用高密无疼人流医院McCain, Obama Debate Iran Policy麦凯恩奥巴马辩论如何对待伊朗   Presidential contenders John McCain and Barack Obama debated the wisdom of dealing directly with Iran Monday. The exchange on foreign policy came on the eve of primaries Tuesday in Kentucky and Oregon, the next contests in the long running Democratic nomination battle between Obama and Hillary Clinton.  美国两位总统竞争者麦凯恩和奥巴马星期一就如何更明智地直接同伊朗打交道进行了辩论。在肯塔基州和俄勒冈州星期二举行初选前夕双方进行了这次有关外交政策的辩论。星期二的初选是奥巴马和克林顿之间历时长久的民主党提名战的下一次角逐。Senator McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, was in Chicago to speak about the U.S. role in the global economy. 笃定成为共和党总统提名人的麦凯恩参议员在芝加哥就美国在全球经济中的作用发表讲话。But McCain opened his speech with an attack on Senator Obama. McCain seized on remarks Obama made the previous day in which he described the threat posed by Iran to the ed States as tiny compared to the threat once posed by the Soviet Union. 讲话一开始,麦凯恩就对奥巴马进行攻击。麦凯恩抓住奥巴马头一天发表的进行攻击。奥巴马表示,伊朗对美国构成的威胁跟当年苏联的威胁相比微不足道。McCain accused Obama of underestimating the threat Iran poses to the ed States.  麦凯恩指责奥巴马低估伊朗对美国构成的威胁。"Senator Obama has declared and repeatedly reaffirmed his intention to meet the president of Iran without any preconditions, likening it to meetings between former American presidents and the leaders of the Soviet Union," he said. "Such a statement betrays the depth of Senator Obama's inexperience and reckless judgment. These are very serious deficiencies for an American president to possess." 他说:“奥巴马参议员公开表示并多次重申打算在没有任何先决条件的情况下会晤伊朗总统,而且还把这种会晤同前美国总统和苏联领导人会晤相提并论。这种充分说明奥巴马参议员是多么经验不足,判断鲁莽。对一位美国总统来说,这些是非常严重的缺陷。”Obama was quick to respond to McCain's attack during a campaign event in Billings, Montana. 奥巴马立即对麦凯恩的攻击做出回应。"And so I have made it clear for years that the threat from Iran is grave, but what I have said is that we should not just talk to our friends, we should be willing to engage our enemies as well," he said. "That is what diplomacy is all about. The reason Iran is so much more powerful now than it was a few years ago is because of the Bush-McCain policy of fighting an endless war in Iraq and refusing to pursue direct diplomacy with Iran. They are the ones who have not dealt with Iran wisely. 奥巴马在蒙塔那州比灵斯进行的一次竞选造势活动上说:“多年来我非常明确地表示,来自伊朗的威胁非常严重,但是我要说明的是,我们不应仅仅同我们的朋友商谈,我们也应同我们的敌人进行接触。这就是外交工作的真谛。伊朗今天之所以比几年前更加强大,其原因在于布什-麦凯恩无休止的伊拉克战争政策,以及拒绝奉行同伊朗进行直接接触的外交政策。正是他们在不明智地同伊朗打交道。”Last week, Obama accused McCain and President Bush of what he called dishonest and divisive attacks over his willingness to talk to Iran. Without mentioning Obama by name, President Bush compared those who would negotiate with terrorists and radicals to the appeasers of Nazi Germany prior to the Second World War. 上星期,奥巴马批评麦凯恩和布什有关他愿意同伊朗会谈的攻击是不诚实的,具有分裂性质。虽然没有直接提到奥巴马的名字,布什将那些愿意同恐怖分子和激进分子谈判的人跟二战之前安抚纳粹德国的绥靖主义相提并论。The foreign policy exchange over Iran came on the eve of Democratic primaries in Kentucky and Oregon, the latest match-ups in the long running battle between Obama and rival Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. 奥巴马和麦凯恩就伊朗问题进行的外交政策辩论发生在肯塔基州和俄勒冈州举行初选的前夕。这次两个州的初选是奥巴马和他的对手克林顿之间历时长久的民主党总统提名战的最新角逐。The latest polls give Obama a slight lead in Oregon. On Sunday, he drew a crowd of about 75,000 at a rally in Portland. 最新的民调显示,奥巴马在俄勒冈州略微领先。星期天,奥巴马在波特兰出席了估计有大约7万5千人参加的一场集会。Senator Clinton is focused on Kentucky where a new poll gives her a huge lead over Obama. 克林顿参议员则主要在肯塔基州进行竞选活动,克林顿在肯塔基州的最新民调中遥遥领先奥巴马。Clinton told supporters in Kentucky she intends to keep campaigning right through the end of the primary season on June 3. 克林顿在肯塔基州对她的持者说,她计划继续竞选,直到6月3日初选结束。"So, I am going to make my case and I am going to make until we have a nominee," she said. "But we are not going to have one today and we are not going to have one tomorrow and we are not going to have one the next day. And if Kentucky turns out tomorrow, I will be closer to that nomination because of you." 她说:“因此,我会明,我会在我们产生一个提名人之前继续明。但是我们今天不会产生一个提名人,而且明天也不会,后天也不会。如果肯塔基州明天能明,我会因为你们离提名更近一步。”Obama has a solid lead in the overall delegate count and continues to gain the support of Democratic superdelegates. Superdelegates are Democratic officeholders and party activists free to support either candidate. 奥巴马在整个代表人数上稳稳超过克林顿,并继续赢得民主党超级代表的持。超级代表是民主党的官员和党的活动分子,他们有权选择自己持的候选人。The latest superdelegate to line up behind Obama is veteran Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Byrd decided to support Obama even though Clinton easily defeated Obama in the West Virginia primary last week. 最新站出来持奥巴马的超级代表是西维吉尼亚州的资深参议员伯德。即使克林顿上星期在西维吉尼亚的初选中轻松战胜奥巴马,伯德还是决定持奥巴马。After Tuesday's contests in Kentucky and Oregon, only three more Democratic primaries remain. Puerto Rico holds a primary on June 1, followed by South Dakota and Montana on June 3. 在肯塔基州和俄勒冈州星期二的角逐之后,民主党党内初选只剩下三个地区。波多黎哥6月1日举行初选,6月3日在南达科他和蒙塔那举行最后两个州的初选。200805/39471平度市红十会医院开住院证明 Natalie Morales: Willer, thank you. This morning on Today's Woman you've heard the expression 'No sex please. We're married.' Well, it's an old joke. But for millions of husbands and wives, keeping the flames of passion burning is no laughing matter. Apart from the benefits, experts say, that a healthy sex life can also be an important sign of a relationship's overall happiness. Today, contributor Dr. Judith Reichman is the author of I'M NOT IN THE MOOD and the relationship expert Michelle Wiener Davis is the author of The Sex Starved Marriage. Good morning to both of you, thanks for being here.Both: Good morning.Natalie Morales: Such an important topic, obviously for our healthy relationships. And Michelle, let me start with you. How do you define a sexless marriage? And is it more of a widesp problem than we even know of?Michelle Wiener Davis: Well, the research is telling us that if couples are having sex fewer times than ten a year, uh..that it is really a sex starved marriage. But I tend to look at it in a slightly different way. Because unlike vitamins, there are no daily minimum requirements for a healthy sex life. uhm, what, so, what happens so often in the couples in my practice is that one spouse is desperately yearning for more physical touch , more closeness, more sex and the other one is just figuring "uh, it's just sex.Natalie Morales: Is that one spouse more of men wanting it more often than women, or does it go both ways?Michelle Wiener Davis: I'm so glad that you're asking that question, because we always hear about women not being in the mood and it's true that...Natalie Morales: Right! I got a headache.Michelle Wiener Davis: Right! Exactly. And it's true that more women than men complain about that. But I am convinced that low sexual desire in men is America's best-kept secret. And when I talk to my colleagues, they do sex there will be, they all agree that men feel so much shame about admitting that they're just not in the mood, because virility and you know...Natalie Morales: Equated with their manliness.Michelle: Absolutely, absolutely.Natalie: So how much of it is would you say physical versus mental, the psychological factors that are involved?Michelle: Well. It's definitely inseparable, I mean that all the issues that I'm sure you've got to hear are overlapped.Judith: I mean, as a person who takes care of these physical problems and talks to couples and women about their actual medical issues, I would say that 75% of the time it is psychological, and only 25% of the time, especially in the younger couples do I find that there's something medical going on.Natalie: Let's talk about what's happening, because children obviously a huge factor, once you have children, well, priority shift, right? What is happening in that case? Are we seeing more of a change or transition in the relationship? And Michelle, can you start to rekindle the flame?Michelle: Well, clearly, children are a big issue, we become such a child-focus culture that our chil.., we're running our kids to lessons and all sorts of activities, and the marriage gets put on the backburner. I always tell couples that the very best thing that you can do for you rela.., for you children is to put your marriage first. But there are lots of other relationship issues. So many people tell me when there are underline resentments and anger; it really stands in the way of feeling close and therefore wanting to be physically close.Natalie: Such feeling seems to happen to the wife that "I am doing enough around the house,(absolutely) you can kinna take that out on the others, on this house".(Absolutely.)Judith: But even if having babies, I mean there are some physical changes that women go through. For example, when a woman is breastfeeding,(Sure.) and a couple of weeks ago, we talked about how really important it was to breastfeed, hopefully for a year, during that period of time, there's an increase in the production of something called prolactin, and that's the hormone that lets the milk down. And that actually prevents ovulation, decreases hormones, so here are these young active women mothers and they're having thinning and dryness in the vaginal area that actually leads to a, we call it Atrophic Vaginitis and sex hurts, or something hurts, you don't wanna do it. (Sure.) So often the complaint from women who had babies is "I don't wanna do it, it hurts." And then they remember that hurt even after they stop breastfeeding, it continues to become a habit. And voila, this couple is no longer having satisfactory sexual relationships.Natalie: And what about older couples? I imagine there are more medical issues as well.Judith: Absolutely! As we go through peri-menopause and menopause(Sure.),there are these fluctuating hormones, and let's face it, they affected our brain, our body, our genital organs, and if you have less estrogen, there's less moisture, there's less blood flow into the vaginas. So arousal is affected and then many people talk about testosterone and that too may go down. And it's not just total testosterone, it's someone we call free testosterone, that which is unbound like Sampson. And basically we probably need that too for sexual response. That can change in peri-menopause and menopause. And we sometimes talk about how we can address this and what kind of hormones we can possibly use.Natalie: And when I get into that and a woman, she just..Judith: Yeah! But if a woman comes in and says to me: Oh, you know, sex is no good, I'm not having relationships, my marriage sexes, test me.Natalie: Right!Judith: And I'll say something like: "Well! Does it become OK when you go away on a vacation and you have a romantic evening?" And she says, "Yes."Then I'll say "You're wasting your money, we might as well not test. It's not hormone normal."Natalie: Ok 200807/43919青岛山大医院黄岛网上挂号

四方区妇女医院哪个医生好青岛医院处女膜修复多少费用 M: Ron Rogge from the University of Rochester is heading up the ( the)newly-weds study. And Dr. Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist here in New York and Today contributor. Good morning to both of you. R amp; G: Good morning, Matt. M: Ron, 40% of these marriages are...the divorces ( 40 got )are happening in the first 5 years of marriage. Why are those first 5 years so turbulent? R: Well, merging your lives together is a really complicated and difficult thing. Suddenly your business partner, your roommates, for most couples, you'll also become parents together, and the joy and the fun that you have with each other can get lost in that tangle. M: And maybe you had unrealistic expectations going into it. You didn't stop and talk about the things that you should've talked ( should've done )about when you were still dating. R: True. That. . . . we actually find that, you know, a lot of couples argue about sex, money, finances, urm, chores. But it turns out it doesn't matter as much what you are arguing about. It's how you handle those problems. M: And actual(ly), and this is what you comment because you say that really one of the ways to avoid this is to remember what you learned in kindergarten. Explain that. R: Well, it really comes down to being nice to each other. You know, when problems come up, when you have a problem, your partner has a problem or there's a problem between the two of you, trying to handle it with kindness will give you a really long way. M: Gail, is it. . . is it that easy as all about being nice to each other, sharing your toys and getting naps when you need them? G: We all know it's , it's an extension of that. The , the take peace talk about communication. And that is so key because you're never gonna be each other's clones. So you're always gonna have to negotiate, you're always gonna have to compromise, and you can't do that unless you talked to the person about what's going on . The other thing is that the feeling of being understood. Nothing makes you feel intimate like feeling like your partner really understands ya. M: So, clearly in a lot of these marriages especially the ones that're ending in divorce, that line of communication is closing down somehow. (Yes. ) So, so how do ya keep it open because stuff happens as the expression goes? G: That's correct. But it takes time. You see you've brought up unrealistic expectations and that's true, this is an expectation that it should be bliss. You shouldn't have to say much. This person is in my corner aly. So I can just go out and do my things in the world and kind of ignore and come home and they'll just be there. But that's not true. It does take time. It does take effort to communicate. It takes a concerted effort and you have to be vulnerable which lots of people don't want to do. M: On Wall Street they look at the stock market and they say it's a good indicator what happens in the first couple of weeks in January, generally tells you how the market's gonna do all year long. So were you saying that these first couple of years of marriage is gonna tell you how you, what your chance of survival is? R: It's amazing. We can see the seeds of divorce in the first month of marriage when couples are saying, "we are blissfully happy, we will never get divorced". And yet, if they are not handling these things well, if they are not keeping the fun in their relationship and really nurturing their relationship, we can see that it's probably gonna head down on a wrong path. M: Gail, let's get to some of your tips. Give more than take. G: You know, it's interesting. My parents told me this all along as I was growing up. If you give each other 80%, you'll both be getting plenty, right? I think about that in my own marriage and I think about that in people I counsel all the time. Give a lot. People always are so concerned about staking out their territory. That doesn't work. Give a lot. M: Next know how to fight? G: So important because you can have a little skirmishes, and you will, and those are okay, but if you let them fester, you get the big brouhaha and that'll break up the marrige. M: And , and show lots of affection that one couple said, "we still hold hands a little bit. Do more than that. Get in there , it will be affectionate. " Right? G: Absolutely. R: But we asked couples, you know, "How much affection would you like? Well, would you like to change in your relationship? "And it's amazing how often, both the husbands and wives will say, "I'd like to have more affection. " G: But it means being"vulnerable", you have to, in order to show each other affection. By the way, the bedroom is a big barometer for what's going on there. There're lots of sexual fights that can end a marriage. Sex is important. M: And you are gonna follow these 1, 600 people, these 8 hundred couples over the,over the course of 4 years. I would imagine just the evaluation, the process may help a lot these couples coz' they are gonna talk about it. R: Well, you know, they really like, in general, when we asked couples, they like to participate. M: Very good. A lot for more. Ron, thank you so much. Gail, thank you very much. R: Pleasure. 200808/46528青岛第七医院打胎流产好吗

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