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即墨市第四人民医院治疗不孕不育好吗即墨做无痛人流去哪家医院比较好1 American IntonationThe American Speech MusicWhat to Do with Your Mouth to Sound AmericanOne of the main differences between the way an American talks and the way the rest of the world talks is that we dont really move our lips.(So, when an American says, ;Read my lips!; what does he really mean?)We create most of our sounds in the throat, using our tongue very actively.If you hold your fingers over your lips or clench your jaws when you practice speaking American English,you will find yourself much closer to native-sounding speech than if you try to pronounce every ... single ... sound ... very ... carefully.If you can relate American English to music, remember that the indigenous music is jazz.Listen to their speech music, and you will hear that Americans have a melodic, jazzy way of producing sounds.Imagine the sound of a cello when you say, Beddy bada bida beader budder (Betty bought a bit of better butter)and youll be close to the native way of saying it.Because most Americans came from somewhere else, American English reflects the accent contributions of many lands.The speech music has become much more exaggerated than British English, developing a strong and distinctive intonation.If you use this intonation, not only will you be easier to understand, but you will sound much more confident, dynamic, and persuasive.Intonation, or speech music, is the sound that you hear when a conversation is too far away to be clearly audible but close enough for you to tell the nationality of the speakers.The American intonation dictates liaisons and pronunciation, and it indicates mood and meaning.Without intonation, your speech would be flat, mechanical, and very confusing for your listener.What is the American intonation pattern?How is it different from other languages?Foa egzampuru, eefu you hea ah Jahpahneezu pahsohn speakingu Ingurishu, the sound would be very choppy, mechanical, and unemotional to an American.Za sem vey vis Cheuman pipples, it sounds too stiff.A mahn frohm Paree ohn zee ahzer ahnd, eez intonashon goes up at zee end ov evree sentence,and has such a strong intonation that he sounds romantic and highly emotional,but this may not be appropriate for a lecture or a business meeting in English.American Intonation Dos and DontsDo Not Speak Word by WordBob is on the phone.If you speak word by word, as many people who learned ;printed; English do, youll end upsounding mechanical and foreign.You may have noticed the same thing happens in your own language:When someone s a speech, even a native speaker, it sounds stiff and stilted, quite different from a normal conversational tone.Connect words to form sound groups.This is where youre going to start doing something completely different than what you have done in your previous English studies.This part is the most difficult for many people because it goes against everything theyve been taught.Instead of thinking of each word as a unit, think of sound units.These sound units may or may not correspond to a word written on a page.Native speakers dont sayBob is on the phone,but say[b#228;biz#228;n the foun].Sound units make a sentence flow smoothly, like peanut butter— never really ending and never really starting, just flowing along.Even chunky peanut butter is acceptable.So long as you dont try to put plain peanuts directly onto your b, youll be OK.Use staircase intonation.Let those sound groups floating on the wavy river in the figure flow downhill and youll get the staircase.Staircase intonation not only gives you that American sound, it also makes you sound much more confident.Not every American uses the downward staircase.A certain segment of the population uses rising staircases— generally, teenagers on their way to a shopping mall:;Hi, my name is Tiffany.I live in La Canada. Im on the pep squad.;What Exactly Is Staircase Intonation?In saying your words, imagine that they come out as if they were bounding lightly down a flight of stairs.Every so often, one jumps up to another level, and then starts down again.Americans tend to stretch out their sounds longer than you may think is natural.So to lengthen your vowel sounds, put them on two stairsteps instead of just one.Instead of ;Were here; say ;We are here;.The sound of an American speaking a foreign language is very distinctive, because we double sounds that should be single.For example, in Japanese or Spanish, the wordnois, to our ear, clipped or abbreviatednoin standard American.noouWhen you have a word ending in an unvoiced consonant— one that you ;whisper;(t, k, s, x, f, sh)—you will notice that the preceding vowel is said quite quickly, and on a single stairstep.When a word ends in a vowel or a voiced consonant— one that you ;say;(b, d, g, z, v, zh, j),the preceding vowel is said more slowly, and on a double stairstep.Unvoiced seat Voiced seedThere are two main consequences of not doubling the second category of words:Either your listener will hear the wrong word, or even worse, you will always sound upset.Consider that the words curt, short, terse, abrupt, and clipped all literally mean short.When applied to a person or to language, they take on the meaning of upset or rude.For example, in the expressions ;His curt reply ...,;;Her terse response... or ;He was very short with me;all indicate a less than sunny situation. /201501/80598即墨妇幼保健院人流要多少钱 Todd: So, Anja, you are from Switzerland?托德:安雅,你来自瑞士,对吧?Anja: Yes, exactly.安雅:对,没错。Todd: So, I thought we would talk a little about your country.托德:那我们来聊聊你的祖国吧。Anja: OK.安雅:好。Todd: First of all, what do you like most about being Swiss?托德:第一个问题,你最喜欢瑞士的哪方面?Anja: Actually, what I like the most about Switzerland is that the country is neutral, so that means that we have an army but we dont have war with any country. We go abroad to support people and help people if there is some sort of war or some trouble abroad, but we dont fight against any country.安雅:实际上,我最喜欢瑞士的地方是瑞士是中立国家,这意味着虽然我们有军队,但是我们不会和任何国家进行战争。如国其他国家爆发战争,那我们会提供持和帮助,但我们不会和任何国家作战。Todd: So when theres a major conflict, you dont take a side.托德:也就是说发生严重冲突时,你们国家不会持任何一方。Anja: Thats exactly this.安雅:没错,就是这个意思。Todd: So, how about... are Swiss people very political? Like are they in terms of your country, like are they very involved with politics?托德:那瑞士人关心政治问题吗?你们国家的民众会涉足政治问题吗?Anja: Yes, actually you have to, especially young people are very involved in politics as well, and like we have votes and what not, like every month theres something we have to give our vote, and people always do it. Its really amazing. I like that a lot.安雅:关心,特别是年轻人会涉足一些政治问题,我们要投票,每个月我们都要投票,人们经常做这些。这真的很棒,我很喜欢。Todd: Wait a minute! You vote every month?托德:等一下!你们每个月都投票?Anja: Yeah, for some local things or prefectural things and we always get the stuff back home in the mail, and then we have to fill it out. You know, tick a yes or a no and bring it to the, how do you say?安雅:对,每个月我们都要对一些地方问题或省级问题进行投票,投票纸会放到每家的信箱里,我们要填好。就是在投票纸上选择是或否,然后送到……你们称之为什么?Todd: Like the post office?托德:类似邮局的地方?Anja: Yes. Then vote.安雅:对,然后进行投票。Todd: So, its like a referendum? Its about some local issue.托德:就像公投一样吗?有关地方问题的公投。Anja: Yes, exactly. Like referendums or yeah, for the prefecture, for your city or for your village all the time.安雅:对,没错。就像公投一样,都是一些有关你所在的省、城市或村庄的问题。Todd: Thats pretty amazing. Now, are these issues that you take time to look into, or do you just kind of guess?托德:这太不可思议了。那这些问题你们是要花时间去了解,还是只是估计一下?Anja: Well, it depends a little bit, like, if its not of very big importance, like of course, everything is important, but then, you know, you just do what you feel is the right thing and you just tick a yes or no, but if you feel like its a really big deal, like a lot of moneys being invested or its like something that concerns the whole country, then of course you will do like research on it and well, its on the news anyway, so you .. they like the government informs you a lot and you get brochures like for the topics and so, yeah. Its a really big deal.安雅:这要取决于问题是否重要,当然每件事都很重要,你只要做你认为对的事情就好,选择是或否就行,如果你认为那是一件非常重要的事,比如涉及重大投资或是有关整个国家的问题,当然你就要做一些研究,这些问题新闻会报道,政府也会告知一些重要信息,而且你还会拿到有关这个问题的说明册。这种就是非常重要的问题。 译文属 /201604/438065Tom: What did you have for lunch?汤姆:你午饭吃了什么?Martin: I had a chicken bento.马丁:我吃了一份鸡肉便当。Tom: You brought it from home?汤姆:你从家里带的便当吗?Martin: No, I bought it here on campus.马丁:不是,我在学校里买的。Tom: In the cafe?汤姆:从咖啡厅买的吗?Martin: Yes.马丁:对。Tom: How was it?汤姆:味道怎么样?Martin: It was ok. Its better than most of the other food here and it wasnt too expensive.马丁:还不错。比学校里卖的其他食物好吃多了,而且也不贵。Tom: Do you eat here a lot.汤姆:你经常在这里吃饭吗?Martin: I try not to.马丁:我尽量不在这边吃。Tom: Why not?汤姆:为什么?Martin: Its a little more expensive and the quality isnt quite as good as Id hope for the value.马丁:价格有点贵,而且味道也不好,不太值这个价。Tom: More expensive than where?汤姆:比什么地方价格贵?Martin: More expensive than a small restaurant or a specialized chicken place down in town.马丁:比城镇里的小餐馆和鸡肉店里的价格贵。Tom: Really? I agree with you about the quality but I thought it was quite cheap up here.汤姆:真的吗?我也认为味道一般,不过我认为这里的食物非常便宜。Martin: I just find I can find a little better deal sometimes in town and a lot better quality for about the same price.马丁:我在城镇里找到了更好的地方,同样的价格可以吃到好吃的多的食物。Tom: So about lunch, do you have lunch here?汤姆:你经常在学校吃午饭吗?Martin: Often? No.马丁:你是说经常吗?不是。Tom: What do you do for lunch?汤姆:你午饭一般吃什么?Martin: I usually go home and eat. Im not on campus that often.马丁:我经常回家吃。我不常在学校里吃午饭。Tom: Ok, yeah. Cause I kind of get stuck up here from morning until evening so Im eating there everyday.汤姆:好。因为我一天到晚都待在学校里,所以我每天都在这里吃饭。Martin: Everyday. Sorry to hear that.马丁:每天。听到这个我感觉很难过。Tom: What do you do for dinner, do you cook?汤姆:晚饭你一般会吃什么?你自己做晚饭吃吗?Martin: Yes I do, most often, usually just easy beef stir-fries or now and then go out...马丁:对,我经常做,一般我会做简单的炒牛肉,有时我也出去吃……Tom: Like chinese-style.汤姆:中式食物。Martin: Yeah. Easier to cook than Japanese-style.马丁:对。比做日式食物要简单。Tom: Do you shop everyday or do you go shopping once a week.汤姆:你是每天都去购物,还是一周购物一次?Martin: I usually shop every other day.马丁:我基本上每天都购物。Tom: Ok. So you like fresh food.汤姆:好,所以你喜欢新鲜的食物?Martin: Yes.马丁:对。Tom: Do you live on your own.汤姆:你是自己住吗?Martin: Yes. How about you?马丁:对,你呢?Tom: Oh yeah, I live on my own.汤姆:我也是自己住。Martin: Thats always better sometimes.马丁:这样有时候很好。Tom: With my cooking, its not better that I live on my own.汤姆:我厨艺不好,所以自己住不太好。 译文属 /201505/374035华山灵山段泊岚刘家庄移风店七级蓝村南泉普东大信做无痛人流医院

即墨哪家医院不孕不育好For:正方辩词:The SOHO working style should be encouraged.“SOHO”一族的工作方式应当被提倡。SOHO working style is advanced and should be encouraged. First, working at home instead of office is cost-efficient to the whole society. It can save a lot of unnecessary costs. The employers no longer have to pay for Internet use,electricity and other expenses related to the office daily work. Secondly, the SOHOs do not need to wake up early every morning just for taking the bus. They can spend longer time in sleeping than before, which will make them energetic at work.“SOHO”一族的工作方式是先进的,值得提倡的。首先,代替在办公室工作,而在家里工作,对整个社会来说都是有益的。它能够节省许多不必要的花费。雇主不再需要付网费、电费及其他的日常的办公费用。第二,“SOHO”族不必再早起床去赶公交车。他们可以多睡会,这也会使他们在工作的时候提高效率。I think working at a flexible time schedule is beneficial to us to balance between family and work. Therefore, this working style should be encouraged.我认为拥有灵活的工作时间对兼顾家庭和工作是很有益的。因此,这种工作方式是值得被提倡的。Against:反方辩词:Not everyone can be a freelancer.并不是所有人都能做自由职业者。In my opinion, being a freelancer requires some special qualities, such as selfcontrol, perseverance, commitment to the plan and the like. Therefore, I think not everyone can be a freelancer.就我而言,我认为做一名自由职业者是要具备几个特殊条件的,比如说他应当有很强的自控力、坚定不移且忠于计划等等。因此,我认为并不是每个人都可以成为自由职业者。Being self-employed is not easy. Although this kind of lifestyle is attractive to a lot of people, it is also a riskier proposition than working at a traditional job.作为一名自由职业者也并不容易。尽管这种生活方式吸引了很多人,但是相对传统的工作来说它更是一个有风险的职业。 /201501/350768即墨治疗子宫肌瘤哪家医院效果好 即墨治疗妇科病医院

营上留村龙泉鳌山卫温泉王村田横丰城金口店集妇科疾病多少钱Exercise 1-5:Four Main Reasons for IntonationDepending on the situation, a word may be stressed for any of the following reasons:New Information Opinion Contrast and the word ;Cant;1. New InformationIt sounds like rain.Rain is the new information.Its the most important word in that sentence and you could replace everything else with duh-duh-duh.Duh-duh-duh rain will still let you get your point across.Repeat:Duh-duh-duh rainIt sounds like rain.Make rain very musical and put it on two notes:ray-ayn.Duh-duh-duh ray-aynIt sounds like ray-ayn.2. OpinionIt sounds like rain,but I dont think it is.In this case,intonation makes the meaning the opposite of what the words say:It looks like a diamond, but I think its a zircon.It smells like Chanel, but at that price, its a knock-off.It feels like...It tastes like...These examples all give the impression that you mean the opposite of what your senses tell you.Practice the intonation difference between new information and opinion:It sounds like rain. (Its rain.)It sounds like rain, (but its not.)3. ContrastHe likes rain, but he hates snow.Like and hate are contrasted and are the stronger words in the sentence.4. CantIt cant rain when therere no clouds.Contractions (shouldnt, wouldnt) and negatives (no, not, never) are important words since they totally negate the meaning of a sentence, but they are not usually stressed.Cant is the exception. /201503/365495 40 Buying a stereo system(2)第40课 购买立体音响(2)The clerk is showing the customer a stereo system.店员正在向顾客展示一组立体音响。S: It has a receiver, a CD player, a double cassette deck, and a turntable.店员:这儿有一个接收机,一个CD播放机,双卡式录音座,还有一个转盘。C: Okay, let me take a look.顾客:好的,让我看一看。S: The CD player is a three-disk player. Here, well put a disk in so you can check out the sound. ( He puts a CD into the CD player. )店员:这是三片式的CD播放机。您看,我们放人一张CD片,就可以听听它的音效。(他把一张CD片放久CD播放机中。)C: Sounds pretty good. I see the equalizer has a good selection of settings.顾客:听起来挺不错的。我知道均衡器有很多组功能选择。S: You can also play VCDs on it if you hook it up to your TV.店员:如果您把它连结到电视上,也可以播放VCD。C: Hmm. This system seems to have everything Im looking for. Its a bit pricey, though. Ill have to think about it. Thanks for your help.顾客:嗯。这套音响似乎具备我寻找的每个条件,但这有点贵,我得考虑考虑。谢谢你的帮忙。S: No problem Hope to see you again soon.店员:不客气,希望很快能再见到您。 /201504/367483即墨治疗妇科疾病哪里最好即墨市第一人民医院有无痛人流术吗



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