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Wow! That#39;s amazing!哇,令人惊讶的作品Wow!哇That#39;s great! It looks so ceremonial.太好了,看起来真有节庆气氛After a few embellishments,放了几个装饰品之后the lamb is y to go to the new year#39;s feast.整头羊就会被放到节庆仪式中去Noruz is the most important date on the Uyghur calendar,诺鲁孜节对维族人来说是很重要的节日so it#39;s an honour to be able to deliver the lamb所以能够传递烤羊是一种荣耀and my rice polo to a family celebration.我做的手抓饭能够进入家庭庆典我也很荣幸So, Ken, we go to the men, the men#39;s party,那么,老谭,我们去男,男人们的庆典吗and, Ching, you go to the ladies#39; party here.瀞亿,你要去女士的庆典哦Oh, OK, so it#39;s separate. It#39;s separate.喔,好的,是分开的吗,是分开的OK. Well that#39;s nice, isn#39;t it? But that#39;s their culture.嗯,这也很好,不是吗,这是他们的文化So it#39;s something I#39;m not used to.只是我不太习惯罢了So is this a tradition that men and women eat separately?男女分食是传统留下来的吗Yes, that#39;s one of our traditions Is that every day, or...?是的,这是我们的传统之一,每天都这样,还是No, once a year.不不,一年一次的Once a year? Other times they eat together?一年一次,其他时候他们都在一起吃饭吗They eat together, yes.是的,在一起OK, so how will the women have the lamb?好吧,妇女们要怎么进食羊肉呢They bring some big plates, and just take it to the ladies#39; part.他们会拿一些大盘子过来,然后盛过去All the food today was made by all the women, by all, uh,今天的食物全是由女性,嗯her mum-in-law#39;s family, and the sisters, they don#39;t question,她的婆婆家做,还有她的,她们也不会提出质疑you know, that#39;s the way they have lived for many, many years.你懂的,她们这样过了一年又一年I#39;d like to wish them all a very prosperous new year!我要祝他们新年行大运 Article/201511/409670。

  • 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201511/409007。
  • The Story of Frozen Food冷冻食物二三事Food is delicious, not to mention kind of important for life. But food also goes bad, so humans have invented many ways to preserve it to eat later or far from where it was harvested. Some of these methods require unhealthy chemicals or degrade the food#39;s nutritional value. But luckily, freezing can preserve food with most of its nutrients, well, frozen in place.食物很美味,更别说对生命来讲有些重要。但食物也会坏掉,所以人类发明出许多方法来将食物保存起来,好能稍后再吃或在离产地很远的地方吃。这之中有些方法需要不健康的化学物质,或者会降低食物营养价值。不过幸好,冷冻可以将食物和其中多数营养保存起来,这个嘛,把营养好好地冻起来。The important part is that most chemical and biological processes run slower at lower temperatures, which means that if you cool food a lot, enzymes and bacteria and fungi in the food get too cold to decompose it. That#39;s why food lasts longer in the freezer than in the fridge than on the counter. Freezing, however, wasn#39;t always an easy task, especially before fridges were invented. It#39;s not that freezing food is a new idea—I mean, people who live in cold places have done it by default for thousands of years. But things got messy when we started creating artificial winter to freeze food in warmer climates.重要的部分是,大多数化学和生物过程在较低的温度下会进行得比较慢,那就代表如果你将食物大幅冷却,食物里的酵素和细菌以及真菌就会冷到没办法使食物腐坏。那就是为什么食物在冷冻库保存得比在冰箱和流理柜上久。然而,冷冻并不一直是一项简单的任务,特别是在冰箱被发明出来前。不是说将食物冷冻起来是个新点子--我的意思是,住在寒冷地区的人们几千年来就只能这么做。不过当我们开始在比较温暖的气候里打造人造寒冬来冷冻食物时,事情就变得麻烦了。Early freezers were basically rooms full of salty ice, which, while they could freeze food, took many hours or even days to do so. A slow freeze gives fluid within cells the time to stack up into big ice crystals. Since water expands when it freezes, the sharp edges of these crystals poke holes through the walls of the cells, and when the food thaws, the fluid leaks out. Gross! Even grosser? Birds#39; eyes. Clarence Birdseye, to be precise.早期的冷冻库基本上是装满洒盐冰块的房间,那种房间,虽然它们可以冷冻食物,但却要花上好几个小时,甚至是好几天来这样做。速度缓慢的结冻过程让细胞内的液体有时间结成大冰晶。由于水在结冻时会膨胀,这些结晶的锐利边缘会戳破细胞壁,而当食物解冻时,那液体就会渗出来。恶!更恶心的?鸟类的眼睛。确切地说,Clarence Birdseye。An American entrepreneur who lived in Arctic Canada in the nineteen-teens, Birdseye noticed that when Inuit people went ice fishing in minus-40 degree windy conditions, their catch froze almost immediately. When cooked later, the fish tasted fresh. Birdseye realized that the Arctic frozen foods were tasty because they froze quickly and formed smaller ice crystals that didn#39;t damage the cells. Inspired, he went on to develop a process to quickly freeze food by pressing small packages between metal plates chilled to 40 below zero. Combined with clever marketing, this allowed Birdseye to bring Arctic winter to the rest of the world and to almost single-handedly jump-start the modern market for frozen foods.一位 1913 至 1919 年间居住在加拿大极地的美国创业家,Birdseye 他注意到当因纽特人在负四十度颳风的情况下去冰钓时,他们的渔获几乎是马上结冻。过一阵子被拿来煮时,鱼尝起来很新鲜。Birdseye 发现北极冷冻食物很好吃,因为它们快速结冻并形成不会破坏细胞的较小冰晶。受到启发,他开始研发能快速冷冻食物的方法,那冷冻方法是靠将一包包小包裹塞进冷冻到零下四十度的金属板间。结合聪明的行销,这让 Birdseye 得以将北极的冬天带到世界其它地方,且几乎只手开启了现代冷冻食物市场。You probably even have your own freezer, a marvelous device cold enough to quick-freeze almost any food you put in it. In other words, the North Pole—in your kitchen.你搞不好甚至有自己的冷冻库,一个冷到可以快速结冻几乎你放进去的任何食物的神奇设备。换句话说就是,北极--在你家厨房里。 Article/201511/407855。
  • Mile-high glaciers advance 数英里高的冰川一路延伸 across Northern Asia and Europe.横跨北亚和欧洲大陆And now hardship makes us who we are.而艰苦环境造就了如今的我们Just a few hundred miles from the glacier wall,距冰川几百英里外的地方In what will become modern-day France.将会成为现今的法国...A family survives in the harshest climate一个家庭要在人类所知的最严峻的气候条件下Mankind has known.生存下去Extreme cold is like a living thing,极寒天气就像某种生物it sort of sneaks around and finds you where you#39;re weakest.四处潜行 寻找你身上的致命弱点It#39;s gonna seep up from the floor,它从地面悄悄渗出it#39;s gonna come in from all angles and just crush you.从四面八方向你冲来 将你击溃We devise new technologies to help keep us alive.我们研发新技术以助生存But our world is as treacherous as ever.但我们的世界总是危机四伏Nature#39;s perfect killing machine.大自然有完美的杀人机器35 miles per hour.它们奔跑时速35英里Their jaws bite with 1500 lbs of force per square inch.它们的咬合力为每平方英寸一千五百磅Enough to shatter bone.足以粉碎骨头 Article/201508/392911。
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