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青岛市山大医院支持刷信用卡吗青岛市南区看妇科费用hush-hush ------ 秘密的(形容词,非正式)英文释义(adjective, INFORMAL) Describing something done in secret. 例句Several engineers in my company are working on some hush-hush project they never discuss with anyone.我公司的几位工程师正在搞一个极秘密的项目,从不和别人谈论它。 /201611/471204青岛较好的妇科医院是那家 New North Korean Missile Site Revealed北韩推动持续几十年弹道导弹计划  As speculation continues over the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, there are new signs the North is advancing its decades-old ballistic missile program. 在外界继续就北韩领导人金正日的健康状况做出种种猜测之际,有新的迹象显示,北韩正在推动持续了几十年的弹道导弹计划。Private sector intelligence analysts have made public for the first time an apparent missile base in North Korea. A report to be published next week by Jane's Defense Weekly is expected to unveil satellite images of the North Korean facility near Podong-ni. Analysts say it appears designed to accommodate test launches of long-range missiles. 私营情报机构分析人员首次公开了有关北韩一个导弹基地的情况。简氏防务周刊预计将公布北韩浦洞里附近一个设施里卫星的照片。分析人员说,看上去这颗卫星是为了试射远程导弹而建造的。North Korea has poured a large amount of its economic output into missile development for decades. It has about 800 missiles capable of hitting South Korea and Japan, and test-fired a missile directly over Japanese territory in 1998. North Korea test-fired a long-range missile in 2006, a few months before it conducted its first test explosion of a nuclear weapon. 北韩几十年来把大量的经济资源用于研制导弹。北韩现在有大约800枚可以打到韩国和日本的导弹,1998年曾经试射过一枚飞越日本领空的导弹,2006年试射了一枚远程导弹,几个月之后又进行了第一次核武器爆炸试验。David Asher is a former coordinator of North Korea policy at the U.S. State Department. During a visit to Seoul this week, he said there are signs North Korea may be contemplating more missile tests. 戴维.阿舍曾经是美国国务院北韩政策协调员。他这个星期访问首尔的时候说,有迹象显示,北韩可能正在考虑进行更多的导弹试验。"Last week there was a statement by the KCNA, the [North] Korean news agency ... it stated that North Korea has the right to test a satellite. Well, this is exactly what they did before they tested the Taepodong a few years ago. And I would be very concerned, personally, just based on that, that they are going to do this again," said Asher. 他说:“上星期,北韩官方通讯社宣称,北韩有权试验卫星。几年前他们试射大浦洞导弹之前就是这么说的。正因为如此,我个人非常担心他们会再次这样做。”South Korean Defense Minister Lee Sang-hee was ed in local media as saying he is aware of the missile base, and believes it is 80 percent complete. Defense Minister Lee was ed as saying there have been no unusual moves by the North's military, amid the possibly declining health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. South Korea is not taking any immediate steps to raise its level of defense alert. 媒体援引韩国国防部长官李相熹的话说,他知道这个导弹基地的存在,也相信这个基地已经建成百分之八十。报导引述李相熹的话说,尽管传出北韩领导人金正日健康恶化的消息,但北韩军队并没有任何不寻常的活动。韩国军方也没有计划提升防卫戒备。South Korea's intelligence agency revealed this week its belief the North's leader is recovering from a cerebral hemorrhage, or stroke, he suffered last month. North Korean officials reject the reports as a worthless conspiracy. Nonetheless, Kim Jong Il has not been seen in public since August 14. 韩国情报单位这个星期透露,金正日上个月发生脑出血或中风,目前在康复中。北韩官员指责报导是不值得一提的阴谋,然而,北韩领导人金正日在8月14号后就没有公开露面。Kim Jong Il has absolute personal control of North Korea's secretive government. He has never publicly named a successor. Leaders view any compromise of his health as potentially destabilizing to the North Korean system - and even to peace on the Korean peninsula. 金正日是北韩秘密政权的最高领导人,他从未公开宣布未来的接班人,一般认为,如果他的健康出现问题,可能对北韩政治体系甚至朝鲜半岛的和平带来严重冲击。Brian Myers specializes in North Korea's propaganda and official communications at South Korea's Dongseo University. He says North Korea's domestic media is absolutely silent about international reports on their leader's health. 迈尔斯是韩国东西大学专门研究北韩官方宣传与传播的教授。他说,北韩媒体对国际间有关金正日健康的报告保持绝对的沉默。"What we can expect are editorials that condemn the rest of the world for making baseless rumors, but I do not think the North Korean press will explain to the people what those rumors are," he said. “我们可以预期北韩媒体发表社论批评国际社会捏造没有事实根据的谣言,但我不认为这些社论会向民众解释谣言的内容是什么。”He says health problems may put a dent in the North's efforts to portray Kim Jong Il as an all-powerful leader."It does compromise his image because North Korean propaganda has always praised Kim Jong Il for his sturdy constitution, and compared it favorably to the poor health of other leaders," he said.He says average North Koreans are probably aware of their leader's health situation, via broadcast and cell phone technology, as well as robust business contact with China. 迈尔斯说,北韩老百姓或许能从广播,手机信息或者与中国的商业接触中,获悉自己领导人的健康状况。200809/48373food coma ------ 食物昏迷(指吃多了感到疲惫乏力)(俚语)英文释义(SLANG) A feeling of listless exhaustion after eating too much.例句My mom makes such delicious food that I always eat twice as much as normal at her house, and then fall into a food coma.我妈妈做的菜实在太好吃了,我在她家总是吃下平常两倍的饭量,结果陷入了食物昏迷的状态。 /201611/471219青岛新阳光妇产医院做无痛人流要多少钱

青岛做B超多少钱(Baby, you're lonely...)I don't see how these clips have made the point, really, er, Cathryn Michon is a relationship expert for our sister Website iVillage.com. Cathryn, good morning. Good to have you here. Good morning.Again, I feel like I have to point out that I am the emissary er.. the good guys.Yes, in the dictionary under good guys, (You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I'm aware, I'm not good.) you are a man, yes. All right, so why is it that, that so many women are actually attracted to, to the bad guys, the bad boys out there?Well, that's, that's a very good question, because the first kind of Mr. Wrong is Mr. Wrong for everyone. Alright, Er, he...The blankety Mr. Wrong, (the blankety, Scot Peterson wrong, right, you know...) easily identifiable. It's got Peterson.Wrong. You are right.Hey, that guy gets hundreds of love letters (Right) sent to him in prison, OK.So what is that about?That is about being addicted to thrills. You know. I mean, er, there are Websites on the Internet that will hook you up with a convicted prisoner, sort of like Match.com or something, you know.But beyond this Scot Peterson, there is just, there is the idea about certain guys who you know are wrong for you,(Yes) it seem.....yeah, I want that guy. Yeah, and I, and, and I'm sorry to say to the woman who's attracted to that guy you are Ms. Wrong. Ok?Right. Maybe these are women who have a problem with commitment, you ever think about that?That is right. So, they, so instead they go for a guy who's aly committed. You know, I mean that's crazy.All right. You could actually tell, I mean, how, how do women know these from the get-go. How can they, you know, going into any dating? Let's say... this is how I avoid Mr. Wrong altogether.Yeah, well, the, the general kind of Mr. Wrong is,is really the second type, which is, you know, Mr. I-can-fix-him. (right) I can fix him. You can't fix him. OK, I mean if his mummy told him he was the most important person in the world you are not gonna talk him out of that .OK. One, one of the women on iVillage wrote in and said he picked me up for an 8 P.M. date at 1 A.M. (ha-ha.) That's wrong; you just have to follow your instincts. You know.....All right, well, let's go to some of these. 'Cause you've actually broken the standard in pretty methodical way to help women go through it.(yeah)So, first, Mr. Wrong for everybody.Mr.bad, bad wrong. You know it. Let it go. (Yeah,just clearly, clearly wrong.)The next one I-can-fix-him, but this is interesting because this is kind of a challenge but it's also you know,coming into a preconceived idea what you actually want. Yes, see, women will get this resume in their mind. They are like: I want a guy who is six-foot- tall and crazy about bowling. (Right) But the problem with that is then you end up missing the guy who is five-eleven and crazy about you. (Right, right.) So you can't... Mr. Right doesn't necessarily look like how you imagine him.What about... What...you, the next one you talk about is the guy who comes on a little bit too strong. Yes, (And what do you mean here?) and this one is very compelling. Mr. Comes on Strong. Because he never lasts long. You know... I mean he is the greatest boyfriend in the world to all of the 50 women that he dated this year. You know. I mean this is the guy who looks at women the way a cheetah looks at a herd of water buffalo. Do you know? It's just caught them from the herd and takes them one by one.But is it also possible that he's coming on too strong that he, that he wants to commit more quickly than you do?You know not my experience (not exactly example, you're talking about...) not exactly, I mean generally Mr. Comes on Strong is too good to be true. (It’s conquest, It's...) probably too good to be true.All right, So you talk about learning, learning lessons from past mistakes, (yeah) and actually learning them what you should do. (That's right.) too many that we are not doing.Right, because you're going to date Mr. Wrongs. It can not be avoided. So you gotta learn the right lesson, like if you date a chronic gambler who loves kittens, don't be all...I hate guys who love kittens. I mean that is not the lesson. You know get the right lesson, for now you're set.OK, now we,we talk about the idea of not being flexible, not having especially that you're getting olderYeah, yeah, (you don't wanna have the guy on paper that you want) you've got issues we've all come to our bars from the previous segments, so you know, give up the paper...Right, right, well, I'm sorry,do you think I have issues?No, not you. (I have issues.) No, no, everyone but you. No.I don't have issues. No, you know what I mean, I mean personally, I mean everyone we've all got this. OK. I just thought I'm a little offensive this way. Also what you say, you say very lovable a little bit in terms of what you're looking for. Cause you might be surprised. Yeah, here is the thing. If you wanna find Mr. Right, you've gotta look in the right place like bars for example are great places to meet alcoholics. (Right). Right? So if you're meeting guy who over drinks. So Mr. Wrong gets a straight. You know, if you,if you want a church going-guy. Here is the tip, go to a church. (Right)You know, if you want a hunky firefighter, follow the smoke. (You are right.) Where there's smoke, there's firefighter. All right, well, actually is so our sister website, we talk about iVillage.com has a quiz that you can take to see if you are dating Mr. Wrong .Ah, which I think is very funny, including...(very simple)If you plan a birthday celebration for you that doesn't include you. Follow the Mr. RightThat's the tips.That is another red flag.Alright, Cathryn Michon thanks so much, helpful advice. And if you wanna check more on dating Mr. Wrong, you can take an online quiz that we just talked about at iVillage.com200810/52023青岛市新阳光妇科医院专家预约 Marlene Wallach is president of Wihelmina Kids and Teens' modeling agency and Judith Sills is a psychologist. And good morning to both of you, thanks for coming on.Good morning.Let me start with you, Marlene, about the notion that a 2 or 3 year-old doesn't simply say I wanna be an actor or I wanna be a model. Mom and dad made that call. How do you know if, if your kid is right for acting?Well, I think that you start off with the giving of being cute and adorable. That has to be there.Yeah, but we all think our kids are cute and adorable, (Right) so that's easy.Next we have to do... we have to really consider the temperament. Is it someone you've been telling your little one not to go with strangers since the very beginning? Now you are telling them to go with strangers. When you pick up a little baby, will a stranger make them cry? Will they leave their mothers' side? The temperament will tell if it's even in the cards to try.And you'll know, you'll know that right off the bat. (Right) Now what about, the, what kind of a childhood does a child actor or model have? Is there anything close to what we've considered normal?Well, I think the, the key is the, the parent. And it's the parent's responsibility to keep balance in their life. You saw them in naps , you saw them playing with the hula hoop, being in their piano lessons and doing all the kid things. It's really critical to do that.All right. Now let's, let's turn, if we can, to Judith and talk about the temperament of the child, then the temperament of the parent. You say, for a parent, you need to know your role. And what is that role? Your role is protection. A lovely person like this, her role is to rent your child's talent to make money, that's her purpose. Your role as a parent is to protect your child. So if you get very invested and your child getting the part, even if you are investing the money for college, you are out of your role. Your purpose is "Is this fun for my kid?", "Is my kid's life even?", "Does my kid have friends?", "Is there something solid so when rejection comes up to flailing?"Well, let me ask you, is there a conflict, I will ask you both, is there a conflict sometimes between the reality of this child still has to go to schools, still has to get good marks in math and English, but there is also the pressure from your end that, yeah, but this kid is hot, and we need him on the scent.Well, we find that the kids that are hot are typically the honored students. It, it seems to go hand in hand that kids that miss the most school are typically the best students who want some work.See, here is, here is the conflict. I'm a parent and I want my kid to be special, which is great. And I get invested in how special my kid is 'coz I drove for 3 hours to get the kid to the audition. The kid gets the part. I want my kid to sparkle. My kid's sparkling and he is a little tired. I'm, I'm in there saying "Sparkle a little bit longer! Work a little bit harder!" maybe that's not my role. Well, Judith, both have mentioned the word rejection, how do you teach a small, I don't do well with therejection, I'm, I'm a grown-up. How do you teach a small kid that you're gonna go in this audition and maybe they are gonna say you know what, you are not cute enough, you are not tall enough, you are not whatever enough, sorry you don't get the job.Well, actually rejection can be an opportunity, in any reason. First thing you say to a kid is: rejection, disappointment, failure, you know what, they're part of life, and you tell the kid a time you got rejected, a time you got a setback. No. 2, a parent has to not be emotionally invested in getting the job. A child would rather not disappoint a parent , it's more important to not disappoint a parent than to be sparkling them. So parent has to be able to move on. And they can't all do that, don't you find?Good, Good discussion, well,The, the little ones don't even know. They, they go to and go see, they get their picture taken, they think that's (right) the job, you know.Right, but, but they will get older on the other deal. (Well, that's good, that's good) Judith Sills, Marlene Wallach, good conversation. Thanks so much for coming on and talking with us. It's good to see both of you200810/51500青岛妇科疾病医院

青岛新阳光医院是不是有主任abound ------ 大量存在(不及物动词)英文释义(intransitive verb) To be present in large quantities. 例句Possible explanations for the strange event abound, but there is no clear answer to the mystery.对这一怪异事件的可能解释有很多,但是没有明确的解秘。 /201611/471197 UN Marks 60 Years of International Peacekeeping Operations联合国维和使命的回顾和现状 A wreath was layed at U.N. headquarters Thursday to mark the 60th anniversary of its peacekeeping operations. The world body has more than 100,000 troops from more than 120 countries working to keep the peace in 20 conflict zones.  星期四,联合国总部安放了一个花圈,纪念联合国维和使命实施60周年。联合国拥有来自120多个国家的十万以上的维和部队,负责在世界20个冲突地区的维和工作。U.N. peacekeeping operations began in 1948 with the deployment of unarmed U.N. military observers in the Middle East to monitor the truce between Israel and its Arab neighbors.  联合国的维和使命始于1948年。当时,联合国派遣了不携带武器的军事观察员到中东地区,观察以色列与其阿拉伯邻国之间的停火。Since that first mission, peacekeepers wearing the distinctive blue helmet of the ed Nations have conducted 63 other missions. 从那以后,佩戴著非常有特色的蓝色贝雷帽的联合国维和部队,在全球各地总共执行了63次维和使命。In 1988, U.N. peacekeepers won the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. 在1988年,联合国维和人员荣获诺贝尔和平奖。Jean-Marie Guéhenno, the U.N. chief of peacekeeping operations, says today his department is at its highest-ever levels of deployment. 联合国负责维和事务的副秘书长盖埃诺说,目前派出的维和人员比以往任何时候都要多。"With 20 missions, 130,000 personnel authorized; 110,000 aly deployed. That's enormous," he said. 他说,“目前正在进行的有20项维和使命,已经批准的维和人员为13万,其中11万已经被部署到各地, 人数非常多。”The importance of U.N. peacekeeping can be seen in its budget, which has risen to more than .5 billion this year for missions in countries such as Sudan, Chad, Georgia, Haiti and Lebanon.  联合国维和部队的重要性可以从它的财政预算中看出来。今年,维和部队在苏丹、乍得、格鲁吉亚、海地、和黎巴嫩等国家的行动预算超过65亿美元。More than 40 percent of all peacekeepers come from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria and Nepal, while Japan and the ed States are the largest financial contributors.  在维和部队当中,有40%以上的官兵来自巴基斯坦、孟加拉国、印度、尼日利亚和尼泊尔;而美国和日本是出资最多的两个国家。But peacekeeping is dangerous work. Ninety peacekeepers lost their lives last year and more than 2,400 during the last six decades. On Wednesday, one more peacekeeper's name was added to that list, when a Ugandan peacekeeper was killed in the Darfur region of Sudan.  维和工作的危险性非常大。去年一年,就有九十名维和人员在执行任务的过程中丧生。在过去六十年里,总共有两千四百多名维和人员殉职。就在这个星期三,又有一名乌干达维和人员在苏丹达尔富尔地区被打死。The U.N.'s peacekeeping department has also encountered other problems, notably, misconduct on the part of a small number of peacekeepers that has hurt their reputation. 联合国维和机构也遭遇到其它一些问题,比较突出的是一小部分维和人员行为不当,损害了整个维和部队的声誉。This week, British charity Save the Children issued a report saying some peacekeepers and international aid workers have sexually abused young children in world trouble spots. Guéhenno says this is one of the challenges of peacekeeping. 总部设在英国的慈善组织[挽救儿童]这个星期发布报告指出,在世界各动乱地区,一些维和人员和国际救援人员对儿童进行了性侵犯。联合国维和任务负责人盖埃诺说,这是维和工作面临的挑战之一。"That kind of report is never happy ing," he said. "But it's a very useful report, because it puts the light on one of the challenges we have when you rotate 200,000 people every year. How do you make sure you have the full picture? How do make sure misconduct is not under-reported? How do you make sure when there is misconduct it is effectively followed up?" 他说,“这种报告从来都让人感到不安。但是这类报告发挥著很重要的作用,它提醒我们每年轮换派遣二十万维和人员的过程中所遇到的各种挑战,包括如何掌握全局、保错误行为及时曝光、而且及时进行处理,等等。”Guéhenno says his department is working vigilantly to improve mechanisms for reporting instances of misconduct and to educate peacekeepers, but concedes more needs to be done. 盖埃诺说,他的部门正在努力改进揭发维和人员违法乱纪行为和加强对维和人员进行教育的机制,但是他承认,需要做的事还很多。As the ed Nations marks the 60th anniversary of its role as international peacekeeper, the 15-member Security Council is about to go to Africa, where it will visit peacekeeping missions it has authorized in Chad, Sudan's Darfur region, the Congo and the Ivory Coast. 在联合国维和部队成立六十周年之际,联合国安理会十五个成员国正准备派代表团前往非洲去,检查在乍得、苏丹达尔富尔地区以及刚果和科特迪瓦等地的维和工作。 200805/40586胶州市第一人民妇保中医院在哪里?青岛治疗妇科



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