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2019年08月22日 19:33:13 | 作者:中华问答 | 来源:新华社
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is set to say Monday how he would combat Islamic terrorism, just days after claiming President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton founded the Islamic State militant group.美国共和党总统候选人唐纳德·川普星期一发布他将如何打击伊斯兰恐怖主义的计划。就在几天前,川普指责美国总统奥巴马和民主党总统候选人希拉釷克林顿是伊斯兰国激进组织的创办人。Trump, a real estate tycoon seeking his first elected office, has for months said he would be tougher on jihadists in the Middle East than Obama, but has yet to spell out a specific plan of attack. Trump ignited a new round of criticism of his candidacy last week when he said, falsely, that Obama and Clinton created Islamic State. Trump, after repeating the claim, later said he meant the remark as sarcasm.川普几个月来一直声称他对付中东的圣战者将比奥巴马更强硬,但他却没有提出任何具体的打击计划。川普上周有关奥巴马和希拉里建立伊斯兰国的言论,激起了人们对他的新一轮批评。川普在重复这一指称后,又表示他仅仅是在讽刺而已。A Clinton supporter, former U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, said the Republican candidate needs to disclose his specific plan.美国前国防部长帕内塔是希拉里的持者,他说,川普需要披露他的详细计划;I think what would be appropriate is for Donald Trump, instead of making some outrageous claim, that somehow President Obama is the father of ISIS (IS), which is a lie, he ought to present what strategy he would implement to defeat ISIS,; Panetta said. ;Instead, he says he has a secret plan, and nobody knows what that plan is all about.;他说:“我认为川普与其发出一些不靠谱的指称,不如公布他自己的计划。他说奥巴马总统建立了伊斯兰国,那是在撒谎。他应当说明他将实施什么样的战略来击败伊斯兰国,但他却说,他有一个秘密计划,可是谁也不知道这秘密计划的内容。”Clinton, a former U.S. secretary of state looking to become the countrys first female president, has moved to roughly a seven-percentage-point advantage over Trump in national political surveys and also holds leads in several battleground election states where the outcome of the November 8 contest is likely to be decided.在全国政治民调中,希拉里的持率领先川普大约7个百分点。在一1日全国大选中可能起到举足轻重作用的战场州,希拉里的持率也领先于川普。来 /201608/461270

Reeling from the worst attack on American soil since 9/11, the authorities believe at this stage that Omar Mateen was likely a deranged lone gunman who took the Isis name as a badge rather than a trained operative of the group.在本土遭受自#8226;11”事件以来最严重的恐怖袭击后,美国当局目前相信,奥马尔#8226;马丁(Omar Mateen)可能是一名疯狂的“独狼”手,虽然他打着“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的旗号,但他并非该组织接受过相关培训的秘密人员。Initial indications suggest that Mr Mateen, who killed 49 at a nightclub in Orlando on Saturday , falls into a distinctive pattern of recent American jihadi violence, a US citizen who operates as a lone wolf and who has little, if any, direct link to a terrorist organisation.上周日凌晨,马丁在奥兰多一家夜总会里杀死了49人。最初迹象表明,马丁符合最近美国圣战暴力活动的独特模式,即一名美国公民像“独狼”一样行动,与恐怖组织几乎没有直接联系。If that conclusion is confirmed by an investigation that is still in its early stages, the Orlando shootings will highlight the different challenge that law enforcement faces in the US compared with Europe, which is battling against organised terrorist cells.如果这一结论被目前仍处于早期阶段的调查实,奥兰多击案将突显出美国执法部门面临的与欧洲不同的挑战。欧洲执法部门正在打击有组织的恐怖小组。For all their improved tradecraft and encryption, Isis cells in the west still have to communicate and co-ordinate, sometimes leaving clues. Lone wolves, by contrast, move in near-total silence: any evidence they leave tends to make sense only once their work is done.尽管谍报和加密技术有所提高,但西方的ISIS恐怖小组仍不得不彼此交流和合作,有时会留下线索。相比之下,“独狼”近乎无迹可循。他们留下的一切蛛丝马迹往往在他们得手后才为人察觉。“The most difficult type [of attacks] are the self-radicalised, lone wolves,says Frances Townsend, former homeland security adviser to President George W Bush. “It is easier to identify and intercept attacks where a terrorist group has direct operational control than it is to intercept self-radicalisation.”曾担任美国前总统小布什(George W. Bush)国土安全顾问的弗朗西#8226;汤森(Frances Townsend)表示:“最难发现的(袭击)类型是自我激进化的独狼行动。发现并拦截恐怖组织直接操作控制的恐怖袭击,要比拦截自我激进化的行动容易。”Although the risk of Isis attacks in the US is thought to be considerably lower than in western Europe, the US authorities have reported a surge in jihadist activities over the past two years. James Comey, director of the FBI, said last month that there were 1,000 open investigations into online recruitment by Isis and other terrorist organisations. According to Lorenzo Vidino and Seamus Hughes at George Washington University, the US authorities arrested 209 individuals on terrorism-related charges from 2011 to 2012, but have arrested 71 for links to Isis since 2014.尽管在美国发生ISIS袭击的风险被认为显著低于西欧国家,但美国当局过去两年报告的圣战活动数量大幅上升。美国联邦调查局(FBI)局长詹姆斯#8226;科米(James Comey)上月表示,目前有1000起针对ISIS和其他恐怖组织在线招募活动的开放调查。乔治华盛顿大学(George Washington University)的洛伦佐#8226;维迪Lorenzo Vidino)和谢默斯#8226;休斯(Seamus Hughes)表示,美国当局011年至2012年间逮捕09名恐怖活动嫌疑人,但014年以来逮捕1名与ISIS有关联的嫌疑人。A US official said yesterday that there were no indications yet of direct links between Mr Mateen and Isis, however the FBI is only starting to investigate his recent history, including two visits for religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and 2012.一位美国官员昨日表示,迄今还没有迹象表明马丁与ISIS存在直接联系,然而FBI只是刚开始调查他的近期历史,包括011年和2012年两次前往沙特阿拉伯朝圣。From the information released so far, Mr Mateen appears to follow a mould of jihadi attacks seen since 9/11. Like Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 at Fort Hood in , and Syed Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters, he was a US citizen and at 29, no longer a young firebrand.从迄今发布的信息看,马丁似乎遵循自#8226;11”事件以来的圣战袭击模式。与年在得克萨斯州胡德堡(Fort Hood)杀3人的尼达#8226;哈桑(Nidal Hasan)和圣贝纳迪诺(San Bernardino)击案凶手赛义德#8226;法鲁Syed Farook)一样,马丁是美国公民,29岁,不再是年轻的狂热分子。Analysts say he fits into a pattern of troubled or marginal individuals being attracted by Isis. Mr Mateen’s ex-wife has suggested he was mentally unstable. “A few months after we were married, I saw his instability, and I saw that he was bipolar and he would get mad out of nowhere,she told CNN. In January, the Justice Department said it had arrested a man in Rochester, New York who had been planning to place a bomb in a restaurant on New Year’s Eve and who was described as a “panhandler分析人士表示,他符合被ISIS吸引的精神混乱者或边缘人的特点。马丁前妻表示,他的精神状态不稳定。她向美国有线新闻网(CNN)表示:“在我们结婚几个月后,我发现他精神状态不稳定,情绪两极化,会莫名其妙地发狂。”今月,美国司法部表示,在纽约罗切斯Rochester)逮捕了一名计划在新年前夜在一家餐馆放置炸弹的男子,该男子被形容为“乞丐”。For some of these individuals, Isis has become a “a banner, a rallying cry said Michael Weiss at the Atlantic Council in Washington. “Isis is seen as being a thriving, world-historical movement, that offers violence and an anti-western worldview.”华盛顿大西洋理事会(Atlantic Council)的迈克尔#8226;韦斯(Michael Weiss)表示,对某些此类人来说,ISIS已成为“一面旗帜、一个战斗口号”,“他们视ISIS为一场蓬勃发展、具有世界历史意义的运动,提供了暴力和反西方的世界观”。Unfortunately for the US authorities, Mr Mateen also ticks another box: previous investigation by the FBI. Like Mr Hasan and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older brother in the Boston bombing in 2013, he was questioned by the FBI in 2013 and 2014, but no action was taken.对美国当局而言遗憾的是,马丁还符合另一点:他之前接受过FBI的调查。与哈桑013年波士顿爆炸案两名兄弟凶手中的哥哥塔梅尔#8226;察尔纳耶夫(Tamerlan Tsarnaev)一样,马丁曾在2013年和2014年接受过FBI的询问,但FBI当时没有采取任何行动。By contrast, several of the young attackers in Paris and Brussels had travelled to Syria for training and direction. Returning to Europe, they joined other homegrown jihadis in a mega-cell of between 30 and 90 members.相比之下,巴黎和布鲁塞尔的数名年轻袭击者曾到叙利亚接受培训和指导。在返回欧洲后,他们加入了有300名成员的其他本土圣战组织。Claude Moniquet, a former French spy and co-founder of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Centre, said there was “clearly a different strategy for Isis in continental Europe on the one hand and in the US and UK on the other In Britain and the US, “they advise their followers not to come to Syria and Iraq but to#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;carry out individual strikes in their country前法国间谍、欧洲战略情报与安全中心(European Strategic Intelligence and Security Centre)联合创始人克洛德#8226;莫尼Claude Moniquet)表示,“ISIS在欧洲大陆和在美英的战略显然不同”。在英国和美国,“他们建议追随者不要去叙利亚和伊拉克,而是……在本国实施个人袭击活动”。A key reason, he says, is that tighter border security means it is more difficult to travel from the US and UK to Syria than from continental Europe. The leader of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, for example, was able to repeatedly travel to Belgium before the killings, despite being the subject of an international manhunt.他说,一个关键原因是,更为严厉的边境安全控制意味着从美英到叙利亚比从欧洲大陆到叙利亚更为困难。例如,巴黎恐怖袭击事件头目阿卜杜哈米#8226;阿巴伍德(Abdelhamid Abaaoud)能够在袭击前多次前往比利时,尽管他受到国际通缉。Alexander Ritzmann, policy adviser at the European Foundation for Democracy, says it is becoming increasingly hard to see the line between an attack directed by Isis and one where the att-acker associates with Isis. The question, he says, is whether Isis recruits “lone wolves,or do they recruit themselves. “Giving it the brand of the Islamic state makes you famous compared with just being whatever crazy shooter,he notes.欧洲民主基金European Foundation for Democracy)政策顾问亚历山大#8226;里茨Alexander Ritzmann)表示,现在越来越难以区分ISIS下令展开的袭击和与ISIS有关联的袭击者发起的袭击。他说,问题在于到底是ISIS招募了“独狼”,还是“独狼”自我招募。他指出:“与只是某位疯狂的手相比,贴上ISIS的标签会让你出名。”来 /201606/449294

A fixed network transformation project was launched here last Wednesday between Chinas Huawei and Serbias national operator Telekom Srbija, marking the start of the first large-scale cooperation in the information and communication technology between China and Serbia.中国华为公司和塞尔维亚的国家运营商塞尔维亚电信公司于上周三启动了固定网络现代化改造项目,这标志着中塞两国首个大规模信息和通信技术领域合作拉开了帷幕。Tang Xiaoming, senior vice-president of Huawei, announced the start of the three-year ALL-IP transformation project worth 150 million euros (168 million U.S. dollars).华为公司高级副总裁唐晓明宣布了这一为期三年、价.5亿欧元(1.68亿美元)的ALL-IP改造项目的开始。Tang said at the press conference that after 10 years of cooperation between the two companies, Huawei planned to ;bring the latest technology to Serbian people; and contribute to Serbias development.唐晓明在记者招待会上表示,在两家公司合0年后,华为计划“把最新的技术带给以塞尔维亚人民”,并为塞尔维亚的发展做出贡献;The aim of this project is to modernize the existing fixed network of Telekom Serbia, that will thus improve its service and provide its users with a much faster network, high quality , as well as introduce smart home solutions and improve quality of living and the communication of Serbian people,; he said.他说道:“这个项目的目标是使塞尔维亚现有的固定网络现代化,这将改善其务,并为用户提供更快的网络、高品质的视频,以及推出智能家居解决方案、提高塞尔维亚人民生活和交流的质量。”Present at the presentation were also Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, general director of Telekom Srbija Predrag Culibrk, Chinese ambassador to Serbia Li Manchang, and minister of trade, tourism and telecommunications Rasim Ljajic.出席该会议的还有塞尔维亚总理亚历山大·武契奇、塞尔维亚电信公司总裁普雷德拉格·丘利布尔克、中国驻塞尔维亚大使李满长以及塞尔维亚贸易、旅游和电信部长拉西姆·利阿伊奇。Vucic expressed satisfaction with the deal, calling it another example of a win-win cooperation between Serbia and China.武契奇总理对此协议表示满意,称这是塞尔维亚和中国之间的双赢合作;I think that it is important that Telekom becomes more successful than competitors in the country and the region“我认为重要的是,塞尔维亚电信公司会变得比在该国和该地区的竞争对手更成功”。Meanwhile, ambassador Li said the beginning of the project was big news for Serbia and China.同时,李满长大使也表示,该项目的开启是塞尔维亚和中国的大新闻;As an ambassador, I can say we have to invest much more effort in order to advance the bilateral relations of Serbia and China,; he said, adding his hope there would be many more of such projects agreed upon in the future.他说:“作为大使,我可以说,我们必须投入更多的努力,以推动塞尔维亚和中国的双边关系的发展。”他还希望未来双方能签订更多此类的项目。来 /201610/472015

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said a military operation launched Wednesday in northern Syria targeted Islamic State fighters and Syrian Kurds in an effort to put an end to terror threats at the border.土耳其总统埃尔多安表示,土耳其星期三在叙利亚北部针对伊斯兰国和叙利亚库尔德人发动进攻,争取消除边界的恐怖威胁。Turkey considers the U.S.-backed Kurds in Syria aligned with Kurds in southeastern Turkey who have waged a decades-long insurgency against the government. Wednesdays operation included artillery fire and Turkish jets conducting airstrikes backed by other warplanes from the U.S.-led coalition that has been targeting Islamic State for about two years. A number of Turkish tanks were also seen taking part in the fighting on the Syrian side of the border as they tried to push the militants out of the town of Jarablus.土耳其认为美国持的叙利亚库尔德人与土耳其东南部的库尔德人结盟。这些人几十年来一直进行叛乱。土耳其星期三的军事行动包括炮击和空袭,发动空袭的土耳其战机得到以美国为首联军战机的援。联军打击伊斯兰国组织的行动已经大约两年。土耳其还派遣许多坦克在边界的叙利亚一侧参加战斗,试图将激进分子赶出边界城镇贾拉布鲁斯。Syrias Foreign Ministry condemned Turkeys actions as a violation of its sovereignty.叙利亚外交部对土耳其的行动提出谴责,称其侵犯了叙利亚主权。The operation comes a day after Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkey would give ;every kind; of support to fighting Islamic State in the area around Jarablus. On Monday, the government vowed to ;cleanse; Islamic State following a suicide bombing in nearby Gaziantep.一天前,土耳其外长恰武什奥卢说,土耳其将为打击该镇周围地区的伊斯兰国组织的目标提供一切援。星期一,在附近的加济安泰普市发生自杀炸弹袭击之后,土耳其政府表示一定要肃清那里的伊斯兰国组织。来 /201608/462606

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