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Perfume in a pill? "Swallowable fragrance "capsule promises to turn sweat into scent.人人都能成香妃:可以吃的香水胶囊Pills for insomnia, pills for pain, pills for stress: They're all two-to-a-penny.安眠药,止疼药,抗压药,这些药都有一个特点:不稀奇。But a new capsule promises to deliver perfume directly into the body, turning the skin into an "atomiser." 现在有了一种新胶囊,它可以保把香水直接送到人体内,把皮肤变成“芳香剂”。Swallowable Perfume, currently in its development phase, is said to work with the natural processes of metabolism, releasing fragrant molecules through the skin's surface during perspiration. 香水胶囊目前还处在研发阶段。据说,这种胶囊是利用了人体的自然代谢过程,在排汗的同时,通过皮肤表面来释放芳香分子。Essentially, the pill claims to turn perspiration into a fragrance - and because we are all genetically unique, our scented sweat will take on an individual characteristic, too. 重要的是,香水胶囊声称可以把汗味变成香味。遗传学上来说,每个人的汗味都是不同的,由此散发出的香味也会是独一无二的。The artist behind the unlikely idea is Netherlands-based Lucy McCrae. She writes on her site: "Swallowable Perfume is a digestible scented capsule that emits a unique odor through your own perspiration." 这个异想天开的想法是荷兰人露西·麦克雷提出的。她自己写道,“香水胶囊可以被人体消化吸收,并通过排汗来释放出独特的气味。”The magical-sounding perfume tablets are still very much on the drawing board, with no product launch date yet planned. 这种魔力香水胶囊目前还只是在纸上谈兵的阶段,没有任何产品发布计划。 /201110/159191Whether you aly have a regular running routine or you#39;ve been meaning to start one, consider these 5 benefits of running in the morning. While running is widely considered to be one of the best ways lose weight and stay healthy, very few people talk about when to do it. Here are five ways in which running in the morning can benefit you:无论你是否已经养成了跑步的习惯,或是一直想开始跑步,考虑一下在早上跑步的5大好处。尽管跑步是公认的最佳减肥及保健方式,真正着手去做的人并不多。以下是晨跑的5大优点:1.Weight-loss: One of the primary reasons regular runners pound the pavement is to burn calories and to lose weight. Some experts, however, believe that running on an empty stomach in the morning burns more calories than any other time of the day. This has to do with two things: if your body#39;s metabolism gets turned on early, it keeps going longer, thus burning off more fat. Secondly, if you run on an empty stomach, your body is forced to use the energy that is most available to it at the time, which on an empty stomach is your body#39;s store of fat. Make running your first activity of the day if you want to amp up those weight-loss benefits.1.减肥:有跑步习惯的人,最主要的原因通常都是为了燃烧卡路里和减肥。一些专家认为早上空腹跑步比别的时段能燃烧更多的热量。主要有两个原因:当身体的代谢被提前激发时,它能坚持更久,因此燃烧更多热量;此外,空腹跑步能迫使你的身体利用当下所能得到的能量,而空腹的时候,这所谓的能量就是你体内的脂肪。把跑步变成每天第一项运动吧,你能更快地减肥。2.Peace of mind: Most runners will agree that running helps clear the mind and get those creative juices flowing. Problems are solved and ideas are born as the road glides along under your feet. This probably has to do with the release of hormones called endorphins, which have a peaceful, calming, and refreshing effect on your mind and body. So why not kick in those powerful endorphins early in the day? If you know you#39;re going to have a rough day ahead of you, a good way to preemptively combat those stresses is to run in the morning. Try it out; you might just find that your work day seems a lot less stressful than it usually is.2.平和心境:很多跑步的人都同意一个说法,那就是跑步能帮你平和心境,并激发灵感。当你的双脚不停地迈过大地时,解决问题的办法和新主意都会出现。这可能与一种叫内啡肽的激素释放有关。它能平复心境,并消除疲劳,无论生理还是心理上。所以何不在清晨来一剂内啡肽?若你感到今天将是压力山大的一天,早起晨跑以抵抗它是个好主意。试试看吧,你会发现这一天似乎也没有预想得这么糟!3.No excuses: By running in the morning, all of the typical excuses for not exercising (e.g. a lack of time, being too tired after work, or missing happy hour with your buddies) can be put to rest. Now those after-work hours can be used to take care of errands or loaf on your sofa, completely guilt-free. Getting your exercise done first thing in the morning also gives you that jump start you need to keep moving throughout the day, which helps rid you of excuses for other important tasks that you would normally not feel like doing.3.拒绝借口:晨跑能消灭所有那些让你不锻炼的借口,比如“没时间”、“下班后太累啦”、“要跟朋友聚会呢”等等。下班后你可以为所欲为,无论是做事还是蜷进沙发,而不需要心存负罪感。晨起锻炼同样也能给你一个充满活力的开头,帮助你戒掉那些为了不大想做的事而千方百计想出来的借口。4.Less pollution: Among the many benefits of running in the morning is getting out on the road before the cars and busses beat you to it. The exhaust left behind from vehicles can increase the risk of heart disease and cancer, so slip on your jogging shoes in the early morning if you want to breathe in the cleanest air possible.4.空气更清新:晨跑还有一个好处,那就是可以避免吸入车辆尾气。尾气会增高心脏病和患癌几率。所以还是早起,穿上跑鞋,去一天中最清新的空气里奔跑吧。5.Go farther: There is no doubt about it; the air is not only cleaner, but also much cooler before the sun#39;s rays have begun to bake the road under your feet. Running in the morning is the best way to avoid hot weather, heat stroke, and stifling humidity. Runners that exercise in a cool climate can often run longer and go farther than those who work out in the heat.5.让你跑得更远:毫无疑问,早晨不仅空气清新,同样也异常凉爽。在毒辣辣的太阳照射大地前跑吧。晨跑是避免热天、中暑、和沉闷潮湿感的最好选择。在凉爽天气中跑步的人们通常可以比热天中的人们跑得更远更久。Now set your alarm clocks tonight because these benefits of running in the morning are worth waking up early for.今晚就设好闹钟吧!这些好处完全值得你早起去奔跑。 /201207/192245

Yesterday is ;Leap Day; and for centuries has been traditionally associated with the idea of romance reversal as women take to one knee to propose to their men.今天是四年一度的;闰日;,也是浪漫反转的;女性表白日;,女性可以在这一天向男性求婚。这个传统已经有几百年历史。This Scottish tradition has its roots in the 5th century when St Bridget complained to St Patrick about women having to wait to be proposed to.这一传统来自五世纪的苏格兰,当时圣布里奇特向圣帕特里克抱怨说,女性总要等男性来求婚。Despite the option it appears that all of the lucky ladies in Warwick are keeping coy about any plans they might have.尽管可以在这一天向男性求婚,但似乎沃里克的所有幸运女士们都不好意思实行自己的求婚计划。Rose City Jewellers manager Peter Walsh said he had not heard of anything.玫瑰城的珠宝商彼得bull;沃尔什说自己根本没听说过。;No women have come in here, so unfortunately nothing this year, unless they decide to come in tomorrow,; Mr Walsh said.沃尔什先生说:;没有女性来看珠宝,所以不幸的是今年没什么变化,除非她们决定明天来。;;They might still be trying to find the right words.;;也许她们还在思考如何开口。;Rose City Jewellers#39; Carol Campbell supports women proposing.玫瑰城的珠宝商卡罗bull;坎贝尔持女性求婚。;A girl can propose at any time, not just on a leap year because when it#39;s the right time it#39;s the right time,; Mrs Campbell said.坎贝尔女士说:;女孩可以随时求婚,不仅仅在闰年,因为合适的时机不容错过。;From romantic traditions to workplace debate the leap year has some workers counting their pennies in 2012.不管是作为浪漫传统,还是所激起的职场讨论,一些职员都开始盘算起今年兜里的钱了。The question on everyone#39;s lips is, will they be paid for working today, or will they be coming up for the extra hours spent in the office?每个人都会问,自己在今天上班会有额外的钱吗?或者今天有加班费吗?Research conducted by Twentieth Century Fox found that Australian workers would spend an extra 6.5 hours in the office this year and lose an average of 0 pay as a result of the year#39;s extra day.20世纪福克斯公司的调查发现,澳大利亚员工今年要多工作6.5个小时,由于今年有闰日,平均每人损失180美元的工资。Mr Walsh said he was not worried about the extra day. ;It all works out in the wash over the next four years,; Mr Walsh said. Mrs Campbell shared a similar view.沃尔什先生说自己不担心多出一天,他说:;四年才有一个闰日,不会有太大影响。;坎贝尔女士看法类似。;We should just leave it be because I#39;m sure it will all even itself out over four years;, Mrs Campbell said.她说:;我们应该随它去,因为我确信四年才有一次,不会有显著影响。;This year the leap year will celebrate its 366th birthday after it was implemented in 1582 as part of the Gregorian calendar.闰日在1582年被加入公历,今年将迎来第366个闰日。 /201203/173036

  Ham and cheese toast火腿奶酪土司It’s a popular snack for students in the West because of its high protein content and simple, yet delicious flavor. Cheese and ham go well together, especially when the cheese melts into the b.在西方,这是一道点心极受学生的欢迎的快餐,富含高蛋白,制作简单,味道也可口。奶酪和火腿是不错的搭配,尤其当奶酪融入了面包中时尤其如此。Cost: about 10 yuan成本费:大约10元Cooking time: 3 minutes烹调3分钟Ingredients:配料:1 slice of ham1片火腿1 cheese slice1片奶酪2 slices of white b2片白面包1 spoonful of mayonnaise/ honey mustard/chili sauce (optional)1勺蛋黄酱/蜂蜜/芥末酱/辣酱(可选)1. Put the cheese and ham on a slice of b.1、把奶酪和火腿放到一片面包上2. Sp the topping on the other slice of b. Different toppings can help vary the flavor – try mayonnaise, honey mustard, even peanut butter if you want a real taste of the West. Or, you can add Chinese chili sauce or sesame sauce to vary the flavor.2、其调料铺到另一片面包上。不同的调料会产生不同的口味——如果想要真正的西方风味,可以试试蛋黄酱、蜂蜜、芥末酱甚至是花生酱。另外,你也可以选择加上中式辣酱或芝麻酱调味。3. Put the two slices of b together to make your sandwich and cut in half.3、两片面包合上,切成两半做成三明治。4. If you have a microwave (or a toaster), you could put the sandwich into the microwave for about one minute to melt the cheese.4、如果你有微波炉(或者烤面包机),可以把三明治放到微波炉里加热一分钟,使奶酪融化。 /201011/117414

  Karaoke most irritating gadget in Britain: govt surveyTimeless, classic songs wrecked by tuneless, howling drunks: the karaoke machine is the most annoying gadget in Britain, a survey for the government found.A TNS Omnibus poll for the Department for Communities found that the Japanese invention topped a list of gadgets that people wished had never been invented.Nearly a quarter (22 percent) of those surveyed chose the karaoke machine. 17 percent said 24-hour sports channels, 12 percent chose games consoles, while 11 percent said mobile phones and seven percent said alarm clocks."Seeing the karaoke machine at the top of that list made me smile," said Kane Kramer, a director of the British Inventors Society."When people are singing karaoke they are enjoying themselves, but as a member of the audience you are just watching somebody who can't perform -- and isn't particularly pleasant to listen to -- for as long as you can bear it."It is anti-social. You might have 10 people who want to sing some karaoke, which means 150 people have to suffer it."But the crazy thing is that people still do go just to be a spectator at other people's inability to sing."After a short while -- unless they're very drunk -- they're going to find that listening to performers failing to perform for two hours is not the best way to spend the evening."Karaoke has turned into a multibillion-dollar industry since being invented in 1971 by Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese club keyboardist looking to provide music for a customer who wanted to sing on a company trip.Asked which gadgets people would like to see invented in the future, 18 percent said a robot cleaner, 16 percent said a time machine and 12 percent said a teleporter.Asked what the most important safety gadgets were, 69 percent said the smoke alarm, 64 percent said seat belts and 29 percent said baby seats.Pollsters TNS Omnibus surveyed 2,584 adults in England online. /200901/60930。

  查拉(Carl Chiara)是美国利惠公司(Levi Strauss amp; Co.)品牌理念及特别项目主管。越来越多爱穿牛仔裤的人认为,牛仔裤应该尽可能少洗,查拉就是其中一员。牛仔布有很好的塑型作用,但如果洗得太多,就会失去那种特有的型。 Carl Chiara, director of brand concepts and special projects for Levi Strauss amp; Co., is among the growing number of jeans enthusiasts who believe in washing them as little as possible. Mr. Chiara, who says he wears jeans every day in both work and social situations, believes that "the less people wash their jeans, the better their jeans become. Denim really does shape to people's bodies, and when you wash a jean you lose some of that shape." He doesn't like to put his jeans in a washing machine because agitating the denim makes the fibers on the cotton fabric swell and 'bloom.' That in turn causes the yarns to tense up and actually get shorter, shrinking the jeans. This also mars the "open" look of the denim, Mr. Chiara says. The color may fade or change as well. He also avoids heat-using hot water on his jeans or throwing them in a dryer-to protect the quality of the jean, he says. So does he dry clean his jeans? No, because he doesn't like them coming back stiff-and perhaps with a center crease if they get pressed like trousers. 'The jeans should take on your personal day-to-day life and look like you,' he says. For example, his own jeans bear the weathered marks of his keys, which he keeps in his front pocket, and his bag, which tends to rub against his upper thigh. This is not to say that Mr. Chiara doesn't ever clean the 15 pairs of jeans that he owns. He gently spot-cleans spills with a damp sponge and 'whatever is under the kitchen sink-usually Windex or 409.' At the end of each day, he hangs his jeans on a hook in his bathroom. When he takes a shower, the steam 'freshens [the jeans] up a little bit,' he says. He prefers hanging jeans by a belt loop to preserve their shape. After six months of wearing a pair of jeans, Mr. Chiara does a comprehensive cleaning; his method could also be used by those who like to wash their jeans more often. Usually, he fills a bathtub to about six inches with room-temperature water and adds two tablespoons of Dr. Bronner's Magic Liquid Soap, which he likes because it is mild. Then, he immerses the jeans in the tub, laying them flat. Sometimes, with dark jeans, he'll add 1/8 cup of white vinegar to the water. 'The vinegar sets the indigo and keeps it from fading,' he says. Mr. Chiara is careful not to scrub the jeans or move them around vigorously. He just lets them soak for 20 minutes before hanging them by the belt loops to drip dry. While letting the jeans air-dry, he may slip a 'woodsy' scented sachet of potpourri into the jeans as he lays them flat. If it's sunny out, Mr. Chiara sometimes likes to wear the jeans when they're 'almost completely dry' and sit in the sun. 'This final phase of drying them out on my body helps the jeans take on my shape,' he says. 查拉是美国利惠公司品牌理念及特别项目主管查拉说,他上班和休闲的时候都穿牛仔裤,他觉得牛仔裤洗得越少,感觉就越好。牛仔布有很好的塑型作用,但如果洗得太多,就会失去那种特有的型。 他不喜欢把牛仔裤放进洗衣机里洗,因为洗衣机搅动牛仔布时,棉纤维吸收水分后膨胀,导致棉纱变紧缩短,牛仔裤就会缩水。查拉说,这也会破坏牛仔裤那种自然放松的感觉,还会导致褪色或变色。 查拉说,他不用热水洗牛仔裤,不会把它放进烘干机,目的是保护牛仔裤的品相。 那他干洗自己的牛仔裤吗?是否定的,因为他不喜欢牛仔裤干洗后那种硬梆梆的感觉,以及熨过后留下的裤缝线。他说,牛仔裤每日与你相伴,应该带有你自己的风格。。举例而言,他的牛仔裤前兜有钥匙长期擦留下的痕迹,大腿部位则有背包擦留下的痕迹。 这并不是说,查拉从来不洗自己的15条牛仔裤。他会用湿海绵,沾上厨房里随手找到的去污剂,一般是Windex或409洗涤剂,轻轻擦拭牛仔裤上的污渍。 一天的事情做完后,查拉要把牛仔裤挂在浴室的钩子上,他说洗澡时的水蒸汽能让牛仔裤振作起来。他喜欢拿钩子勾住皮带环,以保持好裤形。 一条牛仔裤穿了六个月后,查拉会做一次彻底的清洗。那些经常清洗牛仔裤的人也可以借鉴这种清洗方式。通常而言,他会在浴缸里放上半缸常温的水,加入两勺布朗士魔力洗衣液(Dr. Bronner's Magic Liquid Soap),因为他喜欢这种洗衣液的柔和。然后,他把裤子浸入浴缸,平展铺开。 有时候,如果牛仔裤颜色比较深,他会在水里多加1/8杯的白醋。他说,醋可以使靛蓝变稳定,防止牛仔裤褪色。 查拉很小心地不去搓揉牛仔裤,也不用力搅拌,只是泡上20分钟,然后勾住皮带环把裤子挂起来沥干。在让牛仔裤自然晾干的过程中,他可能会在裤子里塞一个具有森林气息的干花香包。 如果外头阳光明媚,查拉有时喜欢穿上快要干的牛仔裤,坐在太阳底下。他说,让牛仔裤在我身上完成最后的晾干过程,能让裤子更贴身。 /201110/159148

  Ausonius (奥索尼厄斯)Forgive many things in others; nothing in yourself.宽恕他人之种种;你罪无存。 /201109/152728Russia's satellite navigation system isn't fully operational yet, but it seems to work on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's dog.Putin listened Friday as his deputy, Sergei Ivanov, briefed him on the progress of the Global Navigation Satellite System. Then footage broadcast on Russian TV showed them try a collar containing satellite-guided positioning equipment on the prime minister's black Labrador Koni.Ivanov said that the equipment goes on a standby mode when "the dog doesn't move, if it, say, lies down in a puddle."Putin interrupted him jokingly: "My dog isn't a piglet, it doesn't lie in puddles.""She looks sad," Ivanov said. "Her free life is over.""She wags her tail, she likes it," Putin said after watching Koni outside his colonnaded residence on Moscow's western outskirts.The navigation system, which goes by acronym GLONASS, was developed during the Soviet era.The government had promised to make the system fully operational by the beginning of this year, but it was delayed by equipment flaws and other technical problems.Ivanov told Putin that the system would have 21 satellites by the year's end — enough to provide navigation services over the entire Russian territory.Ivanov said it would be available worldwide by the end of 2009, for which it would need to have 24 satellites.俄罗斯的卫星定位系统还未全面投入使用,不过经过普京总理爱犬的检验明,它的性能还不错。普京总理于上周五听取了副总理伊万诺夫关于“全球卫星定位系统”建设的进展汇报。据俄罗斯电视台播放的画面显示,(技术人员)给普京总理的黑色拉布拉多猎犬“科尼”戴上了一个内置卫星定位装置的项圈。伊万诺夫说,当科尼不动时,比如趴在坑里时,定位项圈就会进入待机模式。普京打断他,开玩笑说:“科尼又不是小猪,不会趴在坑里。”伊万诺夫说:“她看起来很难过,从此要失去自由了。”看见戴上项圈的科尼在其位于莫斯科西郊的住所外(摇起了尾巴),普京说:“她在摇尾巴,看来她喜欢这个项圈。”俄罗斯的这一“全球卫星定位系统”(英文缩写“GLONASS”)早在苏联时期就开始开发了。俄罗斯政府原计划在今年年初将该系统全面投入使用,但因设备故障和其他技术原因而推迟。伊万诺夫对普京说,到今年年底,全球卫星定位系统将拥有21颗卫星,足以覆盖俄罗斯全境。他说,到2009年底,该系统的卫星数量有望达到24颗,从而实现全球定位导航。 /200810/53470Girls who attend single-sex schools are more attracted to feminine looking boys, researchers have claimed. 研究者声称,读女校的女生更偏好面容女性化的男性。   The St Andrews University-led study suggested a girls-only education could have a "significant impact" on what the youngsters found attractive.   苏格兰圣安德鲁斯大学进行的调查显示,女子学校的教育会对女生的审美标准带来明显的影响。   Boys at all-male schools proved less susceptible to the effect, although the study found they did prefer the company of boys with more masculine faces.  而男校学生对女性面容的偏好并没有受到太大影响,但是他们更倾向与长相更具男子气慨的人交朋友。   The effect was weakened if children had siblings of the opposite sex at home.   不过,如果学生家庭里有异性的兄弟,那么这种影响就会减弱。 /201004/102760

  Serena usually makes little variation on her traditional theme (long and wavy) but she glammed it up for a couple episodes. Which high-powered, big bang does a bang-up job?S总是时不时地在她标志性的长波浪发型基础上做点小变化,其中有几集的造型格外出挑。上面俩出格造型你喜欢哪个呢? /201006/106658Most policy makers, and the economists who advise them, believe that the rich Western economies have suffered a mechanical malfunction. With the right monetary, fiscal and regulatory tools, the growth machine will eventually whirr into life. Others think the West#39;s true malaise is not mechanical but moral: a love of money,markets and material things.大多数决策者和为他们提供建议的经济学家们相信富裕的西方经济遭受了一次机械故障。有了正确的货币,财政和监管工具,这部增长中的机器将最终迎来生机。另一些人认为西方的乏力不在于机械体制而在于道德标准:对金钱、市场和物质的爱。;How Much Is Enough?; and ;What Money Can#39;tBuy; are well-argued versions of this second view. In the former, Robert and Edward Skidelsky, a father-and-son pair of British academics, take as theirtext an essay written in 1930 by John Maynard Keynes. Keynes (of whom the elderSkidelsky has written a three-volume biography) mused that within a century ;the economic problem; would be solved: in rich countries people would be at least four times wealthier, on average, and have to work perhaps 15 hours a week. He looks right about living standards, but horribly wrong about working hours.;多少才算足够?;和;什么金钱无法买到;都对第二种观点做了很好的论述。在前者中,英国学术界的Robert和Edward Skidelsky父子摘录了凯恩斯在1930年写的一篇文章。 凯恩斯(老Skidelsky曾为其撰写了一本3卷的传记)通过沉思得出;经济问题;将在一个世纪之内得以解决:在富裕国家,人民的平均财富将是现在的四倍多,同时工作时间也许变成每周15小时。他在生活水准上说对了,却在工作时间上大错特错。In the rich world the modern economic problem, the Skidelskys say, is how to live well amid plenty, not howto survive amid scarcity. Yet the West still chases slavishly after ever-higher gross domestic product, a purely material measure that takes no account of the blessings of nature or leisure. Humanity has become insatiable, in short. It istime to stop and rediscover the ;good life;. This they identify with a list of;basic goods;: health, security, respect, ;personality; (autonomy, if youprefer), harmony with nature, and leisure.Skidelskys父子认为在富裕国家,现代经济的问题在于如何在富足中过好而不是如何在稀缺中生存。然而,西方社会仍在盲目追逐后更高的GDP这一纯物质的完全与自然和悠闲生活无关的指标。简而言之,人类已经变得贪得无厌。是时候停下来并重新发现;美好生活;了,对此他们列出了一个;美好的基本因素;清单:健康,安全,尊重,;个性化;(你也可以理解为自主权),与自然和谐相处以及享受休闲生活。You might expect the Skidelskys tomake common cause with those economists who believe that maximising ;happiness;should be the goal of public policy. Not a bit of it. What makes people happy,they argue, is not necessarily good. They have little time for statistical measures of happiness—or the pursuit of any single metric. That would imply that the elements of the good life could be traded off against each other, whichthey deny. Nor do the Skidelskys ally themselves with environmentalists. Greens reject growth because they believe it cannot be sustained without wrecking theplanet. But what if it can? Better, say the Skidelskys, to pursue the good lifefor its own sake.你可能以为Skidelskys父子与那些主张应该将;幸福;最大化作为公共政策目标的经济学家有所共鸣。完全错了。他们认为让人幸福的不一定是好东西。他们并没有花时间去为幸福做数学统计或追求任何单一指标。尽管他们否认,但这将意味着,美好生活的元素可以是此消彼长的。同时,Skidelskys父子也并非加入了环保人士阵营。绿党拒绝增长,因为他们相信持续的增长不可能不是以破坏地球为代价的。但是,如果可能又如何呢?Skidelskys父子说,为了生活本身去追求美好生活是更好的选择。Capitalism, they note, has ;made possible vast improvements in material conditions;, but it also fuels human insatiability. One way it does this is by ;increasingly ‘monetising#39; the economy;. Monetisation is what vexes Michael Sandel, a Harvard political philosopher, in ;What Money Can#39;t Buy;. Mr Sandel poses a single question: has the role of markets sp too far?他们指出资本主义;在物质条件上取得了巨大的进步;,但它也助长人的贪婪。其中一条途径就是它这样做的方法之一;使经济日趋‘货币化#39;;。在;金钱不能买到什么;一书中,货币化是一个令哈佛大学政治哲学家Michael Sandel困扰的问题。Sandel先生发问:市场的作用是不是大过头了?He argues that it has, and packs his book with examples. Some, such as the sale of a poor man#39;s kidney fortrans planting into a rich man#39;s body, will make many people squirm. Others, such as the sale of naming rights for sports stadiums, may yield only are signed shrug. But almost all give pause for thought. Mr Sandel poses two objections consistently. One is inequality: the more things money can buy, themore the lack of it hurts. The other Mr Sandel calls ;corruption;: buying and selling can change the way a good is perceived. Paying people to give blood does not work. Giving school children money as an incentive to books may make ing a chore rather than a life long pleasure.他认为市场的作用确实大过头了,他在书中对此观点进行了举。其中一些例子会让很多人不安,如穷人出售肾脏移植给富人。其他一些则只会令人无奈的耸耸肩,如体育场馆命名权的出售。但几乎所有的例子都发人深省。Sandel先生连续提出了两个反对。一个是不平等:当钱可以买到更多的东西,它带来的伤害就越小。另一个被Sandel先生称为;腐败;:对某件东西的买卖行为会改变被人们这一物品的看法。对捐血的人进行付是不起作用。付钱给小学生作为读书的奖励可能使阅读苦差事,而非终身乐趣。Mr Sandel does not say precisely where he thinks the limit should lie. That should be left, he hopes, to public debate. The Skidelskys are bolder, proposing policies that would encourage the pursuit of the good life rather than endless growth: a basic income; a tax on consumption rather than income; and an end to the tax-deductibility of company spending on advertising. This would reduce theincentive to work and the temptation to consume.Sandel先生并没有精确指出底线应该在哪。他希望将这一命题留给公众去辩论。Skidelskys父子则更加大胆地提出了针对追求美好生活且反对无休止增长的政策建议,即要有基本收入保障,基于消费而非收入的税收政策,以及对商家广告进行税收抵扣。这将降低人们对工作的执着和消费的欲望。Does the ratrace always detract from the good life? Only a few years ago, it would have been hard to imagine that whole libraries of books, music and information could be summoned to a phone in your palm; yet the pursuit of profit has helped to put them there. Nevertheless, ;How Much Is Enough?; is a good question. Even if just now the West could do with more, not less, GDP, the pursuit of wealth for its own sake is folly. Anyone who sets store by capitalism and markets will find both books uncomfortable ing. They should be all the same.那么竞争与美好生活总是格格不入的吗?短短几年前,人们还很难想象可以将整个图书馆的书籍、音乐和信息纳于掌中的一部手机;然而对利润的追求却使之成为现实。不过,;多少才算足够?;是一个很好的问题。 即使现在西方国家可以追逐更多而不是更少的GDP,为了财富本身而追逐财富仍然是愚蠢的。而对那些认为资本主义和市场经济至关重要的人来说,尽管这两本书读起来会很不舒,但还是应该认真阅读。 /201208/193108

  A day after fleecing Andorra 6-0, English soccer star David Beckham launched a new underwear campaign for the Giorgio Armani fashion label。  在(贝克汉姆所在的英格兰队)六比零狂胜安道尔队一天之后,英国足球明星大卫#8226;贝克汉姆为时尚品牌乔治#8226;阿玛尼新拍摄的内衣广告正式推出。  Beckham said he was "proud but a little embarrassed" by the colossal billboard photograph of himself in nothing but a pair of tight, black briefs emblazoned with the Emporio Armani eagle logo, which now looms over London's Oxford Street retail hub。  贝克汉姆的巨幅广告出现在伦敦商业中心——牛津街的街头。海报上的贝克汉姆只穿了一条饰有安普里奥#8226;阿玛尼品牌鹰标的黑色贴身短内裤。对此,他感到“自豪但也有点儿尴尬”。  The 34-year-old Beckham, currently on loan to AC Milan from the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team, and his Spice Girl wife, Victoria, have stripped down before for Armani campaigns。  现年34岁的贝克汉姆从洛杉矶队租借至AC米兰队,他的妻子维多利亚是辣组合成员之一,之前也曾为阿玛尼拍摄内衣广告。  The photograph shows the English sex symbol naked except for the underpants, perched on a chair with his legs sp. A braided rope is draped around his torso and partially covers his tattooed arms。  照片上,这位英国性感明星只穿了一条内裤,除此之外一丝不挂。他劈腿坐在椅子上,身上缠着麻花状的绳子,盖住了一部份纹身的上臂。 /200906/74550

  卡布奇诺(Cappuccino)的由来,一直是欧美研究文字变迁的最佳体材。Cappuccino此字的历史,足以说明一个字常常会因为看来像某样东西,最后被引申成其它字义,远远超出造字者原先用意。创设于一五二五年以后的圣芳济教会(Capuchin)的修士都穿着褐色道袍,头戴一顶尖尖帽子,圣芳济教会传到意大利时,当地人觉得修士饰很特殊,就给他们取个Cappuccino的名字,此字的意大利文是指僧侣所穿宽鬆长袍和小尖帽,源自意大利文"头巾"即Cappuccio。然而,老意爱喝咖啡,发觉浓缩咖啡、牛奶和奶泡溷合后,颜色就像是修士所穿的深褐色道袍,于是灵机一动,就给牛奶加咖啡又有尖尖奶泡的饮料,取名为卡布奇诺(Cappuccino)。英文最早使用此字的时间在一九四八年,当时旧金山一篇报导率先介绍卡布奇诺饮料,一直到一九九0年以后,才成为世人耳熟能详的咖啡饮料。应该可以这麽说Cappuccino咖啡这个字,源自圣芳济教会(Capuchin)和意大利文头巾(Cappucio)。非洲有一种小猴子,头顶上有一撮黑色的锥状毛髮,很像圣芳济教会道袍上的小尖帽,这种小猴子也因此被取名为Capuchin,此一猴名最早被英国人使用的时间在一七八五年。Capuchin此字数百年后洐生成咖啡饮料名和猴子名称,一直是文字学者津津乐道的趣闻。 /201108/148043。

  She joined Google aged 24 after studying computer science at Stanford University, becoming custodian of the homepage as well as other core services such as Gmail. ;I had the rare privilege of watching a service scale 10,000 times over and build the back-end infrastructure,; she says, when asked about her main achievement there. 梅尔在斯坦福大学(Stanford University)计算机科学专业毕业后,于24岁之龄加入谷歌。她在谷歌负责管理主页和Gmail等其他一些核心务。当被问及她在谷歌的主要成就时,梅尔表示:;我享有罕见的特权,目睹了一项务增长了一万倍,并且构建了后台基础设施。; ;At heart, Marissa is a product person, not a media or tech person,; says Dan Crow, chief technology officer at Songkick, a live music website, who worked with Ms Mayer in the late 2000s and believes she is an ;inspired choice; to run Yahoo. 现场音乐网站Songkick首席技术官丹#8226;克罗(Dan Crow)表示:;本质上,梅里莎是一位做产品的人,而不是媒体或者科技人士。;他曾于21世纪前10年的后几年和梅尔共事,认为她是执掌雅虎的;卓越人选;。 But Ms Mayer was seen as being sidelined in her later years at Google and emerges with a mixed reputation as a manager. One underling called her a ;demanding diva;, while a peer describes her as a ;high latency micromanager;. 但有人认为,梅尔在谷歌的最后几年被边缘化了,成为一名毁誉参半的经理人。一名下属称她为;苛刻的天后;,而同行则描述她为一名;深度潜伏、事无巨细的管理者;。 Josh McFarland, another ex-Google staffer now running data-marketing company TellApart, dismisses backbiters who say Ms Mayer rode on the coat-tails of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google#39;s co-founders. ;You can#39;t hide in a 20-person company,; he says.;You can#39;t rise so far and be so close to the founders and not be brilliant. Larry and Sergey do not suffer fools.; 如今在经营数据营销公司TellApart的谷歌前员工乔希#8226;麦克法兰(Josh McFarland)对那些背后嚼舌头、认为梅尔不过是搭了谷歌联合创始人拉里#8226;佩奇(Larry Page)和谢尔盖#8226;布林(Sergey Brin)顺风车的人很是不以为然。他说:;在一家只有20个人的公司里你无处躲藏。不聪明不可能升的这么高,和创始人保持如此密切的关系。拉里和布林可不会容忍傻瓜。; Crucial to her success at Yahoo will be answering what the website, visited by hundreds of millions of people, is really for in an age of Facebook and Google dominance. 她在雅虎能否取得成功,关键要看她如何回答这个问题:在Facebook和谷歌主导的时代,对于雅虎这家有数亿用户的网站应如何定位? Some, however, suspect the posting will serve to boost Ms Mayer#39;s profile yet further, regardless of whether she can answer that question. ;If she does something great, huge win,; says a Yahoo alumnus. ;If she can#39;t, she can say it wasn#39;t fixable and will still have had the opportunity of sitting in a CEO position.; 不过,有人怀疑,不管她能否回答这个问题,担任雅虎首席执行官这个职位都会进一步提升梅尔的资历。一位雅虎校友表示:;如果她能做出一些伟大的成就,那就是巨大的胜利。如果不能,她可以说雅虎已经无可救药,她仍有机会担任一家公司的首席执行官。; /201207/192933


  THE BRIGHT SIDE Aquarians are lively, inventive and original. Anything goes with Aquarius, and being an individual does not worry this sign: in fact, Aquarius is always out of step with the rest of the world and revels in anything that is 'different'. Humanitarian The Aquarian personality is one of the most impersonal and detached, yet Aquarius has a deep care and concern for humanity. A progressive reformer, Aquarius is also full of humanitarian ideals, but these can be somewhat vague, giving Aquarians a reputation for keeping their heads in the clouds. EccentricAquarius is also one of the most happily eccentric of the signs. Although it can be extremely difficult to get close to an Aquarian, this is a Fixed sign and so is loyal and faithful. Ask an Aquarian for help and you will immediately get it, for this sign is a very soft touch and would willingly give some people the shirt off its back if necessary. UnpredictableTHE DARKER SIDE The Aquarian personality can be chaotic and unpredictable, stubborn and rebellious, cranky and perverse. It is a sign which can be totally dedicated to being unconventional, whilst remaining stuck in a rigid, unrecognized pattern. It is also a sign which can become detached to the point of coldness, making it very difficult for ordinary mortals to relate to them. Aquarians do not care what the world thinks, however, so that social conventions are sometimes thrown out of the window in favour of anarchy. The isolation this can sometimes bring can cone as a surprise to them as they find it difficult to see how they might have behaved unreasonably. /200911/89639

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