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A city in eastern China is tackling negligent dog owners with a new driving licence-style system.为了应对疏忽大意的主人,近日,位于中国东部的一座城市引入了新的养“驾照”式制度。The pilot scheme, which started this month, gives pooches in the city of Shaoxing a licence pre-loaded with 12 points which are then gradually docked for breaking the rules, Qianjiang Evening News reports.据钱江晚报报道,从本月开始,绍兴市试行养犬登记记分制管理,一张养犬登记有12分,违规者会被扣分。Taking a dog into a public place such as a school or restaurant will cost an owner three points, while ;failing to take effective measures; to stop a badly behaving dog results in six points being docked. A microchip under the dog#39;s skin will hold data on the penalties incurred.携犬进入例如学校或餐厅等公共场所会被扣3分,而“未采取有效措施”制止犬只恶意行为的则会被扣6分。犬只皮肤下安装的芯片会记录惩罚数据。The biggest penalties are reserved for owners who use their pets to cause deliberate wounding, and those who abandon or abuse their animals - they#39;ll lose all 12 points and be banned from reapplying for an ownership licence.最严重的处罚是主人故意驱使犬只伤人,遗弃或虐待犬只,这将直接被扣除12分,并从此不得再次申领。;Like drink-driving and other bad behaviour, dog owners will be blacklisted, and won#39;t be able to raise dogs again,; says city official Zhang Zhuoming.市政官员张灼明表示:“好比醉驾等恶劣驾驶行为,这些主人将被我们列入黑名单,不能再养。”The paper says Shaoxing has experienced problems with both stray and domestic dogs, with more than 7,000 dog biting incidents registered last year.该报报道称,绍兴同时面临着流浪和家养的问题,去年有超过7000起咬伤人的事件发生。It#39;s an idea which has proved popular with social media users, although some think it won#39;t be effective in preventing people mistreating their pets.虽然有些人认为这并不能有效防止主人虐待他们的宠物,但该项措施在社交媒体用户中颇受欢迎。;There are no bad dogs, only bad dog owners,; writes one user on the Sina Weibo microblogging site.一位新浪微用户在微中写道:“没有坏,只有坏主人。”And one user wonders if it could be used for bad behaviour elsewhere, asking: ;Can a marking scheme for civil servants also be implemented?;还有些人则想知道,是否可以将这项制度沿用到其他不良行为上,比如有人发问:“能用在公务员评分制度上吗?” /201603/432733People don#39;t often look back on the early 1900#39;s for advice, but what if we could actually learn something from the Lost Generation?通常人们不会为了求取生活妙方而去回顾20世纪初的年代,不过如果那个“垮掉的一代”真的能对我们有所助益呢?The New York Public Library has digitized 100 ;how to do it; cards found in cigarette boxes over 100 years ago, and the tips they give are so practical that millennials ing this might want to take notes.纽约公共图书馆将一组100多年前的香烟盒上的“生活妙招”卡片进行了数字化处理,这些卡片上的小贴士实在太实用了,二十一世纪的我们看到了也会多加留意!How to Light a Match in the Wind如何点燃风中的蜡烛The familiar difficulty of lighting a match in a wind can be to a great extent overcome if thin shavings are first cut on the match end, as shown in the picture.起风的时候想点燃一根蜡烛往往困难重重,按照图中所示的办法,点燃火柴之前在火柴末端刮出细小的木梢,就能很大程度上解决这个问题了!On lighting the match, the curled strips catch fire at once; the flame is stronger, and has a better chance.点燃火柴时,翘起来的木梢马上被点燃;火焰燃烧得更旺,燃烧的时间也更长。 /201705/509212The oft-used advertisement — “If you lived here, you’d be home by now” — usually seen stretched across blocks of new high-rise flats overlooking commuter train lines, carries a cruel irony for the passengers who pass it every day.在可以俯瞰通勤铁路线的新建高层公寓附近,人们经常会看到这种频繁出现的广告:“如果你住在这里,你现在已经到家啦”。对于每天经过这幅广告的乘客而言,它带有一种残忍的讽刺。Many of them would love to live there but cannot afford to. So they live outside the city and travel in each day.很多人愿意住在这里,但买不起。因此,他们住在城市外面,每天通勤。Economically successful cities are growing rapidly and struggling to find housing for their swelling populations. At the same time some have seen an influx of the international rich, although this is said to benefit an area’s economy, according to research published last year by property analysts Ramidus Consulting. The average buyer of a £15m UK home, it said, spent £4m to £5m a year on goods and services in Britain. In total, Ramidus calculated, London’s super-rich added £4bn a year to the capital’s economy.经济成功的城市正快速发展,它们很难为日益增长的人口找到住房。同时,国际富豪涌入其中一些城市——尽管根据房地产分析机构Ramidus Consulting去年公布的研究,这有利于该地区经济。研究称,在英国购置了价值1500万英镑的房子的典型买家,每年在英国的商品和务上花销400万至500万英镑。据Ramidus计算,伦敦超富人群每年为伦敦经济做出总计40亿英镑的贡献。But by flocking to thriving conurbations such as London, incomers risk killing some of the things they may love about an area. By driving up house prices, they push out the diverse mix of locals who give the place its buzzy vibe.但外来者涌入伦敦等蓬勃发展的大都市圈,可能会毁灭这个地区的一些或许为他们喜爱的东西。通过推升房价,他们把那些给这个城市带来热闹氛围的多样化的本地人挤了出去。City dwellers around the world pay 0bn more a year in housing costs than they can afford as rapid urban growth meets a constrained supply, research published last year by consultants McKinsey found.咨询机构麦肯锡(McKinsey)去年公布的研究发现,由于城市的快速发展遇上供应有限的瓶颈,全球城市居民每年付出的住房成本超出他们的承受能力6500亿美元。Some of the world’s leading urban areas face the biggest housing cost problems, with New York, Tokyo and London among the worst affected. Beijing, S#227;o Paulo and Buenos Aires are among those suffering most in lower-income cities.全球一些领先城市地区正面临最严重的住房成本问题,纽约、东京和伦敦受到的影响最为严重。北京、圣保罗和布宜诺斯艾利斯是收入较低城市中受到影响最为严重的几个。Toby Lloyd, head of policy at Shelter, a British housing charity, says that cities need to accommodate people on a wide range of incomes in order to thrive. “If a city can’t provide the homes its nurses, teachers, shop workers and cleaners can afford, eventually it will choke off its own economic success,” he says.英国住房慈善组织Shelter政策主管托比#8226;劳埃德(Toby Lloyd)表示,要想繁荣,城市需要容纳不同收入的人群。他表示:“如果一个城市不能为护士、教师、商店员工和清洁工提供住房,最终这将扼杀其经济成功。”A third of workers in developed economies need some form of housing subsidy, according to Christine Whitehead, a professor of housing economics at the London School of Economics. But many big cities’ policy makers have not kept up with their rising populations. As a result, more people are moving further away from their workplaces and commuting long distances.伦敦政治经济学院(London School of Economics)住房经济学教授克里斯蒂娜#8226;怀特黑德(Christine Whitehead)表示,在发达国家,三分之一的劳动者需要某种形式的住房补贴。但很多大城市的政策制定者没有跟上人口增长的需要。因此,更多的人搬到距离工作地更远的地方住,每天长距离上下班。In London, which is battling rapidly rising house prices, the problem has become acute. House prices increased by 9.4 per cent in the past year, according to official data. KPMG research says a Londoner must earn £77,000 a year in order to be able to buy. Salaries in the city average £34,320.在正应对房价快速上涨的伦敦,这个问题已变得严重起来。根据官方数据,过去一年,伦敦房价上涨9.4%。毕马威(KPMG)研究称,伦敦人必须每年挣7.7万英镑才能买得起房。而伦敦的平均薪资为34320美元。Businesses are worried. The London Chamber of Commerce and fellow lobbyists London First have cited housing affordability as one of their members’ biggest concerns. More than half of employees surveyed by London First say rent or mortgage costs make it difficult for them to live and work in the capital.企业感到担忧。伦敦工商会(London Chamber of Commerce)和另一个游说团体London First指出,它们的会员企业最大的顾虑之一就是房价可承受度。在接受London First调查的员工中,超过一半表示,租金或房贷成本让他们很难在伦敦生活和工作。Baroness Jo Valentine, London First chief executive, says: “London’s chronic housing shortage is making it difficult for many of those with the talents the capital needs to live and work here, and this problem will only get worse unless we start building more homes.” Particularly badly hit are younger workers, aged between 25 and 40.London First首席执行官乔#8226;瓦伦丁女男爵(Baroness Jo Valentine)表示:“伦敦长期的住房短缺让很多伦敦需要的人才很难在这里生活和工作,除非我们开始建设更多住房,否则这个问题只会越来越严重。”较为年轻的员工(年龄介于25岁至40岁之间)受到的影响最大。“For a world-leading city that owes much of its success to the service sector and knowledge-based industries, losing a tranche of its young professionals would be disastrous,” she adds.她补充称:“对于一个其成功很大程度上有赖于务业和知识性行业的世界领先城市而言,部分年轻专业人士的流失将是灾难性的。”High housing costs in cities often sp into areas to which priced-out former city-dwellers move. Their influx pushes up prices in other parts of the country, as workers commute ever longer distances.城市的高房价通常会向外溢出,影响到被高房价逼走的曾经的城市居民搬往的地区。他们的涌入抬高了该国其他地区的房价,劳动者通勤里程越来越长。Savills, a property group, last year found that growing numbers of London employees are becoming “work tourists”, while areas with more London workers have seen house price rises.房地产集团第一太平戴维斯(Savills)去年发现,越来越多的伦敦员工正成为“工作游客”,拥有较多在伦敦工作的上班族的地区出现房价上涨。Perhaps the best-known example of new housing built for those priced out of cities was US housebuilder William Levitt’s post-second world war prefabricated suburbs known as “Levittowns”. He had four of these developments built in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Puerto Rico.为那些被城市高房价逼走的人们建造新房的最知名例子,或许就是美国房屋建筑商威廉#8226;莱维特(William Levitt)在二战后打造的人造郊区,也就是所谓“莱维特镇”(Levittowns)。他在纽约、宾夕法尼亚、新泽西和波多黎各开发了4个这样的项目。The houses were sold to war veterans who wished to move out of pokey city apartments into spacious family housing, which meant a long commute for those wanting to keep their jobs.这些房子销售给那些希望搬出沉闷的城市公寓、住进宽敞的家庭式住房的退伍老兵,这意味着,那些希望继续工作的人要每天长时间通勤。En route to and from the city, Levittown residents probably went past highly-priced new developments, which, like many of today’s workers, they simply could not afford.在往返城市的路上,莱维特镇居民很可能会经过一些价格高昂的新房地产开发项目,与今天很多员工一样,他们根本买不起。 /201609/467904

China will extend its electronic invoice system nationwide in 2016 to better regulate the taxation of online businesses.我国2016年将实现所有发票的网络化运行,对电子商务征税实行更有效的监管。It#39;s expected to help curb tax evasion by users of C2C platforms.此举将有望打击C2C交易中的偷漏税行为。The e-invoices will serve as an equivalent to paper ones that provide proof of transactions and taxation.电子发票与纸质发票具有同等效力,可作为交易及税收明。The e-invoice system has been under trial operation in 22 provincial regions since 2012.自2012年以来,电子发票体系已在全国22个省市试运行。China#39;s two leading e-commerce operators Alibaba and JD.com have all voiced support for the policy.我国的两大电商阿里巴巴和京东都已表态持这一政策。A Taobao shopkeeper says the e-invoice system won#39;t be a burden if it doesn#39;t generate extra fees.一位淘宝卖家称,如果不产生额外费用,采用电子发票不会成为负担。 /201512/416165

JAKARTA, Indonesia — The center of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, was paralyzed Tuesday morning by a violent mass protest by taxi and other public transportation drivers against ride-hailing apps, with demonstrators blocking major roads and highways and attacking other taxis that were not taking part. 印度尼西亚雅加达——周二上午,印度尼西亚首都雅加达的城中心陷入瘫痪。出租车和其他一些公共交通工具的司机进行了反对打车应用的大型暴力抗议活动,示威者阻塞交通要道,还攻击了没有参与抗议的其他出租车。 An estimated 10,000 members of the Indonesian Land Transportation Drivers Association had planned a protest march from the national House of Representatives complex to the Presidential Palace to demand that the government ban app-based transportation companies, including Uber and Grab, saying they were hurting their ability to earn fares. 印度尼西亚地面交通驾驶员协会(Indonesian Land Transportation Drivers Association)的大约一万名成员原本计划进行抗议游行,路线是从人民代表会议大楼至总统府。他们要求政府封杀叫车应用企业,包括优步(Uber)和Grab,认为它们损害了自身的收入。 Instead, drivers ran amok in the district near the legislative complex, blocking roads leading to the Semanggi Flyover, the city’s main highway artery, and Jalan Sudirman, a primary thoroughfare that runs through the heart of Jakarta’s business district. 然而,进行抗议的司机在人民代表会议大楼附近的区域失控,堵塞了前往赛曼吉立交桥(Semanggi Flyover)和苏迪曼街(Jalan Sudirman)的道路。前者是雅加达的公路枢纽,后者则是贯穿商业区中心地带的大道。 Traffic was backed up for miles in all directions, and some offices closed because of security concerns. 在各个方向上,交通堵塞了数英里,一些办公室也出于安全原因关闭。 Two miles away, other protesters parked dozens of taxis on a thoroughfare off the city’s landmark roundabout, known as Bundaran H. I., blocking south-moving traffic throughout the morning. 在离此地两英里的地方,另一拨抗议者在雅加达的地标连环道(Bundaran H. I.)旁边的一条大路上停了数十辆出租车,堵塞了整个上午的南向交通。 “Stop illegal taxis,” protesters yelled. “No more apps.” “封杀非法出租,”抗议者大喊。“不要叫车应用。” Television news footage as well as s posted on social media sites showed enraged taxi drivers pulling fellow drivers who were not part of the protest out of their vehicles and assaulting them. Their passengers were also forced to get out and run away. 电视新闻画面和社交媒体网站上发布的视频显示,有愤怒的出租车司机把没有参与抗议的同伴从车里拖出来进行攻击。乘客也被迫下车逃跑。 Protesters threw rocks at some taxis, smashed the windshields of others with sticks, or broke off their side mirrors. 抗议者往一些出租车上扔石头,用棍棒砸碎他人的挡风玻璃,或是敲掉后视镜。 Some protesters wearing their uniforms were seen attacking taxis belonging to their own company, as well as targeting those of rival operators. They were joined in the violence by the drivers of public transportation buses, three-wheeled scooters and minivans. 有人看到,一些身穿工作的抗议者不仅袭击自家公司的出租车,也会打砸竞争对手公司的车辆。参与这种暴力行为的还有公交大巴、三轮小托和微型货车的司机。 In one bizarre scene, a taxi driver repeatedly tried to drive through a throng of protesters from his own company, the Blue Bird Group, who appeared to be trying to attack his cab and pull him from the vehicle. The driver was eventually able to drive away. 一名出租司机反复尝试开着车冲出自家公司蓝鸟集团(Blue Bird Group)的抗议者的包围圈,场面相当诡异。看起来,他们想要打砸他的车,并把他从车里拉出来。这名司机最终得以把车开走。 In another incident, protesters attacked a driver for Go-Jek, a popular Indonesian app-based motorcycle transportation company, whom they had pulled off his motorcycle. 另一起事件则是,抗议者把一名Go-Jek司机拉下了自己的托车,并对他进行了攻击。Go-Jek是印尼当地的公司,提供的托车叫车应用颇受欢迎。 Many of the protesters work for Blue Bird, Indonesia’s largest taxi company, and were plainly visible in their blue uniform shirts. 许多抗议者来自印尼最大的出租车公司蓝鸟集团,很容易通过他们身穿的蓝色工作衫辨认。 During a live televised news conference on Tuesday afternoon, Andri Nida, a spokeswoman for Blue Bird, said the company did not approve or support the protests. 在周二下午的直播新闻发布会上,蓝鸟的发言人安德丽·尼达(Andri Nida)表示,公司并未批准或持这些抗议活动。 “If any vandalism was done by unscrupulous Blue Bird drivers, we’ll cover the costs,” she said. “We will punish any anarchic drivers, but we have to gather witnesses and evidence.” “假如有行为不端的蓝鸟司机进行了破坏,我们会弥补损失,”她说。“我们会对任何闹事的司机进行惩罚,但我们得找到目击者,搜集据。” By midday, the protesters had ended their blockade and marched or drove toward northern Jakarta, where they staged demonstrations at the Ministry of Communications and Information, and across from the State Palace. 到了中午时分,抗议者结束了堵路行为,开始步行或开车前往北雅加达。在那里,他们在印尼通信与信息部及其对面的国家宫门前进行了示威活动。 The Jakarta police had deployed 6,000 officers early Tuesday to monitor the protest march. Police officials vowed to take action against protesters who committed violence, but it was unclear if they had made any arrests. 雅加达警方在周二清晨派出了六千名警员监控抗议游行。警方官员发誓要对进行暴力活动的抗议者采取行动。不过,目前并不清楚他们是否拘捕了什么人。 “We are still digging deeper into the incidents,” Senior Commander Mohammad Iqbal, a spokesman for the Jakarta police, was ed by The Jakarta Globe, a local newspaper, as saying. “The principle is that we will surely move against those who engaged in illegal acts.” 根据当地媒体《雅加达环球报》(The Jakarta Globe)的报道,雅加达警方发言人、高级指挥官穆罕默德·伊克巴尔(Mohammad Iqbal)称,“我们还在对这些事件进行深入调查。原则上,我们一定会对从事非法行为的人采取措施。” App-based transportation has seen explosive growth in numerous cities across Indonesia in the past two years, with motorcycle and car companies offering rides, deliveries, bill payments, shopping, cleaning services and even massages. 过去两年间,叫车应用出行在印尼各地的多座城市里取得了爆炸性发展。此类托车和汽车公司提供人员出行、货物递送、账单付、购物和清洁等务,甚至还涵盖了务。 The growth is driven by cheaper costs than traditional public transportation operators and more convenience, plus the fact that most Indonesians use their mobile phones for Internet access, according to many technology analysts. 许多技术行业的分析师认为,之所以取得这样的增长,是因为它们比传统公共交通运营商要更实惠方便,而且多数印尼人在用手机上网。 However, traditional transportation operators have taken exception to app-based companies, saying that they are not licensed and do not pay state taxes, and that their drivers, who are independently employed, do not have to pay for an annual transport permit. App-based transportation companies employ hundreds of thousands of drivers. 然而,传统出行方式的运营商很反对打车应用公司,宣称它们没有执照,也不纳税,旗下的司机独立受雇,不用付年度牌照费。叫车应用公司雇佣的司机已达数十万之多。 Last year, Jakarta’s governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, called on the police to arrest Uber drivers, saying they were operating illegally. The company has denied this, citing Indonesian law on independent taxi operators. 去年,雅加达市长钟万学(Basuki Tjahaja Purnama)曾呼吁警方逮捕优步司机,声称他们在非法运营。优步公司援引印尼法律中针对独立出租运营商的规定,对此予以了否认。 On March 15, the transportation association held a peaceful rally of 2,000 drivers who protested outside City Hall, the Ministry of Communications and Information, and the Presidential Palace, saying the new competition was hurting their livelihoods. 今年3月15日,地面交通驾驶员协会举行了一场有两千名司机参与的和平集会。他们在雅加达市政厅、通信与信息部和总统府门前抗议,控诉这种新竞争损害了自己的生计。 Rudiantara, Indonesia’s communications minister, who like many Indonesians has only one name, rejected calls to ban ride-hailing apps, saying they were part of Indonesia’s growing digital economy. 印尼通信部长鲁迪安塔拉(Rudiantara)——与许多印尼人一样,他的名字是个单名——没有理会封杀叫车应用的呼声,而是表示它们是印尼不断增长的数字经济的一部分。 Instead, he said, the government will expedite licenses and permits for the companies so they do not have to suspend operations but do conform to Indonesian laws on public transportation. 他说,政府将加快向这类企业发放执照和许可的速度,这样的话,它们就能符合印尼在公共交通方面的法律,而不必停业。 /201603/433225I’m a journalist and metropolitan liberal, so I’m one of what Donald Trump would call the biggest losers of his election. 我是一名记者,一个大城市自由主义者,因此,我就是唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)所说的,他当选所造成的最大输家之一。My class and profession missed his rise, then wrote him off. 我所在的阶层和职业先是错过了他的崛起,然后说他不可能当选。The electorate generally just wants a leader who appears sane, which is why Republicans almost certainly won’t nominate Trump, I wrote in December. 选民通常只是想要一个看起来心智健全的领导人,这就是为何共和党人几乎肯定不会提名特朗普,我在去年12月写道。So how will my loser tribe live and work in the era of Trump?那么,在特朗普时代,我所在的输家部落将如何生活和工作呢?Being an irredeemable cosmopolitan snob, I feel I’m now reliving Jean Renoir’s 1937 film, La Grande Illusion. 作为一个不可救药的自命高雅的世界主义者,我感觉我正在亲身经历让.雷诺阿(Jean Renoir) 1937年的电影《大幻影》(La Grande Illusion)。In part, it’s about the demise of the European aristocracy. 在某种程度上,这是一部有关欧洲贵族灭亡的电影。The main characters are the German aristocrat Von Rauffenstein, commander of a prisoner-of-war camp in the first world war, and the French toff de Boeldieu, his prisoner — but, really, the two are twins. 其中的主要角色是一战时期一个战俘营的司令官、德国贵族冯劳芬施泰因(Von Rauffenstein),以及他的囚犯、法国贵族德埃尔迪厄(de Boeldieu)——尽管看似身份悬殊,两人实际上有着相似的命运。They chat in multiple languages about their dying class. 他们用多种语言聊着他们这个阶级的消亡。As Von Rauffenstein tells de Boeldieu: I don’t know who will win this war but, whatever the outcome, it will mean the end of the Rauffensteins and the Boeldieus. 就如冯劳芬施泰因告诉德埃尔迪厄:我不知道谁会赢得这场战争,但无论结果如何,这意味着劳芬施泰因和埃尔迪厄的末日。My class, too, was in demise even before Trump. 即使是在特朗普之前,我所在的阶层就已日趋式微。Economic change was aly pushing journalists, academics, people in the arts, NGO staff etc down into lower-middle-class bohemia. 经济变迁已经使记者、学者、艺术圈人士、非政府组织工作人员等降级为中低层的另类人士。When Trump calls us the liberal elite, it’s actually flattering.特朗普说我们是自由派精英,其实是抬举我们了。Yet Trumpites and Brexiters loathe our class much more than they do the financial elite. 然而,比起金融精英,特朗普的追随者和英国退欧人士要更为痛恨我们这个阶层。At least, that’s what we are now being told by fellow liberal elitists. 至少,同为自由派精英的学者现在是这样告诉我们的。The law professor Joan C Williams writes in the Harvard Business Review: The white working class resents professionals but admires the rich. 法学教授琼.C.威廉斯(Joan C Williams)在《哈佛商业》(Harvard Business Review)中写道:白人工人阶级讨厌专业人员,但却仰慕富人。For example, she explained, working-class Americans routinely dismiss professors as phonies. 比如,她解释道,美国的工人阶级常常把教授斥为骗子。Maybe she’s right. 或许她说的没错。I wouldn’t know.我不可能知道。My class can hope to hang on to at least some of our pretensions, in the spirit of the Russian taxi driver in 1920s Paris who still called himself a prince. 我的阶层可以期望坚守自己的一些虚荣心,在精神上借鉴上世纪20年代的巴黎、那个依然自称王子的俄罗斯出租车司机。Our temptation will be what Germans of the Nazi era called inner emigration: withdrawing from the horrors outside and listening to Bach in the living room with the curtains closed. 纳粹时代的德国人所谓的内在移民对我们颇具吸引力:忘却窗外的恐怖,拉上窗帘,在客厅里听巴赫(Bach)的曲子。And, yes, I know the Hitler-Trump comparison is hysterical, because Hitler started the second world war whereas Trump is merely about to get his fingers on the nuclear suitcase. 是的,我知道把希特勒和特朗普相提并论有点歇斯底里,因为希特勒发动了第二次世界大战,而特朗普只不过是将要掌控美国的核手提箱。But my class shouldn’t get too self-pitying. 但是,我的阶层不应过于自伤自怜。In practice, the biggest losers of Trumpism will probably be the Baltics, black Americans, poor people living in areas hit by climate change, and almost everyone in the Middle East once Iran gets the nuclear bomb. 在实践中,特朗普主义造成的最大输家很可能是波罗的海各国、非裔美国人、在受到气候变化冲击的地区生活的穷人,以及(一旦伊朗获得核弹)几乎中东的每一个人。The Obama White House worked every day at maintaining the fragile Iranian-Saudi balance; that could now go haywire. 奥巴马领导的白宫每天都在努力维持伊朗和沙特之间脆弱的平衡;现在局势可能会失控。We white western urbanites can hope that our own unprecedented 71 years of peace and prosperity, also known as elite failure, will run on for a bit. 我们这些西方城市白人可以指望,我们所享受的前所未有的71年的和平与繁荣——也被称为精英的失败——还将延续一段时间。But our belief in progress is gone. 但我们对进步的信念已经不复存在。And we journalists now know that what we do is useless. 而且,我们这些新闻从业人员现在知道,我们所做的毫无用处。Our old-fashioned gathering of facts and ladling on of analysis prompted almost every newspaper in the US, even traditional Republican ones, to endorse Hillary Clinton. 我们收集事实并给予大量分析,这种老派做法促使美国的几乎每一份报纸,甚至是那些传统上偏向共和党的报纸,都持希拉里.克林顿(Hillary Clinton)。The new wave of fact-checkers — thank heaven for unpaid interns — unmasked Trump as a serial liar. 新一代的事实核查员——感谢上苍我们有无薪实习生——揭露出特朗普是一个连环说谎者。It would be kind to say none of this made a blind bit of difference. 说这些压根没有造成什么差别有点过于仁慈。In fact, it’s worse than that: for many people, everything we said was discredited by the fact that we said it. 实际情况更加糟糕:对很多人来说,我们所说的一切都失去了信用,就因为那是我们说的。If the mainstream media argued that 2 + 2 4, populists would become convinced that it must make five instead. 如果主流媒体声称2加2等于4,民粹主义者会深信结果一定是5。They say we lie. 他们说,我们撒谎。We don’t — or not consciously, anyway. 我们并没有——或者说无论如何不会故意如此。But we did spend decades writing a reality that left out their point of view, and to them that felt like much the same thing. 但我们的确花了数十年时间书写一种未能纳入他们的观点的现实,对他们来说,这也基本等同于撒谎了。Like most of my colleagues, I’m now pledging to start listening more to voices from outside the big city. 就像我的大多数同事一样,我现在发誓要开始更多地倾听大城市以外的声音。However, I suspect that whatever we do now is almost irrelevant. 然而,我怀疑,无论我们现在做什么,可能都无关紧要了。Papers like the FT probably don’t even warrant the description mainstream media any more. 像英国《金融时报》这样的报纸甚至可能不再算得上主流媒体。In France, where I live, the biggest political website is thought to be the far-right conspiracy-theorist Egalité et Réconciliation. 在我生活的法国,人气最高的政治网站据信是极右翼和散布阴谋论的Egalité et Réconciliation(平等与和解)。It’s about to get competition: the far-right conspiracy-theorist site Breitbart, whose chief Stephen Bannon has just become Trump’s senior adviser, is planning launches in France and Germany. 很快这个网站还会有竞争对手——极右翼阴谋论网站Breitbart,其掌门人斯蒂芬.班农(Stephen Bannon)刚刚成为特朗普的高级顾问,该网站正计划在法国和德国上线。I have no idea what’s on these sites but my fellow liberal elitist Joshua Benton, head of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard, does. 我不知道这些站点上有什么,但是同为自由派精英的哈佛大学(Harvard University)尼曼新闻实验室(Nieman Journalism Lab)负责人约书亚.本顿(Joshua Benton)知道。He comes from a small town in Louisiana, and here are some items that the town’s mayor posted on Facebook in the last 48 hours of the presidential campaign: Hillary Clinton Calling for Civil War if Trump Is Elected; Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President; Barack Obama Admits He Was Born in Kenya; FBI Agent Who Was Suspected of Leaking Hillary’s Corruption Is Dead. 他来自路易斯安那州的一个小镇,以下是小镇镇长在竞选的最后48小时在Facebook上发布的一些消息:希拉里.克林顿宣称如果特朗普当选将发动内战;教皇方济各(Pope Francis)震惊世界,持唐纳德.特朗普当总统;巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)承认他出生在肯尼亚;被疑泄露希拉里腐败消息的FBI(联邦调查局)特工身亡。The story of the Pope’s endorsement had been shared 868,000 times on Facebook, notes Benton. 本顿说,有关教皇持特朗普的那条消息在Facebook上被分享86.8万次。Still, I will keep writing, like a moth to a flame, because I like it and can’t do anything else.话虽如此,我还将继续写作,就像一只扑火的飞蛾,因为我热爱写作,做不了其他任何事情。 /201611/479674

LONDON — The seasonal lights are strung along the main street. Vendors offer scarlet poinsettia and white-berried mistletoe and trees to be decked for a cozy English Christmas — hardly the front-line emblems of a war against the encroachment of the superrich.伦敦——节日的灯沿着主干道垂挂着。商贩在出售一品红、白果槲寄生和圣诞树,正好用来装扮出一个妥帖的英式圣诞节。这里看起来,一点也不像是阻击超级巨富侵占领地的战争前线。Yet in Highgate, an upscale neighborhood five miles north of London’s heart, the familiar year-end trappings mark what researchers call an alpha territory fought over by two elites: Those who have for decades cherished it as a center of cultured, comfortable, largely professional affluence; and outsiders of newer and much greater wealth who see it as little more than a location for trophy mansions.然而,在伦敦市中心以北五英里的高档社区海格特,这些常见的年终装饰却突显出研究人员口中的一种现象:两个精英阶层在上演一场有关领地的龙争虎斗。一方在此定居了数十年,珍视这里,认为当地聚集着品位高雅、为人得当、大多为专业人士的富足人群;另一方则是外来的新富,身家也高出前者一大截,认为这里不过是其炫富豪宅的地方。The conflict is depicted as the consequence of a widening global divide between the überrich and the rest, reminiscent of the upstairs-downstairs gulf in Western society before World War I.这场冲突被描述成了全球范围内超级富豪与其他人群之间鸿沟不断拉大的象征,令人回想起第一次世界大战之前西方社会的楼上-楼下之争。Writ small, social researchers say, the tussle could foretell a future in which an ever-smaller upper crust will command financial heights far beyond the dreams of lesser mortals, even those who qualify, like many of the folks in Highgate, as pretty well off themselves.社会科学领域的研究者表示,海格特的冲突虽然微小,但或许预示了未来:一群人数越来越少的最上层将掌控财富的制高点,把凡夫俗子远远甩在身后,就连那些本身算得上富足的人,比如海格特的许多居民,也做梦都难以望其项背。These days, equality campaigners say, 80 immensely rich people have amassed the same wealth as the poorer half of the world’s entire population.倡导缩小贫富差距的人士称,事到如今,世界上最富裕的80人累积的财富,与全球人口中较为贫穷的那一半相当。London, according to a report focusing on Highgate by researchers at two universities, is the location of choice for the global superrich, whose desire for homes in prestigious places is “displacing pre-existing elites” and reshaping the character of their adoptive neighborhoods.两所大学的研究人员联合对海格特社区所做的一份报告显示,伦敦是全球巨富最青睐的地方,而他们在高端地段置业的欲望正“让当地原本存在的精英阶层流离失所”,并在重塑他们新家乡的特色。Indeed, the adversaries of ultrahigh-end redevelopment say they start new campaigns every month to resist the construction of immense mansions, often with multistory basements for cars, home cinemas, spas and panic rooms.果不其然,反对超高端再开发项目的人士称,他们每个月都要发起新的运动来抵制超级豪宅建设工程。这些豪宅往往会挖掘多层地下室,用作车库、家庭影院、休闲健身房和安全屋。There are those who shrug and say it was ever thus. Highgate and the neighboring Hampstead have long existed as an enclave of grand homes often created or remodeled by magnates who built their fortunes on coal or soap or beer, and were not shy about expressing their wealth in bricks and mortar.有人对此一笑而过,说事情从来便是如此。长久以来,海格特与相邻的汉普斯特德都是豪宅遍地。这些房屋由借着煤矿、肥皂或啤酒之类的东西发家的大亨新建或改建,毫不掩饰房主的财富。But it is those same houses, and the plots around them, that now attract more secretive outsiders from Russia and elsewhere. Many are said to hide their identity with high fences, security gates and thickets of front companies registered in tax havens.然而,正是这些宅邸及周边的地块,如今吸引了来自俄罗斯等地的更为神秘的外来者。据说,其中许多人在掩盖自己的身份,利用的是高高的围栏、牢固的大门与注册在避税天堂的一层层的壳公司。Among the most talked about is a 25-bedroom house called Witanhurst, said to be the second-biggest residential property in London, after Buckingham Palace, a vast pile with vistas over the 800-acre Hampstead Heath.最引得众人议论的一座豪宅是有25间卧室的威坦赫斯特(Witanhurst)。它号称是伦敦第二大的宅邸,仅次于白金汉宫,气势宏伟,坐拥汉普斯特德800英亩的美景。According to news reports, the buyer paid some million for it and resolved to spend the same again on enhancements, including basement excavations for features including a 70-foot swimming pool and a garage for 25 cars. Once the renovations are complete, the house will command a resale value of 0 million.新闻报道称,买家付了7500万美元将其收入囊中,并且决心再花上这个数目来进行改建,包括开掘地下室,用来建设70英尺长的游泳池、容纳25辆汽车的车库等设施。一旦完成翻新,这座房子的转卖价值将达4.5亿美元。As the huge remodeling progressed, mystery over the ownership deepened. Some even gossiped that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia was building himself a high-end hide-out. Then The New Yorker identified Andrey Guryev, a fertilizer magnate from Russia, as the beneficiary of a company called Safran Holdings, said to own Witanhurst on behalf of his family.随着这项巨大的改建工程的推进,围绕着房主身份的谜团也加深了。一些传言甚至表示,是俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·V·普京(Vladimir V. Putin of Russia)在给自己打造高端藏身之所。后来,《纽约时报》揭露,俄罗斯化肥大王安德烈·古里耶夫(Andrey Guryev)是一家名为“藏红花控股”(Safran Holdings)的公司的受益人,而这家公司据称代表其家族持有威坦赫斯特。Since its days as a travelers’ halt on London’s northern approaches, Highgate has hosted prominent, sometimes mysterious, outsiders.自从当年开始充当南下伦敦的旅客的歇脚点,海格特就在招待外来的贵客,其中不乏神秘之人。The Russian Trade Mission, for instance, is rumored to be a nest of spies. The poshest thoroughfare has been home to the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the supermodel Kate Moss and many others. Its 19th-century cemetery is the final resting place of, among others, Karl Marx and Alexander V. Litvinenko, who was poisoned with radioactive polonium.比如,俄罗斯贸易代表团驻地传说中是间谍的窝点。这里最高端的街道名流荟萃,既住过诗人塞缪尔·泰勒·柯勒律治(Samuel Taylor Coleridge),又住过超模凯特·莫斯(Kate Moss)。海格特建于19世纪的墓地,安葬着卡尔·马克思(Karl Marx)和亚历山大·V·利特维年科(Alexander V. Litvinenko)等名人。后者生前是特工,遭放射性物质钋毒杀。But there is a particular unease about the newest arrivals. “We don’t want limos with smoked windows and men in dark glasses with bulging breast pockets, and the place surrounded by CCTV,” a local councilor, Michael Hammerson, told The Daily Mail. “That’s not Highgate.”不过,对于最新的这批来客,当地人有一种特别的不安。“我们不想要深色玻璃的豪车,前胸口袋鼓囊囊的戴着墨镜的男人,到处装满闭路电视监控系统,”当地议员迈克尔·哈默森(Michael Hammerson)告诉《每日邮报》(The Daily Mail)。“海格特不是这样的。”That definition, though, is precisely what the skirmish is all about.然而,海格特到底该是怎样的,正是这场冲突的核心所在。 /201601/419355Take this quiz to see if you’re y the next time an airline asks you to give up your seat, bumps you or subjects you to a long delay.做一下这个测试,看看下次如果航空公司要求你放弃座位,在非自愿情况下让你让出座位,或令你遭到大幅延迟,你知不知道该怎么办。1. If you voluntarily give up your seat before boarding, the airline will:1.如果你在登机前自愿放弃座位,航空公司将:a. Arrange a confirmed seat for you on the next available flight but nothing more.a.为你在下一趟有座的航班上确认座位,但没有更多补偿。b. Arrange a confirmed seat for you on the next available flight and will compensate you with a voucher worth several hundred dollars to use toward future flights.b.为你在下一趟有座的航班上确认座位,并付你价值几百美元的未来航班代金券作为补偿。c. Compensate you with a voucher for the inconvenience. But you’re on your own as to booking your next flight.c.因为给你带来不便而补偿你代金券。但是你需要自己预定下一趟航班。d. Give you a cookie and a medal (not redeemable for any future airfare).d.给你一块饼干和一枚奖章(不可兑换未来的机票)。2. If you are involuntarily bumped from a flight because of overbooking, the airline will:2.如果你由于超售而非自愿让位,航空公司将:a. Let you keep your original ticket, which you can use for your next trip, or give you a full refund.a.让你保留原始机票,你可以使用这张机票进行下一次旅行,或者给你全额退款。b. Compensate you for between 200 and 400 percent of your original ticket cost, depending on how long you are delayed from your original arrival time.b.补偿你原始机票费用的200%至400%,具体取决于和原始到达时间相比,你延迟了多久。c. Both of the above.C.二者皆有。3. If you have boarded the airplane and have aly started watching one of eight available Harry Potter movies from the on-screen console, and are selected to be bumped:3.如果你已经登机,并且已经开始在小屏幕上观看八部《哈利·波特》(Harry Potter)电影中的某一部,并且被选中让出座位:a. You have a right to keep your seat, no matter what you are told.a.你有权留在座位上,无论你被告知什么。b. You will be removed from the plane (by force if necessary).b.你将被从飞机上带离(必要时用武力)。c. It’s not quite clear.c.不详。4. If your flight is substantially delayed or canceled:4.如果你的航班遭到大幅延迟或被取消:a. You had best get as comfortable as possible and wait it out, and pray the airport has a Margaritaville.a.你最好尽可能地保持舒适,等待飞机起飞,并祈祷机场有一个玛格丽塔维耶酒店。b. You are likely to receive meal vouchers and the cost of a hotel stay, or are entitled to a full refund or to rebook at no extra cost, even on nonrefundable tickets.b.你可能会收到膳食券和酒店住宿费用,有权享受全额退款或重新预订,无需付额外费用,即使拿的是不可退款的机票。c. You are likely to receive meal vouchers and the cost of a hotel stay, but cannot get a full airfare refund.c.你可能会收到膳食券和酒店住宿费用,但无法获得全额机票退款。5. If your plane has been on the tarmac for more than two hours:5.如果你的飞机在停机坪上停留了两个多小时:a. You can use the bathroom, but don’t expect anything else.a.你可以使用厕所,但不要指望任何其他的。b. You can use the bathroom, receive updates from the crew every 30 minutes and be provided with food and water after two hours.b.你可以使用厕所,每30分钟收到机组人员的更新信息,并在两小时后得到食物和水。c. You can leave the plane and wait at the Margaritaville until the flight is y to take off.c.你可以离开飞机,到玛格丽塔维耶酒店等候,直到飞机准备起飞。 /201704/503820

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