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纯干货:如何在求职过程中增加就业机会 -- :: 来源: 随着大学和研究生扩招,很多人面临毕业就失业的困惑如果你是应届毕业生,工作经历为零,如何增加就业机会?国际知名专家给你招 University graduation has come and gone and despite all the talk of it being the hottest job market in years new graduates, you’re still on the sidelines. You’ve sent out dozens of CVs and submitted countless applications. Still, nothing.大学毕业生来来往往,尽管人们都说对于应届毕业生而言这是这么多年来就业市场最火热的一年,而你仍然只是个旁观者你发了很多简历,提交了无数申请,仍然一无所获Panic sets in. You start to think all that study was nothing.你开始慌了,开始考虑是不是上了那么多年学什么用都没有With little real experience on your resume, what can you do to increase your odds of landing your dream position and to make yourself more attractive to employers?在简历没什么工作经验可写的情况下,你能够做什么来增加自己获得梦寐以求工作的机会,来使自己在雇主面前更具吸引力呢?Treat it like a job把它当作一份工作“The best advice is simple, but job seekers rarely follow it,” said Ginger Porter, managing director of the Dallas and Atlanta offices at global communications firm Golin, in an email. “Start every day like it’s your work day.”“最佳建议很简单,但是求职者很少遵循”全球公关公司Golin在达拉斯和亚特兰大办事处的总经理金杰波特在邮件中写道“像工作日那样开始你的每一天”Don’t lounge around in your PJs all day while binge-watching your favourite shows. Get dressed in the morning with the idea that you have somewhere you need to be: looking a job.不要成天穿着睡衣闲逛还刷你最爱的剧早上穿好衣,脑子里想着你有地方要去:找工作Porter suggests writing a list of every person you know, or can think of in your chosen field. These should be people you can approach who might be able to help with your job search. Ask each one of them short coffee dates, or even a brief phone chat or email response. Don’t ask a job.波特建议可以列一张清单,写下在你求职领域里认识的或能想到的所有人这些应当是你能够接触到并且有可能帮你找工作的人和每个人约个短暂的喝咖啡时间,或者甚至打一通简单的电话或邮件回复也可以不要开口要工作“Talk to each of them about what you’re looking , and be specific: ‘I’m looking a position with this kind of employer where I can use my skills in XYZ. Do you have any advice me?’” said Porter. “People will make the time to give advice, and it’s better than booking their time to ask a job.”“和他们每个人谈论你在寻求什么,注意要具体化:‘我在找一个这种类型的公司职位,这样我可以用到我的XYZ技能请问能否给我一些建议?’”波特说“人们会花时间给你提建议,这比占用他人时间开口要工作好得多”If you’re meeting in person, present yourself professionally — after all, you’re asking help and possibly a personal referral. Arrive prepared with examples of how you’ve successfully used your skills in the past, whether it was a school project or an internship. Your aim is to impress. Bee you leave, ask the person if there is anyone to whom they might be able introduce you. Follow the same process with those people.如果你约对方当面谈,那么要表现地很专业-毕竟,你是在寻求帮助以及可能的推荐人提前准备好你以前如何成功利用自己的技能完成学校项目或者实习任务的案例你的目标是给对方留下深刻印象临走前,询问对方是否可以把你推荐给他人接下来每个人都如法操办“It’s an exponential effect,” said Porter. “You could potentially talk to 0 people this way, and I guarantee that out of that group of people, someone has the perfect job that fits your skills.”“这是一种指数效应”波特说“你可以用这种方式和0个人交谈,我敢保在这些人里一定有人能为你提供适合你的完美工作”Outside your comt zone走出舒适区If you are getting interviews but they are outside the field you studied and not really of any interest to you, take time to gain more work experience in your field, according to Prague-based Oliver Donoghue, managing director of the Nonstop Recruitment Schweiz talent agency. And that may mean taking a position slightly different than you hoped .如果你去面试,但发现它不是你的专业范围而且你也不是很感兴趣,那么花时间在你的领域多积累些工作经验,据招聘直通车瑞士股份公司人才机构总经理-在布拉格工作的奥利弗多诺霍说而这可能意味着你得做一份与你的预期略有不同的工作“It doesn’t have to be anything game-changing. Even a brief stint at a relevant organisation will be enough to show employers that you’re serious about your career and want to gain some professional experience,” he said.“它不一定是全新的在相关公司待过哪怕是很短的一段时间也足够向雇主明你对你的事业是严肃认真的,想要获得一些工作经验”他说Presenting yourself on paper以书面形式展示自己If you did any internships while in school that were related to your field of interest, don’t just list them. Instead, showcase them through a portfolio of the work you did while at the job, suggested Payal Vasudeva, a managing director in Accenture’s Strategy division in the London office.如果你在校期间有过任何和你感兴趣的工作领域相关的实习经历,不要仅仅罗列出来,而是通过一系列工作中的成果展示出来,埃森哲咨询公司战略部伦敦办总经理帕耶尔瓦苏德瓦建议“Being able to demonstrate specific job skills, whether through an internship, volunteer work or extracurricular activities, increases your chances of landing that job,” she said in an email.“有能力展示出具体的工作技能,不论是实习期间、志愿工作或课外活动的工作技能,都能够增加你获得该职位的机会”她在邮件中写道If you need to improve your CV, consider volunteering or taking vocational courses that boost your skill set to match the demands of the jobs you’re applying . “Employers will be looking any signs that you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty to improve your skill set, and gaining additional experience can make a world of difference,” said Donoghue.如果你需要提升自己的简历,不妨考虑做些志愿工作或报名职业课程来增加你的技能,以满足你所申请的工作岗位的要求“雇主方会仔细寻找任何能够明你超越职位要求努力提升工作技能的线索,而有额外的经验则大不相同”多诺霍说There’s a simple way to do this: take training courses in digital and productivity tools, even if you aren’t going into a digital field. These tools are crucial now and into the future and theree essential to master, according to Austin, Texas-based Sharon Schweitzer, an etiquette and cross-cultural consultant.有个方法很简单:利用数码工具和产能工具来参加训练课程,即使你不打算进入数码领域这些工具目前至关重要,将来也有很大发展,掌握它非常关键,据礼节和跨文化咨询师、来自德克萨斯的沙仑史怀哲奥斯汀说“We understand you know how to use Pokémon Go, but employers want to know if you have social media skills in other areas, such as Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter,” said Schweitzer. “Polish your technical skills.”“我们知道你会玩口袋精灵,但雇主想知道你是否在其他领域有社交媒体技巧,比如Instagram,Tumblr,YouTube以及Twitter”史怀哲说“要磨练你的专业技术”Once you’ve done so, show them off when it comes to your own online presence. “You are the digital natives who turn to smartphones and social media everything, from talking to friends to shopping,” said Accenture’s Vasudeva. “As you enter this next chapter of your life in the professional world, check out job listings on career board apps. Use LinkedIn and other social channels to network and show off your expertise and industry knowledge.”一旦你这么做了,当谈到你的个人线上表现时就可以向对方炫耀一番“你是个数字原住民,任何事都可以向智能手机和社交媒体求助,从和朋友聊天到网上购物”埃森哲咨询公司的瓦苏德瓦说“当你进入人生下一个篇章-职业领域时,你在求职app里搜索职位信息利用LinkedIn和其他网络社交渠道来展现你的专业性和对行业知识的了解”Lots of skills, little experience技能多,经验少If you don’t have any real work experience, consider switching to a skills-based CV, suggested UK-based Sally Walker, an international career coach with SW Career Coaching, in an email. Use the first page to lay out up to five transferable job skill headings relevant to the role which you are applying. Under these headings, create bullet-pointed achievement statements which provide evidence of the skill.如果你真的没有任何实际工作经验,那么考虑转向以技能为主的简历,来自英国SW职业指导的国际职业教练莎莉沃克在邮件中建议简历第一页列出至少五点与你申请的职位相关的可迁移职业技能标题在这些标题下,重点陈述能够明该技能的成就和据“Try to include the key action that you took as well as quantifying the results wherever possible,” said Walker. example, under “Organisation and Planning,” you could include organising a charity event during university. Describe it in a way that highlights your achievements. example: “Initiated and set up all of the organisation [title of event] 35 participants, which raised over ?5,000 charity. Involved preparing advertising materials, liaising with university grounds staff and arranging marshals.”“试着涵盖你所做的关键行动,并尽可能将结果量化呈现”沃克说道例如,在“组织和计划”标题下,你可以例举在大学组织的慈善活动用一种能够突出你个人成就的方式组织语言例如:“为[活动名称]发起并创建了组织机构,召集了35位参与者,为慈善机构筹款达5000英镑期间参与广告材料准备、与大学工作人员保持联络以及会场安排调度等工作”Networking never out of style社交永远不过时Networking is still a great way to get on the radar of potential employers, said Donoghue. But if you don’t have the time — or inclination — to attend in-person events, it can also be done online through platms such as LinkedIn and Xing.社交仍然是找到潜在雇主的好方法,多诺霍说但如果你没时间-或不喜欢-参加面对面的活动,也可以通过LinkedIn和Xing等网络平台参加But, be warned that there is no substitute meeting someone face-to-face and you’ll have to get out there at some point. If you do go the online route, ensure your digital presence matches across the board, from LinkedIn to your online CV.然而要注意,没什么能够替代面对面和他人交流,某个时间节点你还是得出去和对方碰面如果你确实希望在网上完成,要确保你的线上表现各方面保持一致,从LinkedIn到你的个人简历“Make sure your profile is up to scratch bee looking to engage with firms and hiring managers and that it covers your full job history and any additional experience or skills that you may have gained,” said Donoghue.“在将简历投给公司或招聘经理前,要确保你的简历合格,确保它涵盖了你所有的工作经历以及所有你后来增加的额外工作经验或技能”多诺霍说Expand your horizons扩展眼界If you are still coming up empty after applying jobs, consider careers that are on the “fringe” of your area of study. example, at NonStop where Donoghue works, there are now team members with Master’s degrees who recruit in their fields of expertise, and there have also been recruiters with PhDs.如果四处求职后仍然一无所获,那么就把职业当作你学习领域的“边缘”比如,在多诺霍就职的NonStop公司,现在就有硕士学位的员工专门招聘他们专业知识领域的人才,也有获得士学位的招聘人员“The opporties won’t always be directly connected to what you studied, and sometimes you need to take a step in a different direction to get ahead in your career,” he said.“机会并不总是直接与你的专业相连,有时候你需要换一个不同的方向才能在事业上有所前进”他说龙海市山根鼻小柱鼻基底鼻中隔哪家便宜价格mysterious a.神秘的;难以理解的厦门隆胸dwell on 细想;详细讲述plead vt.为…辩护 vi.抗辩厦门微格整形美容医院去黑眼圈怎么样

厦门微格整形美容医院绣眉手术好吗厦门哪里开双眼皮B) They provide misleading inmation.overall [?uv?'r?:l]厦门隆鼻多少钱备战:完形填空(7)厦门微格整形美容医院鼻唇沟怎么样

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