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厦门薇格减肥手术多少钱厦门薇格整形美容医院开双眼皮多少钱The Hong Kong government’s decision to block a pro-independence activist from standing in upcoming elections has sparked a backlash that underlines the deepening divide over relations with mainland China.香港政府阻止一名持独立的活动人士参加即将举行的立法会选举,引发了强烈反对情绪,这凸显出香港和内地之间的裂痕日益加深。The electoral affairs commission in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory on Saturday ruled that Chan Ho-tin, a 25-year-old campaigner who set up the fringe Hong Kong National Party, could not stand in September’s legislative council elections because of his advocacy of independence.周六,这个半自治的中国特区的选举管理委员会裁定,成立了边缘政党香港民族党(Hong Kong National Party)、现年25岁的活动人士陈浩天,因持独立,不能参加9月的立法会选举。“There’s no legal basis to exclude me from the election because of my political stance,” Mr Chan told the Financial Times on Sunday. “But if you are against the Chinese Communist party or the Hong Kong government they will try to stop you running.”“因为我的政治立场而把我排除在选举之外是没有法律根据的,”陈浩天周日告诉英国《金融时报》的记者,“但如果你反对中国共产党,或者反对香港政府,他们就会试图阻止你竞选。”Although very few in the city of 7m believe that independence is feasible, activists advocating self-determination have won growing support as Hong Kongers express their anger at growing interference by Beijing.在这座有700万人口的城市里,只有少数人相信独立是可行的,但是随着香港人对北京方面日益加强的干预表示愤怒,倡导自主的活动人士赢得了越来越多的持。Candidates for the 70-seat legislative council are asked to sign a declaration that they will uphold the Basic Law, Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, which affirms that the former British colony is an “inalienable part” of China.竞选有70个席位的立法会议员的候选人被要求签署一份表态拥护《基本法》的声明。《基本法》是香港特区的小宪法,指出这个前英国殖民地是中国“不可分离的部分”。Mr Chan, an unemployed former engineering and business student, signed the form.前工程学和商学学生、目前无业的陈浩天签署了这张表格。But the government said that he “cannot possibly comply with the requirements of the relevant electoral laws” because advocating or promoting independence was “contrary to the content of the declaration”.但香港政府表示,他“不可能符合相关选举法律的规定”,因为鼓吹或推动独立“与法例要求之声明内拥护《基本法》和保效忠香港特别行政区的内容相违背”。Opposition lawmakers condemned the decision to block Mr Chan, accusing CY Leung, Hong Kong’s deeply unpopular chief executive, of “imposing political censorship on candidates” and undermining the fairness of the elections.反对派议员谴责了阻止陈浩天参选的决定,指责香港大失民心的特首梁振英(CY Leung)“对候选人施加政治审查”,破坏了选举的公正性。“This sets the precedent for the authorities to add any criteria they like to filter other dissidents from partaking in elections at different levels,” they said in a statement.“此例一开,当局以后可以任意加入标准,将其他异见人士从各级别选举中排除出去,”他们在声明中表示。Analysts accused the government of inconsistency because some other legislative candidates who advocated independence or self-determination, albeit less forcefully, have been allowed to stand.分析人士指责香港政府立场不一致,因为有些提倡独立或自治的立法会候选人已被允许参选,尽管他们的行为没有陈浩天那么激烈。Ho-Fung Hung, a sociologist who studies Chinese protest movements at Johns Hopkins University in the US, argued that an accusation of being pro-independence could be “arbitrary and subjective” and that Beijing has previously “used this label to attack mainstream democrats too”.美国约翰霍普金斯大学(Johns Hopkins University)研究中国抗议活动的社会学家孔诰烽(Ho-Fung Hung)表示,所谓持独立的指控或有“随意、主观认定”之嫌,中国政府之前“也曾用这一标签攻击过主流民主人士”。“But this move by the government is likely to drive up the popularity of radical politicians,” he said. “Nowadays, young people are supporting pro-independence not because they think it’s feasible but because it’s an act of defiance.”他说:“不过政府此举可能会推升激进政治家的人气。如今,年轻人持独立倾向,不是因为他们认为可行,而是因为这是一种反抗行为。”Chan Yung, the vice-chairman of Hong Kong’s main pro-Beijing party and a delegate to China’s annual rubber-stamp parliament, rejected the claim that the city’s freedoms had been infringed by the decision to stop Mr Chan from standing.香港亲北京的主要政党的副主席陈勇(Chan Yung)否认了有关阻止陈浩天参选会破坏香港自由的说法。陈勇还是中国一年一度的橡皮图章议会全国人大的代表。“I think Hong Kong people still enjoy freedom of speech,” he said. “Like Chan Ho-tin, he is still able to talk about Hong Kong independence here today.”他说:“我认为香港人民仍然享有言论自由,比如陈浩天,今天他仍然能在这里谈论香港独立。”Only 17 per cent of Hong Kongers support independence, according to a recent survey of 1,000 residents by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, while 58 per cent opposed the idea and 23 per cent said they felt “so-so” about it.根据最近香港中文大学(Chinese University of Hong Kong)对1000名居民的调查,只有17%的香港人持独立,58%反对,23%觉得无所谓。Beijing virulently opposes any threats to what it sees as the unity of China, whether in Tibet, democratic and self-governing Taiwan or semi-autonomous Hong Kong.只要认为某种事物威胁到中国统一,不论涉及西藏、民主而自治的台湾,还是半自治的香港,中国政府都会竭力反对。The Hong Kong government has previously threatened to take legal action against independence activists, without explaining how it would do so.此前,香港政府威胁要对港独活动人士采取法律行动,不过并未解释具体要怎么做。 /201608/457903厦门薇格整形激光祛痣多少钱 Breathe! Fed-up student invents ingeniousequipment to help him escape secondhand smoke from roommates 受够了室友吸烟,大学生发明防二手烟的呼吸装置A student at a university in China hasinvented a creative method of keeping away from second-hand smoke in hisdormitory.中国一大学生发明防二手烟的呼吸装置,用于防宿舍的二手烟。The man from Nanning, Guangxi ZhuangAutonomous Region created the apparatus to pump in fresh air to his shareddormitory, reports Huanqiu, affiliated with the People’s DailyOnline.据环球网报道,广西南宁的大学生创造了这个装置,作用是将室外的新鲜空气抽到呼吸范围内He posted the images to his social mediaaccount with many people commenting on his creativity and also the need forpeople to stop smoking in university dormitories.他把图片发到社交网站上,许多人他的创造性,也有人说大学宿舍有必要禁烟。 /201607/452151厦门修复处女膜

厦门薇格整形美容医院祛疤好吗The EU’s trade deal with Canada was yesterday pulled back from the brink after Belgian regional leaders dropped their objections to the country’s government signing the pact in an eleventh-hour rescue.欧盟与加拿大的贸易协议昨日从悬崖边缘被拉回,此前最后一刻的挽救努力奏效,比利时的地方领导人放弃反对该国政府签署协定。The agreement came just hours after Justin Trudeau, Canada’s premier, cancelled a trip to sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement in Brussels.在有关各方达成协议的几小时前,加拿大总理贾斯廷.特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)取消前往布鲁塞尔签署《综合经济与贸易协定》(CETA)的行程。MPs in the French-speaking region of Wallonia, the Brussels region and the country’s tiny German-speaking region have been asked to confirm their approval of the Ceta treaty by midnight tonight.讲法语的瓦隆大区(Wallonia)、布鲁塞尔地区以及该国微小的德语区的议员被要求在今晚午夜之前确认他们批准CETA条约。Charles Michel, Belgium’s prime minister, said the regional parliaments would have “the last word” on a deal that would retain Belgium’s “credibility on the international stage”.比利时首相夏尔.米歇尔(Charles Michel)表示,地区议会对于“保留比利时在国际舞台上的信誉”的一项协定将具有“最后发言权”。Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, said he would only contact Mr Trudeau “once all procedures are finalised” for the EU to sign Ceta.欧洲理事会(European Council)主席唐纳德.图斯克(Donald Tusk)表示,“只有当所有程序都已完成”,欧盟可以签署CETA之后,他才会联系特鲁多。There has been deep frustration among Ceta’s supporters at the failure of the Belgian regional leaders to approve a deal that the government in Brussels and those of 27 other member states had agreed to sign.此前,对于比利时地方领导人未能批准该国和欧盟其他27个成员国政府已经同意签署的协定,CETA的持者深感沮丧。Mr Tusk has warned that a collapse of Ceta would have “obvious consequences” for Europe’s global position.图斯克警告说,CETA半途而废将给欧洲的全球地位带来“明显后果”。The Ceta affair has been deeply embarrassing for EU leaders, who had hoped the deal would prepare the ground for the even bigger Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership pact with the US. Instead the affair has raised questions over the ability of the EU to conclude complex deals that require the support of all the parliaments in the bloc.欧盟领导人曾希望该协议将为与美国达成更大的《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定》(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)做一些铺垫,因此他们对CETA遭遇的波折深感尴尬。与他们的初衷相反,这一波折令人质疑:欧盟有没有能力敲定那些需要得到成员国所有议会持的复杂交易?Belgium’s government strongly supports the deal but under the federal structure it cannot sign without regional approval. The national parliament backed Ceta as did the parliament in the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders.比利时政府大力持这项协议,但在联邦制下,如果没有地区层面的批准,它就不能签署。比利时的国家议会以及讲荷兰语的法兰德斯大区(Flanders)的议会持CETA。The parties came close to a deal on Wednesday but talks broke up — resulting in the cancellation of an EU-Canada summit. Before he cancelled his visit, Mr Trudeau said the logjam could still be broken. “We are confident that in the coming days we will see a positive outcome for this historic deal.”各方在周三曾接近达成协议,但谈判后破裂,导致欧盟-加拿大峰会被取消。特鲁多在取消赴欧行程之前表示,僵局仍有望被打破。“我们相信,我们在未来几天将看到这个历史性的协议取得积极结果。”Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s trade minister, said the country was y to sign this important agreement “when Europe is y”.加拿大贸易部长克里斯蒂娅.弗里兰(Chrystia Freeland)表示,该国准备签署这一重要协议——“只要欧洲准备就绪”。 /201610/475125厦门薇格整形医院整形美容科在线 厦门腋臭治疗医院

厦门薇格做双眼皮手术多少钱China imposed stiffer punishments on companies that violated environmental laws last year, according to new research that illustrates Beijing’s growing resolve to push through aspects of a greener social agenda.最新研究显示,去年中国对违反环境法的企业实施了更为严厉的处罚,这突显出中国政府日益增强的推动更环保社会议程的决心。The research, conducted by financial index provider MSCI, recorded a near doubling in the cost of environmental penalties on selected companies in 2015 compared with the previous year and a near tripling in the likelihood that punitive action would be taken against offenders.这项研究由金融指数提供商明晟(MSCI)进行。根据该研究,2015年期间,针对被选企业的环境处罚金额是前一年的近两倍,同时对违法企业采取处罚行动的可能性提高了近两倍。The study covered 155 Chinese companies that are constituents of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.这项研究覆盖纳入明晟新兴市场指数(MSCI Emerging Markets Index)的155家中国企业。The findings correspond with Beijing’s policy — evident in the Five-Year Plan covering the period from 2016 to 2020 — to combat an environmental crisis that has made China the world’s biggest carbon emitter, driven air quality in many cities to below minimum international health standards and aroused virulent public discontent.研究结果符合中国政府应对环境危机的政策(明显体现在2016年至2020年的“五年规划”中),这场危机让中国成为全球最大碳排放国,致使很多城市的空气质量低于国际最低健康标准,并引发公众的严重不满。Emily Chew, vice-president of MSCI (Hong Kong), said the research showed China’s regulators were taking a more aggressive stance against polluters as official determination to repair the country’s environment builds. “What I think is really interesting in the 13th five-year plan is that you really see this intention toward green development interwoven throughout,” Ms Chew said.明晟(香港)副总裁赵汝贤(Emily Chew)表示,研究显示,随着中国政府加大整治环境的决心,中国监管机构正对污染企业采取更强硬的态度。她表示:“我认为,第13个五年规划的真正有意思之处在于,你确实看到这种绿色发展的意愿贯穿始终。”Since a new Environmental Protection Law came into force in January last year, the proportion of cases involving the 155 companies leading to punishment has surged along with the total cost of the punishments, which rose to Rmb4.2m (4,000) from Rmb2.2m in 2014.自从去年1月新的《环境保护法》实施以来,上述155家企业受到环境处罚的比例飙升,罚金总额从2014年的220万元人民币升至420万元人民币(合64.4万美元)。Ms Chew said the costs of the penalties remained too small to really “bite” corporate violators, but the trend was nevertheless indicative of Beijing’s desire to tighten supervision over environmental issues.赵汝贤表示,处罚成本仍然过低,无法真正“咬疼”违法企业,但这种趋势仍表明,中国政府希望从严监督环境问题。With the new law abolishing ceilings on environmental fines and NGOs empowered to initiate public interest lawsuits, the MSCI report predicts that the size of penalties is likely to increase over time.新的环保法取消了对违法企业的罚款上限,并授权非政府组织提起公益诉讼。有鉴于此,明晟报告预测,随着时间推移,处罚金额很可能逐渐增加。On a nationwide basis, China punished 25,164 environmental offenders in the first half of last year, fining them more than Rmb230m and transferring 740 cases to the police for criminal investigations, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has said. The ministry did not give comparative numbers for 2014.中国环境保护部(Ministry of Environmental Protection)表示,从全国来看,去年上半年,中国对2.5164万家环境污染企业实施了处罚,罚金总额超过2.30亿元人民币,并将740起案件移交警方进行刑事调查。环保部没有提供2014年的可比数据。However, green consciousness remains conspicuously lacking, even among the relatively sophisticated 155 Chinese companies with overseas listings that are included in MSCI’s EM index. For example, only 6 per cent of these companies publicly disclose their carbon emissions, compared with 32 per cent of all MSCI EM constituents.然而,环保意识仍明显欠缺,即使在相对成熟的在海外上市、被纳入明晟新兴市场指数的155家中国企业中也是如此。例如,在这些中国企业中,只有6%会公开披露碳排放数据,而在该指数全体成分股公司中,这个比例达到32%。The Five-Year Plan, which was formally adopted in March this year after a lengthy consultative drafting process, identifies new energy vehicles as one of the 10 priority strategic industries that Beijing has earmarked for significant investments.经过长时间征询意见过程后,新的5年规划在今年3月正式实施。它确定把新能源汽车列为中国政府将重点鼓励的10个优先发展的战略行业之一。According to the official target, China aims to sell 5m pure electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles a year by 2020, up from 330,000 in 2015. This highly ambitious target looks unlikely to be met, even though new energy vehicle sales grew four times year-on-year in 2014 and 3.4 times year-on-year in 2015, Ms Chew said. If current trends continue, new energy vehicles may rise to around 1.75m in 2020, according to MSCI research.根据官方目标,到2020年,中国计划每年销售500万辆纯电动和混合动力汽车,而2015年的销量为33万辆。赵汝贤表示,这一极其雄心勃勃的目标看上去不太可能实现,尽管2014年新能源汽车销量同比增长4倍,2015年同比增长3.4倍。根据明晟的研究,如果当前趋势继续,到2020年,新能源汽车销量可能增至175万辆左右。Behind the ambitious projections, Beijing is putting into force higher standards for new energy vehicles to qualify for 2016 subsidies — such as requiring cars to be able to run for 100km on a single battery charge and a maximum speed of no less than 100km/h.在雄心勃勃的预测背后,中国政府将对新能源汽车实行更高的2016年补贴资格标准,例如要求汽车单次充电后能够行驶100公里,且最高时速不得低于100公里。Thus those companies at the technological cutting edge are set to benefit, potentially favouring Dongfeng Motor, which has 38 different types of new energy vehicles on the subsidy list, putting it in a good position to challenge the market leader, BYD.因此,那些处于技术前沿的企业将受益,比如东风汽车(Dongfeng Motor),该公司有38款不同型号的新能源汽车被列入补贴名单,这令其处于挑战市场领军企业比亚迪(BYD)的有利地位。 /201605/444210 One year ago, exhausted diplomats from Iran and a group of six world powers emerged from a meeting at a luxury hotel in Vienna, Austria with what they had been seeking for nearly two years: a comprehensive agreement limiting Iran#39;s nuclear program in exchange for lifting harsh economic sanctions.一年前,来自伊朗和六大国的外交官员经过近两年的交涉,在奥地利首都维也纳一家豪华酒店签署了一项全面协议,限制伊朗核项目研发、同时解除对伊朗的严厉经济制裁。Today the pact is in effect with clear results on its major components, but there are lingering suspicions on both sides that the other may not live up to their responsibilities.如今,协议在主要问题上取得了显著成果,但是协议双方都怀有疑虑,担心对方不履行自己的义务。Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that if the world powers fail to meet their responsibilities, then Iran stands y to restore its nuclear program. Meanwhile, some members of the U.S. Congress want to ban the ed States from purchasing nuclear-related material from Iran, accuse the Obama administration of giving up too much too soon in the negotiations, and are wary about how Iran is spending its newly unlocked money.伊朗总统鲁哈尼星期三表示,如果六大国不遵守协议中规定的职责的话,伊朗随时可能重新开启核研发项目。与此同时,美国一些国会议员希望禁止美国从伊朗购买核相关材料,指责奥巴马政府在谈判中过早做出了太多让步,担心伊朗会如何配解冻的资产。Iran has complained that despite the lifting of sanctions that once barred financial institutions from doing business with the country, foreign banks remain reluctant to be involved in transactions.伊朗方面抱怨说,虽然禁止金融机构跟伊朗做交易的制裁已经取消,但是很多外国还是不太愿意跟伊朗打交道。 /201607/454749厦门薇格整形美容医院抽脂手术怎么样龙海市开眼角多少钱



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