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2018年02月20日 11:45:11 | 作者:大河晚报 | 来源:新华社
的网友们,大家好,感谢您一如既往的关注和持。我们常说“浪子回头金不换”,不过,这个浪子是真回头还是假回头,还是需要时间来考验的。不信您听听吧。 Mark Hunter seemed like a normal 17-year-old student. When he arrived at Grant High School in Portland in September 1998, he made many friends right away. He was a first-rate student, signing up for a full load of classes, including government, Spanish, and geometry. He always handed in his homework on time. He even sang in the school choir. But three months later, police interrupted the choir practice and arrested Mark on the spot. It turns out that he was not 17; he was 31! And his real name was not Mark, but Michael Backman. Backman had forged documents to change his identity and become a high school student again. He was trying to hide from police for many different crimes. Grant High School was the school that Backman attended 13 years earlier. He wanted to turn over a new leaf. "I was trying to return to a time when I was not a criminal, to start again, to get a scholarship and go to college," he told police. Backman is now behind bars for his new crime as well as his old ones. Mark Hunter是一个normal正常的,普通的17岁学生。难得的是,他还是一个first-rate student。First-rate, 第一流的, 最佳的。First-rate student就是好学生。再来看一个例子:The well-known writer is open-minded enough to admit that not all his novels are first-rate. 那位著名作家很虚心,承认他的小说并非全是上乘之作。She gave her children a first-rate education. 她给她的孩子一流的教育。 Mark不但学习好,而且signing up for a full load of classes。报名上了全科课程。其中包括了政治学,西班牙语和几何。Sign up for “报名参加,登记”。再比如:One great way to meet new people is to sign up for a class that you always wanted to take 认识新朋友的一个好方法就是报名参加一门您一直想上的课程。 Many men sign up for the army because they can not get ordinary jobs. 由于找不到工作,许我男人都报名参了军。 Mark甚至参加了学校的合唱团,不过,三个月后的一天,他就是on the spot,就在那个地方被警察逮捕。On the spot思相当于at that exact time and place,就在那时那地。例如:When blood is needed, people volunteer on the spot. 需要血的时候,人们会志愿当场献血。Even if your boss refuses to yield, he cannot fire you on the spot. 即使你的老板拒绝让步,他也不可能当场解雇你。 被逮捕后,It turns out that Mark was not 17. it turns out that用法相当于what is finally clear is that…意思是“最后谜底揭晓,事实得到澄清”。来看一个例子:But it turns out that the habit may destroy some smiles. 但是结果表明这个习惯可能会让你再也笑不出来。It turns out也可以作为插入语单独使用,表示“如大家所见,像大家看到的那样”。比如下面这个句子:Nobody likes being lonely. As it turns out, loneliness can be unhealthy as well. 没人喜欢寂寞,正如大家所见,孤独的生活也对健康也没有益处。 故事中揭晓的秘密是,Mark不但不是17岁,而是31岁,并且是个有很多前科的惯犯。之所以重新回到学校,一来是为了躲避追查,二来也是希望自己能够turn over a new leaf,翻开新的一页。汉语中也常用“翻开新的一页”这样的词语表达“一个更好的开始,重新开始,改过自新”。再来看一个例子。He has been very lazy but he is going to turn over a new leaf and work hard. 他以前一直很懒,但他将改过自新,努力工作。 Mark厌倦了做逃犯的生活,想要重新开始。可是,从前犯下的罪行不可能一笔勾销,现在他behind bars,在监狱中。总要为自己的错误付出代价。 好了,回头看看图片,按照提示尝试retell the story吧。我们下期再见。 /201110/159452Subject : I cannot stick my neck out.第一,迷你对话A: Sorry, madam. I cannot stick my neck out. We are responsible for all the customers.对不起,女士,我不能冒险,我们要对顾客负责。B: Oh, I see. Thank you.哦,我明白了。谢谢!第二,地道表达stick neck out1.解词释义Stick one’s neck out是指“冒险”,相当于“take a risk”。据说这个说法是用来形容乌龟的处境。当乌龟的头缩在乌龟壳里的时候,一切都很安全。可是,一旦伸出来,就有危险了。2. 拓展例句e.g. Why should I stick my neck out to do something for her? Whats she ever done for me?我为何要冒险为她做事情呢?她为我做了什么呢?e.g. He made a risky investment. He stuck his neck out for the deal because he thought he could make some big money.他冒险透资,他这样做事因为他想到他可以挣大钱。e.g. Hes shown hes got the courage to stick his neck out to help people.他已经显示出他有勇气冒险去帮助人们。e.g. I think my boss is dead wrong about hiring his son-in-law, but Im not going to stick my neck out and tell him!我认为我的老板雇用他的女婿是绝对错误的,但是我才不去冒那风险去告诉他呐。e.g. What our teacher said is wrong, but Im not going to stick my neck out and tell him.我们老师说的是错的,但我才不会出头去告诉他呢。第三,咬文嚼字be responsible for sth.:对……负责e.g. If you originated your own projections, you were held responsible for them.如果你提出自己的计划,你得对它负责。e.g. The government is responsible for the provision of medical services.政府负责提供医疗务。 /201504/369202迷你对话:A:Sam, we are hard up for the everyday expenses. When can you find a job.Sam,我们已经穷得揭不开锅了。你什么时候才能找到工作呀?B:Im looking for it, but you see, the market ishard upfor jobs, too.我正在找呀,可是你瞧,根本就没有哪里要人。A:You liar, I saw you again in the inn. I bet you dont want to work at all.你这个骗子,我看见你又进酒馆了。你根本就不想工作。词海拾贝:1.hard up:一贫如洗讲解:该习语在口语中是;奇缺;,尤其是指;缺钱;。如果缺的是;钱以外;的东西,一般用hard up for。持范例:Eg.Ever since I lost my job, I have been hard up.自从失业后,我的手头很紧。Eg.Sometimes, when they were very hard up, they sold something.有时他们穷得实在过不下去了,只好卖掉些东西。Eg.My parents were hard up during the 1930s but now they are well-off.在三十年代,我的双亲经济拮据,但现在他们很富有。Eg.If you are hard up, I can advance you some money.你如果缺钱,我可以借贷一些钱给你。2.hard up for:缺乏,缺少Eg.Shes hard up for ideas.她想不出主意。Eg.The company is hard up for new ideas.这家公司缺乏新的构想。Eg.The country is hard up for technicians and doctors.乡村急需技术人员和医生。3.in the inn:在酒馆里4.not at all:一点也不,根本不Eg.Its not at all certain.那根本不能肯定。Eg.Its not at all that bad.这根本没有那么坏。Eg.He is not at all alive to the danger he is in.他完全没有意识到他处境的危险。5.I bet...我肯定Eg.I bet you will have a bright future if you work hard.如果你努力学习,我敢肯定你将会有一个美好的未来。特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自《脱口说英语》之口语习语大全,其余部分均为可可编辑原创,未经授权。 /201206/186051今天要为大家介绍短语by hook or by crook。它的意思是不管使用什么方法,一定要达成目标。据说,这一短语来源是从前有权有势的采邑领主用钩刀(hook)砍树篱上的木头,或者用牧羊人的曲柄杖(crook) 收集矮林中的树枝来当柴火,所以有了这么一说。不管用什么工具,目的要能达成。小对话:A: You should go and have a rest. Yoursquo;ve been working for 12 hours. 你应该休息休息了。你都工作了十二个小时了。B: I canrsquo;t. I must get the work finished in this week by hook or by crook. 我不能休息。我要想尽办法在这周内把工作完成。更多例句:A poor young man cant satisfy the material girl, so he works hard by hook or by crook. 穷飕飕的年轻人满足不了拜金女孩的需要,所以他不择手段地努力奋斗。David is trying to get that promotion by hook or by crook. David为了这次能够被提升正在千方百计地想办法。That dishonest politician was determined to win the election by hook or by crook. 那个不诚实的政客决心不择手段在选举中取胜。The famous singer is going to give a concert next week and his fans are trying to get a ticket by hook or by crook. 这位著名歌手将在下星期举行一次演唱会,他的歌迷们正想方设法搞票子。An argument is not about who can out-shout the other, its about making the other person see your point of view, by hook or by crook. 争论比的不是谁能喊过谁,而是通过策略让其他人明白你的观点。从以上例句我们可以看出,by hook or by crook这个短语指下定决心一定要做到某件事,不管使用的手段是好是坏。决心坚定到这个程度,也许好坏的标准就要模糊些了。好了,这个短语我们就了解到这里,下期再见。 /201204/176413

特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为未经可可许可,。迷你对话:A: Where can I get the information, Kate?Kate,我从哪儿可以得到这个信息呢?B: Ask John. He is sure to know about it.问问John吧,他一定知道。A: Why?为什么?B: He has a finger in the pie.他这人无所不知。地道表达:have a finger in the pie解词释义:have a finger in的本意是“插手于......”“了解......”,have a finger in the pie就是指“参与某事而通晓一切”。持范例:( 1 ) have a finger inHe seems always to have a finger in some funny business. 他好像老是参与一些恶作剧。 I have a finger in that case. 我与那案件有关联。 ( 2 ) have a finger in the pieEg. I dont like you to have a finger in the pie. You are no good at such a deal.我可不喜欢你参与那件事去了解一切,因为你没有那个能力。 Eg. She is always eager to have a finger in the pie if her neighbors plan any little festivity. 要是她的左邻右舍准备办任何小的喜庆事,她总是巴不得参与其事去知道事情的经过。词海拾贝:know about:获悉,知晓Eg. I want to know about this thing now from beginning to end. 现在我想从头到尾了解这件事。 Eg. How much do you know about my subject? 你对我的研究课题懂得多少? Eg. What do these eggheads know about practical things? 这些书呆子懂得什么实际的事务? Eg. How much do you know about the works of George Eliot?乔治·艾略特的作品你知道多少? /201210/202656

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:浓茶自古以来,很多中国人都很喜欢喝茶,我也喜欢喝茶,但是我喜欢喝花茶,口味清淡一点。而我爸爸喜欢喝浓茶。浓茶的“浓”在英文中应该如何表达呢?很多人可能会直接翻译为:thick tea其实这样的翻译是不对的。英文中有个词strong,浓茶strong tea,而跟strong相对应的自然是weak,所以weak则有口味淡的意思。其实很多人对于strong的用法仅仅局限于“强壮,强大”,然而strong的意思非常地广泛。1. (饮品、化学品、药物)含量高的,浓的,酽的A strong drink, chemical, or drug contains a lot of the particular substance which makes it effective. Strong coffee ortea late at night may cause sleeplessness... 深夜喝浓咖啡或浓茶可能会导致失眠。2.(口音)浓重的If someone has a strong accent, they speak in a distinctive way that shows very clearly what country orregion they come from.3. (风、水流等)强劲的,迅猛的,狂奔的A strong wind, current, or other force has a lot of power or speed, and can cause heavy things to move.[本节目属] /201303/230737

第一, 迷你对话A: She refused?她拒绝了?B: Yes. Do you think I can persuade her if I try again?是拒绝了。你认为如果我再试一次,我可以劝她妈?A: She’s not the kind of woman you can persuade.她不是那种你劝得动的女人。B: I know her characteristic, but I don’t give up the chance.我了解她的性格,但是我不想放弃这次机会。A: You know, you are flogging a dead horse. Up till now, no have ever seen successful in talking her to anything she refused.你知道吗,你是在白费劲。直到现在,她拒绝的事情,没有人能够劝说得了。第二, 地道表达flog a dead horse1. 解词释义Flog a dead horse的字面意思是“打死一匹死马”,比喻为“徒劳,白费力气”或者是“事情已经决定,不必再加讨论”的意思。其英文解释为:to insist on talking about something that no one is interested in, or that has aly been thoroughly discussed。2. 拓展范例e.g. The history teacher lectured us every day about the importance of studying history, until we begged him to stop flogging a dead horse.历史老师每天跟我们说学习历史的重要性,直到我们求他停止做徒劳无益的事情。Jill: I think Ill write the company president another letter asking him to prohibit smoking.我觉得我要另外写一份信件给公司经理,让他说禁止吸烟。Jane: Theres no use beating a dead horse, Jill; hes aly decided to let people smoke.你那是在做徒劳无益的事情,Jill,他已经决定允许大家抽烟了。第三, 咬文嚼字1. give up:停止,放弃e.g. He was compelled by illness to give up his studies.他因病被迫放弃学业。e.g. Father told Harris not to give up his friends when he moved away. 父亲告诉哈里斯他搬走后不要与他的朋友们中断往来。2. up till now:直到现在e.g. Up till now, The shadow over me still fails to recede.时至今日,我心中的笼罩的阴影仍然挥之不去。e.g. Problems of ours are that up till now we have not found an exact method to solve this difficulty yet.我们的问题是到目前为止我们还没找到一个真确的方法去解决这个困难。3. be successful in sth.:在……取得成功e.g. Why do you feel you will be successful in this work?你为什么觉得你能胜任这份工作?e.g. He was successful in the examination.他考试成绩良好。4. talk sb. to sth. :说某人做某事e.g. All levels of the oil industry are prone to talk themselves into a crisis.石油工业界各阶层人士都不难说自己相信有一次危机即将到来。e.g. Dont you ever try to talk me into consent on his behalf.不要说我去赞同他的利益。 /201512/415364

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):American workers are facing an enormous retirement savings deficit. In Michigan, nearly 1.7 million workers have jobs where the employer does not offer a retirement savings plan.In response to this shortfall, two Democrats in Lansing introduced legislation that would set up an alternative statewide retirement savings plan for employees of businesses who do not have a plan of their own.The program would not be mandatory; workers who did not want to participate could opt out. Other states, including California, Maryland, and Washington have passed similar legislation.Now, these types of ;auto-IRA; retirement savings programs face a challenge from an unlikely foe: Michigan Republican Rep. Tim Walberg, R-7.Earlier this month, Walberg put forward a resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives to rescind Obama-era Labor Department rules allowing states to create such programs. Walberg said the action was meant to protect people saving for retirement by closing a ;regulatory loophole that would be detrimental to the retirement security of hardworking Americans.;Stateside reached out to Rep. Walberg, but his office declined our request for an interview.Those same concerns have not been raised by retiree advocacy organizations such as the AARP, which has voiced support for state-run retirement savings programs.David Sirota, investigations editor at the International Business Times, thinks there may be a different motivation behind Walbergs resolution.;The private financial industry has lobbied against these plans in states across the country, in part because the financial industry could potentially lose business or face more competition for its services from these public option, publicly-administered plans,; Sirota said. ;Congressman Walberg has gotten a significant amount of campaign contributions from the financial industry.;In his report on Walbergs resolution, Sirota found that the insurance and investment industries have contributed more than half a million dollars to Walbergs political campaigns during the course of his career.State Rep. Scott Dianda?, D-Calumet, is one of the co-sponsors of the proposed legislation in Michigan. He believes the federal government should not prevent states from creating their own retirement savings programs.;Its sad to see that we have a U.S. Congressman that would want to block to have the states right to operate any type of a program to make our residents be in a better spot for retirement, to be able to encourage people to save money,; Dianda said. ;So I find it kind of bad that Congressman Walberg would want to hinder our states right under the Constitution.;Meanwhile, Walbergs resolution was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives and is awaiting a vote in the Senate.Hear our full interviews with Rep. Scott Dianda and David Sirota, investigations editor of the International Business Times at the top of the page.201703/497202

关键词:short notice 临时通知;一接到通知短语释义:今天的图片给我们展示了一幅情景,一个人滑着雪橇来到了电脑桌前,既然是滑雪橇过来的,那么速度一定非常快,所以我们看到电脑前的这个人说,Thanks for coming back on such short notice, Jenkins。谢谢你在如此短的时间内就回来了。Short notice: 临时通知;一接到通知,可以与介词on 来搭配,表示;一接到通知就;;在短时间内;。 Short notice还可以搭配介词at,意思差不多,表示;一接到通知就,在短时间内,立刻;。情景领悟:1. Thanks for coming back on such short notice, Jenkins.谢谢你在如此短的时间内就回来了2. We went on holiday at such short notice that I didn t say goodbye to Eric.我们动身去休假之前十分仓促,我来不及向埃里克告别。可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201211/208442

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