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东莞隆鼻费用东莞医学整形美容激光祛痘多少钱东莞石龙石排茶山镇治疗胎记多少钱 India will boycott November’s summit of south Asian countries in Islamabad in protest against this month’s attack on an Indian army base in Kashmir, which it blames on Pakistani militants.印度将抵制11月份在伊斯兰堡召开的南亚国家峰会,以抗议本月克什米尔一印军基地遭到的袭击。印度将这次袭击归咎于巴基斯坦武装分子。Increasing cross-border terrorist attacks in the region and growing interference in the internal affairs of member states by one country have created an environment that is not conducive to the successful holding of the 19th summit in Islamabad, the ministry of external affairs said in a statement on Wednesday.周三,印度外交部在一份声明中表示:该地区不断增多的越境恐怖袭击,以及某国对成员国内部事务的日益干预,造就了一种不利于在伊斯兰堡成功举行第19次峰会的氛围。The ministry said other countries — reportedly Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan —were also considering boycotts in a co-ordinated move that could halt the summit altogether.印度外交部表示,其他国家也在考虑抵制这一峰会。据报道,这些国家包括阿富汗、孟加拉国和不丹。这一协调一致的行动,可能导致此次峰会彻底无法召开。The move is India’s latest attempt to isolate Pakistan and use non-military means of punishing its neighbour for the attack on the Uri base, which claimed the lives of 18 Indian soldiers.此举是印度孤立巴基斯坦、利用非军事手段惩罚这个邻国对乌力(Uri)基地袭击的最新尝试。那次袭击导致18名印度士兵丧生。Warning on Tuesday that blood and water cannot flow together, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi threatened to maximise India’s use of water in three rivers that flow through India to Pakistan: the Indus, Jhelum and Chenab. 周二,印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)警告称血与水流不到一处,他威胁要把印度对三条经印流至巴基斯坦的河流(印度河(Indus)、杰赫勒姆河(Jhelum)和奇纳布河(Chenab))的用水量提升至最大。This would limit the amount of water that flows to Pakistani agriculture and hydroelectric projects.此举会对流向巴基斯坦农业和水电项目的水量造成限制。Mr Modi has also suspended the meetings of commissioners employed by Pakistan and India to arbitrate on disputes relating to the usage of water from six rivers flowing through India into Pakistan.莫迪还暂停了巴基斯坦和印度聘用的用水量争议仲裁专员的会议。两国聘用这些专员,是为了仲裁与六条经印度流入巴基斯坦的河流的用水量有关的争议。Water has been a regular source of tension between the two countries. 用水问题时不时地会导致印巴两国间关系紧张。The arbitration panel that Mr Modi has now suspended was set up in 2010 after a dispute over India’s plans to build a 330-megawatt hydroelectric project in Kashmir on the Kishanganga river. 被莫迪暂停运作的仲裁委员会成立于2010年。在那之前,印度计划在克什米尔的吉申根加河(Kishanganga)上修建一座330兆瓦的水电工程,引发了两国之间的争端。Pakistan claimed that project would adversely affect its own 969MW Neelum-Jhelum project, being built downstream on the Jhelum with Chinese backing.巴基斯坦称,该工程会对巴方969兆瓦的尼勒姆-杰赫勒姆(Neelum-Jhelum)水电工程产生不利影响。尼勒姆-杰赫勒姆工程在杰赫勒姆河下游修建,里面有中国的投资。 /201609/468963东莞长安沙田厚街镇做隆胸多少钱

东莞华美美容医院口腔科Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan’s biggest arms producer, is taking aim at more deals to sell its weapons abroad, according to its chief executive, as it revamps efforts to win a bn submarine contract from Australia.日本最大军火生产商三菱重工(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)的社长宫永俊一(Shunichi Miyanaga)表示,该公司正寻求扩大对海外的军火销售。为赢得澳大利亚一笔价值360亿美元的潜艇合同,该公司调整了相关努力。“We need to preserve the defence industry in a healthy form to strengthen Japan’s security,” Shunichi Miyanaga said in an interview. “In order to maintain and enhance our technology, we need to seek more opportunities [for arms exports].”宫永在接受采访时表示:“我们需要使国防工业保持在一种健康状态下,以加强日本的安全。为了保持和提高我们的技术,我们需要(为军火出口)寻求更多机会。”Mr Miyanaga’s language marks a subtle shift from past reluctance among Japanese companies to openly talk about military technology and the arms business, which remain sensitive issues for neighbouring countries as well as the domestic public.日本企业以往不愿公开谈论军事技术和军火生意,因为对日本的邻国以及日本国内民众来说,这些仍属于敏感话题。宫永的言论标志着一个微妙的转变。It is also a welcome transition for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who ended Japan’s self-imposed ban on the export of weapons in 2014.对日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)来说,这也是一个值得欢迎的转变。安倍在2014年终止了日本自我施加的武器出口禁令。Last week, Mr Abe’s cabinet approved a record defence budget of Y5.1tn (bn) — an increase of 1.5 per cent year-on-year — for 2016-2017 to bolster security amid a territorial dispute with China.在日本与中国存在领土争端之际,为了加强国家安全,安倍内阁于上周批准了2016-17年度防务预算,预算额达5.1万亿日元(合420亿美元),创下了纪录,同比增幅为1.5%。While Japanese companies have sophisticated military technology, defence represents only a fraction of their business: MHI itself earns just a tenth of its total bn in revenue from weapons sales.虽然日本企业拥有先进的军事技术,但国防业务在它们的业务里只占一小部分。三菱重工330亿美元的总营收中,仅有十分之一来自武器销售。The group is also part of broader Japanese efforts to launch an aviation comeback. It is building the country’s first commercial aircraft — the Mitsubishi Regional Jet — though has just delayed its delivery once again, by about a year to mid-2018.三菱重工还是日本复兴航空业的更宏大努力的参与者。该公司正在建造日本首款商用飞机“三菱线喷气式飞机”(MRJ),尽管不久前该公司再度推迟了交货时间。这一次,交货时间推迟了大约一年,推迟到2018年年中。Even with strong backing from Mr Abe, initial efforts to expand military sales have foundered given the country’s isolation from foreign arms markets since its defeat in the second world war.尽管有安倍的大力持,但由于日本自二战战败以来一直未参与国际军火市场,其为扩大军售而付出的初步努力已遭遇挫折。MHI and Kawasaki Heavy Industries were poised to land a Abn (bn) contract to build Australia’s new submarines. But Tokyo’s initial proposal that the fleet be built in Japan sparked concerns that jobs in Australia would be lost, allowing competitors ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems of Germany and France’s DCNS to gain ground in the contest.三菱重工和川崎重工(Kawasaki Heavy Industries)打算赢得一笔价值500亿澳元(合360亿美元)的为澳大利亚建造新潜艇的合同。但东京方面最初提议在日本建造这批潜艇,这让一些人担心澳大利亚的工作岗位会因此流失。这一提议使得德国蒂森克虏伯海事系统公司(ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems)以及法国DCNS等竞争对手在这场竞赛中取得了一定优势。The Japanese delegation has since altered its proposal and promised that the Soryu submarines would be built at Australian shipyards.日本代表团后来更改了提议,承诺将在澳大利亚船厂建造“苍龙级”(Soryu)潜艇。 /201601/419757东莞市东城医院做红色胎记手术多少钱 黄江樟木头谢岗镇背部脱毛

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