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武汉治早泄那个医院好华中科技大学同济医学院附属协和医院男科电话武汉治疗包皮包茎哪家医院好 UN Warns Rising Fuel Costs, Inequalities Raise Risk of Social Crisis联合国称油价上涨加剧经济不平等   A senior ed Nations official warns that economic inequalities in the Asia-Pacific region could worsen as energy costs rise. Energy security and poverty reduction are key themes at this week's meeting of the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. 联合国高级官员警告说,随着能源价格上涨,亚太地区的经济不平等可能会加剧。在本星期召开的联合国亚洲及太平洋经济社会委员会会议上,能源安全和扶贫是会议的主题。To the strains of Verdi's "Va Pensiero", the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific opened its annual conference Monday. The delegates in Bangkok will focus on the need to secure affordable energy to fuel the region's development. 在意大利著名作曲家威尔第的音乐声中,联合国亚太经济社会委员会年会星期一在曼谷召开。与会代表将重点讨论如何在亚太地区迅速发展的过程中确保价格合理的能源供应。UNESCAP Executive Secretary Noeleen Heyzer said in her opening address that rising social inequalities, exacerbated by record high oil prices, could trigger an "imminent crisis" if lower-income groups begin to lose ground. 亚太经社会执行秘书长诺琳.海泽在开幕式上致词。她说,油价上涨加剧了该地区的社会不平等。如果低收入人群的状况持续恶化的话,危机将迫在眉睫。"Income inequalities have led, among others, to serious social and environmental imbalances. An increasing part of the region house the world's poor and live in areas where the environment is under stress," she said. "The poorest people may use less energy but actually pay proportionately more than the rich for energy services. These high levels of inequality erode social cohesion in the region." 海泽说:“收入差距导致严重的社会和环境失衡以及其他问题。亚太贫困地区的范围扩大,这些地方的环境也受到威胁。最贫困人口可能消耗较少的能源,但是他们为能源付的代价按照比例来说却更高。这些严重的不平等侵蚀了该地区的社会凝聚力。”The Asia-Pacific region is home to 641 million of the world's poor. Many development experts fear that number will increase because of rising food prices and rocketing oil costs. 世界贫困人口当中,有大约6亿4千1百万人生活在亚太地区。由于粮食和石油涨价,很多发展领域的专家担心亚太地区贫困人口的数量会进一步增加。Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej urged the delegates to push for reforms that ensure environmentally sustainable energy supplies. 泰国总理沙玛敦促与会代表推动改革,确保有利于环境的可持续能源供应。"Our region urgently and seriously needs to consider energy management reform, promotion of cooperation in the energy sector, efficient energy usage, clean energy promotion, and development of alternative and renewable energy," said Samak. 他说:“亚太地区需要迫切地、认真地考虑能源管理的改革,促进能源领域的合作,提高能源的利用率,推广清洁能源,开发可再生和替代能源。”A new UNESCAP report calls energy security the key challenge to the region's development.  亚太经社会公布的新报告说,能源安全是该地区发展面临的关键挑战。The report says energy consumption in the region has doubled since 1980 because of high economic growth and growing populations. Over the next 22 years, it says, the region will need up to nine trillion dollars in new infrastructure to meet its energy needs. 这份报告说,由于经济高速增长和人口膨胀,亚太地区能源消耗自从1980年以来已经翻了一番。报告说,在未来22年里,亚太地区需要花费9万亿美元用于改善基础设施,以满足能源需求。UNESCAP chief Heyzer says governments can not do the job alone.  亚太经社会执行秘书长诺琳.海泽女士说,仅凭政府的努力很难实现这个目标。"It's time to hold the private sector accountable and obviously they are a player and they have to be accountable to progress and also the way they use scare resources," she said. "At the same time, governments have got to have the right policies."  她说:“私营企业必须为其行为负责。很明显,这些企业也是发展的参与者。所以企业必须为经济发展以及稀缺能源的使用方式负责。同时,政府需要制定正确的政策。”The U.N. report urges governments to work with businesses to find renewable energy sources for the region. 这份联合国报告敦促政府和企业合作,共同开发可再生能源。200804/36936武汉包皮和包茎什么区别

武汉阳痿怎么办UN Chief Heads to Burma潘基文赴缅泰寻求解决危机之道   Before departing for cyclone-stricken Burma Monday, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he hopes to meet with government officials, neighboring leaders and relief coordinators to plan the way forward out of this crisis. Meanwhile, John Holmes, U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs met Tuesday with Prime Minister Thein Sein and several other officials. 联合国秘书长潘基文星期一在前往受强热带风暴袭击的缅甸之前说,他希望会见缅甸政府官员、缅甸邻国领导人以及赈灾协调人员,制定出解决这场危机的方法。Mr. Ban said Burma is at a critical point. There is a functioning relief program in place, but it is reaching only a quarter of the people in need. He said he hopes improved U.N. and ASEAN coordination with the authorities in Burma (also known as Myanmar) will help scale up relief efforts quickly. 联合国秘书长潘基文说,缅甸处于一个关键时刻。缅甸有一个正在运行的赈灾项目,但是这个项目只能把救援物资运送给四分之一需要援助的灾民。他说,他希望得到改善的联合国和东盟同缅甸当局的协调有助于扩大赈灾工作。"My aim in going to Myanmar is to first of all, to demonstrate my sympathy to the people and government at this time of crisis and challenge, and to see for myself the situation on the ground, particularly in areas most affected by the disaster, unprecedented in Myanmar's history," he said. 潘基文说:“我去缅甸的首要目的是在缅甸面临危机和挑战的时刻,表示我对缅甸人民和缅甸政府的同情。这场灾难是缅甸历史上从未有过的,我要到缅甸现场,尤其是要到受灾最严重的地区去看看情况。”The secretary-general said the devastation to the country is estimated at over billion and that other factors, such as a not being able to plant the next harvest, could compound the crisis even further. The cyclone has aly claimed over 78,000 lives. 潘基文说,据估计,这场灾难给缅甸带来的损失有100多亿美元。而且,无法播种下个季度的粮食作物等其它一些因素也会进一步加剧这场危机。据称这场灾难已经造成缅甸7万8千多人丧生。"In this sense, the economic effects of the natural disaster that has struck Myanmar could be more severe and longer lasting than the 2004 tsunami," he noted. 潘基文说:“从这个意义上说,这场自然灾害给缅甸造成的经济影响可能会比2004年的海啸造成的影响更严重,持续的时间会更长。”Mr. Ban will be in Burma on Thursday and Friday. He plans to travel to some of the hardest hit areas, including the Irrawaddy Delta. He will go to Thailand on Saturday to meet with leaders there, then return to Yangon on Sunday to attend a joint U.N.-ASEAN international pledge conference for the cyclone victims. 潘基文将于星期四和星期五访问缅甸。他计划前往一些重灾区,包括伊落瓦底三角洲地区。他将于星期六抵达泰国,与泰国领导人举行会晤,然后于星期天返回仰光,出席联合国和东盟共同为强热带风暴受害者举办的国际捐赠大会。The U.N. chief says he hopes to meet Burma's Senior General Than Shwe and other top government officials. He welcomed what he called the military regime's "recent flexibility" in deciding to allow Asian aid workers under ASEAN auspices into the country to oversee aid supplies and distribution, and said he believes similar moves will follow. 联合国秘书长潘基文说,他希望会见缅甸的丹瑞大将和其他高级政府官员。缅甸军政权最近决定允许东盟派出的亚洲救援工作人员进入缅甸,监督援助物资分发,潘基文对缅甸军政府这种“灵活性”表示欢迎。他说,他认为缅甸军政府还会采取类似的措施。Diplomats, attending meetings at the U.N. in New York this week, welcomed Mr. Ban's trip. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Zalmay Khalilzad, said that for the secretary-general's trip to be successful he must focus on winning access for experts and supplies. French Minister for Human Rights, Rama Yade, echoed that, saying she hopes after Mr. Ban's visit, there will be better access to the victims.British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Sunday's international donor's conference is a landmark event that must produce real outcomes that will deliver aid to the people on the ground whose humanitarian situation is growing worse.200805/39590武汉华夏男子医院泌尿外科还要病房吗 Lightning Bolt Hits Beijing Olympic Track尔特连破世界记录为奥运第一人  A Jamaican sprinter has taken a very short time to rewrite two cherished world records on the track. The man with a name that fits his accomplishments. 牙买加短跑运动员尔特在很短时间里刷新了两项令人敬佩的径赛世界纪录。这名选手给他取了一个和他的成就一致的名字。Several Olympic reporters have debated how to pronounce Bolt's first name. It is Usain by the way. But the world's fastest man prefers a better name. 几名奥运会记者就尔特本人的名字发音争执不下。其实他名叫乌塞恩。但是这个世界上跑得最快的人喜欢用一个更好的名字。"I am Lightning Bolt. I am not Flash Gordon or anybody. My name is Lightning Bolt," he said. 他说:“我叫闪电尔特。我不叫闪光尔特什么的。我的名字是闪电尔特。”It is an appropriate name since the 22-year-old Jamaican became the first man to shatter both the 100 and 200-meter world records at a single Olympics. On Saturday night in Beijing, the tall one-meter, 96-centimeter Bolt used his long, quick strides to cover 100 meters in a jaw-dropping 9.96 seconds.  这个名字恰如其分,因为这个22岁的牙买加人成了第一个在一届奥运会上打破100米和200米跑两项世界记录的人。星期六晚上,尔特这个1米96的高个头在北京以疾速的大步跑,令人惊讶地只用9秒96的时间就冲过100米终点。The longer distance is his specialty. And no one could keep up with him in that race either as he sped to a record of 19.30 seconds. That time lowered the 12-year-old mark set by American great Michael Johnson (19.32), a record many people thought could not be broken. 他的强项是稍长距离的赛跑。在200米决赛中,同样没人能够跟上他,他创下19秒30的新记录。这打破了由了不起的美国运动员麦克尔.约翰逊保持了12年之久的19秒32的记录。许多人都认为那个记录是不可能被打破的。Bolt says it is no surprise because the event has been his favorite for a long time. 尔特说,这并不令人吃惊,因为这个项目一直都是他的强项。"I have been saying all season the 200 (meter race) has been my love since I was 15," Bolt noted. "I was the youngest ever to win the world juniors. And from that day on it has meant a lot to me. I have done a lot in the 200-meters, the world junior record holder, world youth, it means a lot. I can not really explain. It is just close to my heart. And I will always love the 200 meters." “我整个赛季都在说,从15岁起,200米跑就已经是我最喜爱的项目。我是有史以来赢得世界少年赛的人当中年纪最小的。从那一天起,它对我变得意义非凡。我在200米上取得了很多成绩,比如世界少年记录保持者,还有世界青年赛。它对我而言意味着许多。我很难说清楚。它在我心目中最为重要。我仍会热爱200米跑。”Shortly after the second race Wednesday, Bolt was asked how his double gold performance stood against Michael Phelps. The American swimming great won an unprecedented eight gold medals at a single Olympics during the first week in Beijing. 在星期三的第二场比赛后不久,有人问他,他获得两枚金牌的表现和麦克尔.菲尔普斯比怎么样。这个了不起的美国游泳选手在北京奥运的第一个星期里成为第一个在一届奥运会上赢得8枚金牌的运动员。"I can not compare myself," he said. "I will not compare myself to Michael Phelps. He swims. He is a great athlete to win eight gold medals. That is just great. I am on the track. He is in the water. So you really can not compare it pretty much. But he is a great athlete. And I congratulate him on being the best at what he does." 尔特说:“我没办法拿自己做比较。我也不会把自己和麦克尔.菲尔普斯去比。他游泳。他是个了不起的运动员,赢了8枚金牌。那真是了不起。我是在跑道上。他是在水里。所以真的没什么可比的。但是他是个了不起的运动员。我对他成为自己领域里的顶尖好手表示祝贺。”Michael Johnson won the 200 and 400-meter titles at the 1996 Atlanta Games. But Bolt says he is not planning to run longer than his favorite 200-meter distance. 麦克尔.约翰逊在1996年亚特兰大奥运会上赢得200米和400米冠军。但是尔特说,他不打算跑比他的强项200米距离更长的比赛。"Do not hold your breath," Bolt said. "I do not think I will be going up to the 400-meters anytime soon. But right now, I guess the next aim is really to just finish the season injury free. And then [I will be] looking forward to the world championships [in ]. After the world championships I will probably think about doing something else. I am not sure. Me and my coach will decide that when the time comes." 他说:“你用不着紧张。我现在还没有打算要参加400米项目。但是现在,我想下个目标是在这个赛季结束前不受伤。那时候我再想明年世界冠军的事。在拿到世界冠军后,我可能会考虑做些其他的事。我还不确定。到时候我和我的教练会做出决定。”So for now, the world will just have to be content to marvel at the amazing and historic double Olympic victory by Usain Bolt. 所以现在,世界也只能对乌塞恩.尔特了不起的历史性奥运双料冠军的奇迹感到心满意足了。200808/46477武汉做包皮手术危险吗

湖北省同济医院男科医生Now you'd think that from a health point of view, lying in a hospital was probably the safest place to be, but More4 News and Channel4 News Online have discovered the number of deaths in hospitals due to medical errors have doubled in the last 2 years. Responding to a Freedom of Information request that was put in by us, the National Patient Safety Agency said from 2004 to 2005, 10 people died as a result of medication errors in hospitals. Fatalities rose the following year, resulting in 16 deaths and increased again last year, killing 21 people. Now that sounds like a small number, but health service managers told us it represents a growing volume of medical negligence cases-cases whose settlement is proving increasingly expensive.Over 406 million pounds was spent out, says paid out last year to claimants and on top of that, another 145 million to, to legal teams defending or fighting these claims. So, it's a lot of money that's not spent on replacing hips and, and doing other vital things. Tonight the Department of Health told More4 News that patient safety was a key priority for the NHS and added, although any avoidable death is one too many, it's important to remember that of the 12 million patients who were admitted to NHS hospitals last year, only 21 deaths were caused by medication incidents. That is 0.0002%. And they added that patient safety was a key priority in the NHS. Well, with me in the studio now to discuss these figures is Peter Walsh from Action Against Medical Accidents, a charity that promotes better patient safety. The NHS have a point ,don't they, with 12 million patients being treated, only 21 people dying from this kind of medical errors. It's apparently to be a slender percentage of deaths, isn't that?Yes, we have to remember that in terms of the proportion of patients treated, it's very small numbers, but actually it's a tragedy of enormous proportions. And the numbers given to you today are probably just the tip of the iceberg, because it's widely accepted that reporting of incidents is far far less than the actual incidents. What can be done though to try and get over the fact that human error is inevitable when treating patients? There'll always be a degree of human error, but what's really disappointing is that there's so much more that the system could do to help reduce the risk of these errors happening in the first place. We want to see more urgency given to design and system solutions. For example, you can design a packaging, and, a labeling of drugs to make it less likely that the wrong drug will be given. Yeah, what kinds of medication error? Is it because a doctor has prescribed the wrong drug or the wrong amount or is it usually because somebody makes a mistake in administering it?It's a whole range of things. It could be that someone makes a mistake in grabbing the wrong ampoule, therefore administering the wrong drug. The drug could be administered to the wrong part of the body. For example, the spine as opposed to being injected into the vein, and or the drug could be given to the wrong patient even, thereby causing a, a massive reaction. You do with these cases all the time. Is there any simple thing that could be done that would prevent more deaths?There's no one single thing. It's a raft of measures. Let's just say, there are designed solutions we can look at. We also need not to put staff in a position that leads them to be in more risk of making an error. We need proper supervision for staff, and we need proper training for staff before they are allowed to administer certain types of drugs. Peter Walsh, thanks for talking to us tonight. Thank you.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------negligence case:【法】 医疗事故 200805/39703 Chaos in Somalia Leads to Tragedy in Gulf of Aden联合国:亚丁湾人口偷渡最近增加 UNHCR reports at least 52 Somalis died when the boat smuggling them across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen broke down, leaving them adrift with no food or water for 18 days. The UNHCR says this latest tragedy coincides with a recent upsurge in people smuggling across the Gulf of Aden. 联合国难民署报告说,一艘偷渡船在穿越亚丁海前往也门时抛锚,船上人员漂流了18天没有水喝也没有进食,至少52名索马里人丧生。联合国难民事务高级专员公署说,在这起惨剧发生的同时,穿越亚丁湾的人口偷渡最近有所增加。According to the U.N. refugee agency, survivors say the boat left Marera on the Somali coast with at least 124 passengers on September 3 and the engine stopped several hours into the voyage. 联合国难民署说,幸存者说这艘船9月3号载著124人从索马里的马里拉海港出发。开出来几个小时之后引擎就熄火了。The survivors report knife-wielding smugglers told passengers they would travel to the Somali city of Bossaso in a smaller boat to re-charge a battery and then return. UNHCR spokesman, Ron Redmond, says the smugglers abandoned them.  幸存者说,挥舞刀具的蛇头对船上的人说,他们要乘坐小一点的船到索马里城市沙索充电,然后回来。联合国难民署发言人雷德蒙德说,这些蛇头丢下这些人跑了。"And, the passengers were left to drift for 18 days without food or water. During the voyage, 38 men and 10 women died. The survivors said their bodies were thrown overboard in the Gulf of Aden," Redmond added. "When they finally did reach the coast, three of the survivors jumped into the water off shore to swim to the beach to alert authorities that the boat was out there. One of those who jumped overboard did not make it, is missing and feared drowned."  雷德蒙德说:“船上这些人被留在船上,漂流了18天,没有吃的也没有水。38名男子和10名妇女死在途中。幸存者说,他们的尸体从船上扔到亚丁湾里。他们最后到岸边时,三名幸存者跳到水中并游上岸,向有关当局发出信号,说船在那边。其中跳入水中的一个人没有游上岸失踪,估计已经淹死了。”The UNHCR reports a sharp increase in the number of people being smuggled across the Gulf of Aden. It says more than 31,000 have arrived in Yemen so far this year.  联合国难民署报告说,穿越亚丁海偷渡的人数急剧增加,到今年目前为止,已经有3千1百多人偷渡到也门。That includes more than 21,000 Somalis and nearly 10,000 Ethiopians. The UNHCR says around 230 people have died while making the perilous voyage and more than 260 are missing. 其中包括2万1千名索马里人和大约1万名埃塞俄比亚人。联合国难民署说,大约230人在危险的偷渡途中丧生,260多人失踪。Redmond tells VOA the brutality of the smugglers is well known as are the dangers of voyaging on rickety, overcrowded vessels. Nevertheless, he says the situation in the Horn of Africa, particularly in Somalia, is so bad they are willing to risk their lives to escape. 雷德蒙德对美国之音说,人们知道蛇头很残酷,乘坐摇晃和过于拥挤的船只有危险。但是,他说,“非洲之角”特别是索马里的局势恶劣,所以这些人愿意冒著生命危险逃离。"A lot of the Somalis who reach Yemen tell us that they have nothing left to lose," he said. "That they see no hope for the future, that the conflict in Somalia has gone on for so long that they see no future for themselves and they see no future for their children. So, they take this enormous risk and many of them have died. Hundreds and hundreds have died and many hundreds are also missing."  雷德蒙德说:“许多偷渡到也门的索马里人告诉我们说,他们没有留下任何可以失去的东西。他们看不到未来的希望,索马里的冲突进行了这么久,他们看不到自己的希望,更看不到孩子的希望。所以,他们冒著这么巨大的风险,而且许多也丧了命。好几百人死了,好几百人还失踪了。”Redmond admits there is a limit to what the international community can do to stop this deadly traffic. Until there is a political solution to the nearly two-decade-old conflict in Somalia, he says these tragedies will continue. 雷德蒙德承认国际社会要阻止这种致命的偷渡活动所能作的很有限。他说,除非政治解决索马里这场大约20年的冲突,否则这些惨剧还将继续下去。200810/51273武汉男科医院做包皮手术需要多少钱孝感市大悟县有泌尿科吗



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