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五常市人民医院检查南岗区妇女儿童医院咨询电话哈尔滨做人工流产去哪家医院比较好 The Conservatives and Labour remain neck-and-neck on 34 points in the penultimate FT/Populus poll before Thursday’s general election, with neither side breaking the election stalemate.周四大选前进行的倒数第二次英囀?金融时报Populus民调显示,保守党(Conservatives)和工Labour)仍然并驾齐驱,持率各为34%,双方均未能打破选举僵局。The poll puts David Cameron’s party and Ed Miliband’s Labour up one point on the 33 they scored on Friday, while the Liberal Democrats are now on 10, Ukip on 13 and others on 10.民调显示,戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)领导的保守党和埃#8226;米利班德(Ed Miliband)领导的工党较上周五获得的33%增加个百分点,同时自由民主党(Liberal Democrats)的持率0%,英国独立党(Ukip)3%,而其他政党的持率为10%。Populus polled 2,054 people online on May 1-3.Populus日至3日对2053人进行了在线调查。Another poll by Lord Ashcroft gave the Conservatives the lead with 32, followed by Labour on 30, Ukip on 12 and Liberal Democrats on 11.另一项由阿什克罗夫特勋爵(Lord Ashcroft)所做的民调显示,保守党2%的持率领先,工党以30%的持率紧随其后,英国独立党2%,自由民主党1%。Rick Nye, Populus managing director, said he expected any movement in the polls to take place over the next 48 hours, as voters make their final calculations on how to vote.Populus董事总经理里#8226;Rick Nye)称,随着选民对如何投票进行最后的盘算,他预计未来48小时任何情况都有可能在民调中发生。“If there is any hardening or softening of any party’s vote share it will happen close to polling day,he said.他称,“如果任何政党的得票份额有任何巩固或松动的话,都将会在逼近投票日的时候发生。”Conservative strategists hope that voters will make a final switch to the “securityoffered by a continuation of a Tory government, similar to the trend that put John Major back into power in 1992.保守党策略师希望,选民最后会投奔由保守党政府连任所提供的“安全”,类似992年助推约#8226;梅杰(John Major)保住首相职位的趋势。Mr Nye said there could be some increase in the Lib Dem share as people consider voting tactically in individual seats. The Ukip vote is also holding up well but could yet be squeezed on polling day.奈称,随着人们战术性地考虑具体席位的投票,自由民主党的得票率可能会有所增加。英国独立党的得票份额也保持良好,但是仍可能在投票日当天被挤掉选票。Populus will conduct more fieldwork in the next 48 hours in the hope of capturing any final movements of voters.Populus将在接下来的48小时内进行更多的实地调查,希望以此获取选民的最后动向。The polling firm also publishes the Populus Predictor for the Financial Times. This feeds data into a proprietary computer model to indicate the likelihood of various election outcomes.该民调公司也为英囀?金融时报》发布Populus预言(Populus Predictor)。它将数据输入一个专有的计算机模型中,得出不同选举结果的可能性。The last Predictor of the campaign, published last week, indicated a nine-in-10 chance of a minority government. It also showed Mr Miliband becoming prime minister in more than seven out of 10 simulations but in more than three-quarters of these cases needing the votes of SNP MPs to stay there.上周发表的关于此次竞选的最近一次预言表明,少数党政府的可能性为9/10。预言还显示,0次模拟中,米利班德成为英国首相超次,但在其中3/4以上的情况下需要苏格兰民族SNP)议员的持。来 /201505/373700哈市二院网上预约挂号

哈尔滨中医院 生孩子价格哈尔滨市中西结合医院妇科咨询 Russia is to deploy 2,000 military personnel to its new air base near the Syrian port city of Latakia, signalling the scale of Moscow’s involvement in the war-torn country.卫星图片显示一架俄罗斯运输机在叙利亚拉塔基亚空军基地降落The deployment “forms the first phase of the mission there according to an adviser on Syria policy in Moscow.俄罗斯将向其在叙利亚拉塔基亚港附近的新的空军基地部署2000名军事人员,这表明俄罗斯正深入介入到这个战火纷飞的国家。The force will include fighter aircraft crews, engineers and troops to secure the facility, said another person briefed on the matter.一位驻莫斯科的叙利亚政策顾问称,此次部署是“此次行动的第一阶段”。The pair declined to confirm whether Moscow had sent surface-to-air missiles and fighter jets, as alleged by Washington at the weekend.据另一名简要介绍此事的人士称,这次部署将包括战斗机组成人员、工程师以及保护这个军事基地的军队。But Russian and western military experts said surface-to-air missiles were an integral part of the defences of any air base.两人都拒绝实俄罗斯是否已向叙利亚派遣地对空导弹和战斗机,美国上周末声称俄罗斯已这么做了。The comments are unlikely to allay fears in the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), that Russia’s military involvement in Syria could escalate the country’s bloody civil war or risk incidents between Russian and other forces active in the country.但俄罗斯和西方军事专家表示,地对空导弹是任何一个空军基地防御的不可或缺的一部分。A Russian official on Monday dismissed as “disingenuouscomments by John Kerry, US secretary of state, that the presence of Russian air-to-air combat capacity and surface-to-air missiles in Syria “raises serious questions since the capabilities are of little military use against jihadi groups such as Isis, which is Moscow’s stated reason for its increased intervention in the Syrian conflict.一名俄罗斯官员周一称美国国务卿约翰克里(John Kerry)的言论是“不诚实”的。克里表示,俄罗斯空对空作战能力以及地对空导弹在叙利亚的出现将“引发严重问题”,这些军事能力对于对Isis等圣战组织予以军事打击并没有很大用处。而俄罗斯表示,该国扩大对叙利亚冲突的干预的原因正是Isis。Three western defence officials agreed that the Russian deployment tallied with the numbers needed to establish a forward air base similar to those built by western militaries in Afghanistan.3名西方国防官员认为,俄罗斯此次部署符合建立前方作战空军基地所需的人数,这种基地与西方军队在阿富汗建立的基地类似。Fears that Russia’s ramped up military presence could further complicate the balance of forces in Syria prompted Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to travel to Moscow for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Monday.俄罗斯扩大军事影响力的举措可能会进一步令叙利亚的力量平衡复杂化,这种担忧促使以色列总理本雅明蔠呑尼亚胡(Benjamin Netanyahu)赶赴莫斯科,与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)于周一进行会谈。In a sign of the risks this could entail, Moscow on Monday accused Syrian rebel forces of shelling its embassy in Damascus and demanded that their western and regional allies take steps to rein them in.俄罗斯周一批评叙利亚叛军炮击俄罗斯驻大马士革大使馆,并要求西方和地区盟友采取措施制止他们,这一迹象表明俄罗斯增兵可能会带来危险。来 /201509/400628延寿县妇幼保健医院医院

阿城区人民医院产前检查好吗 Battered by a deepening recession, lower commodity prices and the prospect of a credit crunch, Russia can count at least one advantage of having a devalued national currency: soaring agricultural trade with China.遭受衰退加剧、大宗商品价格下跌重创,还面对信贷危机风险的俄罗斯,至少可以指望从卢布贬值获得一个优势:对华农业贸易大幅飙升。Russian exports of foodstuffs, ranging from chocolate to sunflower oil and animal fodder, increased exponentially over the three months to the end of July, especially from regions close to Russia’s eastern neighbour, in a rare example of tangible benefits of the weaker rouble. While overall Russian exports to China dropped 23.5 per cent in the first six months of this year, agricultural exports are up 33 per cent in value terms and almost 80 per cent in volume.从巧克力到葵花籽油和动物饲料,在截止7月底个月里,俄罗斯食品出口(尤其是从毗邻其东方邻国的地区)出现指数级增长,成为卢布贬值带来切实利益的少数例子之一。尽管在今年个月期间,俄罗斯对华出口总体下降23.5%,但农业出口额上3%,出口量增长0%。“China always wanted to export its own products to our country, but now China is suddenly interested in Russian agricultural products,Alexei Alexeenko, a senior official at Rosselkhoznadzor, Moscow’s agricultural watchdog, said last week. “With regard to agricultural products, Russia and China have many new very significant supply projects. They range from pork to vegetables.”莫斯科农业监管机构——俄罗斯动植物防疫检疫局(Rosselkhoznadzor)的高级官员阿列克谢阿莱克延科(Alexei Alexeenko)最近表示:“中国过去总是想把自己的产品出口至我们的国家,但现在中国突然对俄罗斯农产品产生了兴趣。就农产品而言,俄罗斯和中国有许多新的重大供应项目,涉及从猪肉到蔬菜的各种农产品。”In the process a weaker rouble, which has shed 45 per cent of its value to the US dollar over the past year, has helped cement a bilateral economic relationship that has otherwise been slow to meet the ambitious expectations set by leaders in Moscow and Beijing.在此过程中,在过去一年里相对于美元贬5%的卢布,帮助巩固了双边经贸关系——从总体上说,俄中经贸关系在实现两国领导人的宏伟预期方面进展缓慢。Amid its political fallout over Ukraine with Europe, traditionally Russia’s most important trade and investment partner, Moscow has pledged to step up economic ties with Asia, and particularly with China. It has been trying to replace western funding blocked by sanctions with Chinese loans, and signed big-ticket energy deals.欧洲传统上是俄罗斯最重要的贸易和投资合作伙伴。面对乌克兰危机带来的政治后果,莫斯科承诺与亚洲(尤其是中国)加强经贸往来。俄罗斯试图用中国贷款取代被制裁掐断的西方资金,并签署了巨额能源协议。But Chinese banks have approached the Russian market with caution, and trade between the two countries has shrunk, albeit to a lesser extent than Russia’s overall foreign trade.但中国的对俄罗斯市场的业务态度谨慎,双边贸易下降,尽管降幅小于俄罗斯整体对外贸易的下降幅度。Many of the small-time Chinese entrepreneurs who long formed the bulk of economic co-operation with Russia have returned home as the thin margins of their trading businesses evaporated with the drop of the rouble.中俄经贸合作的主体一向是小本经营的中国生意人,现在他们当中有许多人回国,因为他们的贸易业务的微薄利润随着卢布贬值而消失。“There is nowhere else where we can cut cost. There is simply no longer a profit to be made from selling Chinese consumer goods here,says Gong Yu, who closed her business selling clothing, shoes and accessories in Moscow last month.上月关了自己在莫斯科的装、鞋和饰品店的龚宇(音译)表示:“我们找不到地方可以削减成本。在这里销售中国消费品怎么也赚不到钱了。”However, new investors are appearing. Since the end of last year, a growing number of Chinese delegations have been visiting Russia in search of agricultural land for sale or lease.然而,新的投资者正在出现。自去年年末以来,越来越多的中国代表团访问俄罗斯,寻找可供出售或出租的农地。“This is a good time to come here, prices are low and locals are more willing to rent to us,said a retired official from the central Chinese province of Henan who toured the Moscow region, the north Caucasus republic of Dagestan and the southern Urals this summer to look at agricultural land.来自河南省的一位退休官员今年夏季考察了莫斯科地区、北高加索地区的达吉斯坦共和国和乌拉尔南部地区物色农地。他表示:“现在是来这里的好时机,价格低,当地人也更愿意租给我们。”In the Far East, the Russian region closest to Mongolia, China, North Korea and Japan, this trend has been even more pronounced as Chinese agricultural investors have long been present there. State-owned and private farms, mostly from the north-eastern Chinese provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin, have been leasing additional land in the Russian border regions of Primorye, the Jewish Autonomous Region, Amur and Khabarovsk.在最靠近蒙古、中囀?朝鲜和日本的俄罗斯远东地区,这种趋势甚至更为明显,中国农业投资者早就在这里立足。国有和私营农场——大多来自中国东北的黑龙江和吉林——一直在滨海边区(Primorye)、犹太自治州(Jewish Autonomous Region)、阿穆尔(Amur)和哈巴罗夫斯Khabarovsk)等俄罗斯边境地区租赁土地。“We used to produce for the Russian market, but now we only keep some of our vegetables for our own consumption and sell the rest back to China,says Liao Hong, a young man whose family runs a farm in the Jewish Autonomous Region.全家在犹太人自治区经营农场的年轻人廖红(音译)表示:“我们过去为俄罗斯市场生产蔬菜,但现在我们只保留一些蔬菜自用,其余蔬菜运回国内销售。”Larger investors are also jumping on the bandwagon.较大的投资者也在加入这种潮流。“Agriculture, aquaculture... take a good look at these in the regions close to the border going forward,said Xie Ping, executive vice-president of China Investment Corporation, the sovereign wealth fund, which claims to have invested about bn in Russia over the past seven years.中国主权财富基金——中国投资公CIC)的副总经理谢平表示:“农业、水产养殖业……我们将认真研究在边境地区推进这些行业。”中投称,过年里在俄罗斯投资了大0亿美元。Russian companies are benefiting from the more advantageous exchange rate as well. State-owned Rusagro started exporting sunflower oil to China last year. Russian chocolate and confectionery makers in the Far Eastern federal district, meanwhile, have reported an eleven-fold increase in sales to China over the quarter to August.俄罗斯公司也受益于更为有利的汇率。国有的俄罗斯农业集RusAgro)去年开始向中国出口葵花籽油。与此同时,远东联邦管区(Far Eastern federal district)的俄罗斯巧克力和糖果制造商报告称,在截止今月的季度里,对华销售增长了11倍。But China’s growing hunger for Russian foodstuffs does not meet with an unconditional welcome.但中国对俄罗斯食品不断增长的需求并未受到无条件的欢迎。Many local officials accuse Chinese agricultural investors of over-exploiting the land and doing long-term damage to Russia’s resources.许多俄罗斯当地官员指责中国农业投资者过度开发土地,对俄罗斯资源造成长期破坏。“The Chinese all plant soybeans. Soybeans are a good product, and they export well to China, but experts say we have to do crop rotation,said Alexander Levintal, governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region.犹太自治州州长亚历山大莱温塔Alexander Levintal)表示:“中国人全都种植大豆。大豆是很好的农产品,它们很容易出口中国,但专家说,我们必须采用轮作方式。”At a recent conference in Vladivostok, the government tried to convince potential investors from neighbouring Asian countries to transition from investing in raw commodities to more value-added goods as well.最近在符拉迪沃斯托克(Vladivostok,即海参崴——译者注)举行的一场会议上,俄方试图说来自亚洲邻国的潜在投资者从投资于原材料转向投资于附加值更高的产品。Mr Levintal said: “I hope that they will not only plant soybeans but also build processing facilities in Russia.”莱温塔尔表示:“我希望,他们在俄罗斯将不只种植大豆,而且还建造加工厂。”More fundamentally, there are questions over how Russia’s thinly populated Far East, with a population of just 5m, interacts next to more than 100m people in north-east China without compromising its interests. Moscow considers it a matter of national security to make sure its vast expanses of largely empty land in eastern Siberia will not become a resources appendix for China.更为根本的是,人们质疑,人口稀少的俄罗斯远东地区(只有500万人口)如何在不损害自身利益的情况下,与亿人口的中国东北地区打交道。莫斯科想要确保东西伯利亚基本上未被开发的广袤土地不会成为中国的附属资源,并将此视为俄罗斯的国家安全问题。“We must not put too much of our land out there in the hands of the Chinese,says Igor Lebedev, a deputy speaker of the state Duma, Russia’s parliament. “In the long term, that will become a risk to our sovereignty.”俄罗斯国家杜马(即联邦下议院)副议长伊戈尔列别捷夫(Igor Lebedev)表示:“我们不能将那里太多的土地交到中国人的手里。长期而言,那将威胁到我们的主权。”来 /201510/403031尚志市儿童医院可以刷医疗卡吗哈尔滨正规不孕医院有哪些




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