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齐齐哈尔市治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱哈尔滨市九洲医院在周日有上班吗英语热词:苹果手机在国外陷入“弯曲门” -- ::50 来源:   自从上周五苹果新款手机开售以来,有不少用户称新手机长时间放在裤子口袋里后,机身会变弯这些变形手机的照片被放到社交网站之后引发了iPhone“弯曲门”,一些用户还跑到社交媒体上,“感谢”苹果CEO蒂姆?库克为苹果手机增加这种“高弹”性能  Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus buyers discovered their phones can bend when placed in back pockets. "Bendgate," as the problem has aly been dubbed on social media sites, is a reminder of 's "antennagate," when iPhone users reported a design flaw that caused dropped calls.  苹果的iPhone 6 Plus用户发现这款手机长时间放在后兜时机身会变弯这一现象在社交媒体上被戏称为“弯曲门”,同时也让大家想起了年iPhone的“天线门”,当时iPhone用户反馈称其天线设计导致通话中断  在国内果粉翘首盼望iPhone6时,国外用户已经开始讨论“弯曲门”(bendgate)了据报道显示,穿紧身牛仔裤并把手机放在裤兜里的用户遭遇iPhone6弯曲的几率更高社交媒体上与“弯曲门”相关的描述中,"Your pants are too tight your phone"这句话出现频率也很高  英文中用gate做后缀表示某个丑闻或者争议事件最早来源于“水门事件”(Watergate scandal),以至于后来就算英文中没有出现gate一词,中文也会加上“门”一词表示该事件的争议性,国内很多丑闻也会用“门”来表示,比如,艳照门(sex photo scandal)、虐囚门(prisoner abuse scandal),以及最近的奥巴马“拿铁敬礼门”(latte salute)等哈尔滨市第七医院口碑怎么样 奥巴马再次明 他可以让任何孩子停止哭泣 --31 ::5 来源: 布莱克·奥巴马总统此次访问日本的头条并不只有他对广岛和平纪念公园的历史性访问人们已经见过奥巴马总统对孩子施加“魔法”,在日本他再次明自己拥有扭转孩子坏情绪的“特异功能”,能够让任何小孩停止哭泣周五在日本做完演讲之后,人群中的一位妇女将哭闹的孩子交给了奥巴马,他向人们展示了如何使用这项“特异功能” President Barack Obama’s historic visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial isn’t the only reason his Japan trip is making headlines. The world has aly seen how the president works his magic with the kiddos and once again Obama proved he can make any baby stop crying. Obama has a certain skill with babies to turn frowns upside down and after giving a speech on Friday while on his Japan visit he had a chance to show off just how in tune he is with this talent when a woman in the crowd handed him her crying baby.布莱克·奥巴马总统此次访问日本的头条并不只有他对广岛和平纪念公园的历史性访问人们已经见过奥巴马总统对孩子施加“魔法”,在日本他再次明自己拥有扭转孩子坏情绪的“特异功能”,能够让任何小孩停止哭泣周五在日本做完演讲之后,人群中的一位妇女将哭闹的孩子交给了奥巴马,他向人们展示了如何使用这项“特异功能”An adorable crying diapered baby makes his way through the crowd and is handed to the president. Obama bounces the baby on his hip and appears to say a few words to the baby. No longer crying, the baby looks awe-struck and calms down soon after his exchange with the president and is then handed back to the woman in the crowd. This baby whisperer moment was captured by Reuters photographer Carlos Barria and the of the awe-inducing moment was also posted on the Department of Defense’s website.一位妇女抱着哭闹的孩子穿过人群,将还穿着尿布的可爱孩子交给奥巴马总统奥巴马抱着孩子的屁股,向上扔起又接住,然后好像和小孩儿说了几句话与总统交流之后,小孩竟然安静下来不哭了,他看起来对总统心存敬畏之后,奥巴马把孩子交给人群中的妇女路透社记者Carlos Barria将总统与孩子窃窃私语的一刻拍摄下来,国防部的网站上也上传了这个令人心生敬畏的视频While he’s pretty good at it, Obama’s mission in Japan wasn’t only to soothe crying babies. On Friday, Obama paid tribute to the victims of the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima, making him the first sitting American president to visit the city that was hit by the nuclear bomb during World War II. He laid a wreath at the bombing site to symbolize the efts to abolish nuclear arms.虽然奥巴马很擅长哄孩子,但是他在日本的任务并不只是安慰哭闹的孩子周五,奥巴马向广岛第一次原子弹爆炸的受难者致以敬意二战期间,美国将第一枚原子弹投在广岛,而奥巴马成为第一个访问广岛的美国总统奥巴马在爆炸地点献上花圈,来表示废除核武器的决心Love him or hate him, it’s pretty clear there’s no debate that Obama has certain magical powers with babies around the world. His latest encounter with the diaper-clad baby during Japan visit showed that his side job as baby whisperer simply can’t be ignored.不管是喜欢还是讨厌奥巴马,你都不能否认他对全世界的孩子拥有神奇的能力奥巴马在日本哄穿尿布的小孩表明,我们不能忽视也许他的副业可以做一名儿语专家全世界最高最长的隧道滑梯开放了 --3 3:56:3 来源: 你现在可以买世界上最高最长的隧道滑梯的门票了 You can now buy tickets the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide at London’s ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower, which opens to the public the first time tomorrow.你现在可以买世界上最高最长的隧道滑梯的门票了,这个位于伦敦ArcelorMittal轨道塔的滑梯明天要向公众正式开放了Artist Carsten H?ller -- developing on an initial proposal by Bblur Architecture -- has designed the 8 m-long (58 ft) helter skelter slide. It’s the latest intervention to the 1 meter-tall (377 ft) Orbit, conceived by Anish Kapoor the Olympics, following an abseiling attraction completed last year.艺术家Carsten H?ller,设计了这个——由Bblur建筑工作室初步规划的——全长8米(58英尺)的极速滑梯它能够媲美Anish Kapoor为奥运会设计并于去年完成的1米高(377英尺)的绳降轨道"Since 1999, I have built a number of slides, both free-standing and attached to buildings, but never onto another artwork as in this case," says H?ller, who installed a pair of spiraling slides at the Hayward Gallery an exhibition last summer.“自1999年,我建造了不少滑梯,都独立地附在建筑物上,但从来没有像这次这样放在另一件艺术作品上,” H?ller说,他去年在Hayward Gallery安装了一个双螺旋滑梯"Now that the two artworks will be intertwined with each other, I see it as one of these double situations that I am so interested in."“现在这两个作品彼此交织,我把它看做是我很喜欢的双重局面”The Orbit Tower slide will be made up of 30 sections -- of which are now complete -- and feature turns, including a tight corkscrew twist. It starts at a height of 7 meters and has a top speed of miles per hour, taking 0 seconds to go down.轨道塔的滑梯由部分组成——其中个已经完成——个转弯,包括一个紧的螺旋扭曲它从7米高的地方开始,最高时速达到英里,下来需要0秒Tickets the attraction cost ? ($) and include access to the Orbit’s viewing platm.坐滑梯的票价是欧(美元),包括轨道的观景平台London isn’t the only city expecting a helter skelter either, with plans afoot a glass slide 1,000 ft up Downtown LA’s US Bank Tower.并不只有伦敦在建造极速滑梯,洛杉矶要在美国塔建造00英尺的玻璃滑梯五常市做输卵管复通多少钱

哈市四院收费怎么样你不是真正的快乐:向前七步 找回本真(双语) --30 :3:51 来源: You receive a promotion and are extremely proud. As the day goes by, you share your great news with your loved ones and find yourself feeling increasingly happy. Fast ward a week later, and although you are still feeling proud, the happiness you initially felt is dwindling, and your success has become just another check on your list.你得到升职,别提有多自豪了在这一天,你和自己爱的人分享好消息,感觉越发快乐一星期后,尽管你仍觉得自豪,最初的快乐却在消逝,而你的成功,只成了你在自己清单上打勾的一项You are not sure why, but know this is a cycle you find yourself in often -- a cycle where your happiness seems to be temporary and your success is short lived.你不明白为什么,但知道这是一个你常常经历的循环——在这个循环里,你的快乐看似短暂,你的成功转瞬即逝This m of happiness is not true happiness, which is why it did not last. True happiness exists within and does not waver regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in. It does not come from a promotion or a vacation, it comes from moving ward as life does. Everyone is born with happiness, but as you experience life, it becomes tainted by situations or people. Getting to a point where you are again tapping into your true happiness can be very challenging, particularly people who are sensitive, intuitive, or empathic, but here you will find seven steps to help make the process easier yourself.这种快乐,不是真正的快乐真正的快乐来自内心,不随你所处环境改变它不因升值或者假期而来,而是随着生活向前走每个人天生快乐,但随着生活经历,这种快乐被各种情况或者人污染到了这个时候,想要找回真正的快乐,会是很挑战的事情,尤其对敏感的、直觉型的,或者有恻隐之心的人而言但以下七个步骤,会让你重找快乐的过程容易一些Step 1: Let the past go步骤1:放开过去Holding on to the past keeps you in place of ungivingness, resentment, pain, longing, and regret as opposed to the opposite. It also keeps you stuck, which often creates an unfulfilling present. Start giving today and unravel all those years of pain. Let go of resentment and give those who have hurt you or who you have hurt, overcome mistakes made, and get regrets. Allow yourself to move ward and let go at the end of each day.抓住过去不放,让你停留在埋怨、怨恨、痛苦、渴望和后悔之中,而你本该有这些的反面放不开过去也让你受困,这常常制造出一种对当下的不满今天开始原谅和解开过去这些年的痛苦丢掉怨恨,原谅那些伤害过你的和你伤害过的人们,战胜曾犯过的错,忘记后悔的事在每天的结束的时候,让自己向前走,放开过去的事Step : Accept yourself and others步骤:接受自己和他人Comparing yourself to others will keep you in a place of not being good enough or them not being good enough; either way coming to a point of "not enough." If there is a feeling or thought of not enough, no matter what you or others accomplish and receive in life, it will not be enough. Accepting that everyone is unique and has their own life to live will make it easier to accept them and yourself.将自己和他人比较,你总会觉得自己或者他人不够好;无论哪种都会归结到“不够好”的一点如果有不够好的感觉或想法,无论你或其他人在生活中完成什么,收到什么,它总是不够好每个人都是独特的,有他们自己的生活,认识到这点会让你更容易接受他人和自己Step 3: Connect to your source步骤3:连接自己的本源Connecting to your source means connecting to who you are, what your beliefs are, and what spirituality means to you. It means having a clear understanding of these and matching your actions as you give yourself permission to live as who you are.连接自己的本源,意味着去联系到你是谁,你的信仰是什么,精神生活对你而言意味着什么它意味着对这些问题有清晰的理解,同时对应地匹配你的行为,因为你允许自己以真我生活Step : Trust in yourself步骤:信赖自己Trusting in yourself means trusting your inner truth, even when it does not match that of others, and living and speaking it. It means being confident with choices and decisions you make and trusting the path you are on. It means trusting that you want the best yourself and will not allow anyone or anything to hurt you. This also helps you see the best in everything and everyone, making you feel safe.信赖自己意味着相信你内心的真理,即使在它和其他人的想法不符的时候,同时去实践它,讲出来这意味着对自己的选择和决定感到自信,相信你在走的这条路这意味着相信你想要对自己而言最好的,不会允许任何人或事物伤害你这也帮助你看到每个事物和每个人最好的地方,给你安全感Step 5: Take responsibility步骤5:负起责任Taking responsibility is more challenging than it sounds, but understanding that everything happens a reason and that you do have choice when something does not play out the way you thought it would will help with the process. You have a choice on how you are going to let it affect your life. Even if life brings you what you did not have in mind, embrace it. Take responsibility of yourself and choose to see the blessing in everything.负责任比听起来更具挑战但是每件事发生都有其原因,而当事情不如你所想的方向发展时,你是有选择权的懂得这点,会对你负起责任的过程有所帮助你可以选择它将怎样影响你的生活即使生活给你没想过的,接受它对自己负起责任,同时选择去看到每个事物的闪光点Step 6: Adapt an attitude of gratitude步骤6:心存感恩Your attitude paves the way of your path, and any sort of negativity will create an ungrateful experience. Adapting an attitude of gratitude and appreciating everything, specially the small stuff, will make life more enjoyable you. It will also help you become more optimistic and positive. Practice waking up and being grateful simply being alive that day and see the ripple effect it creates.你的态度铺就了你所走的路,而任何形式的负面能量会制造一种负心的经历培养感恩的心态,欣赏每件事物,特别是细小之处,会让你的生活更享受这也会帮你变得更加乐观和积极练习醒来的时候仅仅为自己那天还活着心存感恩,看看这样做带来的连锁反应吧Step 7: Create change步骤7:创造改变Instead of waiting something to happen, go out and make things happen. Listen to yourself and make changes wherever you feel compelled. If you want to improve the relationship between you and your mother, then go and create the change you want to take place in your life. If you are wanting more of an emotional connection, lead the way and set the tone. Create change where you want it, and happiness will naturally seep out of you with each step you take in the direction of your goal.不再等待某事的发生,走出去,让事情发生倾听自己内心,有冲动的时候就去做出改变如果你想要改善自己和母亲之间的关系,那就去创造你想要生活发生的改变如果你更想要一种情感上的联系,领路奠定基调吧在自己想要的地方制造改变,那么在你接近目标的每一步,快乐都会自然渗透哈尔滨三院门诊专家预约 房间脏乱差到不忍直视,英文如何形容? --30 :59: 来源:chinadaily 对于网络时代的宅男宅女们来说,这世界上最悲催的事情恐怕就是家里有个爱干净勤打扫的老妈,要不就是摊上一个“处女座”的室友当你沉浸在虚拟世界里无法自拔时, 他们的碎碎念总能把你拉回到邋遢的现实中这些年常被他们叨叨的那些凌乱,英文里你知道该怎么说吗? 1. Clothes are strewn all over the floor. 衣扔的满地都是 . Food is splattered all over the microwave. 吃的东西都洒到微波炉上了 3. The refrigerator is full of moldy food. 冰箱里的食物都发霉了 . There’s a film of grease around the stove. 炉灶周围积了厚厚一层油腻 5. Dirty dishes are just sitting in the sink. 那些脏盘子在洗漱池里睡大觉呢 6. A thick layer of dust has built up on all the shelves. 所有的架子上都积了一层厚厚的灰尘 7. There are cobwebs in the corners. 墙角到处都是蜘蛛网 8. The drains are clogged with hair. 下水道都被头发堵住了 9. The windows and mirrors have smudges all over them. 窗户和镜子上到处都是污渍 . Old newspapers are piled up in the corner. 角落里堆满了废旧报纸哈市二院电话

松北区中医医院在线回答双语:英国男子得怪病 啃啃马铃薯就“醉死” -- :9:00 来源:   We all wish there were cheaper, easier ways to get drunk.  我们都希望更廉价,更便捷的醉生梦死过去  However one British man has revealed how he can get drunk by simply eating chips or mashed potatoes.  但是有一个英国男子爆料:自己是如何简简单单吃吃薯条啃啃马铃薯就“醉死”过去的  Nick Hess suffers from ‘auto-brewery syndrome’, which means his stomach has anovergrowth of yeast which turns any carbohydrates he eats into alcohol.  尼克·赫斯患有“自动酿酒厂症候群”,得这种病意味着他胃里的酵母过多,导致任何他吃下去的糖分都会变成酒精   years Nick would wake up feeling sick, or often suddenly feel drunk after meals.  多年以来,尼克醒来的时候都觉得很难受,常常吃个饭就醉倒了  His wife even started searching the house bottles, convinced he was a secret alcoholic.  他的妻子甚至开始满屋子搜罗酒瓶,深信不疑她丈夫就是个“隐性酒鬼”  Friends often thought he was drunk even when no alcohol had passed his lips.  朋友们也都常常觉得他喝醉了,明明他嘴唇上滴酒未沾  While in hospital, and still under suspicion of being a closeted alcoholic, Nick was feed a meal heavy in carbs which caused his blood alcohol level to shoot up to 0 milligrams per 0 millilitres of blood – which is the equivilant of doing seven straight shots of whiskey.  在医院里,仍有秘密酒鬼嫌疑的情况下,尼克吃下一大顿碳水化合物,从而引起他血液中的酒精量飙升至0毫克0毫升——完全等同于喝下7大瓶威士忌啊  After being diagnosed he was given anti-fungal drugs and put on a low carb diet to combat the condition, however he still experiences one or two episodes a month.  诊断之后,他领了一些坑真菌药物并吃低碳水化合物来对抗病症,但是一个月他还是要发病1、次 当米老鼠变成美食,会发生什么? -- ::55 来源:sohu 米奇北京烤鸭披萨 对一天天繁重的家务或者工作感到厌倦吗?快让这些可爱的佳肴带你找回状态吧!以这个欢乐的小动物精心设计的菜肴,一定会让你重现笑容对于那些喜爱米老鼠的人们,我想,这些佳肴你绝对不想错过! Tired of the day's chores or burdened by your heavy workload? Treat yourself to a sunny dish that brings you back in time! The delicately designed Mickey Mouse dishes, with the shape and features of the happy little creatures, are sure to bring a smile to your face. Mickey Mouse fans, these are definitely dishes you wouldn't want to miss! 米奇煎饼 米奇(和它的朋友们)饭团 米奇大圆蹄 米奇肉包amp;米妮红豆包 米奇滑蛋饭 米奇京味闷羊腱 米奇冰棒 迪士尼家族马卡龙 English Source: China daily黑龙江省社会康复医院生孩子好吗哈尔滨阿城市妇幼保健院好不好网址



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