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烟台山医院光子脱毛手术多少钱山东省青岛胶州市玻尿酸价格Oil and the world economy原油和世界经济The new Greece?又一个希腊?How to assess the risks of a 2012 oil shock如何评价2012石油危机的风险WITH the euro crisis in abeyance, high oil prices have become the latest source of worry for the world economy. “Oil is the new Greece” is a typical headline on a recent report by HS analysts. The fear is understandable. Oil markets are edgy; tensions with Iran are high. The price of Brent crude shot up by more than a barrel on March 1st, to 8, after an Iranian press report that explosions had destroyed a vital Saudi Arabian oil pipeline. It fell back after the Saudis denied the claim, but at 5, crude is still 16% costlier than at the start of the year.欧元危机悬而未决,高油价又令世界经济为之头痛。在汇丰分析师最近的报道中,头条便是“原油成为又一个希腊” ,这种担忧是可以理解的。国际原油市场变幻莫测,伊朗局势依然紧张。据一家伊朗媒体报道,一次爆炸损坏了沙特阿拉伯一条至关重要的石油管道。布伦特原油价格应声上扬,三月一号每桶价格暴涨到128美元,涨幅超过5美元。随后沙特当局否认了这一报道,价格出现一定回落,但依然高达125美元,原油价格较年初上涨16%。Assessing the dangers posed by dearer oil means answering four questions: What is driving up the oil price? How high could it go? What is the likely economic impact of rises so far? And what damage could plausible future increases do?要评估随之而来的风险,就得回答以下四个问题:是什么在推高油价?油价会高到什么地步?到目前为止,价格上涨可能带来的经济影响是什么?未来似乎合理的价格增长会造成怎样的损害?The origins of higher prices matter. Supply shocks, for instance, do more damage to global growth than higher prices that are the consequence of stronger demand. One frequent explanation of the current rise is that central-bank largesse has sent oil prices higher. In recent months the world’s big central banks have all either injected liquidity, expanded quantitative easing (printing money to buy bonds) or promised to keep rates low for longer. This flood of cheap money, so the argument goes, has sent investors into hard assets, especially oil. But since markets are forward-looking, the announcement rather than the enactment of QE should move oil prices; indeed, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, disappointed markets last month by not signalling another round of QE (see Buttonwood). Moreover, if rising prices are being driven by speculators you should see a rise in oil inventories—exactly the opposite of what has happened.其中较高价格的起源关系重大。举例来说,供给冲击对全球增长的危害要远大于需求增加导致的价格上涨。一种常见的解释是,中央增加货币供给推动了价格上涨。最近的几个月里,世界各大央行都向市场注入了流动性,实行量化宽松政策(印更多的钞票购买债券)或者承诺现行的低利率将维持一段时间。这样一大批廉价货币让投资者涌入了硬资产领域,特别是石油,因此争论还在继续。但由于市场具有前瞻性,所以左右油价的应该是官方声明而不是量化宽松政策的实施。实际上,美联储主席本﹒伯南克并没有签署另一轮量化宽松政策(见《梧桐》),这一举动无疑挫败了市场信心。此外,如果价格被投机者操控,那么原油存货应该增加,而事实却恰好相反。Central banks may have affected oil indirectly, by raising global growth prospects, which in turn buoy expectations for oil demand. Circumstantial evidence supports this thesis. The recent rise in oil prices has coincided with greater optimism about the world economy: a euro-zone catastrophe and a hard landing in China both appear less likely and America’s recovery seems on stronger ground.中央可以通过上调全球经济增长预期间接地影响原油价格,转而提升原油需求的增长预期。有间接据撑这一论点。最近的油价上涨与对世界经济的过分乐观是一致的:欧元区的灾难和中国的硬着陆似乎都不太可能上演,美国经济复苏的后劲十足。But slightly rosier growth prospects are only part of the story. A more important driver of dearer oil has been disruptions in supply. All told, the oil market has probably lost more than 1m barrels a day (b/d) of supply in recent months. A variety of non-Iranian troubles, from a pipeline dispute with South Sudan to mechanical problems in the North Sea, have knocked some 700,000 b/d off supply. Another 500,000 b/d or so of Iranian oil is temporarily off the market thanks both to the effects of European sanctions and a payment dispute with China.但稍微乐观了一点的增长预期只是故事的一个部分,高油价一个更重要的推动因素是供给中断。总而言之,在最近几个月里,国际原油市场大概每天要减少一百万桶的原油供给。从南苏丹石油管道纠纷到北海机械故障,各种各样的非伊朗问题每天就会减少70万桶的原油供给量,另外50万桶左右临时的伊朗石油供给减少要归因于欧盟制裁和与中国的付纠纷。The cushion of spare supply is thin. Oil stocks in rich countries are at a five-year low. The extent of OPEC’s spare capacity is uncertain. Saudi Arabia is pumping some 10m b/d, a near-record high. And there is the threat of far bigger supply disruptions if Iran were ever to carry out its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, through which 17m barrels of oil pass every day, some 20% of global supply. Even a temporary closure would imply a disruption to dwarf any previous oil shock. The 1973 Arab oil embargo, for instance, involved less than 5m b/d.备用原油的缓冲效果已经不太显著,其中富国的原油储备处于五年来的历史低位。欧佩克的剩余产能大小无法确定,而沙特阿拉伯正在创造历史新高——以每天1000万桶的速度生产原油。如果伊朗真的关闭霍尔木兹海峡——这里每天有1700万桶原油通过,大约占世界原油供给量的20%——那么将会出现更大的供给中断威胁。即使只是暂时关闭,所带来的负面影响也将超过以前任何一次原油冲击。例如,在1973年阿拉伯石油禁运中,每天的原油供给减少多达500万桶。Separating out these various factors is not easy, but Jeffrey Currie of Goldman Sachs reckons that the fundamentals of supply and demand have pushed oil prices to around 8 a barrel. He thinks the remaining increase is down to fears about Iran. If so, should relations with Iran improve, the oil price might go down by a few dollars, but stay close to 0.分离出这些不同的因素有一定难度,但高盛公司的杰弗里#8226;柯里估计,供给和需求的基本面已经推动油价达到每桶118美元左右,余下的增长源于对伊朗问题的担忧。按照他的说法,如果改善与伊朗的关系,石油价格可能下行几美元,但仍会接近120美元。Globally, the damage from price increases to date is likely to be modest. A rule of thumb is that a sustained 10% rise in the price of oil shaves around 0.2% off global growth in the first year, largely because dearer oil shifts income from oil consumers to producers, who tend to spend less. For now any impact is almost certainly outweighed by improvements elsewhere, particularly in the easing of the euro crisis. Despite dearer oil, the prospects for global growth are still better than they were at the beginning of the year.在全球范围内,价格上涨造成的伤害到目前为止可能还是适度的。有一条经验法则是油价每持续增长10%,全球经济增长率就会下跌0.2%,很大程度上是因为高油价将收入从石油消费者转向生产者,所以生产者往往损失更小。现在几乎可以肯定地说,其他方面的改善完全可以抵消任何冲击,尤其是解决欧元危机。尽管油价高涨,全球经济增长的前景依然好于年初。But the impact on growth and inflation in individual countries will differ. In America, a net importer which taxes fuel lightly, the standard rule is that a increase in oil prices (which corresponds to a 25-cent rise in the price of petrol) knocks around 0.2% off output in the first year and 0.5% in the second year. That would slow, but hardly fell, an economy that is widely expected to grow by more than 2% this year.但是对经济增长和通胀的影响在不同的国家是有所区别的。美国作为一个石油净进口国和燃油税负较轻的国家,一个标准的规则是:石油价格增长10美元(相当于汽油价格增长25美分),会降低第一年0.2%左右的产出,第二年则会下降约0.5%。普遍预期其今年的经济增长将超过2%,看来增长会减速,但不太可能下降。There are in any case several reasons why America may be more resilient to dearer oil than in recent years. The jump in petrol prices has been far smaller than in 2011 or 2008. Rising employment gives consumers more income with which to pay for fuel. And America’s economy is becoming ever less energy-intensive, and less dependent on imports. Oil consumption has fallen in the past two years, even as GDP has risen.在任何情况下,美国都可以比近年来更有效地抵御昂贵的石油。究其原因,可以有以下几点:汽油价格的涨幅远小于2011年或2008年;逐步上升的就业给予消费者更多收入,从而用它来付燃料花销;以及美国经济正在远离能源密集型,更少地依赖进口。在过去的两年里, GDP上涨的同时石油消费却在下降。Americans are driving less, and they are buying more fuel-efficient cars. Net oil imports are well below their 2005 peak, which means more of the money Americans spend on costlier oil stays within its borders. The development of copious amounts of natural gas means gas prices have plunged. That, coupled with an unusually mild winter, has kept bills for home heating unusually low. In January the share of consumers’ spending on energy products was the second-lowest in 50 years. These factors do not imply that America is impervious to spiking oil, but they do suggest the impact of price rises to date will be modest.美国人比以前少开车了,他们在购买油耗更低的汽车。净进口的石油远低于2005年的高峰时期,也就意味着美国人把更多的钱花在昂贵的石油上面并停留在美国境内。大规模发展天然气意味着天然气价格开始大幅下降。再加上异常温和的冬季,家庭供暖开销也异常之低。今年一月份,消费者的能源产品出份额在近50年中处于第二低位。虽然这些因素并不意味着美国能够独善其身,但它们确实表明了价格上涨的影响是有限的。Europe is more exposed. European countries, which tax oil more heavily than America, have typically seen a smaller impact on growth from changes in the oil price. But this time they may be relatively more affected, because most economies are aly stagnant or shrinking. Worse, Europe’s weakest peripheral economies are also some of the biggest net importers. Greece, for instance, is highly dependent on imported energy, of which 88% is oil. Even the price rises to date will worsen the euro-zone recession; a big jump could spawn a deep downturn and fracture the confidence of markets.欧洲更明显。欧洲国家的石油税负比美国更重,通常可以看出油价的增长变化对其造成较小的影响。但这次他们可能相对更容易受影响,因为大部分经济体已经停滞或萎缩。更糟的是,欧洲最弱的边缘经济体中也有一些位于最大的石油净进口国之列。举例来说,希腊是个高度依赖能源进口的国家,而其中88%是石油。目前的价格上涨将进一步加剧欧元区衰退,一个大的跳跃就可能造成深刻的经济倒退并摧毁市场信心.Britain is relatively insulated. Although it is a net oil importer, it has significant resources in the North Sea. Any losses to the consumer from dearer fuel are partially offset by gains in the oil and gas sector itself. But even in Britain the net effect of price increases to date could be more damaging than usual, particularly since they reduce the odds of sharply falling inflation. Lower inflation, and a rise in real incomes, are one reason British policymakers hoped to see the economy improve this year.英国相对安全。尽管英国是一个石油净进口国,但它在北海有明显的资源优势,消费者在昂贵的燃料上产生的任何损失都能被石油和天然气行业增加的收益部分抵消。即便如此,油价上涨对英国的影响也比以往更为不利, 特别是因为它们减少了通货膨胀急剧下降的可能性。低通货膨胀和增加的实际收入,是英国决策者所希望看到的今年经济改善的一个方面。Barrels, no laughs百不一贷In emerging economies the picture is even more disparate. Oil exporters, from Venezuela to the Middle East, are gaining; oil importers will see worsening trade balances. In 2008 and 2011, the main effect of dearer fuel in emerging economies was on inflation. That is less of a worry now, largely because food prices, which make up a much bigger part of most emerging economies’ consumption basket, are stable.新兴经济体之间的差异更大。从委内瑞拉到中东, 石油出口国都是贸易顺差,而石油进口国将会面临不断恶化的贸易平衡。2008年和2011年,燃料价格高昂是新兴经济体通货膨胀的主要原因。但如今不同了,占多数新型经济体消费组合很大比重的食品价格较为稳定。But some countries will face problems. In the short term, some of the hardest-hit emerging economies will be in eastern Europe. They will suffer not only from more expensive oil but also from the weakening of European export markets.但是有些国家将面临一些问题。在短期内,一些受冲击最大的新兴经济体将会出现在东欧。他们将忍受的不仅仅是愈加昂贵的石油价格,还有不断疲软的欧洲出口市场。India is also a concern. Fuel is a big component of its wholesale-price index, for example, so inflation will rise as higher oil prices are passed through to domestic fuel costs. To the extent they are not, the budget will be hit. India regulates—and heavily subsidises—the price of diesel and kerosene. According to Deutsche Bank, diesel prices have risen by only 31% since January , whereas the price of crude oil in rupees is up by 180%. The difference is a result of subsidies, frustrating India’s efforts to reduce its budget deficit.印度也被波及。燃料是其批发价格指数一个很大的组成部分,因此,高油价将通过国内燃料成本导致通货膨胀率上升。印度调控并大量补贴柴油和煤油价格,这一点反映在财政预算上。据德意志统计,从年1月开始柴油价格上涨了31%,而在卢比市场原油价格已增长了180%。所不同的是补贴政策的效果——挫败印度减少预算赤字的努力。So oil is not the new Greece. More expensive oil is, for now, doing little harm to global growth. But it is not helping Europe’s more fragile economies. And if the Strait of Hormuz is threatened, the resulting surge in oil prices will spell the end of the global recovery.所以石油不是又一个神话。高企的石油价格对全球经济增长的危害会少一些,但这并不能缓解欧洲愈加脆弱的经济。如果霍尔木兹海峡的正常运营受到威胁,油价上涨将会宣告全球复苏的结束。 /201307/247190在青岛地区青医附院治疗痘痘多少钱 Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:My youngest daughter, ;Eve,; is 15 and recently started her sophomore year in high school. She used to be a vibrant, social girl who would spend days hanging out with friends. She smiled and laughed often.我最小的女儿“伊芙”15岁了,最近她刚上高二。从前她是那种富有活力,喜欢整天与朋友们出去玩的社交女孩。她总是喜欢笑。Recently, she has become reclusive. I rarely see her smile or laugh. She comes home from school, does homework and spends the rest of the night in her room staring at the ceiling. Im very worried and dont know what to do. Eve wont talk to anyone in the family, and she has been turning down invitations to go out with her friends. Please help me.近来,她变得封闭起来。我很少看见她笑。从学校回到家,除了做作业便整晚盯着房间的天花板。我非常担心,也不知道该怎么办。伊芙甚至不与家里人谈话,朋友邀请她出去玩也被她拒绝了。请帮帮我。Dear Memphis:亲爱的孟菲斯:There could be any number of things going on. Here are a few things to look for: Is Eve being bullied or harassed at school by other students? By boys? By teachers? Is she struggling with academics? Has she been rejected by a romantic interest? Might she be having a problem with her sexual identity? Is she taking drugs or using alcohol? Is she depressed?可能发生了很多事情。以下是需要关注的一些事情:伊芙是不是在学校受欺负了或者被骚扰了?是男同学?还是老师?还是与学习成绩有关?还是因为被喜欢的人拒绝了?也许她正在因自己的性别而感到烦恼?她是不是在嗑药,酗酒?她患上忧郁症了吗?First, Eve should have a thorough medical checkup because often the problem is physiological. If that isnt the case, open up a dialogue, calmly and lovingly, and listen with an open mind. You also should make an appointment with the school counselor.首先,应该带伊芙进行一次全面的体检,这种情况往往是身体出了毛病。如果不是这方面的原因,冷静而充满关爱地与她谈一次话,用心倾听。另外,您还应该安排与学校班主任见一面。原文译文属!201306/244799Noise pollution can cause just as many damaging effects on peoples health as other forms of pollution. 噪音污染同其他形式的污染一样会对人们的健康产生破坏性的影响。Exposure to excessive noise can cause hearing loss, stress, lack of sleep, irritability, indigestion, heartburn, high blood pressure and ulcers. 处于过强的噪音之下会引起听力丧失、压力过大、睡眠不足、易怒、消化不良、心脏疼痛、高血压和溃疡。In 1985, the Noise Control Act was enacted; however, the law is too lax and is seldom adequately enforced. 1985年颁布了噪音控制法案,然而这项法律过于宽松,基本上都没强制执行过。Fortunately, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) plans to have amendments to the law passed by the end of the year. 可喜的是,环境保护计划针对今年年底的法律作出修订。The revised law would prohibit building renovations and interior decorations at noon, and between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. in residential areas. 修订后的法案将禁止中午12点,晚上6点到8点在居民区进行建筑装修和室内装饰。The EPA also plans to ban karaoke singing at home during lunchtime and from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. 环保署还计划禁止在午饭时间,以及晚10点到早8点期间在家里唱卡拉OK。Those who violate the amended law would be fined a maximum NT,000. 那些违犯这些修正案的人,将被罚以最高金额为3万台币的罚金。Hopefully the revision to the Act will be passed as scheduled. 这项修正案有望按计划得以通过。More importantly, it must be strictly enforced. 更重要的是修正案通过后,必须确保有效地将之贯彻下去。Authorities responsible for implementing the law, especially environmental protection authorities and the police, must never shirk their duties in enforcing legislation. 负责执行法律的部门,特别是环境保护部门和警局,必须尽职尽责实施该项法律。Other steps should be taken to protect people from the damaging effects of environmental noise. 当局还要采取其他措施来保护人们免于环境噪音的负面影响。Such steps include locating residential buildings as far from noise sources as possible, banning the honking of car horns in certain areas, and planting more trees in front of buildings to absorb noise.这些措施包括住房要远离噪声源,在某些地区禁止鸣笛,同时在建筑楼前种更多的植被吸收噪音。201307/249571平度人民医院可以吗

青岛海慈医院收费高吗Transatlantic espionage横跨大西洋的谍战The lives of others窃听风暴European governments should not kick up a fuss about American spying. They have too much to lose欧洲国家政府不应为了“棱镜”门而大吵大闹。因为他们将损失惨重NOBODY likes to be spied on, especially by their allies, so it is hardly surprising that Europeans are angry about American espionage operations conducted against them, on their territory. These include spying on the European Union embassy in Washington, DC (with a bug in the fax machine), and on the governments of France, Germany and other countries, as well as the collection of large amounts of electronic data—in Germany’s case half a billion phone calls, e-mails and text messages every month. In a country where Gestapo and Stasi crimes still leave dark shadows, and privacy rights have near-religious significance, that causes outrage.没人喜欢被监控,更不要说被自己的盟友监控了。所以,当欧洲国家发现,美国人在对他们实施监控、还是在自己的地盘上时,会火冒三丈就不足为奇了。美国不仅监控了欧盟驻华盛顿大使馆(在其传真机内植入窃听器)、法德等其他国家政府,还搜集了大量电子数据——就德国而言,其电话、邮件、信息的被监控量每月达五亿。在德国,盖世太保(Gestapo)和斯塔西(Stasi)曾犯下许多罪行,人们心头的阴影还没消散,加之隐私权的神圣性在这里堪比宗教,美国的窃听行为可谓激起了民愤。Many Europeans see in the disclosure further evidence of American arrogance and unaccountability—just another episode in a story that includes an illegal war in Iraq, drone strikes, “extraordinary rendition”, waterboarding and secret prisons. Some European politicians want a punitive response. One idea is to suspend agreements on sharing financial and other data between intelligence and law-enforcement agencies. Another is to halt talks on a big new transatlantic trade deal. A third is to offer asylum to Edward Snowden, the source of the leaks about his former employer, America’s National Security Agency. He is now marooned at a Moscow airport.在许多欧洲人看来,此次“棱镜”门曝光乃美国人傲慢自大、行事鬼祟的又一明。当人们目睹了发生在伊拉克的非法战争、无人机空袭、“非常规引渡”、水刑、秘密监狱等美国的一系列恶行之后,窃听事件只不过是故事的又一个插曲而已。某些欧洲政客希望对此采取惩罚性对策。第一种方法是,中止情报局、执法机构间的包括金融数据在内的信息共享协议。第二种,暂停最近重要的跨大西洋自由贸易协议谈判。第三种,为爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)提供庇护。正是他对外披露了美国国家安全局(也就是他的前雇主)的秘密文件。目前,斯诺登仍困在莫斯科的一家机场中。But any of these grandstanding approaches would be a mistake. One reason is hypocrisy. France has formidable foreign-intelligence services that spy on America, for economic and political advantage. Much of the intelligence that America gathers—especially in counter-terrorism—is shared with European countries. And much of the American activity in Europe happens in partnership with local agencies, even in Germany. Some of this co-operation may be of borderline legality in the countries concerned. Its disclosure may be embarrassing for politicians there. But that is hardly America’s fault.但是,这些高调的处理方法可能都错了。原因之一——虚伪。法国的外国情报工作做得让人胆颤心惊,它为了经济、政治上的利益,也在监视美国。美国搜集的大部分情报都是与欧洲国家共享的,尤其在反恐方面。而且美国在欧洲的大部分行动,如果没有当地机构的合作是完成不了的,即便在德国也不例外。就相关国家而言,其中的部分合作是否合法可能还无法确定。“棱镜”门可能会让那些国家的政客深陷囧地。不过,这可算不上是美国的错。A second reason is self-interest. America’s security umbrella allows European countries to feel safe from, for instance, the possibility of future Russian aggression while spending little on defence. But Europeans cannot take such protection for granted. In many American eyes, Europeans are aly wobbly, tiresome free-riders who do not police their Islamist extremists properly, breach sanctions, flirt with dictatorships and leak secrets to the Russians and Chinese. America’s armed forces are aly draining away from Europe because of Barack Obama’s “pivot” to Asia and a shortage of cash. The last tanks left in April. A petulant European response to the spy row risks speeding the pull-out.原因之二——自私自利。在美国的安全网保护之下,欧洲国家只需花费少量的国防开,就可以高枕无忧,比如,不用担心俄国可能会在将来大举进犯。但欧洲国家不能把这种保护看作理所当然的。在许多美国人眼中,欧洲国家早已是个摇摆不定、招人厌的“蹭饭一族”形象——他们没有妥善地治理本国的伊斯兰极端主义者,他们违背制裁、和独裁者暗中勾结,向俄国、中国泄漏机密。美国的武装力量已经从欧洲逐渐消失了,因为巴拉克#8226;奥巴马的“战略轴心”转向了亚洲,而且美国缺乏资金。四月份的时候,最后一批坦克撤离了。欧洲要是这么任性地处理窃听风波,可能会加速美方撤离。Europe also has most to gain from a transatlantic trade deal. It desperately needs the extra economic growth an agreement would bring (see article). America wants it too—but it is aly enjoying a moderate economic revival of the sort the Europeans would kill for, and is also involved in negotiating a similar, transpacific pact, on which it can focus its efforts if the spying row makes dealing with the Europeans too difficult.而且,跨大西洋自由贸易协议一旦达成,欧洲将成为最大的收益方。它急需这笔协议推动经济发展、带来额外增长(另见文)。美国也需要,但它的经济已经处于温和的复苏状态,而这样的增长速度正是欧洲竭力想达到的。而且美国也正筹备商议一个类似的跨太平洋协议,这样一来,如果窃听风波严重影响到了它和欧洲国家的谈判,它还可以调整重心,转移到跨太平洋协议上来。It won’t stop the snooping窃听活动不会就此停息Finally, there is the pointlessness of the threat. Even if European governments did cut intelligence links with the Americans, that would not stop the spying. America would continue to conduct operations against all but a handful of truly close allies, such as Canada and Britain. Better to work alongside the Americans, than to treat them as enemies.最后要说的是,此时相挟,毫无意义。就算欧洲国家政府切断与美方的情报线,窃听活动也不会就此停息。除英国和加拿大等少数心腹盟友,美国会继续对所有人实施监控。与其把美国当做敌人,还不如和它并肩作战。None of this changes America’s need to discipline its spies for its own sake. As this newspaper made clear when the Snowden scandal broke, Americans need a much clearer idea of what is being done in their name. But Europe has most to lose from a transatlantic row. So why start one?美国有必要为了自己,好好整顿一下情报部门了。这一点是一切都无法改变的。正如本报在斯诺登丑闻被爆时明确所说,美国需要更清楚地弄明白,(间谍)正以美国的名义在干些什么。但欧洲如果因这起跨大西洋窃听案而和美国闹僵,将会是最大失败者。所以,又何必呢?201307/247536青岛诺德美容医院是私人的吗 When you eat a fatty food, it moves through the stomach andon to the intestines.当你食用富含高脂肪的食物时,脂肪通过胃流入肠道。In the intestines, a number of processes occur to transfer fat from the foodto special fat cells in your body.在肠道中,脂肪经过一系列的消化流程从食物转化为体内的特殊脂肪细胞。First, the gall bladder produces bile that breaks the foods fat droplets into smaller droplets.首先,胆囊分泌胆汁分解食物脂肪滴,使其更小。Next,the pancreas secretes enzymes that attack the fat droplets and break them down into two parts:fatty acids and glycerol.然后,胰腺分泌胰腺酶作用于脂肪滴,将其分解为两个部分:脂肪酸和甘油。This happens because fat droplets are too big to pass through cell membranes.这是因为脂肪滴过大,无法穿过细胞膜。The broken downfat is absorbed by the cells lining the intestine, where it is reassembled into fat molecules andeventually shuttled into the bloodstream with the help of lipoprotein particles.分解的脂肪被肠粘膜细胞吸收,重组成脂肪细胞,最后负载在脂蛋白颗粒上进入血液循环。For the most part fat is stored in the fat cells that compose fatty tissue.大部分的脂肪储存在脂肪细胞内,形成脂肪组织。Think of a fat cell as a tinyplastic bag filled with a drop of fat.脂肪细胞好比一个容纳脂肪滴的塑料袋。Interestingly, fat cells do not multiply.有趣的是,脂肪细胞并不会变多。The body contains a finitenumber of fat cells that expand as they absorb fat.身体内的脂肪细胞数量有限,它们在吸收脂肪后体积膨胀。So how can you make those fat cells smaller?那么,如何使得这些脂肪细胞变小?Eat well and exercise.健康饮食和运动。When you work out, yourbody burns energy, primarily in the form of glucose.运动时,身体消耗葡萄糖以燃烧能量。After breaking down stores of carbohydratesto produce glucose, the body goes after fat, which it breaks down into fatty acids that can also beused to make glucose.当储备的碳水化合物转化成的葡萄糖被完全消耗后,身体就开始分解脂肪,由此产生脂肪酸,而脂肪酸也会产生葡萄糖。201408/324212青岛怎么快速全身美白

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