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A girl wears a face mask as she walks along Whitehall in London, July 30, 2009. (Agencies)Fearful parents are saying no to sleep-overs, banning children as old as 15 from using public transport on their own and watching over their kids like hawks at the local park, according to a new British study.The survey of 6,099 people commissioned by LV Streetwise, a charity that educates children about safety, revealed that nearly a quarter of children aged 15 or under were not allowed to sleep at a friend's house, 60 percent were forbidden to travel on public transport alone and 43 percent can't go to the park without a parent or guardian.It said more than 60 percent of mums and dads think the world is more dangerous than when they were kids."It's difficult for parents to know when is the right time to step back and allow children to experience things on their own, and this report shows just how much things have changed over the last generation," said LV group chief executive Mike Rogers in a statement.In contrast, just four percent of today's adults say they were banned from sleeping-over when they were 15 or younger, only two percent were forbidden to use public transport, and the same number couldn't go out on their own in familiar surroundings, such as their local town or park."Stranger danger" is the number one worry for over half of all parents (54 percent), followed by bullying (47), mugging (47) and road danger (34).On average, children today can look forward to walking to school on their own by the age of 11, use public transport on their own at 12, and babysit their brother or sister by the time they're 14.In contrast, parents say they were allowed to walk to school unaccompanied at the age of nine, use public transport alone by the time they were 11, and babysit a sibling by the time of their 12th birthday.Parents know they are being tougher on their children and over a third said they felt uneasy that their kids do not get the same opportunities as they did to experience freedom as a youngster.LV Streetwise released the survey to launch its safety roadshow, which helps to educate children about safety in the home and outdoors. /201005/102913There are days that leave the best of us feeling worn outand stressed.  生活中我们总会有感到筋疲力尽、压抑不堪的时候。  But ventingyour frustrations is the worst thing you can do, according to scientists.  但科学家研究发现,发泄你的怨气是最糟糕的方法。  Instead, it is better to 'positively appraise' the cause of your stress with acceptance and humour as these are the most effective coping strategies for people dealing with failures.  相反,你最好能“积极评估”压力产生的根源,以接受和幽默的态度来面对,因为这是应对挫败的最有效策略。  Researchers from the University of Kent had 149 students keep a diary for between three to 14 days.  肯特大学的研究人员让149名参与调查的学生记日记,为期3天到14天不等。  Each day, the students detailed their most bothersomefailure, the strategies they used to cope with the failure and how they felt at the end of the day.  学生每天记录他们遭遇的最令人懊恼的失败、克挫折的对策、以及一天结束时的感受。  Their coping strategies included using emotional or instrumental support; self-distraction; denial; religion; venting; substanceuse; self-blame; and behavioural disengagement.  他们的应对策略包括情感或物质持、分散注意力、拒不接受、寻求宗教信仰、宣泄、使用药物、自我批评、以及行为解脱。  Of these, using social support; denial; venting; behavioural disengagement; and self-blame coping had negative effects on satisfaction at the end of the day.  这些策略中,寻求社会帮助、拒不接受、宣泄、行为解脱、及自我批评会削弱一天结束时的满足感。  The more students used these coping strategies in dealing with the day's most bothersome failure, the less satisfied they felt.  受访学生在应对一天中最令人烦恼的挫折时,这些策略使用得越多,他们越是感到不满足。  In contrast, positive reframing or trying to see things in a more positive light; acceptance and humour coping had positive effects on satisfaction.  相比之下,积极地重新规划、尝试以更积极的眼光看待问题、容忍、幽默的处理态度会增加满足感。  The more students used these coping strategies in dealing with failures, the more satisfied they felt at the end of the day.  学生在应对挫折时,这些策略使用得越多,一天结束时满足感越高。 /201107/144435

A new survey carried out by UndercoverLovers.com, a dating website for married people, found that almost 100 per cent of women who cheat on their partners never get caught, whereas the men are not as good at covering their tracks with 17 per cent admitting to getting busted, the Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报》报道,已婚人士交友网站“地下情人网”最近一次调查发现,几乎所有瞒着伴侣搞外遇的女性从没被抓到过,但男人似乎就不那么会掩饰了,他们中有17%的人坦诚自己出轨被另一半抓到。Dr David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, says: ;Women make better liars because they#39;re psychologically more sophisticated. They make plans and have strategies, whereas men are more impulsive. The biggest difference, however, is that women are much better at keeping their affairs a secret.;曼彻斯特城市大学的心理学家大卫·霍姆斯表示:“女性之所以更擅长撒谎是因为她们的心理更复杂。她们会制定计划、部署战略,而男人更容易冲动行事。不过二者最大的区别在于,女性更善于为偷情保密。” /201206/187836

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