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青岛去黑头青岛假体鼻尖整形医院哪家最好青岛日照抽脂医院排名 The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) is earning as much as m a day through the sale of oil to some of its biggest enemies: middlemen from Turkey, Iraq’s Kurdish community and the regime of Bashar al-Assad, according to the US Treasury.The remarks made in a speech to the Carnegie Foundation on Wednesday by undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence David Cohen are likely to raise eyebrows in a region where questions are aly being asked over Ankara’s commitment to fighting Isis and Kurdish fighters are battling to avoid being over-run by the jihadis in the Syrian city of Kobani.“We have made our position very clear on this issue. Both Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt #199;avu#351;o#287;lu and Minister of Energy Taner Y#305;ld#305;z have repeatedly denied that oil has been sold by [Isis] to Turkey,said Tanju Bilgi#231;, the ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson.“We expect our allies to share with us intelligence rather than publicly accuse Turkey. Turkey fights the smuggling of oil with determination [and] confiscated 78m litres of smuggled oil last year.”Iraqi Kurdish officials also issued strong denials. “We have never heard accusations of [the government] being involved. The KRG [Kurdistan Regional Government] doesn’t buy oil from anyone we sell it. We produce about 150,000 bpd [barrels per day] and even more than that is refined,said Eizzat Sabir, an MP in the KRG parliament.He added that there were reports of soldiers helping middlemen sell petrol into Isis-controlled areas. “Right now there are two soldiers who have been arrested over this and are being investigated,he said.Mr Cohen’s speech amounts to one of the most detailed official and public assessments of Isis financial strength to date and underscores the extent to which its brutal zealotry is underwritten by pragmatic methods to boost its power and resources.Though western intelligence officials have long-described the group as the most financially powerful terrorist organisation they have ever confronted, exact details on the jihadi group’s financial clout, and the sources of its wealth, have so far been rarely provided in public. 美国财政Treasury)表示,通过向部分最大敌手出售石油,“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国Isis)每天能获得高00万美元的利润。这些购买ISIS石油的人们包括来自土耳其、伊拉克库尔德人社区和巴沙尔#8226;阿萨Bashar al- Assad)政权的中间人。以上这种说法是美国财政部负责反恐和金融情报事务的副部长戴维#8226;科恩(David Cohen)在卡内基国际和平研究Carnegie Endowment For International Peace)的一个讲话中发表的,它很可能会引发该地区人们的不快。在当地,已经有人对土耳其政府抗击ISIS的决心提出了质疑。与此同时,在叙利亚的科巴尼镇,库尔德武装力量正在激烈战斗,以避免被这些圣战分子赶出该镇。土耳其外交部发言人坦#8226;比尔吉奇(Tanju Bilgi#231;)表示:“对于这个问题,我们已非常明确地表达了我们的立场。土耳其外交部长梅夫吕特#8226;恰武什奥卢(Mevlüt #199;avu#351;o#287;lu)和能源部长塔内尔#8226;耶尔德兹(Taner Y#305;ld#305;z)都曾反复重申,土耳其并未购买过(ISIS的)石油。”“我们希望我们的盟国应分享他们获得的情报,而不是公开指责土耳其。土耳其一直在坚决打击石油走私,去年曾没收800万升走私石油。”伊拉克库尔德官员也对这种说法予以强烈否认。库尔德斯坦地区政府(KRG)议员埃塞#8226;萨比Eizzat Sabir)表示:“我们从来没听到过有关(政府)曾参与此事的指控。KRG从未从任何人手里购买石油——我们是出售石油的。我们每天会生产大约15万桶石油,我们提炼的石油更多。”他补充说,曾有报道称有士兵帮助中间人将汽油销往ISIS控制的地区。他说:“目前,有两名士兵因此事被捕,此案正在调查之中。”到目前为止,科恩的说法差不多是官方对ISIS经济实力的公开评估中最具细节的一个。也从一个方面表明了ISIS的务实程度,他们用十分实用的方式扩充其拥有的资源,提升其影响力,并为其野蛮的狂热行为保驾护航。来 /201410/338099青岛诺德医院预约

青岛市附乳胸部乳房乳晕价格Alexis Tsipras will accept all the bailout creditorsconditions that were on the table last weekend with only a handful of minor changes, according to a letter the Greek prime minister sent late on Tuesday night.根据希腊总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)周二晚上发出的一封信,齐普拉斯将接受纾困债权人提出的所有条件,只有少数地方要做少许改动。The two-page letter, sent to the heads of the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank and obtained by the Financial Times, elaborates on Tuesday’s surprise request for an extension of Greece’s now-expired bailout and for a new, third 29.1bn rescue.英国《金融时报》拿到了这封写给欧盟委员European Commission)、国际货币基金组IMF)及欧洲央ECB)负责人的信。这封信对周二希腊突然提出的延长纾困计划(该计划目前已经到期)的要求、以及申请新一91亿欧元援助计划的要求做了详细阐述。It was sent as eurozone central bankers were preparing on Wednesday to raise the heat on Greece and its banks by restricting their access to emergency loans, a decision that could topple at least one Greek bank.这封信发出之际,欧元区各国央行正准备在周三通过限制对希腊及其的紧急贷款,向希腊及其施压,该决定可能会导致至少一家希腊破产。Although the bailout’s expiry at midnight Tuesday night means the extension is no longer on the table, Mr Tsiprasnew letter, which marks a significant climbdown from his previous position, could serve as the basis of a new bailout in the coming days.齐普拉斯新发出的这封信,标志着他立场的极大转变。虽然周二午夜纾困计划的到期,意味着延长纾困计划期限不再在各方讨论范围之内,这封信或将成为随后几天新一轮纾困磋商的基础。Eurozone finance ministers are due to discuss Mr Tsiprasnew proposal in a conference call at 5:30pm, Brussels time (4.30pm BST).欧元区各国财长定于在布鲁塞尔当地时间下午5点半召开电话会议,讨论齐普拉斯的新提议。Mr Tsiprasletter says Athens will accept all the reforms of his country’s value added tax system with one change: a special 30 per cent discount for Greek islands, many of which are in remote and difficult-to-supply regions, be maintained.在信中,齐普拉斯表示,希腊政府将接受有关希腊增值税体系的所有改革方案,只有一处改动:对希腊群0%的特别折扣依然保留,因为这些岛屿中的许多都位于偏远而难以供应物资的地区。On the contentious issue of pension reform, Mr Tsipras requests that changes to move the retirement age to 67 by 2022 begin in October, rather than immediately. He also requests that a special “solidarity grantawarded to poorer pensioners, which he agrees to phase out by December 2019, be phased out more slowly than creditors request.至于极具争议的养老金改革问题,齐普拉斯要求从10月份才开始推出在2022年以前将退休年龄改7岁的改革举措——而不是马上推出。此外,他还要求向较贫穷的养老金领取人员发放专门的“团结补solidarity grant)”,并同意将0192月份以前逐步停止发放这一补助,这一速度比债权人要求得慢。“The Hellenic Republic is prepared to accept this staff-level agreement subject to the following amendments, additions or clarifications, as part of an extension of the expiring [bailout] program and the new [third] loan agreement for which a request was submitted today, Tuesday June 30th 2015,Mr Tsipras wrote. “As you will note, our amendments are concrete and they fully respect the robustness and credibility of the design of the overall program.”齐普拉斯写道:“希腊共和国准备在经过如下改动、补充或澄清的条件下,接受这一工作人员层面的协议。该协议旨在延长正在过期的(纾困)计划,它也是新的(第三轮)贷款协议的一部分。有关新一轮贷款的请求,已于今天,0150日星期二提交。正如您将注意到的,我们所做的修改十分具体,这些修改全面尊重了整个计划设计中所具备的健壮性和可靠性。”来 /201507/383860威海哪家激光祛斑专业 China on Tuesday warned over escalatingviolence between Myanmars military and rebel forces after a civi lian home washit by shelling from across the border, apparently for the first time in thecurrent unrest.中国一民居被跨境泡弹击中后,中国周二对缅甸政府和叛军之间不断升级的冲突发出了警告。在目前的动荡中,这还是首次发生这样的炮击事件。Beijing has previously warned of a threatto border stability after the dramatic upsurge in ethnic confli ct in the remoteKokang region in Myanmars northeastern Shan state.在缅甸东北部果敢地区的种族冲突发生后,北京就对其边境稳定造成的威胁发出了警告。More than 30,000 people have fled from Myanmar into Chinas Yunnan province, according to Beijings official newsagency Xinhua, but it was the first time authorities confirmed artillery firecrossing the frontier.根据新华社报道,已经万人从缅甸逃往中国云南省,但是这是官方首次确认有炮弹穿过边境。Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Leisaid the incident took place on Sunday when ;some shells fell on Chineseterritory, damaging a civilian home;.中国外交部发言人说这个事件发生在周日,“当时一些炮弹落在中国领土上,损坏了一处民宅。”The unrest has virtually emptied the mainKokang town of Laukkai, the epicentre of the fighting, with str eets in theonce-bustling frontier community transformed into a battle ground.动荡几乎使得果敢的主要城市老街市空无一人,这里是战斗的中心地带。这里之前是熙熙攘攘的边界社区,现在则变成了战场。It is unclear how many people remain in theremote region, which is under martial law and almost cut off from help by aidgroups. There are no official figures on the civilian death toll.目前还不知道有多少人还留在这个遥远的边界地区,目前处于戒严状态,救援组织完全无法进入。平民死亡人数还没有官方的数据。来 /201503/364192青岛整容医院哪家最好

日照下颌角整形多少钱The British Virgin Islands has long attracted Chinese companies looking to incorporate offshore but the Caribbean haven is facing pressure in Hong Kong from a global push to tackle money laundering.被称作“避税天堂”的加勒比海英属维京群岛(British Virgin Islands,简称BVI)正面临来自香港的反洗钱运动压力。长期以来,维京群岛一直对试图创办离岸公司的中国企业有着很大吸引力。HS and Standard Chartered, two international banks with a significant Hong Kong presence, have made it very difficult for BVI companies to open bank accounts in the Chinese territory over the past two years, according to lawyers involved in setting up companies in the offshore financial centre.那些参与过BVI公司注册业务的律师表示,过去两年,BVI的公司很难在香港的汇丰银HS)和渣打银Standard Chartered)创建账户。这两家国际在香港都占有极大市场份额。“You are seeing stronger compliance and the banks themselves are being more risk-averse so they are making it harder to open accounts,said Elise Donovan, head of the BVI office in Hong Kong responsible for Asia.BVI负责亚洲事务的驻港办事处主任埃利#8226;多诺Elise Donovan)表示:“一方面合规要求越来越高,另一方面自身的风险厌恶倾向也越来越强。因此,创建账户变得越来越难。”Europe and the US are stepping up anti-money laundering measures to crack down on tax evasion and terrorism funding, which is forcing banks to strengthen compliance. G20 finance ministers are expected to discuss reforms to tackle tax avoidance when they meet in Cairns this weekend.为打击避税和对恐怖活动的资金持,欧美正在加大反洗钱力度。此举迫使加强合规方面的要求。本周末,二十国集团(G20)的财长将在凯恩斯会晤,预计他们将会讨论应对避税问题的改革措施。HS has become more cautious since 2012 when it paid .9bn in fines for processing drug-trafficking money and sending funds through countriesfacing sanctions. Last month Standard Chartered agreed to suspend clearing services for high-risk clients in Hong Kong in a deal with US regulators.012年被罚款以来,汇丰变得愈发小心。该行当年曾因经手贩毒资金和允许资金流过受制裁国家,被处9亿美元罚款。渣打则在上个月与美国监管机构达成协议,同意暂停为香港高风险客户的结算务。Christopher Bickley, a partner at the law firm Conyers Dill amp; Pearman, said banks were now making it “torturousto open BVI accounts, spurring companies to incorporate in Samoa and the Seychelles. Fiona Le Poidevin, chief executive of Guernsey Finance which promotes the island as a financial centre, said it was “quite a telling storythat HS was refusing to open BVI accounts.康德明律师事务所(Conyers Dill amp; Pearman)合伙人克里斯托弗#8226;比克Christopher Bickley)表示,开设BVI账户正因业的举措而变得“痛苦不堪”,这促使企业转而在萨亚群岛和塞舌尔群岛开办公司。耿西金融Guernsey Finance)首席执行官费奥纳#8226;勒普瓦德Fiona Le Poidevin)表示,汇丰拒绝创建BVI账户“能说明很多问题”。The BVI has been favoured by Chinese companies in Hong Kong for more than three decades. As the UK prepared to hand Hong Kong back to China in 1997, companies rushed to create offshore vehicles in the jurisdiction to protect their assets. Sixty per cent of the BVI’s government revenue comes from financial services, with Asia predominantly Chinese companies accounting for just under half of that.过去三十多年来,BVI一直吸引着许多设立在香港的中国企业。在英国准备997年将香港归还中国之际,许多企业急于在BVI设立离岸公司,以保护它们的资产。BVI政府的收入中0%来自金融务,其中近一半的收入来自以中国企业为主导的亚洲公司。Prior to the 2007 global financial crisis, BVI boasted roughly 750,000 companies or 34 incorporations for each of its 23,000 residents. Incorporations plummeted to 404,000 in 2007 before recovering to reach a post-crisis peak in 2011, but they have fallen each year since.007年全球金融危机以前,BVI的公司数目达到约75万家,而该群岛居民只有2.3万人,平均每4家公司。而在2007年,这一数字大幅减少0.4万家,此后又011年回升到危机后的顶点。不过,自那以来,在BVI开办公司的数目每年都在下降。Michael Gagie, a partner at Maples and Calder which specialises in BVI and Cayman Islands law, said there had been “a little bit of a shake-upin Hong Kong following new guidelines from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the banking regulator, that have resulted in tougher compliance standards.迈克#8226;加吉Michael Gagie)是迈普达律师事务所(Maples and Calder)合伙人,熟知BVI和开曼群岛法律。他说,香港业监管机构香港金融(Hong Kong Monetary Authority)出台的新准则导致合规标准进一步提高,这在香港曾引发“小范围震荡”。HS and Standard Chartered declined to comment on the BVI issue. HS would only say that it was “adopting the highest or most effective financial crime controls and deploying them everywhere we operate while Standard Chartered said “we do continue to tighten controls more generally汇丰和渣打拒绝置评BVI问题。汇丰只是表示,该行“正在采取最高或最为有效的金融犯罪监控手段,并在所有我们运营业务的地方都采用了这些手段”。而渣打则表示“我们确实在继续从更普遍意义上加强监控”。HKMA introduced new anti-money laundering guidelines in 2012 but said it had “not asked banks not to open accounts for corporate customers that are domiciled, incorporated or trade in a particular jurisdiction, such as the British Virgin Islands or Cayman Islands香港金管局新的反洗钱规定是2012年设立的。不过该机构表示,“并未要求不要为在特定司法管辖区——比如BVI或开曼群岛——驻留、创办或开展交易的企业创建账户。”The BVI suffered a blow last year following a mass leak of investor names that hit its reputation for confidentiality. France also put the BVI on a black list for sharing information with regulators too slowly. Ms Donovan said the BVI had taken corrective measures and hoped to come off the list soon.去年,BVI曾由于大规模泄露投资者姓名而遭遇重大打击,这一事件严重伤害了该群岛在保密方面的声誉。此外,法国政府也由于BVI与监管机构分享信息太过迟缓,将该群岛列入黑名单。对此,多诺万表示,BVI已采取了正确措施,希望能尽快从黑名单上除名。As the BVI deals with the hurdles, Orlando Smith, BVI premier, spent last week in Hong Kong and China to drum up business. In an interview he said the jurisdiction faced several challenges, including the leaks case, and industry-wide issues such as tougher regulation. “But the reality is that our financial services remains strong. Our revenue from this continues to grow.”就在BVI努力应对重重障碍之际,BVI总理奥兰#8226;史密Orlando Smith)上周一直在香港和中国内地为该群岛招揽生意。他在一次访谈中表示,该地区目前正面临极大挑战,这其中既包括泄密事件,也包括监管加强之类的全行业问题。“不过,事实是我们的金融务依然很强。来自金融务的收入继续保持增长。”Jonathon Clifton, Asia managing director at Offshore Incorporations, said the past two years had been “pretty toughfor the industry due to economic and political pressures, but that the BVI had suffered most because of the bank account issue. He said the BVI’s share of the market for Chinese incorporations had fallen from 80 per cent to 60-65 per cent since 2012.Offshore Incorporations亚洲管理主任乔纳#8226;克利夫顿(Jonathon Clifton)表示,由于经济和政治压力,过去两年整个行业的处境都“十分艰难”。由于账户问题,BVI受到的打击最大。他表示BVI在中国企业中的市场份额已经从2012年的80%,跌0%5%。The Seychelles gained 20,747 new incorporations from around the world last year, an annual rise of 24 per cent, said Mr Clifton. New registrations in Samoa rose 38 per cent to 5,648.克利夫顿表示,去年全球新组建公司中,塞舌尔群岛占0747家,年度涨幅4%。而在萨亚群岛的新注册公司数则增长了38%,达648家。Lawyers said HS had not explained why BVI was coming under more pressure than places such as the Seychelles and Samoa. Mr Clifton said it was targeting the territory partly because of the number of times it appeared on so-called “suspicious transaction reports and that the BVI was therefore “a victim of its own success多名律师表示,汇丰并未解释为何BVI面临的压力比塞舌尔群岛或萨亚群岛等地区大。对此,克利夫顿表示,该地区会成为众矢之的,部分原因是该地区出现在所谓“可疑交易报告”中的次数太多,于是该地区因此成为“自身成功的牺牲品”。One person familiar with the issue said HS staff had explained that there were some problems integrating its risk systems globally, which meant that one BVI transaction involving multiple jurisdictions could end up being flagged several times.一位知情人士表示,汇丰员工曾解释说,汇丰的风险体系在全球整合过程中存在一定问题,这导致涉及多个司法管辖区的BVI交易多次陷入停滞。HS denied having any such problems. It said it had “developed global standards shaped by the highest or most effective standards of financial crime compliance available in any jurisdiction where HS operates and are now in the process of deploying these globally on a consistent basis不过,汇丰否认存在这种问题。该行表示该行拥有“成熟的全球风险标准,该标准的制定依照了一套最为有效的最高金融犯罪合规标准,这些合规标准由所有汇丰有运营业务的司法管辖区提供。目前,汇丰正在全球统一推行这套标准。”来 /201409/329203 China’s premier, Li Keqiang, has criticised investment flows between the EU and China as “hardly satisfactoryand made a strong appeal for the early conclusion of a bilateral treaty that would give Chinese companies a smoother path to acquiring European counterparts.中国总理李克强批评欧盟和中国之间的投资流动“难以令人满意”,同时强烈呼吁及早缔结一份双边条约,从而让中国企业在收购欧洲同行时能够更加顺畅地进行。Mr Li, who yesterday was in Brussels to co-chair the 17th China-EU summit, also called for the two sides to start a feasibility study for a free trade area to resist protectionism and boost connectivity between Asia and Europe.昨日在布鲁塞尔出席第17次中国欧盟领导人会晤的李克强,还呼吁双方就设立一个自由贸易区开展可行性研究,以抵制保护主义,促进亚洲和欧洲的相互往来。“The scale of two-way investment, a mere bn or less in 2014, is hardly satisfactory given the big size of the Chinese and EU economies and the huge volume of two-way trade,Mr Li said in written answers to questions from the Financial Times and several other European newspapers.“考虑到中国和欧盟经济的巨大规模,以及庞大的双向贸易量014年最多只00亿美元的双向投资规模难以令人满意,”李克强在书面答复英囀?金融时报》和其他一些欧洲报刊的问题时表示。“If a comprehensive, balanced and high-standard investment treaty could be reached early, it will bring opportunity for both sides to combine their respective strengths and form a new pattern of co-operation,Mr Li added, noting that EU-China trade exceeds .7bn a day.“如果一项全面、平衡和高标准的投资协定可以早日达成,它将带来机遇,让双方结合各自的优势,形成新的合作格局,”李克强补充说。他指出,欧盟与中国之间的日均贸易额超过17亿美元。Chinese companies, beset by rising costs and eroding competitiveness in a slowing domestic market, are scouring Europe for acquisition targets to boost technology and brand values. An investment treaty, analysts said, would smooth the path to more EU acquisitions and other direct investments by Chinese companies.在不断放缓的本土市场受到成本上升及竞争力下降困扰的中国企业,正纷纷在欧洲寻觅收购目标,以提升品牌价值和技术水平。分析师们表示,一份投资条约将为中国企业在欧盟进行更多收购和其他直接投资铺平道路。But there is also a geopolitical dimension to Mr Li’s overture stemming from Beijing’s concerns that two large impending global trade deals threaten to sideline China.但是,李克强伸出的橄榄枝也有地缘政治含义,它们源自北京方面对于两项即将来临的全球贸易协定可能排挤中国的担心。Last week, Barack Obama, US president, won the legislative powers he needed to finalise the Trans-Pacific Partnership the biggest trade deal in a generation between the US, Japan and 10 other countries. Concluding the TPP is expected to build momentum for the TTIP, the proposed EU-US trade and investment pact. US and EU trade officials are pushing the deals as one way for America and Europe to maintain their grip on the technical and regulatory standards that form the backbone of trade accords.上周,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)赢得了他在美囀?日本和另外10个国家之间达成一代人以来最大贸易协定——《跨太平洋伙伴关系》(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)所需的立法授权。预计TPP的达成将加强《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定》(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership,简称TTIP)谈判的势头。美国和欧盟贸易官员力推这一协定,称其是让美国和欧洲保持对技术和监管标准(此类标准构成贸易协定的主干)的掌控的一种方式。Keen not to be left out, Mr Li said China was “also open to the TPP希望中国不被挡在门外的李克强表示,中国“也对TPP持开放心态”。China and the EU had prickly relations under Karel De Gucht, the previous EU trade commissioner, who launched an investigation into alleged dumping of Chinese solar panels. He also accused Huawei and ZTE, two Chinese makers of telecommunications equipment, of benefiting from illegal state subsidies.在欧盟前贸易专员卡洛#8226;德古赫特(Karel De Gucht)主持工作期间,中国和欧盟之间关系紧张。德古赫特曾对有关中方倾销太阳能电池板的指控启动调查。他还指责华为和中兴这两家中国电信设备制造商受益于非法的国家补贴。But Brussels found the Chinese were highly effective at dividing EU countries with threats of trade retaliation, for example, against European wine exports.但布鲁塞尔发现,中方在用贸易报复的威胁手段分化欧盟国家(比如针对欧洲葡萄酒出口)方面十分拿手。Under Mr De Gucht’s successor, Cecilia Malmstr#246;m, the tone on China has been more conciliatory and most attention is focused on whether the EU will support China’s push to be accepted as a “market economyin the World Trade Organisation.自德古赫特的继任者塞西莉#8226;马姆斯特罗姆(Cecilia Malmstr#246;m)上任以来,欧方在对华事务上语气比较和缓,大部分注意力集中于欧盟是否持中国争取在世界贸易组织(WTO)被接纳为“市场经济”的努力。Turning to the slowdown in China’s gross domestic product growth, Mr Li said he was confident that the “economy will maintain long-term growthbut ruled out “strong stimulus在谈到中国国内生产总GDP)增长放缓时,李克强表示,他相信“经济将保持长期增长”,但排除了出台“强刺激”的可能性。Beijing signalled its intent to reinforce demand at the weekend by cutting the one-year lending rate by 25 basis points to 4.85 per cent its fourth cut since November and lowering the amount of reserves certain banks are required to hold by 50 basis points.北京方面在刚刚过去的周末削减一年期贷款利率25个基点,.85%(这是自去年11月以来的第四次降息),同时针对某些下调存款准备金0个基点。此举传递出当局提振需求的意图。来 /201507/383709青岛部队医院激光祛痘最佳青岛诺德医院是什么等级




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