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iRe^~6|]Q#A-zP(zB*E*s_l|[[tABA*[C@KR#JbBrian sat down dinner. He sat down in the chair. He sat down at the table. He looked at his white plate. He looked at his silver k. He looked at his silver spoon. His dad said, “Pass me your plate, Brian.”His dad put white rice on the plate. His dad put yellow corn on the plate. His dad put green peas on theplate. He gave the plate back to Brian. “This looks delicious,” Brian said. “It is delicious,” his dadsaid. Brian wondered why corn was yellow. He wondered why peas were green. He wondered if there were yellow peas and green corn.z+;JFtQ%kGb3squI^~RllTfATamgfUaH.TGEdWN.6[!_a1l7PhIo9;U^pgZ 3735

A Baby and a Sock宝宝和袜子The mother gave her baby a red apple. The baby tried to eat the apple. His mouth was too small. And he didnt have any teeth. His brother took the apple. His brother ate the apple. The baby cried. His brother gave the baby a blue ball to play with. The baby smiled. His brother took the ball from the baby. He rolled the ball on the floor. The brown and white dog picked up the ball. The dog chewed on the ball. The baby cried again. His brother picked up the cat. He put the cat on the bed with the baby. The baby pulled the cat tail. The cat jumped off the bed. The dog chased the cat. The baby cried again. His brother let the baby hold a sock. The baby played with the sock. The baby was happy.妈妈给了宝宝一个红苹果宝宝想吃苹果他的嘴太小了而且他没有牙齿他哥哥拿走了苹果他哥哥把苹果吃了小宝宝哭了他哥哥给了宝宝一个蓝色的球玩宝宝笑了他哥哥把球从宝宝那儿拿走了他在地上滚着球棕白相间的捡起了球咬着球玩宝宝又哭了他哥哥拿起了猫他把猫放在床上跟宝宝一起宝宝拽着猫的尾巴猫从床上跳了下来追着猫宝宝又哭了他哥哥让宝宝拿着一只袜子宝宝玩着袜子宝宝很开心译文属原创,,不得转载 83

介绍: Tom当上了家庭主夫,Lynette重返职场,她在面试中尽力要给面试官Nina留下好印象下面是Lynette和Nina的对话 [00:.50]知行英语[00:.01]Listen and Share[00:.01]知行影中影课堂[00:.39]Tom[00:.]Lynette[00:18.]Nina[00:7.35]"It appears there's a seven-year gap [00:9.96]since your last position. [00:31.77]What, did you take some time off?" [00:33.97]"I was a stay-at-home mom. [00:35.9]I wish it had taken time off."[00:38.6]"Boy or girl?"[00:39.38]"A girl. And three boys."[00:3.]"Four kids?"[00:.]"Yeah, of course, [00:5.]they won't get in the way of the job[00:6.]because my husband's staying home [00:8.3]with them from now on." [00:51.70]"I knew I could never do [00:53.]both jobs justice. [00:5.51]That's why I chose not to [00:55.51]have a family. [00:57.67]I didn't want to be one of those [00:58.81]kind of women. [00:59.78]You know, [01:00.7]sloughing things off onto coworkers [01:.]because of a pediatrician appointment [01:.00]or a dance recital. [01:.7]I get really neurotic about putting [01:.]people out." [01:.79]"With all due respect,[01:.79]Nina, won't be an issue.[01:.9]I can leave home at home."[01:.79]"And it's not gonna break your heart [01:.73]to leave those sad little faces behind?" [01:.]"Are you kidding? [01:1.8]This office is paradise. [01:3.6]Grown-ups talking about grown-up things. [01:6.]No screaming, [01:7.63]no vomiting, [01:.38]no boogers under the table. [01:9.76]You're gonna have to drag me [01:30.80]outta here kicking [01:31.73]and screaming - weekends, [01:33.]holidays, whenever." [01:37.0]"All right, Ed wants to[01:38.95]make the final decision.[01:0.9]So I will bring you back tomorrow [01:.65]at three a follow-up." [01:.76]"Well, that, that sounds great. [01:6.]Thank you."[01:7.]"Lynette, be early. [01:8.]Show me something." [01:51.]"Okay."[01:55.]中文大意[:.99]语言点[:.6]What, did you take some time off? [:.7]take some time off[:.9]I want to take two days off.[:5.3]Yeah, of course,[:6.7]they won't get in the way [:7.87]of the job [:.85]because my husband's staying home [:30.50]with them from now on.[:33.1]get in the way[:35.3]be in the way[:.89]The bikes over there [:3.99]will get in the way of others. [:55.95]You know, [:56.63]sloughing things off onto coworkers [:58.6]because of a pediatrician appointment [:00.9]or a dance recital.[:.]Slough[:.8]off连用[:.33]She didn't wanted to slough off [:.66]her responsibility on others.[:.]Pediatrician[:5.3]儿科医生[:30.59]I get really neurotic about [:31.96]putting people out.[:.37]Get neurotic about doing something[:37.6]neurotic[:0.87]神经质的[:3.99]Get neurotic about doing something[:51.39]She got neurotic about getting fat[:57.99]I can leave home at home.[:.37]leave work at work 780

  Nate:I am currently the highest bidder your shirt. I was wondering about the size.Re: It a small.Nate:How is the condition? How old is it?Re: It has never been worn. It was too small me so Im selling it.Nate:Why didnt you return the shirt or exchange it?Re: I got it as a gift so I couldnt take it back. Good luck! I hope it will fit you!参考译文:奈特:我目前是你那件衬衫的最高出价者我想问有关尺寸的问题回信:是小号的奈特:状态怎么样?新旧如何?回信:从没穿过我觉得太小了,所以才要卖掉它奈特:你为什么不退换这件衬衫呢?回信:这是我得到的礼物,所以我无法退回祝好运!我希望你穿会合身!重点词汇:condition (n.)情况,状态This car is in great condition.这辆车的状况不错return (v.)退还I have to return this sweater – it too small.我要退还这件毛衣——太小了exchange (v.)交换You can exchange these jeans within a week of buying them.你可以在购入一星期内退换这些牛仔裤 1937


  A Barking Dog犬吠The lady’s dog barked too much. It barked in the morning. It barked in the afternoon. It barked at night. Every time Kevin walked past the front door, the dog barked. Every time Kevin walked past the back door, the dog barked. Every time anybody walked past, the dog barked. He told the landlord. “That lady’s dog barks too much,” he said. The landlord said he would talk to the lady. But he never did. Kevin wanted to shut the dog up. It was a little dog. But it had a big mouth. The dog’s mouth was bigger than the dog. What could Kevin do? One day he yelled at the dog. He yelled, “Shut up, you stupid dog!” The dog barked at Kevin. The lady got angry. She yelled at Kevin. “Sugar is not stupid. Don’t call Sugar stupid,” she said. “He’s a lot smarter than you are.”这位女士的一直狂叫它早上叫下午叫晚上还叫凯文每次经过前门,都会叫凯文每次经过后门,也会叫不管任何人通过,都会叫他把这件事告诉了房东他说:“女士的老是狂叫”房东说他会跟这位女士说但他从来没有说凯文想让这只住嘴这是一只小但它却有一张大嘴它的嘴比一般的都要大凯文应该怎么做?有一天,他向大叫他叫嚷到:“住嘴,你这只笨!”冲凯文大叫女士生气了她向凯文叫嚷到她说:“甜心不笨不要说它笨他比你聪明多了”译文属原创,,不得转载 3763

  3  Handling Jealousy  Needless to say, the best protection against jealousy is a good relationship, i.e. prevention is better than a cure. If the love can be kept alive and exciting, that is much more effective than trying to rescue a threatened love. Once jealousy has occurred, however, what works best?  Tough it out -- controlling one emotions and becoming even more committed to the loved one.  Selective ignoring -- telling oneself that the desired object (the lover or some achievement) was just not that important.  An openly honest ;I feel...; response. example: you see your partner flirting with a very attractive person at a party. Rather than attacking the partner, what if later you said:; As I watched you with himher, I immediately felt anxious. There were butterflies in my stomach and I started to imagine that you might try to see himher later and get all emotionally involved. The idea of your touching himher really upset me. Im scared you will leave me.; Such an frank, unattacking response, which discloses the true feelings behind the jealousy, should make it easy the flirting partner to respond sympathetically and honestly to the heart of the matter, namely the jealous person hurt and fears. This honesty is usually the best way to handle jealousy.  What is the best protection against being devastated by an actual break-up or the possibility of a break-up? Self-esteem and a belief that your future will work out okay. But esteem has to be developed bee the break up, not afterwards. Some simple techniques may be useful in reducing jealousy: stay active, involving yourself with friends, fun, hobbies, work and self-improvement; thought stopping, reducing the jealousy arousing fantasies; desensitization can reduce the emotional response of jealousy just as if it were a fear; venting will relieve the hurt and angry feelings; seek support from friends and tell them how you feel. Also, you must develop your understanding that jealousy is probably unavoidable to some degree, that you are responsible your feelings, that some partners are so self-centered they can not be faithful, that no love comes with a life-time guarantee, that there may be very good reasons your mer lover to be interested in someone else, etc. Most of us who have been deeply hurt by a rejection know, however, that little can be done about the pain during the first several days or weeks. You can try keep busy and ;keep your mind off of it,; but in the main you just have to tough it out.  Romantic love is selfish. Perhaps the best you can hope is to learn from this relationship and select a better partner and be a better partner next time. If you break up, the most important thing to remember is:;I am a valuable, lovable person regardless of whether you love me or not. It hurts but I can handle it. Ill get on with my life.; me, the best way to get over a lost love (after a month or so) is to begin carefully looking a better relationship. 180要想真正的画好眼部妆容,涂眼线是必不可少的,不管您用的是黑色、棕色、卡其色、深紫色还是海蓝色正确使用眼线笔或眼线液的方法是轻轻地把眼角向外延伸,形成一条直线,然后由内眼角向外眼角小心地沿着睫毛边缘画一条线[00:.55]Listen and Share[00:.8]Eyeliner [00:19.8]眼线笔(眼线液)[00:.18]To really define your eyes, [00:6.56]apply a thin line of eyeliner in black or brown, khaki, plum or navy. [00:.6]To properly apply the eyeliner pencil or liquid liner, [00:38.7]gently pull the corner of your eye outward, [00:.]ming a straight line along your lashes. [00:5.90]Starting at the inside corner and working toward the outside, [00:50.6]delicately trace a line with the pencil angled toward your lashes. [00:56.96]Be careful how much eyeliner you apply, [01:00.39]as a little really does go a long way. [01:.59] a subtle definition, [01:.6]stick with a lighter application.[01:.5] a dramatic look, [01:.6]thicker and darker is very acceptable. [01:19.]要想真正的画好眼部妆容,[01:.86]涂眼线是必不可少的,[01:.83]不管您用的是黑色、棕色、卡其色、深紫色还是海蓝色[01:7.88]正确使用眼线笔或眼线液的方法是轻轻地把眼角向外延伸,[01:3.63]形成一条直线,[01:.]然后由内眼角向外眼角小心地沿着睫毛边缘画一条线[01:38.60]要注意眼线的浓度,[01:39.97]要想画出自然、若隐若现的感觉,[01:.3]轻轻地画一条线即可[01:.1]除非是舞台装,[01:5.68]可以画得浓重一些[01:50.9]逐句对照[01:53.36]To really define your eyes, [01:55.59]apply a thin line of eyeliner in black or brown, khaki, plum or navy. [:.97]要想真正的画好眼部妆容,[:.]涂眼线是必不可少的,[:.77]不管您用的是黑色、棕色、卡其色、深紫色还是海蓝色[:.99]To properly apply the eyeliner pencil or liquid liner, [:18.]gently pull the corner of your eye outward, [:1.6]ming a straight line along your lashes. [:6.58]正确使用眼线笔或眼线液的方法是轻轻地把眼角向外延伸,[:31.]形成一条直线,[:35.]Starting at the inside corner and working toward the outside, [:39.73]delicately trace a line with the pencil angled toward your lashes. [:7.]然后由内眼角向外眼角小心地沿着睫毛边缘画一条线[:5.7]Be careful how much eyeliner you apply, [:56.]要注意眼线的浓度,[:57.88]as a little really does go a long way. [:01.6] a subtle definition, [:.53]stick with a lighter application. [:.77]要想画出自然、若隐若现的感觉,[:.]轻轻地画一条线即可[:.57] a dramatic look, [:.9]thicker and darker is very acceptable. [:.89]除非是舞台装,[:18.]可以画得浓重一些[:6.99]及时讲解[:9.77]Khaki:卡其布,卡其色[:3.]Outward:向外,外面的[:.]"-ward"这个后缀表示方向性[:37.00]Out是外面,outward就是向外[:0.]类似的词还有[:1.6]inward,ward,backward等[:.]例如,The door opens outward. [:6.50]门向外开[:7.7]an inward curv向内弯的曲线[:50.55]Lash:眼睫毛[:5.1]使用时要注意的是在表示"睫毛"的时候,[:55.]基本都是以复数形式"lashes"[:58.18]Dramatic:戏剧性的[:00.]既可以表示像戏剧中的一样,[:.]例如,give dramatic permances [:.5]演出戏剧;[:.67]还可以表示过程像戏剧一样跌宕起伏,精,令人难忘[:.]例如,The meeting between the mother and her son was dramatic indeed.[:.76]这母子之间相会的情景真令人感动[:.69]dramatic changes in the international situation [:.83]国际形势的戏剧性变化[:36.50]知行英语提醒您学英语要锲而不舍 99~aaqb.x.,@Nux+_+[[,]gA~BMLQvYg(xF^;%gCqpZxnwK#RqCTHe couldn’t find his pen. Where is my pen, he wondered. He looked his pen. It was on top of the microwave. He couldn’t find his cell phone. Where is my cell phone, he wondered. He looked his cell phone. It was on top of the TV. He couldn’t find his glasses. Where are my glasses, he wondered. He looked his glasses. They were on top of his head. I’m tired of looking everything, he thought. He invented a tiny recorder. It recorded everything he did. It recorded everywhere he went. He couldn’t find his toothbrush. Where is my toothbrush, he wondered. He played his tiny recorder. He found his toothbrush. He didn’t have to look it.e1EqY(Y^F)rwb-M5^+i~Pw,b!UE~Gyf%s,wPad#)R1h0vBZffzM6IUhjJe 1857

  31 Killed In Brussels Terror Attacks布鲁塞尔恐袭致31人死亡Europe remains under high alert after terrorists attacked an airport and subway station in Brussels during morning rush hour on Tuesday. Two suicide bombers killed at least ten people at a departure check-in area at the airport. A third bomb exploded shortly after in a nearby subway killing approximately twenty people. Over two-hundred people were injured in the attacks. A manhunt is currently underway another suspect who is believed to be on the run. Officials believe Tuesday’s attacks were related to Friday’s arrest of Salah Abdeslam, Europe’s most-wanted fugitive. Abdeslam had been on the run since the Paris terrorist attacks last November. ISIS has claimed responsibility the attacks in Brussels.周二早高峰,布鲁塞尔飞机场,地铁站遭恐袭,欧洲全城戒备出境大厅发生两次自杀式袭击,至少人死亡不久后,旁边地铁站发生第三起爆炸,近人死亡致0多人受伤一名嫌犯在逃,警方正在全力追踪据官方表示,警方于周五逮捕欧洲头号嫌犯萨拉赫·阿卜杜勒,此次袭击与逮捕有关自去年月巴黎恐袭以来,阿卜杜勒一直在逃“伊斯兰国”声称对此事件负责译文属原创,,不得转载 37


  Autobiography of Hemingway海明威传Ernest Hemingway is a giant of modern literature. Among twentieth-century American fiction writers, his work is most often compared to that of his contemporaries William Faulkner and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Combined with his outstanding short stories, Hemingway’s four major novels — The Sun Also Rises (196), A Farewell to Arms (199), Whom the Bell Tolls (190), and The Old Man and the Sea (195) — comprise a contribution to modern fiction that is far more substantial than Fitzgerald’s and that approximates Faulkner’s.海明威是现代文学巨匠在二十世纪的美国小说作家之中,他的作品常常被人们和与他同时代的福克纳和菲茨杰拉德相提并论海明威的四大小说,《太阳照常升起(196年),《永别了,武器(199),《丧钟为谁而鸣( 190)和《老人与海( 195年),加上他出色的短篇小说故事,对现代小说的贡献远远超过斯科特.菲 茨杰拉德的小说,可以和福克纳相提并论Faulkner was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature a few years bee Hemingway received this recognition, but their respective approaches to fiction are dissimilar. When set alongside Faulkner’s Mississippi novels, Hemingway’s major works feature simpler structures and narrative voices.福克纳被授予诺贝尔文学奖,比海明威早几年获得这样的认可,但他们各自小说的表现方式截然不同和福克纳的小说《密西西比相比,海明威的主要著作表现出更简明的结构,语气和人物角色也显得更具叙事的特征As or more important, Hemingway’s style, with its consistent use of short, concrete, direct prose and of scenes consisting exclusively of dialogue, gives his novels and short stories a distinctive accessibility that is immediately identifiable with the author. Owing to the direct character of both his style and his life-style, there is a tendency to cast Hemingway as a “representative” American writer whose work reflects the bold, thright and rugged individualism of the American spirit in action. His own background as a wounded veteran of World War I, as an engaged combatant in the fight against Fascism and as a “he-man” with a passion outdoor adventures and other manly pursuits reince this association.与此同样重要,甚至比这更重要的是,这种以坚持使用简短、具体而直接的平铺直叙的文体和完全由对话构成的场景为主要特点的写作风格,使海明威的小说和短篇故事具有一种独特的、能够立即被确认是作者本人所写由于他写作的风格以及他个人的生活风格,人们倾向于把他当作一群美国作家中的代表性人物,这些作家的作品反映了美国人所特有的一种寓于行动中的精神,即勇敢、直率以及坚定的独立精神他本人是一个 曾经参加一战的负过重伤的老兵,一名直接参战的反法西斯战士,同时还是一位热爱户外活动、有着诸多人生追求的“硬汉”,这样的背景加深了他和他作品之间的这种联系But this identification of Hemingway as a uniquely American genius is problematic. Although three of his major novels are told by and through Americans, Hemingway’s protagonists are expatriates, and his fictional settings are in France, Italy, Spain, and later Cuba, rather than America itself.但是,这种把海明威仅仅作为一个美国式的独特天才的认定方式是值得商榷的虽然他的主要小说中有3 部是通过美国人并且是在美国人中叙述的,但是海明威小说中的主角是旅居国外的人,而且小说的背景是在法国、意大利、西班牙和后来的古巴,而不是美国While Hemingway’s early career benefited from his connections with Fitzgerald and with American novelist Sherwood Anderson, his aesthetic is actually closer to that shared by the transplanted American poets that he met in Paris during the 19s; In this context, we must realize that Hemingway’s approach to the craft of fiction is direct but never blunt or just plain simple.尽管海明威早期的创作生涯从他与菲茨杰拉德和美国小说家舍伍德?安德森的联系中获益,但实际上他的美学和世纪年代他在法国遇见的那些移居巴黎的美国诗人所拥有的审美观更为接近在这样的背景下,我们必须认识到,海明威的小说创作技巧的确是直接的,但并不是简单平淡的Hemingway’s text is the result of a painstaking selection process, each word perming an assigned function in the narrative. These choices of language, in turn, occur through the mind and experience of his novels’ central characters whether they serve explicitly as narrators of their experience or as focal characters from whose perspectives the story unfolds. The main working :orollary of Hemingway’s “iceberg principle” is that the full meaning of the text is not limited to moving the plot ward: there is always a web of association and inference, a submerged reason behind the inclusion (or even the omission) of every detail.海明威的作品是一个艰苦的挑选的结果,作品中每个单词都承担确定的叙事任务语言上的精雕细琢,反过来又会在作品中主角的思想和经历上体现出来,不论 这些角色是单纯的讲述者,或是逐步揭示情节的焦点角 色海明威的“冰山原则”在作品中的必然表现就是, 作品的全部意义并不仅仅局限于推动情节发展:作品背后总是有一个联系和逻辑性的世界,作品中包含的每个细节(甚至是省略的细节)背后都有潜在的原因Hemingway is direct. But he is also quite subtle, and subtlety is not a trait that we ascribe to the American way. In the end, Hemingway is an international artist, a man who never relinquished his American identity but who entered new territories too broad and too deep to fit within the domain of any national culture.海明威是率直的但同时,他又非常细心和敏锐, 这种细心和敏锐不能认为是美国文学特色所致总之, 海明威是一位国际艺术家,他从没有放弃他作为美国人的标志性身份,但他所进入的艺术领域太深远也太广大,根本不能用任何单一国家的文化去界定它 370。

  Easter Eggs复活节蛋It was Easter Sunday. Mom gave a little basket to Michelle. Mom told her to look Easter eggs. The Easter eggs were in the back yard. “What do Easter eggs look like?” Michelle asked. Mom said, “They look just like regular eggs. But they are colored. They are red. They are blue. They are yellow. They are many different colors.” “Why are they red? Do they come from red hens?” Michelle asked. “No,” Mom said. “They are red because Daddy and I colored them red. They are blue because we colored them blue. They are yellow because we colored them yellow.” Michelle asked, “Why did you color the eggs?” Mom said, “It’s an Easter tradition. A tradition is something people do every year.” Michelle went into the back yard. She found six Easter eggs. “Next year you can help us color the eggs,” Mom said. “Oh, yes!” said Michelle.今天是复活节妈妈给米歇尔一个篮子妈妈让她去找复活节蛋蛋在后院米歇尔问道:“蛋长什么样子?”妈妈说:“它们和普通鸡蛋一样但是它们带颜色有红的蓝的黄的还有一些其它颜色”米歇尔问道:“它们为什么是红的?是红母鸡下的蛋吗?妈妈说:“不是,那是因为我和爸爸将它染成了红色我们还把它染成了蓝色还把它染成了黄色”米歇尔问道:“你为什么要给鸡蛋涂颜色?”妈妈说:“这是复活节的传统这是每年的习俗”米歇尔走进了后院妈妈说:“明年你可以帮我们涂蛋”米歇尔说:“太好了!”译文属原创,,不得转载 8

  Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Benin, a majestic arch marks the point of no return where through the centuries millions of slaves waited in chains to be shipped to America. But now a modern-day m of slavery has gripped the West African nation again.I just felt really burdened by the fact that children are being taken as slavery. Carmen Morris is a Florida business woman who's on her third visit to Benin. She's on a personal mission to help end the human trafficking and is building a sanctuary those children, some as young as 5, who've been rescued by local police from their lives as what she calls slave laborers. The first trip that we took, 0 children were rescued from child slavery. According to UNICEF the overall numbers are staggering. 1. million children are trafficked each year worldwide, 50,000 of them in Benin alone. Many are sold by their parents.Poverty is a problem here in Benin as it is in almost of Africa. It is poverty that is fueling the slave trade, cing parents either sell their children to traffickers on purpose or inadvertently. Traffickers would often swoop on the poor remote villages, offering money the children or promising paying jobs in bigger cities like nearby Cotonou or Lagos, Nigeria. In Benin the children are put to work by local traders in bustling markets selling everything from soda to a local delicacy: barbecued bush rats.Morris is determined to do what she can to stop the cycle. Sometimes the job is overwhelming. You know you have been hearing these stories 3 years, and, and, we just can't stop feeling. And as the ground is broken on a new sanctuary lost children, Carmen knows she will be back. Jennifer Santiago, CBS News, Benin. 1


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