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Runnin'on Empty Jonathan Serrie: "Panic buying" making gas shortage in Southeastern US worse. In many parts of the country you are not, may not realize it, but there is a serious gas shortage in this southeastern ed States. And in many cities and towns, they are still running on empty. Hurricanes Ike and Gustav causing fuel shortages and cing some gas stations to shut down. There are lines everywhere and that’s left folks from Atlanta, to Nashville, to Memphis and all around waiting in line after line, trying to fill up their tanks and in many cases people aren’t able to do it. And experts are saying panic-buying is making the shortage even worse. In other words, Jonathon Serrie, live in Atlanta, I’m told people are coming to the gas stations and filling up and filling up gas cans in addition, which makes some run-out more quickly. Exactly. It’s that panic buying. Right now you are looking at the supply and then walk over here. This is the demand. We have traffic in two directions going down this street, and then pan to the left, this street over here extending two cities blocks. This is the scene right here, Shep.It reminds of the Carter administration. Is anybody resorting to drastic measures because of these shortages, I mean, aside from filling up their gas cans?Yeah. Well. There are some talk over the weekend of canceling the Georgia-Alabama game to cut down on the gas that the thousands of fans would be using, but governor Sonny Perdue dismissed-- that is ridiculous. Also in Douglas County, just west of Atlanta, people have been calling 9, saying, “Where’s the gas”; local officials saying, “Don’t do that. The operators have no ides and it’s tying up the system legitimate calls.You mentioned cancelling football, how far has this extended, they are having any problems around, cause’s that would be a good excuse them to cancel a certain football game over the weekend.They are having the issue throughout the entire southeast and Georgia is not even the hardest hit state. Tennessee was particularly badly hit, Nashville, major urban centers in North Carolina, you’re talking about Raleigh, North Carolina, Salt Lake, mirroring what you’re seeing here in Atlanta, all over the southeast, Shep.Well, Jonathon Serrie live in Carolina, I’m told there’s about a 30-31 chance of getting gas … 531。

Billy: A woman after my own heart...Jennifer: OK, Mr. Coffee Connoisseur, so what the next step in the coffee-making process?Billy: Well, step two is grinding the coffee beans. Ive roasted three different types of beans.Jennifer: Let me guess, Mocha, Mandheling, and Santos!Billy: Yep, my own special blend! You can tell by just smelling them?Jennifer: No, I just the names off the packages...Ha!参考译文:比 利:这姑娘真是深得我心……詹妮弗:好了咖啡鉴赏家先生,那么煮咖啡的下个步骤是什么?比 利:这个嘛,步骤二是研磨咖啡豆我烘焙了三种不同的豆子詹妮弗:我来猜猜,卡、曼特宁,还有三度士!比 利:对,这是我独门的混合法!你光用闻的就知道?詹妮弗:不,我只是照着包装上的字念……哈!重点词汇:A woman after my own heart  此女深得我心这句话用在欣慰后生晚辈与年轻时的自己相同,体悟出珍贵的道理时在此比利开玩笑把珍妮花看作徒子徒孙,所以珍妮花下一句才会戏称他是咖啡大师这里的woman可以视需要代换成其它人,如boy、girlconnoisseur (n.)  鉴赏家grind (v.)  研磨,磨碎Mocha (n.)  卡咖啡;Mandheling (n.) 曼特宁咖啡;Santos (n.) 三度士咖啡blend (v.)  混合调配package (n.)  包装袋 15。

7 Vivien Leigh7 费雯·丽Vivien Leigh was born Vivian Mary Hartley on the evening of Wednesday November 5th, 19 in her parents’home in Darjeeling, India. She moved to England with her family at the age of 6 in 19.19年月5日星期三的傍晚,费雯·丽出生于父母印度大吉岭家中,取名为斐雯·玛丽·哈特丽19年,在她6岁那年,随家迁往英格兰On August 1st, 19 she arrived at Lime Grove Studios to begin work on her first film, Things are Looking Up. During this period Vivien found a new favorite novel that she re- several times — Gone with the Wind. She even asked her agent to submit her name to the widely publicized search to find an actress Scarlett. After a remarkably well timed introduction to David O. Selznick by her Hollywood agent on December th, the first night of location shooting, Vivien did screen tests her dream role. Both Selznick and the film’s director George Cukor, were impressed by her talent and beauty.19年8月1日,她来到莱姆格鲁富制片厂开始拍摄她的第一部影片《欣欣向荣就在这期间,费雯·丽发现了一本心爱的小说,并反复阅读,这就是 《乱世佳人因为当时制片厂正到处寻找饰演郝思佳的演员,她于是要求经纪人把她的名字填表寄出月曰她的好莱鸡经纪人看准时机,把她推荐给大卫·塞尔思尼克,第一晚在外景拍摄点,费雯·丽为她梦寐以求的角色试镋塞尔思尼克和导演乔治·库克都为她的天赋与美貌所折了As soon as the filming was finished, Vivien did a screen test the film, Rebecca. She didn’t seem right the part-qualities which made her ideal Scarlett now made her unsuited such a restrained role, Vivien next was given the lead role in MGM’s Waterloo Bridge as part of her new Hollywood counter. Meanwhile, she prepared the grand opening of GWTW in Atlanta. It opened to great reviews and Vivien became the talk of the town. Right after Christmas, she began work on Waterloo Bridge, talking ballet lessons a scene early in the film, and voice lessons to improve her acting technique.电影刚拍摄完毕,费雯·丽便马上为电影《蝴蝶梦试镜但她似乎并不适合这个角色,她的气质使她成为饰演郝思佳的理想人选,但对于这样一个内向的角色却并不合适费雯·丽接受的第二个角色是米高梅公司《魂断蓝桥的女主角,这也是她和好莱坞重新签约的一部分同时,她为《乱世佳人在亚特兰大的大型首映式做准备影片引起巨大轰动,费雯·丽成为人尽皆知的人物,圣诞节刚过,她即投入《魂断蓝桥的拍摄,并为影片初始的情节学习芭蕾舞,参加声音培训班以提高演技In the summer of 1950, Vivien left England to return to Hollywood after nearly a decade absence, and began work on the film version of A Street Car Named Desire. Shooting started August th and Warner Brothers paid Vivien Voice 1: Today Spotlight is on plastic bags. Some people are trying to solve the problem of plastic bag waste. Their ideas are very creative. And, these ideas are easy any person to try.声音1:今天重点报道节目的主题就是塑料袋有些人正在试图解决塑料袋废物问题他们的想法极具创意而且,对任何人来说尝试这些想法都很容易Voice : There is a website that lists facts about plastic and paper bags. It is called myownbag.com. According to this website people use fourteen trillion plastic bags each year. It is true that many people like to use plastic bags. They do not weigh very much. They are strong. They can hold many things. Plastic bags can help make carrying your purchases easier.声音:有一家网站列出了与塑料和塑料袋有关的事实这个网站是myownbag.com根据这家网站提供的数据,人们每年使用的塑料袋数量达到兆的确,许多人喜欢用塑料袋因为塑料袋很轻,而且很结实塑料袋还能装很多东西塑料袋可以使携带东西这件事变得很容易Voice 1: But did you know it takes about one thousand years to break down one plastic bag? That is, it takes one thousand years plastic material to return to a natural substance.声音1:但是,你知道分解塑料袋需要00年的时间吗?也就是说,让塑料材料回归自然物质需要00年的时间Voice : That is why many people are concerned about plastic. Plastic bags do more than create waste. Creating plastic bags uses a lot of energy and oil.声音:所以许多人对塑料感到担心塑料袋不仅会产生废物生产塑料袋要用到大量的能源和石油译文属 69,000 her 3 months of work. Vivien purposely made herself look older and unflattering the film using heavy makeup, wige and drastic lighting which would hide her still beautiful features. Audiences in the autumn of 1951 were stunned to see such a different person, barely recognizing the actress that played Scarlett so exquisitely a decade earlier. The resulting film in 1951 was still powerful, perhaps Vivien’s finest achievement, winning her a second best actress Oscar.1950年的夏天,经过十年的沉寂,费雯·丽离开了英格兰,来到好莱坞,开始拍摄电影《欲望号街车电影开拍于8月日,华纳兄弟公司付给费雯·丽十万美元作为她3个月工作的报酬在电影中费雯·丽为了真实,有意使自己显得衰老些使用浓妆、假发和强烈的灯光来掩盖她仍然美丽的容貌1951年的秋天,观众惊讶地看见了一个完全不同的人物,几乎不能确认这就是十年前出色地扮演过郝思佳的演员1951年的这部影片结果仍然造成轰动,也许是费雯·丽最成功的作品,为她再次赢得奥斯卡最佳女演员奖 195。

《早安美国女主播Bianna Golodryga刚做了妈妈,“GMA” 家族又多了一名新成员新妈妈,她的心情还好吗?本期访谈来看看主播们与她的对话吧!All right,this is the moment Ive been really looking ward to all moring.好吧,这是我一直都很期待的早晨Let bring in Weekend GMA coworker Bianna Golodryga with the newest member of the GMA Family.让我们看看在周末的GMA同事贝亚娜·格罗迪亚与GMA家庭的最新成员So,Bianna,let me see first off.We miss you,所以, 贝亚娜,让我先看看你.我们都非常想念你,we love you.You look beautiful.Congratulations,我们爱你你看起来美丽依旧恭喜你,the baby boy looks adorable.How you feeling?这孩子看起来很可爱你感觉怎样?Thank you.Were feeling great.谢谢你我们感觉太棒了Were missing you guys,you know,he really was part of the GMA family from,我们也想你们这些家伙,你知道,他真的是GMA家庭的一部分,remember he sat behind that desk nine months in my belly.记得他坐在桌子后面,在我的肚子里九个月Ah,what the first week you Bianna,youre new mummy,啊, 贝亚娜,你的第一周如何,你是新妈妈,has it totally changed everything you?对你来说周围的一切都发生了改变吗?It been overwhelming,I mean,you know,有些势不可挡,我是说,你知道,you have every mum says that you never realize how much you love you could have another person until you have the baby.任何一位妈妈都会说,你从未认识到你有多么爱另一个人,除非你有了孩子,一切都会改变But I do have to say Ive been in the days I have no idea what going on in the News,so thank God Ive watched the show.但我不得不说我一直有段日子,自己不知道正在发生什么事情,所以感谢上帝,我曾经看过那些节目So you look radiant, but are you getting any sleep?那么你看起来这样容光焕发,但你能得到任何睡觉时间吗?No. No. Truly answer. Really?没有没有这是真的真的吗?Did you want to know if this job gave you good practice sleeplessness?你是否想知道这份工作为了失眠能否让你良好的实践?Excellent practice, I always think about what I would be doing,优秀的练习,我总是想着我会做什么,like “oh, I’d be waking up right now.”像“哦,我就起床吧”Bianna again, we love you, we miss you, come on back soon.贝亚娜,再一次,我们爱你,我们会想念你的,快点回来And congratulations to you and to Peter,再次祝贺你,以及彼得,your husband and thanks, everybody watching A news this morning,向你的丈夫表示感谢,以及今天早上观看A新闻的观众朋友们,谢谢,David Mere is back with World News later today, we’ll see you.接下来大卫·米尔将会带给你世界新闻,敬请关注,到时再见注:听力文本来源于普特 76。

Artist Blindfolds Statues in Brazil巴西现蒙眼雕塑A Brazilian artist is staging a silent, peaceful protest by placing red blindfolds on prominent statues all over Rio de Janeiro. The artist, who prefers to remain anonymous, is trying to bring attention to a corruption scandal that connects mer president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to a bribery scheme with a state-owned oil company. Anti-government protests have broken out across Brazil with protesters calling Lula’s successor, President Dilma Rousseff, to resign. Protesters feel that Rousseff election win in was financed by dirty money from the scandal. The artist claims that the silent protest contrasts those who are unable to bring change to Brazil with those who can. The hiding of the eyes suggests that historic Brazilian figures would be ashamed of the present-day corruption.某巴西艺术家发起“和平抗议”,里约多处著名雕像用红丝带蒙住眼睛因前总统达席尔瓦陷petrobras贪污丑闻,此举旨在唤醒公民意识巴西全国爆发反政府游行,要求现任总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫辞职称罗塞夫利用贪污赃款助资总统竞选该艺术家表示称,通过“和平抗议”,巴西“无能者”与“变革者”形成了鲜明对比通过蒙眼,历代伟人将对当今腐败感到可耻译文属原创,,不得转载 19。

Famous Americans-John Philip Sousa; Confidential Magazine and the Criminal Libel Suit of 1957; developer versus programmer versus coder; describing a person with a good characterWords:composerto conductmarchto dedicateofficialto be inspire bylibelobscenityto indictto extraditeto subpoenamistrialdeveloperprogrammercoderupstandinghonorableprincipled 5。

B. Keywords. environmentally-sustainable, dream house, environmentally beneficial, eco-conscious.Vocabulary. well-lit, biodegradable, nontoxic, incorporate, thermal, galvanized metal, volatile, shower head, Boulder.B1. Youre going to hear some extracts taken from a news report on eco-conscious construction. Listen carefully and decide what is the noun phrase each of the following, write in the blanks with words you hear.1. Architect Jim Logan is building his environmentally-sustainable dream house at the site of a mer commune, a few miles north of Boulder.. As you drive onto the small farm property, youre immediately struck by a series of large south-facing windows.3. Walk through the well-lit kitchen, and youll see that even the north side of the building has a passive solar component.. In all facets of construction, Logan is emphasizing both biodegradable building products and nontoxic materials. He using milk-based paint, example.5. In many cases, many environmentally-beneficial solutions pay themselves in as little as 6 or 7 or 8 months. 637。

Emily: Our company wei-ya is tomorrow night! It your first Chinese New Year in Taiwan--you must be excited!Joice: Excited? What there to be excited about? It just another company dinner, right?Emily: You have no idea! There a banquet with prizes, permances...you name it!Joice: Really? What kind of prizes?Emily: Well, I heard that last year Vivian from ing won a new car!参考译文:艾蜜莉:我们公司的尾牙就在明天晚上!这是你在台湾的第一个农历新年你一定很兴奋!乔伊丝:兴奋?有什么好兴奋的?这只不过是公司的另一次聚餐,对吧?艾蜜莉:你没搞懂状况!这次不但有大餐还有大奖、表演……你说得出的都有!乔伊丝:真的?有哪些奖品?艾蜜莉:我听说去年会计部的薇薇安赢了一辆新车!重点词汇:You name it你说得出的都有 13951。