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The people will devote themselves to the job of ensuring the 2006 FIFA World Cup is an unforgettable experience, 人们忘我地工作,以确保 2006 FIFA世界杯成为一次难忘的经历,a fact demonstrated by the thousands of ordinary folk who have come forward as volunteers.事实上,成千上万的普通百姓成为了志愿者。Germany is well prepared to host the FIFA World Cup.德国为FIFA世界杯的举办做好了充分的准备。We have finished constructing our new, modern stadiums and an outstanding transportation infrastructure.我们已经完成了现代化新场馆的建设,建成了优良的运输基础设施。The organisation is in the enormously capable hands of the Organising Committee headed by Franz Beckenbauer.贝肯鲍尔 (Franz Beckenbauer)的领导下的世界杯组委会运转非常出色。The slogan ;A time to make friends?; perfectly describes our intention to ensure everyone revels in a secure and peaceful festival of football.本届世界杯口号友谊的盛会极好地表达了我们的意愿,我们要确保每个人都度过一个安全、和平的足球节日。The FIFA World Cup is a unique opportunity for Germany to present herself as a hospitable, joyful and modem nation bursting with ideas.FIFA世界杯足球赛给了德国一次绝佳的机会,展示她的热情、快乐、现代化和充满丰富的想象。I am convinced that the flames of passion and togetherness engendered by the FIFA World Cup in Germany will sp to the entire world.我确信,德国FIFA世界杯足沫赛带来的团结和的火焰会散布到全世界。Im personally looking forward to a festival of goals, excitement and fair play.我个人希望,这是一次进球、和公平竞赛的节日。We Germans will be right behind our national team, but our aim is to act as welcoming hosts and friends to every team and their fans.我们德国人当然坚定持自己国家队,但是,我们的目标是当好热情的东道主和每球队及其球迷的朋友。Passionate and cosmopolitan Germany is delighted to welcome visitors to the 2006 FIFA World Cup.充满热情、敞开怀抱的德国热烈欢迎所有参与 2006 FIFA世界杯足球赛的朋友们。201612/482669 But it was more than that: it was also a vital inflection point of my own ethical development, my own self-understanding as a member of the global community.但不仅仅如此:这是我个人道德理念的一个重要转折,也自知作为地球上一员的自我使命。Harvard dares us to dream big, to aspire, to change the world.哈佛教导我们敢于拥有伟大梦想,勇往直前,去改变这个世界。Here on this Commencement Day, we are probably thinking of grand destinations and big adventures that await us.今天在这个毕业典礼上,大家可能正幻想着等待我们的伟大理想和征途。As for me, I am also thinking of the farmers in my village.于我,我仍在思考着我家乡的农民们的命运。My experience here reminds me how important it is for researchers to communicate our knowledges, to those who need it.我的经历提醒着我,学者将知识传授给需要的人是多么重要。Because by using the science we aly have, we could probably bring my village and thousands like it into the world you and I take for granted every day.因为通过使用我们已经掌握的科学,我们可以把我家乡的村民和成千上万类似的人带入到你我熟知的世界。And that’s an impact every one of us can make!这是我们每一个人都可以发挥的影响!But the question is, will we make the effort, or not?但问题是,我们会这样去做吗?More than ever before, our society emphasized science and innovation, but an equally important emphasis should be on distributing the knowledge we have to those who needed.今天的社会比以往任何一个时代都强调科学和创新的重要性。但同样重要的是,把人类已掌握的知识传播到特别需要它们的地方。Changing the world doesn’t mean everyone has to find the next big thing.改变世界并不意味着每个人都要找到下一个巨大突破。It can be It can be as simple as becoming better communicators and finding more creative ways to pass on the knowledge we have, to people like my mom and farmers in the local community.改变世界可以很简单:成为一个更好的沟通者,用有效的方法把我们掌握的知识传递给像我母亲以及村里其他的村民。Our society also needs to recognize that the equal distribution of knowledge is a pivotal step of human development and we will work to bring this into a reality.我们这个社会也需要认识到知识的均衡传播是人类发展的关键环节,并应该努力让它成为现实。And if we do that, then perhaps a teenager in rural China who is bitten by a poisonous spider will no longer have to burn his hand, but will know to seek a doctor instead.如果我们能够做到这些,那么一个被毒蜘蛛咬伤的中国农村少年将不会忍受“火疗”,而会得到医生的专业治疗。Thank you!谢谢!201606/447328He also runs this amazing drone mapping program,他同时管理着无人机测绘地图工程,some of the images of which you can see behind me here and here.你们能看到我身后的一些图片,这儿,还有这儿。And this data will be incorporated into the platform,这些数据将会收录到平台内部,and also hell be helping to image some of the new sites you help find.同时他也会帮助反映你们发现的一些新地点。Our on-the-ground partner who will be helping us with education, outreach,我们的地上合作伙伴,通过教育帮助我们并加以扩展,as well as site preservation components,同时包括旧址保存的要素,is the Sustainable Preservation Initiative, led by Dr. Larry Coben.是可持续性主动保存计划(SPI),由拉里·科本士领导。Some of you may not be aware that some of the worlds poorest communities也许你们没意识到,世界上最贫穷的一些社区coexist with some of the worlds most well-known archaeological sites.和平地生活在世界上最著名的遗迹。What SPI does is it helps to empower these communities,SPI的作用是帮助这些社区摆脱困境,in particular women, with new economic approaches and business training.尤其是其中的女性,通过经济学新方法和进行商业训练。So it helps to teach them to create beautiful handicrafts which are then sold on to tourists.我们可以教她们制作精美的手工艺品,然后把它们卖给当地的旅客。This empowers the women to treasure their cultural heritage and take ownership of it.这增强了妇女们对她们的文化遗产的自豪与珍重,并真正地享用其文化遗产。I had the opportunity to spend some time with 24 of these women我有幸与24位女性共度时光,at a well-known archaeological site called Pachacamac, just outside Lima.在著名的考古遗迹帕查卡马克,就在利马外部。These women were unbelievably inspiring,这些女性受到了启发,茅塞顿开。and whats great is that SPI will help us transform communities near some of the sites that you help to discover.极棒的是SPI帮助我们改变一些你帮忙发现的旧址边的社区。201702/494052

美国人每天说的话(日常俚语) 07 /200707/15389 2_01 I’m having a party I’m having a party. 我要举办宴会. It’s Friday night. 时间是星期五晚上. I want you to come. 我希望你能来. You’re invited. 我邀请你来. Are you freer? 你有空吗? Can you make it? 你能来吗? You gotta be there. 你一定要来. You gotta show up. 你一定要出现. It won’t be the same without you .没有你就不一样了. /200705/13688

So here we are, in a scary but not inexplicable moment of demagoguery, fracture, xenophobia, resentment and fear.我们就是这样,身处一个可怕但并非莫名奇妙的,躁动的,受挫的,排外的,痛恨的,惧怕的时刻。And I worry for us both if we continue down this road, me not listening,如果我们继续这条道路:我不听,你感觉没被倾听,you feeling unheard, you shouting to get me to listen.你为了让我听而喊叫,我将为你我感到担心。I worry when each of us is seduced by visions of the future that have no place for the other.我担心我们中的每一个人都会被不给别人留出路的未来景象所诱惑。If this goes on, if this goes on, there may be blood.如果这继续下去,继续这样下去,可能会演变为血案。There are aly hints of this blood in newspapers every day.在每天的报纸当中,已经有一些血案前兆了。There may be roundups, raids, deportations, camps, secessions.可能会出现混乱,暴动,搜捕,驱逐营,分裂。And no, I do not think that I exaggerate.不,我不是在虚张声势。There may be even talk of war in places that were certain they were done with it.有可能会有战争出现在口口声声认同已不会有战争的地方。There is always the hope of redemption.一直以来都有补救的希望。But it will not be a cheap, shallow redemption that comes through blather about us all being in it together.但这并非是一个廉价的,浅显易得的救赎,不仅仅是嘴上说说我们团结一致。This will take more. It will take accepting that we both made choices to be here.这会需要更多。我们需要承认我们选择在这儿。201703/496735 Telephones 电话[电话的开始和结束用语在对待不同的对象时都会有所改变,但大致都差不多。听别人打电话打得多了,自己打得多了,也就掌握了。其中的一些细节词汇和表达都能随口而来。以下的电话对话有朋友间的,有母女间和家人之间的。大家可以听到怎么问好以及如何请求朋友帮助的表达。]NO.1选自电影:Scent of a Woman《女人香》 查理在学校出了事,他的雇主却把他带到外地度假。忐忑不安的他忍不住给同学拨了个电话,询问学校里的事情。总机把电话转给了他要找的人。单词通缉令1. be about to 正准备,即将2. shoot sb. over to_ 送某人去某地3. hold on (电话用语)别挂线,等等4. puddle-jumper 小型直升飞机5. keep one’s fingers crossed 为某人祝福,祝好运6. make no sense 失去理智7. fundraiser n. 捐款人8. hook n. 钩子 Operator: Sugar Ridge Lodge.Charlie Simms: Hi, George Willis, please.Operator: One moment, please.Harry Havemeyer: Hello?Charlie: Harry?Harry: Chaz, how are you? You just caught us we 1)were about to 2)shoot George over to the airport. Charlie: Why is George going to the airport?Harry: Um, 3)hold on. Maybe you should talk to the man himself.George Willis: Chaz.Charlie: Yeah, hi, George.George: You just caught me.Charlie: Yes, that’s what Harry said. Where are you going?George: Home.Charlie: To Boston?George: Catching the 4)puddle-jumper. 5)Keep your fingers crossed. Charlie: What are you going home for?George: I was thinking, Chaz, this asshole Trask is 6)making no sense at all. Somebody’s got to talk to him. He was in my father’s class 59.Charlie: Your father? I thought we were going to keep our parents out of this.George: This guy Trask is out of control,Chaz. Out of control. Somebody’s got to talk to him. My father’s a major 7)fundraiser, you know.Charlie: No, I didn’t.George: All right. Just relax. He’ll get us off the 8)hook. Oh, I gotta go? Everything all right?Charlie: Sure.George: All right. See you Monday. Bye.Charlie: Bye.总机:糖脊宿舍。查理#8226;希姆斯:你好,麻烦找乔治#8226;威里斯听电话。总机:请稍等。哈利#8226;哈弗梅耶:喂?查理:哈利吗?哈利:查理,你怎么样?正巧你找到我们,我们正准备送乔治去机场。查理:乔治干嘛去机场?哈利:稍等,也许你该和他自己说。乔治#8226;威里斯:查理。查理:是,你好,乔治。乔治:你刚好赶上。查理:是啊,哈利也这么说。你要去哪?乔治:回家。查理:回波士顿?乔治:赶去坐小型飞机。祝你好运。查理:你回家干什么?乔治:查理,我觉得查斯克这混蛋简直就是胡来。得有人和他谈谈。他和我爸是59级同班同学。查理:你爸?我以为我们不会把父母牵扯进这件事来。乔治:查斯克这家伙失去理智了,查理。失去理智,得有人找他谈谈。你知道我爸是学校的主要捐款人。查理:我不知道。乔治:放心,他会让我们脱离困境。哦,我得走了。一切好吗?查理:好。乔治:那好,星期一见。再见。查理:再见。句子模仿秀九十年代成长的孩子不喜欢恪守传统,喜欢任何有新意的东西,在语言上也是如此。此句就是明。说话者摒弃了传统的see sb. off 改用更有意味的shoot sb. over to…。所以说英语是不断变化的语言。需要时时刻刻注意,用心铭记。学习指导跟读背诵,最佳背诵时间为3秒钟。句子模仿秀此句描述形体姿势,近似双手合十。这是宗教遗留下的习俗,意为祝某人平安无恙。用途广泛的经典句子。学习指导背诵复读,最佳背诵时间为2秒钟。句子模仿秀此句为俗语,从字面看是有人被钩子挂住了,帮他解脱,实际意为把某人从困境中解救出来,形象生动。学习指导复读背诵,最佳背诵时间为2秒钟。 /200603/5389






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