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I Could Do It SlowerPatient: What do you charge for pulling a tooth?Dentist: Fifty dollars.Patient: Fifty dollars for a couple of minutes#39; work?Dentist: Well, I could do it slower, if you like.我可以干得慢一些病人:拔一颗牙收费多少?牙医:50美元。病人:只几分钟的活儿就要50美元?牙医:好的,如果你喜欢的话,我可以干得慢一些。 /201203/173537Peugeot PantsIf you can't afford a Peugeot, just buy the pants! 标致汽车(Peugeot)裤子如果买不起标致汽车,那就买条裤子吧。 /201104/131275I recently a piece about a guy in his late 30s who took up learning guitar as a hobby and actually became a proficient player. Then I about a young man who decided to devote an hour a day learning about something just for fun - including banjo, juggling and astrophysics.我最近看到一篇文章,讲的是一个快四十的男人开始学习弹吉他,原本纯属业余爱好,最后竟成了一名娴熟的吉他演奏家。之后,我又看到一篇文章,写的是一个男青年决定每天花一小时学点什么,仅仅为了自娱自乐,包括五弦琴、戏法和天体物理学。 Those pieces revved me up to go out and learn something new. Although I love that journalism allows me to dabble in a range of topics, I miss the thrill of structured, focused education. I#39;m not talking about going back to school full-time for a degree program, but taking a course or even ing a book to learn something just for the sake of it, such as a new language or skill. (Italian! Guitar! Indian cooking!) I don#39;t need to become a master-the basics are fine with me.Getty Images你能挤出时间学习新东西吗?这些文章启发我走出去,学些新东西。新闻事业使我可以涉猎各种不同的题材,我喜欢这一点,但我也怀念系统性、专注式教育的乐趣。我指的并不是重返校园做个全职学生并拿个学位,而是完全出于兴趣去修一门课程,或是看书自学些什么,比如学一门新的语言或技能。(意大利语!吉他!印度菜!)我不需要成为大师,只要学些基础的东西就可以了。Easier said than done, of course. The problem isn#39;t just that my aging brain makes it harder to absorb new information. It#39;s squeezing in the time.当然,说起来容易做起来难。问题不仅仅是我老化的大脑更加难以吸收新的知识,时间也挤不出来。 But when you think about it, a dedicated hour or even half-hour a day isn#39;t that hard to fit in; I surely accumulate that much time watching TV, ing, exercising or futzing round the house. Maybe I could listen to an instructional tape while jogging? Or some educational nonfiction before bed instead of my go-to novels or mysteries? Or take a web course instead of vegging out to #39;Modern Family#39;?不过,当你细想一下,每天挤出一小时甚至半小时并不太难;我看电视、看书、锻炼或在家里闲混的时间就足够了。或许我可以在慢跑的同时听教学录音带?或是在睡前看些有教育性的非小说类图书,而不是看口水书或推理小说?或是修一门网络课程,而不是沉溺于《登家庭》(Modern Family)? Despite my gung-ho intentions to learn, I have a feeling that I may simply be too undisciplined-and tired-at the end of the day to make this happen at this young-kid stage of my life.尽管有着学习的强烈愿望,我却有种感觉:我可能管不住自己或每天下班累得精疲力尽,难以在我尚年轻的时候实现这些想法。 It#39;s not just me, either. My husband recently signed up for Rosetta Stone to learn Brazilian Portuguese. His initial enthusiasm has now waned and while he still wants to complete the course, work, family and sleep needs have made it tough to master. He#39;s also trying to teach himself programming through Codecademy, which provides free online courses.也不仅仅只有我是这样。我丈夫最近注册了语言教学公司Rosetta Stone的巴西葡萄牙语课程。他最初的热情如今已经消退,尽管他仍希望完成课程,但工作、家庭和睡眠需要使他难以应付。他还力图通过Codecademy免费网络课程自学编程。 Readers, have any of you done any adult education or learned a new skill or hobby as an adult? How did you find the time?读者们,你们成年后是否曾进修过或学门新技能或爱好?你是如何挤出时间的? /201202/170323

Step 1: Speak to inner gremlinsGet rid of those subconscious negative thoughts that make you seem more shy and self-conscious. Telling yourself that you are great and that will reflect in your body language.1.自我暗示抛掉那些潜意识里消极的想法,因为它们只能让你看起来更害羞,更忸怩。告诉自己,自己是很棒的。这在你的肢体语言中也会有所体现。Step 2: Realign postureWhen you feel shy or nervous, you tend to curl up and do barrier gestures, which make your posture seem more negative. Stretch up to your full height,as if you are trying to touch the ceiling with the top of your head. Bring your shoulders back and down, arch your back slightly and make sure your weight is evenly divided on both feet.2.调整姿势感到害羞或是紧张时,人总会放不开手脚,做一些阻挡性的动作,这会让你的举止显得不够落落大方。舒展身体,就像你要用头顶到天花板一样。肩膀向后下方微倾,后背稍成弧度,确保两脚均匀承受身体重量。 /201006/105860

The truth is women are always attracted to guys with unique and interesting personalities. In order to be successful with women, you have to know the right kind of characteristics to display to women. In the next few minutes, you’ll learn the most important personality traits to display that will draw women to you. Take a look and see if you’re doing something wrong!  女人事实上总是会被男人独特而有趣的特质吸引。为了成功地吸引女人,你必须知道应该将自己的哪一面展现在她们面前。在接下来的短短时间里,你将会学到吸引女人最该具备的特质。看看你是不是有哪些地方做得不对!Personality Trait 1Do: Confidence 自信  Whenever you’re talking to women, you have to show absolute confidence in yourself. No matter what happens or comes up, you should act like it doesn’t faze you. A confident guy can roll with the punchesand handle himself in all situations。  无论什么时候和女人接触都必须表现得绝对自信。不管发生什么事情,无论出现什么状况,你都应该表现得毫不担忧。 一个自信的人可以收放自如、从容应对各种局面。 /201002/95997My boys are only 7 and 9, but the eye-rolling has begun. Last night I got it in spades. I started talking about what each color fruit and vegetable does for our bodies and why it is important to eat a rainbow of foods. Apparently, they have heard this too many times, because the minute I started talking they started rolling their eyes.我的两个儿子,一个7岁,一个9岁,但是我昨天晚上发现他们已经学会转眼珠了。我跟他们讲各种颜色的水果和蔬菜给身体带来的好处以及为什么我们要吃五颜六色的食物。很明显,他们已经听过太多次了,因为我刚一开始讲他们就开始转眼珠,表示很明白了。Because they are such experts, I asked whether they could please teach their toddler sister why each color food is good for her. I figured the timing was perfect, as she is learning her colors and body parts. They rolled their eyes at me again, asserting that a 1-year-old will not understand. But because they love to teach her anything, they went along with it. She relished all of the attention.因为他们几乎是专家级人物了,所以我问他们可不可以告诉他们刚学走路的为什么每种颜色的食物对她有好处。我觉得我小女儿这个年纪是了解这些知识的最佳时间,因为她正在学习各种颜色以及身体的部位。两个儿子又朝我转了转眼珠,坚定地认为一个1岁的小孩儿无法理解这么深奥的东西。但是因为他们喜欢教她一切事情,于是就陪她一起学。我的小女儿很喜欢两个哥哥的关心和照料。Here is what my boys told my daughter:以下就是我的儿子们告诉我的小女儿的事情。— Orange and yellow vegetables and fruits are good for your eyes, so if you want to see a baseball pitch coming your way or be able to at night, you should eat a lot of pineapple, yellow peppers and yellow summer squash.——橙色和黄色:橙色和黄色的蔬菜水果对于眼睛很有好处,所以如果你想要看清朝你飞来的棒球或者能够在晚上看书,你就应该多吃菠萝、黄辣椒以及黄色的西葫芦。— Blue and purple fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, blackberries, plums, eggplant and purple carrots have been shown to improve memory. If you want to remember all the things that Mom forgets, you should keep eating blue and purple foods.——蓝色和紫色:如同蓝莓、黑莓、李子、茄子和紫胡萝卜等蓝色和紫色的蔬果对于提升有很好的功效。如果你想要记住老妈忘记的所有事情,那你也应该坚持吃蓝色和紫色的食物。— Red foods, and unfortunately not the synthetic dyed ones, support your heart (by decreasing heart disease risk, preventing hardening of blood vessels and reducing inflammation). So eat lots of raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes and watermelon to help your heart pump.——红色:红色的食物(不包括那些人工染红的食物),能够使心脏运转正常,如降低得心脏病的奉献,预防动脉硬化以及减少心脏的炎症。所以多吃树莓、草莓、西红柿和西瓜等食物可以让你的心脏更健康。— Green vegetables are Mom#39;s favorites. They have been shown to help prevent cancer and other diseases, keep our blood healthy, and support the immune system that keeps us from getting sick. By keeping our blood healthy, green veggies give us energy, so eat lots of them if you want to keep up with your big brothers!——绿色:绿色蔬菜是老妈的最爱。据实,绿色蔬菜有助于预防癌症和其他疾病,保持血液健康以及保障免疫系统功能正常。通过使我们的血液保持健康,绿色蔬菜给我们带来能量。如果你想要赶上你的哥哥们,那就多吃绿色蔬菜吧!There are obviously more scientifically accurate reasons to eat your colors, but I thought my boys did a pretty good job. Life is colorful right now. The farmer#39;s markets are overflowing with yellow, orange, red, green and blue foods, so it couldn#39;t be simpler to eat the rainbow. And as I pointed out to my boys, it turns out it is not premature to teach a 1-year-old about nutrition. They just rolled their eyes.当然肯定有更多科学准确的理由来解释为什么要食用不同颜色的食物,但是我觉得我的两个儿子做得非常好。从现在起,生活中变得多。菜市场里随处可见黄色、橙色、红色、绿色以及蓝色的食物,所以吃得五缤纷十分容易。正如我跟儿子说的,事实明1岁就教孩子营养学的知识并不早。当然,我的两个儿子只是转了转眼珠。 /201207/192735

Woman who haven't fallen in love before graduation 大学毕业前还没谈过恋爱的女人Here "love" refers to interaction more than three months rather than a very short period of the lightning romance. Also it doesn't mean a single party Love. Because there is no love experience, the skills with the opposite sex are lacked. On the other hand, the degree of understanding of the opposite sex is also very low. 这里所说的“恋爱”是指男女双方超过三个月以上的交往,而非极短时间内开始并结束的闪电恋情,当然也不是指单相思。因为没有恋爱经验,故而缺乏跟异性交往的技巧。同时,这类女人对异性的了解度也相当低。 /201001/95033

Good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often and realize how fortunate you are right now. It’s about the simple pleasures that make you happy, the compassionate deeds you perform, the personal goals you strive to achieve, the relationships you nurture and the legacy you leave behind.当你不再苛责挑剔,努力做得更多,沉淀自己的欲求,时常微笑并且认识到现在的自己是如何幸福时,那么,此时,你的生活便是美好的。这是使你开心的小快乐,是你做出怜善的行为,是你努力追求的人生目标,是你培育的人际关系,是你留给后人的宝贵财富。So starting today, choose to take control. Here are ten commandments to help you live a good life.因此,从现在开始,选择克制。这里有十大戒训可以帮助你开启一段美好的生活。I. I am not perfect and I will not try to be.我并非完人而且我也不打算至此Think of how many things don’t get done in this world simply because people are waiting for the perfect time, place and circumstance.想想看,这个世界上有哦多少的事情没有做成仅仅只是因为人们在等待完美的时机,地点和环境氛围。 The real world doesn’t reward perfectionists. It rewards people who get things done. And the only way to get things done is to be imperfect 99% of the time. (Read Too Perfect.)真实的世界是不会给完美主义者有所回馈的。它只给那些将事情落到实处的人有所馈赠。并且,将事情落到实处的唯一办法便是在绝大多数时间不完美。(阅读《太过完美》)ll. I cannot, and will not try, to please everyone.我不会,也不愿,取悦所有的人No matter what you do or how you do it, there will always be people that disagree with what you’re doing. That’s life. So don’t try please everyone. Simply do what I know is right.不论你做什么亦或是你如何做这件事,总有一些对你有成见的人存在。这就是生活。因此,无需取悦所有的人。遵循你的心,做你认为对的事。And remember, it doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it, it matters how many people do.记住,有多少人没有达到目标并没有什么关系,重要的是有多少人付诸了实践。 /201104/130979It’s impossible to look young forever, but you can prevent time from marching across your face. Don’t let these 12 beauty blunders age you. Just a few easy fixes can keep your skin looking fresher than Mother Nature intended:永葆青春是不可能的,但你完全可以防止岁月在脸上留下明显痕迹。不要让这12个美容错误让你看上去更老,只需要简单的几步补救措施就可以让皮肤看上去比原先更加白皙嫩滑。1. You're too skinny.不要太瘦 Yup, there is a downside to being too thin!没错!太瘦可不好 “Loss of facial fat causes sagging and a gaunt, aged appearance,” says dermatologist Mary P. Lupo, M.D., clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University in New Orleans. Yo-yo dieting is another no-no. The repeated weight gain and loss stretches your skin and makes it loose. 皮肤科医生、新奥尔良杜兰大学皮肤学临床教授玛丽·P·卢波说:“脸部脂肪太少的话会看起来皮肤松弛、面容憔悴衰老。”体重溜溜球效应也不是好现象,体重反复增加和减少会拉伸皮肤并使它过于松弛。Skin solution: Maintain a healthy weight with proper diet and exercise. And be sure to feed your face too. “Research shows there are foods that will enhance your appearance from the inside out,” says nutritionist Lisa Drayer, R.D., author of The Beauty Diet (McGraw-Hill). These include:皮肤保养大法:保持健康的体重,适当饮食,多多锻炼,一定要多给脸补充营养。营养师、《美容饮食》的作者丽莎·德雷亚说:“研究表明,合理饮食可以由内而外提升你的形象。”她推荐的食物包括:Omega-3 fatty acids like wild salmon and walnuts that fight wrinkle-causing inflammation野生大马哈鱼和核桃中富有欧米茄3型不饱和脂肪酸,这种物质能预防生成皱纹的皮肤炎症Vitamin C like citrus fruits, kiwis and spinach that enhance collagen production柑橘属水果、猕猴桃和菠菜中富含维生素C,能加速生成胶原蛋白Lycopene in tomato sauce and pink grapefruits that protect against sun damage番茄酱和粉红色西柚中的番茄红素能防止太阳光直射对肌肤的损伤 /201009/113792

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