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自贡半永久技术培训眉山哪里有好的纹绣学校The most complex operation in history, a success.人类历史上最为复杂的手术大获成功Mechanical hearts, transplanting other organs,人工心脏 其他器官的移植the thought that we could regenerate tissue,重建人体组织 这些构想的行成all this came about because one brave man都源自这位勇士的丰功伟绩was able to accomplish one unimaginable feat,他用行动向世人明了and show it was all possible.这些都是切实可行的Barnards procedure has saved over 75,000 lives.巴纳德迈出的这一步已经拯救了七万五千多条生命In the ed States alone.仅在美国surgeons perform over 2,500 heart transplants a year.每年就有两千五百多例的心脏移植手术Our organs, replaceable and re-engineered.人体的器官可以替代和重组New body parts, new technology, a new mankind.新的身体组成部分 新的技术 新的人类But as science and technology free us from the limits of our bodies,随着科学与技术 使人类超越身体限制across the world they are also key to a new victory世界范围内捍卫人权 宣扬公正的抗争in the struggle for individual rights and justice.也取得了突破性进展Selma Alabama, 1965.阿拉巴马州的塞尔玛 1965年600 African Americans demand change,六百名非裔美国人要求变革inspiring a global fight for freedom.并激发了一场世界范围的自由运动Amelia Boynton.53 years old,A civil rights activist since high school.阿米莉亚·因顿 五十三岁 从高中起就是一名人权积极分子201606/447714成都/市纹绣专业培训学校 What If the Death Penalty Disappeared in the U.S.?看美国,思索死刑废存议题What would happen if the death penalty just disappeared in the U.S.? The government could continue executions of the roughly 3,000 inmates currently sentenced to death, or retroactively sentence them to life without parole instead. From a financial standpoint, this would make a lot of sense. Death row inmates require stricter security that costs more money. And since prisoners can remain on death row for decades, that adds up. States would also save money on prosecutions. Death penalty cases can cost up to 10 times more than others. So, its cheaper.如果死刑就这样从美国消失会怎样?政府可以继续执行目前约三千名死刑犯的处决,或溯及既往改判他们无期徒刑且不得假释。就财政立场来看,这会实际许多。死囚需要更严密的看守,那花费更多钱。而因为囚犯可能在死牢待上好几十年,那费用就增加了。各州也会省下诉讼费。死刑案可能比其他案件花上多达十倍的费用。所以,无期徒刑比较便宜。But shouldnt serious criminals pay the ultimate price? Perhaps. But since 1973, more than 150 people on death row were eventually found innocent. Prisoners wait years, even decades, for execution, not knowing when or if it will come. And recently, changes in drugs used for lethal injection have resulted in gruesomely botched executions. Some prisoners have chosen not to appeal their cases to shorten the time they have to spend on death row.不过难道重刑犯不该付出最终代价吗?或许吧。但自1973年来,超过一百五十名被判死刑的人最终被实是清白的。囚犯等待处决好几年,甚至好几十载,不知道那天何时到来,或那天是否会到。近来,注射死刑用药的改变导致极拙劣的死刑执行案件。有些犯人选择不上诉自己的案子以缩短他们等待处决的时间。But doesnt the death penalty deter crime? Actually, murder rates in states without the death penalty have remained lower than states which have it. The death penalty is also disproportionately applied to minority offenders. So, no death penalty might mean a little more equality in the justice system, a lot of money saved, and more time for prosecutors to try other cases.但死刑不是会吓阻犯罪吗?事实上,没有死刑各州内的谋杀率比有死刑的州来得低。死刑也特别会被判在少数族裔犯罪者身上。因此,废除死刑可能代表司法系统能有多一点平等、省下更多金钱,而检察官能有更多时间审理其他案件。201606/448285In 1636,they were triumphantly hoist aloft for all the world to see.在1636年 它们最终被吊到屋顶 迎接世界的注目There are three visions here of James benevolent rule.三幅场景刻画了仁慈的詹姆斯In one panel,James is depicted as the bringer of peace and prosperity.其中一幅 詹姆斯化身为和平与繁荣的使者In the central panel,Rubens gives us James being carried to Heaven as a god.而中央的那幅 鲁宾斯刻画了詹姆士上天成神的景象In the third,he is solomon being offered the two crowns of England and Scotland.第三幅画 他是所罗门的化身 被授予英格兰和苏格兰的王冠The Banqueting House in Whitehall simply takes your breath away by the sheer cheek with which it ignores the English Channel.白厅国宴厅的华美令人瞠目 它的两侧恢弘 胜过英吉利海峡Its a piece of Italy transplanted into Britain.Classical columns, tall windows,是移植了意大利风格的建筑 经典的廊柱 高大的窗户the ultimate architectural light box,designed to flood the Stuart monarchy with brilliance.简直是一栋华美的灯箱 用来展示斯图亚特王朝的繁荣昌盛It was also meant to pin any unbelievers to the floor through the heavyweight power of its muscled allegories,这也将所有质疑声 以神灵之名平息singing the virtues of the godlike king.歌颂神一般的国王So when you walked in here and you remembered that when the Stuarts had described kings as little gods on earth,当你走进这里 并且想起 斯图亚特王室奉国王为;天神下凡;you realised they were not kidding.你会了解到这并非儿戏The Banqueting House was Charless absolutist dreamland.白厅国宴厅是查理的梦想之地It was here that Charles could act out the grandest of his fantasies,正是在这 他能够获得最大的满足感that his three kingdoms, England, Scotland and Ireland,他的三个王国 英格兰 苏格兰和爱尔兰were finally yoked together in harmony under the ruler who was firm but just.能够在贤明公正的统治者手中 最终合为一家 /201703/495302雅安学纹绣

雅安半永久化妆师Entrepreneurs want to change the world, want to have a significant impact, dont want to just build a company.企业家们希望改变世界 希望产生深远影响 他们不仅仅想建立一家公司They want to build an industry.他们希望开启一个行业They dont want to just create another product or service, they really want to fundamentally improve aspects of peoples lives.他们不仅仅想创造出另一种产品或务 他们希望根本改善 人们生活的各个方面But J.P. Morgan doesnt want to be confined to just one industry.不过J·P·根不希望局限于仅仅一个行业之中He wants to own them all.他想要所有东西As the head of the biggest investment bank in the world, Morgan has unrivaled power and influence, and hes returned to his old ways.作为世界最大投资的领袖 根有着无可匹敌的权力和影响 他回归了自己的老办法Only now hes taken the House of Morgan to another level.只是现在 他将根财团引向了另一个高度Morgans reach was very broad in American industry.根在美国工业中涉足范围很广He becomes the most respected, reliable and trusted figure, not only because of the power and wealth that he wields, but just because of his character.他成为了最受尊敬 最可靠 最值得信赖的人物 不仅因为他具有巨大的权力和财富 还因为他的人品After a two-year depression, the U.S. Treasury has become perilously close to bankruptcy.经过两年的萧条 美国国库已接近破产的边缘And there is only one man the government can turn to.政府能找的人只有一个J.P. Morgan is called to Washington to help.华盛顿请J·P·根前去驰援We think of bankers now as just greedy bankster-gangsters.我们将家看成是贪婪的吸血鬼Morgan was maybe one of the greediest of all, but he also really had this side of him which just said I have faith in men, I have faith in the country, and I am going to lend it.根或许是其中最贪婪的 但他还有一面 他相信人 相信国家 他愿意借钱给它Morgan puts together a loan worth over 0 million, almost billion today, and bails out the federal government.根给了国家总共1亿多美元的贷款 折合现在的将近30亿美元 以帮助联邦政府摆脱困境Saving the American economy from complete collapse.这也让美国经济避免了完全崩盘J.P. Morgan was really the countrys banker.J·P·根是真正的国家人Today when you think of that, its inconceivable.现在想来可能不可思议But he would loan the country money, when the country was in trouble.但他愿意借款给国家 帮助国家摆脱困境Morgan obviously was looking at the national interest in the context of his own, that is, saving the U.S. Treasury was an act of basic self interest, but it was an act of nationalism.根显然是在国家利益中看到了自己的利益 也就是 挽救美国国库 也符合他自己的私人利益 不过 他的举动肯定也有爱国因素201606/448885什邡市美甲纹绣培训 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/452566眉山纹绣培训哪里好

达州纹绣培训资料The irony was, for all his Roman enthusiasm,而讽刺的是 出于满腔重建罗马的热忱Wren believed he was building a truly Protestant church,雷恩坚信他将会建造出一座真正的新教教堂but his timing was terrible.可是他选错了时间Ever since the day of Reformation,在宗教改革之后Britain had been victim to anti-Catholic fear and, once again, in Charless reign, it erupted.英国深陷反天主教的恐慌 而在查理统治时期 再次爆发了Not all of it was misplaced.然而并非所有的恐慌都是无中生有Charles was suspected of having secret Catholics in his government,and so he did.人们怀疑查理 在政府中秘密安插天主教徒 确实如此He was also suspected of making secret treaties with the militantly Catholic Louis XIV of France.并且还怀疑他与法国天主教徒 好战的路易十四签署了秘密条约And so he had.But there was worse... much worse.确实如此 然而 远不止这些The kings own brother, James, Duke of York,查理的亲生兄弟 詹姆斯 约克公爵had actually converted to the Roman Church and he made no secret of it.已经公开改变信仰 信奉罗马天主教With no children born to the king,国王并无子嗣the first Catholic ruler since Bloody Mary was an imminent prospect.而眼下 即将诞生一位继玛丽一世之后 另一位天主教君主There was shivering in the shires.全国各地都陷入恐慌A century before, England Queen Elizabeth had been threatened with Catholic assassination plots.一个世纪前 英国女王伊莉莎白 曾受天主教暗杀的威胁The Jesuit lurking in the shadows was a permanent fixture in popular nightmare.躲藏在暗处的耶稣会 对民众来说一直是个梦魇 /201704/505364 成都/碧莜缇纹绣培训学校学纹眼线美容纹绣多少钱江油市纹绣师培训学校



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